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tv   Rainmakers Of The Outback  Al Jazeera  July 31, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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yes of that current situation and how you are actually tackling a bowl of there in d.c. thank you so the roadside bomb explosion in western afghanistan has killed at least 35 passengers on the bus many of them women and children the blast happened between kandahar and herat in the fight of province a provincial government spokesman is blaming taliban fighters for planting an improvised device to target afghan and foreign security services. the south korean government has held an emergency meeting after north korea launched 2 ballistic missiles the 2nd weapons test in less than a week was launched from the town of solemn military commanders in the cell say the missiles flew around 250 kilometers before crashing into the sea robin wright has more from seoul. this latest missile firing is being viewed with deep concern here in south korea it's the 2nd double launching of short range ballistic missiles in less than a week and the 3rd missile launch to take place since may in direct contravention
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of the landmark military agreement signed between north and south korea last september during the period of improving relations that was meant to have put an end to testings like this one south korea's defense minister has said that if the north continues with threats and provocations like this then it would have to be considered an enemy so there has been some very strong words used by south korea contrasting with all of the period of reconciliation that we've had over the past year and a half or so north korea said when it launched missiles last week that that should be considered to be a solemn warning to south korea being very careful not to direct any of its anger all wrath at the americans and that u.s. president donald trump in particular but this does seem to be a reminder from them about the size of their nuclear and missile arsenal that yes
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this is only a short range missile but it is a reminder that they are serious about getting the u.s. back to the negotiating table and eventually getting some relief from the crippling sanctions well still ahead here on al-jazeera joe biden. as the rematch we look ahead to tonight's 2nd heat of the u.s. democratic presidential debate just days after demolishing palestinian homes. in the occupied west bank israel's cabinet approves building 100 small. we've got more flooding on the cards to southern parts of china over the next couple of days also cloud pushing up towards hong kong and with this huge swirling mass that is a tropical depression fading
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a lot of heavy rain to the east the side of the storm there $150.00 millimeters of rain in the past 24 hours and that wetter weather with this system is awakening system not concerned about the winds but it's going to throw a lot of heavy rain across hong kong through one don't parents province i'm going to say that gradually make its way into high and then very heavy rain across a good part of southern china widespread flooding certainly on the cards here certainly want to watch out for of course we have same widespread flooding in some parts of india recently the latest batch of heaviest rain is across the northeast of the country but it stays very disturbed across the western ghats as well some more big downpours coming in here if anything that wetter weather just pushing a little further north which as we go on through friday new delhi seeing some very heavy rain and again we are likely to see some flooding coming in here now sort of flooding across the arabian peninsula but we could see a spot or 2 of rain a fair bit of cloud there across southern parts of saudi arabia into yemen and also
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into armaan with the risk of a shower here by friday. bigger and potentially more dangerous that's the best way to describe what's happening with a smoking alternative known as vapor i enjoy the taste of it and the harmful effects of one smoking does between 20132014 alone we start tripling in use among us high school students and head to head comparison each day basis conventional cigarette which one do you think has helped my opinion i think they're both dangerous take no one else is the.
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mark you're watching i'll just remind of all top news stories schools across it are being closed indefinitely after more student protests marched through the awful region to demonstrate against military control this while the opposition of military leaders are trying to piece together a transitional government. a 2nd caused by a burglar has been confirmed in one of the democratic republic of congo's largest cities it's just 2 weeks since the 1st case was found but officials say related to the d.l.c. is facing the 2nd worst break in history which is claimed the lives of 7800 people . also the south korean government has held an emergency meeting after the north launched 2 ballistic missiles observers say the short range weapon tests could be aimed at increasing pressure on the united states for new denuclearization talks. there are is warning it'll further reduce its commitments to the nuclear deal
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unless europe does more to protect the agreement foreign minister mohammad java desirous wants the remaining signatories to shield iran from u.s. sanctions and allow it to sell oil to iran has already begun rolling back some commitments by breaking a limit on enriched uranium in greed in the 2015 accord dosage of ari has more from tehran. the foreign minister following the weekly cabinet meeting that was held in the capital this morning said that the e.u. signatories of the nuclear agreement are their actions are not proportionate to their expectations meaning that what they've been expecting from iran to do under this nuclear agreement iran has done but the european signatories have not upheld their on the deal and the iran officials believe that that is because the united states withdrew from this agreement last year and imposed a series of sanctions on iran's banking and oil sector which has also affected the european countries that were supposed to invest in iran's economy that was one of
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the main points of this agreement that iran will freeze its nuclear activities to a certain extent and return it will get relief from a series of sanctions and vestments will return to the country but not that has happened then iran has decided. since may the iranian president announce that every 60 days iran will continue to scale back its commitment and the foreign minister today stress that that is indeed the plan they are going ahead with and the next phase which will be the 3rd phase of their scaling back their commitment will happen in early september the steps that they've taken so far are reversible immediately this is what the iranian president stressed and that is the feeling here that once the europeans really decide to stand up against the united states and their sanctions then the iranians are more than happy to go back to the terms of the 2015 nuclear deal.
