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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 30, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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we'll be going very soon as well so of course there was courtesy there were there were handshakes but really the 2 do not see eye to eye on where the country goes next and not even generally speaking how much opposition is there to his plans in scotland. it's a good question because of obviously nicolas sturgeon is a nationalist they want independence from the u.k. and they had a referendum back in 2014 and failed but nicholas sturgeon is looking at calling another one perhaps in the near future she's she believes and many people here believe that actually a hardline approach to brecht's it will boost the independence campaign but so do the conservatives here in scotland scottish conservative leader ruth davidson says while she supports boris johnson she cannot back his approach to a no deal breaker and they have 13 members of parliament a scottish conservatives in westminster that could become very interesting if it
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comes down to the line on a hard on a no deal breaks it because there are other conservative members of parliament who could vote against the government to try to stop the deal breaks of along with the opposition there is a very slim majority there in westminster so there is growing opposition even within boris johnson's own ranks if you like to the way he's seen to be handling the whole process or a name thanks very much indeed for reporting that is the picture in edinburgh and the british pound has fallen to a 28 month low against the dollar as boris johnson toughens his rhetoric on breaks it and let's say the currency could fall further and for his growth over the possibility of a new deal a spokeswoman for the prime minister says johnson will not meet e.u. leaders until they agree in advance to change the current breaks it withdraw all agreements negotiated of course by former lead it's reason may let's take this on let's speak to a former member of the european parliament hands over left ankle he joins me live
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via skype from constance welcome to the program and interesting this is never johnson has previously said he's willing to go a 1000 miles to engage e.u. partners on breaks it but he's not moving an inch in less they tell you that change is not going to happen is it. noble majority at all for a do you know different than the one which was negotiated by his previous a separate minister making so i can only conclude he has 2 different options one is he really wants to crash out or he has a different agenda. so let's begin with the 2nd point what might his different agenda bait were you know or boris johnson doesn't have the best image and europe sort of regard it as a day when it. no difference to nigel ferrars or and british trumps so there is not much sympathy on the continent to this particular person. i should say this head on
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the other hand i think that johnson contrary to nigel faraj is not really an ideologist we all know that in the beginning it was not sure what they should really be remain now or should be a brick city here so knowing that he is not an ideology as he may come to the conclusion that once he himself is with them back to the war like his criticism was that he does call a 2nd referendum you could say look folks i am unable of a crash out but the parliament doesn't want it and so i give now the british parliament the choice and i asked them again the 3 options one is it to crash out the 2nd is that do you wish has been negotiated with the european union and the 3rd one is to remain i think if you dance there. and he could sort of solve the situation what about your 1st point that it was
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a bird jones will know its position do you agree with the scottish 1st minister nicola sturgeon that probably what's happening here is that johnson has absolutely no intention of seeking a deal. yes he contests the attention of seeking it do you because this is not a chance of getting you dear let's face it the main issue is backstop is the border between northern ireland and ireland in here the real person to which cause the shop is the prime minister of ireland they always look at brussels and the european union but the other $26.00 colleagues of the prime minister of ireland is of the opinion that should be no border and they were not i don't think there was there would step in that in the back or give us a new do you follow in order to get rid of this border and one way or the other so
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my prediction is either there is a crash out or there is a new referendum all right we'll leave it that thanks very much in a very fair perspective on its hands and if i can think up your work i'm well more from london later in the but it's in for now it's back to elizabeth and that thank you very much now a challenge to the rule of no that's how china's government is describing weeks of protests and hall call beijing has reiterated its support for the territories later carry law and rare public comments after an awful lot of street battles in the city clock reports from hong kong. after weeks of mass rallies and violent confrontations between police and protesters but chief policy officer managing hong kong's affairs had this response. we call on all the people in hong kong regardless of their social backgrounds to unequivocally oppose and boycott violence the recent developments especially the acts of violence by
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a small number of radical elements have seriously undermined the broad interests of hong kong for prosperity and stability. this is the 1st time china's state council has responded to the demonstrations prompted originally by a proposed new extradition law the office bax hong kong government wants protests to stop and those behind the violence to be punished they pose a serious challenge to the rule of law and public order in hong kong and to life and property of hong kong residents they've also crossed the red line of the principle of one country 2 systems and by no means should be tolerated. the extradition law would have allowed people from hong kong to be sent to the mainland to stand trial that bill has been suspended but the anger has deepened and widened into a broader movement with calls for greater democracy in hong kong and chief executive kerry lamb to resign the state council have the rights to other points and this me
