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tv   Iraq A Deadly Deception  Al Jazeera  July 31, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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ansible tourist what would it be and it has to be boyce dominick because 1st welcome people don't regulate don't treat people like criminals and enjoy the cultural education are already what is the problems what's your advice for being responsible or as you act in mind there are many many inspired ideas that are coming out of people are doing firefly troops they're doing astral tourism villages you know outside of the on the ready as sort of advice thank you so much and save a little space for maggette god how can i be a responsible tourist magen i think you should advocate that your turf and tax dollars go to protection of the nation ok thank you maggie and sweaty and dominic a conversation will continue online you will find me can i add a day stream on twitter thank you guests and so watching c n x. u u. u.
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u u to go as. every reclaim news cycle brings a series of breaking stories this maximum jail term has jumped from 5 years to 175 years during the listening post as we turned the cameras on the media donald trump should be the one deciding who is a journalist and who is a from focus on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most they move closer and closer to the end of the tire shut down both international and domestic news coverage on al-jazeera if you want to learn above the world might look like very soon regards 100 and hungary's in the extreme example of the predicament the whole world is going through. since mass immigration story we had paunch
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question is within the cultures and the problems that the culture of that is you are should say some reading to us is or is not comfortable with european culture this is not like the word fascist. which triumphal march. dreams of conquest and love globally try. this is very very uneventful glide towards the precipice without resistance we are past the danger has already happened. it was then just 10 years ago. now this is it. had remained the intersection of reality and comedy and post revolution tennessee our. mission to entertain educate and provoke debate through satire how weapon of choice.
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and internet look at what inspires one of tuna's year's most popular comedians to make people laugh. might in asea hang on al-jazeera. south korea says the north has 5 to ballistic missiles of the country's east coast just days after a similar launch. from doha and i'm come out santamaria this is the world news from al-jazeera saddam's military orders schools shops in definitely after students protest the killing of 5 people at a rally setting the stage for a presidential race was democratic candidates hold a 2nd round of debates we'll have an update from downtown detroit. i'm natasha
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butler in normandy where the demolition of this dam has sparked a buckle between 2 opposing environmental visions. so south korea says pyongyang has launched 2 ballistic missiles off its east coast the 2nd such test in less than a week these missiles fired from the town of one sunday flew 250 kilometers south korea's foreign minister said such tests won't help ease tension on the korean peninsula an emergency meeting is being held in seoul let's check in with rob mcbride he's in sold it to take us through the latest reaction there rob. that's right kemal the urgency session of the national security council is still underway we're waiting to see what their official response is going to be but there's no escaping the seriousness of this event much as the current
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administration probably would like to play it down for fear of de railing all of the hard work that's been done and the reconciliation process over the past year and a half or so as you mentioned there this is the 2nd such firing of missiles in less than a week and it's actually the 3rd firing of short range missiles as since may and this is in direct contravention of the landmark military agreement that was signed between north and south korea at a time when there was goodwill summits being held in pyongyang and so on that was meant to transform the whole korean peninsula that words among other things meant to make these sorts of launches a thing of the past so there is concern here in south korea south korea's defense minister has said that if the north continues with such provocations and threats
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then the regime and its military would have to be concerned considered in his words an enemy so this is tough language coming from south korea of the moon j.n. ministration of president jay and has been trying to actors go between to get these reconciliations started and also join up north korea with the u.s. in talks so it is a concern for them there's also been a reaction from japan with japan's defense minister saying this is deeply regrettable and saying that it could be in contravention of u.n. sanctions all of this seems to be part of north korea strategy either through goodwill summits or by acts of coercion or pressure or lobbying and as we've seen in this missile launch possibly just downright. threats of trying to get a relief from these crippling sanctions it could well be you could make an argument for going back to the u.n. and asking for a tightening of the sanctions screw kimo ease that would threat there rob is that
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maybe just what north korea is doing here you know whilst all this diplomacy goes on in the background every so often it almost wants to remind the world hey look we can still do this absolutely and they have said we're still waiting for an official statement about well what the intention was for this launch but they said after last week's launch that that was a solemn warning to south korea they're angry about the south koreans taking part in upcoming military exercises with the u.s. but beyond that they have been careful the north koreans not to direct any of their rattle anger directly at the u.s. administration and donald trump in particular but it is a way of reminding him in very forceful terms. they still have a nuclear arsenal and they want to get him back to the negotiating table they are very calculating the north koreans as they always are this is a short range missile the u.s. administration can say it is only a short range missile it's not one of the intercontinental ballistic missiles they
