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tv   Bahrain Playing With Fire  Al Jazeera  July 29, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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some level of priority as well is just not the elections jailed russian opposition leader alexina valmy has been moved to hospital with severe facial swelling and rashes is said to have suffered an acute allergic reaction it was arrested on wednesday after calling for saturday's on authorized anti-government demonstrations and sentenced to 30 days in prison a spokeswoman says he's now in a satisfactory condition but he's never suffered from allergies before and the cause of the reaction isn't known well almost 1400 people were arrested in the protest of on the call for according to an independent monitoring group russian police violently dispersed demonstrators in the capital on saturday as they marched against the barring of some opposition candidates from september city elections police chiefs justified their response saying the rallies were illegal the monitoring group says most of those detained have not been released but around 150 people are still in custody imran khan is following events force in moscow. not only his lawyer was given access to her client but only after an argument ensued
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with the hospital and then they weren't allowed to meet in private this all comes as he was taken to hospital with an allergic face reaction around 9 30 am is condition is said to be stable but anything that happens this man really concerns the opposition activists sued view this man through a different prism perhaps a lot of people internationally do he is seen as a very key figure within the opposition movement but this all comes as his you tube channel was raided as well and now there are some discrepancies over the amount of people protesting out on the streets in moscow the police say there are about 3500 people protesting and in the streets the opposition activists say it's much closer to 10000 we don't know what the exact figures are also the figures for the arrests have been disputed as well they say about 1000 police say about 1000 people were arrested the protesters say is much closer more closer to 1400 people being
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arrested now many of those according to the police have been released they were detained not arrested so they've been through that administrative process processing but why are they protesting what they're protesting because they're very worried about upcoming moscow says he council elections and they're very worried that some opposition leaders may not be able to get on the ballot and the kremlin will try and stuff these elections full of people loyal to them. on the program baltimore hits back after president donald trump brands are discussed. and how the whole of columbia is going wild the nation's favorite sports. hello temperatures in eastern europe on as high as they will also run about 30
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mosques part humid i mean poland the still a warning out for effectively a heatwave but digging into the hot weather this culture on this blue line which is . usually tends to pick up once a motion for 2 suns to homes it did that in boston and we did that in parts of northern italy in the last day or so misses significant thunderstorms the temps drop isn't great but this is the disturbance to watch the position as it sits on sunday so here's the hot stuff that 30 plus not extreme is still quite warm or a less humid further west that line that wall from it goes up through the middle of the british isles but coming up close is a very unusual looking feature a summer storm a big circulation. these are the more usual ones thunderstorms and it's going to be any way through the balkans to remain here and then up to germany where you see there's there's a cool breeze blowing down 3 moscow 14 degrees novel eventually penetrate into ukraine money even dropped temptress significantly but not by tuesday however look
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at that circulation over england clive's wind and rain in 21 degrees 25 in paris we did expect to see that in the middle of summer. and war on terror begins. but it does not in there no terrorist state poses a greater or more immediate threat than the regime of saddam hussein and the regime that has nothing to how are they had here a significant propaganda operation and guess what not one w m d's site was found anywhere since 1901 iraq a deadly deception on al-jazeera. welcome
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back quick look at headlines now police have clear the streets of hong kong after a 2nd night of protests and violence dozens of arrests were made as groups battle for control of the streets as strikes are intensifying in syria's enclave province after u.n. warnings that war crimes of being committed the town of a rehab was targeted again on sunday morning and a market was bombed killing at least 4 people. and a powerful explosion in the afghan capital has killed 2 people and injured at least $25.00 including the president's running mates in the upcoming election. iran's nuclear negotiator says an emergency meeting in vienna of the fate of the iran nuclear deal has been constructive but abbas arace says tehran will continue to reduce its nuclear commitments if the europeans fail to salvage the pact of the
