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tv   Bahrain Playing With Fire  Al Jazeera  August 2, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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when they are losing support and their and allies there who are the all quite capable of actually hitting them and he didn't quite where they fell them with constable webby but they had a stronghold in the saudi led war was launched to remove the iranian backed 2 things from yemen or to weaken them at least there seems to be no end in sight the latest attack is kind of a message that. the buck to voters is going to come under attack and that they are a legitimate target because the are working with the saudi about forces no political achievements on either side saudi's ally the u.a.e. is pulling back its presence and even held a rare meeting with an iranian delegation on cheese day to discuss issues in the strait of hormuz it's a political stalemate in a conflict this killed thousands of civilians left tens of thousands of children starving and crippled what was already one of the world's poorest countries
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stephanie decker al-jazeera the mozambique president has struck a peace deal with the leader of a former rebel movement ending years of hostilities filipe a new cd signed the agreement with or soon for more moderate who leads the rare namo opposition party its armed wing is disbanding as part of the deal shala bellus reports. mozambicans have waited more than 40 years for this moment since the country gained independence in 1975 the government has for most of the really group turned political policy known as. a peace accord means mozambique commute. times arche. we're here in gaza to tell the world that we've just given another step showing that the march towards effective peace is really reversible that the a certain team this peace they hope and the future of mozambique is promising it says the mozambicans which is to bury once and for all armed confrontation the deal
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that will see thousands of anomalies members disarm was signed and gone gosa national park that's been the group's remote military base for more than 40 years ago was is very symbolic. was everything started and everything should stop that this is symbolic for every mozambique. and i mean this is not the 1st time mozambican leaders have come together for namo was formed after the country gained independence from portugal in 1985 for the government in a civil war that killed an estimated 1000000 people talks initially in 1902 ended the war does it begin to speak fission. peace. therefore we speak to this meeting will lead us to the weak peace. that peace deal redefined as a political kashi thousands returned to mozambique but the group always kept an
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armed wing fighting has flared in recent years something the group has now promised to end. the 1st of august 29th is marked in our history as an unforgettable date the day of the reunification of the. this is a historic date because of conflict v. as brothers are committed to make peace for the greater good. was their commitment will be tasted an upcoming national elections which will see the peacemakers and political rivals pitted against one another at the polls shelob bellus al jazeera. still ahead on al-jazeera facebook takes action against a campaign linked to saudi arabia's government. fears of ebola in the democratic republic of congo force a neighboring country to take drastic steps. however
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remains of we are now tropical depression will make themselves felt by rainfall which is always going to be the case although there was some minor wind damage along this coast or ground on this still obviously swirling cloud no longer as a proper center to be honest the circulation which might give you winds of 30 or 40 kilometers per hour that's not damaging but the rain is likely to be quite heavy in southern grungy northern vietnam high nan for example and it looks like we're going to redevelop shazahn or far east as hong kong in southern china the whole lot than infecting much of southern china so the rain's going to gather again the flooding is like to be in the west or maybe african sichuan that's the seasonal stuff still going in sichuan south of all that it's a lot quieter now there are
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a few showers around in the philippines in particular west papua but bourne is largely free on the satellite picture and all of indonesia looks fairly dry and says most the rain is further north particularly in myanmar and thailand where it's becoming rather more and hans to over the next couple of days in fact that's where most of the monsoon rain is for the moment coast of me and there is still a good infill in places like that but it's not as wet as a couple days ago. sponsored by cattle. where there is water there is life but finding it on australia's arid deserts is a skill few still possess they took us to a small spot. and this was this is a very important point is that they've been telling us about for the last 5 days complaining. and under orders against all odds an ageing population is passing on. the rainmakers of the outback on
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a. hill again you're watching i do see a reminder of our top stories this south korean military says the north has launched an unidentified short range project in the country's east coast if confirmed it will be the 3rd launch in just over a week. nearly 50 people have died in 2 attacks in yemen a military base and a police station the targeted rebels have claimed responsibility for one of the attacks the rebels also say they fired a missile at a base in the saudi city of them. mozambique's president has signed a peace deal with the leader of a former guerrilla group he now heads
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a political party the anomaly group was formed after independence in 1975 and 4 to civil war with the government until 1992 its armed wing has clashed with the military in recent years. doctors in sudan say at least 4 people been killed after security forces opened fire on protesters it happened during nationwide marches against the killing on monday of at least 6 hours. the protesters the ruling transitional military council is blaming paramilitary rapid support forces for those deaths saying they shot at high school students who were protesting about the cost of living john to says some soldiers have been arrested and his ear is banned from reporting inside sudan so i have a morgan is following events for us from neighboring ethiopia once again there is anger on the streets of harlem and various other cities across the dam protesters responding to the calls of the sudanese professionals' association and joining what
