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day so was he 30 celsius in salt with a chance of showers and again the same way to take a with a high of 33. this is al jazeera. but i'm acknowledge this is the news hour live from london coming up. security forces for live ammunition tear gas at demonstrators is anger grows over the deaths of 5 young protesters. 10 security council members issue a petition of protest to force the u.n. into action on syria. that bars johnson plays
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a game of chicken with the european union saying it's must compromise to stop a new deal breaks it. and one of the biggest data breaches in banking history the personal information of more than 100000000 people stolen after capital one is hacked. and i'm with all your sports a court stops costa semenya from running at the world championships in another blow to her hopes of ever defending her 800 meter title. this is sudan's really military council says it has suspended schools across the country until further notice security forces have fired tear gas and live ammunition at protesters as mass rallies continue against the deaths of 5 students on monday the council has condemned the killings and says it's not clear who was behind it it was morgan has this report from. voicing anger thousands of
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demonstrators mostly high school and university students came out on tuesday in sudan's capital for assume and other cities they are protesting the deaths of fellow protesters in a low grade in north kordofan state on monday thanks when protesters came out decrying the lack of bread and height in transportation prices security forces opened fire in response killing several and entering dozens others. had blood for blood we will never accept anything but justice civilian we salute everyone and obey city for standing for the sake of the nation it is an epic moment in our country's history was well mrs to the military council is that it's time to. must stop the killing our people the students in the streets this military council is nothing but ribbons of the old regime and they must stick to tell me how to use this protesters were also met with tear gas and live ammunition with
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doctors reporting several injuries as a result the protesters are also demanding justice and accountability following an announcement from an investigation committee that the ruling military is not to blame for killing protesters on june 3rd when a month long pro-democracy sit in was attacked by the army the military council has been ruling sudan since ousting longtime president already bashir in april they have been in talks with the opposition coalition known as the forces of freedom and change to form a transitional government and initial agreement was signed earlier this month but a final deal is yet to be rehearsed talks for that final deal have been repeatedly postponed over the past few days with uncertainty on when talks would resume some analysts say what happens next depends on the military council you know the web's right now are the gate or the transitional council it is their responsibility for security forces there. i think there is some trust that confidence on the part of
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the nation that in the event that these forces. are courting to unity month that they have the right to go out and protest people do want some form of reckoning. in terms of some of the abuse of them violence and that have been perpetrated by the former the jim but at the same time i think you do need some kind of discipline to compromise. to give this drug has a chance but anger amongst the demonstrators is high as is the demand for justice as some demand a halt to negotiations and as protest has continued to be met with violence and certainty over sudan's future continues and if it can steer itself to a stable transitional period people morgan al jazeera i did. well let's take this on we can speak now to ashraf mohammed ali who is a sudanese protester and who was part of the protests in on demand on tuesday joins us live via skype ashraf welcome to the program give us if you would a sense
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a sense of the mood on the streets the protests continuing. actually. i want to. lie. today and. actually. took place today. and others so many other. basic demand. to see what happened in. delivering those.
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shooting at school children do you think it was a calculated move or do you think it was just. busy pulling a trigger happy military personnel i don't actually see the point behind. killing. children because that. that was an appalling. these are not the right people to actually. or. matter of security. the head of the really military has said there must be accountability. statement issued by the head of. which has
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declared. today. a crime which i find. we all know that didn't. actually make major. and gave. basically. nothing nothing mentioned about. the process that they're going to make. in the count. one of us you something we're looking at pictures of protesters on
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the street you have been protesting since january yourself. involved in. house how frightening is it to be out on the streets given what just happened and what happened back in june what's it like. really it's really. scary. experience. because every time. we actually know that certain that the military or the secret to post to. me live ammunition. which is really scary. basically this is not going to help the people of sudan. because. i don't any any less than.
