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a high horse about straws so else writes in that we also mostly have more than enough resources than we need per person overpopulation is a baloney argument it's about the massive an even distribution waste unsustainable production methinks methods etc etc so several people saying it's not really about overpopulation it's about the resources that are not being shared fairly ash what would you say to people like this. i think it's really important to consider both reproductive justice and also making sure that we use resources available in the world for the world population but the reason that i have decided to not have more kids because of climate change is because we are in a crisis and even if we followed the elements of the paris climate accords twit t. we would still be over $1.00 degrees morning which is what you know the u.n. and other scientific groups has that is the what we have to say under for human survival essentially and so we have to do with
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a look at every tool in the toolbox and we have to figure other ways that we can cut emissions responsibly and ethically and i think as a woman you know an affluent white woman in the united states one of the ways i think i can do that is by having this conversation about how many humans we bring into the world in the amount of amount of resources that people like myself consume but i also think that getting under 1.5 degrees we're not doing it fast enough everything that we can do we could do and that would still not be enough and would rely on technology that we don't have yet and also would rely on world governments agreeing which is not going very well so we need that to happen but we also need to figure out more nimble ways to have change on a cultural and an individual level that we can use to then push for more dramatic structural and political change so i think one thing is that you know i someone like me saying i'm not going to have a baby that starts a conversation about how bad the crisis must be for people to be considering not doing some things that is a pretty much a fundamental part of being a wife or
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a lot of people i so i think what you say i hear you saying any makes an awful lot of sense. i feel so many people know which is that i don't want to say anything i just might not know we want to have a family that what you're saying to me sounds like you're standing up and giving a speech but there are so many people who just want to have what i have a family i want to have kids or what have kids like then how do you have that conversation with them because i feel your pain and they just want to have kits. right i think that a really important question and i would say for one thing you don't have to have 0 kids that a lot of studies have shown that if people had just point 5 fewer children we would that would take you know 5000000000 tons of carbon out of the honest that actually have actually talked to me like somebody just wants a baby you're talking to me like a politician right. i want to have a couple can't. i really understand that desire honestly and i think that it
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a desired a lot of people have i think that you can still choose to have a kid i would just say that i just have one now i just have one and yes how do i and i think you know our impact on the planet i think it's easier to make a choice to you know have one kid instead of several and make that be your contribution to stopping climate change you know argument to me as they have that have a baby don't have many babies right. char i want to bring in another voice to this conversation this is josephine we got a video coming from her she's an activist with conceivable future and here's her take for anyone considering starting family in the coming decade we do so under the shadow of the fossil fuel industry as carbon emissions riots we've been told to focus on reducing our own individual carbon footprints that includes our reproductive decisions but when we look down at our feet instead of up at the beach
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or polluters we miss the bigger questions why is it so frightening to plan a family today and why is it so carbon intensive to have an american child in the 1st place whether or not to have a child is a personal decision with lifelong effects but it's not inherently political political action is demanding our rights to make reproductive decisions free from massive avoidable government support that harm. so sheriff she seems to be saying this onus is being placed on people's individual choices when really it should be placed in corporations but keeping that in mind before you answer i want to share this from allison on twitter who says it is often those from developing nations suffering the most consequences of climate change and those in wealthy nations who contributed the most to it the population argument often leads to those from wealthy nations then pointing fingers at poor nations so it juxtaposes well with that video comment from josephine who says it is these corporations but as this tweeter mentions it's corporations and wealthy nations do you see this is an unfair
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debate. no i think i would totally agree with what alison just said 1st of all are absolutely i mean when we link population and climate change and by mental dynamics that blame is always put on the poor countries because they have high rates are high rates of fertility but actually we know that the poor countries have contributed the least to the climate crisis that we currently have and also it's the rich countries and the rich within the rich countries that have contributed most and the corporations and the kind of production and consumption patterns that we have and that's what needs to change and for that to change you know we need to shift from energy systems that are polluting to clean energy systems we need to shift from if it's about individual choice from using cars to use in clean public transport and we need to push our governments to put in place policies and regulations that regulate industries regulate the polluters and that
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make them pays pay and tax them and change the prices and systems of subsidies that we have and i think the population dynamic question and having children when that's brought into question it can very easily slip in the hands of those who want to blame and shame into becoming a blame game and pointing to oh yes you know it's those people who have too many babies and that really gets the story at the wrong end and really misses the point because those countries are not the ones who are polluting and change that needs to happen needs to happen in the richer countries in the very dynamic economies that are having high rates of g.d.p. at the moment and with respect to the corporations that have had a huge role to play in the crisis that now is on our hands so i would totally agree with the comments that you just cited. i want to share this with you it's a graphic from the guardian and they were talking about being childfree thing having fewer children and maybe what the costs like being terms of c o 2 the cost
