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tv   Rainmakers Of The Outback  Al Jazeera  August 3, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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this you know on the implementation of the sochi deal now the opposition saying that we won't withdraw our heavy weapons unless we have guarantees from turkey and russia and you have high authority to share which is the main opposition group but the strongest group in ad libbed saying that we reserve the right to retaliate if the truce is violated without without even mentioning whether or not it plans to implement that sochi memorandum h.t.s. was the group that refused to withdraw from a demilitarized zone making it very very difficult for turkey to create this cell and in fact this is why russia kept on criticizing turkey saying you're not fulfilling your commitments under the sochi deal will turkey be able to do that this time around so there is a lot of concern that this is just a short term agreement or an arrangement at the end of the day we keep talking about the opposition and the government but it is russia and turkey that brokered this deal the 2 powers who support their warring sides on the ground and both of them really have to reach some sort of a compromise because turkey had political leverage if the rebels were holding
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ground the government was not able to make any significant advances the russians and the syrian government were targeting civilian areas killing civilians pressuring the rebels to try to surrender so there was a need to reach some sort of an agreement especially since turkey and russia don't want to rupture their relationship but whether or not it will be short term or long term well we have to wait and see. how the u.n. has awoken the ceasefire. according to the office of coronation of humanitarian affairs north strikes have been reported since midnight but there are reports of artillery shelling in northern hama the pause comes after 3 months of intense hostilities that have resulted in close to 500 civilians killed and the displacement of more than 440000 people the un reminds all parties to the conflict and those who have influence over them of their obligations to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure and the principles of distinction and proportionality
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enshrined in the international humanitarian law puerto rico has a new governor loya pedobear luis he has been sworn in but his appointment still has to be confirmed by the u.s. territory senate crowds have been celebrating in the streets out there ricardo reseller stepped down he was forced to resign following a text message scandal and corruption allegations and we have to bring you a live report on those developments out of puerto rico a little bit later in the bulletin. but democratic republic of congo says only hoffer of ebola cases may have been identified the government fears the epidemic could last 3 is health workers trying to contain the virus in goma an important transit route on the border with wanda it is the 1st time a ball has spread to a major city 4 cases have been confirmed in goma and hundreds have been vaccinated malcolm webb has more from nairobi in kenya. the head of the government of bowler
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response dr john jack miami has said that it's a bowler outbreak could last 2 or 3 years and he said that based on an estimate that there are only managing to identify about half of the above the cases the other half remain largely off able to identify them or trace the people that they've come into contact with but it's widely seen as a positive thing that the response has now been taken out of the hands of the politicians and put into the hands of the scientists talk to me and they said a change of strategy was now required and that the response needed to be moved to devolve down to the smallest units of government in the villages so that when communities are approached by government workers and health workers who are trying to trace people who have been contacted or trying to encourage people to get vaccinated then they need to be approached communities need to be approached by people with whom they're familiar by people who they know who he says to date it's been problematic the community has been approached by people who've been trained in
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nearby towns and cities and to them essentially strangers this is in a context where there's a widespread mistrust of health workers and the general widespread mistrust of government not least because of decades of conflict poor delivery of public services he said this new strategy needs to be brought in hoping that they can prevent the spread of the virus specially since it's reached the regional capital of goma city with a population of more than 2000000 people so officials now are very concerned that this polar outbreak which is the 2nd worst of the world's ever seen could soon get a lot worse still ahead on aljazeera the number of russians protesting in the capital is gone op in recent weeks despite warnings from the authorities will tell you why. no. protests in south korea after japan moves to restrict trade relations part of a growing dispute. hello
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there we're still watching very closely the progress of tropical storm we put out will continue to weaken as we head through the weekend but the rains are still very heavy with this system is old tied into this massive cloud you can see here on the satellite now through saturday the rains very heavy out towards the west particularly cross into northern sections of it nama so a very wet day in hanoi 27 degrees is the high temperature 31 in hong kong with a break on saturday sunday though those rains they were back in the forecast there very widespread pushing into more eastern sections of china but a break though to shanghai 32 degrees celsius not as hot as it has been an exit this rain with extending all the way down into all central areas of the thailand and in fact really quite a long way south in fact it's really just going to borneo so much the many planes
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today where we see some dry conditions as we go through the weekend the satellite showing us the most activity is and there it is on suffolk he said it really is extend right the way down into come phenomenal so into those more southern sections of thailand already much change on sunday perhaps more cloud those spinning southwards but not much rain with it as it heads across into borneo we've got both across into india those monsoon rains really very extensive pushing up into the fall northwest we'll see rains across into paul as well for both days the weekend and also quite heavy once again across into myanmar. who has a sponsor can tolerate. a conflict that is now considered to be the world's worst humanitarian crisis you know he would not have to die it's still his heart says palmer really forcing an investigation into how billions of euros are made from supplying arms to saudi arabia a leader of the coalition fighting a war in the south the case. interesting to watch the amounts of money involved