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we actually are actually. willing to do whatever it takes in order to. create a bad. human and protect democracy. appreciate your time thanks very much indeed for talking to. coming thank you. 10 passengers from the u.n. security council have delivered a diplomatic petition to the secretary general on syria they want to turn it to terrorist to set up an inquiry into the bombing of hospitals in italy on temperament and its space joins us with more and james tell us a little more about what this is all about. this is called a demarche it is a diplomatic petition that is delivered in person and in this case in person to the u.n. secretary general it followed a meeting of the security council where again the security council since things have intensified in it since april has heard that things are still continuing to
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get worse the 7th security council meeting in that period of time the un's humanitarian coordinator mark lowcock told the security council that they need to look at themselves and they should take action i have to say that those that carried out the demarche 2 thirds of the security council 10 ambassadors believe the un secretary general himself and mr local who was present at this meeting need to do more they believe it's possible for the u.n. to set up an inquiry and discover who is bombing hospitals immediately after that demarche that meeting in the secretary of office i spoke to mr local you put the ball in the court of the security council but 10 members of that security council of now being to see the secretary general you were there at the meeting saying actually it's you that should take action you should set up an inquiry into these bombings are you now going to set up such an inquiry well yes members of the
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council have been to see the secretary general area today and raised issues with him in the thank you general thinking about the request that was made and he will in due course decide how best to address the request. watching this you may think that they are all passing the buck from one to the other it's certainly worth saying though that the ambassadors that went to see the secretary general saying he needs to set up an inquiry and has the power in this the president do so are from 10 council members who have had that position for some time it's worth noting the council members that didn't join this demarche they were the 3 african members china and most notably of course russia because when it comes to hospitals being bombed in syria they're only are 2 countries that have the assets to do so the syrian regime and russia are james
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thanks very much james baker reporting there from the united nations let's speak now to robert ford who's a senior fellow at the middle east institute in washington a former u.s. ambassador to syria indeed and he joins me live via skype from maine this for the ambassador ford what's your feeling about this this inquiry is going to happen well the point of the inquiry is frankly to build pressure on russia and i would be surprised if the russians allowed the security council to vote in paper such an investigation i would expect the russians to use their veto right so therefore it's all very well the u.n. security council making statements here and there and making resolutions here and there but ultimately is that age old criticism ultimately it's toothless. when there is disagreement among the permanent 5 members of the security council the
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ones with vetoes it's very hard for the united nations to take any strong action and russia has been using its veto to protect the asada government and russian forces from any kind of united nations condemnation that goes back to 2011 and the security council is really being very careful never to identify responsible nations isn't about time it just did it just pointed the finger and was was just direct. well i certainly think so before it came on air i was checking some of the united nations public statements about the bombing in airstrikes and it live over the last couple of months and there is a lot of passive tense in the united nations condemnations they're not factually wrong they just don't point out who's conducting the airstrikes or who is conducting the artillery strikes it think therefore ready these ambassadors who
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went to see the secretary general of the day trying to get the united nations to be more direct and to put the finger of blame on the perpetrators in this case russia and syria right so is that we're all talking about this right now but ultimately busy the bottom line is that it will probably nothing is going to happen you know saying that probably won't be an inquiry so where do we stand that the international community just stands back and watches this appalling tragedy unfold . as you say it is an appalling tragedy and i think the worst thing we could do now is to give the syrian civilians who are undergoing this horrible bombing to give them false hopes that somehow the international community is going to rescue them the syrians themselves have to make decisions about what to do but at least they need to have a clear under. standing at the limits of what the international community is going to do a medley it is
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a failure of the international community isn't it oh yes absolutely the way the system is designed course it goes back to 1945 with the security council but it's designed to do nothing if one of the permanent 5 decides to block action the only thing really that could be considered then is is there a way to use some kind of principle of responsibility to protract and around the security council but the. reality is of that are certainly subject to debate rather for a very important get your perspective on this we do appreciate your time thanks very much thank you. or coming up on this news or where i live in the u.s. state of detroit so where the 2nd democratic presidential debates will soon get underway . clashes erupt outside a police station in hong kong after hundreds gathered to demand the release of detained demonstrators. and one of the world's most famous footballers is told his
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rape case is being dropped peter will tell you more in school. the british prime minister says the e.u. must compromise in order to prevent or no deal breaks it on october 31st johnson made the comments during a trip to wells where he pledged continued support for farmers in the event of a new deal breaks it farmers faces steep tariffs in the mass slaughter of livestock if the u.k. cannot secure. we're not aiming for an ideal bet in which we don't think that's where we'll end up this is very much up to a prince of partners across the channel they know that 3 times the house of commons has thrown out that backstop there's no way that we can get it through if they can't compromise if they really can't do it then clearly we have to get ready for an ideal exit and i think well will do i think that the people of this country are
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full of resolve and purpose and we will look after the farming sector i mean while the british pound has fallen to its lowest level against the us dollar in more than 2 years it's also dropped to a 7 month low against the euro currency has been falling since price johnson became prime minister last week economists warn it could weaken further as the likelihood of a new deal breaks it increases general has been following developments from central london. to an extent i think the u.k. will have grown used to a fluctuating pound in the 3 years and a bit since the break that referendum in 2016 ebbing and flowing with the fortunes of brakes at the concern from a currency point of view now will be how far the pound may yet have to fall and how quickly with some analysts suggesting it could go to parity with the euro even conceivably parity with the dollar in the run up to this october 31st deadline and the hard breaks it no deal rhetoric of new prime minister boris johnson who has set
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the bar for a new deal with the e.u. so high he wants the northern ireland back stop removed altogether that the e.u. is unlikely to concede and boris johnson says well if they don't change their minds it will be a no deal bragg's it in wales talking to welsh farmers he's been warned of civil unrest among welsh farmers who face large tariffs being slapped on their lamb exports in the event of no deal will serve re which way boris johnson looks there are the potential negative consequences of no deal that hasn't done anything to change his very positive optimistic rhetoric on no deal or from ramming home the central message as he did in wales saying the ball is in the e.u. hughes court if they don't concede no deal will be britain's. and answer from the e.u. came from earlier varadkar the irish tea shock in a scratchy apparently phone call saying the e.u.
