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south korea says north korea has far too ballistic missiles into the sea off the country's east coast just days after a similar launch last week. and you're watching out there live from doha also coming up. sudan's military gentle orders all schools to be shut down indefinitely the crowds of students protest against the killing of 5 pupils at a rally on monday. a call for investigation u.n.
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security council members demanded inquiry into the bombing of hospitals in serious adlib province. and setting the stage for a presidential race u.s. democratic candidates begin a 2nd round of debates will be live in downtown detroit. south korea says pyongyang has far too ballastic missiles off its east coast this comes 6 days after north korean leader kim jong un oversaw the testing of 2 new short range ballistic missiles that south korean militaries joint chiefs of staff say they are monitoring the situation in case of additional launches we can go straight to so our rob mcbride is standing by for us or rob what more can you tell us about this. that's right these launches happened
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just after 1st light here on the korean peninsula off north korea's east coast it was a double launch to shore range ballistic missiles as you mentioned there happening within 20 minutes of each other they were fired about 250 kilometers or so into the sea that separates the korean peninsula from japan they both we are told reached an altitude of about 30 kilometers so they do seem to be similar devices to the weapons that were fired last week now as always the timing of these things is significant with north korea it's often well calculated to send a particular message and the message at the moment seems to be their own happiness that the forthcoming exercises that are going to be held here in august between south korean and u.s. forces now just to be said that join the period of reconciliation these exercises have been scaled back it doesn't involve the kind of troops and the kind of
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weaponry that we have seen in the past they are almost a simulated classroom type exercises nonetheless north korea is unhappy about that it's also interesting the timing given a regional conference that's due to get under way in bangkok they're attending this conference will be the foreign ministers of south korea japan and also their u.s. counterpart mike pompei oh it was expected that there would be a meeting of these foreign ministers on the sidelines of this session where obviously one of the most important matters on the agenda would be north korea this seems to be north korea's way of making sure that they are at the top of that agenda divya right rob and can you put this into context as regards to the u.s. trying to engage north korea in denuclearization talks particularly with donald trump recently making history by meeting kim jong un at the d.m.z. so what did these provocations mean in the face of that. this seems
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to be of further way of north korea putting pressure head of the expected working level talks that are meant to have come out of this unexpected meeting on the d.m.z. as you mentioned there that d.m.z. meeting it came out of the blue it came apparently as a result of donald trump tweeting an invitation hey let's meet up on the d.m.z. and shake hands to which can junger and said yes let's let's do that so it was one of the fabulous photo opportunity as we know it's always the hard part comes with the nitty gritty of getting down to detail and that's where we're at at the moment there is a lot of these working level talks haven't taken place yet might pompei o says he hopes that in the next couple of weeks or so that they will so this is i think north korea's way of just making sure that they don't fall off the radar there is always this problem with dealing with the u.s. administration that it gets easily distracted by the multitude of other things that
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come up on its horizon all of the domestic issues back in the u.s. so this does seem to be the north korean's way of keeping up the pressure of reminding the u.s. and the rest of the world just what's at stake and that after all of the year and a half or so of summits and reconciliation and promising moves we are still stuck with north korea having a massive military arsenal its nuclear warheads and so on and despite all of its announcements and its good intentions of denuclearization we have yet to see a single piece of its nuclear arsenal being given up to thank you very much rob my pride in seoul for us. to say that their ruling military spending schools across the country indefinitely they announce when comes after security forces fired live ammunition and tear gas at protesters during mass rallies against
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the killing of 5 students on monday the military leaders have condemned the killings but say it's not clear who was behind it it morgan is monitoring the situation. and they bring it to you. voicing anger thousands of demonstrators mostly high school and university students came out on tuesday in sudan's capital for sume and other cities there protesting the deaths of fellow protesters in a low grade in north korea defense date on monday. when protesters came out decrying the lack of bread and height in transportation prices security forces opened fire in response killing several and entering dozens others. don't. know whether the blood for blood we will never accept anything but justice civilians we salute everyone in the city for standing for the sake of the nation it is an epic moment in our country's history of modern ago i'll miss is to the military council is that it's time to enjoy all negotiations and i must stop the killing our people
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the students in the streets this military council is nothing but ribbons of the old regime and they must stick to tell me how to use this protesters were also met with tear gas and live ammunition with doctors reporting several injuries as a result the protesters are also demanding justice and accountability following an announcement from an investigation committee that the ruling military is not to blame for killing protesters on june 3rd when a month long pro-democracy tatin was attacked by the army the military council has been willing to dance in ousting longtime president on monday bashir in april they've been in talks with the opposition coalition known as the forces of freedom in change to form a transitional government and initial agreement was signed earlier this month. and but a final deal is yet to be rehearsed talks for that final deal have been repeatedly postponed over the past few days with uncertainty on when talks would resume some analysts see what happens next depends on the military council you know the box