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is called as a 1000000 man rally to demand a transition military also delivering justice and accountability for those who have lost their lives and put as began in december in sudan now security forces opened fire on protesters in the city of on demand and the sit in east central doctors committee says at least 4 people have been killed and dozens others have been wounded as a result and protesters are demanding that the opposition coalition which represents them and the talks between with the military council to form a transitional government hold all kinds of negotiations they're saying that there should be justice and accountability for the 2 sides the opposition coalition as the forces of freedom and change and the plans of the military council have met so as the evening but on thursday morning the opposition coalition said that was the difference between the 2 sides have been ironed out and that there is a few points remaining before a final deal is reached the voting argument either. we have agreed on the
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mechanisms of forming liesl from to council the powers given to the council conditions of slightness members in addition to the reasons leading to the loss of membership we've also agreed on forming a government the government powers on the reasons leading to the loss of the ministerial post we've also agreed on the parliament and its powers. but protesters are saying that any deal that is between this was ice has to be preceded by justice and accountability this saying that so many lives have been lost since the wilsons began in december and that if the transitional government is phone without any just a little bit then they will continue with their protests and they will continue with their revolution a syrian state media says a conditional cease fire has been reached in the last rebel held province of idlib but there's been no response yet from the opposition at least 2 children were killed in fighting in it live on thursday this video is thought to show syrian and russian forces bombing villages in nearby hama more than 400 civilians have been killed in northwest syria since late april
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a talks aimed at ending the syrian war taking place in kazakstan andrew symonds is following developments for us in north. a sunni delegate from the syrian national coalition has told al-jazeera that there can be no concessions from them on any political settlement until there's a full ceasefire announced by russia and the syrian regime in italy there's already major pressure from the united nations or all parties to stop the fighting and a call from 2 thirds of the u.n. security council earlier this week for. the security general of the u.n. to mount an internal investigation to attacks on medical facilities the russians counter that this is propaganda that there is not anything going on other than attacks on what they call terrorists now as far as the meetings here go the iranians and russians have had a meeting the syrian national coalition will be meeting united nations delegation
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which is an observer status mission the u.n. is trying to broker a deal with the syrian regime to have all parties together in a committee a committee for the constitution but there's still no final agreement on that nothing it appears can be agreed until there is some solution for all the fighting and all the deaths that's happened in it live in the past 3 months it isn't going away it seems there's a question mark over whether or not there can be some sort of deal to stop that fighting facebook says it's shut down a propaganda campaign linked to saudi arabia's government $350.00 accounts have been banned from the social media platform for boosting state propaganda and attacking the kingdom's rivals andy carvin is a senior fellow at the atlantic council's digital forensic research lab he says the saudi government isn't alone when it comes to this kind of practice. this isn't
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a unique situation many governments on their own are creating these coordinated and authentic networks online in order to spread their messages and and attack their rivals or in some cases as we're seeing here with the u.a.e. pages that came down a p.r. company was paid to post messages in. support of the. policies and so it's certainly not new but it's becoming much more prevalent and like you said it's not just facebook we recently observed similar patterns happening on twitter with around 100 twitter accounts working in coordinated fashion to support the u.s. interests in the region i wouldn't say what's going on right now is unprecedented in fact if anything it's happening more often in recent months we've seen facebook take down pages that have been associated with supporting interests in russia pages
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that were coming out of thailand out of 100 or us there was also a recent large number of pages in fact that were connected to a political campaign company in israel called archimedes group in which they were posting information in support of different politicians and different causes all over the world but they were all in each case they were all pretending to be someone they actually warns and so whether it's a. a government actor that's organizing these and off at it you know authentic campaigns or in some cases their commercial interest being paid by someone else to do it it feels like it's becoming a weekly occurrence and that's because it pretty much says at this point. our water has reopened its western border with the democratic republic of congo was briefly closed to prevent the latest ebola outbreak from spreading into its territory 2 more cases have been reported in the border city of goma they are the one year old daughter and the wife of the man who died of ebola on wednesday catherine sawyer
