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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  August 5, 2019 2:00am-3:01am +03

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if convicted giving him the death penalty fischel is here in texas also are planning to try a curse just cruciatus excuse me on a number of capital murder counts the penalty for those of course are. life without life in prison without parole or busy the death penalty so this has become not only a tragedy for this city and an international tragedy involving citizens of 2 countries. in this border town but also a truly an international incident with mexico expressing strong outrage over what has happened here in el paso laura and rob and tell us what's been going on behind you that and the reaction from the community what are they saying today. behind me you see people milling around a memorial that is set up with flowers signs signs that say things like el paso will remain strong there are religious. candles and religious
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images images of the virgin mary of guadalupe all sorts of stuff toys we've seen children and their parents coming up to lay little memorials down here trying to to pay their respects we were add a a large church earlier today and certainly if yesterday was a day of violence and terror today was for many el paso winds a day of mourning and of prayer the pastor of that church said that the only thing he could tell his flock is that. there they can support one another they could pray together come together try to comfort one another and hope for better days after one of the worst days that this city has seen in a long time reynolds thank you very much indeed.
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take he has announced it plans to carry out a military operation against the kurdish group the y.p. genie in an area east of the euphrates river in syria a fence it will be an cross 3rd attempt does this large kurdish fight as close to its border suck good. does it do to me the opposition leader warned us against entering afrin and we did then we entered jobless and then al-bab city and now we will enter the east you're free to use yes we have talked to russia and the united states because we cannot remain silent with the continuation of the provocative strikes that come from that area we have been patient but our patience has limits. why p.g. has been an important u.s. ally in the battle against eisel but turkey sees it as a terrorist group saying holder has the latest from gaziantep. turkey is growing impatient to believe that there is
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a national security threat along its borders and it wants to deal with that threat president or the guns statement is just another it's just another really in a series of threats being made by turkish officials that they will carry out a cross border operation in the east of the euphrates area an area under the control of the syrian armed group the white p.g. a group turkey considers a terrorist organization and and an affiliate of the outlawed kurdistan workers' party the p.k. k. so for turkey it is a national security threat then it has carried out cross border operations in syria over the past 2 years but on both occasions the area of operations was under the sphere of influence of russia turkey and russia cooperate in syria but east of the euphrates is an area under the control of the united states which is allied with the white p.g. so this this issue really is testing and already frail relationship between nato allies turkey and the united states they've had meetings over the past few months
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turkey accusing the united states of stalling a new delegation is arriving in ankara for further talks on monday but whether or not they can find common ground it's hard to see because deep differences remain over a planned safe zone they're discussing a plan safe zone turkey's and system that's 20 kilometers deep in turkey can insist that they it controls the zone which is something the united states has so far not to accept that. iran's revolutionary guards say they've seized an iraqi oil tanker that was smuggling fuel in the gulf they said the vessel was intercepted near iran's fasi island carrying a 700000 liters of fuel all 7 crew members have been detained but iraq has denied owning the vessel this would be the 3rd seizure by iran in less than a month in gulf waters. has more now from the iranian capital. the revolutionary guards media relations department have released a statement saying that they have seized a vessel that they've accused of trying to smuggle 700000 liters of fuel this
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seizure apparently took place near the island of farsi island which is in between iran and saudi arabia and it parenting happened on wednesday the revolutionary guards said that they seized this vessel and the 7 crew members on board and this vessel is currently now at the port city of shared the 7 people they have been arrested in iran and their national police have not been revealed yet this is another example of how the revolutionary guard have exerted their power and strength and willingness to carry out the security and safety of the waterways around iran this is the 3rd vessel that they have seized in the past month earlier on sunday the government spokesperson ali rabbi spoke about the latest sanctions on the mohammad javad zarif that have been imposed by the u.s. government and the invitation that was extended to the foreign minister while he
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was visiting new york at the united nations earlier this month let's hear what he had to say. because the u.s. action on foreign minister zarif is against all diplomatic procedures and is an unprecedented event in the history of diplomacy that one government keeps claiming to be ready for negotiations and then to put sanctions on a foreign minister of that country well isn't that ridiculous he was invited by a senator to have a meeting at the white house then they impose sanctions on him foreign minister zarif is responsible for foreign policy and the diplomatic path should pass through him. the feeling here is that the sanctions that have been imposed on the foreign minister are another example of how the united states doesn't really understand the power structure in iran the excuse that was given for the sanction was that the foreign minister is not a person they want to negotiate with and they were looking for someone higher up now the officials here have said that if they think the u.s. government is going to negotiate with anybody else other than the foreign minister
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who is tasked with hold the negotiations with western powers they're very much mistaken the position here is that the foreign minister is not going to hold any kind of talks with u.s. officials until the united states lifts its sanctions on iran which they've imposed since they withdrew from the nuclear deal last year the ukrainian say that the u.s. government has waged economic terrorism on iran and until they seize this behavior they will be no discussions held between the 2 countries. plenty more ahead including hong kong warns that ongoing protests are pushing the territory to an extremely dangerous edge. and pakistan warns of a regional crisis to india deploys thousands of troops to indian administered kashmir.
