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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 7, 2019 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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the landscape would be completely repaired but as you said there are also there are deep concerns about the use of cyanide used to extract gold from its all why is that this chemical leak into the water supply is in effect obviously people's own drinking water as well but again has been rejected by the company who says that they keep all of these processes under strict control but convincing these demonstrators may be a bit of a challenge yet or at any back of their internationally in turkey need thank you now the body overseeing the u.s. defense department is warning that i still is once again on the rise and it's detailing how the armed group is changing tactics once in control of large territories across iraq and syria isis is now fighting a guerrilla war in the past 6 months it's carried out targeted assassinations ambushes and suicide bombings i saw is estimated to still have between 14 and 18000 fighters and it continues to recruit worldwide using social media report attributes
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eisold successful operations to the weakness of local forces u.s. commanders say groups like syria's s.d.f. need further training and equipment but this has become more difficult as the united states pulls its troops from iraq and syria president from declared victory against the group last year and since then most of the $2200.00 troops that were in syria have now withdrawn leaving only a small residual force for judit nearing is the author of the war of isis on the road to the caliphate she says recent developments in syria could lead to i still getting even stronger. the main problem is really that a lot of isis fighters got away they got away to syria so for that moment iraq war's yeah it was sort of safe but since then isis was beaten in syria and isis fighters and their families were taken to camps in the area of syria and in iraq since then really just about daily and sometimes more more than one times
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a day we have attacks by people who are affiliated to isis who have sympathy for isis we don't know if there are sleeper cells. and the army these days is actually working on a on a big. campaign in 2 areas trying to get rid of these people and one of the reasons why this report is getting so much attention is because turkey is saying that it wants to finally install this safe zone across the border now that border is already guarded by a big wall why exactly want to have this zone as well is not quite clear but what is clear that if this happens that the syrian ports will have to take over their ministry to that place to that area because it's quite a big area and they will no longer be able to guards isis in the camps and already we've had people escaping from there have been smugglers taking people out but then
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it will be very easy for all these isis leaders and fighters to get back into the mainstream and get back into fighting and are a wonder who's taking emergency measures to try and stop the bone of virus from spreading across the border in the democratic republic of congo where since the latest outbreak was discovered in the d r c a year ago the disease has killed at least 1800 people the health ministers of both countries admit to agree. stephanie becker reports now from the rwandan border city of houston. on. the other this movement of people across the border in east africa has become an international concern especially here in wanda after cases of the bodo were confirmed in the nearby city of goma in the democratic republic of congo. it's prompted a senior level meeting between d.r. c. and rwandan officials here in the seine together with the world health organization . but if this disease doesn't know borders it doesn't need to present itself to
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immigration to get a visa so if it crosses it will cross a very quickly we're told around 60000 people cross this border every day so what did this meeting achieve with the i agreed to you know accept. to go to. the team i think this is a very important. group to improve the border crossing. point of you know scaling this is extremely important in terms of. health checks of increased here but checking all of these people is a real challenge trade is one of the reasons why this border is so busy it's mostly foods that cross it's a constant back and forth now it's important to both rwanda and also the d r c which is why many people will tell you it's one of the main reasons that despite the threat of a boat nobody wants to see this border closed. it's not just rwanda that is
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concerned about the movement of people uganda to. in june 3 people in western uganda tested positive for the virus the 1st cross border cases in the south break there been no further cases reported thanks in part to its containment efforts but uganda is now testing a new vaccine one that could vaccinate a larger percentage of the population than the one currently being used in the d.r. see this study is really important for uganda especially given i look at. it but i breaks in this country so i think this study is important in that it to help us in development that seems. to be random but for now doctors without borders says this outbreak is not under control able has been deployed and international public head 1st.