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enemies in between all the signatories of the deal minus the us has called us tensions sore between iran and the west the european parties have been trying to keep the deal alive after president trump withdrew from its last year in the past one month but it was several developments. regarding limitation of. some of there was regarding. you know the doctrine of. commitments which reported by the. i.a.e.a. and also we have some complaints about. you know properly implementation of the methods by the other side i mean the europeans in particular. after the meeting iran accused britain of breaching the nuclear deal by seizing one of its oil tankers of gibraltar earlier this month to iran says under the agreement it's entitle to export oil without any impediment but britain says the iranian tanker was in breach of international sanctions last week a british flag tanker was impounded by iran in the strait of hormuz in an apparent
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retaliatory move u.s. president donald trump's description of baltimore as a disgusting rat and rodent infested mess has prompted an angry retort from the city's biggest newspaper the baltimore sun hit back at the comments which were directed at african-american congressman elijah cummings with a stinging editorial it read we would tell the most dishonest man to ever occupy the oval office a mockery of war heroes the gleeful grabber of women's private parts the serial bankrupt of business is the useful idiot of a team of pollution and the guy who insisted there are good people among murderous neo nazis that he is still not fooling most americans into believing he's even slightly competent in his current post or that he possesses a 2nd teller of integrity better to have some vermin living in your neighborhood and to be one well democratic presidential hopeful elizabeth warren has described
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president trump's tweets as disgusting i want you to come it's one of my dearest friends. he is a good man through and through and he fights for what is just in this country to be attacked by a president. issuing racist tweets is beyond insulting just just. roselyn jordan is live for us in washington and rosen obviously we would just reflecting on the stinging rebuke from the newspaper in baltimore but what about reaction amongst people residents inside baltimore itself. well it seems almost to a person people who have been speaking to the national and the local media on sunday are disgusted and outraged by what the u.s. president donald trump has said about their city they all said that yes the city has problems but what community doesn't have problems and they also said that
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baltimore has what any american city should have which is diversity economically racially religiously and that there are efforts to make the city a good place to live and all of these people said that they were proud to live in baltimore even if they had lived anywhere else in the world so there is a real sense that the president should not be attacking their hometown in order to score political points well for his part the acting chief of staff at the white house is trying to defend what the president said this is mick mulvaney who is the acting chief of staff staff at the white house to push back against what the president sees as an actress is lies about what mr cummings said this week in the oversight committee about the border if you go on the internet you can find the exchange where a lie she coming said the children were sitting in their own feces at the border that's wrong in fact it's misleadingly wrong it's the type of thing that really
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breaks down a civilized debate about how to address the the crisis at the border and the president didn't like it as a president speak hyperbolically absolutely and we've seen this type of of reaction for him before yes and you will again because he pushes back he fights back when he feels like he's attacked or what mr coming said this week was wrong. it appears that the reaction to president. gaining traction is this the end of this back and forth exchange. well unfortunately it is not the end of this back and forth in the last 45 minutes the president donald trump has again taken to twitter and basically has doubled down and i'm paraphrasing here but he basically said that he didn't say anything wrong that most people would agree with him that eliza cummings who is the chair of the house oversight committee has been not doing right by the members and the people who live in his congressional
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district or doing right by the city of baltimore writ large he is not backing away from what he said and he is saying that democrats are now playing what is called here in the us the race card in order to criticize him for making his initial comments about a largely cummings on saturday so you can probably expect there will be pushback to this latest comment on twitter in the next several hours thank you from washington rosen jordan with the latest on that story moving to other developments in guatemala hundreds of protests against a controversial immigration deal between the government and the u.s. demonstrate has rallied in front of the presidential palace in guatemala city against the equipment between president jimmy morales and washington on friday protest as off warning him to resign over this deal which was signed off to president tom threatened to impose on the bottom ali it means that migrants passing
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through the central american country miss seek asylum there rather than continuing on to the u.s. . now rangar refugees in bangladesh have told a high level delegation from myanmar that they won't return to their homeland and less it recognizes them as an ethnic group hundreds of thousands of people have been sheltering in camps at cox's bizarre since 2017 when they fled an offensive by myanmar's military the 2 nations signed a repatriation deal 2 years ago but so father actually no rain volunteered to go back to myanmar. well the group has long faced repression they say no one is willing to return home about citizenship papers and a security guarantee china's state broadcaster saying that 36 people are now known to have died and 15 is still missing after a deadly landslide in southwest china earlier this week landslide hit she chiang county inquired you province on tuesday bury more than 20 houses search and rescue operations are ongoing say 11 people are being treated in hospital
