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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 212  Al Jazeera  July 31, 2019 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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the book around sept right and matthew with the i men's nuisance value is it just a matter of the fact that it represents a much smaller branch of islam against the most dominant sunday brunch which of course is is followed by a good 40 to 50 percent of nigerians countrywide well it's an interesting question i mean i don't think this is just about islam i think that you know the this particular sect the i am man has a very strong presidents presence and could do in a state which is. run by a governor who's a key ally of the president and when he came in office in 2015. his followers were basically a thorn in the side of him and also many other what we would consider traditional northern power brokers people who in many ways a line behind hari and ensured his election in 2015 so to some extent this is about settling scores against someone who's been
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a political radical in nigeria for 3 decades and someone who is sort of the head had enjoyed thumbing his nose at a northern elite that very much feels that it has the right to. predominant in the north and also in the country at large right and yet a i mean is it is it is simple to suggest that a movement such as the i am men develops attraction if you like fundamentally as a consequence of failure of government to provide basic services to provide security to provide opportunities for the local community. well i think that for a group like the i am and that is. that they're they've come together based on some of their fundamental ideology and you see that when you talk to members of the group they're very still in their believed and in their understanding of what their beliefs are and i think that is more around their understanding and their
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strong beliefs as she had with them and taken it as far as saying it is as a result of and lack of government services the government has been in many societies as is usually the case when discussing issues around the vehicle around i'm insurgency i haven't seen that play out it is not the sense that i've gotten i think fundamentally people are allowed to come together in their beliefs come in there and there's $38.00 is to really push you know whatever understanding of the ideology that they have in this is what we've seen play out with the iran right and if any so is it a question then of. the government or the authorities all the all the elite if you like playing fast and loose with the judicial process as i understand it there is a court order in existence for the release of mist is that exactly which apparently is just being ignored which is obviously adding much more let's move in if you like
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to his supporters in the determination to come out in protest for his release absolutely and just accord what must he said you know we have a government that pretends to be or one that performs. in the beano democratic but then when it comes down to be in those who are the rules 100 done by the by the by the courts it just easily flouts them and for about 4 years now and for no can be. allowed. said this man. has suffered from from failing health and can be released and should be released on bail and yet the nigerian government has refused. to allow for the release of the key for without any any any rational or just of or justifiable ethical reason for. for doing this and so i think yes.
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i mean what you're all saying matthew you're all agreeing that this is being mishandled in one way or another by the authorities matthew this could possibly come back to bite the government whoever happens to be in office could it couldn't it do you see that this could provoke perhaps another uprising a moment this uprising akin to what the country in the northeast is experiencing for the most part from book. that's right and i think what nigeria's security leaders are failed to understand is that their approach their sort of 4 centric approach to resolving these types of internal security threats whether it be something very very serious and sinister like the precursor to book or her war or whether it be more of a nuisance threat that has the potential to turn very very nasty if mishandled is is not productive and so intil until this or mindset changes in terms of how the
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state tackles the internal security threats whatever they may be in nigeria then they'll continue to sort of fester and escalate and spin out of control and so really how the state handles these security threats is incredibly important and the approach needs to be more nuanced it needs to involve you know socio economic development touching on the challenges the poverty challenges that you mentioned earlier and it needs and more policing it can't just involve soldiers going in periodically and killing everyone when a situation gets out of control right and i mean in terms of the security forces responses to these protests that have been pretty sustained have they for the most of the past 4 years would you say that they have been. overzealous would you say that they've been heavy handed and obviously resulting in deaths what should happen
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there. well we've seen that they've certainly used excessive force in their clearly think of professions and protests of members of the group you mention and in 2015 that over 300 members of the group were killed and this have continued there's been a violent respond to. of the group whether in kudu now or here in the capital city of dujail. just last year we saw or at least $42.00 members of the group killed when the authorities opened gunfire against their protests and now we've called for accountability for the death we hold for the security forces that carry out you know investigations and hauled all air all members of their forces who have been found who used. excessive force accountable but these calls have gone unheeded no been no indication that you authorities are going to respond in the way that they should but we rather think that you know the crackdown has continued and we
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continue to make the call and we continue to impress on the government for the the for them to understand that you know accountability is really one of the only thing that will bring that this situation that they're trying so hard to bring under under control really under control and in the there are those suspicions even allegations the. conflict of whatever degree between a shia group and a sunni majority could have echoes far beyond the borders of nigeria far beyond the borders of west africa and even have resonance in the middle east suggestions that iran backing the shias and saudi arabia backing the sunni population could be actually actively stoking this up is that is either a theory that you would subscribe to. it so it's a theory that i'm
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a i've i've a myself it's one of the moment i'd like to prove. deciding whether or not i fully fully subscribe to 2 or not but so far with the evidence we have in ground sees as the. there's nothing to show that there is an end and the reunion back in. the movement. what we have seen so far is a nigerian government that's sure. high level of intolerance and hostility towards the shia muslims in northern nigeria particularly in the islamic movement of nigeria and exaggerates any any form of protest by particular group or any form of any form of out of of of dissent or vocal vocal dissent against the government as has been
