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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 29, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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it makes me you know a bit embarrassed for the country trumps lampe baltimore and economically and socially diverse city near washington as part of an attack on its longtime congressman elijah cummings cummings leads the committee investigating the president's political and financial toddies he's also criticized the president's immigration policy called cummings corrupt and quote a brutal bully there is nothing racist and stating plainly what most people already know that alija cummings has done a terrible job for the people of his district and of baltimore itself. he also attacked the house speaker nancy pelosi the daughter of baltimore's former mayor on sunday the baltimore sun called the president quote the most dishonest man to ever occupy the oval office and said it's better to have a few rats and to be one the mayor also weighed in we're not going to ignore anyone
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degrading. and this is like in the kitchen no one even the house is only black republican condemned trump's attack allies are cummings and chairman cummings is someone who i have worked with closely on all kinds of legislation he is someone that cares passionately about his community and has been working tirelessly on his entire adult life on behalf of his his country and his community and he is someone that he can defend himself a senior white house official defended the president's attack on cummings i understand why but that doesn't mean that it's racist the president is pushing back against what he sees as wrong it's how he's done in the past and he'll continue to do in the future but in baltimore the public's not having it because you downgrade everybody else. you need to fix what the problem is is that a downgrade. a message to the man who was supposed to be promoting unity as part of his job rosalyn jordan al-jazeera washington. and donald trump spy chief is
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stepping down dan coats will resign as the director of national intelligence next month since being appointed by trump and 2017 coat says directly contradicted his boss on u.s. policy towards russia and north korea's nuclear threats the director of national intelligence oversees america's 17 spying is and was created after the september 11th attacks. still to come on al-jazeera. has given updates on the condition of kremlin critic alexina valmy has been taken a from a russian prison to hospital. and holy sites all rubbish dump the pilgrims polluting a shrine in indian controlled kashmir. however
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the next couple of days i think we're finding a tropical disturbance forming somewhere in the south china sea if that's the case it takes all the energy with means that's where the wet weather will be science of that will be a few showers in northern borneo they might catch so the way that we look ok occasional ones in singapore or even k.l. you see the string of cloud of occasional showers even that seems less likely on wednesday where the circulation restarts from the top of your screen that you can see so this is joyland answer indonesia almost all of australia of course is still dry the latest frontal system this one here is fairly weak it's travelling more or less directly eastward so it's going to affect new south wales a.c.t is going to go through sydney i think your day on tuesday will be very warm and may well be wet just get the green underneath the word the sunshine is left behind in a colder melbourne it looks try in that has made you hobart only 10 but the sun's out as it is in adelaide not much changed wednesday sydney's looking brighter purse still doing better temperature wise at 22 in fact you beat brisbane which could see
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a thunderstorm or 2 now the picture over new zealand is no big surprise loads of clouds and right and the air actually in there is quite code look at the snow develop of south island. i am i. i. get closer to that see all together ever see boy scouts are always going places together.
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this is i want to see a quick reminder on the top stories this hour the chinese government has reiterated it support from hong kong's leader carry law following weeks of mass protests in stop office on home pump policy says the demonstrations are normal and are peaceful and are a challenge to the rule of law. the president of nigeria has ordered a military operation to hunt down suspected boko haram gunman who attacked a funeral at least 65 people were killed near my degree the capital of paulo states in the northeast. i was. as a gunman has been shot dead by police after he killed 3 people at a food festival in the us state of california it happened in the city of gilroy
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south of san francisco another 15 people are injured. and the number killed in sunday's explosion in afghanistan's capital has risen to 20 another 50 were injured including. president ashraf ghani is running mate in september's election the interior ministry says a ruler sollars office was targeted on the 1st official day of campaigning sulla is regarded as a fierce taliban opponents and as a former heads over afghanistan is main intelligence agency russia's opposition leader is being treated in hospital for severe facial swelling as am brushes he was taken there from jail where he's serving 30 days after calling for and see government protests a doctor at the hospital says novell me a prominent critic of president vladimir putin has been diagnosed with hives and is feeling better but his own doctor says he may have been poisoned more than a 5000 people were detained as the demonstrations. rangar refugees in bangladesh
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have rebuffed orders from a high level delegation from myanmar to return to their villages 3 quarters of a 1000000 of the missing minority in myanmar fled the military cracked and there 2 years ago a standard reports from refugee camps and coaxes bazaar the rango one safe to guarantees and full citizenship before they go back. they came to the camps in bangladesh to convince the hundreds of thousands of rohingya to return to me on march that country's government sent a 14 member high level delegation for the job but many refugees here say they're not willing to go back without full citizenship and security guarantees definitely will not be consider it as an issue for us because we'll be granting them as an nationality of myanmar and then eventually we will be providing them with the id