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is the chief executive and the state's callisto had just a few to do so that means that of course we're very disappointed and also it means that the say council raphael is trying knowledge what is happening in whole paul and what is the root cause of all the camp the whole extradition bill campaign and what home people need hong kong was a city under siege over the weekend there were dozens of arrests and many injured as police and protesters clashed after intense standoff the chinas liaison office in the former british territory to spot. calls to abandon the protests pro-democracy groups are defiant refusing to be true to their demands this week there are more rallies planned parts of the city's trying system be on strike on tuesday and pro-democracy groups are holding demonstrations on friday and over the weekend it's a deepening political crisis that's yet to be resolved sarah clarke al-jazeera hong
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kong. there are plenty more ahead on the news hour including that not enough hospitals to treat the wounded syrian government airstrikes on a province destroyed much needed healthcare facilities silenced on but just to give to the poor what mexico is doing with the collection of precious jewelry and getting the baron back together strangely as all tampering players are prepared to take on and live in the ashes that's coming up but peter and. the united nations security council has been discussing the ongoing violence in libya fighters increased around tripoli after warlord plea for half the libyan national army launched a new offensive against the un recognized government and diplomatic editor james bays as more from the united nations the u.n. special representative just sons says that for months now after the start of the
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offensive by general haftar he sees 2 big risks one is an ongoing low intensity conflict or even worse an escalation into right war that's why he's come up with this new plan. will be needed for their aid. which will fall on or about. the drews should be a company and accompanied by confidence building measures between the 2 include the exchange of prisoners and release of those that are literally in danger or are back that and exe jayne's or more live in me so that's the truce and he wants that truce to be followed by a meeting of all concerned countries to get international support for the way forward in libya and then he wants a meeting of all the key libyan personalities to come together he says that he
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hopes that he can get the consensus that he thought was nearly being built ahead of the plans national conference that never took place because of course the start of that offensive by general haftar. strikes have intensifying in syria's province despite u.n. warnings that war crimes are being committed 8 civilians have been killed in the latest round of fighting and the bombings have left few hospitals to treat the engine and say the hall has more home on top and turkey near the syrian border. the intensive care unit is full of the war wounded the 3 month old russian backed syrian government offensive in northwest syria has left at least 2000 men women and children with injuries many of them severe and there aren't many hospitals still operating in the rebel held province of idlib that's because health facilities have been destroyed in airstrikes that international aid agencies say seem to be targeted attacks in breach of international humanitarian law. they leave thank you
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think of the number of this is really an injury is coming to us and we cannot cope with this number of basins because this number is there being pleasing and the kinds of injuries is different. and something like one year old jada but there we are now maimed for life civilians medical workers and health centers have all been targeted in the offensive the strategy appears to put pressure on the opposition support base in an attempt to force the rebels to surrender. after almost 8 weeks of military operations the syrian regime has been able to retrieve parts are huge chunks of the demilitarized zone and if not they have proven to be quite inefficient and holding ground so after 8 weeks they've been only able to get around 1.5 percent of the demon try still on the other hand opposition's been able to get 30 script unama to areas that were under regime control. it's not clear if
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the hind the scenes negotiations between the backers of the warring sides russia and turkey are responsible for the changes on the ground. but for the 1st time in weeks syrian government troops advanced into rebel held territory in northern how much they reversed the opposition's gains and this time without facing much resistance. his military support to the rebels is believed to be behind the repeated failures by the pro-democracy alliance to take ground this gave turkish officials leverage over russia which recently used its own card by intensifying bombardment of civilian areas the question is whether a compromise has now been reached ahead of a new round of syria peace talks between russia turkey and iran later this week in the qatar capital nor silt on the opposition says the ceasefire needs to be revived in before there can be any progress on the political front that troops can't come
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soon enough for the syrians in the rebel held province who have already lost so much so much for their i was on talking. now demonstrators in guatemala are demanding the resignation of president jimmy morales for signing an agreement on migration with the us the protest at the presidential palace followed friday's agreement and president trump threatening to impose tariffs on guatemalan exports the day and means migrants passing through guatemala must seek asylum in the central american country rather than continuing on to the u.s. fire as hostages and beheadings that's the bloody result of a 5 hour prison riot in brazil which has left at least $52.00 people dead the massacre began when rival gangs attacked each other in the president the southwest region of potter most staff were injured despite to being held hostage as the country's deadliest prison riot since may and 55 people were killed.