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hello they're mostly fine across much of australia still across the south the south east of victoria and also across into western australia i was saying the chance of a some showers so rain for you into probably for the next couple of days and thunderstorms really what you will be seeing but things not as windy as they have been across into towns mania 12 celsius in hobart it is cloudy but even so not as bad as it has been operating quite as wintry but there's some more rain i'm afraid heading your way on cheese day time which is again about 15 degrees and nobody in sydney with a high of 18 now that weather does continue across into new zealand having said that you can see in the satellite quite a bit of cavities generally clearing away slightly from the south and so a couple of good days to you into cries church or cleanse because monday and on into cheesy but what we could see in christchurch is that the overnight lows falling just by freezing and just above freezing we could certainly see a morning frost under this case skies 10 celsius your high on tuesday that we had up towards japan we're watching very closely tropical storm frances go this is very
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much on its way and in fact on monday probably beginning to feel those outer bands all this tropical storm is warm ahead of the system 36 celsius in a saka same time much on cheese day but starting to rain very heavy and push into the southwest as we could actually see some flooding. perception is foundation believe one. receive but in one life time we cannot see everything that we would lie and he experiences of others and the legacies of previous generations. of that testimony we know very little. with this documentaries that open your eyes on al-jazeera.
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on the top stories here on jazeera to mass shootings in the u.s. in just over 12 hours have left at least $29.00 people dead a white man in his twenty's is being investigated for domestic terrorism after a shooting in texas hours later 9 people were shot dead at a bar in dayton ohio the gunman was killed by police. iran's revolutionary guard say they seized an iraqi oil tanker that was smuggling fuel in the gulf the vessel was intercepted near iran's fasi island but iraq has denied owning the ship. and tekkie says it's planning a military operation against the kurdish group the y p g east of the euphrates in syria it would be acars 3rd attempt to dislodge kurdish fighters close to its
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border. or mourn turkey's planned operation in syria were joined by lawrence korb he's the former u.s. assistant secretary of defense he joins us from washington d.c. that's remote you need for being with us so why do you think turkey is threatening this now. well basically they've got so many problems at home. and including the fact that there are one law this party lost the election in in this danville the fact is they're upset at the united states because we canceled the f. $35.00 after they. bought the russian air defense system the s law 100 and then of course was a good week with sanctions on them because they were buying russian military weapon and so you have all these things together this is one way or walk and say well you know what i'm standing up to the united states in dealing with what he claims is the terrorist threat from the y p g which he conflates with the p.k.
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ted. ginn that actually go ahead with it was it a good tip negotiating maneuver to try and get more out of the u.s. as they see it on for instance a safe area that they don't feel they've been given given enough help with well there is going to be the u.s. delegation is going to be there tomorrow to talk about this and i think you're hoping that they can 7 left really they're going to get a say so on the question is it 10 meters or 30 meters does it go east of the euphrates that's really what the issue is is not that they can't have a. can't have a say so and it's really are they going to go when to charge or which control i'd if he were to remember is very well armed given the arms we gave them defeat isis and kohanim rocca tell me that the what's the risk if techie does go ahead with this and defies the u.s. essentially what are the what are the risks the techie. well i think they could
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find themselves in that and a battle that they're not going to be able to win in a very cost effective manner or you could have a lot of turkish air cat casualties as well as the fact that the u.s. group would even more sanctions on him to make the arcata me even even worse so it's very hard for me to see where he comes out ahead with this if they decide to try and deal with it using armed force because as isis found out the y.p. judy is a very very effective fighting force and remember there still are a couple 100 americans they are the question is what will they do with their attack . it's called thank you very much indeed to have your thoughts thank you thank you for having me but his tone as prime minister says tensions with india over kashmir could blow up to a regional crisis the country is accused india of using illegal cluster bombs in the attack that killed several people in pakistan and missed a kashmir new delhi has deployed troops to indian and missive kashmir of fishing
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and alert over possible militant attacks thousands of people are leaving the beach and some are accusing the indian government of preparing to broaden its control. to has more now from islamabad. any prime minister. meeting all faded national security committee of the cabinet recorder tended by all the armed forces chief. said that the united nations security council should day ignored. that did developing in the region budgets on had blamed india for sending tens of thousands of troops into indian occupied kashmir that it's going on and budget standard india may go for another day on the other hand india had denied that you nation which are banned under the geneva convention august on war and the international community are taking note of the fears there was being the prime
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minister saying that the time for drug lords now and the us president should mediate but india has said all along that it is a bilateral issue that has to be between islamabad and new delhi. hong kong's government has warned that continuous protests pushing the territory to what it's calling an extremely dangerous edge of the demonstrations that began months ago over a proposed extradition or have morphed into want to anger at the police's response to the protect protests and to tell us as well from hong kong. sunday night in one of the most upscale districts of one of the most sophisticated cities on earth. but in hong kong this is becoming the norm at. the protest his tactics have changed the rather than targets one building and
