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well. this is 0. but i'm richelle carey this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. so new security forces fired live rounds as protesters again fill the streets after the killing of schoolchildren on monday. the personal details of 106000000 people are stolen by a hacker and one of the largest data breaches in banking history. are going through all good london with the top stories from europe including boris johnson who plays
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a game of chicken with the you so it must compromise to stop or no deal breaks it. down for you to simulate all your sport one of the world's most famous footballers is told these rape case is being dropped to police in brazil so they're no longer investigating p.s.g. strike a name because of a mecca of evidence. so his attorney forces had been responding with live ammunition and tear gas as protesters again fill the streets. there voicing their anger about the killing of 5 people including 4 schoolchildren in a rally on monday facing pressure at home and abroad the head of the military declared the killing of peaceful students is a crime those who died on monday were shot by security forces trying to disperse
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a demonstration made up of mostly young students and activists. with what happened in l. o. boy it is the straw that will break the military councils but we need to know who committed the massacre the military council has to risk them and seen them to court if they don't then let this council and the professionals association and the coalition of freedom and change go to hell. their percentage of the united nations children's fund in sudan responded with a solemn statement saying no trial should be buried and their school uniform let's go live now to him organise in the capital of addis ababa and neighboring ethiopia so have to tell us more about what happened today. well richelle protesters came out early in the morning not just in the capital but in various other states to voice their anger they're saying that the violence that happened in a little bit tested in north korea to finance that is unacceptable especially
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because lots of these protesters were high school students who came up with testing the lack of bread and hikes in transportation the prices as well as fuel shortages which incidentally are the same factors that triggered this revolution in the 1st place in the center and they're saying that the military council should be held responsible for the killings of protesters and they're demanding that the opposition coalition known as the forces for freedom and change which were largely represents the protesters on the ground hold talks with the military council there saying that there has been no justice to part with the hundreds of deaths that has been happening since the protests started and there has been no accountability and prevent if the opposition coalition continues to talk with the military council then they will lose faith in that's what mission so i have there are some sort of meetings and schedule for tonight what do you know about that. well so far only the technical teams between the 2 sides are meeting they've already signed an initial power sharing agreement earlier this month they're supposed to be citing
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a final part sharing deal which is called the constitutional declaration now that declaration michel would be out plainly the rules of the various institutions that is yet to be agreed upon so the technical committees from the 2 sides from the forces of freedom and change and the transitional military council have been meeting to put the wording of that document but the negotiators the jeepney will see it is themselves are yet to have been was full and several times between the 2 sites some of the opposition coalition have want to obey to meet with the farm families of the people who died as well as to speak to the military council representatives there but the protesters on the streets are saying if those 2 sides do meet for a final deal then they will have to read rethink their opinion on the opposition coalition because they say if there is no justice and accountability they can be no transitional government forms all right have a morgan with the latest for us have a thank you all as a lecturer at killing university an analyst on the horn of africa and they says there are divisions within the opposition on how to move forward and dealing with
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the military. there's already is significant difference between the 2 sides or. document the opposition alliance differences among its groups the very board charged people who are not going to defend your house who don't move forward there's already the problem not just within the opposition but also between the opposition and the military council in terms of how to put together the constitution a document that governs sudan 3 period of transition if we have part of the problem that somehow takes away then the diplomacy of the opposition groups to negotiate on behalf of the people then that i think complicates the problem for them i think you know the but right now the gates of the transition i mean they come since it is their responsibility to form security forces therefore i think there is some trust
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them confidence on the part of the population that in the event that this process doesn't go courting to going to be months that they have the right to go out and protest the question of justice and accountability during periods of transition is a significant one. people do want some form of reckoning. in terms of some of the abuse of them volunteers that have been protected by the former the team but as the same time i think you do need some kind of proof that the compromise. to this transition of course if it can the personal data of more than 100000000 people has been stolen and i have targeting u.s. financial services firm capital one the break is believed to be one of the largest and banking history all of those affected are in north america the f.b.i. has arrested an engineer aftershave legibly boasted about the hack online kimberly how could have more from washington d.c. . the information that was made available was personal in nature individuals who
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had applied for credit cards between the years of 2005 and 2019 with capital one bank it was addresses it was birthdays social security numbers or other government identifiers all put out on a public forum a code hacking forum that allowed for these individuals to have their information exposed now there has been one individual who has been charged and has appeared in a seattle court awaiting another court appearance on thursday charged with fraud and abuse but the concern is is that from a consumer standpoint that the bank did not immediately detect its vulnerability now it has assured consumers that no fraud was committed with their information as a result of this exposure but given that it's only been a few weeks since this hacking was detected many consumers not feeling completely confident about that now this is an increasing problem in the united states not
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only has capitol one been affected but in previous years we've seen banks like j.p. morgan chase bank of america citibank the average cost for a bank to deal with a situation like this more than $8000000.00 so it certainly has a financial interest but also in consumer satisfaction to try and rectify what seems to be an ongoing problem for banks in the united states and around the world brenda mcnelis is chief executive of rendition info site that's a cyber security firm working on incident response he says the hacker exploited a configuration vulnerability in the company's infrastructure. this is a configuration such as a security policy or maybe a security control or a authentication mechanism that is mis configured on their side says that the security researcher disclosed this on july 17th and then through an internal investigation they discovered it on july 19th it's very common when
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a security researcher discloses some sort of miss for mr configuration or security vulnerability that then you start digging around and you open that can of worms and very often do discover that this has been exploited before a lot of organizations especially the size of capital one they have a mature security program they have a lot of logging but maybe they don't have all the security tools or everything tuned properly to detect some of these things rendition info sec recommends threat hunting it's not good enough just to have that defense you have to really search around kind of you know dust off the cobwebs check under the bed to make sure that your environment is clean from attackers it depends on what the attacker does with that information if they release that to a forum if other people get their hands on that then obviously people will start noticing things are audit and reporting that up but you know it just because there's no known fraudulent activity to date right now doesn't mean that we shouldn't count that out we work with banking institutions all over the world international and domestic in the u.s.