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has more from the kenyan capital nairobi. on a normal morning this main border crossing between the democratic republic of congo and rwanda is busy with people going back and forth 15000 people use this crossing daily as families visit relatives and traders stake their goods to the market millions of dollars a maid in buda trade every year but for a few hours on thursday the barriers were closed the rundown government saying it wanted to evaluate a bullet situation in the congolese city of goma. that position taken by rwanda to close the borders not a good decision but people. haven't checked it yeah on the border. that. we crossed over yesterday and we didn't have any problems here but a large quantity of corn but this morning we came back to get our goods and they forbade us from crossing into rwanda because the customs office was not working
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quiet about it and he said it's because of the polar. health workers in goma say they're well prepared and are continuing to trace people who could have made contact with a ball of victims when the world health organization declared a bola in the d.r. c. a public health emergency of international concern of the souls want countries against closing borders saying people may start using informal crossings where there are no proper medical check points and this could just make things west we're talking hundreds of process if not more. so this country is counterproductive because it interferes with that in the secondly people find another way or more remote here is where if you can go across the newly border you can find a different way. a vaccination campaign is underway and other regions in the eastern d.r. c but a controversial proposal by the world health organization to deploy
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a new 2nd vaccine for clinical trials is raising concern this new maxine that's being discussed is one that requires 2 doses about 56 days apart so there's a lot of discussion about if we know we have an effective vaccine that's being used and has taken so long to get acceptance by the population if there's enough of that dexie and we know it's effective why introduce another vaccine into into this outbreak for now at the border travelers are relieved that operations are back to not only but many people in this city of around 2000000 are afraid that the disease that has arrived on their doorstep may spread catherine sorry al-jazeera nairobi kenya a mexico's murder rate is at record levels on average around 1000 people are killed every day $17000.00 died in the 1st half of this year much of it linked to fighting between drug gangs but other crimes are also on the rise matter regular reports now
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from veracruz. a cycle of violence has gripped the mexican state of veracruz once a thriving economic hub for mexico it appears as though insecurity here has spiraled out of control not only has there been an increase in homicides and drive by shootings but also other crimes like extortion and kidnappings. in the coastal city of quotes acquired goes the perception of insecurity many residents feel has led to a sharp economic decline forcing business owners to close shop and leave town in a quest the kidnapping is a what really of hits as hot making news headlines about kidnappings has also been bad for us it's how to devastate the name private investment in the city of. the escalating violence in vera cruz is just one example of the deteriorating security situation across much of the country there were $17608.00 murders recorded
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nationwide in the 1st half of the year a 10 percent increase from 2018 which happen to be a record setting year for homicides in mexico if it were vandalism c.e.o.'s i worry about homicides i worry about kidnappings and robberies against people. the mexican president's strategy to combat violence has been the creation of a national guard critics say this militarized response by the government has until now failed to deliver its intended results the almost a list that they have been seen by the main strategy of this government has been the national guard which has not even finished being established so it's difficult to evaluate if they are even fulfilling their goals. and much of mexico in security is rooted in the splintering of drug cartels who fight over control of territory that violence however frequently spills into the community we're walking along the boardwalk in quotes likewise goes but a cruise a part of town that would normally be full of people enjoying the beach in the sun as you can see there's hardly anyone here afraid of becoming the next victims of
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extortion or kidnapping or murder. many of chosen to leave madrid upolu. what's a better clues. this is al jazeera let's get a round up of the top stories the south korean military says the north has launched an unidentified short range projectile from its eastern coast if confirmed it will be the 3rd launch in just over a week. short range missiles we never made an agreement on that i have no problem we'll see what happens but these are short range missiles they're very standard the fighters in yemen have killed dozens of people at a military parade denied in the rebels' targeting forces loyal to yemen's government which is backed by saudi arabia and the u.a.e. earlier a suicide bomber killed 11 people at a police station but the attack wasn't claimed by the who tease rebels also say
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they fired a missile at a military facility in the saudi city of demand. doctors in suzanne say at least 4 people have been killed after security forces opened fire on protesters it happened during nationwide marches against the killing on monday of at least 6 other protesters sudan's ruling transitional military council is bringing in power military rapid support forces for those deaths the syrian state media says a conditional cease fire has been reached in the last rebel held province of idlib but there's been no response yet from the opposition at least 2 children were killed in fighting in in live on thursday more than 400 civilians have been killed in northwest syria since late april. iran and the u.a.e. will strengthen an expanded their maritime border security cooperation a deal was signed by to iran's signed in tehran by iran's border police commander
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and iraq's police it follows a number of incidents in the gulf those are the headlines inside stories next. how much of a threat is briggs it to the unity of the u.k. or johnson's been touring the union as a no deal exit looms trying to reassure those worried about the european divorce but he believes them as he convince the skeptics or is the kingdom fracturing even further this is inside story.