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right now of the gate or the transitional military council it is their responsibility for the security forces therefore i think there is some trust and confidence on the part of the nation that in the event that these forces. are holding to their demands that they have the right to go out and. people do want some form of reckoning. in terms of some of the abuse of them violence and that have been perpetrated by the formerly jim but at the same time i think you do need some kind of discipline. to give this transitional process a trance but anger amongst the demonstrators is high as is the demand for justice as some demand a halt to negotiations and this protest has continued to be met with violence and certainty over sudan's future continues and if it can steer itself to a stable transitional period people morgan al-jazeera i did. while the head of the
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ruling military genter has blamed the opposition for the violence we had a real kind of this protest has deviated from its course the group the called for the protests had exploited the students and other groups and attacked the market one of the banks and looted some of its property some people say they were people on top of the building of khartoum bank who started shooting others say security stationed in front of the bank of the ones who shot. a 2nd case of a boat has been confirmed in one of the democratic republic of congo's biggest cities goma this comes just 2 weeks after its 1st case but officials say there are related to a 1000000 people live in the city which is on the heavily traveled border with rwanda the democratic republic of congo is in the midst of the 2nd deadly as a bold outbreak in history but more than $700.00 killed despite a widely available vaccine the world health organization has declared it a global emergency the u.n.
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humanitarian chief has pleaded with world leaders to end what he called a bloody onslaught in syria's it led province mark local warns that violence may create the worst humanitarian disaster of the 21st century our diplomatic editor james bass has more details. this the 7th meeting of the security council since the intensification of the bombing of a glib started in april and still division among council members and growing frustration at the continued failure of the un security council to end impunity for these crimes is a blight on the credibility of this body to carry out its core mandate the u.s. military in coordinator. addressed council members directly you in the security council have ignored all previous pleas you have heard. you know what is
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happening and you have done nothing for 90 days as the carnage continues in front of your eyes immediately after the meeting though 2 thirds of the security council said they believed it was mr lowe cox boss the u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists who should take action 10 ambassadors stage what's known as a demarche a diplomatic petition delivered in person they said they believe the u.n. chief had the power to set up an inquiry into who was bombing the hospitals in italy and you put the ball in the course of the security council but 10 members of that security council of now being to see the secretary general you were there at the meeting saying actually it's you that should take action you should set up an inquiry into these bombings are you now going to set up such an inquiry well yes members of the council have been to see the secretary general earlier today and raised issues with him in the secretary's thinking about the request that was made
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and he will in due course decide how best to address the request hannah and empty ordinary syrians are angry at what they see as passing the buck a doctor who ran a hospital in aleppo is now featured in a documentary about the war he's been in new york to express his outrage that the crimes he witnessed 3 years ago and now being repeated he has this message for the international community i think it is the last chance for them to do the right thing to stand with the people like in this situation that it's not like the bad guys and the good guys and who do we stand with just like there are children mothers. people are dying. this is the satellite imagery of one syrian town and what's happened to it in recent months but it's far from clear whether there's a way to stop yet further destruction and loss of life james by al-jazeera at the
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united nations and still ahead on al-jazeera we'll tell you how the u.s. administration defied a court order against separating migrant children from their parents plus. i'm natasha butler in normandy where the demolition of this dam has sparked a buckle between 2 opposing environmental visions. another very active weather picture across much of southern and central china if you see the cloud to the south really beginning to push up towards the coast in particular guangdong as the next couple of days hong kong is in for a very wet couple of days and it's really because of this now this is a tropical formation which may or may not develop into a tropical storm but either way it is bring you with this interventional amounts of
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rain and it really will push all the way into this south west arians so strong gusty winds on szell flow and also some very heavy amounts of rain 30 celsius in hong kong with that heavy rain and even some cloud up into shanghai that should be dry with a high of 35 degrees celsius and those same rains extending really quite a long way southward so much of thailand vietnam and cambodia will see the cab and also the rain come with it but it does stay further dry farther to the south as you can see we've got most u.k. skies for the next couple of days into a city is that as kuala lumpur and single pole 31 celsius is the high in singapore the very heavy rains there now across these more central areas of india as you can see that's where the most of the satellite has been showing the cloud in the last few hours very heavy amounts of rain particularly down the west coast so mum buy in for a very wet couple of days some torrential downpours at times keep in the top of those temperatures with the high the 29.