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it all comes down to it's that toehold it's that weak crack you can be doing 100 percent of things correct so you think but it might be 99.9 and that that small percentage can lead an attacker into your network it does happen we recommend being proactive having security being evolving process you're always updating you're always trying to get better you're always trying to get more stealthy of what you're detecting and really it's it's a battlefield out there and you know you need to be prepared no matter the size your company. 10 ambassadors from the un security council had delivered a diplomatic petition to the secretary general on syria when attending a terrorist to set up an inquiry into the bombing of hospital with an adlib diplomatic editor james as has more from un headquarters in new york all the ambassadors of the u.n. security council apart from the 3 african leaders the ambassador russia and china those 5 didn't take part with the other 10 did and what they've told the secretary
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general is that they believe he has the power the legal authority and there is the precedent for him to set up an inquiry into the bombing of hospitals in it live they say that he should do this because it's the u.n. that controls the d confliction mechanism which clearly isn't working as hospitals continue to be bombed there in. and they say that this investigation should also work out who is carrying out these bombings clearly this whole effort will be opposed i think by the russians who do not want such an inquiry to take place clearly the only powers with their forces in the area that could have carried out the bombings of these hospitals are the syrian government and russia so russia likely to oppose this the other important bit of information is how the secretary general responded to this i'm told he said it was the 1st time they had come up with this idea it was a new idea he needed to examine it he said he'd go to the un's office of legal
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affairs to get their view on the legality of this proposal but he certainly has not dismiss this out of hand so potentially an important development with regard to the bombardment of adlib. plenty more ahead in the news hour including a man accused of organizing the september 11th attacks offers to help families are suing saudi arabia. up to 60 and mates are killed during a prison riot between rival gangs and brazil. and that's for another twist in the gender pay dispute that's dominating football in united states peter will have all of that. the british prime minister says the e.u. must compromise in order to prevent a no deal breck's it for war on that we go now to nick clark in our european. yep that's right richelle of boris busy johnson says it's now up to the blog to
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prevent the u.k. crashing out of the without a deal over the 31st johnson made the comments during a trip to wales where he pledged continued support for farmers in the event of a new deal farmers face steep tarbes in the mass slaughter of livestock if the u.k. cannot secure a deal. we're not aiming for a new deal but sit in which we don't think that's where we'll end up this is very much up to a principle is that across the channel they know that 3 times the house of commons is thrown out that backstop there's no way that we can get it through if they can't compromise if they really can't do it then clearly we have to get ready for an a deal and i think we will do i think that the people of this country are full of resolve and purpose and we will do the farming sector well meanwhile the british pound has fallen to its lowest level against the us dollar in more than 2 years it's also dropped to a 7 month low against the euro currency has been falling since pros johnson became
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prime minister last week congress warn it could weaken further the likelihood of a no deal breaks it increases john holmes has been following developments from central london. to an extent i think the u.k. will have grown used to a fluctuating pound in the 3 years and a bit since the break that referendum in 2016 ebbing and flowing with the fortunes of brakes at the concern from a currency point of view now will be how far the pound may yet have to fall and how quickly with some analysts suggesting it could go to parity with the euro even conceivably parity with the dollar in the run up to this october 31st deadline and the hard breaks it no deal rhetoric of new prime minister boris johnson who has set the bar for a new deal with the e.u. so high he wants the northern ireland back stop removed altogether that the e.u. is unlikely to concede and boris johnson says well if they don't change their minds
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it will be a no deal brags it is in wales talking to welsh farmers he's been warned of civil unrest among welsh farmers who face large tariffs being slapped on their land exports in the event of no deal will serve re which way boris johnson looks there are the potential negative consequences of no deal that hasn't done anything to change his very positive optimistic rhetoric on no deal or from ramming home the central message as he did in wales saying the ball is in the e.u. hughes court if they don't concede no deal will be britain's. and answer from the e.u. came from earlier varadkar the irish tea shock in a scratchy apparently phone call saying the e.u. is a unified in its position that they will be no renegotiation of to resume a's withdrawal agreement no removal of the backstop well let's take this on we can see michelle who is the chief strategist at the principle of global investors joins us here in
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the studio. on a simple level if you like is this is bad news for travelers leaving the u.k. is good news for those coming in but on a broader and perhaps more important level what does it mean for the economy. well the way to say it is yes sterling does help for exporters it helps not way but really sterling is giving a reflection of what's going on in the underlying economy and what economists believe is going to happen to the u.k. economy so weakest earnings telling you that there's a deteriorating outlook that no deal breaks it comes closer into sight how do you think it could get. could sterling go could there be parity to the dollar i think at this stage probably parity is a little bit too too much to think about. the way that we're seeing it is that you can see sterling sunny approaching the $118.00 against the dollar by october 31st and then if no $122122.00 so that's a small bit further it's been hovering between 12130 level for a while now so we are pushing closer and if we do get
