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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 30, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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protesters back out on the streets all sit down after 5 people most of them high school students were killed by security forces on monday. hello i'm hello my he's in this is al jazeera life and oh how also coming up. the man accused of organizing the september 11th attacks reportedly offers to help victims' families who are suing saudi arabia. up to 60 and mates were killed during a prison riots were seen by 4 gangs in brazil. and indonesia says it could take 2
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months to stop oil gushing from a broken well in the java sea. proper testers are back on the streets across sits on after 5 percent were killed on monday 4 of those who died were teenagers shot dead by security forces trying to disperse around a mater of mostly students and activists opposition leaders andrew then generals are set to hold a new round of talks but the meeting keeps getting the school is how it's cross live there it's a hip a war going hussein. capital of neighboring ethiopia and they are seeing more protests on the streets this choose day especially younger people what more can you tell us. well have at the moment there's a lot of anger on the streets and hearts on lots of condemnation due to the minute
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violence in the city off a low base and north korea defiant the people on the streets of harlem specifically high school students are condemning the killings of their colleagues in northbridge of time but they're also condemning the silence of you know as she finished listing forces of freedom and change now the opposition once they regard what's the 1st and think of the protests in the talks on the transitional government and its military council but that the protesters are saying that these talks have not healed and results and that they've been going on for 3 months since former president ali bashir was ousted and there has been no results yet in fact they're saying that there has been more violence more deaths and they're falling through the opposition all faults that slight sports lead to the fact that it's reaching the final top and that will be determining how the transitional government should look like and what their role and each of each and every institution will be the people are
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saying that at the moment negotiations is not the way and that what the opposition coalition should focus on is demanding justice and accountability well this comes after a particularly long as a series of events on monday i just got a sense about what what sparked those protests were high school students on monday morning i had i went to school and realized that there's severe shortage of bread and there were hikes in the price of transport as well as shortage of now let's remember these are the same status that said triggered the december protests that are still ongoing in sudan and eventually led to the ousting of former president on what is this year in april so people are saying that the living conditions that they have demanded to them since coming out in december have not improved yet inside of that they think that it's getting worse and they are demanding that they want better life living conditions better services and as a result the security forces opened fire leading to violence. was there was they came out of the classrooms in north kordofan state to complain about bread
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shortages and the rising cost of fuel and transport i thank you but minutes after the student protest started in the city of a mobile security forces opened fire i. went to. my brother died as a martyr and i will not cry over him because god willing he's in heaven for blood we want to accept anything else. funerals have been held for some of the several people killed some reportedly by sniper shots to the head of the central committee for sudan's doctors which is allied to the opposition says doesn't sustained critical injuries. following months of political turmoil protests started on saturday protesters infuriated by the announcement from the committee investigating the pro-democracy sit in killings on 2 and a 3rd in hutton the committee announced that the ruling military junta wasn't to
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blame and that $87.00 protesters died activists see the truth is more than $100.00 . hours after monday's killings in protesters in other cities came out to condemn the renewed violence many demanding that the opposition coalition known as the forces of freedom and change halt negotiations with the ruling military joins us to form a transitional government both sides signed an initial power sharing agreement earlier this month but are yet to agree on a final deal and form a government some activists are concerned that the talks and deals seem to be centered only in the capital. is this something that only happens outside and areas that are not part of the center is it like people in the center going to come out and protest and they're ok but people in the periphery can't so we need to know the answers to these questions. as talks between the opposition coalition and the military gen to continue to do the demand 1st of all in government as well as calls
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for justice and accountability not just for the lives lost in for tumi june but for the sudanese killed in protests in many of the states nationwide compan. so protesters are still angry halla and they're coming out in the streets some sort demanding that justice demanding that accountability already over the 50 protesters that are injured from last night and they are concerned with the anger going on and still with and with protesters still turning up on the streets in fulton and various other parts in sudan then they will be no more deaths and there will ready be more killings so right now the focus is largely on the transitional military council and its response and the opposition coalition and the talks that they're expected to hold late since they have a morgan life or is there an address of a thank you very much indeed. the alleged mastermind of the september 11th attacks says he may be willing to help victims' families in their little suits against saudi arabia that's according to reports which say that in the turn of the chick muhammad's wants the government to abandon its bid to execute him physically and