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take the worst possible material eurabia grounded into dust comparable to make a log and put it into a place where people can. print. as well and so many people are thinking this is the silent. but doesn't make you feel like a movie we have created an enormous momentum disaster. and investigation south africa toxic city on al-jazeera. getting washing out is there and let me take you through our top stories this hour south korea says pyongyang has fired ballistic missiles and they appear to be
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different from the ones previously launched japan has reacted sharply to those developments saying enable us to launch by the north will be in violation of un resolutions. sudan's ruling military spending schools across the country until further notice. comes out of the security forces fired live ammunition and tear gas at protesters past rallies are being held against monday's killings of 5 students. antenna basters from the un security council have delivered a petition to the secretary general on syria they want to turn a good terrorist to launch an investigation into the bombing of hospitals in the. now as tensions rise on the korean peninsula the bulk of 10 southeast asian nations known as ossie and will meet in bangkok this week it has extended an invitation to pyongyang and it may play a role. at helping. in the region it's got higher courts. as thailand
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hosts the foreign ministers of aussie and regional forms this week what's due to be discussed won't just be about southeast asia in addition to the u.s. secretary of state the foreign ministers from china russia japan and south korea are expected one issue of particular focus the tension on the korean peninsula a senior official from pyongyang is expected in bangkok for the meetings. possible discussions on the next summit between chairman kim jong un and president donald trump could take place after 3 meetings the leaders have made no progress on moving toward an agreement over north korea's nuclear program this after north korea last week tested what it said were new tactical guided weapons and released photos of a new submarine the meetings here in bangkok could be viewed as an opportunity for the 1st to try him at summits were held in member nations singapore and vietnam so ossie on the can attempt to provide a kick to me wall for the talks looking forward to big. need to broker 3rd party
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media took some time to provide an environment a setting for for trust building in the past 6 party talks didn't go anywhere so perhaps if they can be persuaded that you know a 3rd party platform. would be the key catalysts the key confidence builder. long an issue for several of the aussie our nations china's claim of territory in the south china sea but there has been a lack of consensus about what should be done within discussions with china on a territorial code of conduct are due this week some feel that part of the problem is the rapid expansion of chinese influence and reach region wide through infrastructure investment and commercial and military deals and that's not just undermining the austrian bloc critics say but also enabling china in its push for greater control over the south china sea it must be opposed to chen.