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to the environment say some of the things that you can do that will save you. 2 you can have come free you can avoid one transatlantic flight by green energy these are things that actually save a lot of c o 2 doesn't save so much c o 2 is upgrading your light bulbs recycling handing out your clothes to dry in the natural they smell just when you do that who does that anymore and then one in the middle what can you do that space of most amount of c o 2 having fewer children ashta you feel vindicated right here. i think yes having pure children is a critical component. pronged attack on climate change i agree with. the viewer who talked about corporate power i've spent a lot of my life biding against you know people in charge to make this economy and this world run on oil i think that's critical and essential i think that having one fewer child though is like i said a choice you can make one time instead of having
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a kid and then thinking 24 hours of your day has to be focused on oh should i make sure to not use plastic should i make sure to watch your should i make sure to do this and that that can take up all of your time and actually divert from taking meaningful political action so i think it's actually easier to say i'm going to have one fewer kid or maybe just one kid and i'm going to spend that extra time actually fighting for bigger changes that we absolutely need to have so yes i think that graphic is a really important way of showing that you can make one powerful decision that has a huge impact especially if you're a wealthy person living in the global north and that you can do that once and then have a huge impact it with the rest of your life as well so i actually just got a comment from guadalupe on you tube she's watching live and she writes in about the paris climate agreement which of course you mentioned at the very top of the show but she says what is the end goal before your gas feel comfortable having kids . how would you answer that. for me i would like to see i would like to live in
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a world where our global leaders do it things that allow us to survive so i would like to live in a world where i thought i would think that i could have a child who could grow happy who could believe in her future and who wouldn't be a thing matter to extinction rates what and and and food crises and air pollution and all of the different things that kids face right now when they're born into the world so when global leaders take accountability and say the survival of our children is worth their time i think that's what i would feel comfortable having children when it is happening from their movements that are saying ok let's look at climate change let's look at our resources that look at where we are and how many people there are in the world with things i doing is raising awareness i have to show you this little clip from population a matter is and this came up where they just asked ordinary people how much do you think you use in terms of resources have a look at the response that's meeting. with this poem which of the world's
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resources do you think you needed to keep the human world going right now. never really thought about it. 40 percent 60 percent i can give you is if i don't have any idea. ready just. using. the air so that's crazy ready. really that's like my lifetime. i mean what you think the end goal is of these movements the strains in the global north people are saying i think that i have fewer kids i might have what i might have none because i'm really worried about the well that i'm sending them out into . well i think the end goal for the movement that i study which is who are making
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the child free choice is that everybody has the right in the opportunity to make that choice for their families that is right for them and in the case of the people that i have studied that is to not become parents so the end goal really would be around every one choice. so what i want to bring in a male voice into this is a bioethicist actually this is jake from washington d.c. and here's what he told us there's a number of things that can be done to encourage people to have fewer children that don't involve coercion states and n.g.o.s can promote women's rights when women have access to high quality health care jobs and education they tend to choose to have fewer children organizations can also fund media that promote small family values emphasizing that having fewer children is more environmentally responsible and has other benefits as well and finally states can change the incentives that they have in place for having more children such as reducing unnecessary tax incentives for people with higher incomes. shara your thoughts. well i think
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he's right about income tax when you have had women have more choice than they could have more rights they exercise their rights we have seen lower rights opportunity but as i pointed out there are many countries also where women are having fewer children than they would like to and they need a changing system not only in terms of policies and governments providing better childcare services but also a change in families men doing more care work sharing more outside work and that choice is to be realized in our in terms of number of children they would like to have i think that also has to be respected women who are having fewer children they would like to and who need a different system by way of family systems men's responsibilities and policies in terms of provision of childcare services changed the working hours to enable them to exercise their choice and have a number of children they would like to have and that's a very valid choice which needs to be respected and supported let me just remind
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you that is the research director the lead research director all of this from un women families in a changing world so when we were asking and thinking about what do you women want sharon brings that voice from the data from around the globe ash. if people watching this and they are not quite convinced yet that having fewer children might really help the environment well to last till you want to give them leave them with i would say that more people consuming more equals more emissions and i would say that you know having a child can increase your emissions by 6 times you saw that guardian graph you can make one one's choice that will have a huge impact and start a bigger conversation about the climate crisis and how we can all get involved to make bigger changes that we need to see. i want to end with this because i think it's a really great way to wrap up this conversation from someone on twitter who says i feel that young people need to be educated on the matter and be given the head
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space to make a decision that they find conclusive ash amy thank you so much from packing this topic for us. at.