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hello everyone i'm come on santa maria welcome to inside story we're talking about the u.k. today or if we were to use its official name the united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland but there are a lot of questions right now over that 1st would unite it and it's not just because of bragg's it which is now just 3 months away consider this when was the last time a british prime minister visited the home countries that is wales scotland or northern ireland and faces protest at every stop let's go through it here's boris johnson starting out in edinburgh he was met with geas and boos from protesters which actually forced him to leave via the back door of beauty house the official residence of scotland's 1st minister inside his hosts nicholas sturgeon expressed her discontent shall we say with johnson's brags that plans she spoke about a catastrophic almost inevitable path to a no deal breakers that remember most scottish people didn't want to leave the e.u.
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although many do support the idea of leaving the u.k. itself sturgeon says she wants to pass the framework bill for another referendum on scottish independence next year. then it's on to wales where johnson was seeking support for his briggs it plans from the country's agricultural sector the welsh farmers union has warned him leaving the e.u. without a deal would cause quote civil unrest in rural areas many british farmers rely heavily on trade with europe and a no deal scenario could be costly for their business wales are also important right now because of a byelection on thursday in the seat of brick and radnor show which johnson's conservative party is trying to hold on to and let's make it 3 from 3 northern ireland his last stop boris johnson didn't receive the warmest welcome either not publicly booed this time but maybe that's because he was far away from the protesters there is broad consensus that leaving the e.u. without a deal could be dramatic because of the land border between northern ireland and the republic of ireland which will become
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a border into europe if no deal happens that soon phone party says the government must call the referendum on irish unity immediately however but not forget northern ireland's been without a city government since the year 2017. all right that's the rundown and here is today's panel to look at the state of the u.k. at the moment we start in london where tholen wager who is a research associate with the u.k. in a changing europe initiative that is at king's college london and berlin jonathan les is deputy director of british influence approach european think tank and on skype from dinner in scotland alastair susi a writer on scottish political affairs gentlemen welcome to you all i might actually go back to my original question which i asked earlier in the introduction pace and that was when was the last time a u.k. prime minister got this sort of reception all over the u.k. i know that no leader is going to be universally liked but jonathan the let me
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start with you this was pretty embarrassing for a new prime minister. it's massively humiliating and it illustrates something very important about boris johnson which is he's an extraordinarily divisive prime minister perhaps the most divisive prime minister in modern times just a week into his premiership where normally prime minister starts off with a bounce a popular goodwill and popularity but because boris johnson is so reviled for his long career in public this is a rather public service is long reputation for his honesty and his instrumental role in the brics the referendum which is of see such a divisive issue that people just don't see that he is a man that really has anyone's interests at heart other than his own and has been very clearly expressed in scotland and wales and in the northern ireland political parties as you can see and with a prime minister who is sort of blackmailing ireland if you like telling islands to
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abandon its basic economic and political interests to sort of like the desires of boris johnson is going to endear him even less. to that country and the rest of the rest the u.k. so in your eyes and jonathan boris johnson is and i'll use this description he has a has a product or symptom which one is that of the disunity in the u.k. . absolutely the problem the problem of course johnson well one of the many problems with boris johnson is that he's actually not as popular as the conservative party thinks he is the reason that the conservatives elected boris johnson was that they thought that he was a winner so they overlooked his many kind of gaffes and verbal and verbal or sort of a journalistic errors and offensive remarks over the last few months alone the last years and he suddenly became the number one candidate because they thought that he
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could win but that was actually very outdated notion because the only time he's really won was in london and that is the food bricks it london is london now thinks very little of boris johnson because of his role and embrace it and of course scotland as he said was very opposed to price that wales is now much more remain that it was in 2016 and as you say there is huge concern about a no deal bricks in there in the rural areas of wales because the farming industry and in northern ireland people are talking about the break up of the good friday agreement which would be a direct result of a no deal breaker so boris johnson has very little to show from self alastair so it's the internet and let's bring you in seeing as jonathan has talked about some of the journalistic remarks and comments in the past of boris johnson i can't help but remember back and it's a while back now admittedly but 2005 in the spectator when he wrote about government by a scot is just not conceivable in the current constitutional context he was talking about gordon brown back then i mean just on that comment and you can see why the