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cards where there will no longer be the issue of race or the issue of the their citizenship but for the few him the refuge is there seems to be a window of hope. we are very grateful to the bangladesh government if the letter was we'd like to return to myanmar the delegates told us will give us back our land and property. however the best majority of the rowing don't seems to know what was discussed in the meeting they came here looking for safety after me and mars army launched a crackdown that the u.n. has called an ethnic cleansing from which you know i understand that a delegation is here to solve the crisis and i feel good about it but i don't really know what they will say and discuss though several community leaders say me and most delegation was unwilling to give citizenship to their own even at the meeting me and most government has never recognized the rowing as a community often treating them as immigrants from bangladesh in response to
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a question asked by al-jazeera in regard to the citizenship issue this is what the representative ministry of foreign affairs had to say of course according to the law it may not be entitled to full fledged citizenship but they are entitled to naturalized citizenship and eventually their sons and daughters grandsons and daughters will be entitled citizenship full fledged citizenship nearly 2 years into the crisis there has not yet been any remarkable progress regarding their repatriation of nearly a 1000000 refugees living in what is now the world's largest refugee camp the latest talk between i me on my delegation and community leaders for owning a refuge is here in cox's bazar have ended without any major breakthrough wildside a great dialogue should continue in an attempt to resolve critical issue is still causing concern thunder chaudhry al-jazeera could apollo was bizarre. pope
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francis is calling on the international community to act after the latest tragedy involving migrants and refugees trying to cross the mediterranean 55 bodies have so far been recovered after boats carrying up to 300 people capsized off libya's coast on thursday is fears opposite 150 people may have died. or praise so. their brothers and sisters it is with pain i learn the news about the shipwreck but how to in recent days the waters of the mediterranean sea where dozens of people including women and children lost their lives or renew a heartfelt appeal for the international community to act promptly and decisively to avoid the repetition of similar tragedies and to guarantee the safety and dignity of all ended pogroms aren't looking for enlightenment or fucking to a cave inside indeed administered kashmir in growing numbers but sin vajra
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mentalist say the ways they leave behind us threatening the environment shallow ballasts reports. of high in the himalayan mountains an indian administered kashmir these 100 kilograms a traveling 14 kilometers of a hostile terrain the heading for one of their fates holiest shrines inside ominous k. in past decades just a few 1000 pilgrims made the journey each year now these hundreds of thousands. i would pray at the cape that peace and tranquility should remain in our country and everyone should live in a brotherhood but the environmental costs are severe a few holy give me are they here well this is such a beautiful holy cave but pogrom septa in the sun to a picnic spot pilgrims should give a contribution towards the environment and prevent pollution there is not much weiss management here rubbish as lettered everywhere on this western tip of the
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himalayas locals have set up small restaurants and kitchens with little government regulation the waste they produce is dumped in glassy is streams in gorges it pollutes the tributaries that flow into the light and sound rivers kashmir's main water so it's then this the human waste the impact of their 11 that number of polygamy is undergone looted number of pilgrims in the system is that there are impacts adverse impacts on every aspect of the ecosystem there and we have to keep in mind that this of course assumes very frail but. the poverty here is pervasive and those supporting the programs say they need to make money outweighs the costs. if the number of pilgrims is restricted and we don't work for these 3 months it will have an impact on our livelihood we earn for only a few months and then must live off that for the rest of the year. the government
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believes it's doing enough to counteract any environmental damage we have a preview of the bill creams we have welcomed them weird them we are we have educated them and every year there will be that after the. bill get images over the older groups both groups are was dead and what sort of garbage is they are disconnected by the border parties and is disposed of. the shrine is only accessible for 6 weeks this year i made all this the weather will close in a date environmentalist's here say can't come quick enough charlotte dallas al-jazeera. the rebels in yemen say they've launched a drone attack on a civilian airports in southern saudi arabia the airports has come under repeat his attack in recent weeks there's been no confirmation from saudi authorities say it was in response to the latest airstrikes by the saudi u.s. led coalition coalition they've been fighting for more than 4 years iraq's