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all now to colombia vero are celebrations taking place at the moment as the new favorite son a gambler now has just won cycling's toward france but now rode the largely ceremonial final stage into paris defending him on a salable lead of one minute and 11 seconds the 22 year old becomes the 1st colombian to win the tour de france and also the youngest rider in 110 years to win cycling's most famous race. i sent around p.r.c. is among the crowds watching rice in town clara tell us about the atmosphere there right now. well marion people are just back there in disbelief they just cannot believe that somebody from this down from the pack yeah rived in paris wearing the yellow jersey it's an extraordinary day for this down
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for all of colombian truly for latin america as a whole but now now the 1st latin america that has won the most important cycling competition in the world and this is the arrival point for a colombian cyclists that have been increasingly winning more and more important pages and towards the end of the past decade with writers such as. an hour to go back to dan about now. is the youngest in modern times to win and the 1st one to win the turn of the front hundreds of people rode their bikes through the town of from a spar at the capitol just to be able to be here and share the excitement of this truly story day for this country and for this region they rode a bike here true through the rain and in just minutes that they're going to start
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a right through town that to honor. the most famous the son of this town of the park. that's right and there must be a lot of love a lot of pride there in his hometown what did they play in his when. 2600 meters above sea level and this of course gives an advantage to people who grew up here are used to cycling at such high altitude this is just starting ground for most of them they go up the mountains and ride their bicycles that 3540000 meters and this of course helped to have helped them when they are touring in europe in the alps this is something that again bernard talked about during this tour but the difference is that before colombian riders would win stages that these stores and now they are winning the biggest prizes this has happened with that man
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who won the west that they span you know the spain tour and also i think. now finally at the tour of the front the other thing to remember here is that a lot of these riders have a lot of talent but not a lot of help here in colombia are just in from the right and they don't have rich sponsors here with an island comes from a poor family is father was a farmer and then i security guard his mother still felt a lot worse in the market down and people here will tell you that is their humbleness that the find them and the perseverance that made him who he is now and that helped him reach the pinnacle of this war the most important competition in the world the tour de france yes as you say alexandra. now story is the inspirational and that will be taking calls all his humble beginnings is there
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a sense the victory will. galvanize others to get involved in this. there's no doubt we spoke to a number of kids from here that arrived. just to share this moment with their parents that people who want your kids to want to be professional writers and in the future and they all are you wired by both of them by you truly extraordinary generation likely is that columbia has produced that's also the story throughout their life in america remember that i mean what dorian right there are one of their g.o.v.t. earlier for the 1st time this year so definitely that great that you should only suit these people winning europe and they hope that the same degree will be able to do the theme in coming years. thank you very much for him as if i care the hometown
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of a gun but now as he storms to victory in the tour de france alessandro yeti thank you for that. europe's tallest volcano has been putting on a spectacular show for people on the italian island of sicily a series of eruptions from mt etna let up the sky and sent lava streaming down the sides of the 3000 meter mountain activity might look impressive but is actually relatively minor and no threat to the surrounding region and its last major eruption was 27 years ago. a quick look at the headlines this hour now police have cleared the streets of hong kong after a 2nd day and night of protests and violence officers fired tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the crowds and activists retaliated with makeshift weapons dozens of arrests were made as the groups battle for control of the streets for hours thousands are joined marches for another day of protest of the police
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violence mob attacks on demonstrators at a train station we go and interference by china. as strikes are intensifying in syria's italy province after u.n. warnings that war crimes have been committed the town of was targeted again on sunday morning when a market was bombed killing at least 4 people this after 13 people were killed there on saturday syrian government launched an offensive to recapture the last rebel held province 3 months ago with the help of russia. government i mean no money no civilians we have nothing to do with this these rule children women old people young people are not terrorists muslims and arab nations there bombarding us every day every day strikes killings blood the blood covers all streets we're swimming in books. at least 30 people have been killed in a suspected boko haram attack in northeast nigeria a raid happened during a funeral in borno state book around has killed thousands and displaced millions in