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yemen war profiteers on al-jazeera. again you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour celebrations have begun in sudan after the announcement of a constitutional agreement between the military genter and the protester lives it will lead a new civilian led transitional government with limits to the power paramilitary forces but the government has not yet been signed talks will continue on saturday. after months of bombing and strikes have stopped in northwest syria after the announcement of a ceasefire there the truce in
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a deliberate province in syria's last rebel stronghold came during peace talks in kazakstan. puerto rico has a new governor lawyer pedro pinto we see has been sworn in crowds have been celebrating in the streets after the carter center stepped down for the world news forced to resign following a text message scandal and corruption allegations get more on this from gabriel alexander who is live from san juan so gabriel where things stand right now is the political uncertainty there are over 1. not really they're still in a bit of a bit of a constitutional crisis here there's 2 things going on right now you see a protest you see behind me it's a little before 8 30 pm here local time in the old city of san juan we're right outside the gates of the governor's mansion and there are protesters here but instead of protests of anger like what it was for nearly 3 weeks it's now protests of celebration now. that they have
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a new governor but behind the scenes what we have is a constitutional crisis that is deepening here because the new governor pedro here louis c. was only confirmed by the house of representatives he was not confirmed by the senate which is not constitutional here but yet he still assumed the governorship so we'll have to see in the coming hours and days if lawsuits are filed or if the senate tries to step in and block this in some way but as it stands now. this island that is a part of the united states is now does now have a new governor really does cap what has been more than a month of intense street protests something he's never seen here before to get the old governor out of office so it's a little bit of mixed emotions here on the streets right now so what are the protesters they're saying because as you say they did this went on for several weeks it began over. these embarrassing text messages which forced the governor to
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step down but it's going to be about more than that for people there hasn't. yeah it's about health and education it was those text messages you mention but it was also about corruption within the government the former governor had 2 of his top aides or cabinet ministers that were arrested by the f.b.i. for alleged corruption just a week before the text messages were released the protesters on the streets right now clearly feel that they have a victory and they really do this was a victory for the protesters and the people of puerto rico who took to the streets by the hundreds of thousands to get the x. governor now out of office so that's a victory but now where do they go from here they're fairly happy with the new governor they're not thrilled with him but they say this one protester told me of an hour ago she said this was our best option at least for right now but she said we want health we want education we want to get things and she said what this movement has done in her view is that it's reminded us how important it is for them
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to vote for people that they really want in office so it is a victory but for the short term but elections will be held in november of 2020 next year and that's when puerto rican say they will really go out to the polls to really select someone for the next 4 years the governor now is there on an interim basis until next year carol thanks very much now yemen's the rebels have for the 1st time released images of the ballistic missile system they've used to target saudi arabia the fight to say the medium range borken missile is the mystically produced in yemen they say they'll continue launching attacks until the saudi u.a.e. coalition stops its air strikes mohamad a lot has more from santa. during his press today the host is mr spokesperson has syria mentioned that this newly domestically produced missile can have targets far away from riyadh and that the all of these
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saudi and the united arab emirates battle targets have become under the fire range of the whole thing so here one more ballistic missiles will be launched by the whole thiis targets the saudi aggression. stops in yemen he mentioned that the newly. produced. 3rd which is means the will came who. has the capability also to be launched from. launchers of from text launchers he also mentioned that the b.b. have carried out the. attack in aden winter which carries resulted to the killing of us least $39.00 during their parade in aden libya will close sri migrant detention centers after criticism from the un over conditions in the 2
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of them are in the coastal cities of misrata and homs the 3rd is into june or suburb of the capital tripoli forces loyal to warlord holly for half that hit that facility in an airstrike a month ago killing at least 52 migrants which we are calling on now is for an orderly release for refugees in detention centers to urban settings and we stand ready to provide to provide these people with assistance through our urban programs asylum seekers and refugees should not be kept in detention we absolutely oppose any idea of detaining children. in. because of migrant in france people have been protesting against what they say is their government's support for half the french weapons were found at a military base used by his forces last month after launched an offensive in april