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government wants to see a big increase in oil production it makes up 90 percent of the country's revenue but years of war and new environmental challenges are making it difficult to attract vital international investments some of binge of 8 reports from the national in all fields. these engineers are practicing how to respond to an emergency involving the hazardous h 2 s. gas. they work at the central processing facility of the mage known oil field in southern iraq what makes their operation unique is that after oil joined shell left iraqis took over and for the 1st time they were running oil and gas extraction on their own. after shell pulled out and 2018 bus for oil company took charge with the same standards and criteria bus company in cooperation with other consulting companies also proved that it has the ability to manage much oil
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field despite the challenges that we face. one of those challenges a splitting from marshlands around the mage new and field this oil is below the nearly 5 metre high flood waters around the united mental risks mean new oil grid general will need to be elevated engineers say they have been able to reinforce dikes but one flooding could submerge their operation much new means crazy in arabic some say the name is in reference to the large amount of oil in one location the result of an estimated 38000000000 barrels this field produces 240000 barrels a day and that capacity is expected to go up to 450000 in 3 years the company says it's able to find investors even when the world is moving towards alternative energy sources there is no and the risk for investment in iraq iraq is very respectful of government. and the company. even with a shortage in financing and 201-425-2050 here are committed to pay back
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or the investor. cost our budget within the. time when they invest when they buy and the cost we return back payment after theobald 0 in the state. of their main. a.r.g. for you don't want to fortify. the oil companies know that iraq is coming out of years of war the recent crisis in the gulf increases risk and baghdad needs investment sources within the oil ministry told out there that some will companies want to use that to their advantage brought names i don't want to mention names but . i am a firm believer in 11 the relationship that come up to blackmail us and we don't want to twist their arms they are our partners and we want to have good relations
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but on the other hand we are monitoring their activities we are watching that cause we have managed to reduce the cost if you look now at the. cost per barrel you see their tours hiking up by the time it was decreased iraq plans to expand its overall oil production to $5.00 and a half 1000000 barrels per day but as a member of the oil exporting countries of opec it has to reduce its oil output iraq's economy is hinged on oil and faces a tough balancing act the government has to generate much needed revenue while abiding by opec agreements which i'm a big driver down to 0 marginal field near iraq's border with iran colombian cyclist egon burnell has made history after being prone to 2019 tour de france champion the 22 year old is the youngest winner of the 2 in 110 years and the 1st from columbia as is tradition he was unchallenged on the final stage of cycling's most famous race. please just give us
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a little we're happy so happy it's unbelievable he's a 22 year old that rode on our same streets with the same friends and we're seeing him now wearing the yellow jersey arriving at the shops elisei it's astonishing it gives us goose bumps thank god i was a little copper we would meet him on the road but it was very difficult to stay behind maybe for one or 2 kilometers is a real talent impossible to catch up with him it's a very special day for everybody here. and finally europe's highest active volcano is putting on a spectacular show for people on the italian island of sicily a series of eruptions from mind set melissa at the sky sent lava streaming day it may look impressive but it's actually a relatively minor 1st. he went out to syria these are the top stories the chinese government has reiterated it support from hong kong's leader kerry lam following weeks of mass protests
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beijing's top office on hong kong policy also called for the violence to stop after another night of street battles in the city in response pro-democracy groups have accused the governments of not addressing the main issues the process began over changes to the extradition laws but have grown into a wiser movement against hong kong's beijing backed government. the president of nigeria has ordered a military operation to hunt down suspected boko haram gunman who attacked a funeral at least 65 people were killed near might agree the capital of borno state in the northeast. a gunman has been shot dead by police after he killed 3 people at a food festival in the us state of california it happened in the city of gilroy saith of san francisco another 15 people have been injured. in afghanistan the number of killed the number killed after an explosion in the afghan capital has
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risen to 20 another 50 people including the president's running mates in the upcoming election were injured the interior ministry says the attackers were targeting a ruler sollars office in a busy part of carpool it came on the 1st day of official campaigning for the presidential votes russia's opposition leader is being treated in hospital for severe facial swelling and rashes he was taken there from jail where he's serving 30 days after calling for anti-government protests a doctor at the hospital says alexina volley a prominent critic of president vladimir putin has been diagnosed with hives and his feeling better but his own doctor says he may have been poisoned more than a 1000 people were detained at the demonstrations and donald trump's spy chief is stepping down dan coats will resign as the director of national intelligence next month since being appointed by trump in 27 c.
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code says directly contradicted his boss on u.s. policy towards russia and north korea's nuclear threats or those are the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after witness stay with us. talk to al jazeera we ask what guarantees will you give to the people will be attending them and i'm a workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone it's also terrorizing we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on their own to 0. 3 issues.