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a no deal for exit we would expect sterling to push very firmly through that 1000 level and go much lower there's a lot of things around globally which will counteract some of the down depression starting for example interest rate cuts from the fed reserve in the e.c.b. so that may actually keep the sterling a little bit more propped up than it would otherwise and if it does crash what does that mean in the long term for the british economy well as i said it improves competitiveness so it's a help to the economy it's a way of rebalancing itself so it will help exporters a kind of contract some impact from tariffs. and but over time of course you want to have a stronger currency attractive investment so you do see many assets flowing outside of the u.k. when you have we currency so all johnson's advisors will have been telling him that this is going to happen he will know that this is going to happen how long can he continue to gamble on this downward spiral. i think as you said they are very well
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informed about what the risks are to the economy the brics it is generally believed that this is going to be good for the overall u.k. in the long term so they're willing to go through some short term pain for ultimate long term gain i think the difficult question is what is a long term horizon is certainly not one of 2 years is pretty much longer than what about the shape of the british economy right now and it well the interesting thing about the british economy if you look at the global economy and the kind of the weakness that you see in the year in europe and some parts of asia the u.k. is different there's no real underlying weakness here so that's really pushing down the u.k. court at the moment is the uncertainty and worries about brics it so if you were to have this brics a cloud lifted you would actually expect the u.k. economy to be to bounce back very quickly so within itself that does help the u.k. economy to deal with brics it the further sterling falls the quicker the bank of england responds assent if the government works also introduce fiscal stimulus package these will help so will be looking at policymakers it can be doing rather
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well who knows how it will pan out we shall have to wait and see as usual appreciate that thanks for much thank you. more from london but later in the bulletin spoke to reshow in the hall thank you nic they allege a mastermind of september 11th attacks says he may be willing to help the victims and their lawsuit against saudi arabia in return colleague shaikh mohammed wants the u.s. government not to seek the death penalty against him from washington d.c. as particle in explaining the court proceedings so far. this offer of assistance 1st comes in this court filing it's all part of the lawsuit from the survivors and victims of $911.00 against the government of saudi arabia so as part of this process the lawyer said that they needed to speak with the people who are in custody accused of being a can be behind or committing the 911 attacks one of those is collegiate muhammad so in this fall in the lawyer said they reached out to his representatives and he's choosing not to cooperate in this deposition at this time and they say the main reason is because fear of the death penalty in the go on to say that he would be
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much more willing to cooperate if the death penalty was no longer a concern the problem for the lawyers in this 911 case is this is a civil litigation what the he's referring to is the criminal trial so they're really not connected to each other that said these victims these survivors they do have a lot of sway in congress they were able to get congress to change the law so that they could even susa the arabia the president the time president barack obama vetoed that legislation and they were able to override a veto which is something that's pretty much only done in about 10 percent of the cases so they have some sway to put pressure on the government that said the current president do us president donald trump has shown an willingness to go against saudi arabia at all so if this would put them in jeopardy it's unlikely that the president would push for a plea deal to be made for klute shaikh muhammad this is unusual most of the time
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presidents don't get involved in judicial proceedings but this is a president who has shown he's willing to do that not just in the u.s. but abroad as well. 55 year old busy mohammad was an alleged al qaeda operative who was captured in pakistan it's been hell for nearly 13 years at the u.s. military base at guantanamo bay in cuba where he and 4 others are charged with war crimes he was subjected to so-called enhanced interrogations by the cia without trial and 2008 the united states announced it will seek the death penalty against him a year later he confessed and pleaded guilty to those attacks he has not yet been convicted for his fine is a former u.s. associate deputy attorney general he says a deal with glee shaikh mohammed is highly possible. the request is not irregular the united states regularly waves the death penalty in order to get extradition of suspects from the european union which has an absolute ban on the death penalty and prosecutors frequently offer such a waiver in order to obtain a guilty plea by
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a defendant in this circumstance isn't identical but the idea of waiving the death penalty for some interest that the government believes is compelling is customary and in this case too we also have the display busy of the sentiment of congress and the american people in act one of the jessica legislation that in choosing between the victims of 911 and saudi arabia the american people overwhelmingly favor if not universally the victims and remember that we're already in the 2020 campaign season for the presidency and mr trump will have to be examining the impact this could have on his campaign u.s. senators have failed to stop donald trump's decision to override a resolution which would have blocked arms sales to saudi arabia and the united arab emirates politicians supporting the bill say they fear their weapons could be used against civilians and human conflict accuse the us president of not coming