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wait for the police to clear them. over all their aim is maximum disruption across the city be like water they tell each other flow everywhere. on sunday they marched 1st to china's liaison office in hong kong on route some hid behind umbrella's as they use spawn is to break apart fences gathering the metal for the barricades 7. but finding pleece protecting their 1st targets they moved swiftly on. taking metro trains to the shopping district close way faith. then they built barricades used pliers to cut the wires of traffic lights and stopped traffic people over there disabling traffic lights that taking apart barry it's the suv it will compile it grows it will compile the rolls actually we try peaceful means and i bet there
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is no any response and so we try to introduce maybe to increased pressure dropping the rolls and so the more people interrupt. and we try to do it just out there was just spread a message are you fearful that's the way they say in this room is that china might send in its on me actually i'm not afraid of. my belief that's not going to happen the 1st test is perhaps a pool. even among those disrupted but in the end destruction here is the entrance to a cross harbor tunnel didn't last long. i mean stay one step ahead of the place is where it's come to where yes it did to us on the streets of hong kong there's a general strike planned for hong kong on monday and promises the protests that day will be the most widespread yet under thomas al jazeera hong kong
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a group of 40 migrants rescued by a charity ship have landed in malta and will be taken in by several you countries under a deal brokered by germany the migrants were rescued from a small boat on wednesday off the libyan coast they were picked up by the charity ship allen curdie operated by the german n.g.o.s c.i. they were initially taken to the port of lampedusa in southern italy but they were banned from docking there by talon or thirty's. germany is urging russia to release protesters detained during a demonstration in moscow saturday's protest called for the inclusion of opposition candidates barred from participating in next month's moscow local elections the german foreign ministry says the protests were peaceful the arrests unjust and the crackdown on the mines the right to fair elections up to 800 people were detained at the rally a previous demonstration a week ago resulted in more than 1000 arrests. a french inventor has crossed
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the english channel on a jet powered hoverboard frankie's a platter departed from saugus at kalai and reached over in just over 20 minutes but he had to stop for fuel reports. emerging from the early morning mist flanked by helicopters frankie's apart and his jet powered hoverboard reached over just after 7 30 am local time. it was an extraordinary sight and a remarkable achievement. the french inventor reach speeds of 160 kilometers an hour flying just meters above the waves. 110 years after louis blair is famous crossing of the english channel a new name has now been added to the record books. i'm feeling happy and so happy for my my family my friends and my cim is just an amazing moment in my life you know it's just. now i can take some rest. there was a palpable tension as
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a part of took off from song gats calley in france a previous attempt last month that ended with him falling into the sea this time though the mid-channel refueling stop went smoothly as a part has swept in past the famous white cliffs of dover. having waved him off from song got it's a pastor's wife had waited nervously for news when the phone call from dover came the relief and the joy were overwhelming. nazar as there was a void out here don't go it's cool he made it so it's over we did it and i'm happy because it's a lot of work. it was hard but i'm happy for him because it's been really hard lately and now we're going on holiday i'm happy so thank you. if you could see. so
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how does hava board is powered by 5 jet turbines and fueled by kerosene which he carries in a backpack it is a complex craft and difficult to control but the inventor has been awarded a $1000000.00 development ground from the french army and there is now international interest in exploring why the uses for the technology paul brennan al-jazeera. top stories we are syria at least $29.00 people have been killed after 2 mass shootings in america a 21 year old man has been charged with domestic terrorism after killing 20 people armed with assault rifle at a shopping complex in el paso texas. in dayton ohio police say at least 9 people were killed in a shooting outside a bar in the city of perpetrator was shot dead 30 seconds after firing at people fleeing the scene president trump says hate has no place in america. has no
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place in our god. we're going to take care of it i spoke with a dirty general bill barr i'd like my book you 1st liberate director of the f.b.i. . to the governor both governors that were doing a lot of work a lot of people work you know right now a lot of law enforcement people and other dogs or members of congress about whatever we can do a lot a lot of things are being guarded right now is the reason. turkey says it's planning a military operation against the kurdish armed group the y.p. g. east of the euphrates in syria it's acars 3rd attempt to dislodge kurdish fighters close to its border the y.p. g. has been an important u.s. ally in the battle against arsenal but turkey sees it as a terrorist group iran's revolutionary guard say they've seized an iraqi oil tanker that was smuggling fuel in the gulf they said the vessel was intercepted near iran
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fasi island carrying 700000 liters of fuel all 7 crew members have been detained but iraq has denied owning the vessel. and to government protesters in home koma demonstrating for the 4th straight day despite police trying to clear them out with tear gas activists angry at what they say has been a heavy handed response by police to previous 10 astray sions. pakistan's prime minister says tensions with india over kashmir could blow up to a regional crisis the country is accused india of using illegal cluster bombs in the attack that killed several people those top stories do stay with us witness is up next keep up with our web site out there dot com any time.