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the region over the past 10 years a powerful explosion in the afghan capital has killed 2 people and injured at least $25.00 including the president's running mate in the upcoming election the afghan interior ministry says the attackers were targeting his office in a busy part of kabul it came on the 1st day of official campaigning for the presidential vote. and jailed russian opposition leader alexina valley's been moved to hospital with severe facial swelling and rashes he said to have suffered an acute allergic reaction was arrested on wednesday after calling for saturday's an authorized anti-government demonstrations and sentenced to 30 days in prison is spokeswoman says he's never suffered from allergies before according to an independent monitoring group almost $1400.00 people were arrested in the protests though most of them were later released without charge coming up next how supplies in india taking advantage of this year's water shortage in talk to al-jazeera india's drought.
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experienced a drought in decades this year. the monsoon which usually provides some relief was weeks and when it finally arrived it was once again deficient with.
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600. that's nearly half the population a face an acute. despite economic growth in recent. people's access to life's most basic necessity. 3 quarters of the population don't have drinking water as. the effects of the draw the most clearly in rural india. 300000 farmers have killed themselves in the past 25 years and many more have deserted the call to move to cities in search of work leaving behind the elderly. today on
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talk to al-jazeera we traveled to one of india's worst affected regions in the state of maharashtra to look at the impact the drought is having on people. this is the moment of villages wait for sometimes for days the arrival of a truck carrying a tank of water. the desperate scramble for one of life's most basic necessities. women men and children caught on top of the truck while it's still moving afraid they much you miss out on their share. of. these government tankers provide about 20 metres of water a day per person that is the size of this bucket and the women here aggression that
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water for all of their household needs including drinking cooking and bathing. oh i see that by gaekwad lives and i had a wide gown village with a daughter and granddaughter she teaches at the local school. see the by how hard is life for you right now because of the drought and the lack of water. leave you one could be in a van and one at my bank but iowa but there have been a bit there. planet. then up and buy a new bit of. credit. and it will. learn to live there to live. there was better to do a little of that the planning. that the other 1.
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100 how to manage and set up about what. and that little bit of water that you do have how do you use it how much of it do you drink coke with bathe with clean did not as i did with but a book when i started it up but when told us about it but it gave the. whole. a lot of it up by men when i was hit. but at that moment they did the worst and it database had done on but. they say the drought in maharashtra is the worst in nearly 50 years and that there is less in this rainfall every monsoon do you see that. the taliban and i doubt it but it is out of. the how to weigh.
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in and help on that are there some of the plan is out of place here the bums out and. the situation is so bad apart from the water tankers that you say every 4 to 5 days is the government helping you in any other way. when he asked out of the. out of the. sagal i. doubt it but i. got one of. them out that for the out of that. i mean it's a plan. and all of it has a plan of a lot of like here's a look at the thing that i'm up bonnie. bell up on it's a must. to to. invade city we need to claim chandler order a tank operator who has a government contract he manages $170.00 trucks which provide water to $110.00 villages. he takes us to one of the reservoirs
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where his tankers fill up if i need to post what i buy me up i don't have to be a banker we knew about them and you were saying that in 2016 this reservoir was full of boy scouts will army your boat i will go to what i will use to buy their bodies so we need sleep on the movie. which bucky. is no b.c. part of i think there's a battle going. on about a little more about the. lord tells me that there's an awful lot and this reservoir for 15 days but knowing about that we go to. school you're doing a good we hung up on you going to the way the people were destroyed maybe your bunny had a bee house apprentice teles committed to hell damn. your struggling it. all go to bunny they'll deny you
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a little bit of money got to do this at the. in maharashtra more than 6000 tankers supply water 215000 villages every day the government tankers provide water for free but many a private making money by selling water to people and businesses villages say the cost of buying water from private operators has shot thompson's the drought. do you only get your water from government tankers a are you sometimes paying tankers to come here as well or you're going to get that. but there really are. that it does it about something together when you get back when i when you really don't answer me. but the thought of a bit. about i did sort of that i don't. believe it or not.
