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strong the floor of parliament a heated debate people are saying that they're ready for anything any eventuality but the important thing that we will be waiting for to see what comes out of the national security committee of the cabinet prime minister imran khan will be presiding over the dropped military chiefs will be a day after that strong statement of support from them and what comes out of dad will be focused on the response of course david and also on on an interesting nor steam had so far and that the cluster munitions that were used right on a large area that was of these were dropped and that of course was an a.d.r. denied munition banned under the geneva convention so the water of a war of words already heating up emotions running high and all options on the table as far as progress don it's going to be important to see how bogged down played this hour diplomatically whether it is able to garner the support that
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didn't need one thing clear that there is a lot go for anguish. and progress on the administration made about the fate of the people who are literally made hostage in their homes they will tell you come out live from about in indian it minister sorry in pakistan administered kashmir thanking. the taliban has claimed responsibility for a car bomb explosion at a police building in kabul several people being killed on this 100 injured in the suicide bomb a destination his car just security checkpoint outside the complex setting off a huge explosion. we've got a lot more to come on this al-jazeera news hour including why not everyone will be welcoming the president when he visits the scene of the el paso mass shooting later today and while the u.s. things eisel is once again gaining strength. in sports find out why this spanish
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world cup winner lost his temper and during an asian champions league game. there the turkish defense minister says talks with the us on a planned safe zone in the north east of syria have been quote positive and rather constructive. says washington is getting closer to their views on military deployment and that ankara would prefer for both nations to work together but they admit there is still some way to go let's go live to our correspondent. in southern turkey overlooking syria pretty much what do we know then about the specifics of this deal optimistic words coming from the turkish minister there
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right i'm afraid we seem to have some problem with our connection with zain are harder let's try to reconnect with her and bring you her in just a little while in the meantime we'll look at some other news and then hopefully go back to zain a holder on that important story there thousands of people who saved a peaceful protest against a gold mine project in western turkey activists say the canadian based company will use cyanide to extract gold from the mines and contaminate the soil and waters of a nearby dam the turkish government rejects allegations neve parker is at the protest site in qatar cully province. these are the cast mountains and not too far away from here is the peak of mt ida mentioned in ancient mythology is the place where the gods looked down on the trojan war will now environmentalist looking down
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on a very different struggle a struggle for the natural environment there's gold in these hills which has led to a massive scar on the landscape 1500 hectares in size. and near that mine this makeshift camp has been set up protesters have been holding daily demonstrations they say they will continue for as long as it takes according to environmentalists 195000 trees have been cut down that's 4 times the number that the canadian based gold mining company our most gold and turkish subsidiary. said they were going to cut down in an initial environmental impact report there's also a huge amount of concern about the possible use of liquid cyanide to separate the gold form and saw concerns that cyanide will pollute the topsoil will also leach into the local water supply. well the subsidiary behind the mines say that they
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will replace thousands of trees but there are worries that time is running out to save the soil concerns about desert afic ation meaning that plant trees will no longer be able to grow here the government has denied that there's any risk of cyanide affecting the saw or indeed water supplies but these people aren't too sure there's been several demonstrations over the course of the week you can see another war already starting to grow here people coming from different classes of the country to make their voices heard major infrastructure development of green the backbone of the turkish economy in recent years. but there's also a lot of anger here but not enough judy diligence was done before. this incredibly lucrative contract for this international company. that they're going to go back to our correspondent. in southern turkey close to the border with syria
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zainab because we want to find out more about what appears to be a deal being reached between turkey and the united states with regard to a say so towards to the east of where you are in northeastern syria. well for the past 3 days the high level delegations from the u.s. and turkish defense departments have been holding discussions in ankara those meetings are expected to end any time now and a final statement will be released but the defense minister did the turkish defense minister did speak to the media he was asked whether a deal was reached or not he refused to answer that question but he did say talks were constructive and positive and he said that the united states is getting close to turkey's views so in his words you can understand that there is no final deal yet and he also said that we told the united states we prefer to act together and in syria so that they're in the indirect threat really that turkey's decision to