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scottish perhaps don't like him but again that reception he got there and the fact that you had to leave by the back door and nicholas stoughton said that had never happened before. it's all it's all a bit extraordinary really. yeah no i mean it certainly is i mean you know he said it's some you know pretty unsavory things about scott's. or you know over the years as he said it's you know he said again what a scar it is inconceivable you also published you know when he was editor of the spectator he published a poem you know which called scottish people barrowman and said that they should be placed in ghettos that was when he was editor of the spectator sees that many you know he said many rules and you know he also has this sort of streak of sort of english nationalism he's very privileged he was privately educated and you know he's kind of embracing and or your breath said he's saying by the 1st of october of
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this you know if that's the way we're going that's that we were going and ollie's phones are our you know aspects that starts you know do not embrace asshole and that is why. partially at least he got the reception in the member of no i mean if you think about an umbrella an umbrella of course the capital of scotland but it's also very pro union. and you know the 2 biggest cities in scotland the edinburgh and glasgow no that was there essentially got quite a crew union park to scotland glasgow is actually quite a. pro national and simple to yes to in but send them back into those reports so you know just wonder what would have happened if it had to done the same thing in glasgow and does all of this feel the independence debate again i've heard people describe the independence debate as being something that is sort of comes and goes i've heard it described perhaps more pejoratively as a national sport does it get real impetus now and not just because of doris jones
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and let's not lay it all at his door but just because of the state of affairs coming out of westminster. sure it does i think it does for several reasons it does it's got real traction back in 2 days and 40 scholars loyal to it's a 55 percent 45 percent to remain in the u.k. so that was a clear result in favor of staying in the union 45 percent is pretty high it doesn't take very much to be about 45 percent to about 50 and the call since then has been 45 percent you know even more than once and they always hold their own the late forty's so detraction it has now if you think back to the end that was aspirational 45 percent but it was an aspirational world knows there's real traction behind the traction with rex it starts to vote for break said there's traction with boris johnson a lot of sports don't want boris johnson distraction with a new director set started in one breaks in the 1st place let alone
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a new director and so all of these things no receiving end to the independence debate up here and considering back in 2014 the opinion polls that support for independence are in the late twenty's and that parities and ended up 40 percent in the you know list takes queen conceivable 40 by her you know percent couldn't reach 515253 of course it's not it's not a likelihood it's not you know you wouldn't say that it's probable but you would say there's a definite possible and i do let's bring you into the conversation from london we've talked a lot about boris johnson we've talked a lot about scotland there but you know the overarching thing at the moment is this idea that the u.k. we're clear the it is fractured but that could fracture even further and for hecht alastair wrote a piece for al-jazeera dot com called boris johnson be the you could he be the u.k.'s last prime minister are we overstating things to say that the u.k. is so fractured so let's talk about wales and northern ireland and england as well
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that it could. disband in one form or the other eventually or at some point. i don't see not that's impossible at all from where we're standing johnson was elected on a mandate by conservative members and when conservative members were polled by a youth of polling company they said they would accept the breakup of the union and even the breakup of the conservative party to ensure that breaks it happens his mandate is to ensure whatever whatever costs the breaks it happens that said if he is the last prime minister of the union he will be fully aware that he'll get on the history as the leader of the of the u.k. that lead to its lead to its disbanding and that will go away very heavily and that's why you see him go to scotland wales and northern ireland this week it's very likely that we'll have another poll on on on on independence in scotland soon the conservative party have 13 m.p.'s in scotland and essentially with the election
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of boris johnson they've written off those $38.00 seats. and it's also possible actually and this was something that they wouldn't realise before the referendum that the breaking point that the thread that i'm on on which it all unravels could actually be ireland and the possibility of a board a poll in ireland even potentially before we have another 2nd referendum in scotland isn't it actually also really important that we get a government in ireland northern ireland i should say as well. yeah and that's and that's become increasingly difficult now we have of course for drugs president premiership he's gone to belfast this week before he met the cross community leaders in belfast he met with the d.d.p. he relies on for their support in the house of commons so he is not seen as an honest broker in that negotiation to restart power sharing in northern ireland so it's really difficult to say that happening before potentially ardbeg and the bringing back direct rule to northern ireland will be essential if we have
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a no deal breaks it and that brings with it all sorts of political problems for that for that part of the u.k. so here's the overarching problem that i think i see gentlemen from listening to what you've all said there on these various topics and it is the word disconnect now people all over the world in democracies often feel a disconnect from the politicians they think they they they don't really know what's going on in an everyday person's life i think in the u.k. at the moment it is you know this is amplified it is a complete disconnect between the countries between the people in westminster. actually what and i start with you alan seeing as you are in london what do you think this u.k. government let's not just say boris johnson let's talk about the government what can they do to promote some actual unity or is the mandate in the direction of the conservative party always going to be going against unity. i think because boris johnson was elected to unify the bricks and unify the right of british politics he