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down hard enough on riyadh in the wake of the killing of saudi journalist in october a battle between rival gangs in a prison in brazil has killed at least 57 prisoners 16 war they headed others died when their cells were set on fire it's the latest in a series of riots in the world's 3rd largest prison which the president has promised to reform it has the latest. inmates on the roof of the regional rehabilitation center in the northern city of al to mayra while fellow prisoners battled it out below gang members in one prison block took over the cells of a rival gang 16 prisoners were beheaded dozens of others died from smoke inhalation when their cells were set on fire oh prisoners families waited outside the news and shots were fired by riot police to restore order after the 5 hour killing spree. of people then the. it was
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a fight between rival gangs there weren't any demands to the authorities by prisoners the only demand from others was to keep them safe the inmates were separated according to the gangs and now we have to wait for the list of victims and those who survive the rebellion they go. to prison officers taken hostage were freed on home this is the latest in a series of course all right. during his election campaign last year president diables the narrow promised a crackdown on crimes in jails and reforms of what critics say is this a very overcrowded and underfunded prison system. the ministry of justice and public safety has made space to stay in the criminal gang leaders of this rebellion to federal prison we are great these days and of finding out how to step up our intelligence security our national forces are already on standby but if i see a fight that mean you some brazilians have expressed a little sympathy including
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a federal politician and former police officer he posted a video saying no one is going to miss them if they can't commit crimes again after the u.s. and china brazil has the world's 3rd largest prison population with nearly a quarter of a 1000000 inmates. many belong to gangs who are notorious for their viciousness against rivals illegal drug use and bribery to maintain their control with most prisons controlled at state level this latest riot is a further test for president both sonora to deliver on his election promises sort of hired at and. still ahead on al-jazeera. democratic party politicians hoping to get a chance to become. to get president become president part make it ready for their 2nd televised debate. i'm natasha butler in normandy whether demolition of this. debacle between 2 opposing environmental visions is not getting around how one
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premier league star brought down on his own for that's coming up in sports. the monsoon rains have set in with a vengeance across parts of southern pakistan you can see this big cluster of storms just stood around karate 53 millimeters of rain being reported here in 24 hours so many of the streets have been flooded as a result of that the worse the weather is tended to to ease for the time being we can still see some thunder has just pushing up towards the far south of pakistan at the moment i think over the next couple of days it should be less what should we say a good deal dry than 32 celsius the crunchy dry and hot across much of the arabian peninsula as one would expect a few showers up towards the caucuses on media maybe into georgia could see
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a shower or 2 over the next a day or so some parts of the med presently warm 30 celsius the 4 beirut they are continuing on the hot side approaching 50 celsius the baghdad on thursday the hive around 48 degrees it will not be quite as hot as that crusty very good potential at 42 here in doha ther amount of cloud across the southern parts could see wanted to sponsor of rain as we go through the next hour so not class quite expect extensive you see some parts of yemen again could catch and all shall also they are just scraping its way across the far south of south africa over the next day or so but for much of southern africa it will be dry. demain the intersection of reality and comedy and post revolution to newseum a mission to entertain educates and provoke debate through satire. how
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weapon of choice. and internet look at what inspires one of tuna's his most popular comedians to make people laugh. miten asea hack on al-jazeera. and i know. you enjoyed your.
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watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now stan security forces have been using live ammunition against protesters gathering and a major monder the capital khartoum thousands of people are joining math rallies across the country after 5 demonstrators were shot dead by police on monday personal data belonging to more than 100000000 people has been stolen and a hack targeting u.s. financial services firm capital one the breach is believed to be one of the largest in banking history. the british pound has fallen to its lowest level against the dollar in almost 2 and a half years analysts warn the currency could fall further over fears of a no deal breck's it threatened by prime minister boris johnson. then says thousands of people could be killed in the syrian province of live in the next few days of government strikes backed by russia's military don't stop activists say the
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government's attacks have been the bloodiest and months of a security council meeting tuesday the u.s. military chief offered a stark assessment of the situation. for more than 90 days now bombing and shelling by the governments of syria backed by the russian federation has produced carnage in the so-called deescalation zone of it live on 26 july the office of the high commissioner for human rights identified at least 450 civilians who have been killed since late april including more than 100 in the last 2 weeks alone we've seen continued reports of attacks killing civilians. as the director of policy of physicians for human rights shows one of the people who briefed the security council shortly after those remarks it has heard from mark joins us from the united nations appreciate your time very much so how how did the half of the organization convey your your message your sense of urgency to the security council.