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ok pat you're. going. to take care ok ok ok ok. thank you. thank you. thank you thank. you. for this. minute much time. on.
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this. little. bit of. good. night and i hope all right. back. to you i think. it. was. a step in that many of them need to. go through. this whole. drama going. on.
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a man i see i guess the folly of us and i'm backing off but the main idea that the me back was going to answer economic we're going to my local a coming on the market want to. test interstate 20. 1 of our good looks on our servers. in this towards. the end. where there is water there is life but finding it in australia's ira deserts is a skill few still possess they took us to raise a small what spartans in the desert and this was this a very important place that i've been telling us about for the last 5 days who came in. and under orders against all odds an aging population is passing on its knowledge the rainmakers of the outback on
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a. business updates rolled to you by qatar airways going places together. the to. obtain. the. business updates rolled to you by qatar airways going places together. begins with
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but it does not in there no terrorist state poses a greater or more immediate threat than the regime of saddam hussein has. something to hide they had prepared a significant propaganda offer and guess what not one. was found in iraq since 1991 iraq. on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera. fully back to her this is the news hour life and i had voices in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes describes weeks of protests in hong kong as homeland and says
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have severely damaged a rule of law. nigeria's president orders the army to hunt down gunmen who killed at least 65 people at a funeral also this hour. late 33 people are shot dead at a us food festival police say a suspect has also been killed. in sport it's a new era for startling as colombia's a gun battle now wins the top of france we'll tell you why the 22 year old is set to dominate the sport's biggest account. thank you for joining us a challenge to the rule of law that's how the chinese government is describing weeks of protests in hong kong beijing has reiterated its support for the territories leader carry lamb in rare public comments after another night of street powers in the city
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a chinese government spokesman says the demonstrations are no longer peaceful and cannot be tolerated she was younger actually. we call on all the people in hong kong regardless of their social backgrounds to unequivocally oppose and boycott violence the recent developments especially the acts of violence by a small number of radical elements have seriously undermined the broad interests of hong kong for prosperity and stability they pose a serious challenge to the rule of law and public order in hong kong and to life and property of hong kong residents they've also crossed the red line of the principle of one country 2 systems and by no means should be tolerated. for more let's cross to is sarah clarke in hong kong for is sara how are the protesters reacting to this statement from the chinese government and its continued support for kerry now well as you mentioned and as we've heard china's top policy officer under the state council which manages hong kong's affairs china
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will not allow hong kong to be used as a platform to undermine china they've a condemned those protesters who've been behind some of these bonnet passes that we've seen over the last few weeks in particular over the weekend they've also said they want them to be pursued those responsible was responsible to be pursued and arrested now we've had a number of responses from various pro-democracy groups of also had responses from those organizers behind some of the more peaceful rallies this is the civil human rights front which organized the mass rallies which we saw 1000000 people and 2000000 people over 2 different weekends this is what the civil human rights front had to say just earlier. the state council have the right to appoint and this me is the chief executive and the state's callisto had just. to do so that means that of course we're very disappointed and also it means that to say council reef knowledge what is happening in hyde park and what is the root cause of the order of
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the whole extradition bill campaign and what how can people lead so we've heard their reaction there what's next then for the protest movement what is their strategy going forward. well at their press conference they've said they're going to go ahead with more rallies until they get the demands met those demands are they want kerry now to resign and then what this extradition bill to be dumped or to gether it has been suspended but their concern is it could be brought back on the table in a different form over the coming year now those strikes and protests this week include the empty hour which is the mass transport rally system here in hong kong which mobilizes millions of people every day there's a strike planned tomorrow morning at peak hour that will certainly startle commuters we've also got protests planned on friday saturday and sunday and now the government is also suggested there may be able to deploy. vehicles which have not
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been used as yet they've suggested they may test these vehicles this week with the chance or the pursuit of using in this weekend if they need to should there be injuries or should the situation turn violent again now we had another weekend of violent clashes over the weekend where we saw police and protesters in some quite violent confrontations need china's man in the eyes of office here's how it unfolded. cinching hong kong was in chaos his place moved into k. tens of thousands of people rallying in the district. the demonstration began paced early the situation quickly unraveled. despite numerous calls for police to disperse the protesters resisted instead they moved to the west and districts on hong kong island surrounding a major police station as well as the chinese government's representative office blockades was set up and place lines cordoned off the area protest is blocked some