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carry out a unilateral cross border operation into syria is still on the table what have they been discussing they're discussing the fate of a corner of syria a strategic corner of the northeast what they can't agree upon is the area of the safe zone its length its depths this is an area under the control of the syrian armed kurdish group the white p.g.a. which turkey considers it considers a terrorist organization so turkey wants to end their presence along the border and it's not just that they want this group and its words neutralized but for the united states this group is a syrian partner they have been fighting together against i still a recent report by the pentagon even tell it's a saying that they want to increase the capabilities of the y.p. g. so they still don't have an agreement on the fate of the white peachey they may agree for example on who is going to control those zone whether there will be joint
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patrols so a lot of discussions for the past few months but they have been very difficult discussions especially for the united states because the united states is an ally of turkey as well as an ally of the white p.g. . right for now saying nothing he very much in a holder correspondent live in gaza and have in the southern part of turkey. never under is taking emergency measures to try to stop the virus from spreading across a border from the democratic republic of congo since the latest outbreak was discovered in the deal say more than a year ago now the disease has killed at least 1800 people the health minister is a both countries have met to agree a plan of action 70 deca correspondent reporting now from the rwandan border city of. the loss of the governor this movement of people across the border in east africa has become an international concern especially here in rwanda after cases of the bowler were confirmed in the nearby city of goma in the democratic republic of
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congo it's prompted a senior level meeting between the r.c. and wanted officials here in the seine together with the world health organization . but this disease doesn't know borders it doesn't need to present itself to immigration to get a visa so if it crosses it will cross a very quickly we're told around 60000 people cross this border every day so what did this meeting achieve do you know. to go to. the team i think. very important. group to improve the border crossing. point of you know scaling this is extremely important in terms of . health checks of increased here but checking all of these people is a real challenge trade is one of the reasons why this border is so busy it's mostly for the cross it's
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a constant back and forth now it's important to both wanda and also the d r c which is why many people will tell you as one of the main reasons that despite the threat of a boat nobody wants to see this border closed. it's not just rwanda that is concerned about the movement of people uganda 2. in june 3 people in western uganda tested positive for the virus the 1st cross border cases in this outbreak there's been no further cases reported thanks in part to its containment efforts but uganda is now testing a new vaccine one that could vaccinate a larger percentage of the population than the one currently being used in the d.r. see this study. done for uganda given our location. outbreaks in this country so i think this study is in for that to help us and that seems. to be random but for now doctors without borders says this outbreak is not under control. has been declared an international public health for everyone.
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and. to prevent. the spread to wonder but to other countries of. the d.r.s. he's been bashing demick for more than a year the fear now that it could spread further stephanie decker al-jazeera on the rwanda d r c border. in malawi troops have been deployed to restore calm in the capital a long way following fighting between protesters and police protests have repeatedly accused the president. of election fraud since he won a 2nd term in april. opposition supporters say may's presidential election was rigged to favor peter who narrowly won reelection her opposition leader. many people joined in the demonstrations
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across the country they say the want the head of the commission gone. must resign if she missed out on election. demonstrations she doesn't. force to stop. people from demonstrating. against. rights of the people. opposition parties and says there were lots of irregularities analysed many votes tally sheets were altered using typewriter correction fluid election officials deny this. in some areas the army blocked roads to government buildings. president has accused the opposition are trying to sabotage the economy and spread chaos his ruling d.p.p. party denied allegations of vote rigging and fraud but these people on the street never did see the way we voted and the results that were announced to natalee there
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were so many realities that is what has prompted me to join the marches. the constitutional court says the election dispute will be heard in august 8 opposition supporters are to stay on the street. outside. the united states is nearly in both sanctions on venezuela cut off funding for president nicolas maduro his vice president is denouncing the freezing of assets as a global threat and a u.s. attack on private property venezuelans meanwhile are desperate to escape the collapsing economy and shortages there is a bear reports from the capital caracas. long lines in front of the peruvian consulate in caracas most of those who come here are desperate to leave the country . is a retired engineer she has been waiting for months to get an appointment because she says she cannot continue living here. i have
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a pension of 40000 bolivar's that i can buy 2 kilos of cheese my son is in peru and i'm going to live with him but i cannot get there. stories like as are frequent in venezuela these days as the country struggles with an economic crisis that has forced millions out of the country for the united states and dozens of other countries worldwide who are meeting in the map to venezuela needs political and economic change the united states and venezuela have a historically had a strong bilateral relationship but that relationship started to deteriorate 20 years ago when socialist leader over travis took office and denounced what he called the united states' interference in this country in the past month the situation has escalated even further the united states shut down its embassy here in cairo act after and announced harsher economic sanctions to push me out of office in the past the u.s. imposed sanctions on venezuelan individuals linked to muddle the us government and