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there also complains about government tankers everywhere we go people tell us the water trucks don't come as often as they should. the water tankers are supposed to come every day but we're hearing from many people that they're only coming every 4 or 5 days what's your experience was at the. bank. it's a mess there is a lot of that because i thought that the problem at the last analyst. that there was a. lot of not my little cousin about it but not on handouts but that problem as nothing has happened like this to figure out what's wrong g.p.s. tracking devices have been installed on all 1000 government tankers the water tankers which are providing why are they being g.p.s. tracked because. if dick monitoring and sometimes we get to complain they're. going on groot all day are not completing their
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trips so we have more to do put on oil tankers because there are allegations of course that some water tankers operators are benefiting from this terrible situation that's a different scenario in fact if you see human history we find many. people trying to been if your claim situation but if you're doing well what makes it your sense of the 2 different aspect of human being but if we are talking about the tankers there's some there are some places and getting out we get complaints from the local villagers because tankers are one told approximately me making the 2 told in trips and sometimes indian feel sometimes they are human and sometimes many other problems and due to their. girls are unable to fulfill their trip
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or their promises so people complain to us and we won't be a digital system if we get the. if you do mobile. telephone call then immediately return don't the. don't go with the location what is the problem and. situation and do you ever think that it's incredible that we are in a situation where we have to put g.p.s. tankers which are carrying what should be a the most basic of necessities. g.p.s. is the latest technology and a pink the latest technology should be used to bring transparency and accountability in the administration and in government and because goldman using. the tool to provide the water so obviously. technology should be used but it highlights it doesn't it that water has become so precious that to. become the.
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we asked preemption lauda if he's certain his workers who should be providing water for free aren't making money from the drought there have been a lot of stories a lot of allegations actually that sometimes the operation is benefiting from the drought in the state that they are actually making money are you certain that all of your operators and your workers are doing what they're supposed to getting the water to the people who really need it and not profiting from daily. how do. you collect obviously what i was made with other operate which look you has like you had the grammy awards about to give you didn't get i don't agree that again i wouldn't go there which also go with the conductor be our panel stop of the
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blacklist really that there was well one other global you're confident that all of your workers are doing the right thing but are there some that are taking advantage of the situation and are making money. i suppose we could because what i'll be here to. whatever the reasons for the lack of water seats or by wants them resolved she says she wants a better life for her daughter and granddaughter. well the whole. i'm just on the. whole night that i mean just that we didn't plan a c. and i'm god i will not be a dog gates and i. thought that if. you had that. well get some but they put up and had this it had begun again just above the law and i'm a saddle and bridle and i. put
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a cross maharashtra many farmers are leaving their land and villages because of the lack of books which in these farming communities often means a lack of work. in the city of we meet. who left his 40000 square music cotton farm in his village 6 months ago because of the lack of rain. he now lives in this cramped rented room with his wife and 2 children. 2 years of drought have forced him to find work as a laborer in one of the many factories and on the bad. mr modi you have 10 acres of land in your village why did you leave that to come rent a small space just one room for you and your entire family to go. along with. when you both. jimmy asked.
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are you families or was your good need to get on with. so you're a farmer by trade you've come to the city what are you doing here. when you. got all over and what would you know. neither. is a. good list and i'm and where are you doing this work i mean your company would you go to interesting movie and the company makes me. love the body so you work in a factory that's actually making beer at a time when the villages have no water what do you think about that i'll go to.
