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but is al-jazeera as an investigative unit the skull of bones more to the problem than just smoking batteries. rewind broken during the fall and 787 on al-jazeera. the alleged mastermind of the $911.00 attacks offers to cooperate in a lawsuit against saudi arabia if the u.s. drops seeking the death penalty against. the rahman you're watching and is there a lot more headquarters here in doha also coming up at least 57 inmates were killed in the prison riots between rival gangs in northern brazil also. more protests ensued all dr security forces opened fire with
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a demonstration in north korea found killing 5 people. and commuter calles protesters block hong kong's train services as part of an anti government campaign . the program the alleged mastermind of the september 11th attacks in the u.s. says that he may be willing to help the victims in their lawsuit against saudi arabia in return khalid shaikh mohammad the wants the government not to seek the death penalty against him particle heinous more. the survivors and victims of the september 11th attacks believe saudi arabia was behind it and they are suing to prove it now they might get help from an unlikely source suspected mastermind khalid shaikh muhammad in the lawsuit lawyers asked to speak to muhammad and he made a surprising response seeming to offer to cooperate against saudi with
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a condition remove the possibility of a death sentence writing in the absence of a potential death sentence much broader cooperation would be possible the president who often sides with saudi could face pressure this time to make the deal that it could virtually bankrupt saudi arabia all their assets in the united states and elsewhere could be. seen so the incentive for mr trump as opposed to others to wave in is not very great but still it may be in the year 2020 that the united states population in general is not going to be sympathetic to mr trump running in seeking their vote if it looks like he's taking the side of saudi arabia over the victims of $911.00 and on the senate floor monday saudi arabia a source of extremism and bloodshed in the world a clear indication that the country's relationship with the united states is strained senator citing the killing of journalists as one reason the war in yemen
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another. by now we are well acquainted with what has been at best the incompetent and at worst criminal actions of saudi arabia's air strikes in yemen all evidence suggests that the saudis have been tension only targeted hospitals bridges power stations apartment buildings weddings schools and yes even a school bus filled with children his plea to senators override a presidential veto and stop an $8000000000.00 arms deal with saudi it failed to get the votes needed the bill on reconsideration fails to pass over the veto of the president of united states but the pressure on saudi continues in the u.s. house of representatives a committee has released a report on ties between the trump administration and saudi in the united arab emirates the investigation focuses on attempts by saudi to obtain nuclear technology according to congressional investigators the relationship was so close
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that when candidate trump was scheduled to give a major energy speech his close friend tom barrack circulated the draft among em iranian saudi officials and then passed suggestions back to mr brock who conveyed them to trump campaign chairman paul man of fort the house says it will continue to investigate the relationship and the senate says it will continue to try and block the arms sales meaning regardless of what the president wants saudi arabia will likely stay in the u.s. headlines for the forseeable future political gain al-jazeera washington at least $57.00 inmates have been killed in a prison riot in brazil 16 of the prisoners were beheaded during the violence that lasted for 5 hours the other suffocated to death after the cells was that old fire rival gangs attacked each other in a prison in the southwestern region of power 2 of the staff well held hostage the prison riots like these are not uncommon as trees about reports from when desire is in neighboring argentina. another brutal riot in brazil this time in the city of
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media in the northern states of apparently at 7 o'clock in the morning this monday a group of gang members tried to take over another side of the prison there and that's what started this fighting apparently they set up several roadblocks of fires in order to prevent or swedish from reaching the area that's where the major fighting took place and that's where at least $52.00 people were killed 16 of them were beheaded and the others died because of and it's not clear yet what started the fighting most of us saying that it's fighting between them for control of drugs around that area but it's not clear yet and there is an investigation ongoing the minister of justice in brazil said as your model called for an urgent meeting he also isolated the gang members and increased security in that area this whole incident lasted for about 5 hours but this type of prison riots are very common in
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northeastern brazil mostly because it has one of the 3rd of the world's 3rd largest prison population one of the highest homicide rates in the world the situation in the prisons with overcrowding violence and inhumane conditions is what makes the situation even worse and that's why in a way what gang members used brutal ways in order to send messages to those from rival organizations most of the government have taken immediate action in order to solve the situation increase security intelligence among other things but they do not solve the real problems within the prisons which is mostly overcrowding and also shortages of stuff among other things. brazil has the world's 3rd largest prison population and violence and crime to jails has been a security challenge for president also naro inmate 56 prisoners were killed in clashes broke out across 4 different jails in the amazonia state turned into it's died from gang related violence last year at a prison in the country's northeastern sierra state the worst happened 2 years ago