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reports from washington d.c. . the survivors and victims of the september 11th attacks believe saudi arabia was behind it and they are suing to prove it now they might get help from an unlikely source suspected mastermind khalid shaikh muhammad in the lawsuit lawyers asked to speak to muhammad and he made a surprising response seeming to offer to cooperate against saudi with a condition remove the possibility of a death sentence writing in the absence of a potential death sentence much broader cooperation would be possible the president who often sides with saudi could face pressure this time to make the deal that it could virtually bankrupt saudi arabia all their assets in the united states and elsewhere could be. seen so the incentive for mr trump as opposed to others to wave in is not very great but still it may be in the year 2020 that the united
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states population in general is not going to be sympathetic to mr trump running in seeking their vote if it looks like he's taking the side of saudi arabia over the victims of $911.00 and on the senate floor monday saudi arabia a source of extremism and bloodshed in the world a clear indication that the country's relationship with the united states is strained senator citing the killing of journalists as one reason the war in yemen another. by now we are well acquainted with what has been at best the incompetent and at worst criminal actions of saudi arabia's air strikes in yemen all evidence suggests that the saudis have been tension only targeted hospitals bridges power stations apartment buildings weddings schools and yes even a school bus filled with children his plea to senators override a presidential veto and stop an $8000000000.00 arms deal with saudi it failed to get the votes needed the bill on reconsideration fails to pass over the veto of the
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president of united states but the pressure on saudi continues in the u.s. house of representatives a committee has released a report on ties between the trump administration and saudi in the united arab emirates the investigation focuses on attempts by saudi to obtain nuclear technology according to congressional investigators the relationship was so close that when candidate trump was scheduled to give a major energy speech his close friend tom barrack circulated the draft among em iranian saudi officials and then passed suggestions back to mr brock who conveyed them to trump campaign chairman paul man of fort the house says it will continue to investigate the relationship and the senate says it will continue to try and block the arms sales meaning regardless of what the president wants saudi arabia will likely stay in the u.s. headlines for the forseeable future political gain al-jazeera washington at least
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$57.00 inmates have been killed in a prison riots in brazil off to rival gangs attacked each other 16 were beheaded cheering the violence in the city of all to mira that losses for 5 hours on others suffocate is us their cells for set on fire the prison riots like these are not uncommon as to be simple explains from buenos aires and they bring argentina. another brutal riot in brazil this time in the city of media in the northern states of apparently at 7 o'clock in the morning this monday a group of gang members tried to take over another side of the prison there and that's what started this fighting apparently they set up several roadblocks of fires in order to prevent or swedish from reaching the area that's where the major fighting took place and that's where at least $52.00 people were killed 16 of them were beheaded and the others died because of and it's not clear yet what started the fighting most of us saying that it's fighting between them for control of drugs
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around that area but it's not clear yet and there is an investigation ongoing the minister of justice in brazil said as your model called for an urgent meeting he also isolated the gang members and increased security in that area this whole incident lasted for about 5 hours but this type of prison riots are very common in northeastern brazil mostly because it has one of the 3rd of the world's 3rd largest prison population one of the highest homicide rates in the world the situation in the prisons with overcrowding violence and inhumane condition is what makes the situation even worse and that's why in a way gang members use brutal ways in order to send messages to those from rival organizations most of the government have taken immediate action in order to solve the situation increase security intelligence among other things but they do not solve the real problems within the prisons which is mostly overcrowding and also
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shortages of stuff among other things. still to come on al-jazeera doctors overwhelmed by the wounded syrians as airstrikes intensified in rebel held areas. and democratic party politicians hoping to get a chance to become president get ready for the 2nd televised debate. hello with finally saying the hate squeezed out of eastern parts of year a wetter weather started to push his way and here are some thundery downpours but some really lively showers i will towards the northwest this perry of low just spinning away it's going to produce some very heavy rain into the southwest of england. pushing up into the midlands temperatures around 20 celsius in london last