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is a unified in its position that they will be no renegotiation of to resume a's withdrawal agreement no removal of the backstop. u.s. president donald trump has once again brushed off by his ations of racism as he doubles down on his criticism of programs of black and minority leaders several lawmakers have boycotted an event that trump attended and what they say is racist rhetoric events image and it was to most 400 years of u.s. democracy until the accused days he stayed away of. people through the posco night trump has targeted for minority democratic congresswoman a black politician representing baltimore and a problem and civil rights activist i am the least great person there is anywhere in the world when you i don't know if you know i'm a bit like that. but i got along with about. the race. right.
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when i. get america. no president has been able to. the race is on for who will become the us democratic presidential candidate to challenge trump in elections that should the 2nd televised debate since you take place in detroit candidates will be trying to convince their own party members that the right person to run against old from 100 has. it is a battle for the future of the democratic party this week's democratic presidential debates pits safely centrist candidates led by former vice president joe biden against the party's revolutionaries senators elizabeth warren and bernie sanders i want to see somebody that's has more progressive ideas get the ticket so it doesn't fall back on to biden which to me would be a repeat of the hillary clinton so i'm kind of hoping that one of the other candidates whether it's warren or bernie they're vying for his spot at the top of
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the polls with calls for publicly funded health insurance immigration reform and higher taxes on the wealthy while the front runner always has a target painted on his or her back so he has to expect some are tax. and he's susceptible to attacks by dint of the fact that he's the most senior politician he has the longest record to defend california senator come harris joined the top 4 contenders to unseat president donald trump after she attacked biting civil rights record in the 1st debate do you agree today that you were wrong to oppose bussing in america then do you agree i did not oppose him in america biden says this time he won't be is nice trading barbs this past week with new jersey senator cory booker over criminal justice i'm disappointed that is taking joe biden years and years until he was running for president to actually say that he made a mistake or if there are things in that bill that were extraordinarily bad if you
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want to go back and talk about records are happy today but i'd rather talk about the future the candidates are expected to be on the attack this debate will likely winnow down the unprecedentedly large field of 20 in 2 nights of debates with polling and fundraising numbers going up to qualify for a 3rd round of debates in september money will almost certainly start to dry up for those who don't perform well here it's no surprise that this debate is being held here in detroit democrats are keenly aware that donald trump won in 2016 by knocking down the supposedly solid democratic blue wall in states like wisconsin pennsylvania and here in michigan where he won by about $10000.00 votes the narrowest victory anywhere in the country. so far only the top 4 in south bend indiana mayor pete booty gedge qualify for round 3 that leaves contenders like amy club which are better o'rourke and kirsten gillibrand scrambling to prove their
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viability trump might well weigh in from the white house unifying democrats recently after he attacked for minority democratic women in congress many democratic voters remain undecided and kind of waiting for the deal to do with it down you know it's hard to keep up it's like more of the people to i think that i mean it's almost like doing a school assignment and know each of these people but time is short and fundraising dollars are increasingly focusing on likely winners making this debate a struggle for survival john hendren l. jazeera detroit. well the 2nd round of debates will see 20 kind of it's a period but it's not one features big name contenders but it's on the list with warren and better rock among others and they will see joe biden and cory booker takes the stage with several a lesser known participants but over the course of 12 democratic debates the field will be whittled down as we've just been hearing and after this round the threshold to qualify for future encounters will get that much harder and the contenders will
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need to prove they've both the popular and financial backing to progress at all this benchley culminates the next year the policy will hold its presidential primaries then and caucuses and a series of electoral contests to select more than $3700.00 delegates to the democratic national convention and then these delegates will decide on the final kind of it's a face off against the mandela trump so let's go live now and sir john 101 who is in detroit john tell us more about what we're expecting that tonight. like you said the threshold is going to get harder and that means some of those candidates at the bottom of the polls are going to try to break out tonight they're going to because for many of them this this campaign could be merely hours old if they don't make it through this that their funding could dry up their support could dry up so they're really going to want to break through they're going to want to break through in places like detroit one reason for that is that trump of course