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now remains of dollars' worth of stolen goods having auction and mexico but for the 1st time the proceeds are going to the poorest communities. to see what was going under the hammer and mexico city. this collection of luxury jewelry in mexico city is worth millions yet it isn't part of some private collection or museum showcase many of these items like these gold plated pistol groups or this jewel encrusted bump long pen once belonged to mexican criminals well it is very very well it's a very obvious that these as well as other items seized by the federal government are being auctioned off at a sense of worth and. get some of these oceans are just like in the movies where the gavel and someone who says he's going wants going twice sold but what makes it special is that all the money we earn from oceans goes towards mexico's poorest
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communities since the beginning of the year the mexican government has been selling off things ranging from luxury vehicles like this lamborghini more c.l. ago private planes and luxury homes some of which were previously owned by cartel members going east in there was the same with this new system we will save a lot because we can deliver funds directly to the people and decommission goods committee put to good use critics of president and. have called the auctions a populist measure others warn there is no way to track how the funds will be spent that most of this isn't just about handing money to local authorities and letting them decide how to spend it in the end there needs to be a mechanism in place to allow others to participate in the decision over how the funds are spent in what is now the 3rd government option this year 2000 pieces of jewelry are being sold the event has drawn in hundreds of people although many just seem curious to have a look at some of the opulence once enjoyed by mexico's most dangerous criminals
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this is the most expensive item here a p.r.g. watch made of 18 karat white gold and covered in form. 9 diamonds the soaring bid $150000.00 u.s. dollars in all the government hopes this auction will raise more than $1000000.00 for the poor some of the items the government has archon previously belonged to politicians mexico's president says auctioning off stolen goods sends a powerful message that government corruption will no longer be tolerated. under mexico city. still ahead on the. look at what's behind the eminent departure of donald trump's top spy chief. supporters of kremlin crush. he was poisoned during his latest stay in prison and the venezuelan weightlifter who got very excited at the pan american games.
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helo's a little front of colder air coming down across the caspian and you just about see it running through turkmenistan and ahead of it the air is to quite warm touch qantas to 38 degrees and maybe showers developing if you're lucky but most likely stay dry same sort of temperature regime down towards terra and of the sea otter down the rock temperature very thing start to rise it once more the next day or so and always cooler for the west you are at least it close to the coast now there are changes afoot to science the show will disappear on tuesday you've got a strengthening southwest is in certainly the clouds pretty extensive. and it runs up through yemen it's a good part of western saudi arabia now are running from tuesday to wednesday late in the day showers develop sunder storm and certainly the entocort are parts of yemen and to leave a much clearer picture and the likelihood is we'll see humid and then dry heat in
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doha and probably bahrain as a result of the changing wind directions of the next couple of days. right complete change of season place southern africa once again the construction on the western cape so that looks quite a moment coming into the western cape is another active cistern or frontal system that gives cape town 16 on tuesday. or wednesday. going behind the scenes of one of mexico's most love soaps using fiction to mirror the struggles of real life. this week the story 9 focuses on the basis of systematic violence in mexican society and issues close to home for the producers and actors a life as they struggle to portray in fiction the maquis face of reality sucks mexico every day mafia on out to 0.