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. venice way less state oil company accusing them of serious human rights abuses drug trafficking and corruption now they're taking things further by seizing venezuelan assets in the u.s. and banning u.s. companies from doing business in this country so basically one way to summarize this to a business for example is do you want to do business in venezuela or do you want to do business with the united states and i think for any international corporation for their u.s. or various european wherever they may be go to the boards of directors and shareholders they ought to be asking their management if it's worth risking for a trickle of income from the illegitimately dural government if it's worth risking their business in the united states if the government and the opposition are holding talks in barbados to try to find a way out of the crisis but in the end we are acting on all makes
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a serious battlefronts to achieve a solution to the crisis which is what all been in the islands want the kingdom of norway's mechanism continues because what we are generating. at the conditions for a real solution to the crisis but the government says that the latest sanctions are a full economic embargo and blames the us for the consequences it will have on the population. it is hypocritical to say that these so-called sanctions that these executive orders protect the purchases of medicines because it is only possible to buy them through transaction banks you have to pay for it but you can't because you can't use the international financial system but for the thousands of people who continue to struggle to find a way to survive and then to the crisis can't come soon enough. and colombia neighboring country of course is giving passports to more than
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$24000.00 venezuelan children as it struggles to cope with one of the world's largest refugee crises alexander dampier has more from the colombian capital bogota now you better romero was 7 months into a high risk pregnancy when she fled to colombia lack of medicine a crumbling health system meant she wasn't getting any care in venice where her son neighbor was born prematurely and without being officially registered wasn't able to visit a hospital except for emergencies. only without nationality or proper registry we either faced shut doors or out of reach cos we are on documented migrants with informal jobs. but that will change for a neighbor as columbia grant citizenship to 24000 undocumented children born here in the past 4 years and 2 others yet to be born within the next 2. today colombia gives this message to the world to those who want to use xenophobia
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for political goals we take the path of fraternity. about 4000000 venezuelans a fled food shortages blackouts and. caused by years of economic collapse colombia's borne the brunt sheltering around one and a half 1000000 until now required at least one parent to have legal residence for their children to. the presidential decree is an attempt to respond to the ever growing influx of refugees to control the overwhelming number of stateless children. your father will friend is a catalyst priest who runs a shelter for venezuela refugees and. they weren't from here nor from there they received the certificate of birth but had no rights we hope this means government bodies will now have to safeguard their rights. many parents say they considered
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returning home to be this way to register their children but doing so was both difficult and dangerous and i'll bet says the government decision is a huge relief nothing was as i did fear anymore that he will remain undocumented in this way out in a limbo i thank god and the president i feel lucky and proud he is colombian to the creator expected to protect the generation of business well and children it could even provide a path to citizenship for their immigrant parents as neighboring countries continue to struggle with how to accommodate the ever growing rush of refugees escaping the chaos of business where. coming up in just a few moments kevin will have the weather also coming up on this al-jazeera news are turning the tide against refugees our new lauren is silly is being condemned as a threat to life and the death of a nobel laureate we look back of the life and legacy of the author toni morrison in
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sports india's cricketers try to make it a clean sweep against the west indies in the t 20 serious we'll have the action coming up. well the western pacific is really heating up in terms of the tropics right now take a look at the satellite image of notice all of the clouds in the area we have 3 named storms right now up here towards north korea we are talking about francisco over here towards skinny. we're talking about cross as well as elect kima now i want to show you what's going to happening particularly with the chemo over the next few days because that was the one that is going to be causing most of the problems right now winds up to about 157 kilometers per hour gusting to $194.00 that's equivalent to
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a category 2 hurricane if it was on the atlantic and we do think that the storm is going to be strengthening as it makes its way towards the northwest in the next couple of days so taiwan is going to be where the biggest problems going to be seen as we go towards friday now we do think we're getting a very close to a landfall with the storm as it makes its way towards the northwest friday the storm is going to be very close to taipei now we could be seeing some very heavy rains for the storm particularly towards the northern part of the island for the philippines so you can be seen as feeder bands as well so don't rule that out across much of that area particularly here towards luzon but in terms of the rain over the next few days most of the heavy rain is going to be here in the open water we could be seeing about $250.00 millimeters for parts of northern taiwan but as we go towards the end of the weekend it is going to be parts of china that could be seeing the very heavy rain there. the weather sponsored by catalona. skull. and politician.