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but. the d.r.s. he's been bashed. for more than a year the fear now that it could spread further stephanie dr al jazeera on the rwanda d r c border. britain's food and drug industry is warning a no deal brags it could lead to nationwide shortages of food and drink federation says it be disastrous of delays of course cause fresh produce to rot the governments being urged to waive some competition rules to allow retailers and suppliers to work together if there's no deal the industry is testing alternative ports to avoid the main route from france to dover. british airways has been forced to cancel only 60 flights the number of london airports after an i.t. failure thousands of passengers of heathrow gatwick and london city airports are affected is the 3rd major computer failure in a little more than 2 years. campaigners against people trafficking in britain are
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accusing government groups of failing to protect victims and they say hundreds of exploited workers are ending up in jail when they should be in hospital being treated for torture injuries and the hayward has been meeting some of the many victims of slavery. can't forget being beaten having both perforated his tooth broken by the criminals who kept him as a slave little wonder then that is trust in people to leave from vietnam doesn't want us to use his real name or show his space and we've disguised his voice after being trafficked to the u.k. he was forced to work inside an illegal kind of response. they beat me they hit me in the face if anything was to go wrong they said they would lose $100000.00. pounds the value of the crop in the house and then they'd cut my throat was arrested and then convicted despite telling me or 30 years he was
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a victim of trafficking halfway through his custodial sentence he was placed in an immigration detention center the u.k. home office had mistaken him for another vietnamese man they thought they'd already deported that left with a lasting mental health problems for. many times i wanted to commit suicide because i felt depressed and had too much pressure i had nobody to talk to and didn't know what was going to happen to me lead did win his case against the home office but false imprisonment but his lawyer told us that victims are often treated as criminals by the author when they enter the u.k. when they hear forced into criminality. and then finally as has happened in this case when when when you're finally found by a public authority for example the police when you think that you're finally going to be saved you are then in fact criminalized and subsequently detained by the home office integration the times that. many victims of modern day slavery are hidden in
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plain sight controlled by those intent on exploitation last year in the u.k. just over $3600.00 suspected victims were identified a recent report by after exploitation found that in 2018 more than 500 suspected victims of trafficking were held in u.k. detention centers and campaigners say that its role as an immigration and force are often means the u.k. home office doesn't deal correctly with victims of trafficking clearly when a victim of trafficking is detained this is this is horrific and should not be happening there needs to be a clear separation of powers between people identifying victims of trafficking and immigration authorities levy is still fighting to overturn his conviction by what he says the government is committed to protect. and treating those in detention with dignity and respect and it says decisions about detention and whether somebody is a. campaigner. that
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cases like don't happen again and i would. all the news of course. there what is on your screen. of the headlines here on al-jazeera pakistan says it will put maximum pressure on india over its decision to strip indian administered kashmir of its autonomy prime minister imran khan called for international intervention following india's move to change the status of the disputed region india's governments also rejecting criticism from china saying other countries should stay out of its internal affairs beijing also claims part of the kashmir region denounced india's move and accepted
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the taliban has claimed responsibility for a car bomb explosion at a police building in the capital kabul 14 people have been killed and at least a 145 injured the suicide bomber detonated his explosives in a car at a security checkpoint outside the complex setting off a huge explosion turkey's defense minister says talks with the u.s. on a planned safe zone in northeast syria have so far been positive and his country would like to establish the area alongside washington but will act alone if necessary u.s. national security advisor john bolton says new sanctions against venezuela will cut off funding for president maduro washington's frozen government assets and blocked american companies and individuals from doing business with a material government supporters. judges and lawyers in hong kong of march in a silent protest to accuse the government of political persecution dozens dressed in black held a vigil at the department of justice demanding an independent inquiry into weeks of
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mass protests lawyers say police arrested hundreds of protesters but suspected gang members attacked them remain free. in the battle to stop the about a virus from spreading rwanda and the democratic republic of congo have agreed to improve screening on their borders the random doctors who are trained health professionals in the congo to do better. treatable of patients more than 800 people have died from the disease since the latest outbreak was discovered in d r c a year ago. britain's food industry is warning a no deal drugs it could lead to nationwide shortages of food and drink federation says it would be disastrous and delays of course cause fresh produce to rot the government's being urged to waive some competition rules while our retailers and suppliers to work together if there's no deal the industry is testing alternative ports to avoid the main route from france kalai to dover all right so those were the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story station thanks for watching.