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wasn't elected as a unifying candidate for the whole country is the core aim the core purpose the rationale behind electing boris johnson for conservative party m.p.'s and members was all of it is that bit of the bricks of party and the knowledge of mere pre-election would return to boris johnson that means that his aim and everything he does should be viewed through the prism of the electoral politics of that not through any sort of grand plans unify the union or unify politics or get through practice it in any sort of gay civil or way that could actually unite the country jonathan what do you think about unity how would this government go about it how does it say to scotland yes we do care about you and your your your independence or at least your desire to be more independent yes northern and we worry about you in the border yes whales we worry about your agriculture all of these sorts of things it is in any iraq actually probably a tough job it is the problem is that they have no desire the boris johnson show no
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desire to even attempt that because if he cared about the views of northern ireland . new did not answer the d.p. but the majority of people north annoyed and he said he didn't want bracks said and he was very very concerned about the feature of ireland northern ireland relations . hardbacks or no deal breaks it then he wouldn't be saying we should get rid of the backstop he'd be saying let's have the backstop because peace in northern ireland the prosperity and stability of northern ireland is were important than anything he's not saying that he's saying the brics that is the most important thing but why would he want. donovan in wales why would he not want that unity i don't to get into too much psychoanalysis of boris johnson the the man but you know the united kingdom the clues in the title. the reason is i'm afraid that it's not about unifying it's about exactly exactly as they as the other panelists said it's
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about unifying the bricks that boris johnson is not the prime minister for 100 percent of the british people no to see who is the other purporting to be really he's a prime minister not even 50 percent of the british population or the richer british or that british voters are very set for breaks that he is a prime minister for 33 percent of voters who want a no deal breaks it that is the that is the kind of proportion of the population that he's trying to unify in fear of knowledge of herat and the brics the party on his right flank he doesn't really care about any of those other issues if he cared about the farmers in wales he would be talking about a no deal bracks which would destroy them if he cared about scottish independence he'd be saying that scotland would have more of a say in the negotiations but in that he's actually continuing the kind of that the line that theresa may quinn she was prime minister which was the bracks it was a most important objective the union came 2nd and that is why i went to resume
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a how the over cheesey sustain a single market and customs union which would have kept northern ireland and ireland completely aligned she decided not to do that because she thought the brics it and specifically leaving the single market was more important alastair indian and i'm looking for some good news here because everyone says the unfortunate impression i'm getting is that 3 months from now the u.k. is going to be basically driven off a cliff is it that bad in your opinion. for the u.k. as a whole i mean you can you know i mean it it's so impossible to tell what is going to happen from one minutes or the next one hour it's in the next not just in scotland but in britain and across the world things that happened an occurrence that we never thought would happen you know donald trump was president boris johnson as prime minister. you know the prospect of scottish independence which was you know i mean i split not that long ago was seen as a during you know it wasn't seen as something that was not any serious and but over
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the last 12 years since the scottish national party took control of the scottish parliament to those in 7. 100 when it was control ready this is again you know something that has been on the agenda. you know will we be on the 31st of october with a new deal yet there's a pretty good chance will something happen in between to start that yes again has a very good chance and i think and you know with respect to scotland though and if it's. scotland did not vote for a new deal that would be very very bad for the use and if it can somehow muster something that gets some kind of deal that could that could stave off things for a period of take i mean perception and we you know we shouldn't border states the prospect of scottish independence there are. ways of you know getting the support in scotland across the borders of scotland for instance the border between scotland
9:40 am
and england in edinburgh for instance so you know i don't you know that. you know conservative supports but the s.n.p. since 2007 and in both the scottish parliament and you know elections and west minutes there are elections managed to increase their or share increase their seats you know consolidate their seats and their whole share even though it's going up and going to be that but we're talking 12 years ago and you know scottish independence. it's something to be honest i wouldn't be shuttle short did it happen gentlemen crystal ball time. there's 2 other scenarios i want to explore aside from the idea of breaks it or no deal briggs it and that is a general election. or a 2nd referendum on briggs because both have been touted by various players let's start with alan the idea of a general election at some point as all 3 of you have made the point boris johnson
9:41 am
has not been elected by the people he's been appointed by the conservative party and he got 2 thirds of the vote in that ballot is there a prospect of a general election here and how do you think the electorate the people will respond . it looks more and more likely there'll be a general election for the basic reason that boris johnson will hit the buffers either intentionally or otherwise of the parliamentary arithmetic which is against his bracks it strategy and that will force him into elections they need to do that beforehand before he's forced or he will think that she is quite good to be forced into it so he can say it's the parliament versus the people i'm going to mandate for going to get a mandate and no deal for the for the bricks of the you voted for 3 years ago out of the parliament is stopping me and that he hopes that's the sort of strategy that will win him that 33 percent of the vote that jonathan was talking about i mean the signs are so far these had this sort of brief bounce in in support and he has