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dry close a good part of france want to see showers coming into that western side of the country having said that he will go with that warm weather still in place there for warsaw a hearts and humid day could see some showers from this big massive rain is making its way across the eastern side opponent gradually pushing over towards ukraine to 31 celsius or more so on tuesday 40 back to around 26 on wednesday and you can see that feed of northerly winds from the north they're just pushing down across the baltic and that's going to be something going to really cool things down as we go on through the next couple of days a lot of heavy showers there into germany pushing down towards austria still some blustery showers cosette eastern side of england pushing up into scotland but dry weather making its way in across many a western pass by this day's large you find a dry across northern parts of africa now the one inch enos with the top temperature of 34. the weather sponsored by countdown anyways. i have been looking at your instagram account and reading. apple's fault behind the
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falls base is a dialogue when donald trump and elsa's carelessly for president are laughter that everyone has a voice the best chance the democrats have to beat donald trump is to nominate an exciting inspirational callus mother nominee to join the global conversation on your thoughts get twitter addy and amount is iraq. this is. the top stories this hour protesters across sudan are back on the streets after 5 child demonstrators were killed in north korea found states on monday
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security forces opened fire on students and activists angry over an investigation into last month's crackdown by the military jones and. at least $57.00 inmates have been killed in a prison riots in brazil after rival gangs tactics other 16 of the prisoners were beheaded secure in the violence lasted several hours the staff were held hostage but have not been released. and the man accused of masterminding the september 11th attacks says he may be willing to help victims in a lawsuit alleging saudi arabia was behind it in return khalid sheikh muhammad reporter they want to see u.s. government to not seek the death penalty against him. that's almost trump has signs a new law giving permanent benefits to 1st responders who became ill after rushing to the scene of the $911.00 attacks the legislation guarantees federal funding through the year 2892 for more than 18000 people emergency workers were
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exposed to dangerous toxins cause and chronic conditions and hundreds of deaths but trump has been criticized for saying he was there alongside 1st responders he made their mark during an address before signing the benefits bill into law many of those affected were firefighters police officers and other 1st responders and i was down there also but i'm not considering ways of a 1st responder but i was down there spent a lot of time there with here. president jammeh to pressure for an immigration deal he signs with washington d.c. enforces central american migrants and refugees to claim asylum. instead of the u.s. now there's a battle to nullify the agreements by those who say it's unconstitutional david mercer has the story. one never imagined to be forced to flee his home country but after political protests swept through nicaragua last year one started receiving
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threats because of his work at a local university fearing for his family's safety one took his wife and young son and headed north even now he's afraid to reveal his identity. at 1st we thought about the united states but we started to think about guatemala el salvador and mexico you don't hear anything good about these countries but in the end we opted for guatemala as we heard it was better than mexico as mexico and the united states crack down on undocumented migrants more central americans like one are filing for asylum in guatemala what a mall has never been a country where foreigners have asked for protection in fact over the past couple of decades only around 20 people per year have been granted asylum but now that starting to change and in this area alone since the start of the year 35 people have requested asylum and it's a trend that experts say is sure to continue on friday what amala signed an
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agreement with the united states to become a safe 3rd country a place where migrants on route to the u.s. would have to stop and apply for asylum donald trump forced the deal through by threatening to tax remittances and impose tariffs on portable and goods watermelon civil society groups have already filed legal motions to have the agreement blocked . people who work with refugees in guatemala say the country is ill prepared to deal with an influx of asylum seekers. people seeking refuge in what they have a really tough time they have trouble finding work housing schooling for their children and access to health care to see to ration here for what the precarious for people from other countries is much more difficult armando fled his native el salvador after being shot 3 times by a teenager demanding $10000.00 in extortion payments for years he supported his special needs daughter by working odd jobs before meeting deborah and starting the
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asylum process process or. the application process is really slow it's really tiring i know people who have been waiting for more than 15 months to get a definitive answer that's more than a year without access to employment or anything we're going through a crisis carving out a better life in guatemala won't be easy but a growing number of refugees say they're left with little choice david mercer al jazeera and western guatemala. for way says its revenue has shot up 23 percent in the 1st 6 months of this year suggesting u.s. sanctions aren't slowing the chinese tech giant down yet so it's chairman admits in sales have suffered some impacts and won't have difficulties in the 2nd half of 2819 u.s. president blacklisted for weigh in may blocking its access to u.s. suppliers talks to address the trade war between the 2 the world's 2 largest economies are resuming in shanghai. a plane crash in pakistan has killed at least