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the good. people on the. side of. guys on the other. side of bumble in the not. so you have a job and you are adding some money you have a small place to live tell us more about what life is like for you here you have a do you miss the village i could do in june i was a good model as long as you do. you love most of the ones i love one day will you do in the ways in. which you and i was in a. car got to where you can move. the rains have failed for the last 3 years what will you do if this continues. to do. as your guy did
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a cycle of me going to where you know. they need america hello words. as well as providing water tank is the government has set up cattle camps where it provides food and water so that animals stay alive. it's also encourage farmers to ensure their crops against failure through a nationwide scheme the government says it's distributed more than $60000000.00 to farmers and this district this year. what about the government's crop insurance scheme that they have for when crops failed for farmers i'm. going to. ask you by the skin. you. would a variable it doesn't buy the oil or for you. we're just going to add the conduct of the world
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a variable impulse of that make or you're going to do. are you making more money now that you're in the city are. you going to go in and. so the soil another the legal time lasted so that you know what are they going to this is enough to get at the city. or. finding a. car got america. as more and more people migrate from the village in search of water and work. they're leaving behind the elderly who are struggling to get by. morris is this is the only way to support his parents back in the village. family. i. i had no. reason why would any religion.
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in the village of mood want we meet 65 year old luxman much money he lives with his wife kay said by 10 of the children have left the village. you have 10 children and all of them have left the village why what. they thought of penelope greig gailey. the degree to gain anything by. my better mother as a grandmother. the. more they were delighted with. the. meat the one of them to eat. very nicely. would put it in its early. wood where we made the goody are what you
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want on a merit. so what is life like for you without that support and without your children hands. on me this is. go on with the rest those are getting there and they are. modest what a ghastly amulet he. really hate and bonnet only. he's our guy hella prepare for the night and hell of a night he has gotten a girl or me 2 more doesn't leon than a minute may. know marathon with one of them because he had you weren't around when you're going to. and you only put it the way to. my very ugly pine and that the middle one of the newly cut they report doesn't even with the legal non. on. the board i'll appoint go to them and pull up lyric out of their car they won't be
4:41 am
tuned up as it were doing that at their leverage attempt to new create the authority of bunia grassley wanted to. be somebody along with a good bit when dealing with it because he did do a job to do is to get the was when a guy moody and i guy and i do. well kind of labor works do you do and what did you used to do before. ship great is a tomb would require 80 and it there were. very very. on time there are lots damaso those store that are locked and how many of your problems and your situation is because there isn't enough rain and because here after a year this drought. to shit. somebody 30. tents up our garden when did the hardware layer got some what i would do my not on my mind as a partner. in a car a.g.
4:42 am
well i just sort of want to port i-g. with the model. on how to. get it out of to do what they did me the one way to. meet them out of some talk. that they. were getting. me to one of them too i see that a blue moon ruin with a band like that abundantly clear that you're bob gonna want to take a look on one of the does the government help you in any way sort of got them with the. by show. but i gotta tell ya gonna buy show any good rod what are 30. so i thought. cho knew dr lee our. tents are so dumb or what locked up what island night and so when you hear prime minister narendra modi say things like every household in india
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will have piped drinking water in 5 years what do you think would be. a model any this week. what are your mother is that with them and. we want to. use was. he to margaret is was a more later and there are some gods are critical 20 some the. song lamb on sunday. did the unity look at their energy to let that in a single good day to get and then some those would guess that these were very well wouldn't pull tonight what would you like to see happen. one with. good. or bad double developer got a title i. think is that and told us did you wonder.