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when nearly 150 prisoners were killed in weeks of violence between rival gangs well jeffrey lesser is the director of the institute for global research emory university he says the harsh conditions and prisons of a little room for the inmates rehabilitation. these riots aren't just relating to what's going on in the prison rather they're off by a tensions between criminal organizations outside of the prison which then get resolved busy if you will inside the prison. there's very very little. here if you services for rehabilitation of the prison system so are the offices are rehabilitated they are taking off busy and. young people and making them into off more hardened criminals and in part it's because brazil has in some ways an
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extremely weak state and because the state is weak the criminal gangs expand so what you have in these cases are for example a lack of guards stars who are poorly a lack of police a lack of services in the prisons themselves and so not surprisingly the prison just because a kind of a coast order reflection of the order issues that are going on in brazilian society which itself has a very very high on the psyche it's it's an extremely violent country. inter in terms of in terms of policy at least 17 people have been killed on trying small military plane crashed in pakistan on the plane went down in advance eventually in the city of rubble pany will find people on board with killed alongside 12 civilians. more protests across to the killing of
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activists state doctors say at least 5 people were killed by security forces when they opened fire on a demonstration they were protesting against the findings of an investigation into last month's crackdown by the mildred morgan has more from neighboring ethiopia. was they came out of the classrooms in north kordofan state to complain about bread shortages and the rising cost of fuel and transport was. but minutes after the student protests started in the city of i'm hoping to kriti forces opened fire. my brother died as a martyr and i will not cry over him because god willing he's in heaven for blood we want to accept anything else. the funeral have been held for some of the several people killed some reportedly by sniper shots to the head
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the central committee for sudan's doctors which is allied to the opposition says doesn't sustained critical injuries. following months of political turmoil one protests started on saturday protesters infuriated by the announcement from the committee investigating the pro-democracy killings on 230 in hard to the committee announced that the ruling military junta wasn't to blame and that $87.00 protesters died activists see the true total is more than $100.00. hours after monday's killings in protesters in other cities came out to condemn the renewed violence many demanding that the opposition coalition known as the forces of freedom and change halt negotiations with the ruling military to form a transitional government. both sites signed an initial power sharing agreement earlier this month but are yet to agree on a final deal and former government some activists are concerned that the talks and
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deals seem to be centered only in the capital is this something that only happens outside and areas that are not part of the center is it like people in the center can come out and protest in there ok but people that if we can't so we need to know the answers to these questions. talks between the opposition coalition and the military gen to continue the demand government as well as calls for justice and accountability not just for the lives lost in june but for the sudanese killed in protests in many other states nationwide since there was people morgan al jazeera i just if you. the morning rush hour descended into chaos after protesters blocked access to subway trains demonstrators prevented the trains from leaving key stations by stopping carriage doors from closing time mills swelled to capacity as the protesters stayed put buses were brought in by intelligence to allow commuters
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to get to work train services now resumed. one of the affected stations earlier and sent this report. where we are it's one of the busiest lines between the outer suburbs. into. at the moment my test was. trying to make their way into the city and there. was nothing more than $700.00 have signed a petition supporting the protest action which is about. the extradition bill here and hong kong that's what it's like to thank you again since it was. like this is. a hospital struggle to treat the wounded as strikes intensify in syria. plus selling stolen riches to give to the poor
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mexico staying with a precious collection of jewelry. hello there are all the which couple of days ahead across much of the eastern side united states you can see this massive cloud and this trailing area of cloud that is all tied to a frontal system which is working its way eastwards and bringing the rain with it so are all the wet day choose day not quite making it read on the far east coast so new york or washington you should actually stay mostly dry that could just be pops and also in thunderstorm but it times this rain will be quite heavy along that line 28 in los angeles on cheese day and if i choose day and wednesday you have got a chance of the fathom out of 4 going your 4 constantly those morning hours 18 degrees in san francisco and we're going to have an onshore flow that you'll see
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slightly by wednesday that rain begins to release or peter out still the chance of that line of thunderstorms and pushing into the southeast so lancia 31 you could well see since got the thunderstorms in the afternoon hours that we had a horse into the carriage been now we'll see more here in the way of rain good little system which has just reached the west of the leeward and windward islands that is bringing some enhanced areas of rain so the showers the thunderstorms they're going to increase tuesday and on into wednesday you can see here quite a lot of rain expected pushing all the way across a tools cuba meanwhile across central america not too bad we got 25 with sunny skies in guatemala and 23 in mexico city. perception is validation we believe what we see but in one life time we cannot see everything but we rely on experiences. and the legacies of previous generations. i think testimony we have very little.