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won michigan he was the 1st republican to do that since 1988 and he won even where he lost and what i mean by that is in addition to winning this state overall he won here in detroit in the sense that 10000 fewer african-americans who tend to vote for democrats did not vote those are people who did vote in 2016 so with 10000 fewer people voting than was the margin for trump in this state for a little more on that i'm going to bring in steve he is. a political consultant and he's got a t.v. show here called detroit wants to know you got it right i got it right i had to practice that a couple of times to lie is this so important here well 1st of all we had major apathy back in 2016 i actually went to a woman in the gas stations after i voted i said are you going to go vote she said no i said why not she said because the electoral college is going to do what they're going to do my vote doesn't count and that was pervasive so 10000 people
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just stayed home and gave it to president right so what are the candidates have to do to get people to come out and vote 1st of all here in detroit and then in michigan overall because they're 2 different things right yes they are 2 different things 1st of all they've got to get through march 10th 2020 that's the democratic primary here in michigan it's going to be cold and they've got to get to the voters and bring them out for that should they get to that make it through the national convention then they've got to spend money here hillary clinton pulled her money out of michigan she thought she had it all luck and she did and still even when she had money here there was no direct hillary clinton advocacy money it was get out the vote not get out and vote for hillary clinton there's no hillary clinton versus trump there was no negative ads on trump so one of they do it shrug on his votes in places as you were telling me earlier like mccomb county a largely white suburb outside of detroit but here in detroit is 80 percent
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african-american these days after a little gentrification recently what did the candidates have to do differently to speak to each of those groups of voters in detroit they need good endorsers harris has the michigan democratic party's black caucus but she also has another group of people the cap abba sorority ok they're like 3000 strong in southeastern michigan that comes in big time during a coal primary you have joe biden with with mayor duggan's indorsement he has his his people. so that takes care of basically detroit but some has got to get out to mccollum county all right some he's got a flip mccomb county those white democratic voters that will workers you know industrial people that went for trump they've got to bring them back to the democratic party and are you seeing any favorites here are there people in detroit people in michigan who are saying this is our guy or woman right now the reason to
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favorite is joe biden just because nobody's touching anybody that says i think if cory booker kemal here start touching people well it was one starts touching people you know to be great so eventually a view from here in detroit but i would expect people to come out swinging it because those backbenchers in this race need to break through today or it could be over for them all right we'll see what happens john thanks very much that see a picture in detroit john 100. sort of. a grim task because relatives of inmates killed in a brazilian prison right gather to identify the victims plus. i'm natasha butler in normandy whether demolition of this dam has sparked a particle between 2 opposing environmental visions. and with just days to go to the venue for the 1st ashes cricket just gets surreal so you can get to have the details.
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hello that very mixed picture across much of your i was saying if a few showers and also some pretty strong thunderstorms in the last few hours. a little bit some pieces of cloud but it's a little bit worse than it looks because within those areas of trance some very strong thunderstorms have actually taken place a good case in point in austria this is real spock and this was a particularly heavy downpour day you can say it literally washed away this fairly main road and of course that is the power of the water but these storms have been you know quite widespread but within them is a sigh some very heavy amounts of rain so as you go through wednesday again we have some warnings across much of central europe will see more thunderstorms some strong winds at times as well as a fairly little intense air pressure here bringing some strong winds and also some heavy rain with us on the storms across much of the u.k. temperatures not cheap at 24 in paris it is cool the across the east 14 celsius in
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muska that's 9 degrees below the average and it doesn't warm up more cloud in the fork also keep those temperatures low but have a clearing going on across the central europe of the southeast it will see the rain in the thunderstorms and then it is a much warmer day set in paris with a high of 2724 degrees celsius in london i mean could just if you will rain in the southwest of falls but to the south of there very nice symmetry it with a high for 35. demain the intersection of reality and comedy and post revolution tennessee a. mission to entertain educate and provoke debate through satire. how weapon of choice theater. and intimate look at what inspires one of tuna's his most popular comedians to make people laugh. miten asea half on al-jazeera. see the discussion 2018 was the deadliest year the aviation
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industry has experienced for some time examining the headline many foreign journalists including those from al-jazeera have had their licenses revoked their offices raided explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire that convinced me this was that conservation chance and i like . the well he's watching. on al-jazeera. and again a reminder the top stories here on al-jazeera and security forces in sudan have fired live ammunition take