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were testing back in 2017 but it is a way of reminding donald trump that it would just take one i.c.b.m. launch and that would take effectively a sledgehammer to his signature foreign policy achievement which is his relationship with north korea something for mr trump to think about obviously as we get closer to the all important election year ok robert bryant with all the updates from seoul thank you we heard from one park earlier founding director of the center for the study of global issues told us. donald trump the united states must make some concessions or there will be no deal with north korea. i think north korea is who willing to give up their nuclear program but we have to receive briquet did we sanction reduction with non-aggression a gram of agreement maybe peace treaty people a moderate normalization we have
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a lot of things that we can offer but nothing has been offered to north korea and their missile as it is designed to demonstrate that they're willing to strike back at you for their cat or preemptive strike if they're educated they think they're constantly being threatened because american troops are stationed in south korea in japan in in guam so that part of the world they said very heavy on that by the united states and north korea is very unhappy about that and threaten that in terms of their security so we have to really sit down talk about mutual concessions we have to give us something to them by way of reducing. sanctions and canceling the joint military exercise
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compromising the arms sales to south korea so these things would have to be coming together with north koreans concessions to ward complete denuclearization well the tension on the korean peninsula is likely to be discussed at amazing a foreign ministers of southeast asian nations are they gathering in bangkok for the meeting of asio on as it's known and they will be joined by the u.s. secretary of state might compare as well as the chinese and russian counterparts the region is facing many challenges including the dispute over the south china sea on the ongoing us china trade war more from scott hietala. as thailand hosts the foreign ministers of aussie and regional forums this week what's due to be discussed won't just be about southeast asia one issue of particular focus the tension on the korean peninsula possible discussions on the next summit between chairman kim jong un and president donald trump could take place after 3 meetings
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the leaders have made no progress on moving toward an agreement over north korea's nuclear program this after north korea last week tested what it said were new tactical guided weapons and released photos of a new submarine the meetings here in bangkok could be viewed as an opportunity for the 1st to try him at summits were held in member nations singapore and vietnam so ossie on an attempt to provide a kick to me wall for the talks being for the big players need to broker 3rd party mediator of some kind to provide an environment a setting for for talks building in the past 6 party talks didn't go anywhere so perhaps if they can be persuaded that you know a 3rd party platform. would be the key catalysts the key confidence builder. long an issue for several of the aussie on nations china's claim of territory in the south china sea but there has been
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a lack of consensus about what should be done within discussions with china on a territorial code of conduct are due this week. some feel that part of the problem is the rapid expansion of chinese influence and reach region wide through infrastructure investment and commercial and military deals and that's not just undermining the block critics say but also enabling china in its push for greater control over the south china sea it must be the collective. head to tell the. story from the international law from the reality pie no view you have no. reasons no facts to support your claim to the whole of which i know but the meetings won't all be about politics as a group has the 5th largest economy in the world so trade agreements in the trade war between the us and china will no doubt be discussed on the sidelines it's not hard to al-jazeera bangkok. we're looking at some breaking news coming out of
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afghanistan at least 32 people killed this is in a roadside bomb attack on a bus that's happened in the province in the west the bus traveling on the kandahar highway at the time women and children among those killed at least 32 people we're hearing killed we will hope to have more on that story. in this news bulletin. meanwhile the sudan's ruling military suspended schools across the whole country indefinitely announcement after security forces fired live ammunition and tear gas at protesters during mass rallies they were protesting the killing of 5 students on monday the military leaders have condemned the killings but say it's not clear who was behind them reports from. neighboring ethiopia. voicing anger thousands of demonstrators mostly high school and university students came
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out on tuesday in sudan's capital for assume and other cities they're protesting the deaths of fellow protesters in in north korea defense state on monday thanks when protesters came out decrying the lack of bread and hike in transportation prices security forces opened fire in response killing several and entering dozens others. had blood for blood we will never accept anything but justice civilian we salute everyone and their obey city for standing for the sake of the nation it is an epic moment in our country's history was made. to the military council is that it's time to negotiate a bus stop killing our people the students in the streets this military council is nothing but riddance of the old regime and they must step down thank you this protestors were also met with tear gas and live ammunition with doctors reporting several injuries as
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a result the protesters are also demanding justice and accountability following an announcement from an investigation committee that the ruling military is not to blame for killing protesters on june 3rd when a month long pro-democracy sit in was attacked by the army the military council has been willing to dance in ousting longtime president already bashir in april they've been in talks with the opposition coalition known as the forces of freedom in change to form a transitional government and initial agreement was signed earlier this month. but a final deal is yet to be rehearsed talks for that final deal have been repeatedly postponed over the past few days with uncertainty on when talks would resume some analysts say what happens next depends on the military council you know the box hopes right now of the gate or the transitional military council it is their responsibility to reform the security forces therefore i think there is some trust and confidence on the part of the population that in the event that this person