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i was raised in france. these are my grandparents. these are my parents and this is mean. by them both isis and the us are. the 1st of a 2 part epic tale of a remarkable simony. the father the son and the jihadists
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caught one on al-jazeera. captaining a leading youth team at 16 years old takes determination. to that staying on top of your game at school. the whole family bands together and shares the sacrifices necessary for a son to have a shot at becoming a professional footballer. my tunisia home game on a jersey or. a defiant message at the gateway to hong kong thousands staged an airport sit in ahead of a new weekend of protests against the government. alone
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welcoming peter w. watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up. the protests in pakistan administered kashmir as the lockdown continues on the other side. fighting in something emma stone streets of new divisions within the saudi anyway a new coalition. also ahead a beach in troubled waters will report from the czars as. resort in tunisia which tragedy is playing out for michael. ok let's begin this half hour in hong kong where there activists have begun a mass sit in at the airports thousands of occupy part of the main terminal to take their message against the government to people flying into hong kong it's the 2nd
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time they've occupied the arrivals area in less than a month for testers want an independent inquiry into alleged police brutality the complete withdrawal of a controversial extradition bill and the resignation of the hong kong leader carry mcbride his life was at the airport so rob did the airport authorities have to increase security today. more incredible scenes here peter the airport has to be said that the airport authority nobody has asked permission to stage in this city but the airport authority has no choice but to allow it to happen because once you have thousands and thousands of people turning up didn't just sitting down in the tourney know what are you going to do and that's what we have here this is the start of a weekend of protests that's friday afternoon here in hong kong on the weekend i can tell you has begun let me ask for just to give you a look at this anybody who knows hong kong international airport will know that there are 2 major rival wholesale rival hole busy be in a rival hole a we are in
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a at the moment a there's a large section in between but the rival holds and that large section in between look like this there are literally now thousands of people occupying this whole area they are very they are very good natured they are very well behaved they are marshalling. there are areas where we have people casting through and arriving they have these yellow stripes on but you're not. going to stop. the not allowing passing on. this is what people see as their right this friday afternoon greeted off the planes by all of these notices things like don't trust the police remember to bring your helmet before you go shopping here in hong kong and also handing out what's a flyer in all sorts of different languages to explain their cause explain what this movement is all about there are also as we walk along here people moving along
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with laptops showing in different languages explaining what this extradition contriver see is about it has to be said for the most part visitors arriving have been. largely supportive of this protest some people especially possibly mainland. mainland visitors are somewhat bewildered you know angry we've seen a couple. of times if i can just move through here and these people who have just arrived are planes wondering exactly what's going on here but we have one of these ubiquitous lendon walls these are these pop up notice cords that we've seen all around hong kong where you can write your protest message stick it on a wall now obviously because this is the airport i've been told by the stewards don't stick anything on the walls we don't want to get into any trouble this is very orderly well behaved so we have a human london wall so you can come along one of the 1st things you can do on this
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friday afternoon as you are arrive in hong kong hello is you can write a post it note and stick it on a student peter these images are so strong rob it's the 2nd sign in a month of the protesters have done this particular form of demonstration will this prompt kerry lamb into going public again because the last time she went public she said look you want me to resign forget it not going to happen. that's right she is due to speak to the media within the next hour or so we can only guess what that might be all about as we know kerry lamb seems to have the. this uncanny knack trying to defuse the situation and every time she talks it seems to make the situation worse we don't know exactly what she said but even if at this stage she offered to resign or said she was resigning that would make that much difference to these many of these protesters you mentioned there are these 5 demands a couple of them do seem as though they would never be agreed upon such as releasing