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a sign of. unity of trying to overthrow the of trying to cause you know overthrew the government or some sign of you know and reign inclusion or something of that sort and i think the concern of the conspiracy theories only up to give more more or fuel to the to the government's. rationalization of its heavy handedness and its heavy handed tactics against against him right ok and matthew what do you think about that because of course mr that that apparently was inspired by the 1990 around revolution and indeed spent time in iran where he where he converted to the sheer branch of islam i mean what do you think about the involvement. yeah i agree with any broadly i think that you know this is a somewhat of a superficial. connection that exists i mean certainly over the years iran had from from my understanding talking to who to people on the ground and could do and
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people who study the group in-depth is that that the ties are fairly weak and involved small amounts of money that iran sent is a key that he centrally used to build what i would call all sort of a you know an oversized soup kitchen in a very poor neighborhood of of zaria in which he was able to build sort of a grassroots movement almost of a presence revolt if you will against sort of the upper echelons of northern society and what we've seen is that real frustration boil over into into into you know open and tip of the towards the jury and secular state and while of course i think you know when we talk about book around the i am in terms of groups and their beliefs and their and their activities i think it's really apples and oranges where the similarity exists is the degree to which the approach of the nigerian state towards these groups has pushed them farther and farther towards the
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in the radical and violent direction and they. the men have said to us that they're going to challenge this is going to be going to use all of their resources to try to take this through the coals through the judicial system system of nigeria do you think that they're likely to receive a fair hearing do you think that they're likely to be able to take get themselves taken off this this terrorist list well i do hope that the authorities applaud them a time that their case and get a fair hearing they they have a right to a fair hearing and they deserve to be aired i mean the quite other that was granted it was based on an application called a motion acrobatics. it was brought by the authorities that application by design you know does not allow for the. respondent to.
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repeat repairs entered in quantities. usually this is done in emergency situations to ensure that the back to school for a particular market is not changed or to ensure that there is no further validation of the damage but then the order has been granted i'm hoping that you give them a chance to come on notice and write their case as they deserve and peel this quote or there if that's what they did. right now we are running out of time so any i'd like to come to you just for a very brief comment if possible and that is that the courts have deferred this bail hearing for mr zacky apparently it's going to be all this the 5th how important is that day likely to be then for the immediate future of the group and for peace and order in nigeria i think it's more it's anything it's more important food for nigerian government than it is for the iron man in terms of
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a german government needing to prove that the still. if it's a semblance of of or more of moral fortitude somewhere that they can still do do do the right thing by some of the nigerian citizenry ascend surely the. been imprisoned for about 4 years not 0 and his followers of not of not. transporter fired into into a radical radical armed insurgent movement like book around and so i'd like to imagine that an extra an extra we can imprison or even more years to not change change change the ironmen also the former deputy leader of the of the amendment who truly was killed about or 4 years ago was rolled by. by the bye bye bye bye bye men from under an army and still that i am and did not
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transmogrified an armed insurgent movement so i'd like to imagine that it's more on that engine governments do the right thing right. thank you all very much indeed in a deli a dead edgy took interest from york and from matthew page in cambridge thank you very much and as ever thank you for watching the program you can see it again anytime you live again to the website al jazeera dot com should you want more discussion there's always a facebook page at facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and there's a choice is there a handle is at a.j. inside story i'm at marty dennis a for me and the whole team here in doha is by finance.
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america is divided like never before inside is so convinced that they're absolutely correct that the other side is dangerous people in power investigates how partisan politics on eroding the civil norms are vital to american democracy every indicator shows america to be the least well functioning democracy of any established. one of the strange death of american civility on al-jazeera. was. a presence on down the track junior was promised damaging information about hillary
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clinton allegation to see an investigation to the troops did the trump campaign with russia did you at any time bridge the former f.b.i. director james comey in any way shape or form the closer to back down the investigation into michael flynn and also as you will know. next question battlefield washington on al-jazeera. you're watching alters their arms though rob and all these are all top news stories the south korean government has held an emergency meeting after the north slope to ballistic missiles from surface say the short range weapons tests could be aimed at increasing pressure on the united states for new denuclearization talks bryant has
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moved from seoul. this latest missile firing is being viewed with deep concern here in south korea it's the 2nd double launching of short range ballistic missiles in less than a week and the 3rd missile launch to take place since may in direct contravention of the landmark military agreement signed between north and south korea last september during the period of improving relations that was meant to have put an end to testings like this one south korea's defense minister has said that if the north continues with threats and provocations like this then it would have to be considered an enemy so there has been some very strong words used by south korea contrasting with all of the period of reconciliation that we've had over the past year and a half or so north korea said when it launched missiles last week that that should be considered to be