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radical. prisoner in a 2 part series al-jazeera world tells the story of one of the most enigmatic figure seen sit downs it's tree. whose influence is still felt on events in the country today sit down i'll to robbie's life and politics on al-jazeera. setting the discussions police in cape town has traveled to the king started by. ballance examining the headlines now on the president flew to russia is making a push to engage explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire me but. it's almost 2nd nature and i also know what they see the world from a different perspective on al-jazeera. take
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a look at the top stories here in the news hour pakistan says it will work maximum pressure on india because of its decision to strip indian administered kashmir of its autonomy prime minister imran cound call for international intervention following india's move to change the say since of the disputed region tell his defense minister says talks with the us on a plan saved in northeast syria have so far been positive. says his country would like to establish the area alongside washington but will act alone if necessary and the u.s. national security advisor john bolton says new sanctions against venezuela cut off funding the president nicolas maduro in washington has frozen government assets and
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blocked american companies and individuals from doing business with the majority government and its support since. the body that oversees the u.s. defense department is warning that i saw is once again on the rise and it's detailing how the armed group is changing tactics once in control of large territories across iraq and syria are now fighting a guerrilla war in the past 6 months it's carried out targeted assassinations ambushes and suicide bombings i still is estimated still to have between 14 and 18000 fighters and it continues to recruit worldwide using social media. the report attributes eyesore successful operations to the weakness of local forces u.s. commanders say groups syria's s.c.f. need further training and equipment but this is become more difficult as the u.s. pulls its troops from iraq and syria president trump declared victory against the
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group last year since then most of the $2200.00 chips that weren't syria have now withdrawn leaving a residual force. right now that speak to due to mirroring coups author of the war on isis on the road to the caliphate she's joining us from athens the greek capital judith thank you very much indeed for talking to us it was december wasn't it december 27000 that the iraqi government declared victory over eisel after the recapture the retaking of mosul do you think that declaration was premature. her mature perhaps the main problem is really that a lot of isis fighters got away they got away to syria so for that moment iraq war yeah it was sort of safe but since then isis was beaten in syria. isis fighters and their families were taken to camps in this area of syria and in iraq since then really just about daily and sometimes more more than one times
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a day we have attacks by people who are affiliated to isis who have sympathy for i says we don't know it except there are sleeper cells. and the army these days is actually working on a on a big campaign in 2 areas trying to get rid of these people and so do you think moving is actually achievable is it actually possible to remove all i saw fighters because it's an ideology isn't it and is that not where the strategy needs to be focused on on combating the ideology. yes this is the main problem meaning on the one hand you have all these people in the camps in syria amongst them 10000 . fighters they are there. it's together in one camp or in 2 camps and they are radicalizing themselves even further their life happened in the prisons that
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the americans had for al-qaeda members in iraq the same process is going on and then on the other hand you have families that are in camps we have them in iraq we have them in syria these families can go anywhere they can go back home they're sort of pariahs and it what happens to them is is very important in the way that isis can be behind because ideology is with them women and the children right ok. as we're talking of course with. there are talks going on between the turks and the americans about what to do with that particular area area of north east and syria it's vitally important therefore from what you're saying as to how that area is dealt with that is where the kurds in the main have these camps where the ice off ice is are and as you pointed out their families. yeah one of the
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reasons why this report is getting so much attention is because turkey is saying that it wants to finally install this safe zone across the border now that border is already guarded by a big wall busy why exactly want to have this zone as well it's not quite clear but what is clear if this happens that the syrian ports will have to take all their military to that place to that area because it's quite a big area and they will no longer be able to guards isis in the camps and already we've had people escaping from there they have been smugglers taking people out but then it will be very easy for all these isis leaders and fighters to get back into the mainstream and get back into fighting or i'd thank you very much indeed you did talking to us live from athens thank you. judges and lawyers in hong kong of marched in a silent protest to accuse the government of political persecution dozens dressed