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if unless somewhere then it's up with the. do you miss your children do you miss your family do go are. going to go and. mutate that we. didn't water. down the course took about a good it has been on digital not really mutilated that what it would it did though are kind i will get it. because the guy. will know that he. did the want to get on a. mission
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. setting the discussions for 13 was the deadliest year the aviation industry has experienced for some time examining the headlines many foreign journalists including those from al-jazeera have had their licenses revoked their offices raided explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire that convinced me this was the conservation chance of a life that the world is watching. on al-jazeera every reclaim news cycle brings a series of breaking stories this maximum jail term has jumped from 5 years to 175 years joined the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media donald trump shouldn't be the one deciding who is a journalist and who isn't to focus on how they were caught on the stories that
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matter the most they will cause for a closer to a tire shop there are both international and domestic news coverage on al-jazeera. in an ordinary week doctor even atar at the heart a surgeon are the only functioning hospital in town in north eastern south sudan and his team operate on around 60 patients the united nations refugee agency nominated him for the prestigious nansen award which you won in recognition of his work and the incredibly difficult to constance's. south sudan has been in conflict since 2013 the war has divided the country along ethnic lines 200000 people most of them refugees from sudan's blue nile state even this remote town and looked to be a bad hospital for all their medical needs they would has destroyed almost the infrastructures which are especially in the upper layer. almost all the way
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including my beatles stewart living there and the person who you know visions of the mother to walk into the city that they're supposed to. hello i'm in london with a quick look at the top stories this hour has been a 2nd night of violence in hong kong with police firing several rounds of take gas a protest as the rally began as a peaceful march with tens of thousands of people voicing their anger at police and violence as well as chinese interference but it ended in violent confrontations with the city center on the siege sara clock has the latest now from hong kong.
4:49 am
since your home com was in chaos his place moved into k. tens of thousands of people rallying in the district. the demonstration began paced early the situation quickly unraveled. despite numerous calls for police to disperse the protesters resisted instead they moved to the west and districts on hong kong island surrounding a major police station as well as the chinese government's representative office blockades was set up and place lines cordoned off the area to protest is blocked some access points and targeted police trying to paint bombs glass and bricks any object they could get their hands on a special place and the tactical response units moved in firing several rounds of tear gas in a bid to push the groups back. this is the 2nd not in a row where we've seen balik clashes between police and practice it's a place of blood several rounds of t.v.'s and rubber bullets on the demonstrators
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but a lot does demonstrate as refusing to let. the tense stand off went on for several hours but after midnight protesters were eventually forced to retreat this rally began with tens of thousands marching in opposition to a proposed extradition bill that's now being shelves after months of rallies it's become a broader movement calling for greater democracy in hong kong and some fear the situation will only escalate we won't get a letter the us will we won't give up until the child was trying to attack us it is a massive discontent it is a massive arrest as a result of or government i don't think is going to happen unfortunately is heading towards. escalation of violence and looking at possible. to use or even for. on monday china's top policy adviser is expected to
4:51 am
respond to the political crisis that's gripped the feel of a british territory for months the hong kong government and protesters refusing to budge this really is unlikely to be the last. al-jazeera hong kong. to syria where as strikes are intensifying in the province after a u.n. warnings that war crimes are being committed it's out of a rehab was targeted again on sunday morning when a market was bombed killing at least 4 people syrian government launched an offensive to recapture the last rebel held province 3 months ago. now remember that i mean no no money we civilians we have nothing to do with this these rule children women old people and young people are not terrorists muslims an arab nations there bombarding us every day every day strikes killings blood the blood covers all streets we're swimming in book. state t.v. in nigeria is saying at least 65 people have been killed in a suspected book ahram attack in the north east of the country this is almost
4:52 am
triple the initial death toll fighters attacked a funeral gathering near the city of my degree in borno state has killed thousands and displaced millions in the region over the past 10 years a powerful explosion in the afghan capital has killed 2 people and injured at least 25 including the president's running mate in the upcoming election afghan interior ministry says the attackers were targeting office in a busy part of kabul it came on the 1st day of official campaigning for the presidential vote jailed russian opposition leader alexina valmy has been moved to hospital with severe facial swelling and rashes he said to have suffered an acute allergic reaction valley was arrested on wednesday after calling for saturday's unauthorized anti-government demonstrations and sentenced to 30 days in prison. well coming up next we have iraq a deadly deception that is the program and then there will be another update after that in about 25 minutes time.