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that ideological divide among democrats in the u.s. has been laid bad during the 2nd round of presidential debates for the parties nobody health care was the key issue with some heated exchanges between the parties progressive and centrist candidate still hundreds of small detroit. in what purports to be the party of civility the contenders came out swinging if you don't know the boycott you know so i go i wrote the day i don't. want to shoo number one publicly funded health care top polling elizabeth warren short to put rival john delaney is struggling campaign on life support. well why do we got to be the party of taking something away where the democrats we're not about trying to take away health care from anyone that's what the republican right. wing republican talking points the revolutionaries of the democratic party warren and bernie sanders dominated the debate clock again and again warren went on the
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offensive you know i don't understand why anybody does to all the trouble of running for president of the united states just to talk about what we really can't do and should fight for. this round of debates could dramatically narrow the field of candidates for some the race is over 5 candidates failed to qualify for this round of debates and of the 20 who remain less than half are expected to qualify for round 3 and for some who failed to breakthrough in detroit. are likely drying up the debates locale in the motor city was a reminder of the democrats' failure in 2016 their supposedly solidly democratic blue wall crumbled in their former strongholds of pennsylvania wisconsin and detroit's parent state michigan. have to do they have to spend money here they have to wake up the populous get them how to vote with another debate to go on wednesday where front runner joe biden will stand directly between his 2 biggest critics
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harrison cory booker 92 was expected to be at least as combative john hendren al-jazeera detroit wealth law and science debate we cross over to our white house correspondent kimberly how it will all of us what happened last night kimberly and many will be watching to see how this all of the by debate will pan out and i'm just thinking feisty. absolutely many people are really likening this to a boxing match and this is round 2 particularly between camel harris and the former vice president joe biden this is going to be a challenge for joe biden his campaign has already said expect him to be far more aggressive than we saw in the last debate he seemed to be caught off guard with kamel harris when there was really sort of an explosive confrontation between the 2 but biden has been hit hard particularly as a white male candidate from not only camel harris who is an african-american woman
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and also cory booker an african-american man he will be flanked joe biden on either side of those 2 candidates and expect he will again be sort of hammered hard on the issues that have plagued him already in this nominating process the fact that he was a senator in the u.s. senate for a very long time was part of what one candidate cory booker called the architect of a particularly controversial crime bill back in the early ninety's that left a disproportionate number of african american men incarcerated many who remain there in jail today so we expect that he's going to have to do a lot of explaining again a lot of fighting but in the midst of all of this will all the attention is on those 3 candidates there are 7 others that will be on the stage that are hardly registering on the radar when it comes to national attention so they will be a challenge as well there will be a challenge as well for them to try and kind of register with the american voter that is really not as caught up in this is it appears the american media is indeed
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of course those polls that leads me to my next question because inevitably these turn to this whole 20 of them be whittled down to roughly by the end maybe next week one thing we've noticed in any election in the u.s. and maybe generally across the world as well as the public do get time of a long process so i was wondering you know the time has progressed how do you assess the opportunity to the american public about whether they really care about who wins the democratic nomination. yeah it's a really important point the american political system seems to be in a perpetual state of electing a president it's a sporting match and here washington is really an industry but outside of washington the ordinary american is not really paying that much attention you would think the election if you watch the national television networks a you think the us election would be in the coming weeks but the reality is it's not till november of 2020 1000000 americans know that even the democratic national committee and as that
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sort of very long convention that they have every summer prior to the election that's not for another year so many americans have a lot of voter fatigue already not really paying the close attention it really is more of the political leaders political experts who are watching this very closely kind of trying to strategize ahead to the presidential elections we point out still a very very long way away where we look forward to the debates and for your analysis maybe i'm so state after it's all over things can be said to europe now nor the mylan does the latest stop for britain's prime minister or his nationwide tour to discuss the brics that crisis the so-called back story and avoiding a hard border with the republic of ireland is a major issue for boris johnson is preserving the good friday peace agreement. expat rexy make a little bit rule that out the crucial thing to stress is that. attach huge
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importance to the letter the spirit of the of the bill for us good friday agreement will be insincere still not well the dba has more from belfast. well prime minister johnson's only spending a few hours here at stormont and he said his aim is to try to help those policies get the devolved government here back up and running he says it's been far too long 2 and a half years which is not good for the people of northern ireland but he's given no idea as to how his input is actually going to help the process given that there are really tough issues which remain sticking points things like irish language rights abortion and he calls marriage he says that his government is strictly impartial in the process under the good friday agreement but the leading nationalist party here shin fein have questioned that saying that nobody believes his words on in partiality they say he needs to stop mollycoddling the democratic unionist party on which are boris johnson's government relies for their majority in westminster the
