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tv   Malcolm X and Martin Luther King  Al Jazeera  August 9, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am +03

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london walls as they all know that we've seen these all around hong kong people stop putting post it notes with all sorts of political messages on them here at the airports because they don't want to overstay their welcome they have a human pop up lead and wall so as you arrive off your flight from wherever you come this friday evening one of the 1st things you can do as well as getting your duty free is to write a message on a post it note and slap it on a student's ability 2000000 muslims are estimated to have started their annual hodge pilgrimage to mecca and saudi arabia the 5 day event is a chance for muslims to seek redemption and to forgive and be forgiven for muslims it's considered the peak of spirituality as well majority century islam are calling for the closure of the city's mosque on sunday and a mass a prayer to be held the docks instead. as more from the west bank. well islamic work theo 40 which runs the alexa mosque compound in accordance with the jordanian government it has decided to close all mosques in the local area calling on people
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instead to come to a lark's itself and the surrounding area to carry out the prayers the main prayers for eat have been delayed from sunrise to the 2nd pres of the day at 730 local time in the morning presumably to maximize the number of people who can attend them and also that coincides with the time that usually the site would be open from the other side to non muslims now there are right wing and religious nationalist jewish groups that are calling for access on this day despite the fact it's a major it was them 1st or because it also falls on the same day that jews mark to shut down of that as a commemoration of the falling of the 1st and 2nd temples and the jewish exile the background to this is that there has been a wide ranging political effort by the right wing in israel and the religious nationalists to get more access to x. the mosque compound site known as the temple mount to jews a lot of what happens next will depend on the actions of israeli security forces
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and police there has been a precedent going back many years that normal times are not allowed access on a major muslim festival day but that president was broken earlier this year in june the end of ramadan coincided with a jerusalem day which is when jews and israelis mark the seizure of east jerusalem by israeli forces in 1967 there were limited scale wishes at the site as a result of the police decision then to allow jews in on that day a lot now depends in terms of how confrontational this sunday becomes a lot now depends on the actions of israeli security forces that entire area is central to the israeli palestinian conflict and a constant flashpoint as both sides they claim to it yourself are a target as temple mount which. is built on top of the compound western wall is the holiest site origin's can pray a compound and occupied a straight son house is the down the iraq and al aqsa mosque it represents the 3rd holiest site in islam jordan holes in saudi unship
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a mosque but its role has been challenged repeatedly. still ahead on al jazeera thousands of undocumented workers arrested by u.s. agents are released on humanitarian grounds but many more are remain in custody. in russia the struggle for desperately needed medicine is turning to despair i'll tell you why. how we got some nasty weather now making its way into eastern parts of china this is typhoon a came just running across taiwan easing up towards the east coast grassy pushing into shanghai remember shanghai this china's largest city 26000000 people live here and are going to be badly impacted by the storm as we go through saturday sunday it makes its way further north was but those flooding rains over
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202300 millimeters of rain quite widely across the area some parts getting up towards $400.00 millimeters of right and of course size damaging winds associated with the storm. further south will continue across the south of china but not too bad here scattering a shot was of course the monsoon rains across a good part of western india all lots of heavy rain up to into maharashtra as well and once again we do have some flooding pushing through here but we have seen some very nasty downpours causing major problems yes again then the the rains they are set to stay in a similar area right at the west coats pushing up and to go to right southern parts of pakistan could see some showers and even central northern parts of pakistan around the northwest of india again heavy rain pushing through here and notice some wet weather to into the far northeast.