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well physicians for human rights has been documenting attacks on health facilities and personnel now for 8 years during the conflict in syria and we have watched and witnessed and reported as hundreds of hospitals to our count as of today at least 578 health facilities have been attacked bombed destroyed as well as at least 890 medical personnel killed during this conflict and what we're extremely concerned about today is that as populations of syria has have been forcibly displaced fleeing these. sensually environments of terror or where they all civilian infrastructure has been destroyed they have are now cornered in northwest syria in and around it live and in spite of the fact that the united nations has established
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a de confliction mechanism whereby. health professionals and health facility managers have shared the actual locations of these facilities with the u.n. as well as the belligerents in the conflict they continue to be targeted by syria and the russian federation their allies so and this is unconscionable and has to stop so is it happening and continuing to happen because there has there is no mechanism for any type of consequences or accountability to make it stop. these violations which are in each case war crimes and together during the course of 8 years when they have been occurring now 91 percent of these attacks by the syrian government and the russian federation they are crimes against humanity
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because they have been conducted in a widespread and systematic way they have been a strategy of this war which has been to terrorize civilians force people out of their towns their homes and move them into a corner as they are now in live and we are very concerned that this is continuing to be a deliberate strategy of the war because they have occurred until now with utter impunity again and again the security council and this was my message today on behalf of physicians for human rights the security council has heard about these war crimes has heard that they are crimes against humanity and they have done nothing to stop it and nothing to ensure that there is any accountability whatsoever to the this horrific atrocity. susannah sirkin you had a long day with a very important message thank you so much for your time we appreciate it. the u.s.
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wants germany to help ensure safe navigation in the strait of hormuz as tension with iran continues to mount u.s. embassy in berlin says it's formally asked germany to join britain and france in a mission to combat what it calls iranian are gresham and gulf waters the u.s. has already deployed forces there as part of a pressure campaign to force iran to renegotiate the 2015 nuclear deal then the german politicians voiced concerns that joining an american led naval mission could drag european countries into a war. a delegation from the iraqi coast guard has visited iran in a bid to revive maritime security talks got off in 2013 run in state media says the 2 sides discussed border cooperation illegal entries and information sharing but one official told the a.p. news agency that the meeting had nothing to do with regional tension the u.s. has blamed iran for several attacks on tankers off the coast. democratic party politicians hoping to replace donald trump in the white house are gearing up for
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their 2nd televised debate expected to address trump's recent string of racist tweets while also trying to sell their vision for the country john hendren has more from detroit. it is a battle for the future of the democratic party this week's democratic presidential debates pits safely centrist candidates led by former vice president joe biden against the party's revolutionaries senators elizabeth warren and bernie sanders i want to see somebody that has more progressive ideas get the ticket so it doesn't fall back on biden which to me would be a repeat of the hillary clinton so i'm kind of hoping that one of the other candidates whether it's warren or bernie they're vying for his spot at the top of the polls with calls for publicly funded health insurance immigration reform and higher taxes on the wealthy while the front runner always has a target painted on his or her back so he has to expect some are tax and he's susceptible to attacks by dint of the fact that he's the most senior
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politician he has the longest record to defend california senator come harris joined the top 4 contenders to unseat president donald trump after she attacked by civil rights record in the 1st debate do you agree today that you were wrong to oppose bussing in america then do you agree i did not oppose him in america biden says this time he is nice trading barbs this past week with new jersey senator cory booker over criminal justice i'm disappointed that is taking joe biden years and years until he was running for president to actually say that he made a mistake that there were things in that bill that were extraordinarily bad if you want to go back and talk about records i'm happy to but i'd rather talk about the future the candidates are expected to be on the attack this debate will likely winnow down the unprecedentedly large field of 20 in 2 nights of debates with polling and fundraising numbers going up to qualify for
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a 3rd round of debates in september money will almost certainly start to dry up for those who don't perform well here it's no surprise that this debate is being held here in detroit democrats are. keenly aware that donald trump won in 2016 by knocking down the supposedly solid democratic blue wall in states like wisconsin pennsylvania and here in michigan where he won by about 10000 votes the narrowest victory anywhere in the country so far only the top 4 in south bend indiana mayor pete booty gedge qualify for round 3 that leaves contenders like amy club which are better o'rourke and kirsten gillibrand scrambling to prove their viability trump might well weigh in from the white house unifying democrats recently after the attack for minority democratic women in congress many democratic voters remain undecided and kind of waiting for the new to do you know it's hard to keep up it's like more people to i think i mean it's almost like going to school so i'm going to