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to take the libyan capital from the un recognized government the fighting has killed more than a 1000 people and forced tens of thousands from their homes. the u.s. has impose new sanctions on russia over the poisoning of a former russian double agent and his daughter in the u.k. sergei and you were attacked with a chemical nerve agent in the city of soulsby last year the russian foreign ministry says sanctions will further damage already strained relations particle in has more from washington. u.s. president donald trump complying with something congress told him to do last year after the poisoning of scrip all the u.s. congress passed a measure saying that because chemical weapons were used russia has to be sanctioned in less they can certify that they would never do it again and allow for inspections the state department months ago said that didn't happen so now congress has basically just been waiting to see if the president would impose these
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sanctions the law says that he has to pick 3 from this list of options the president is picking to win the 2 that are least likely to cause damage to the russian economy he's forbidding financial institutions in the u.s. from giving loans to the russian government and also international financial institutions from doing business with russia he could have taken such extreme steps as banning russian planes from u.s. airspace limiting imports and exports breaking off diplomatic relations the president chose not to do this no if you're certainly we know that the president had a conversation with vladimir putin thursday when asked what they talked about the president's didn't mention the sanctions didn't mention the i.m.f. treaty he said listen they talked about forest fires and the u.s. is offering to help russia. china's ambassador to the u.n. says pro-democracy protests in hong kong should not be allowed to continue calling it reprehensible thousands of civil servants to find government warnings and rallied to support the demonstrators for the 1st time they're demanding an
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independent investigation into alleged police brutality during the weeks of protests which began over an extradition bill. now it is a political standoff that has plunged to relations between japan and south korea to their lowest levels in years south korea says it will remove japan from its preferential trade partners that's a response to japan's earlier decision to drop south korea's fos track export status rob mcbride has more from seoul. at an emergency cabinet meeting call to discuss the deepening rift with japan president moon j.n. of south korea laid the blame squarely with his neighbor. japan's decision is a reckless decision that rejects diplomatic efforts to solve the problem and rather worsens the situation i express my deep regret he was responding to the latest escalation in the trade dispute with japan removing south korea from the so-called
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white list of countries allowed to receive exports of sensitive strategic components that it needs for its high tech manufacturing. it comes on top of restrictions last month on the export of raw materials for the production of semiconductors in south korea with fears of a knock on effect to manufacturing in neighboring countries. japan denies it's linked to a decade's old dispute over its water time record. deal this move was approved to revise japan's export controls appropriately and was not intended to hurt japan south korea relations or to craft counter measures japan has been angered by a supreme court ruling in favor of victims of forced labor joining world war 2 with several japanese firms ordered to pay compensation that's despite japan's insistence that an agreement in 1965 was meant to have result of the issue once and
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for all but those studying the history of the turbulent relationship say it's clear the 2 sides have always held opposing views on the nature of that agreement. up until now they have lived with their separate interpretations but this state of agreeing to disagree has been shaken and can no longer stand after this court decision and now we are at a most critical juncture in korea japan relations and now south korea is saying it will retaliate and remove japan from its list of preferential trade partners further worsening the dispute rob mcbride al-jazeera seoul. this is going to round up of our top story celebrations that began in sudan after the announcement of a constitutional agreement between the military and protest alliance it will pave the way for a civilian led transitional government it also limits the power power military
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forces of the govern the agreement has not yet been signed and talks will continue on saturday. with a delegation of the forces of freedom and change and the transitional military council met on the constitutional document and i'm very pleased in the name of the african mediation and to respect to delegations to declare to the sudanese people and the international community that the. 2 delegations are fully agreed on the constitutional project they are continuing their meetings this evening to make the technical arrangements for the signing protocols in the prisons of all the sudanese people and our international friends of puerto rico has a new governor lawyer pedro pillowy c. has been sworn in but his appointment still has to be confirmed by the u.s. territory senate crowds have been celebrating in the streets after a car door seller stepped down he was forced to resign after a text message scandal and corruption allegations a syria's government and the opposition have agreed
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a ceasefire in the last rebel held province of idlib it was announced at talks in cannes extend the opposition saying it has already pulled out its heavy weapons and that it will abide by the ceasefire as long as the government doesn't violate it all the 400 civilians have been killed in northwest syria since late april. yemen's hooty rebels have for the 1st time released images of the ballistic missile system and they used to target saudi arabia they say they'll continue launching attacks until the saudi u.a.e. coalition stops its airstrikes. the democratic republic of congo says only half of ebola cases may have been identified the government fears the epidemic could last up to 3 years health workers are trying to contain the virus in goma an important transit route on the border with one of them 4 cases have been confirmed in goma and hundreds have been vaccinated.
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those are the headlines we're back in half an hour right now it's inside story. is the war on germany finally changing the hoodies have been ramping up attacks on the saudi led coalition both in yemen and saudi arabia itself while the saudis part of the u.a.e. is gradually pulling out of yemen and reaching out to iran so what now for the coalition and is there any room for diplomacy this is inside story.