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the a. moment when the. whole world in the room or.
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in the room. or. the. walrus while ours be very important. it is considered our main staple. and. it takes a lot of work to dismember a wallers. takes a crew to divide that out. takes the family to put it away. survive here it's about family.
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i know i have relatives there. i just don't know very much about them. i have no connection with my rest russian relatives i don't know i don't know their dialect so there's a really big there. i've heard stories a long time ago hall their worst interaction between the village just before the ice cream. i think about home my grandparents might have felt when they separated them 5. that must have been
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a big grief for them too. that connection a lot of our elders have asked to die made would love to have a reunion. right . time to travel courtney's or for day meet i and minister to all the programs we have all the accounts we oversee. it's like taking care of to me. the last reunion was you know in the early ninety's. so if this is going to be the 1st event for a long time. i think it's going to be so special. 8
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will be traveling to welsh today with behringer weather permitting 8 of them will be staying at the school and maybe 5 or 6 my house between my house and 4 picks. for that stop gate i have that was signed. if record criminals. will be traveling to well weeding for the weather to come down to come today we can. go depend on the weather here or whether they're going to come here or whether it's always the thing for me so if it's going to be delayed it's going to be done they'd. nothing really works on schedule. time times dire need it's really hard to live it.
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they always. remind us when the ice starts to reseat and me. you know you could fall through. i lost my daughter my youngest she went to the ice me 212000 i. was 6 years old. just 5 minutes before she was with me and she was down there and gone. just in 5 minutes i have lost her. took me a while to heal from that and when i was going to that process lot of have to do with subsistence be it with food or your sewing skins sure you're making a park or something. you're doing something to keep yourself busy. subsistence is so time consuming that it heals you too.
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high i don't think there's coffee decaf. if you think. yeah for tomorrow i'm going to put in a french. are you know you don't with the phone on your i was kind of around at the boat is just there for favored member. or favor. my best memories of how our parents raised a lot of it was subsistence my dad loves hunting and fishing. because he's a lot older and is a little harder for him now. in the my parents school. because of medical reasons. they're unknown to the people. i know are there bigger part of
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them were really wants to be and i mean. they were here 6 weeks ago and they were so happy. for. the atlanta. that want to be taking care of my parents but i asked my mom her tour de force which she really needs me here. knowing that they prefer a native foods. i'm sending in the stuff they enjoy from guy meat because i worry about their.
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these are mixture of food in oil this one is. this one is the breast milk of the walrus. this is. the intestines really rinse clean half tried to. pee be all or it's a walrus skin plus a little bit of the blubber. it's really hard to dig in the barrel your hands freeze going in that oil is for a reason then you're digging it's hard it's got to be really tough for that. nice. he joked are you keeping
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those eggs. we should bring a few over as i'm going to make them or egg mike salad. some kind of capping fever gets you because di me just to isolate it. those moments i was call my alcatraz time you know. 80 percent it is outrageous but 20 percent it's paradise. sometimes i go down this one. pick cabbage and i'm just like come up this way. and then i go down another rich study man down. the greens are you there is everything you want here this area is one of my favorite picking area who went on the cabbage.
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my mom when she was here she showed me all the picking grow all her favorite spots . you see how i remove it without taking their work. so it can grow another and next year too. it's time consuming but it's failing. and it also involves the kids to help you prepare. it kind of keeps the family to shit together.
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the link bubble. bubble get it. give me a wire. i. keep. my money. i got to yes you better know you better leave any worse.


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