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know each of these people but time is short and fundraising dollars are increasingly focusing on likely winners making this debate a struggle for survival john hendren al-jazeera detroit. demonstrators have been surrounding a police station in hong kong after 40 people who protested over the weekend were charged with rioting a short time ago officers charged into the crowd trying to disperse it didn't work and the past a week's protests have turned increasingly violent and they 1st started after an attempt to introduce a controversial extradition bill would have turned into a wider call for democracy earlier protesters caused rush hour chaos by disrupting hong kong subway trains demonstrators stopped carriage forced from closing preventing trains from departing some stations well to capacity as the protesters stayed put says were brought in to allow travelers to continue their journeys or reporter sarah clarke was at the protest. it's peak hour here in hong kong where
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one of the busiest china lines of the hours a district so that feeds these communities up from here into calgary and home come on and as you can see the chinese behind me it's nothing that i could try to wrap things up and it's you know it's creating community miles and these protesters are blocking the doors and try to stop these kinds from leaving but at this stage some commuters i'm now getting angry so you can google i support the protesters but i don't agree with ways they choose to protest. or they do not represent us it's not going to help if they keep protesting like this these protests here which is on the empty out which is the real waste actual the i.c.c. here in hong kong it's a lot of i want a movement of protests that will continue throughout the week and that includes another rally on friday and another one on saturday as well as sunday so as you can see despite holes in the government and from china to china pull back these protests movements and stop these rallies the base of the taxes are growing at. the
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mother of an alleged members challenging the u.k.'s decision to share from ation with the u.s. without 1st guaranteeing her son would not face the death penalty for more let's go back now to that clark and london nic. yes that's right richelle opening arguments have been heard at the supremes court here in the united kingdom after really a challenge the government's decision to share evidence on his son elisha phial shaikh was captured by kurdish forces in syria in general 2018 he's being held in a kurdish camp but could face trial in the united states because usually says u.k. had a duty to ensure the information was used in line with british laws which forbid capital punishment well clive baldwin is a senior legal advisor in human rights watch and he says the decision for the cold should be clear if the supreme court in the u.k. is looking at both the u.k. policy and human rights law that applies in the u.k. the u.k.
9:41 pm
should not be assisting in any way any trials which of fundamentally unfair and which could lead to the death penalty that's been a basic parts of u.k. law and u.k. policy for decades now the u.k. as a country that the death penalty. but we shall see what will happen in the court this week but it highlights a fundamental issue which is that of course those responsible for some of the major crimes of war crimes or crimes against humanity committed by i so and others in both iraq and syria need to face justice and those most responsible need to face justice but justice needs to be fat and for hours and for many a trial that faces the death penalty can never be fit ideally for justice to be rio it should be as close to the scene of the crime as possible that human rights watch and other organizations that have been working in syria and iraq we know that the kurdish controlled areas they don't have the justice system to put people on trial
9:42 pm
so in many ways we think the best way would be for states who is national civilized to commit crimes to take those citizens back and investigate and put any on trial. a moscow court has rejected an appeal by help addition figure alexina valmy for an early release from prison on health grounds lawyers had requested the release often develop he was rushed to hospital on sunday suffering from a facial rash and swelling develop he says he may have been poisoned while in prison and lawyers argued the jail cell was not safe there only is serving a 30 day sentence for organizing unauthorized protests. u.s. rap asset rocky has supplanted it not guilty to assault charges during the 1st day of his trial in sweden the grammy nominated artist is accused of beating a 19 year old man in stockholm earlier this month but the 30 year old told the court he was acting in self defense moments before the brawl rocky uploaded a video to social media claiming he was being followed cases caught the attention
9:43 pm
of u.s. president donald trump who criticized the swedish prime minister for not securing the raptors release. the demolition of a dam in northern france is dividing environmentalist's some say removing the enormity will restore life to this saloon river but as natasha but the reports others argue it should be restored for hydroelectric power. in normandy is lush countryside the verizon dam spans the cellular river built nearly a century ago to create hydroelectric power it was long considered a feat of engineering but in recent years the dams capacity to provide energy has diminished so the french government ordered its demolition to allow the valley to return to its natural state sheila bair a who's overseeing the project says the dismantling the 35 metre high structure is a huge challenge they all played through for about 3 more for us to drain the water we had to destroy this building because it was in the way we made holes at the
9:44 pm
bottom of the down to prevent flooding then we started working on dismantling these pillars of the was the saloon river flows into the picturesque bag of the world famous small semi shell site some environmentalists say that fish including salmon and eels will return to the river for the 1st time in decades once the dam and a smaller one nearby are removed you see the xin back on the environment of these 2 dams on the river was i and getting rid of them allows biodiversity to return to dams were expensive to maintain it produced many more electricity and they were out of step with european regulations not everyone believes that destroying the pheasant dam is a good idea people have told us in this area there for them it's possible landscape is part of their history and they worry that removing this barrier will lead to a greater risk of flooding in the future the banks of the saloon adopted with charming stone cottages the mayor of this local village campaigned for
9:45 pm