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a protest as mass rallies continue across the country demonstrators are angry over the killing of 5 students on monday including 4 schoolchildren. 10 ambassadors from the u.n. security council have delivered a diplomatic petition to the secretary general on syria they wanted to make a terrorist to set up an inquiry into the bombing of hospitals in. britain as prime minister boris johnson says the e.u. must compromise in order to prevent it no deal breaks it on october 31st he made the comments in wales where he pledged support for farmers if the u.k. leaves the block without parole. the united states wants germany to help ensure safe navigation in the strait of hormuz as tensions with iran continue to mount the united states embassy in berlin says it's for me asked germany to join britain and france in the mission to patrol gulf waters the report is all has been met with some skepticism in germany where many politicians fear a naval mission led by the u.s. could drag european countries into war. hundreds of people have surrounded
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a police station in hong kong to demand the release of protestors detained over the weekend. please use read about this and take gas to disperse the demonstrators who set up roadblocks and helped write 44 of the detained activists have now been charged with rioting following the weekend of clashes in the daily protests started 3 months ago in opposition to a controversial extradition bill they have since evolved into a white approach democracy movement. what are your protesters calls commuter chaos as they disrupt trains during russia demonstrators stop discourage dollars from clothes even set off alarms forcing hundreds to leave the station such full time is it means of transport buses were brought in to allow travelers to continue their journeys safely reporter sarah clarke was at the prices. it's peak hour here in hong kong where one of the busiest china lines without a district so that feeds these 2 means is now from here into calhoun and hong kong
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holland as you can see china behind me it's not really that something happens and it's here it's creating community piles and these protesters are blocking the doors and try to stop these kinds from leaving but at this stage something to say now getting angry so you can cook i support the protesters but i don't agree with people's ways they choose to protest. or they do not represent us it's not going to help if they keep protesting like this these protests here which is on the mc hour which is the railway station the railway system here in hong kong it's a part of i was a little bit of protests that will continue throughout the week and that includes another rally on friday another one on sunday as well as sunday so as you can see despite the government from china to china pull back these protest movements and stop these rallies the chances of growing it. the person dates are more than 100000000 people has been stolen in a hike targeting u.s.
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financial services from capital one the breach is believed to be one of the knowledge it's in banking history all of those affected all are in north america the f.b.i. has arrested a tech engineer in the state of washington after she allegedly boasted about the hack online a white house correspondent can be how good as mine. the information that was made available was personal in nature individuals who had applied for credit cards between the years of 2005 and 2019 with capital one bank it was addresses it was birthdays social security numbers or other government identifiers all put out on a public forum a code hacking forum that allowed for these individuals to have their information exposed now there has been one individual who has been charged and has appeared in a seattle court awaiting another court appearance on thursday charged with fraud and abuse but the concern is is that from
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a consumer standpoint that the bank did not immediately detect its vulnerability now it has assured consumers that no fraud was committed with their information as a result of this exposure but given that it's only been a few weeks since this hacking was detected many consumers not feeling completely confident about that now this is an increasing problem in the united states not only has capitol one been affected but in previous years we've seen banks like j.p. morgan chase bank of america citibank the average cost for a bank to deal with a situation like this more than $8000000.00 so it certainly has a financial interest but also in consumer satisfaction to try and rectify what seems to be an ongoing problem for banks in the united states and around the world environmentalist's in indonesia you're accusing the state energy company of big concern for an oil spill of west java they say the leak is affecting not only marine life and tourism but also people's health like supra this report. diez
12:37 am
worried about her daughter. so she's brought her to a clinic run by the state energy company for a check up. she started coughing and has responded to the problems because of the smell of this she has been coughing for 2 days now they village is right on the water and carolan on with java water that's now tank with oil seeping from an offshore drill size the black slabs now stretches more than icy kilometers up this coastline affecting 11 villages. we understand the impact to the environment that's why we're working to clean it up as much as possible we also care about the health of the people around it we have 5 teams working in 5 villages we've checked the health of 500 people today environmentalists say this energy company person maina isn't doing enough and that people living here are being kept
12:38 am