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al-jazeera. every. the wilderness of cambodia is under threat. pillaged for profit by an illegal timber trade one a one east investigates the plunder of cambodia's forests. on al-jazeera. it's good to have you with us on the al-jazeera news hour and these are our top stories sudan's opposition has called for more protests over the killing of activists the north kordofan state doctors in sudan say at least 5 people including
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4 students were shot dead by security forces during a demonstration they were protesting against the findings of an investigation into last month's crackdown by the military. britain's prime minister isn't backing down from his backside ultimatum to the e.u. on his visit to scotland that is despite fierce opposition and talk of another independence referendum in scotland boss johnson has told discuss that only when they are ready to shift their position. and china's government has reiterated its support for hong kong flu to carry on and weeks of mass protests the hong kong policy office in beijing says the demonstrations are a challenge to the rule of law. donald trump spy chief is leaving director of national intelligence dan coats has clashed with the ad contradicted the president over russia iran and north korea mike hanna has more from washington this was
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the moment that it would appear most good president trump flanked by his fellow intelligence chiefs presents the annual worldwide threat assessment to the senate intelligence committee. and essentially says that the basis for the president's enthusiastic endorsement of north korean good intentions is not just flawed but wrong we currently assess that north korea will seek to retain its wm d. capabilities in is unlikely to completely give up its nuclear weapons and production capabilities because its leaders ultimately view nuclear weapons as critical to regime survival. in response the president angrily tweeted that intelligence should go back to school today. oh. no i disagree with certain things that they said i think i'm right but time will prove that time will prove me right probably then an oval office meeting with the intelligence chiefs followed by
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this version of events and they said that they were totally misquoted and they were totally it was taken out of context so what i do is i'd suggest that you call them they said it was fake there so which frankly isn't surprising that this was not the 1st time they'd been disagreement the director of national intelligence repeatedly did mining the president's view that there was doubt about the level of russian involvement in u.s. politics and on at least one occasion visibly surprised that news coming from the white house we have some breaking news the white house has announced on twitter that lattimer putin is coming to the white house in the far him again i dan coats was the last national security figure left from the very 1st time cabinet and even though he had no intelligence background he'd earned bipartisan respect in congress with many messages of support in recent weeks d.n.i.
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dan coats is a good friend to former senate colleague and leader of integrity who's always served our country well said senator susan collins. i served on the joint economic committee with dan coats as representative done by a he was widely respected and trusted by everyone on both sides is a man of integrity but trump doesn't want integrity he wants people who tell him what he wants to hear and intil leaders who will agree that 2 plus 2 equals 5 and i beautiful spring day it's unlikely that dan coats will read to children with his wife at another white house easter egg roll. it was a boy. if it was a girl and enjoy a disagreement with no consequence to like the story mike hanna al-jazeera washington. well let's get more on this legit one by eric hand political analyst and the author of the g.o.p. 7 war is joining us live from washington d.c. very good to have you with us on al does there miss to have we hear from one
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commentator who voted one of the few qualified while the suspected and scandal free members of president trump's administration is on his way out what does that mean for the for the national intelligence agency. well it's not unusual to see a d.n.i. leave after nearly 3 years with an administration actually i think the only reason why this issue is such a hot button issue is because we do know that dan coats has clashed repeatedly with this president and with this administration and so i think what you're seeing now is an exit of convenience we're seeing a d.n.i. a director of national intelligence who was ready to leave walk off into the sunset and a president who was ready and willing and and wanted him out because again of those continued clashes over intelligence issues and the man that the president wants and is john ratcliffe he's a trump loyalist we saw that in the bond hearing recently as he qualified those.
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well dan coats so also was someone who did not have a deep intelligence back. around and it's important to know that as the director of national intelligence it is not necessarily the role of the director to and search their opinion in these issues the primary role is to call the information from 17 different intelligence agencies and then take that information and provide the best analysis the best counsel and advice to the president of the united states and what we saw over and over was dan coats was someone who was who was a studiously and gauged in taking the information what was given to him and providing that to the president and that was an issue but and do you think that that's something that john that cliff. while given that john radcliffe has shown himself to be someone who is willing to attack and the intelligence agencies we do know that he has called for the attorney general william barr to actually to
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prosecute and go after the intelligence agency i think we could see in an area an issue where he could be at odds with the very agencies that he is now in tasked with actually overseeing and what does that mean that i mean if he is confirmed what does that mean how does that bode for the country's intelligence agencies and they work. that's a very good question i think we could see a director of national intelligence operating very much in the same manner that we see the attorney general for the united states for the department of justice we could see a director of national intelligence who sees his role as more so to prioritize the will and aims of the president of the united states and less so the intelligence and national security interest of that of the press of the united states and do you think that john ratcliffe will become the new d.n.i. the director of national intelligence how do you expect republicans the others even