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captaining a leading used team at 16 years old takes determination. to the staying on top of your game at school. the whole family together and shares the sacrifices necessary for a son to have a shot at becoming a professional footballer. on a jersey. watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now and administered kashmir is on lockdown for a 5th day after delhi revoked areas autonomy status that sparked an angry reaction
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in pakistan his foreign minister is beijing seeking support against india's actions . chief executive kerry lamb is warning that protesters are causing what she says is huge damage to the city's economy says the rallies go ahead business like a tsunami. the start of the holiday on sunday as a potential flashpoint between muslims and jews and. islamic religious authority which oversees sides in jerusalem is calling for the closure of the city's knocks and that a mass prayer is held that. more than 800 people have died this year trying to cross the mediterranean and the last 2 months alone dozens of bodies are washed up on tunisia's tours beaches david chaytor has been to the resort city which is now the new frontline in the migration crisis. on the horizon. sure as this tragedy is playing out. and the bodies of its
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victims to these tourist beach shoes. more than 70 migrants drowned last month when their inflatable raft sank in rough weather the director of the red crescent to help pull them out of the water told me the corpses were floating in from every direction or not be so obviously saving these people and even returning them to a prison in d.b.f. is better than letting them die like that in huge numbers of young people pregnant women and babies you see the northern european countries that we are heavy responsibility it's a crime that all this garbage heap outside zazi this is where the dead bodies used to be dumped the red crescent has now ribera them nearby but these graves share the same ground as the city's rubbish we spoke to a young man who nearly ended up here himself. living living as we lived libya in
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small boat into the deep sea the boat started to shake until its capsized in does moment so you look at what i did and i'll leave it i remember what happened i feel sick. mohammed is taking refuge at the red crescent center outside zaza this other survivors like him are still struggling to cope with the terror of danger would wondering if they ever dare to go through it all again to reach europe a new symmetry is being built here it already contains the bodies of $71.00 people that were washed ashore on the city's beaches last month. each of these graves have been numbered in the d.n.a. sample has been taken from each one of the victims the record of those is being held at the local hospital already the director of the red crescent is receiving inquiries from all over the held region and even from morocco about who might be lying here these waters are meant to be a source of fun and pleasure but the death toll is rising all the time and that's
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reality that's haunting this beach david chase al-jazeera sauces. italy's deputy prime minister mikhail severely is calling for a snap election saying the ruling coalition has collapsed the prime minister decepticon to says he wants to justify that call. party elite is well ahead in opinion polls mainly because of his stance against the label immigration its coalition partner the 5 star movement has been at odds with the over many policies . the rebels have a younger brother of their leader of who has been killed issued a statement announcing the death of abraham. but they're not saying how he died they're blaming agents of what they say is a u.s. israeli saudi coalition. meanwhile separatists are fighting government forces in southern yemen for a 3rd day l.a. said dozen people have been killed since the conflict broke out the separatists are supported by the u.a.e.
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and accuse the saudi backed government forces of conspiring against the. algerians of rally for the 25th consecutive week a test against the government began in february and president abdelaziz bouteflika was step to depth step to step down pardon me a few weeks later demonstrators are pushing for further change talks to set a date for new elections though those talks have stalled a canadian citizen held in syria since last december has been released in lebanon on christian lee baxter was freed following mediation efforts by lebanon security chief it's unclear what baxter was doing in syria at the time of his detention. i would just like to think. like.
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every other. and citizen held in syria since last december as we said he has been released and so you know holder has more on that. lebanon has mediated the release of a canadian national who was being held in syria the one of the top security officials in lebanon about for him was the man involved in this mediation effort he said that the canadian national mr baxter was detained last year for violating laws in syria they really didn't divulge much details concerning the circumstances of his detention this is not he's not the 1st foreign national to be released in the past month a few weeks ago an american national was released about him himself playing a crucial role now he's calling this a humanitarian gesture but many here believe that these are messages messages that
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the syrian government wants to give to the west as it tries to over gain legitimacy as it tries to end sanctions at the end of the day these 2 these 2 foreign nationals who were held and in syrian jails are not among the high profile people who went missing and believed to be held by the syrian government so messages possibly from the syrian government to the west trying to regain lost legitimacy and russia more cases are being reported of people being arrested and charged for buying lifesaving drugs on the internet. and medicines legally available they want other countries are categorized russia's narcotics like cocaine and wrong moscow. is 10 years old and this has been his life since he was 3 he suffers from bostons disease that's a degenerative illness that is fatal and begins in early childhood his mother tries
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to do her best to keep him as comfortable as possible it's a daily struggle there are all medicines available that could make his last days comfortable those medicines which are available in many parts of the world illegal in russia. elaina has already lost a daughter to the disease in 2013 she says her daughter was in pain until the day she died elaina didn't want her son to go through the same so when doctors told her there were drugs available abroad she decided to buy the medicines on the internet from a reputable website she says she was unaware that the medicines were illegal she presume that because she could buy them so easily and did not need a prescription that there was no issue the authorities of banned certain medicines like the one she would have because they contain a mood altering substances that could be abused when she went to pick them up the police are waiting and detained. just around 5 pm i went to the post office to pick up my hostel and when i was leaving i was approached by 2 people who were police