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d.-u. piece of such a strictly against that backstop for northern ireland which has proved the main problem for the u.k. government passing their brett lee deal up till now most of the other parties strictly behind it they say that it's needed to for the prosperity of northern ireland and that cross border trade is not going to be easy for him on either issue then on power sharing and on breaks it he says that he is listening to the people of northern ireland many people here think that their prosperity and very column e. is simply a secondary thought when it comes to boris johnson being open to the idea of a no deal breaks it and the leader of shin fein is warning boris johnson that if in her words boris johnson does the wrong thing by the people by the people on the island of ireland that he does so with his eye eyes wide open she's saying that
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that will lead to a border poll a vote on a united ireland israel's security cabinet has approved permits for the construction of 700 palestinian homes in the occupied west bank finance and comes ahead of a planned visit to israel this week by a senior white house adviser jared question is vetted to push both sides to join talks at camp david in the lead up to israeli elections in september how the force it has more from west jerusalem. well just days after carrying out an extremely controversial series of demolitions of palestinian homes in occupied east jerusalem the israeli government is now sanctioning the construction of some $700.00 palestinian homes in the part of the occupied west bank which it controls known as areas see at the same time notably talking about the approvals of some $6000.00 units in illegal israeli settlements as well all of this coming at the same time as a tour of the region by president donald trump's son in law jared cushion or and
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his chief envoy to the region jason green blatt they'll be visiting both jordan israel qatar saudi arabia and the united arab emirates at a time when the israeli press is reporting that the u.s. intends to host a summit at camp david the presidential retreat for arab leaders to brief them on the details or at least the broad outlines of the trump peace plan now according to that reporting president trump intends to talk about enhanced seeing palestinian autonomy but stopping well short of palestinian statehood and that is a message that his ambassador to israel david friedman has also been putting out an interview on c.n.n. he said that autonomy would only be enhanced or increased up to the point that it does not affect israeli security so stopping well short of a palestinian state the palestinians of course will be entirely opposed to that in fact there has been reaction from the p.a. foreign ministry saying that this is all it intended to achieve 3 things to increase netanyahu is chance as prime minister netanyahu has chances in the israeli
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elections coming up in september also to consolidate normalization between israel and other arab states before the resolution of the israeli palestinian conflict and thirdly to try to achieve peace with the exclusion of the palestinians something which of course the palestinians will resolutely oppose. a russian rocket is on its way to the international space station the unmanned progress cargo carrier blasted off from the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan it's around a 3 tons or has around 3 tons of food fuel and supplies on board eagerly awaited by the 6 astronauts in orbit. you're watching al-jazeera with me so ho rum a reminder of our top news stories schools across sudan have been closed indefinitely after more protests by students they've marched through the darfur region to protest against the military genter the opposition and military are
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trying to piece together a transitional government also a 2nd death caused by a berlin has been confirmed in one of the democratic republic of congo's largest cities goma is just 2 weeks since the 1st case was found there but officials say that and related the d.l.c. is facing the 2nd worst break in history which has claimed the lives of $1700.00 people. also the south korean government has held an emergency meeting after the north launched 2 ballistic missiles observers say the short range weapons tests could be aimed at increasing pressure on the united states for a new denuclearization talks rob a bride has more from the south korean capital. this latest missile firing is being viewed with deep concern here in south korea it's the 2nd double launching of short range ballistic missiles in less than a week and the 3rd missile launch to take place since may end direct contravention of the landmark military agreement signed between north and south korea last
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september during the period of improving relations that was meant to have put an end to testings like this one the roadside bomb explosion in west afghanistan has killed at least $35.00 passengers on the bus many of them women and children the blast happened but in kandahar and herat in far province a provincial government spokesman is blaming the taliban for planting the improvised device to target afghans and foreign security forces the ideological divide amongst democrats in the u.s. has been laid bare during the 2nd round of presidential debates for the party's nominee publicly funded health care was a key issue with some heated exchanges between the parties progressive and centrist candidates. british prime minister boris johnson a visit of northern ireland to discuss it with political leaders discussions are expected to center on the so-called irish backstop and a contentious point designed to avoid a hard border with ireland those are the headlines you can follow those stories on
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our website at al-jazeera dot com more news in half an hour with daryn jordan but next it's the stream to stay with us. after 25 years of affording the world's waist china the cycling industry into chaos. the growing pressure for greener skies resulting in change we bring you the story. on al-jazeera. and i really could be here in the stream going on holiday that is something that many people look forward to yes chance to get away from the stress of everyday life and let loose and a new place but what if that new place is too crowded can you relate whether as a tourist or a resident of a city catering to tourists share your thoughts with us via twitter or our live you
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tube chat. venice barcelona. p.q. all of these popular destinations have become overwhelmed by tourists in recent years and local residents are starting to say enough in june and massive cruise ship crashed into adult in venice injuring 5 people the incident was the last straw for many local residents thousands gathered to protest the vessels and the toy right in on them have a look at this. when i see these big. because the shadow on my entire and i feel a sense of doom. but this is a case study for what experts are warning will be the new normal from now on that's thanks to a growing global middle class and cheaper airfares so our cities prepared for over