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hello everyone come on santa maria welcome to inside story it has been more than 4 years since the coalition led by saudi arabia and the u.a.e. launched a ferocious air campaign to remove iranian backed rebels from yemen the effect as we know has been devastating tens of thousands of civilians killed and as many as 85000 children who may have starved to death but there are 2 things going on right now which just maybe have the potential to change the course of the war one is the increased ability of the hutus to hit back on thursday they claim 2 major attacks against saudi emirate he backed forces 1st medium range ballistic missiles were fired at a base used by m.r.c. trained forces in the port city of aden at least 36 people were killed including a senior military commander but i also find a long range missile across the saudi arabian border targeting
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a military base in demand the capital city of the oil rich eastern region so that's one element but perhaps more significantly in the long term at least is the u.a.e. drawing down its military presence in yemen that started a few weeks ago and for the 1st time in 6 years m r r t officials met an iranian delegation in tehran this time they discussed the strait of hormuz and signed an agreement to strengthen cooperation on maritime border security but really the mere fact that they met in the 1st place is a significant step. our meeting was practical with the aim of coronating between iran and the u.a.e. for border security one of the important points we agreed on is to hold meetings between leaders of border guards from iran and the u.a.e. we will also strengthen communication between our boarders in emergency situations . so is this a fracture in the coalition will 1st of all we should really define the coalition
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because remember there were actually 10 countries which joined the air campaign against the rebels back in march of 2015 they included most of the gulf countries as well as egypt sudan and malaysia but really the whole thing has been driven and executed by the saudis and the iraqis who then removed from that coalition after the blockade was imposed 2 years ago they've also been supported by the u.s. the u.k. france turkey and belgium not official members of the alliance but they've been selling weapons to saudi arabia despite international condemnation and on the flip side china russia and of course iran to voice their opposition to military action in yemen beijing and moscow have vetoed un resolutions against iran's military assistance to the who. so that's the situation let's bring in our guests now in lancaster in the u.k. we've got simon move on who is a senior lecturer in international relations at lancaster university in sun up
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hussein a pro who journalist and yemen affairs specialist and in beirut is rami a senior public policy fellow at the american university of beirut gentlemen welcome to you all i think that the bulk of our discussion is going to be about the state of the coalition the state of the war the recent moves by the u.a.e. bartz i do want to deal with these attacks that we've seen from the who most recently and i think hussein is a good place to start in. these are increasing and by these larger scale attacks and particularly the attacks which actually go over the border into saudi arabia how are they managing to do this. today the yemeni. president on our has released footage of the missile that has targeted at the moment called. 31 of the upgraded missiles from the stockpile that previous. yemeni regime had from russia or from north korea this attack actually it was i
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think the fattest inside saudi arabia and it targets the mom which is in the rich area in saudi arabia and they believe that this is a kind of a strong message to saudi arabia that that saying that your oil infrastructure is under our coverage on as well tonight out of the emirates which i believe is the same distant. that i thought as well on the saudi backed forces in aden i believe we all have heard the news from the united arab emirates that they are withdraw and there was no official statement from united arab emirates and they believe this will be the fairest withdrawal in history without the release in an overzealous statement that just some kind of leaks united arab emirates into some media outlet and i think they want that by that is to stop any attack on united arab emirate that's why this attack on a den. base is what i must united arab emirate that is not about your existence in yemen you have for many militia recruited many yemenis in the south and those base
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are actually used to fight the yemeni army and people of committee who are loyal across and that's why all united out of iraq or other groups under them they will be and that i'm saying would you go as far to say that these are are turning the tables are are succeeding almost against the saudi arabia. yes of course i mean if you see the course of war and the 1st 3 weeks the former spokesperson of the coalition. he said that they have destroyed most of. what he called at that time houthi. missiles but now we see that yemeni army actually is upgraded. copy in some of the missile that they have they are making new drones that have reach the united arab emirates and many areas in saudi arabia and still saudi arabia with although i visit all the battery of the latest but it missile they have
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they could not stop any most of this attack so this show you a total failure on one hand you see yemeni army. is getting stronger and on the other hand we see that the saudi backed forces staling they fighting each other as well is failing to defend its border that they are using yemeni and some medicine that is from sudan to defend their border and they begin this war as they say to protect their country are now is exactly the opposite there was no threat against saudi arabia but now there is a used threat against saudi arabia and of the world against the existence of the saudi royal family source simon in lancaster how is it. important the saudi arabian military with its money and with its hardware is not able to repel these attacks point layman's view of the situation things that the saudis should be able to contain this sort of thing. yeah you think but i guess the nature of the conflict in yemen means that traditional traditional military approaches to
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conflicts are not going to be a political there's no there's no very clear battlefield away from urban spaces and that makes it really difficult for the saudis to combat the threat posed by the who are these which is one of the one of the reasons why we've seen such devastation in yemeni cities and yemeni urban areas as the saudis have tried to cattail that threat posed by the who these but it's of course had a devastating impact on the people of yemen on yemeni society as we've seen as we've heard in all these various reports that have documented the devastation that emerge from the coalition so it's really difficult i mean it's not an impossible for the saudis to stop someone hiding in in the streets of a city and then launching a missile so so it's really difficult for the saudis to stop this and spite of all of that vast technological capabilities it's incredibly difficult to know where all the individuals are who might be involved in this and then stop individual actions