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18 people 13 of them on the grains all 5 on board the small military aircraft dies it was on a routine training mission when it came down in a residential area near no wall pindi as well as fatalities all those on the ground suffered critical injuries. air strikes in northern yemen have killed at least 13 people 27 others were injured in a rebel stronghold inside the province whose you've been media blames the side the coalition it says the stage the attack. syrian government's airstrikes have killed at least 14 civilians in rebel held areas over hama and the province's axes say the government's weeklong aerial attacks have been the bloodiest in 3 months and hospitals are struggling to care for the wounded saying 100 reports from antakya in turkey the border. the intensive care unit is full of the war wounded the 3 month
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old russian backed syrian government offensive in northwest syria has left at least 2000 men women and children with injuries many of them severe and there aren't many hospitals still operating in the rebel held province of idlib that's because health facilities have been destroyed in airstrikes that international aid agencies say seem to be targeted attacks in breach of international humanitarian law. they're leading clear think of the number of this is really an injury is coming to us and we cannot cool with this number of patients because this number is they're being pleasing and the kinds of injuries is different. and some like one year old the other but there we are now maimed for life civilians medical workers and health centers have all been targeted in the offensive the strategy appears to put pressure on the opposition support base in an attempt to force the rebels to surrender. after almost 8 weeks of military operations the syrian regime has been
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able to retrieve part a huge chunks of the demilitarized zone and if they have proven to be quite inefficient and holding ground so after 8 weeks they've been only able to get around 1.5 percent of the team and try still on the other hand opposition's been able to get 30 scripter lama to areas that were under regime control. it's not clear if the hind the scenes negotiations between the backers of the warring sides russia and turkey are responsible for the changer. on the ground but for the 1st time in weeks syrian government troops advanced into rebel held territory in northern hama they reversed the opposition's gains and this time without facing much resistance. is military support to the rebels is believed to be behind the repeated failures by the pro-democracy alliance to take ground this gave turkish officials leverage over russia which recently used its own card by intensifying
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bombardment of civilian areas the question is whether a compromise has now been reached ahead of a new round of syria peace talks between russia turkey and iran later this week in the qatar capital nor silt on the opposition says the ceasefire needs to be revived in its lid before there can be any progress on the political front that troops can't come soon enough for the syrians in the rebel held province who have already lost so much senator there was was 0 on talking. indonesia's state energy firm says it will take around 2 months to shut down a well that's spewing oil into the java sea an investigation has begun and so what's causing the spill which began more than 2 weeks ago brian reports. these beaches are the backyards of villages along this stretch of northern java and they're covered with a black layer of oil that's choking sea life and the livelihoods of local fisherman
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some have joined the cleanup mission a backbreaking process that's expected to take several weeks. on cleaning up the soil looks like crude oil or get paid to do this $7.00 a day. the oil is coming from a well that platform leaking into the ocean for almost 3 weeks the state energy company put him anus says it's intensified efforts to slow the spill installing high speed water skimmers to suck up fuel from the surface and a static boom to contain it sprayed. the stuff. we care about the safety of people specially the fisherman we have coordinated with the military and police and we have patrol boats working 24 hours a day to isolate the location of the oil spill. the company's declared an emergency and brought in the experts that handled a similar spill in the gulf of mexico but they haven't to fight the currents and
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the wind with the oil sheen spreading more than 80 kilometers. from here but the knee because of the spill is still under investigation but we ask people not to worry because we have the best people handling the problem we have hired specialists who often deal with this problem even on a bigger scale. it's the 2nd potential environmental catastrophe for the company in just over a year and underwater pipeline burst off borneo last march spilling $40000.00 barrels of crude oil it sparked a fire killing 5 fisherman. the government ordered person maina to pay compensation for the pollution caused and improve safety procedures. it's too early to say how much oil spilled here in java or count the environmental cost that people here want the leak plugged and quickly alexie o'brian al-jazeera. and 40000 liters of diesel oil has spilled of chile's southern coast
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a mining company is being investigated over the accidents at an onshore terminal on a glory or islands nearly 3000 kilometers south of the capsule santiago the chilean navy says favorable winds have helped to contain the oil for no russian opposition leader alexina vul me has been sent back to prison after being taken to hospital on sunday authorities say he has an allergic reaction wall in the moscow detention center where he's serving a ferreted a sentence for organizing unauthorized protests of only says he may have been poisoned while his doctor has taken samples of his hair and clothing for chemical tests and. i urge my colleagues that he should be left under medical supervision for at least 3 more days when the key tests and research is ready however sadly by order from above he was just discord by police to the detention room. a democrat party politicians hoping to replace donald trump in the white house are gearing up