a decade for the dam to be saved he says restoring it would be more ecological than destroying it. dams a part of a network of possible sustainable energy sources that we should be maintaining and developing it makes no sense to deprive ourselves of that when you ability that these dams have always provided even the quantities of small this expert says the removing the dam. controversial but people living in the area will benefit of out with these people will rediscover a landscape or have disappeared for decades local people will have to get used to it but they will be able to enjoy the beauty of a living river bizarre is the biggest dam to be demolished in the european union to date it's part of why do european legislation to restore the bloke's rivers and biodiversity its removal highlights the challenges of environmental policy and while it will raise a chapter of history it will restore a link to the past the al-jazeera moment fronts or that's it for the time being
9:46 pm
in london now it's back to resell and thank you nic the muslim practice of instance of war is being made illegal and india approval of the upper house of parliament comes 2 years after the supreme court all the constitutional rights of 170000000 muslim women were being violated and now muslim men could end their marriages by saying the arabic word for divorce 3 times more than 20 countries including neighboring pakistan and bangladesh have already banned the practice. there's been a massive fuel leak in a purse stolen area of southern chile 40000 liters of diesel spilled into the sea off the coast of patagonia and some of the most untouched places on the planet plan navy ships are helping with the clean up a mining company blamed for the leak says it's already been contained. obviously the clearly exists a possibility that there could be traces of fuel and other areas of the by the largest concentration is found in the area where the response teams are working and
9:47 pm
we have most of the pumping is occurring. environmentalist in indonesia are accusing the state energy company of negligence over an oil spill off west they say the leaks affecting not only marine life in tourism but also people's health brian reports. dias worried about her daughter. so she's brought her to a clinic run by the energy company for a check up. she started coughing and has responded to the problems because of the smell of disorder she has been coughing for 2 days now they village is right on the water and carol langham with java water that's now tank with oil seeping from an offshore drill size the black slabs now stretches more than icy kilometers up this coastline affecting 11 villages. we understand the impact to the environment that's why we're working to clean it up as much as
9:48 pm
possible we also care about the health of the people around it we have 5 teams working in 5 villages we've checked the health of 500 people today. environmentalists say this energy company isn't doing enough and that people living here are being kept in the dock about the spill's potential long term impacts especially the fisherman who rely on the ocean for their livelihoods. i can't go fishing even if i want to i wouldn't catch anything i would only get about $1.00 to $2.00 usually i get $5.00 to $6.00 kilos for what not even the cost of enough guess elaine for the part some fishermen have joined the cleanup effort soaking. scraping up the oil. with whatever tools they can muster. in the oil is getting bigger today but there's going to be more tomorrow it doesn't and it's really disturbing our life is disturbed we can't go fishing in the sea.
9:49 pm
the spill began almost 3 weeks ago and person maina says it could be the end of september before the leak is plugged at least one environmental group is threatening to take the company to court accusing it of negligence allegations person may not denies for now the contaminated beaches are off limits people here say they'll be back tomorrow and the day after until the oil is gone and al-jazeera . still ahead on.
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9:51 pm
after sport with peter herself thank you very much double olympic champion caster semenya will not be allowed to defend her 800 meter title of the world championships in september that's up to her ban for high testosterone levels was put back in place a sewer scored had temporarily lifted a suspension faced by the south african runner only to reverse its decision on tuesday under rules put in place by athletics governing body the i w a f semenya would have to take drugs to lower her naturally high testosterone levels if she wants to compete over her preferred distance semenya has previously said that is something she wouldn't do despite failing to overturn the rule of the court of arbitration for sport under the new rules she could still compete over longer distances all against main causes the menu has released a statement saying i am very disappointed to be kept from defending my hard earned
9:52 pm
title but this will not deter me from continuing my fight for the human rights of all of the female athletes concerned people say police say the rape case against the brazil and para sentiment striker neymar has been dropped because of a lack of evidence last month the 26 year old brazilian woman claimed the player had raped her at a paris hotel in may neymar has denied the allegations on monday he trained a pair of center man in china on the club's pre-season he's recovering from the ankle injury that kept him out of brazil's victorious cup america campaign. the world champion u.s. women's team is continuing to fight for equal pay but they soccer federation now claims they've actually been paid more then the men the women's team began legal action in march accusing the governing body of institutionalizing gender discrimination the federation president carlos called their own disputes that he said is between 20102018 the women were paid $34100000.00 plus benefits compared to
9:53 pm
the men who got 20 $6400000.00 with no benefits and also says the men generated more revenue that's $185700000.00 despite playing fewer games than the women who wrecked up 101300000 dollars the difficult comparison to make because the women get base salaries benefits and retirement plan while the men are paid per training camp game appearances and performance bonuses one u.s. senator has said if the gender gap is not closed to withhold funding for the men's world cup which will be co-hosted by the u.s. in 2026 a spokeswoman for the team has described the latest statement by u.s. soccer as a ruse she says it's a sad attempt by the federation to quell the overwhelming tide of support the team has received here is what they cannot deny for every game a man plays he makes a higher salary than a woman for every win or tie he's bonuses higher that is the very definition of gender discrimination if a coming mediation fails the 2 parties will go to court. and the u.s.