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a solemn warning to south korea being very careful not to direct any of its anger all wrath at the americans and that u.s. president donald trump in particular but this does seem to be a reminder from them about the size of their nuclear and missile arsenal that yes this is only a short range missile but it is a reminder that they are serious about getting the u.s. back to the negotiating table and eventually getting some relief from the crippling sanctions from the burner has been confirmed in one of the democratic republic of congo's largest cities goma it's just 2 weeks since the 1st case was there but officials say that unrelated 2000000 people live in the city on the border with no wonder the democratic republic of congo is facing the 2nd worst about a break in history which has already claimed the lives of 1700 people catherine soil has more from nairobi. this is a case that has been confirmed by the new many health and this man we're talking
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about was a resident. but was working in another area in korea made in a mining area only to a region which is one of the affected areas so he thought of filling the day after he arrived back in goma and the ban on him 2 days ago and yesterday afternoon it was confirmed that indeed he has a dollar and now he is dead to the people in goma more than a 1000000 people live there very worried indeed i've also spoken to a while health organization official however who said that people should keep calm they say that they are prepared for eventually for a long time and that they are able to contain the thank you wish on iran this warning it'll further reduce its commitments to the nuclear deal unless europe does more to protect the agreement from minister mohammad java doris wants the remaining signatories to shield iran from u.s. sanctions and allow it to sell oil to iran has already begun rolling back some commitments by breaking
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a limit on enriched uranium agreed the 2015 of course. the british prime minister boris johnson's in northern ireland to discuss the brics it with political leaders continues a tour of the united kingdom discussing discussions are expected to center on the so-called irish backstop a contentious point of trees a maze failed brit's deal designed to avoid a hard border with ireland i expect it may come up a little bit rule that out i think the crucial thing to stress is that i attach. to the letter the spirit of the belfast agreement that will be all that. the ideological divide amongst democrats in the us has been laid bare during the 2nd round of presidential debates for the party's nominee publicly funded health care was a key issue with some heated exchanges between the parties progressive and centrist candidates those were the headlines you can follow those stories on our website at
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al-jazeera dot com back with more news in half an hour next on al-jazeera is al-jazeera world to stay with us. at this time in iraq. al jazeera recently conducted an investigation into events in bahrain occurring several years
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ago. it uncovered evidence of a secret deal between the bahraini national security agency and members of al qaida . it's alleged they targeted opposition figures jeering the 2011 protests part of the so-called arab spring. al-jazeera arabic reporter tom i'll miss hell conducted the investigation on one of his findings was secret video recordings made by several leading al qaeda figures. to have the internet son mohammed saleh was closely linked to al qaeda in bahrain. you know see. here. and a very innocent. is a bahraini national who registered at
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a military training camp for the soldiers of allah linked to al qaeda. the recordings of these men had been kept secret since july 27th and have only recently come to light. so serve out. 4 months before alba louche she recorded this statement on the streets of bahrain had been the scene of violent clashes between the offshore it is and opposition protesters the question is why did mohammed saleh. choose to make these secret video recordings at that time i also do other mark but. i don't know who or what he was going to. be doctor. and why. it has. been the only way to.
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well that's the lot of them around your house i'm not. going to wash all of the. following on rest into near 0 and egypt opposition demonstrators took to the streets of the capital manama in february 20th levon. the protests quickly gathered momentum. and the authorities responded with military force. and never look at the.
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distort. the demonstrators occupied pole roundabout in manama demanding greater democracy and an end to discrimination against the majority shia muslim community by the sunni regime. the protesters were driven out in march 27th 1000 hamad declared a state of emergency and brought in the peninsula shield for the military wing of the gulf cooperation council. this is left tenant colonel yes i'll just met. he was the commanding officer of the force that cleared coal roundabout on the 16th of march 20th levon. luck mate left bahrain in 2015 but when tom i'll miss how much i mean june 2019 he talked for the 1st time
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about what happened just a little roundabout with this i can lift on a bit that you could even have a beautiful look at them with a heavy in free thought east so that arthur badly on 100. $100.00 on the do $100.00 the water quantity but i don't know what karma could have a current about meds in the move and that would be a little can it. come from the death of him i don't want to kind of under. the honeymoon with. the can the obscene walk a little sauce went off to watch more. carefully and walk on i'll build fifa 3 so yeah i mean. yeah i mean with your mother but i don't know him i don't want any more to the limit often i get another one just where are skinny your machine with a hoodie and with a hoodie i want myself and the world to be able to deal with the digit. kind of humor on the bar got a lot to look up that i see. through all of us with all that bob hope
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we leave you with a mobile phone. and one more little. money yeah. i'm listening to what they're going to probably let the bottles in the block not so much on what it was i don't what kind of but the digits enough were kind of the limit of id and what of the how do you my only can all kind of look at them what you had then said a mom in the kind of resentment a lot of them. come out of it develops ok let's. look at if i should leave out the out about short i know you have enjoyed having us that the model. may have been me. what i call that. you know on the army. that's how they get them and. the birth order and i did so by the tsunami i had i'm
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not sure if it was a book of you know we're out of the field i am not somebody with a i'm sure of the country the look at that is that the image of the body on the end of the level of the set of the allegation but at the end. it would. be me and what. it would be in the end of the interview with alger left me raise the question as to whether the bahraini authorities deliberately demonize the opposition and demonstrators by promoting the idea that the confrontation was with so-called terrorists groups planning to overthrow the government i would note that the government. made it clear to us that they had evidence. of attempts by iran and hezbollah to to finance train and supply. small.


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