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for their seconds televised debates this year to focus on trump's recent string of racist tweets while also trying to explain their vision for the country john hendren reports from detroit's where the debates will take place later on choose they are. it is a battle for the future of the democratic party this week's democratic presidential debates pits safely centrist candidates led by former vice president joe biden against the party's revolutionaries senators elizabeth warren and bernie sanders i want to see somebody that's has more progressive ideas get the ticket so it doesn't fall back on to biden which to me would be a repeat of the hillary clinton so i'm kind of hoping that one of the other candidates whether it's warren or bernie they're vying for his spot at the top of the polls with calls for publicly funded health insurance immigration reform and higher taxes on the wealthy while the front runner always has a target painted on his or her back so he has to expect some are tax. and
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he's susceptible to attacks by dint of the fact that he's the most senior politician he has the longest record to defend california senator come harris joined the top 4 contenders to unseat president donald trump after she attacked by civil rights record in the 1st debate do you agree today that you were wrong to oppose bussing in america then do you agree i did not oppose him in america biden says this time he won't be is nice trading barbs this past week with new jersey senator cory booker over criminal justice i'm disappointed is taking joe biden years and years until he was running for president to actually say that he made a mistake or if there are things in that bill that were extraordinary bad if you want to go back and talk about records are happy but i'd rather talk about the future the candidates are expected to be on the attack this debate will likely winnow down the unprecedentedly large field of 20 in 2 nights of debates with
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polling and fundraising numbers going up to qualify for a 3rd round of debates in september money will almost certainly start to dry up for those who don't perform well here it's no surprise that this debate is being held here in detroit democrats are keenly aware that donald trump won in 2016 by knocking down the supposedly solid democratic blue wall in states like wisconsin pennsylvania and here in michigan where he won by about $10000.00 votes the narrowest victory anywhere in the country so far only the top 4 in south bend indiana mayor pete booty gedge qualify for round 3 that leaves contenders like amy club which are better o'rourke and kirsten gillibrand scrambling to prove their viability trump might well weigh in from the white house unifying democrats recently after he attacked for minority democratic women in congress many democratic voters remain undecided and kind of waiting for the field to deal with.
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it's hard to keep up with more of the people to be told. i think i mean it's almost like going to school simon to know each of these people but time is short and fundraising dollars are increasingly focusing on likely winners making this debate a struggle for survival john hendren al-jazeera detroit. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines professors are back on it's own the streets across sudan after 5 demonstrators were killed on monday in response the head of the military jones says quotes the killing of peaceful students is a crime that requires immediate accountability 4 of those who died were teenagers shots by security forces trying to disperse a valley made off of mostly students and activists opposition rulers and ruling generals are supposed to sit down for more talks but the meeting keeps cats and
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respond to mark and has the latest from neighboring ethiopia. a lot of anger on the streets and hopes on lots of condemnation of the renewed violence in the city of and not the people on the streets and possums the high school students are condemning the killings of their colleagues in north georgia but they're also condemning the silence as well or this week and change now the opposition well as well as the reported it wants. and says military council but the protesters are saying that these thoughts have not healed and results and that they've been going on for 3 months the man accused of masterminding the september 11th attacks says he may be willing to help victims in a lawsuit alleging citing a rabia was behind it in return khalid sheikh mohammed reportedly wants the u.s. government to not seek the death penalty against an. at least $57.00 inmates
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have been killed in a prison riot in brazil as to rival gangs attacked each other 16 of the prisoners were beheaded during the violence that lasted several hours staff were held hostage but have no been released. who always says it seen a sharp jump in revenue up 23 percent in the 1st 6 months of this year suggesting u.s. sanctions aren't slowing the chinese tech giant yet still its chairman admits his sales have suffered some impacts and warns of difficulties in the 2nd half of 2019 the u.s. president's budget withstood huawei and made blocking its access to your suppliers talks to address the trade war between the world's 2 largest economies are resuming in shanghai well states to stay with us here on al-jazeera the news continues after the strain. the latest news as it breaks it is long campaign began what it calls attempts to undermine the state of israel from within
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. with detailed coverage called power being replaced by new cool friendly plants all over the world environmentalist fear the pulse of what's. from around the world those clouds is just as visible above ground than on the surface and underneath. high of having ok enjoying the strain and i'm really good today a mental health crisis in syria a group of mental health advocates discuss the unconventional approaches helping to tackle the problem and we want to hear your thoughts a tweet us at 8 am stream or leave a comment and i live chat and you could be in the street. 3 in 10 nigeria and suffer from mental health issues according.


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