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in black held a vigil at the department of justice demanding an independent inquiry into weeks of mass protests lawyers say police have arrested hundreds of protesters but not alleged gang members who were attacked them. well the protests started against an extradition to china and grew into an outcry against chinese control of the former british colony the armrests is costing hong kong businesses and it's threatening the territories reputation for stability and you tell us explains. in calling monday strike protesters in hong kong directly targeting the territories economy to make their political points but the protests which started in june have already been having a financial impact. shoppers are staying away. retail revenues in june were down 7 percent year on year figures for july and august are
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expected to show much bigger drop still. business is terrible terrible people have lost the desire to spend tourists who are missing especially those from mainland china. mainlanders like us afraid to run in to protest i won't be rushing back i rather wait until it all quite downhill tourists losing confidence in hong kong is one thing but if international credit rating agencies do too that could be disastrous. continental and escalate. and become uncontrollable then that will have a significant impact on hong kong. hong kong's current credit rating schools a similar to those of the united states there are a lot better than mainland china's because hong kong is seen as economically and legally independent the process could mean a downgrade either because they make hong kong a more difficult place to do business or because evidence of beijing asserting
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itself would undermine the independence that many consider makes hong kong special a downgrade would mean hong kong's government and any firm listed here payson or to borrow. hong kong's economy was already sluggish way down by the u.s. china trade. war and sky high house prices were beginning to tip top of the. movable as you can exclude from that impact of the political instability so. many people are going to enter the market in this kind of situation the protests could tip hong kong into recession it's too soon to know the full impact of the protests economic data takes a month or more to feed through and who knows whether the chaotic scenes here have reached their climax or going to get worse but what has been lost already is hong kong's reputation for stability that will have a cost even if it's unclear yet how great that cost will be andrew thomas
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al-jazeera hong kong. or china's governments banned movies and his from taiwan's most prestigious annual film awards there also it was widely expected after an award winner from last year 70 called the taiwan's independence china sees taiwan as part of its territory tension between the 2 sides worsened last week when beijing confirmed it will stop granting permits to individual travelers to taiwan. the philippines has declared an outbreak of bengal fever a national epidemic of the 632 people died this year more than 146000 cases of this was borne illness have been recorded so far after the government banned the vaccine the ban followed the death of dozens of children who'd been given the vaccine as part of a nationwide immunization program other southeast asian countries of also reported a surge in the number of cases bangladesh says it's facing its worst ever outbreak
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. of britain's food industry is warning a no deal breck's it could lead to nationwide shortages of food and drink federation says it would be disastrous for the industry if delays at paul schools fresh produce to rot the government's being urged to waive some competition rules to allow retailers and suppliers to work together if there's no deal the industry is testing alternative ports to avoid the main lorry route from france cali to dover. in poland the nationalist government is expected to renew its mandate in october parliamentary elections this phase is being seen as one of the most important in the last 30 years in a country that is deeply divided over its government's conservative policies critics of the law and justice party accuse it of destroying democratic values and promoting intolerance towards minorities. the f.b.i. says l. investigates a mass shooting in the us state of ohio saying the gunman had an interest in
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violent ideology investigators will try to find out what influence 24 year old connor betts to open fire in a popular nightlife area in dayton on sunday he was wearing body armor and killed 9 people including his sister and around 30 seconds yes b i will also investigate if anyone helped him or knew of the plan. and following saturday's shooting in texas some survivors say they will not welcome president trump when he visits 22 people were killed in a shopping center in el paso a congresswoman has refused an invitation to meet the president because she thinks his recent comments of field hate crime. law. in el paso each day brings new stories of courage under fire at work to a mayor is only 9 years old but on saturday he likely saved his mother's life the
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mama in wal-mart a person started shooting my mom for us she couldn't move so i grabbed her hand and we ran outside and hid behind a truck and tony is already came face to face with the gunman and was shot in the foot if you listen if you make fun of me.


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