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documentaries that open your eyes. of the archaeological just. a reminder of our top stories the man accused of masterminding the september 11th attacks on the united states may be willing to help the victims in their lawsuit against saudi arabia in return khalid sheikh mohammed wants the u.s. government not to seek the death penalty against him. at least 57 inmates have died
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in a prison riot in brazil's a power state 16 of them were beheaded in the violence between rival gangs that lasted for 5 hours to staff members were taken hostage. and sudan's opposition has called for more protests over the killing of students and activists in north korea and state. doctors say at least 5 people including 4 schoolchildren were shot dead by security forces. the u.n. envoy to libya has warned that an influx of weapons from foreign supporters is fueling the country's conflict. has also called for a truce on the eve of diplomatic editor james pace has more from the united nations . council was told the situation in libya is worsening. it's now over 4 months since general holy fire huffed launched his offensive to capture tripoli his forces remain blocked and to resorted to heavier weapons the
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greater firepower means mounting casualties un special representative gas sounds alarming briefing the security council by video link from tripoli warned about the consequences if the violence continues nearly 4 months into the. 11th it should be abundantly clear to all that that is either an open ended low intensity conflict or a full it's going to. war on the shores of the southern it in the end equally unacceptable he then proposed a new peace plan for the troops to be declared for the aid of others which will fall on or about or with the dense. the truce is stage one of the plan we followed immediately by a meeting of all concerned countries in the region and beyond and then a gathering of all the key political figures inside libya widely but within hours
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in benghazi a spokesperson for general have to angrily rejected the idea of a need ceasefire saying the general would instead seek victory in tripoli one thing that might change his mind is unity on the security council but they have not yet been able to reach agreement on a joint statement varies a broad support for the say the these proposals some countries need need to consult their capitals hopefully there will be good news in the following days a joint endorsement by all 15 council members is just one of the things needed to give mr salamis plan any chance of success for now outages here understands the country with the most reservations is a powerful one the u.s. jamesburg al-jazeera at the united nations but the syrian government has strikes have killed at least 14 civilians in hama and it led provinces activists say the government's weeklong aerial attacks have been the bloodiest in 3 months then i
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heard a report from and tuck it in turkey near the syrian border. the intensive care unit is full of the war wounded the 3 month old russian backed syrian government offensive in northwest syria has left at least 2000 men women and children with injuries many of them severe and there aren't many hospitals still operating in the rebel held province of at lib that's because health facilities have been destroyed in airstrikes that international aid agencies say seem to be targeted attacks in breach of international humanitarian law. they leave thank you think of the number of this is really an injury is coming to us and we cannot cool wizzy this number of patients because this number is they being pleasing and the kinds of injuries is different. and some like one year old the other but there we are now maimed for life civilians medical workers and health centers have all been targeted in the
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offensive the strategy appears to put pressure on the opposition support base in an attempt to force the rebels to surrender. after almost 8 weeks of military operations the syrian regime has been able to retrieve part huge chunks of the demilitarized zone if look they have proven to be quite inefficient in holding ground so after 8 weeks they've been only able to get around 1.5 percent of the men try still on the other hand oppositions been able to get 30 square kilometers of areas that were under regime control. it's not clear if the hind the scenes negotiations between the backers of the warring sides russia and turkey are responsible for the changes on the ground but for the 1st time in weeks syrian government troops advanced into rebel held territory in northern how much they reversed the opposition's gains and this time without facing much resistance. his