4:53 am
thanks. september 11th. in the ruins of new york america votes to defeat terrorism but this promise is quickly betrayed george bush changes enemies asama bin laden is replaced by saddam hussein.
4:54 am
see it as this sudden turn to love is the result of an extraordinary deception with devastating consequences for the world. everything begins less than 6 hours after the attack at the pentagon which was also strong secretary of defense donald rumsfeld scans the rubble and he issues his instructions stephen campbell and one of his advisors takes notes rumsfeld's intentions are unequivocal. the evening of that tragedy president bush addresses america and the world. today our fellow citizens our way of life are very freedom came under attack.
4:55 am
we will make no distinction between the terrorists who committed these acts and those who harbor them. we will make no distinction this essential detail was inspired by a key figure in the pentagon richard powell. on the afternoon of 911 places a call to the president's speech writer. i was on the telephone with david frum and i said to david. on the afternoon of 911 whatever else the president says he should say that we will hold. responsible the states that support terrorism say it is a strategic break from the more modest policy so bush is pretty sessoms. i believe it represented a recognition. that we would never succeed against the terrorists if we went after
4:56 am
them one at a time and as long as governments were facilitating the organization training equipping and financing of terrorist organizations we were never going to get it under control. and ambitious program for all out war a goal in line with neoconservative policy and thinking an approach supported by richard powell. dick cheney donald rumsfeld condoleezza rice told wolfowitz douglas feith these are the advisors who have bush's either. joe wilson a career diplomat witnessed the rice. they came into office with the republican party in particular with the staffing done by the vice president in his office and the secretary of defense in his office. referred to his neo conservatives they have ties to the world of oil to the defense industry they are strong proponents of
4:57 am
american global domination. saddam hussein softened by years of sanctions is in. on the evening of $911.00 the president saying well maybe you know we will be going after iraq now and somebody said well. that would be a guess since international law the president responded i don't care it was going to kick some 2 days after the world trade center. and the pentagon were attacked the president was at camp david with his senior officials and mr wolfowitz was telling the president. the iraq and saddam hussein is the real problem. new goals were defining change the regime in baghdad to subjugate iraq a simpler objective. and that of destroying the elusive terrorist.
4:58 am
september 19th those in support of eliminating saddam hussein meet at the ministry of defense the pentagon. they all began asking questions about how long can we continue this policy aimed at keeping saddam under control and that inclusion they came to was not much longer the day after the meeting at the pentagon president bush addresses congress. it is a historic moment the nation is united bush names the culprits osama bin laden al qaeda the taliban regime in afghanistan our enemies are radical network of terrorists and every government that supports them. no mention about iraq but he warns our war on terror. begins with al-qaeda.
4:59 am
but it does not in their. tony blair the british prime minister and guest of honor applause it's symbolic of the unwavering alliance between washington and london. the taliban are quickly driven out of kabul and al qaeda is dispersed. some of bin laden disappears. in washington bush appears eager to move on to another war i stand by those words afghanistan is still just a beginning if anybody harbors terrorists or terrorist if they find a terrorist or terrorist if they has terrorist or terrorist i mean i can't make it any more clearly to other nations around the world if they develop weapons of mass
5:00 am
destruction that will be used to terrorize nations they will be held accountable. after this speech secretary of defense rumsfeld meets with general tommy franks at central command in tampa florida. franks controls a massive area from africa to asia and leads the war in afghanistan but rumsfeld has something else in mind iraq. he orders general franks to prepare a plan of attack. since his invasion of kuwait in the gulf war a 991 large parts of iraq had been under an international no fly zone. despite iraq's defeat and the terrible sanctions that would decimating his people saddam remained in power. in 1998 he drove on to u.n. inspectors sent to disarm.


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