in the dock about the spill's potential long term impacts especially the fisherman who rely on the ocean for their livelihoods. allow it i can go fishing even if i want to i wouldn't catch anything i would only get about $1.00 to $2.00 kilos well usually i get $5.00 to $6.00 kilos for what not even the cost of enough guess elaine for the part some fishermen have joined the cleanup effort soaking. and scraping up the oil. with whatever tools they can muster. the oil is getting thicker cleaned today but there's going to be more tomorrow it doesn't and it's really disturbing our life is disturbed we can't go fishing in the sea. the spill began almost 3 weeks ago and pearson maina says it could be the end of september before the leak is plugged at least one environmental group is threatening to take the company to court accusing it of negligence allegations person may not denies for now the contaminated beaches are off limits people here
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say they'll be back tomorrow and the day after until the oil is gone and al jazeera . 40000 liters of diesel has spilled into a remote pristine area of southern chile chilean navy ships have been deployed to help clean up the fuel leak in the sea of patagonia's coast mining company a company cap reports of the spill and says it's already been contained the affected area contains important biodiversity and is one of the most untouched places. obviously the clearly exists a possibility that there could be traces of fuel and other areas of the bay but the largest concentration is found in the area where the response teams are working and where most of the pumping is occurring. the relatives of 57 inmates killed in a brazilian prison riot have gathered to identify the victims 16 presidents were beheaded while others died when their cells were set on fire authorities say it was
12:40 am
a targeted attack between rival gangs it is the latest outbreak of violence to rock the country's severely overcrowded prison system so has this report. inmates on the roof of the regional rehabilitation center in the northern city of al tamera while fellow prisoners battled it out below gang members in one prison block took over the cells of a rival gang 16 prisoners were beheaded dozens of others died from smoke inhalation when their cells were set on fire. prisoners' families waited outside the news and shots were fired by riot police to restore order after the 5 hour killing spree 6. it was a fight between rival gangs there weren't any demands to the authorities by prisoners the only demand from others was to keep them safe the inmates were separated according to the gangs and now we have to wait for the list of victims
12:41 am
and those who survive the rebellion. to prison officers taken hostage were freed on home this is the latest in a series of crimes all right. during his election campaign last year president diable so narrow promised a crackdown on crimes in jails and reforms of what critics say is this a very overcrowded and underfunded prison system. the ministry of justice and public safety has made space to send the criminal gang leaders of this rebellion to federal prison we are great these days and of finding out how to step up our intelligence security our national forces already on standby myself out that mean you some brazilians have expressed a little sympathy including a federal politician and former police officer he posted a video saying no one is going to miss the. if they can't commit crimes again asked of us in china brazil has the world's 3rd largest prison population with nearly
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a quarter of a 1000000 in months. many belong to gangs who natori is for their viciousness against rivals illegal drug use and bribery to maintain their control with most prisons controlled at state level this latest riot is a further test for president both sonora to deliver on his election promises so to hide out and. the russians have called on authours he's in siberia to do more to tackle violence wildfires which are burning 3000000 hectares of forest as an area almost the size of belgium a state of emergency has been declared in 5 russian regions but residents want to siberia why declarations of firefighters have been battling a fraction of the flames but the vast majority is only being monitored authorities have said they will not send resources to uninhabited and remote areas. while way says it's seen as shark jump in revenue up 23 percent in the 1st 6 months of the is suggesting that u.s.
12:43 am
sanctions are not slowing the chinese tech giant just yet but its chairman has admitted sales have suffered some impact and warned of difficulties in the 2nd half of 2019 while ways at the center of the trade war between the world's 2 largest economies the us president blacklisted the company in may blocking its access to u.s. supplies at talks to address a dispute have resumed in shanghai when hey has this update now from china. the fact these 2 trade delegations are meeting again face to face is of course being seen as a positive but getting any accurate official information out of either side about what exactly might be taking place in shanghai has been difficult we understand though that there will be perhaps informal discussions over a meal followed by more formal negotiations on wednesday expectation is the low of any significant outcome in shanghai during the course of these talks because the 2 sides remain far apart on some of the key issues one of those issues surrounds the
12:44 am
chinese foreign manufacture a while away which was in may placed on the u.s. black list preventing u.s. companies doing business with it out of concern that it could be a threat to u.s. national security will since then president donald trump has backtracked a bit that saying that some united states companies will be allowed to start doing business with while away but so far it seems that that process has not started and in fact it's just being words from the united states president well as the u.s. delegation arrived in shanghai weiwei and now it's to its financial results for the 1st half of this year showing that revenues increased 23 percent despite that blacklisting from the united states the longer term outlook not so good for a while away it's it expects that its revenue will take a hit in the longer term and it's already announced that it is cutting some $600.00
12:45 am