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doesn't go are courting to their demands that they have the right to go out and protest people do want some form of reckoning. in terms of some of the abuse of them violence and that have been perpetrated by the formerly jim but at the same time i think you do need some kind of principled compromise to give this transitional fossils a chance but anger amongst the demonstrators is high as is the demand for justice as some demand a halt to negotiations and as protest has continued to be met with violence and certainty over sudan's future continues and if it can steer itself to a stable transitional period people morgan al-jazeera i did. but the head of the ruling military junta has blamed the opposition for the violence we have you this protest has deviated from its course the group the cold for the protests had exploited the students and other groups and attacked the market one of the banks and looted some of its property some people say they were people on top of the
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building of khartoum bank who started shooting others say security stationed in front of the bank are the ones who shot. a break when we come back how the u.s. administration defied a court order against separating migrant children from their parents and boris johnson's threats of an ideal break that send the pound tumbling to its lowest value in more than 2 years. hello there is still a very quiet picture across much of the middle east berlin with a cat across areas in the north but the bulk of the cloud once again in the last year as has been into southern areas of pakistan is all tied of course to the monsoon rains and that cloud isn't just had it's also brought with it a cool some very heavy amounts of rain is an idea what is down this in the streets in karachi people of course still trying to go about their daily business that
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really made quite difficult and certainly very unpleasant now there is more rain in the forecast although it does tend to ease off certainly on wednesday into karachi can see quite a lot of the on shore flow they've also got more clouds around as well elsewhere not see bob you don't want to see showers just working their way along the essentials of the black sea they tend to stay in the picture really by thursday 31 celsius in back on a little bit low this time was in karachi with a high of 32 celsius as well and we have further to the south penciler and again these monsoon rains in particular the cloud associated with them spreading all the way across the south indian ocean pushing as you can see right the way across and he southern sections of the arabian peninsula and staying in the forecast as we head into thursday 33 cell. yes in most gas and we've got 43 in doha say feeling pretty hot and humid of course southern africa is colder in the south and cape town 15 degrees but a warm day wednesday ends up with a high of 20 to. one
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turn begins without but it does not in there no terrorist state poses a greater or more immediate threat than the regime of saddam hussein this is a regime that has something to hide they have here a significant propaganda. and guess what not one w m d shite was found in iraq since 1991 iraq a deadly deception on al-jazeera. 0 south korea says the north to. east coast missiles flew 250
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kilometers south korean military joint chiefs of staff say they are monitoring the situation in case of additional launches. on the korean peninsula just one of the challenges to be discussed at a meeting of foreign ministers of southeast asian countries there in bangkok for the meeting is going to be joined by the u.s. secretary of state might as well. and sudan's ruling military council says it suspended schools across the country until further notice announcement comes after security forces fired live ammunition and tear gas at protesters. held against the killing of students on monday. democratic candidates hoping to take on donald trump in the 2020 presidential race have clashed in the 1st of 2 televised debates this week bernie sanders elizabeth warren better were wrong they were among some of the front running can contenders
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who took the stage in detroit. a lot of hate in this one as well as they share their views on all sorts of issues health care climate immigration as well it's getting late in detroit but we've still got john hendren with us who watched that debate really john that you know they're all on the same side another vying for one spot here but they are on the same side and they're all really firing against each other. that's right jim all this was a debate that was set up for confrontation the answers were short and the candidates knew many of them that they had one shot to either move up in the polls or get out of the race they're now 20 and that simply too many to be sustained by fundraisers and soup orders and the next round of debates has tighter rules about who gets in so it will likely go from about 20 now to less than 10 then so these candidates took shots at each other when the moderates when it came on to health care were criticizing the 2 top runners in tonight's debate that is bernie sanders
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and elizabeth warren both of them want a government health plan for all one that will limit nate's private insurance and one of their rivals said we don't want to be the party of taking things away elizabeth warren shot back we're democrats we don't want to take away health care why are you using republican talking points at another point tim ryan a congressman said to bernie sanders of that health care plan he said you don't know the plan will do all that and bernie said i do know i wrote the damn bill so the confrontation was real the candidates were really trying to move forward here and it does look like in terms of talk time the progressives elizabeth warren bernie sanders really seemed to dominate that time warren in particular did so and she shot back at her rivals she accused some of them of having small ideas and