9:42 am
managed to successfully align the brakes supporters to the point where a poll just an hour ago put the brakes of party down on 9 percent when they were polling double that couple of weeks ago so it's entirely possible we get to an election where with the remain party fracture between the liberal democrats the labor party and the conservative party managing to align with a 3rd of the vote in our electoral system winning. winning a majority of seats not commons that's that's that's not impossible from there i think alan actually a general election could be really interesting because all the talk is about how boris well boris johnson wasn't elected by the people but there is a he does have he is a popular he was a popular mayor of london there's always been talk about him becoming the leader of the party or the prime minister and if it actually goes out to the people and he doesn't get a lot of support well then that son of the more he can say right i was right all along you didn't want me yet he can go and see that that mandate is his negotiating
9:43 am
strategy he could be probably quite quite. he won't need to necessarily say i'm pushing a no deal he can even say give the give a message to the european union that that we don't want the current deal we want something different and if not we'll go for a no deal so you can blow that a bit as well it's entirely possible that a strategy could pay off there's a whole lot of risks he could lose all of the saves to the remain parties in morena part of the country that the conservative party all the seats in scotland are going to go it's a risky strategy but it could be the only only route for him from for from there jonathan lists is there the prospect of a. 2nd break that referendum possibly. i would say that a general election is a 100 percent certainty and a 2nd referendum is very likely that his there is there is no way out of this and no deal is made now now a deal is basically become impossible we're looking at either no deal which would
9:44 am
be calamitous by the government's own admission really or no breaks or school and in those circumstances that be extraordinary pressure to have that 2nd referendum because the fundamental point is that there is no mandate for no deal and the bracks is have to admit that themselves there's a certain amount of revisionism going on at the moment where there's a saying you know we dates talk of the possibility of no deal before but that's simply doesn't bear up to any scrutiny the whole point of the bracks referendum was that it was going to give us a better deal increased prosperity the deal was going to be very easy and very quick now we're talking about spending billions of pounds just to ensure that people don't die of insulin shortages which is not exactly what was promised in the referendum it certainly was written on the side of the boss so when when when people confronted with that eventuality they'll be immense pressure to have that referendum and some people are speculating that burris johnson might actually want
9:45 am
that it's because if you is to have a fracture which we've taken out of his hands if the people would say actually day one this new deal we won't see remain it could be that that's the only way that jones and his premiership because then he could actually be the prime minister he wants to g.'s on thing stopped and then go on and lead into other things jonathan lists alastair seriously and alan wager i've really enjoyed talking to you about this and that's saying something because we've been talking about breaks at an awful lot for the last few years so thank you so much for joining us and of course thank you for watching this program and indeed all our previous editions or online at al-jazeera dot com if you want have a look inside story in the show's section we're also at facebook dot com. forward slash a.j. inside story were on twitter at a.j. inside story and i've not come all a.j. if you want to message me directly from the whole inside story team thanks for joining us.
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80 percent of the visually impaired could be cured without access to treatment. where there is a will there is a black. state of the auto spittle covering over 77 countries talbott if this patient be since today able to vote and in pakistan one learns passion provides flea treatment for over 1000000 patients and yet the cure revisited which is iraq.
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following 2 fatal crashes in the past year bowen decided to brown the brand new 7 to 7 bags but this wasn't the 1st time around a new craft back in 2013 the 77 dreamliner ran into trouble when a battery caught fire that is out of the us investigative unit the skull if there is more to the problem than just smoking batteries. rewind broken during the boeing
9:48 am
787 on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. every. a lot has. the top stories on al-jazeera the south korean military says north korea's launched an unidentified short range projectile from the country's eastern coast if confirmed it will be the 3rd launch in just over a week from a bride has more from seoul. we know that north korea has been working on all of
9:49 am
its weapons systems it has been building up its nuclear stockpile has been potentially adding new nuclear material and warheads that hasn't been any nuclear testing as we know but it has been working on all these systems and will continue to do so according to the critics and some of the opposition lawmakers here in south korea until there is a tangible agreement a piece of paper signed between the u.s. and north korea actually limiting their nuclear stockpile and actually trying to. reduce it and sign it away which they have pledged to do and we are seeing those missiles being tested at the moment the fighters in yemen have killed dozens of people at a military parade in either the rebels targeting forces loyal to yemen's government which is backed by saudi arabia and the u.a.e. stephanie decker has more. it started as a military parade. though it ended in this the result of what he said was
9:50 am