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tourism here's what one eco friendly travel group has to say. in 1950 there were 25000000 tourists arrivals worldwide this number grew exponentially of the following 70 years and reached 1300000000 by 2017 it's estimated it will reach 1700000000 by 2030 all over the world is what happens when an industry which is being started but is very little begins to bump up against the limits of our environment and the physical limits of space and it's in that sense i think it's it's not a rush it's all over the world. joining us to discuss over tourism today is meghan aplan wood from reading pennsylvania megan is the director of the international sustainable tourism initiative at the harvard th chance school
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of public health sweetie balaji joins us from new delhi india as she is a travel journalists and car and editor for the outlook for sponsible tourism initiative as finding we have dominic standish is the author of venice in environmental peril with every outing and everybody sweetie he sent us a picture is gorgeous picture as i'm going to show them to everybody on my laptop this is a stunning place festival where in the world this is. i think the game of thrones i mean you know when the audience goes live immediately you know it they're having the song this is king's landing. yes yes that's the problem let's. check now why don't you send us this picture for us festival. i think you know this was in contrast to some of the other pictures that i sent you off the city of the old city old town where you could actually see just how many
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people were walking the streets that morning and you know it it's that 1st view that we saw is something that takes your breath away but it's these that you know that make you think a little bit harder and don't get me wrong i'm from india you know i'm used to crowds i you know i am part of the crowd myself so i don't see it as being you know something that that that should shock a person like myself but it did really because it seemed to be wrong to just have so many people walking through those beautiful streets and not really you know looking at the you know they were there it was an idea of the police that they were there for and not not really you know to brag it was language to most of them and you know say the last occasion a classic example from the perspective of what over tourism is in 29. yes i would say so. so i'd love all of our guests to have
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a look at this on my screen here just from google or couple of pictures and our audience at home as well to see that this is st augustine in the u.s. state of florida and i want to share with you a video coming from someone who lives there he is a local business owner and is also a resident and he told us about what he's been experiencing when it comes to tourism how to listen to brett. this is the old the city in the country so we've had our share of tours busy before but nothing like this in the last years this town has been a nightmare for locals with the worst traffic never seen there's hardly any parking at the beach and the tourists here have no respect for us or the community even garbage everywhere not to mention many of the locals that live here on the beach for years now and do the fact the rising costs of living here on the island and no new hotels condos restaurants and bars have covered our beautiful once
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little beach town and i don't think it'll be the same again so macon you could see what he laid out there when we talked about over tourism is this what we're talking about whenever tourism is a totalistic term that relate primarily to crowding so yes we are some of the most beautiful places on earth becoming increasing over crowded yes this is a good example to me just remind of one way you live and the experience as a whole that we have when. i live in the venice region it's a lean i mean it's just slightly outside of the city which i will say yes pretty busy at times although i question whether it's really across this you know sometimes i get stuck and i mean why why much into a meeting and it's annoying. but it's not really up until recent. you have been
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basically keeping track of examples of various saying that you know we're tired of all of these tourists this is long before we started to do the show so i'm just going back to living through some of your tweets 23 year old canadian find 250 euros for some bathing in a bikini in public gardens in venice that's one story you kept track of to put a choice find 350 euro in venice for being bad chested and pushing their bikes by hand in the city center bikes are back and one more but you can track are so many more 1st 3 people are banned from venice or foreigners for playing tricks on passers by dominic what is going on in venice with taurus and phoenicians had enough of the tourists coming to visit them. well i think of a very straightforward thing as happened which is that for years and years tourists of been increasingly treat seats as environmental and cultural has and that is says taken it a step further by the city council and take the lead with these new regulations
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introduced in may and essential what they're doing is they're criminalizing fairly normal behavior so somebody doing an art like that canadian woman is a public place she's wearing a bikini and she gets fines walking around with you should talk pushing a bike you're not really troubling anyone but again people are getting fined and they're also getting anish from the city to german tourists recently who were making coffee on a small portable coffee maker totally out of the way of other people no evidence of littering they not only got fines but they got banished from the city so i think it's a real problem. you know and it's not not only in venice you see in barcelona now if you walk around in your youth in costume in the center barcelona you can be fined in rome you can even now be fined for dressing as a said tuireann or saying on public transport. or eating food