9:54 pm
a little bit committee in the f.b.i. fundamentally failed to protect young female journalists from sexual abuse that's the findings of a report released by congress an 18 month investigation into the scandal involving team dr larry nasser also found the organizations had opportunities to stop him but didn't respond to complaints the report says nasser was able to abuse more than $300.00 athletes over 2 decades including some who became a limbic champion gymnasts serving a prison sentence of up to 175 years of the pleading guilty to sexually abusing 10 children on tuesday u.s. politicians introduced a new build change the olympic committee's leadership. to it and force the u.s.o.c. to spend more money on investigations of sexual abuse claims. one of cricket's oldest and most bitter rivalries resumes on thursday as england hosts a straight in the 1st ashes test in birmingham that is if the great british summer weather doesn't ruin things these were the scenes earlier age beston as ground
9:55 pm
staff battled the heavy rain ahead of that opening test forecasters optimistic that there is some dry and sunny weather coming up for a 5 day match the bad weather drove players indoors on tuesday one of those who could be ready to make his test debut at age bastien is just for archer a bowler who took 20 wickets steering inman's winning war the cup campaign has been back in practice despite a side strain in the captain joe root and vice captain ben stokes have also been training with the rest of the squad. and the australians are the current holders of the ashes urn having beaten england 4 no in the last series without actually won on english soil since 2001 with a ball tampering 3 back in the side of the serving their suspensions that would be steve smith david warner and cameron bancroft's and their coach as well justin langer well he's expecting a tough reception from the english fans. are know what the reception is going to
9:56 pm
vary i think we all do it but. it is what it is honestly it is where there's nothing we can do about that and it's 100 percent out of their control said they control so there's nothing we can do about it and. lots of ashes every ashes series the signing an assignment i come to australia it's really tough. and that's again that's just the environment we're in and you've got a countdown you've got to johannesburg. slightly in the gladiator movie. wimbledon champion samoa hallow pairs being awarded the highest civilian order by her country of the grand slam victory in london now in a ceremony at the presidential palace in bucharest halep was presented with the order of the star of romania she beat serena williams in just 56 minutes in that wimbledon final earlier this month it was hell of
9:57 pm
a 2nd grand slam title of having won the french open as well well both men here harry came the world will be expected to be among the leading goalscorers when the english premier league kicks off in just under 2 weeks you might actually find the premier league a little easier then you're seeing a match that present kane and he's taught them how to mates delhi early and erik lamela against 100 children in shanghai and he was actually brought down in the area to win his team a penalty. take another look at birds was the reply coming up for you see that vicious attack oh the spurs trio would rather be playing it's 11 men no doubt and defenders who are a little bit more professional they call it a friendly game but you have to be careful you know i think it's lucky not to get sent off. but given the composure at the end and then back in and i did so i was happy ok we'll leave a bit of an irish i'll see you again later. i keep it here much more news on the other side of the break from our colleagues and thank you so much for joining us
9:58 pm
for this news hour. i've been looking at your instagram account and reading takes into the atmosphere behind the scenes this is a dialogue when donald trump announce his candidacy for president carol after them everyone has a voice the best chance that democrats have to beat donald trump is to nominate an exciting inspirational callus mother nominee to join the global conversation on your thoughts to twitter and amount is iraq. bogus and i just.
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want to want to stay best agave how illegal loggers a plundering some of cambodia's long stream aiming fall is marking 2 years since the start of myanmar's military campaign that schools hundreds of thousands of the hindu muslims into exile how you look in countries and billions of you and supply arms used in the ghanem resulting in the world's worst humanitarian crisis another bid to preserve multilateralism within a group of the 7 most advanced economies will cohesion prevail over challenges that the g 7 faces drawing on a decade of al-jazeera documentary reviving this is the archive to find out how the story moved on august. talk to al-jazeera we are going to give to the people will be attending the minimal workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone who is also terrorizing we meet with global
10:00 pm
newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter on the road is iraq. security forces fired live ammunition to demonstrate his anger grows over the deaths of 5 young protesters. ironic log this is live from london also coming up 10 security council members issue a petition of protest to force the u.n. into action on syria. boris johnson plays a game of chicken with the e.u. saying it's moscow.


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