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kind of web fueled violence be stopped radical hate by fester spread over the internet have often been followed by killing sprees government and tech companies are coming under mounting pressure to take action is that a correct balance between censored in violent content and maintaining freedom of speech this is inside story. hello welcome to the program. from the weekend shootings in the united states to
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the mosque attacks in new zealand and many more besides they are all linked to websites which allow hate and radical speech the suspects thought to have sat manifestos before carrying out their murderous attacks they didn't use browsers we all logged into every day but a deeper darker layer of the internet where you can hide your identity and location be anonymous and difficult to track the subterfuge raises questions about the responsibility of tech companies and websites to control what can be posted governments are also exploring how to regulate the internet the u.s. president has highlight of the internet danger following saturday's shooting in a bus or a case 20 people were killed after hate filled document against hispanic americans was posted online the shooter in el paso posted a manifesto online consumed by racist hate in one voice our
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nation must condemn races. bigotry and white supremacy these sinister ideologies must be defeated hate has no place in america we must recognize there the internet has provided a dangerous avenue to radicalize disturb my eyes and perform demented acts we must shine a light on the dark recesses of the internet and stop mass murders before they start let's take a look at the recent attempts to counter online hate speech following the mosque attacks in new zealand and france presented what's called the christ church call 18 government support of the non-binding pledge aimed at eliminating terrorist and violent extremist content online the us government declined but all major american tech companies signed up to it facebook twitter and you tube have banned many
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accounts linked to fake news and hate speech following the attack and network provider block the endless message board a chan the wal-mart shooting suspect is the 3rd this year to upload hate filled documents before the attacks. let's bring in our guest in washington d.c. brian he is a professor at the american university and fellow of the center for analysis of the radical right where has that is extremism and digital technology in berlin carline send these online harassment research fellow at both harvard kennedy school foundation in new york ryan broaddrick is a senior reporter for buzz feed news covering all and platforms and web culture welcome to all brian took us through what could possibly be the best
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way to and online hate speach. well it's somewhat out of our hands there's a vast array of pressures public pressure financial pressure and law enforcement pressure that are as you said pushing these sites such as 8 chan further and further to the margins of the web 1st we saw extremist groups being banned from mainstream social media as a response they began to develop their own platform clones that mimicked sites like twitter and facebook but these clones relied on their own set of internet web services to provide protection and hosting as we're seeing however after of events such as the pittsburgh synagogue shooting and now the paso wal-mart attack the companies that provide these services are themselves severing business allies
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which is leading the extremist media ecosystem further and further to the margins of what we might call the regular internet and at a certain point i think that these pressures of public outcry financial pressure and legal oversight are apt to force these groups as you said on to the dark web and when that happens and i think it's a question of when rather than if we absolutely have to have strategies already in place to avoid a scene this past week owl of the reason why i ask you this question about the whether there is a away to the spoilers an oiler is. we. what is happening who is involved but this whole people question is about whether there is a lack of political will for government or is it just purely a technical issues the has to be overcome before moving forwards thank you so much
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for that question i think it's a mixture of both and let's take a step back and sort of look alist to be at the problem and working as a researcher in civil society it's it is harder to begin to even try to critique the technical infrastructure of social networks like facebook twitter etc because there is not a lot of transparency into the deeper designs of those systems and we think about content moderation i would say though major mainstream platforms like facebook and twitter actually do have pretty good hate speech policy rather it's it's seeing it in active writ large across many different. across me different countries there is robust hate speech laws here in germany and we do see that somewhat affected more on twitter there are examples to people changing their location on the gaming streaming platform twitch to be able to to germany to filter out different kinds of hate speech and sickness really what i think is important to sort of look at this moment is it is hard to provide i think suggestions or a clear pathway forward when there is such little transparency into content