a missile strike in aden the seat of the saudi backed government the campus a base for morality trained and supported units among those killed the senior military commander brigadier general need seen here earlier in the week wearing the red bray but it wasn't the only message the hooty sent on thursday they also said they'd fired a long range missile at the port city of demand in saudi arabia hundreds of kilometers away a 1st in this saudi led 4 year long war 2 brazen attacks with a very clear message they are layers you know true to this military action by her and i think that one of the 1st thing that they want you to do is that moments in kong with the new reason actually were during cro-magnon i think they wanted to show up when they are losing support and there and allies there who are the all quite capable of actually hitting them and he didn't quite where they fell them with calls to go where the fell but they had
9:51 am
a stronghold in the saudi led war was launched to remove the iranian backed 2 things from yemen or to weaken them at least there seems to be no end in sight the latest attack is kind of a message that. the back to voters is going to come under attack under the are a legitimate target because the are working with the saudi about forces no political achievements on either side saudis ally the u.a.e. is pulling back its presence and even held a rare meeting with an iranian delegation on cheese day to discuss issues in the strait of hormuz. it's a political stalemate in a conflict this killed thousands of civilians left tens of thousands of children starving and crippled what was already one of the world's poorest countries stephanie decker al-jazeera a doctors in sudan say at least 4 people have been killed after security forces opened fire on protesters it happened during nationwide marches against the killing on monday of at least 6 other protesters the ruling transitional military council
9:52 am
is blaming paramilitary rapid support forces for those deaths. syrian state media says a conditional cease fire has been reached in the last rebel held province of idlib but there's been no response yet from the opposition at least 2 children were killed in fighting in italy on thursday 400 civilians have been killed in northwest syria since late april. iran and the u.a.e. will strengthen and expand their maritime border security cooperation deal was signed in tehran by iranian and m a rock teach border police commanders it was the 1st meeting between the 2 sides in 6 years. u.s. president donald trump has announced more tariffs on goods from china in a bid to raise the pressure on them to reach a deal he says he's not happy with the progress of trade talks i want to 10 percent tariff on the remaining $300000000000.00 worth of chinese imports those are the
9:53 am
headlines we're back in half an hour right now witness is up next. when i was a lot. of prophets are present and one when they want to travel what level
9:54 am
a name is what a body. cut from. a grew up in a place called christmas creek it's in western australia. as a child i remember stories about the past i heard about a life in the great sandy desert home of family go from. here stories about or old to help them sell by. the condom dealers living laura. i have never seen them. on a more than evil click on their war from the desert their parents or their problem confinement in an ever olympic. christmas creek callistemon where my family were working. my father. it was their stock when
9:55 am
he used to sell a bed of what they you know and that's how the government guardian name roll for. one day when i was 10 my family took me to a color station. the only people have said a broad mining on guess a good land. and she did kid into our jeans. that's me. it was the 1st time i went just my people fighting for their country. back to us a mining company and not drilling and no one. but for us it was still a victory. it put on a fine for a man writes on the map. i am one as a kid i remember the excitement of being there and being out of something big i am glad that back. when we return christmas craig my father
9:56 am
as usual was away working in mustering camps. but i never front on alone. we had big mobs of all people looking out for us. for me it was like having a big extended family. literally my grandfather from my mother's side was very special to me. is a man of. no words and never know it for a man of wisdom and that is if you want him to fail to catch up with what you don't. or spider. brother what he was always a grandfather to me. he was different. he told stories all the time. together with his wife julie but now they're living in fictional crossing for
9:57 am
millions are you going to get a letter. ever since i was a young boy spawn i was always singing. singing and dancing or not community festival. it was always about going up in the great sandy desert. country and he was forced to leave after the county came the white men. not. only in spotter always dreamt about getting the land in the desert back. for many years we had been fighting for land rights. and 992 things began to happen. when he took them for additional lands and smash them for additional wildlife where he brought the diseases and the alpha home. where he committed the
9:58 am
murders where you took the children from their mothers for the 1st time australia has recognized the legal existence of aborigines prior to white settlement the high court has recognized there would people here and their descendants have rights. to mabo decision showed us that we could legally claim our land back. to claim it back we have to prove we have a continuing relationship to a country. in 1994 my grandfather where only a spotter. took me to day country. and been bank there for 40 years.
9:59 am
it was my 1st trip to a country. i decided to shoot a video it was a new way of showing evidence for land claim all i had was the old be a guest camera. we took what fellow with us just to name is jalen a guy there called him daniel the land council asked me if i would be interested in conducting a lamb klein under the new native title act. one of the 1st people that i met was fighter who told me that is his country was. when they were going to go there. i read you know how to get to where you wanted to go and he drew maps of his country on the sand in fitzroy crossing and really it wasn't done to
10:00 am
scale i'll tell you about. no one goes in this part of the great sandy desert no one travels in it it's almost inaccessible. like it was like a different world for me. i had to see the dance. and know as i think all. things began to happen we knew that we were going to close it because people were starting to burn the spinifex. and that if. i only hear stories about that snake spirit living in the water but i didn't believe it i followed my camera. it was hard to keep up.


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