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to tell the chinese that the historic from the international law from the reality pi no you have no. reasons no facts to support your claim to the whole of which i now see it but the meetings won't all be about politics as a group aussie on has the 5th largest economy in the world so trade agreements in the trade war between the us and china will no doubt be discussed on the sidelines it's not hard to al-jazeera bangkok. so yes democratic presidential candidates have taken said to say to detroit for their 2nd televised debates they are expected to highlight donald trump's recent string of racist tweets also trying to sell their vision for the country john hendren joins us now live from detroit where those debates are taking place john tell us what's at stake here and what's how critical it is for the those taking
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part in the 2nd round of debates. will tonight is a make or break night for a lot of these candidates their $28.00 candidates tend to night 10 tomorrow night in for many of them their candidacies might not last more than a couple of hours tonight as because some of them are drawing perhaps one percent and their donors and their supporters who that want to narrow down the field the money is simply going to dry out for it so for the people lower down in the polls it's up or out and at the top of the ticket people will be jockeying for that top position so unlike the 1st set of debates this time we expect there to be some fireworks last time kamala harris the california senator moved up in the polls right after the debate after attacking joe biden on civil rights the former vice president will this time we expect many candidates to be doing that the rules are different here but jeff are people like beto award the former texas congressman for
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a meat cleaver charge it was senator down lower in the polls they're really going to need to do something different and then we have another dynamic where you've got really progressive candidates like bernie sanders and elizabeth warren they want to transform the economy of this country they want taxes on the wealthy they want free public health care and it's just different varying extents they want higher education to be paid for all so we can expect the race to come up tonight that's because president trump has attacked a group of 4 minority democratic women in congress and then went on to a check. a maryland congressman but there's an interesting phenomenon going on if you look through the lineup of tonight's debates there are several diverse candidates tomorrow night but tonight every single candidate is white so when they talk about race that might be glaringly obvious when the issue comes out so donna what are the key topics expected to do it so be argued as president trump in his
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recent comments like it's a feature this evening. well they're definitely going to want to talk about immigration reform all of these candidates have been very critical of what trump has done at the border and those detention camps where children are being held in families are being separated from their children the candidates will speak about that talk about health care sanders and war and want medicare for all other candidates want to keep the private insurance system so there will be that jockeying between the progressives and the moderates and they'll also be talking about what they describe as economic justice overall elizabeth warren in particular once a tax on the wealthy bernie sanders has a similar program that the moderates are we're going to challenge them on on bad civil rights a number of other things and we can expect foreign policy to come up particularly as things that he did at between the united states and iran and like last time we
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can perhaps expect president trump who has said he will be watching to be tweeting throughout this last time the 1st tweet he put out simply said boring thank you very much has john hendren there watching those debates in detroit for us. now u.s. civil rights lawyers say that more than $900.00 migrant children have been separated from their families at the border since last year the american civil liberties union found that nearly one out of every 5 children taken away from their parents as under the age of 5 and 2018 a judge order that the practice of splitting families must be halted also in jordan has more on this from washington d.c. then merican civil liberties union said that it decided to file this latest challenge in federal court because of information that it says the federal government presented to it starting late in 2018 basically that federal agents were once again separating children from their parents at the us mexico border perhaps
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for the most frivolous of reasons they c.l.u. said in a court complaint filed in california on tuesday that some of these reasons included a parent who did not want to awaken a sick child when she saw her diaper and then authorities taking his child away from him because they claimed he was a bad parent another person lost his child because he had been driving without a valid driver's license and yet other people were accused of being members of gangs even though in most cases they were not the a.c.l.u. said that the federal government is abusing what it says it has to have which is broad discretion to protect children in these circumstances and what the a.c.l.u. wants is an in court hearing with the judge that put in the original order stopping the forcible separation of families and it wants the judge to spell out under exactly which circumstances the federal government can remove children from their
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parents a stance of for the children safety. the british prime minister says the must compromise in order to prevent a new deal breaks it on october 31st boris johnson made the comments during a trip to wales where he pledged continued support for farmers in the event of a new deal farmers face tariffs in the mass slaughter of livestock for welfare reasons if the u.k. consequent agreement meanwhile the british pound has fallen to its lowest level against a us dollar in more than 2 years it has also dropped a 7 month low against the euro economists warn it could weaken further as the likelihood of a no deal breaks it increases so how has been following these developments from london. to an extent i think the u.k. will have grown used to a fluctuating pound in the 3 years and a bit since the break that referendum in 2016 ebbing and flowing with the fortunes