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to push back on this. you know we see it we see a republican party that is loyally behind the president and i think because you see the republicans in control of the senate i think he will actually get through his confirmation i do believe that there will be some pushback i do believe we will see fireworks and his confirmation but nevertheless i expect that he has his nomination will get get through confirmation and sam thank you very much for your time on this we do appreciate it this era can live in washington d.c. thank you. now a new report into human rights abuses by saudi arabia highlights and increase in the use of the death penalty especially for human rights defenders and minors more than $130.00 executions have been carried out this year jonah hol has more from london. well this report released a short while ago in the house of commons is more of a legal opinion really by
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a senior british human rights lawyer and labor member of the house of lords baroness helena kennedy highlights the alarming her word increase in the use of the death penalty in the kingdom of saudi arabia since 2015 aimed particularly she said at a human rights activist and sectarian protesters for nonviolent and protest related crimes the sort of things she talked about mocking the achievements of the kingdom supporting women's rights including the right to drive sending and receiving text messages critical of saudi policy the report says that this year alone more than one $130.00 people have been executed including 6 who were children at the time that their alleged crimes took place $24.00 more although they suspect the figure could be higher are currently on death row and of those a number the report says are spent long periods of time in solitary confinement or under torture cases of not followed the due process of law nor have they had the
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right to a fair trial respected and to that extent the report suggests. executions and those cases are illegal under international law now among the recommendations of this report obviously a moratorium of the death penalty in saudi arabia is high on the list but it also calls for countries like britain and others to take a stand against saudi arabia for these alleged abuses and if necessary the report suggests for countries to boycott the g 20 heads of government meeting set to take place in saudi arabia next year. airstrikes on the market and yemen's northern province have killed at least 10 people 27 others have been injured in the attack of the salvia marathi coalition district a hospital spokesperson says 2 children are among the dead as we know confirmation of the attack from the coalition. now the lawyer of russian opposition leader lex
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in the client has been poisoned with an unknown chemical substance for more that's across back tonight clocking in london elizabeth thanks very much is never on the has been is school to go back to prison under god from hospital he was rushed on sunday after suffering from facial swelling and rushes authorities say he had an allergic reaction while in the moscow detention center where he's serving a 30 day sentence for organizing an authorised protests now his personal doctor says she's taken samples of his clothing for chemical testing. i urged my colleagues that he should be left under medical supervision for at least 3 more days when the key tests and research is ready however sadly by order from above he was just dischord by police to the detention room you know on the field that the worst the worst nearly everything has been done to remove
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a demon so the nothing is seen he has been injected prednisolone in huge amounts of course to a demon is practically gone but what is next or how does the body react is unknown this is a poisoning by some unknown chemical substance what it is where it was nobody can tell now has not been the term and for now. well from polonium to poison umbrella's is a long history of dissidents being targeted to talk sick substances although the kremlin has consistently denied involvement here in the united kingdom former russian double agent. and his daughter were found unconscious on a pop bench in march 2018 the british government says the kremlin ordered them to be poisoned with the nerve agent. another former spy alexander litvinenko died in london in 2006 after drinking tea laced with the palladium to one though a rare radioactive isotope at british inquiry said that the russian president vladimir putin probably approved the killing about america to move russian
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opposition activists says he believes attempts were made to poison him in 2015 and in 2017 the german found he had elevated levels of heavy metals like mercury and zinc and ukrainian presidential candidate viktor yuschenko suddenly disappeared from the campaign trail back in 2004 he reappeared later with a disfigured face doctors say he was poisoned with dioxin russian and ukrainian security services were suspected and in 1978 during the cold war era an anti communist distant georgie markov was killed when someone used an umbrella to file a rice unlaced pellets into his leg on london's was a new bridge soviet k.g.b. was blamed for the attack well american is following developments in moscow. off to a strong indications that nivelle me would be moved from hospital to back to the jail to serve the remainder of his sentence that's actually now happened and that's caused real concern from his medical team his doctor has been tweeting saying that
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she was warranty very concerned because. he hadn't been given the right test of figure out what was actually wrong with him when he was in the hospital and they're very concerned that if he goes back to the joe that he will simply become ill again because they don't know what caused it in the 1st place now the doctor the medical team are all insisting that the valley actually stay in hospital intel has been given the all play and he's been given all the tests that you need to try and figure out what was wrong with him now they say that he's broken out in hives that's unusual for him say his medical team they say he hasn't ever had an allergic reaction before and that means that they're very worried that there may well have been some sort of poisoning involved now other people who have been in that jail have come out and spoken they say the conditions in the jail very dire and people do get ill they're also there's been real concerns that he has been able to meet with his.


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