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in norm designates it outside areas there's also a man spray i think i might have well i didn't want to get a reading now many cats well you know i think this has gotten people on social media need to be aware of this because unaware tourists are going to places and they're getting hefty fines and travel bans it's friday i have a comment because i mean i appreciate your viewpoints on the theology of tourism which i know is your expertise but there's a lot bigger picture here to deal with for the readers and folks that are watching this today and that is that the rapid growth of tourism is creating a whole new paradigm for death and. now they may be struggling with putting in the right type of regulations which is what you're talking about but i think what you're saying is minimizing the problem in a way that will harm the overall process because what we need to do is come up with a much more alert way of managing the intensifying crabs and i disagree with you
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this is a global crisis i'm sure that choice can speak to the issues in india say for example at some of the most important monuments in the world like taj mahal. so i mean just to you know things in perspective recently they what they were large indications that that were applied in india and because it does have been even though there's a knock off about 2 things up from just 50 rupees to visit the monument and there's a capital about $40000.00 visitors a day and a 3 hour limit so anybody who exceeds the 3 hour limit is you know has to pay once again and you can imagine how livid the locals you know who might be all that unions visiting my d. that they have to buy another ticket to just stay on for 3 and a half cause if they've exceeded it by even by half an hour but you know it doesn't
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matter at the end of the day if you have 7000000 tourists coming in. to see one monument and it's it's just you know it's it's relentless i think there is need for there is need for regulation and you know you may have identified a few things that seem particularly you know. you know it's a bit over much less for you but you know it depends on which culture you are. it could be actually deeply disrespectful in india to be walking around bare bare chested in the northern parts of india but if you walk into a temple in southern india as a man that's absolutely fine so those on one of those that somebody who's coming in for a few days into india may not necessarily be aware also and you know that kind of act is yeah yeah just a quick comment because just today headlines in the united states with that there's
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a huge water crisis in india and some of the most important tourism destinations now we already know that terrorism and tourists in particular use about 8 to 10 times the amount of water that a local with youth and sometimes depending on the resort it can be even much more. or so from the public health perspective for example we're beginning to see a different kind of crisis that is not just about crowding it's about how do we share resources around the world now we see this in india bali is another epicenter of this problem where we're seeing tourists literally use water that locals can no longer gain access to these are serious problems that we can't minimize by way of discussing whether we wear a bikini tops or not so when you are at home and i want to get in here because i want to share a comment on you tube there's so many comments coming in live right now because so many people can relate to this topic so i want to share just one of them this from alexander who says my city of
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a 150000 people will receive close to 400 cruise ships this year the city is overwhelmed and he's speaking to us from savander norway and other people are are weighing in on what he's saying so that's just one example but when it comes to the cruise ship when it comes to the crowds of people coming in here's what sophia ventured to say limits visits to the city to certain times of the year this would also allow the city to continue to function as a home for people in venice probably would never happen however i know of no place that implements this but venice can start dominick i'll be a major if i could go ahead go ahead clearly you have a lot of the so here we go is that basically a lot of people are now talking about stopping or seeing or seasonal lies being it and our new report invisible burden of tourism look seriously at how we're going to handle capacity not by stopping or abrupt stopping of tourism but rather at creating sophisticated reservation systems now we may have to get to work through
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that question of how that will work but there is no question that there is a very sophisticated set of tools that are fully available to monument cities cruise lines everyone is a sharable tool that airlines and use now that's called demand management and there is absolutely no reason that destinations around the world that dominate go ahead. yeah i mean of course tourism can be managed better and in the case of venice i'm very much in favor of great seeing a new doc in court for cruise ships outside that any sort of go and getting people into the city using a subway train system which i think would be a huge improvement to the experience of tourism controlling the flow and also be much better for the environment because it would reduce journeys around with so we can manage tourism a lot better coming back to points i agree that culturally where you walk around
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with a shirt off koran is it's important to be sensitive and i would tend to walk into some arts church and with russia talk but of course there's a different context in the gardens i've also got a question though you mentioned this charge for people in new delhi to go and see sights and that's an important question because venice is proposing an entrance charge to the city next year for a day trip there's even a riding in the city and i wonder to what extent you feel that also discriminates against poor tourists whether they're local from what else land. so i agree that you know that it could be seen as a you know discriminate tree but look at the numbers you know really are just if you look at the mess dictators in india alone is a huge huge problem because we have over 600000000 people who are roughly in the
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middle class range and you know they're traveling everybody's traveling you know so it's it's it is going to take time for us to arrive at the right solutions but if you they are also trying to make it accessible to as many people as possible this is the basic entrance fee for the average indian tourist anywhere else of our monument or 150 rupees at best it's not it's not a huge sum for somebody who was looking to travel and from what i have been told i mean our figures are spectacular you know 150000000 people can't afford long distance travel for leisure i'm told and 500000000 people are on on the internet and they are you know they're booking a holiday is the beginning to book quality is on the internet so you know it's these numbers are only going to swell. maybe pricing was not the only solution i guess let me just bring in another point might make and hold tight for a moment i want to share this with you and you can weigh in on it as part of the