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military support to the rebels is believed to be behind the repeated failures by the pro-democracy alliance to take ground this gave turkish officials leverage over russia which recently used its own card by intensifying bombardment of civilian areas the question is whether a compromise has now been reached ahead of a new round of syria peace talks between russia turkey and iran later this week in the qatar capital nor silt on the opposition says the ceasefire needs to be revived in its lid before there can be any progress on the political front that troops can't come soon enough for the syrians in the rebel held province who have already lost so much senator there on talking. so to europe where the british pound has fallen to its lowest against the dollars and 2017 it's after prime minister boris johnson's hardline bressant record rhetoric but i'm a list say the pope could fall further as fears grow over the likelihood of
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a new deal with the european union prime minister johnson wants to negotiate a new deal with the e.u. leaders is refusing to meet them to lay open the existing agreements. well he's facing opposition from scotland's day to nicholas sturgeon she's accusing him of pushing britain towards a no deal break said but he barbour has more from the scottish capital and. he's in a smattering of applause for the u.k. prime minister as a rifle told to scotland's 1st minister yes then shook hands but they were never going to see eye to eye even before he arrived nicolas surgeon warned boris johnson he could be the last prime minister of the united kingdom if he delivered no deal breaks it it's fair to say these 2 politicians have a very different vision of the future after their meeting at her official residence she repeated her warning behind all the bluff and bluster this government and the path that it is pursuing i think is dangerous it became clear to me that this
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government the new prime minister has set the uki on an almost inevitable path to a new deal breaks at the position that it has taken that makes it very difficult to see how any deal can be stuck with the e.u. and i think that would be catastrophic for scotland and indeed for the whole of the u.k. . earlier at a naval base near glasgow johnson outlined plans for new investment in parts of scotland wales and northern ireland worth almost $400000000.00 but his government's also spending more than $100000000.00 on an advertising campaign informing the public about a no deal breaks it and he says he will meet e.u. leaders if they don't agree to revisit the withdrawal agreement and scrap the so-called backstop designed to prevent a hard boarder in northern ireland what we want to do is to make it absolutely clear that the backstop is no good it did it's got to get there with broad agreement it's got to go but there is scope to do a new deal before meeting the 1st minister boris johnson headed to the scottish parliament for another tense meeting with the leader of the scottish branch of the
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conservative party ruth davidson she says she supports the prime minister but has firmly rejected the idea of a no deal breaker arguing nobody advocated it in the 2060 referendum campaign her allies are warning that johnson government's approach could boost support for independence which is already on the rise as a port for independence and gotten as almost 50 percent if not a majority but there's a serious conflict between the 2 governments then that could provoke another independence referendum maybe not immediately but after the next got official actions the scottish government a far from the only people warning johnson he's in danger in the union where they try to hold another independence vote in the near future could depend on whether politicians in westminster are able to stop him the dean barber al jazeera edinburgh. they hackers believe has stolen data of more than 100000000 people across the u.s. and calendar now the breach in capital one is the biggest ever to have happened and hit a bank the f.b.i. has arrested an engineer in the u.s.