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and now to add to that you've got the situation of saudi arabia starting to maybe lose some support from its closest ally iran a hurry let me bring you in on this one what is the u.a.e. up to at the moment drawing down its forces and. shock of all shocks talking to iran as well. i think the u.a.e. is really reacting to a series of developments that are taking place simultaneously the most important one probably as they have started to realize which they did about a year ago when they started to really turn over the fighting to the troops the 90000 yemenis and others that they've trained in in the south part the southern part of yemen mostly they realize that they're actually quite incompetent at warfare in other arab countries the saudis and the and that are these are very daring very bold very ambitious very boastful of their capabilities and they're willing to defend themselves but but really heroically incompetent at doing it when
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they're fighting in another country and i think they embarked is have to be given credit for realizing that i'm saying look we better get out of here especially when the american congress is passing. you know majority votes to prevent american sales of arms to the image out these and the saudis and 2nd afford you've got the europeans now the germans the french and others who are refusing to get involved with the american call to get an armada of international navies to preserve free movement through the strait of hormuz. the siege of kut that has not worked at all so the iraqis are really getting terrible press all over the world so i think they're starting to turn around their policy and realize that what they've tried to do as they say to push back the iranians has totally backfired and hasn't creased iranian influence in the amman and other parts of the region so it's really all of
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those things happening at the same time and it's one of the few areas few times i think we can say the a majority leadership is acting quite sensibly and realizing that his policies are not working and trying to turn them around is that not a big risk there romney you know in and incurring the wrath of saudi arabia for going against them. well they really don't have much choice the saudis are going to have to do something similar and the answer to all this of course is if you really are worried about the iranians most of the accusations they make about iran are exaggerated but there are some genuine concerns that people have with iran arabs and foreigners and others but if you are concerned then the way to deal with them is the way that obama did which is negotiate with them and come to an agreement so i think what we're starting to see but the. move to talk about fishing and maritime stuff they're now starting to explore the waters for
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a negotiated process rather than a military one and sanctions and all that the only answer in that region is a regional security framework that all of the countries and iran and maybe a few others work on together in the saudis have to be a part of that process to hussein how do you think the who will view this sort of pullback if you like from the united arab emirates i'm sure they'd be pleased with it but also maybe a bit suspicious i mean after 4 years of war and suddenly they decide oh ok maybe this isn't working we're going to get out. yeah i think this is they look at it as suspicious and i believe that the attack or. yesterday on base because those forces that have backed by united arab emirates and it's a clear message tonight that a bit of that is not about your own troops is about the troops that you have recruited the militia that you have. created in in aden we know that united arab emirate all the forces that backed by them in the south they didn't even have when
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i look at the so-called legitimacy they didn't allow the government to go to war from aden and i think this is one of the biggest mistake that the united arab emirates has done because they only focus on controlling the cutter island. state on some key island in that it's easy but on the other hand they haven't given a good example if they have for example from the beginning when they have invaded if they have like brought back the so-called legitimacy to aden you know made security really safe there you know help the people to rebuild the country i think they could have actually made a good. example to bargain about but they did exactly the opposite because they don't want anything for yemen only to be to stay fighting each other and to control the main area as i mentioned the island that was closed and i believe that many yemenis now have realized and i just want to mention that the top commander that was killed yesterday. in that attack in aden because he was the right hand man of
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the united arab emirate in setting up secret prison torture assassination abducting many yemeni civilians on most of them that are like the united arab emirates like from the muslim brotherhood on the show you that they're not out of him but it actually doesn't want to help yemenis but they want actually to reach their interests in yemen only simon michael let's bring you back in at this point the other. issue i mentioned is the fact that the united arab emirates not only drawing down but talking to iran yes they were talking to iran about the strait of hormuz which is technically it's another issue it's a big issue for the gulf but the fact that they're talking. why are they doing it and b. how is saudi arabia going to react to its ally having across the strait and talking to iran. yeah i think it's a really important issue in a really delicate moment for now i think to understand we need to go back to yemen we need to go back to the amarok involvement in yemen and one of the reasons for
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that was to counter iran was to prevent iran from from getting a foothold on the arabian peninsula but of course that came at a massive price and recently the deputy prime minister of the u.a.e. has made several remarks about the expense of the emirates the engagement in yemen costing millions every day hundreds of millions a day and he's asking to what extent are we getting anything but for this so there's an economic dimension we know that the emirates has struggled we know that tourism has dropped dramatically so there's an economic dimension that and the economic time mention is sitting against this security debate about how best to curtail iranian influence across the region and this goes back to what romney was saying about dialogue i think the emirates and realize that perhaps the best a way of addressing this iranian question is through dialogue i think as well that using this as a moment to test the waters there were a little bit concerned about the policy which is similarly to push for regime