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of brakes at the concern from a currency point of view now will be how far the pound may yet have to fall and how quickly with some analysts suggesting it could go to parity with the euro even conceivably parity with the dollar in the run up to this october 31st deadline and the hard breaks it no deal rhetoric of new prime minister boris johnson who has set the bar for a new deal with the e.u. so high he wants the northern ireland back stop removed altogether that the e.u. is unlikely to con seed and boris johnson says well if they don't change their minds it will be a no deal brags it he's in wales talking to welsh farmers he's been warned of civil unrest among welsh farmers who face large tariffs being slapped on their land exports in the event of no deal will serve re which way boris johnson looks there are the potential negative consequences of no deal that hasn't done anything to change his very positive optimistic rhetoric on no deal or from ramming home the
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central message as he did in wales saying the ball is in the e.u. scored if they don't concede no deal will be britain's. and answer from the e.u. came from veronica the irish tea shock in a scratchy apparently phone call saying the e.u. is a unified in its position that they will be no renegotiation of to resume a's withdrawal agreement no removal of the backstop ok to france now where the demolition of a dam in the northern part of the country is dividing environmentalists some hope the river life will be revived and as natasha butler reports from normandy others want the dam restored to produce hydroelectricity. in normandy is lush countryside the verizon dam spans the cellular river built nearly a century ago to create hydroelectric power it was long considered a feat of engineering but in recent years the dams capacity to provide energy has
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diminished so the french government ordered its demolition to allow the valley to return to its natural state she'll play ray who's overseeing the project says the dismantling the 35 metre high structure is a huge challenge for him or for us to drain the water we had to destroy this building because it was in the way we made holes at the bottom of the down to prevent flooding then we started working on dismantling these pillars of the was the saloon river flows into the picturesque bay of the world famous small semi shell site some environmentalists say that fish including salmon and eels will return to the river for the 1st time in decades once the dam and a smaller one nearby are removed you see the xeon back on the environment of these 2 dams on the river was i and getting rid of them allows biodiversity to return to dams were expensive to maintain produced many more electricity and they were out of step with regulations not everyone believes that destroying the pheasant dam is
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a good idea people have told us in this area there for them it's possible the landscape is part of their history and they worry that removing this barrier will lead to a greater risk of flooding in the future the banks of the saloon are dotted with charming stone cottages the mayor of this local village campaigned for a decade for the dam to be saved he says restoring it would be more ecological than destroying it. dams are part of a network of possible sustainable energy sources that we should be maintaining and developing it makes no sense to deprive ourselves of that when you ability that these dams have always provided even the quantities of small this expert says the removing the dam. it's controversial but people living in the area will benefit from that with these people will rediscover a landscape that had disappeared for decades local people will have to get used to it but they will be able to enjoy the beauty of a living river this hour is the biggest dam to be demolished in the european union
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to date it's part of why do european legislation to restore the bloke's rivers and by diversity its removal highlights the challenges of environmental policy and while it will raise a chapter of history it will restore a link to the past natasha butler al-jazeera moment france. hello again you're watching our desire on these our main stories south korea says pyongyang has far too ballistic missiles and they appear to be different from the ones previously launched japan has reacted sharping to those developments saying enable us to launch by the north will be in violation of un resolutions rob mcbride explains why the tests were carried out at this time message at the moment seems to be their own happiness that the forthcoming exercises that are going to be held
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here in august between south korean and u.s. forces now has to be said that during the period of reconciliation these exercises have been scaled back it doesn't involve the kind of troops and the kind of weaponry that we have seen in the past they are almost a simulated classroom type exercises nonetheless north korea is unhappy about that it's also interesting the timing given a regional conference that's due to get under way in bangkok though attending this conference will be the foreign ministers of south korea japan and also their u.s. counterpart mike pompei a. sudan's ruling military suspended schools across the country until further notice the announcement comes after security forces fired live ammunition and tear gas at protesters mass rallies are being held against monday's killing of 5 students the head of the ruling military blamed the opposition for the violence we have you heard of this protest has deviated from its course the group the called
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for the protests had exploited the students and other groups in a check to the market one of the banks and looted some of it's property some people say they were people on top of the building of khartoum bank who started shooting others say security stationed in front of the bank are the ones who shot. tad ambassadors for the u.n. security council have delivered a petition to the secretary general on syria they want antonia the terrorists to launch an investigation into the bombing of hospitals in their lives and u.s. democratic presidential candidates have taken center stage in detroit for their 2nd televised debate they're expected to highlight donald trump's recent string of racist tweets also trying to sell their vision for the country those are the headlines stay with us now for inside story.
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a leader in jail and a movement labeled as terrorists nigeria's government runs the country's main shia muslim organization critics are drawing power levels of how boko haram was treated before it evolved into an armed group at the crack down provoke a new conflict this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm often dennis now it's been banned by nigeria's government labeled a terrorist.


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