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everybody arrested so far during these protests well that's going to happen the police would that would be extremely bad for police morale right now you'd have to say that the police are just about the representation of government here the government comes in the form of ranks of riot clad police 60 sometimes i mean a to tear gas and pepper spray the government itself carry lamb the ministers seem to be pretty much in a bunker they come out and make the occasional press press conference and press statements and then disappear again it's almost as though their strategy is one of just trying to sit it out and hope as we saw 5 years ago that gradually the public sentiment public support wanes and people go back to their work back to their college years there will be a lot of people in the government right now looking at the calendars on their wall and we are now into august and we've seen senior government figures saying that they sense that maybe the popularity will wave away as we get into the start of the
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school here in the ak and the college term but you have to say that if that's a strategy of the government right now just trying to expect some kind of rescue from the academic calendar well that's not much of a strategy at all peter rob thanks very much and as rob was talking there we just showed you that live shot coming to us there from the main government offices in hong kong we are expecting caroline as rob was discussing that we are expecting caroline the chief executive of hong kong to talk to the world's media very very soon if that happens the next 20. and it's all so we'll carry it live here on al-jazeera she's been chief executive since 2017 she has said again as rob was saying there as to that controversial extradition legislation that was on the books she has tried to reassure the demonstrators who coalesced around this particular course that that legislation has gone the way they do not trust her they want to
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completely remove from the statute books because they're anticipating a situation where if the relationship between hong kong and the central government in beijing tilts in a particular direction that they don't like that legislation may reappear perhaps at the point when kerry has stopped being the chief executive of hong kong as in when muslims start talking they will carry it live for you here on al-jazeera. china has issued its highest red alert warning as a typhoon makes its way towards the eastern coastline typhoon lekima is expected to make landfall in giang province on saturday it's already battered taiwan killing one person and leaving 60000 households without power japan was also hit some people were injured and flights and ferry services were disrupted. pakistan's foreign minister has arrived in china for talks over india's actions in the disputed territory of kashmir the visit comes as a crackdown in indian administered kashmir enters a 5th day there was an easing of restrictions for a short time to allow muslims for friday prayers but only in their local areas
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india announced on monday it was removing autonomy this part of the region that it controls in a national address on friday the prime minister narendra modi claimed the move would bring peace and prosperity when on the other side in pakistani of minister kashmir there's been an angry response to india's decision to remove autonomy from the territory people have been protesting in the us after about against new delhi taking more control over the region large protests are expected in a few hours in islamabad come on hyder is there where those big protests 2 of them are expected imminently. the pakistani foreign minister had arrived in beijing to hold trawick with his counterpart the chinese foreign minister. had already object. move and revoking all 70. china. and it warns. moving. in the united
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nations security council. which. iron broad any foreign minister greeting back. had a claim by. disrupting the on the indian side of the line of control. in fact. saying that united nations of a group for india and pakistan to have are free. to find out the facts that. water war developing and.
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it is going to be. gone even ahead and there. are already reports of. me. corresponding and it looks as if islamabad has got a very good relationship with beijing what's going on in kashmir what india has done and if pakistan is squaring off against india. with china if you will that means a diplomatic call friend is not going to be available anytime soon surely. absolutely china is a close regional office and spend billions of dollars into china pakistan economic or a do it's building ports bridges highways and they're closed regional allies and the 2 countries also claim parts of the indian and mr to here as their own in fact the
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chinese foreign ministry spokesperson came up with a strong statement just a day off that the indian government here decided to revoke the autonomy of administered kashmir and split the state into 2 the indian government of course has long maintained that all matters related to the disputed kashmir region is this in turn the and it is so for an affair of india the same rebuttal issued by the external affairs minister here in new delhi in response to a slum about. privacy brown kind of cited to come up with this 5 point action plan to snap trade ties with you delhi and also scaled back diplomatic ties as for the situation on the ground peter we understand that friday prayers are ongoing really tight security we understand that locals are only allowed or people are only allowed to visit the local mosque the large smallest the largest mosque is she now going fact is closed that tens of thousands of troops deployed in different parts
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of the indian administered kashmir special.


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