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change in tehran whereas the emirates want of a form of policy change they were concerned that the sanctions are getting tighter and tighter with little scope for dialogue and diplomacy so this is an opportune moment for the emirates to test the water to see what scope there is for dialogue what scope there is to actually improve relations across the gulf now saudi arabia is obviously going to be a little bit concerned about this we know that the saudis have got a longstanding rivalry with iran it just depends as to whether there has been a degree of communication between the the not with dobby whether m.b.'s the crown prince has given permission or at least acknowledge that it's ok for the emirates to reach out to to her and see see what the what the climate is like whether there is scope for dialogue if that hasn't happened. and then it could well be that we start to see real tensions emerging between the saudis and the m.r. artes of course if it has happened then we could see a bit of a sea change and we could see in merging scope and possibility for dialogue between
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the various rivals rami do you suspect that is the case that mohamed bin someone has been speaking to the emirates he's in saying ok you can't do this because again i don't want to belabor the point too much but i just keep thinking about the potential blowback they could be for the u.a.e. for going. to be against saudi arabia. further you aid definitely has been consulting with saudi arabia talking about these issues they don't necessarily need to get a total green light i mean saudi arabia doesn't control the u.a.e. in fact it's the other way around most observers who know the area well think that it's the u.a.e. leadership that has influence the soda leadership on some of these reckless and totally failed adventures in qatar and lebanon and syria and and yemen and maybe libya even the 2 so the likelihood is they are consulting with each other they have to work closely together the image not to use on the saudi leaderships
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about 2011 when they are of uprisings broke out and you started getting elections and just 0 was all over the place and greater than ever with people hearing real journalism free expression all over the place elections muslim brothers winning the presidency in egypt and that's when they have it out there in the saudis freaked out and they decided we've got to put a stop to all of this and they came up with their strategy and it has been a total failure so they have to stick together because their fates are really entered intertwined i would just add another point to the image out these are not totally abandoning so yemen they're pulling out most of their troops from direct fighting but they're still funding and arming and training and equipping 100000 more troops they still got alliances with with various people like the target saleh of the nephew of the former president they're still making deals with people tribal leaders and others so they still control certain areas including support the island
9:40 am
and others so there's they want to keep a strategic foothold there because it's part of their whole regional plan to be able to have ports and facilities all across the red sea even going up into libya they would try one day to do but this is not going to work they can't this is way beyond their capabilities as a small little can. and i think we're starting to see the 1st signs of the realism and the foreign policy good point to make that you know something gentleman i have a question on my i'm a list here one of the last questions or bullet point if you like saying is that sort of the beginning of the end of the coalition i'm going to change that now because i think from listening to all 3 of you you've all talked about dialogue and i'd like to get your thoughts simon i'll start with you then i'll come to hussein and rami your thoughts on what dialogue might look like because after you've had 4 years of war you've had tens of thousands of people killed it's difficult to sit around a table and suddenly start talking. about peace you want to talk about peace but
9:41 am
it's a difficult thing. yeah it is and dialogue has to go hand in hand with trust you need trust to have a serious dialogue but you also need dialogue to have trust you need to build that trust but trust takes time as you say it's difficult to trust someone when you've been on opposing sides of a conflict when you've been you've had a long period of time of hating up person of of dehumanizing that person through being on the other side of a conflict so you have to build that trust you have to reach humanize you have to start to empathize with that grievances you have to be aware of the issues that are a play and this applies equally to to the yemen conflict but also to tensions between the saudis and moralities and the iranians and others you have to have empathy you have to build trust that comes through dialogue that comes through signaling trust and once you've got that trust you can start to have more serious dialogue but you have to have a degree of dialogue to build the trust so it's
9:42 am
a cyclical process it's a slow difficult process but it's absolutely essential to actually make things well make things better to get conflict resolved and same with your knowledge of the who these in this situation do you think they would be open to dialogue and to what conditions when they come to the table yes i believe they have been open for a diet of from the beginning they have went to the one gentleman saudi arabia to kuwait to all negotiation but that i think the to be successful in any dialogue should be a dialogue between all yemeni parties we should but the so-called legitimacy aside because had he was a president on this and that he have no power over yemen i mean this. is a thought so i died of thought between yemeni parties and as well just this would be a direct fault between the whole between saudi arabia if it if they are not going to do that then we're going to see another. agreement which now been overstocked
9:43 am
that by this i would be back towards it even though. jose under the supervision of you and has withdrawn from the tea party that's why we don't we do want to be that direct dialogue. on outside of those he has offered many times that they will stop attack in saudi arabia using drone on ballastic missile this was days before. the so-called agreement and they stopped that for about 7 months and so he has not even apply to that. i mean request from and that's why i think they should just put everything aside and sit directly on told with. our leadership here and i will leave the final word. from hussein mentioned in passing on the 2nd agreement struck on talks is that where it could go back to as a starting point for any future talks any future dialogue from from all parties.