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spinelessness instead of the kind of authority and leadership that she said she would bring to this and the reason it's all being done here in detroit is that this is a bit of a sore point for democrats because the parent state of michigan was one of several states including pennsylvania and wisconsin that were considered the blue wall the democratic strongholds nobody as a republican had won here and michigan since 90. $88.00 but donald trump won each of those states by crumbling that blue wall so the debate got a bit fierce it's likely to get even fiercer tomorrow night that's when joe biden the former vice president also a moderate is going to stand right in between 2 of his greatest critics so tomorrow night we expect to see a little more fireworks and tonight we certainly had some to start with all right john grab some sleep another busy night coming up for you john hendren is in detroit there now u.s. civil rights lawyers say more than $900.00 migrant children have been separated
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from their families at the border since last year the american civil liberties union the a.c.l.u. found nearly one out of every 5 children taken from their parents is under the age of 5 in 2018 a judge ordered that the practice of splitting families must be halted more than 40 people have appeared in a court in hong kong on allegations of rioting this is the 1st time such serious charges have been brought against anti-government protesters rising usually carries a jail term of up to 10 years protesters have been battling rain and standing outside the court in support of those inside its 10 investors in the un security council have delivered a diplomatic petition to the secretary general they want to turn over tariffs to set up an inquiry into the bombing of hospitals and serious. diplomatic effort to james bases. the carraige this the 7th meeting of the security council since the intensification of the bombing of a glib started in april and still division among council members and growing
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frustration at the continued failure of the un security council to end impunity for these crimes is a blight on the credibility of this body to carry out its core mandate the u.n. soon monetary and coordinator. addressed council members directly you in the security council have ignored all the previous pleas you have heard. you know what is happening and you have done nothing for 90 days as the carnage continues in front of your eyes immediately after the meeting though 2 thirds of the security council said they believed it was mr locals boss the u.n. secretary general antonio good terrorists who should take action 10 ambassadors stage what's known as a demarche a diplomatic petition delivered in person they said they believe the u.n.
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chief had the power to set up an inquiry into who was bombing the hospitals and it let you put the ball in the court of the security council but 10 members of that security council of now being to see the secretary general you were there at the meeting saying actually it's you that should take action you should set up an inquiry into these bombings are you now going to set up such an inquiry well yes members of the council have been to see the secretary general earlier today and raised issues with him in the secretary's thinking about the request that was made and he will in due course decide how best to address the request and hannah and empty ordinary syrians are angry at what they see as passing the buck a doctor who ran a hospital in aleppo is now featured in a documentary about the war he's been in new york to express his outrage that the crimes he witnessed 3 years ago and now being repeated he has this message for the
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international community i think it is the last chance for them to do the right thing to stand with the people like in this situation that it's not like the bad guys and the good guys and who do we stand with just like there are children mothers. people are dying. this is the satellite imagery of one syrian town and what's happened to it in recent months but it's far from clear whether there's a way to stop yet further destruction and loss of life james out zira at the united nations. the british prime minister says the e.u. must compromise in order to prevent or no deal breaks out on october 31st boris johnson made those comments during his trip to wales where he pledged continued support for farmers in the event of a no deal on his face state tariffs if the u.k. can't security. we're not aiming for a no deal bet in which we don't think that's where we'll end up this is very much up to a prince of partners across the channel they know that 3 times the house of commons
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has thrown out that backstop there's no way that we can get it through if they can't compromise if they really can't do it then clearly we have to get ready for a no deal exit and i think will will do i think that the people of this country are full of resolve and purpose and we will look after the farming sector the mother british pounds managed to recover slightly after falling to its lowest level against the us dollar in more than 2 years it also dropped to a 7 month low against the euro columnist a warning it could even we can further as the likelihood of a no deal brigs it increases more on all of this with john holl in london. to an extent i think the u.k. will have grown used to a fluctuating pound in the 3 years and a bit since the break that referendum in 2016 ebbing and flowing with the fortunes of brakes at the concern from a currency point of view now will be how far the pound may yet have to fall and how
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quickly with some analysts suggesting it could go to parity with the euro even conceivably parity with the dollar in the run up to this october 31st deadline and the hard breaks it no deal rhetoric of new prime minister boris johnson who has set the bar for a new deal with the e.u. so high he wants the northern ireland back stop removed altogether that the e.u. is unlikely to concede and boris johnson says well if they don't change their minds it will be a no deal breaks it he's in wales talking to welsh farmers he's been warned of civil unrest among welsh farmers who face large tariffs being slapped on their land exports in the event of no deal will so every which way boris johnson looks at there are the potential negative consequences of no deal that hasn't done anything to change his very positive optimistic rhetoric on no deal or from ramming home the central message as he did in wales saying the ball is in the e.u.