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roof of people who are traveling comes from the developing world the developed world have been traveling for many many many years but there's a new category of toys and it's something that our colleagues at one o one ace looked at they were looking at the number of chinese toys coming into paris and heading into front and then the tension that that was creating with the numbers and also the difference in the culture have a look at it i mean talents report from paris from what i want to. they don't say hello they don't speak english they don't speak french well new speak chinese when you have 10 people chinese people coming in that i know. it's very noisy and i took the stand. but she says what really gets to her is the speech to the woman she came. and she has
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a name in english. in the in the floor and you know like well. so that's one example if i'm thinking about the south of spain and the number of europeans in the south of spain you can get a for english breakfast there are 10 seats that you can eat the british coaches tally changed the south of spain and parts of the south of spain so it's not just developing well countries who actually do this to an area is this a problematic or is this just how we are around the world we visit different places we influence different places shutting you stuff just show i mean bad behavior is bad behavior you know it is bad you know the worst was insensitive was an insensitive tourist it has nothing to do with whether you are from a developing nation are not i understand that you know differences make it hard to bridge that gap and you know that's the that's the biggest barrier but at the end
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of the day i think it would be it would be very very wrong to just you know say that this is a problem that is restricted to dorris from developing nations it's more from the increase of who who is travelling from around the world it's not just a few elite people it's many many other countries and cultures or getting into the makes my can you take. part of globalization i think we've seen the history of tourism showing that used to be korean terrorists that bother folks that were in indonesia or this when i was in the philippines doing workshops there with complaints from the filipinos about chinese curse so these are parts of the country mixing for the 1st time but we've also seen if that as tourist become worth the 50 k. did they become more respectful. so i want to share this as an explanation for why we are seeing greater numbers of people out in about all these places this is just on twitter who says the biggest 3 biggest reasons for the growth in hot spots are
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the artificially low cost of aviation the fuel is not taxed the rise in the middle classes in developing countries and a narrow focus on places generated by instagram and social media of course the rise of the hash tag and the rise of people tagging where they are so i want to share with you this idea from someone in instagram i posted this picture from malta which is one of these places where tourists are flocking to because many of its city many of its spots were were featured in the game of thrones someone wrote back and said have you been following the concept of no geotagging i just came across it through a photo journalist apparently it's been making the rounds to address how geo tags suddenly make previously untouched by tourist spots flooded all to ostensibly capture that one shot bringing all the environmental chaos but tourists bring to a locale so that is one idea but i want to share with you one more idea and this is a video comment from neil speaks to us from scotland have
11:42 pm
a listen. on the topic of what to do as a man specifically with scotland in mind the solutions are over in 2 key things as far as i can see firstly this thing need to despair soffit through the course of the counted you know we are very very busy in july and august in a supposed trying to encourage people to come in the shoes of seasons and even the went to go for a definite kanan experience with lace crates secondly it's a bit of training because people whom we from the technical tutors routes they say i thought it was going to tend to involve sky when it's impossible northwards 500 as a result which pushes a particular heaving effect to boston and the best season so people consider the alternatives and there are plenty over within school and each of those locations we can spread that traffic and spend a lot of across the whole country if we can do that we can really get tutors and working for the whole economy within the short term and sustainably and the womb as well so dominic encouraging people to go to other spots. what's your take on all of these the suggestion yeah i like those last comments about developing transport
11:43 pm
systems to move people around but i've decided very much that we need to develop to enable that you also mentioned. i was speaking at a conference on open source and then actually in the fall and one of the key problems that is that the roads get for a jump with traffic because they have been trying to some of those stops and ancient trying systems and that would really really help move around best results so i think you know we need to really look positively about how to respond to the challenges and you mentioned the growth in tourism as projects it's the numbers that you got from the u.n. will tourism organization earlier in the program is quite interesting because if you look at the increase in international travelers from 25000000 in 150 to 1300000000 in 2007 see that's over a 5000 percent increase the project has increased on those things to 2030 is one
11:44 pm
point i 1000000000 which is only 38 percent i think we can cut about dominic we're already. we're already experiencing at the moment and yes and also another very important point is that domestic tourism is not included in those figures and in most places you know you would see as we've just discussed for india a large percentage of tourists in developed and and many developing economies is from the domestic scene so as a you know one of the challenges of the scottish comment is that the overall growth rate is probably going to overwhelm the dispersions strategy i'm working with scotland and they have now beginning to put in place what i would call management systems on the ground we just can't count on marketing and new ways of marketing to fix this problem we have to look. impact in its scientific manner and work with
11:45 pm