jobs in the united states so it seems certain that the issue of why away will be discussed while these 2 sides meet in shanghai. a moscow court has rejected an appeal by opposition figure alexina valmy for the release from prison on health grounds lawyers had requested the release after nivelle knee was rushed to hospital on sunday suffering from a facial rash and swelling in a valley says he may have been poisoned while in prison lawyers argued the jail cell was not safe novelli is serving a 30 day sentence for organizing unauthorized protests the practice of instant divorce by some wisdom says being made illegal in india approval in the upper house of parliament comes 2 years after the supreme court ruled that the constitutional rights of 170000000 muslim women were being violated up until now muslim men could have marriages by simply saying the arabic word for divorce 3 times more than 20 countries including neighboring pakistan and bangladesh have already banned the
12:46 am
practice. us arap asaad brocky has pleaded not guilty to assault charges during the 1st day of his trial in sweden the grammy nominated artist is accused of beating a 19 year old man in stockholm earlier this month but the 30 year old told the court he was acting in self-defense moments before the brawl last night ricky uploaded a video to social media claiming he was being followed u.s. president donald trump criticized the swedish prime minister for not securing the rapids release and now that the definition of a dam in northern france is dividing environmentalist's some say it removing a visit in normandy will restore life to the saloon river but as natasha reports others argue it should be restored for hydroelectric power. in normandy is lush countryside the verizon dam spans the cellular river built nearly a century ago to create hydroelectric power it was long considered a feat of engineering but in recent years the dams capacity to provide energy has
12:47 am
diminished so the french government ordered its demolition to allow the valley to return to its natural state he'll bear a who's overseeing the project says the dismantling the 35 metre high structure is a huge challenge. him or for us to drain the water we had to destroy this building because it was in the way we made holes at the bottom of the down to prevent flooding then we started working on dismantling these pillars of the was the saloon river flows into the picturesque bag of the world famous small semi shell site some environmentalists say that fish including salmon and eels will return to the river for the 1st time in decades once the dam and a smaller one nearby are removed you see the xin back on the environment of these 2 dams on the river was a high end in getting rid of them allows biodiversity to return to dams were expensive to maintain it produced many more electricity and they were out of step
12:48 am
with european regulations not everyone believes that destroying the dam is a good idea people have told us in this area there for them it's pawson of the landscape it's part of their history and they worry that removing this barrier will lead to a greater risk of flooding in the future the banks of the saloon adopted with charming stone cottages the mayor of this local village campaigned for a decade for the dam to be saved he says restoring it would be more ecological than destroying it. dams are part of a network of possible sustainable energy sources that we should be maintaining and developing it makes no sense to deprive ourselves of that when you ability that these dams have always provided even the quantities of small this expert says the removing the dam. it's controversial but people living in the area will benefit of out with these people will rediscover a landscape that had disappeared for decades local people will have to get used to it but they will be able to enjoy the beauty of
12:49 am
a living river bizarre is the biggest dam to be demolished in the european union to date it's part of why do european legislation to restore the bloke's rivers and by diversity its removal highlights the challenges of environmental policy and while it will raise a chapter of history it will restore a link to the past the al-jazeera moment france and let's bring you some developing news now out of north korea has fired multiple unidentified projectiles that's according to the yonhap news agency citing south korean military's joint chiefs of staff and the projectiles were launched from the hotel peninsula in self harm young province or north korea's east coast south korea's military says it's monitoring the situation in case of additional launches. are sort of come on this. tottenham hotspur appear in good form ahead of the start of the new season it will have more.
12:50 am
business updates to you by qatar airways going places together.
12:51 am
business updates to you by qatar airways going places together. or let's get straight on to the sport. mc thank you cards the same menu will not be allowed to defend her 800 meters title of the world championships in doha in september that's out of the double olympic champion suffered a legal setback in her challenge to testosterone rules affecting female runners a source tribunal had temporarily allowed the south african to race while awaiting a court appeal only to reverse its decision on tuesday the case is complex as are
12:52 am
the rules semenya is fighting against under new regulations brought in by the athletics governing body the idea if she and other athletes with differences in sexual development must take medications to reduce the hormone levels if not they have to change to longer distances or compete against men so many or has previously said she would not take drugs but in may she lost her case to have the rules overturned at the court of arbitration for sport the runner is still awaiting the outcome of her appeal against that cad's ruling but tuesday's decision means she cannot defend her 800 meter titles while she waits. so many as a lawyer says they'll continue to pursue her appeal a race is always decided at the finish line she added in a statement semenya said i am very disappointed to be kept from defending my hard earned title but this will not deter me from continuing my fight for the human rights of all of the female athletes concerned. the u.s.