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use court if they don't concede no deal will be britain's. and answer from the e.u. came from varadkar the irish t. shock in a scratchy apparently phone call saying the e.u. is a unified in its position that they will be no renegotiation of to resume a's withdrawal agreement no removal of the backstop funny the demolition of a dam in northern france is dividing environmentalist's some hoping life in the rivers will be revived and sometimes about reports of normandy others want it restored so it can produce hydroelectricity. enormities lush countryside the verizon dam spans the cellular river built nearly a century ago to create hydroelectric power it was long considered a feat of engineering but in recent years the dams capacity to provide energy has diminished so the french government ordered its demolition to allow the valley to
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return to its natural state she'll play ray who's overseeing the project says the dismantling the 35 metre high structure is a huge challenge for about him or for us to drain the water we had to destroy this building because it was in the way we made holes at the bottom of the down to prevent flooding then we started working on dismantling these pillars of the was the saloon river flows into the picturesque bag of the world famous small semi shell site some environmentalists say that fish including salmon and eels will return to the river for the 1st time in decades once the dam and a smaller one nearby are removed you see the xin back on the environment of these 2 dams on the river was i and getting rid of them allows biodiversity to return to dams were expensive to maintain it produced many more electricity and they were out of step with european regulations not everyone believes that destroying the pheasant dam is a good idea people have told us in this area there for them it's possible landscape
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is part of their history and they worry that removing this barrier will lead to a greater risk of flooding in the future the banks of the saloon are dotted with charming stone cottages the mayor of this local village campaigned for a decade for the dam to be saved he says restoring it would be more ecological than destroying it. part of a network of possible sustainable energy sources that we should be maintaining and developing it makes no sense to deprive ourselves of that when you ability that these dams have always provided even the quantities of small this expert. it says that removing the dam is controversial but people living in the area will benefit. people will rediscover a landscape that had disappeared for decades local people will have to get used to it but they will be able to enjoy the beauty of a living river vezina is the biggest dam to be demolished in the european union to date it's part of why do european legislation to restore the bloke's rivers and
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biodiversity its removal highlights the challenges of environmental policy and while it will raise a chapter of history it will restore a link to the past natasha al-jazeera moment france. just to take to the headlines on al-jazeera in fact breaking news this hour that at least 32 people have been killed in a roadside bomb attack on a bus in afghanistan's far province but the information we have is that the bus was traveling on the kandahar herat highway and women and children are among those people killed at least 32 people killed in afghanistan the other headline south korea says the north as fired 2 ballistic missiles off its east coast the missiles that flew 250 kilometers and the south korean military joint chiefs of staff say
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they're monitoring the situation in case of additional launches more from rob mcbride in seoul. this is a meeting of the national security council it's being convened to discuss this launch that happens just after daybreak here on the korean peninsula but we've already had reaction from the far from the defense minister of south korea saying that if these provocations and threats continue then north korea the regime its military would have to be considered an enemy you know these are pretty tough words coming from the south korean administration which of course has been trying to build bridges have this period of reconciliation with the north tension on the korean peninsula just one of the challenges likely to be discussed at a meeting of foreign ministers of southeast asian countries there in thailand's capital bangkok for the meeting of s.c.m. they will also be joined by the u.s. secretary of state might compare trade talks between the u.s.
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and china have resumed as well after they stalled back in may of the issue of tariffs the world's 2 biggest economies of impose taxes covering more than $360000000000.00 worth of imports more than 40 people have appeared at a court in hong kong on allegations of rioting this is the 1st time such charges have been brought against the anti-government.


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