government so that we make sure that local resources both social and environmental are not over with so meghan and t. and germany i mean the very last minute of the program we could talk about toys and then traveling for much much longer if you were going to give us one piece of advice about how to be a responsible tourist what would it be and it has to be brief dominic because c'est welcome people don't regulate don't treat people like criminals and enjoy the cultural education are you already what is the problems what's your advice for been responsible or shocked in mind there are many many inspired ideas that are coming out of people are doing firefly troops they're doing astral tourism villages you know outside of the ready as sort of advice thank you so much as even little space for mega god how can i be a responsible tourist magen i think you should advocate that your turf and tax dollars go to protection of the nation ok thank you maggie and sweaty and dominate
11:46 pm
a conversation will continue online you will find me can i at a day stream on twitter thank you guests and so watching c n x. u u u. u. u u to. you. fly cats are airways and experience economy class like never before qatar airways going places together. in one lifetime we cannot see everything up with our own
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eyes but i had testimony we would know very little witness in documentaries that help in your eyes on al-jazeera. take the worst possible material you radio grounded into dust comparable to flour
11:48 pm
and make a meal out and put it into a place where people live think is a colossal event. as well and so many people are thinking this is the file in cuba but doesn't make you feel like you feel like a movie we have created an enormous amount of mental disaster. and investigation south africa toxic city on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan this is the out as they were news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. schools in
11:49 pm
sudan are ordered to close indefinitely after students protest against the killing of 5 demonstrators. a 2nd about a definite congolese border city brings new fears about the spread of the disease. and the political divisions of the brics it on the show as boris johnson visits belfast for the 1st time as u.k. prime minister. and in sport we're just under a day away from the 1st ashes test between england and australia and again the focus has been on the players behavior we'll hear from both captains later in the program. welcome to the program schools across a band i've been closed indefinitely after more protests by students this is the opposition on the military join to a still trying to piece together a transitional government well the students. are angry over the killing of at least 5 people in kordofan on monday during a rally over the price of bread and fuel for 2 weeks ago the opposition and the men
11:50 pm
of june to sign the deal on power sharing but they're still talking on how it will work with the military has been in charge and april when president bashir was overthrown in a coup will leave them open joins us live now from out is about in ethiopia schools closed across the country and definitely just bring us up to date with what's happening with the protests on the students. well they're on their own still anger on the streets people are still frustrated and they're still demanding justice and accountability that is the call that has been need to raise it by the absolutely envoy to sudan demanding that those who is possible for monday's violence in the city of a look they went protest that came up from this schools due to lack of bread and hypes and glass this implies the clock struck by security forces it was something intent that's now protesters are saying that the only body that was able to follow a committee to investigate into the killings of those bullets all of them to the deaths of those who test is is the military council but they do not trust
11:51 pm
investigation of that council especially after another investigation committee came out and said that the military didn't is not sponsible with the attack and deaths of protesters when they were attacked in front of the army headquarters for them to say so they're demanding an independent free and fair investigation in this thing that they will continue to protest and they demanding that the opposition coalition halt talks with the military council to form a transitional government and civil justice and it comes but it's the old yeah and he but there are questions about how united the opposition freedom to change is as they try to resume talks with the transitional military council. yes indeed the communist party one of the largest opposition parties announced just a few hours ago that it is not going to take part in the talks of all the transitional government even though it is part of the opposition coalition so the people on the streets the protesters who the opposition coalition the president say that they're worried that there is a fracture in that square listen especially after there has been it's really talks
11:52 pm
here in the field in capital addis ababa between the coalition members to try to unite them before they face off the transition into the council to sign that the already talks between the 2 sides have been postponed several times with technical comments between the 2 sides will be meeting later today but that many will see it is the main players who will be signing off on that final document and give it to me today saying that they look at meeting tomorrow and the sudanese professionals association which has been leading the cause of the protests say that this is not going to impact the talks and that they will continue to try and sit on the plantation parliament as soon as possible thank you well the start of a corruption trial for saddam's former president omar al bashir has been postponed until mid august bashir was due to appear in court on wednesday he's charged with corruption possessing foreign currency and accepting bribes but she was overthrown and arrested in a military coup in april after months of protests against his rule. well a 2nd person has died from a boat in one of the democratic republic of congo's biggest cities it's just 2
11:53 pm
weeks since the 1st case was found in goma but officials say they're unrelated 2000000 people live in the city on the border with rwanda the democratic republic of congo is facing its 2nd worst about the outbreak which has claimed the lives of $1700.00 people but it's nearly a year since this latest outbreak began it started in the eastern province of north kind of within weeks it had spread to at least one neighboring province by november the outbreak had been declared the worst in the country's history and the 2nd biggest worldwide efforts to contain its spread been hindered by widespread violence against health workers in the region dozens have been killed since january the world health organization confirmed the 1st cross border cases of a bowler in your gander last month shortly afterwards the agency declared the outbreak a global emergency and less than 2 weeks ago congolese health minister resigned over his government's response to the crisis he's criticized what he calls outside pressure to roll out a new experimental ebola vaccine catherine sawyer has the latest now from nairobi.