12:53 am
olympic committee and the f.b.i. fundamentally failed to protect young female gymnasts from sexual abuse that's the findings of a report released by congress an 18 month investigation into the scandal involving teen dr larry nassau also found the organizations that are opportunities to stop him but didn't respond to complaints the report says how nasa was able to abuse more than 300 athletes over 2 decades including some who became a limbic champion gymnasts nasa's serving a prison sentence of up to 175 years after pleading guilty to sexually abusing tain children police say the rape case against the brazil and para center man struck a name or has been dropped because of a lack of evidence last month the 26 year old brazilian woman claimed the player had raped her at a para so telling me a name or has denied the allegations on monday he trained with paris st germain in china on the club's pre-season tour is recovering from the ankle injury that kept
12:54 am
him out of brazil's victorious copper america campaign. now you may have thought the champions league only kicks off in september that's not entirely true the group stage will start then but european clubs are competing in a preliminary qualification round at the moment switzerland if see basel in action here against p.s.v. eindhoven of the netherlands the dutch trouble for european champions but they have already been eliminated from this year's competition losing 21 and going out and away goals plenty of pre-season warm ups happening to german champions by an munich showed they'd lost none of their fire during the off season as they took on finn the bochy thomas miller scored a hat trick as byron thrashed a turkish opponent $61.00 a few years ago this could easily have been a champions league encounter but this year felt about to finish 6th in the domestic league and failed to qualify for the continent's top competition.
12:55 am
by and will now face top them hot in the final of the audi cup tournament on wednesday spurs got a confidence boosting women head of new english premier league season harry kane taking advantage of a marcello mistake to beat real madrid one no. one as you may have guessed there was no gareth bale for real madrid he's moved to the chinese super league collapsed earlier this week but coach sitting in the den says bell's absence here was not related. keratin travel with us because he didn't feel that well and i talked to the doctors and they said that the best thing is for him to stay in madrid he trains individually in madrid so that's a decision that we made all together with the doctors with me i would get it as well. u.s. women's team head coach jill ellis has announced she is stepping down ellis is the only coach to have won 2 world cups after leading the u.s. to victory in this year's tournament as well as 4 years ago other achievements include coaching the most games in u.s. women's national team history winning $102.00 of those along the way she was also
12:56 am
named fee for world coach of the year in 2015 and this will officially step down in october 1 of cricket's oldest and most rivalries resumes on thursday as indian hosts a straight here in the 1st ashes test in birmingham that is if the great british summer weather doesn't ruin things these were the scenes earlier at age weston as ground staff battled heavy rain ahead of that opening taste forecasters are optimistic that there's some dry and sunny weather coming for the 5 day match the bad weather drove players indoors on tuesday one of those who could be ready to make his test debut at age best in his job for archer the bowler who took 20 wickets during england's winning a world cup campaign well he's been back in practice despite a side strain in it's kept injuries and vice captain ben stokes have also been training but the rest of the squad and the australians who are the current holders of the ashes in have beaten england for no last time out well with the ball
12:57 am
tampering 3 back in the side of the serving their suspensions steve smith david hall and cameron bancroft and their coach also expecting a tough reception. reception is going to vary i think we all do it. it is what it is honestly it is really there's nothing we can do about that and. it is 100 percent out of their control said they control so there's nothing we can do about it and. lots of ashes every ashes series the signing an assignment i come to the strikers really tough. and that's again that's just the environment we're in and you've got a countdown you had a johannesburg. slot in the gladiator movie. and that's where we'll leave it for now most for coming up with me again later nick back to you and the pain of a very much lead for the saying in late september get a web site al-jazeera dot com is the address so all the news that we've been covering plenty of comments an analysis well worth a look odds are at dot com that is if it's news up but i will be back in just
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a couple minutes with more of the day's news after. adored by millions for challenging social issues head on what women don't say is mexico's longest running side. as the program celebrates its anniversary the producers revisit one of their most powerful storylines. and discover how the show has affected the women who inspired it in the 1st place. now i have a voice some box mexico on now does iraq. new leaders place
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children in this refugee camp the latest victims of the unending sectarian violence in central african republic among them are survivors of unspeakable violence 10 year olds the work his mother is dead her father is gone killed because they were christian by their own muslim neighbors this is the least you home an overcrowded refugee camp of 23000 people surrounded by armed militia groups celine wants answers she says she wants to be asking the questions and so we traded places inch took the microphone will we find peace how can we make the violence stop when will i be able to return home. president's son donald trump jr was promised damaging information about the hillary clinton allegation like to see just 6 troops did the trunk count. with russia did you at any time birch the former f.b.i.
1:00 am
director james comey in any way shape or form the closer to back down the investigation into michael flynn and also as you will know. next question bottle field washington on al-jazeera. security forces live ammunition tear gas at demonstrators as anger grows over the deaths of 5 young protesters. this is live from london also coming up in the program 10 security council members issued a petition of protest to force the u.n. into action on syria. for strong some plays a game of chicken with the e.u. saying it must compromise to stop and no deal breaks it.


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