9:44 am
well the internal situation in yemen started as an internal situation in the various wars and separation and unity and so of all wars and all these negotiations for a new constitution have these things are going on in yemen for about 30 years now and they're quite incredible in their scope and then you got in and always the saudis are involved and then you've got the image that is involved in a became a regional conflict on the image that you saw this saying we want to push back iran so it kind of got blown out of proportion there has to be a process to stop the fighting inside yemen and that can come simultaneously with any beginning of a regional dialogue or come before it could come after that's where the yemenis to decide themselves and they will find a way to do this serious issues the people in the south really don't like being ruled by people from the north and the butties and others but they have to figure this out and they will but there is something really important going on the evidence is in their talks in iran started the talks
9:45 am
a few days ago about fishing fishing boats so then they started talking about the free passage of shipping so they have to pick one or 2 items to go under the time agree on something make sure that both sides see themselves as having equal rights everybody can fish everybody can export oil everybody can trade and that's how this process will finally expand and then you've got to get some sensible people and certainly not from washington because there aren't very many there but sensible people from around the world who can expand this into a real serious regional process maybe under the un's auspices rami who are joining us from beirut always a pleasure to talk to you also with an album haiti in sun and sun in my pond in lancaster thank you to all 3 of you and as ever thank you for watching 3 ways to check us out online one is the show section and out as they were dot com where you can see this program or indeed any of our previous editions you can also find that facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story on twitter at a.j.
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. inside story and i'm at a j e 3 when you get in touch with me directly from the whole inside story team thanks for joining us and we will see you next time i . where there is water there is life but finding it there australia's arid deserts is a skill few still possess they took us to a a small what sparkles in the desert and this was this
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a very important place that i've been telling us about for the last 5 days who came to court and under orders against all odds an ageing population is posse on its knowledge the rainmakers of the outback on a. settlement discussions police in cape town has struggled to regain steadily die a violent examining the headlines now and the president flew to russia is making a push to engage explore an abundance of wild class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire but. it's almost 2nd nature and i also know that they see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera. the presidents on donald trump jr was promised damaging information about hillary clinton allegation like to see an investigation stick the troops did leave the trunk out. with russia did you at any
9:48 am
time of the urge the former f.b.i. director james comey in any way shape or form the closer the back down the investigation into michael flynn and also as you know no. next question battlefield washington on al-jazeera. does know one way of telling the story keeping is to the right and to be respectful messages there is a great message to know the person for the toughest. holland has them saying the top stories on al-jazeera celebrations have begun in sudan after the announcement of a constitutional agreement between the military and protest alliance that they pave the way for a civilian led transitional government in also limits the power of power military
9:49 am
forces the equipment is not yet been signed and talks will continue on saturday. we have got a delegation of the forces of freedom and change and the transitional military council met on the constitutional document and i'm very pleased in the name of the african mediation and to respect the delegations to declare to the sudanese people and the international community that the 2 delegations have fully agreed on the constitutional project they are continuing their meetings this evening to make the technical arrangements for the signing protocols in the presence of all the sudanese people and our international friends i judged is one of the protest leaders he says demonstrators have been consistent with their demands. the details of what they're signing it is very important this is the constitution the paper for the constitution is going to decide on how we're going to be ruled we come out in the street and we want a civilian rule we want the civilians to rule and this information has to have real power we do not trust that you're into we do not trust the rapid response force who
9:50 am
did the massacre on to a 3rd who did again a massacre in all about a year that we did the massacre yesterday so there's a told a lack of trust where the rubber spots for us and for us to have real just those we need to have civilian rule a prime minister who can choose the right attorney general we should we have to have a good independent judiciary system that can just bring justice to all the martyrs we had hundreds of martyrs in this revolution since december and we feel that the people managed to get us to this point because of being out of the street because of protesting because of organizing and the street is very aware of what we want and we want to civilian rule and we want justice one of the biggest thing for us is the reform reform or the rather response force or reform of all the militias that existed during the time of former bashir and reform of the police system on their farm off the national security so we do actually have a tool to reform and do we should be
9:51 am