11:54 pm
this man we've been told was a resident of goma but was working in a mining area in it to a province this is another region that has been affected by bola and he started feeling sick days after coming back home to go and on tuesday afternoon health workers confirm that indeed he had a ball and now he's dead so now health workers are tracing people who could have come in contact with we're told one of those individuals may have traveled to another region called south kivu province by boat and this complicates things even farther so people in goma very worried indeed more than and a 1000000 people live there and they're not just worried because of the 2 cases but also because this is quite a strategic city one of the largest cities in the r.c. it's also a get away to other countries it's right at the border with one day and it's also
11:55 pm
very easy to access other parts of the country of the are safe from go my including the capital city kinshasa with 12000000 people but then i've also been talking to a w.h.o. officials who are saying that they are trying to contain things that they had prepared for such an eventuality for months that goma is on high alert they have set up a hand washing points in different parts of the city the treatment centers where you keep they have enough personnel as well so there is nothing to worry about but they also are warning people to keep vigil keep clean and make sure that there is no unnecessary contact with each other but as the situation is now a lot of fear people very concerned that this might spread well dr fall is an assistant director general for emergencies of the world health organization he explained how they're trying to control the outbreak. what you do with your
11:56 pm
argument that there were kids university get to see exactly how to be in contact with a kid. but lo most of the front since so everybody will be in contact and that contact might be investigated i do the same time the contamination in the house in the neighborhood and also in the head of centers where the person have been so the most important thing is not quite on to them but making sure that all the content be money being put up on a daily basis that getting a check for temperature so they get their butts in early enough to be protected but let me talk about the company death is important to a list somebody i'm not talking about one you know your friend from when there is a group you have many villages and big cities like google 10 more government so the way we are working as a community is really to all be something radical position to use the community is
11:57 pm
such a that's why you have seen that in part it would tell more of the couple if you take specifically the bus and measure the 95 percent of the person who is about 4 blocks unless something i'm talking about since i think this is very successful if you compare to any of the folks in the world but of course you know some communities we have already you know are a little tough because of the security situation because of political context i saw it was important to put a new walking means of the contributors the come to such a to improve lower our local is not only about their short the offical record of public of doing communication and competing as my leg is never the number up and your problem internationally looked at and you was so intent off absolutely the kids use the community for votes nationally do it reason 24 to 48 hours when the kids and i don't fight but the man got up just to see is the delay between the
11:58 pm
beginning houses settle down and the. time for the kids and it's detected so it's been proper to continue walking reason come to a cause or more improve investigation to make sure that it's a 7 day cares i've been subducted can't be identified and i selected so moving forward a quarter to another as the guy that wasn't there 1st or the government was going to do or improve the better person's. the south korean government has held an emergency meeting of the north korea launched 2 ballistic missiles the 2nd weapons test in less than a week was launched in the town of one son military commanders in the south said the missiles flew around 250 kilometers before crashing into the sea bright has more now from salt. this latest missile firing is being viewed with deep concern here in south korea it's the 2nd double launching of short range ballistic missiles in less than a week and the 3rd missile launch to take place since may in direct contravention
11:59 pm
of the landmark military agreement signed between north and south korea last september during the period of improving relations that was meant to have put an end to testings like this one south korea's defense minister has said that if the north continues with threats and provocations like this then it would have to be considered an enemy so there has been some very strong words used by south korea contrasting with all of the period of reconciliation that we've had over the past year and a half or so north korea said when it launched the missiles last week that that should be considered to be a solemn warning to south korea being very careful not to direct any of its anger all wrath at the americans and that u.s. president donald trump in particular but this does seem to be a reminder from them about the size of their nuclear and missile arsenal that yes
12:00 am
this is only a short range missile but it is a reminder that they are serious about getting the u.s. back to the negotiating table and eventually getting some relief from the crippling sanctions program on web is a research fellow at the man young technological university in singapore he says it's likely the test will continue as the impact of sanctions grows. this is not the 1st that is going to happen it is. and i think it's going to do you real the prospect of discussion clearly the regime in pyongyang getting very frustrated and break impatient with the lack of progress and so here once again. like in the last few years number one coming up the joint military exercises the south korean military and u.s. military once again north korea is crying by tension the u.s. cannot do it all has to look at cons start with united nations security council and i think at the same time.


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