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state of washington capital one is one of america's largest commercial banks. for staying in the americas guatemala's president jimmy morality is facing a backlash about an immigration deal he signed with washington the agreement forces central american migrants to claim asylum there instead of the u.s. hundreds protested against the deal over the weekend david mercer has more. one never imagined he'd be forced to flee his home country but after political protests swept through nicaragua last year one started receiving threats because of his work at a local university fearing for his family's safety one took his wife and young son and headed north even now he's afraid to reveal his identity. at 1st we thought about the united states but we started to think about guatemala el salvador and mexico you don't hear anything good about these countries but in the end we opted for guatemala as we heard it was better than mexico as mexico and
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the united states crackdown on undocumented migrants more central americans like one are filing for asylum in guatemala what a mall has never been a country where foreigners have asked for protection in fact over the past couple of decades only around 20 people per year have been granted asylum but now that starting to change and in this area alone since the start of the year 35 people have requested asylum and it's a trend that experts say is sure to continue on friday what amala signed an agreement with the united states to become a safe 3rd country a place where migrants on route to the u.s. would have to stop and apply for asylum donald trump forced the deal through by threatening to tax remittances and impose tariffs on portable and goods watermelon civil society groups have already filed legal motions to have the agreement blocked . people who work with refugees in guatemala say the country is ill prepared to deal with an influx of asylum seekers. people seeking refuge in what they have
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a really tough time they have trouble finding work housing schooling for their children and access to health care to see to ation here for what they are precarious for people from other countries is much more difficult armando fled his native el salvador after being shot 3 times by a teenager demanding $10000.00 in. payments for years he's supported his special needs daughter by working odd jobs before meeting deborah and starting the asylum process. the application process is really slow it's really tiring i know people who have been waiting for more than 15 months to get a definitive answer that's more than a year without access to employment or anything we're going through a crisis carving out a better life in guatemala won't be easy but a growing number of refugees say they're left with little choice david mercer al-jazeera and western guatemala. the millions of dollars worth of stolen goods in
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mexico but for the 1st time the proceeds are going to the poorest communities but went to see what was going under the hammer in mexico city. this collection of luxury jewelry in mexico city is worth millions yet it isn't part of some private collection or museum showcase many of these items like these gold plated pistol groups or this jewel encrusted bump long pen once belonged to mexican criminals was very very well if they ever have that these as well as other items seized by the federal government are being auctioned off that isn't so with us they. get some of these oceans are just like in the movies where the gavel and someone who says he's going wants going twice sold but what makes it special is that all the money we earn from oceans goes towards mexico's poorest communities since the beginning of the year the mexican government has been selling off things ranging from luxury
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vehicles like this lamborghini more c.l. ago private planes and luxury homes some of which were previously owned by cartel members going east in their own steam with this new system we will save a lot because we can deliver funds directly to the people and decommission goods committee put to good use critics of president and. have called the auctions a populist measure others warn there's no way to track how the funds will be spent that most of them and this isn't just about handing money to local authorities and letting them decide how to spend it in the end there needs to be a mechanism in place to allow others to participate in the decision over how the funds are spent in what is now the 3rd government option this year 2000 pieces of jewelry are being sold the event has drawn in hundreds of people although many just seem curious to have a look at some of the opulence once enjoyed by mexico's most dangerous criminals this is the most expensive item here a p.r.g. watch made of 18 karat white gold and covered in 49 diamonds the starting bid 150.
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1000 u.s. dollars in all the government hopes this auction will raise more than $1000000.00 for the poor some of the items the government has auction previously belonged to politicians mexico's president says auctioning off stolen goods sends a powerful message that government corruption will no longer be tolerated monitored up a little mexico city. you want your visit with me still rob the reminder of our top news stories the alleged mastermind of the september the 11th attacks in the u.s. says he may be willing to help the victims in their lawsuit against saudi arabia in return khalid sheikh mohammad wants the government not to seek the death penalty against him particle he is following the case from washington d.c. . this offer of assistance 1st comes in this court filing it's all part of the lawsuit from the survivors and victims of $911.00 against the government of saudi
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arabia so as part of this process the lawyer said that they need to speak with the people who are in custody accused of being behind or committing the 911 attacks one of those is collegiate muhammad so in this file in the lawyer said they reached out to his representatives and he's choosing not to cooperate in this deposition at this time and they say the main reason is because fear of the death penalty they go on to say that he would be much more willing to cooperate if the death penalty was no longer a concern u.s. senators or fail to stop the sale of $8000000000.00 worth of weapons to saddam they couldn't reach the 2 thirds majority needed to override donald trump's vetoes of previous laws passed by congress politicians opposed to the sales further weapons could be used against civilians in the war in yemen. at least $57.00 inmates have died in a prison riot in brazil's power state $68.00 of them were beheaded in the violence between rival gangs that lasted for 5 hours. at least 17 people are being killed
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after a small pakistani military plane crashed into a residential area in roll bindy 12 civilians are among the dead 5 others are members of the crew in hong kong the morning rush hour descended into chaos after protesters blocked access to subway stations demonstrators prevented the trains from leaving key stations by stopping carriage doors from closing the british pound has fallen the gates the dollar to its lowest since 2017 it's after the prime minister boris johnson's hard line breaks it rhetoric alist say the pound could fall even further fears grow over the likelihood of a new deal breaks it those with headlines about good morning news in half an hour here on al-jazeera next it's witness to stay with us.
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