a peace we need civilians need to be in charge of this and if they're not if they're the defense minister defense and interior minister do not want to answer to the prime minister and they only want to answer to the army then we're not going to have real civilian rule and we're not going to reach a state of realties of syria's government and the opposition have agreed a ceasefire in the last rebel held province of italy more than 400 civilians have been killed in northwest seriousness late april the deal was announced at talks in kazakstan. we withdrew the heavy weapons following the sochi agreement but the regime violated this agreement and took advantage of the withdrawal so they can launch their cunning criminal attacks if the regime commits to the cease fire we will commit on our and there will not be any need to talk about heavy weapons in the area libya's interior minister has ordered the closure of 3 migrant detention centers after criticism from the un over conditions 2 of
9:52 am
them are in coastal cities of misurata and homs the 3rd is into shura a suburb of the capital tripoli forces laura towards a leaf after hit that facility in an airstrike a month ago killing at least $52.00 migrants the democratic republic of congo says only half of the bala cases may have been identified the government fears the epidemic could last up to 3 years health workers are trying to contain the virus in goma an important transit route on the border with rwanda it is the 1st time spread to a major city 4 cases have been confirmed in goma and hundreds have been vaccinated puerto rico has a new governor lawyer pedro pan louis c. has been sworn in but is acquirement still has to be confirmed by the u.s. territory senate crowds have been celebrating in the streets after ricardo reseller stepped down he was forced to resign after a text message scandal and corruption allegations those are the
9:53 am
headlines we're back in half an hour right now on al-jazeera it's yemen war profiteers. it's a school trip. $62.00 games are traveling across one of them to thomas. the rest would be filmed by security cameras suddenly the bus is hit by
9:54 am
a bomb. the strong blast rips through shops nearby. well below me here the moment was low about about one a building on up there are living like you fish of mud that i know you love a lot hell you know nothing of it of god a lot of it i have i have well i'm going. to go yeah i'm dyin away but. the thought of me having nothing. been up here i don't know what i've. opened and i thought i'm up here like a lot of fun at a. time and even e he about half an hour usually in our human hand i stay head out of this but i love a. highly was 11 years old he was buried alongside
9:55 am
the other children the airstrike killed 51 people and left 79 wounded. the school bus was hit by saudi u.a.e. coalition jets they called it a mistake and claimed their target was the who the rebels the armed group that overthrew a democratically elected yemeni government the group has controlled northwest yemen and the capital city of sanaa says 2014 is saudi and u.a.e. led coalition is trying to crush the who these and keep their next door neighbor in check it has pounded yemen relentlessly more than 19000 airstrikes since the coalition entered the war in 20151 3rd of these attacks have struck non military targets. it is believed that the fighting from both sides has caused an estimated $50000.00 civilian deaths. saudi arabia buys its weapons from the united
9:56 am
states and the u.k. as well as a number of european arms manufacturers led by french and german companies. officially the use of these european weapons is compliance with international law but the truth is far more complex the say you can manufacture a weapon produced in a 2015. minutes on school ended and ship girl one go together muffled about to look polite this is all i. asked for answers europe's leaders are keeping their lips sealed. because if he doesn't do it we don't need it is it a momentous year. for the phones to focus on the british.
9:57 am
evidence has been gathered accusation. has to be mechanical to bomb them off go back go join a computer think that lets you know that if the u.k. and france themselves those states are risking complicity in future unlawful coalition attacks. the saudi and u.a.e. that coalition has been accused of violating international humanitarian law and the rules of war supplying the weapons used in these alleged war crimes would make the u.k. france and germany complicit. a
9:58 am
majority of the victims of this war are civilians every day families fleeing the fighting poor into the region's biggest hospital in also the ca. most of the hospitals in rebel held areas have been destroyed so wounded civilians like these 3 women and their babies flock here they're from her data a city near the frontline. that. the city of st. augustine 50000 so most of them. is a 6 month old babies mother she and her husband have been shuttled from camp to camp to escape the bombing with no need to feed their 6 children and for the past 3 years. they can't even to see it any money time and again and not let them find it
9:59 am
like this if this is the. mines and that i think. we learned that. really and then that i learned this as i think. now the hoodie thing. for a long time and then the other hand have i think i'm a number that sell their one. and they're the one i had them with and then had the one hand and if we had 7 that had the one that i have that has 7 and 8 that i got. one of hannah's children already died from malnutrition and since the war started. to stop the filthy weapons supply the coalition has placed a naval blockade on yemen simultaneously preventing the delivery of food and
10:00 am
humanitarian aid to the rebel held areas where these families live. a little off ah those. kind. set up there hardly. even newborns are suffering and before the war this new need 2 units usually cared for around 10 babies now there aren't enough enqueue beaters to house the ailing infants on the way. i may lack it over something like all good imma say heaven may lend i'm a talented i had a fight how could the fall of this mother brought in her baby last night her 5 month old girl is fighting for life and is it that. said. all the. while hilarious and.


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