6:54 pm
access points and targeted police trying paint bombs glass and bricks any loose objects they could get the hands on special place and the tactical response units moved in firing several rounds of tear gas in a bid to push the groups back. this is the 2nd not in a row where we've seen violent clashes between police and protesters place a flood several rounds of t.v.'s and rubber bullets on the demonstrators but the logic does demonstrate it is refusing to let. the tense standoff went on for several hours but after midnight protesters were eventually face to retreat this rally began with tens of thousands marching in opposition to a proposed extradition bill that's now been shelves after months of rallies it's become a broader movement calling for greater democracy in hong kong some fear the situation will only escalate we won't get a letter the us will we won't give up until the child was trying to attack us it is
6:55 pm
a massive discontent it is a massive arrest as a result of or government i don't think is going to happen unfortunately is heading towards. escalation of violence and looking at possible. to use or even. politics. on monday china's top policy adviser is expected to respond to the political process that's gripped the feel of a british territory for months the hong kong government and protest is refusing to budge this rally is unlikely to be the last sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. in the united states police have shot dead a gunman after he killed 3 people at a food festival in california police in the city of gilroy south of san francisco are looking for a motive any potential 2nd suspects 15 people needed hospital treatment for
6:56 pm
injuries some critical stephanie deca has the details but. it took a while for the reality to sink in. the unmistakable sound of gunfire at a popular food fair the 3 day gilroy garlic festival in the small city south of san jose. really scary i was i couldn't run anymore and i thought he's coming behind me and i'm going to get hit because i can run anymore those of a burst of supers like he was really like you reloaded i don't know how many maybe . maybe 15 each time i don't know those rapids that's a section so. pretty severe did you see the shooter or did you hear anybody who did see them i didn't see him the woman that jumped in the back of the truck with me she had saw him and so that he he was in fatigues and he had a machine gun the shooting started just after half past 5 in the evening police say
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the gunman cut through a fence to gain access to the festival grounds officers confronted him within a minute of him starting to shoot they say and he is now dead and we have brought one suspect we know that is down right we have some witnesses reporting that there may have been a 2nd suspect but we don't know if that says backwards encaged in any shooting. or whether they may have been in some sort of a support role for the person that we have accounted for there is still no motive no more detail on who the gunman was or why he opened fire on people enjoying a food fair on a late summer afternoon but these kinds of shootings are becoming a regular occurrence in the united states they've happened at a music festival in schools places of worship offices and shopping malls this latest incident may again reignite the debate about gun control and gun rules in the u.s. people running it with a powerful gun lobby most people don't expect anything to change stephanie decker
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al-jazeera. 20 more ahead on this news hour including baltimore bites back putting president dollar trump under more pressure for his attack on a black congressman past we'll have the natives some prominent putin critic and next in a balmy who was taken to hospital from jail with and a legit reaction will be live in moscow and in schools a wet and well german grand prix for the world champion and his team rounding out the details. britain's foreign secretary has warned iran it must follow international rules if indomie grabs words it wants to come out of the dock his television interview coincides with the arrival of the goal in the gulf of age and duncan the destroyer
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is joining a british frigate to escort u.k. flag vessels in the strait of formals a protection force was ordered after iran's revolutionary guard captured a british oil tanker 10 days ago meanwhile iran's negotiator says sunday's emergency meeting in vienna over the fate of the 2050 nuclear deal was constructive but. says iran will continue to reduce its nuclear commitments if europe fails to salvage the deal the remaining european signatories have been trying to keep that the agreement to live after the u.s. with. in the past one month. has several developments. regarding the implementation of the g.c. purely. there was we don't think. you know the duction of the commitments which reported by the. i.a.e.a. and also we have some complaints about. you know properly implementation of the missiles by the other side i mean the europeans in particular. well after that
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meeting iran accused britain of breaching the nuclear deal by seizing one of its oil tankers of gibran this month tehran says under the agreement it's entire deal to export oil without any restrictions but britain says the rain in trying to reach the e.u. sanctions against syria to yemen now where hoofy rebels say they've launched a drone attack on a civilian airport in southern sancerre abia the airport has come under repeated attacks in recent weeks there's been no confirmation from saudi authorities who say it was in response to the latest says strikes by the saudi u.a.e. led coalition they have been fighting for more than 4 years now. to nigeria now where the president has ordered the army to hunt down gunmen who killed at least 65 people in the northeastern borno region the victims had been attending a funeral there's been no claim of responsibility but boko haram and a rival on regularly carry out attacks in this part of the country priyanka gupta
7:01 pm
has the details. these shad remains are what's left of what once was someone's home. in north.


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