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moderation systems that are analyzing things like hate speech. on the opposite side i think it's also hard to sort of call for regulation from country to country this is where i think when we start to look at different policies are being passed in the european union in the inside of parliament g.d.p. are is something that looks extremely hopeful right the way that we're starting to look at how content is being regulated inside of a space like the european union we could potentially see something like that around speech and content moderation the one thing i do want to one thing i want to quickly highlight though is facebook as a mainstream platform is quite different than. chan which is not a mainstream social network and is important in these conversations partially wise to separate those 2 we would go more in details about what should be done of the legal framework and example set by other countries brian h. and has become the focal point of the for those asking for the flow of this hate
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speech to be disrupted auline an h. and allows for unmoderated community which basically means that you can go there an enormously and do whatever you want to do and post whatever you want to do from a technical perspective a please to someone like me or to our viewers it's simple shut down the block full of their choice over write the issue is and i want to point out something that i heard earlier said on this program which is that. the idea that this might be some sort of dark where recent sort of fringe of the internet it's not a chain is a pretty basic website it's you go on to it and you write whatever you want and then people write whatever they want and that's the whole thing any website can radicalize the way ajahn did it's not like facebook or twitter or instagram that has an algorithm that's moderating content or has any real moderators at all it's it's just a website it's just a comment section so from a technical standpoint there's nothing particularly malicious about it it's just
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that because it's so free and open it's you know a huge draw for extremist content and for radicalization but there's nothing particularly nefarious about the web site itself was started as a message board to talk about anime. bryant so is technology the way to tackle this issue because with faced such problems in the past you shut down h h n n h n could move towards a new spinoff or other companies would step in so we're back to square one this is my question is to brian sorry yes. yes if there is a technical solution to this i think it has yet to be engineered i think that really the best hope we currently have lies in civic watchdog groups and to the extent that it's illegal for the government to oversee and investigate the content
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in the users of this than that strategy although government's hands are largely tied and sometimes with good reason. sure one thing i want to highlight i believe i'm not i have to refine sort of what brian and brian are both saying. the thing about a chant is it's true it is it's a board based communication platform we could call it a social network it is just comments the thing about it is it has almost no moderation rules outside of posting copyrighted material or child pornography and that's what makes it different than 4 chan which it's a clone of 4 chan and i believe is 2013 sort of passing rules around docks and harar harassment related to the harassment campaign game or gate similar with reddit which has read a kit and has a specific kind of rule structure it's not always an active but what they do have are content policy and terms of service agreements that exist inside of those spaces i think it's more fair to group 8 chan into the space of the daily stormer and i bring that up as an example specifically because in cloud flare his blog post
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they mention both cutting service to the daily star and cutting service to chan these weren't web sites that existed on the dark web they exist on our clear web on our actual internet and they will reappear back on the clear web they will probably find some other service provider but what's important is that google has delisted for example google search results to a chance before their takedown and i believe them to the daily storm or the amount of friction you add for a regular user to find these sites is important and this is what i think the term and the idea behind the platforming is so important ok it will make it harder for people to find the site you make it harder for for other people to be radicalized and to join the boys and that's likely important argument here mrs broderick you you've been sort of the fact that the line is between what was considered to be full if 3 inch social media platform and the mainstream one but what h
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the problem is the protected by contend delivery and security networks and these different. operatives within the whole spectrums are saying basically that we don't have a sense of clarity about how to move forward and ultimately we cannot afford to be on our own the in an uncharted territory it's up to the government and to the other international organizations to tell us what should be done before we can step into this new domain that's right and it's similar to the conversations that happen around moderating isis about 5 or 6 years ago that i think a lot of these private companies are waiting for government bodies to step in and say ok this is what legally constitutes white nationalism and this is our federal policy on it the issue.


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