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and customs officer they told me my parcel contained a prohibited substance they demanded to give an explanation of the medicines and they took the packet from me after several hours alone i was released but she's angry that she faced such treatment. the lawyer and the doctor from my local hospice to help me i was scared and i needed help to help get more released the anger came afterwards because the system is not working at the same time i heard my son was vomiting blood i was so outraged at the system that prevented me from buying this medicine in the hospice that helped the star play with the office dog a moment of relief as they worked to uncover more cases of pressure the authorities to make certain pain medicines more freely available of this because the hospice made its own independent survey we also said they needed this legal medicine to send us information within a week we heard from 1300 families. russia's health ministry has said that it is looking into the legal issues surrounding the availability of these drugs is
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also said that drug manufacturers need to apply for licenses to sell those drugs within busy the country itself all of the campaign is have said that they've been hearing this for years and not much has changed for the families of those with sick children this frustration only adds to the already difficult situation that they're in iran. china has issued its highest red alert warning as the typhoon makes its way towards the eastern coast a fairly came as expected to make landfall in changing province on saturday it's already passed through taiwan killing one person and leaving $60000.00 households without power japan was also hit some people were injured and flights and ferry service has disrupted. u.s. immigration agents carried out their biggest raids in a decade some suspected undocumented migrant workers have been allowed to go home to look after their children the raids on food processing plants in mississippi follow donald trump is about to target what he calls illegal aliens or since
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a looming house war. it was the largest workplace raid by u.s. officials in more than a decade immigration and customs enforcement or ice officers swept through a number of food processing plants in mississippi arresting anyone without proper papers leading to scenes like this. some $300.00 of the $680.00 arrested have now been released from custody united states of america is the greatest nation in the history of the world and it's no wonder that people from around the world want to come here to our country. but while we do welcome folks from other countries they have to follow our laws. federal officials said steps were taken to make sure that children of those arrested were safe but this provoked outrage among some and we are here today to thank you would stand
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with up in this question with no one who will do just that would reveal what little you know what children what you know what is the ocean the eldest child will be called out doll is going to continue at the same time the buses of men and women workers were being taken to a military base for processing president trump was traveling to texas to pay his respects to victims of a mass shooter who are believed to be targeted for being hispanic despite his attempts to show sympathy for the victims the president has been accused of fostering racism and white supremacy with his words and policies the mayor of jackson mississippi has called on churches to provide safe haven for the immigrants still facing deportation we see these raids not being. cheap the opposite you know they are targeted they can't access saying it's the same methods of protection that we all look. circumstances a move that will put him at odds with the republican party and pit immigrant
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advocates against federal officials intent on aggressively enforcing the law kristen salumi al jazeera. pick up the headlines on al-jazeera thousands of people have rallied in pakistan over the crisis and kashmir they gathered after friday prayers they're angry that end in a minister of kashmir is autonomy was revoked pakistan's foreign minister has welcomed the rallies he's also visiting beijing to seek assurances. or has more. the bugs bunny foreign minister if you're a member would. you go to grady meeting the chinese going to warn you that meeting we had no underwear august on of course will be much for rich $200.00 words concern over the indian move to abolish article $370.00 what
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will be trying to do is to mark the board just before the foreign minister dies down in beijing. joining a different america speaking out of. their meeting war days they're ready. because joyner and barbara starr and our broad. thousands of anti-government protesters in hong kong are occupying the main airport on kong's chief executive kerry alam as rolling out concessions after 2 months of demonstrations she says the movement is causing huge damage to the territories economy. emmons who the rebels said the younger brother of their leader of the who has been killed issued a statement announcing the death that abraham and al who they all say how he died they are blaming agents of what they say is a u.s. israeli saudi coalition involved separatists are fighting government forces and southern yemen for a 3rd day. place
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a dozen people have been killed since the conflict broke out separatists are supported by the u.a.e. and accuse the saudi backed government forces of conspiring against. a canadian citizen held in syria since last december has been released and lebanon christian lee baxter was freed following mediation efforts by lebanon security chief it's unclear what baxter was doing in syria at the time it has to tension. china has issued its highest red alert warning as a typhoon makes its way towards the eastern coast side i feel like it's expected to make landfall in jamestown province on saturday it's already passed through taiwan killing one person and leaving 60000 households without power japan was also hit some people were injured and flights and ferries services disrupted. you know the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera mourners to come this story missed next. on
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counting the cost a new world currency to challenge the dollar facebook's global dominance faces challenges. aren't seawalls trying to let the one depreciate his trump run up the trade or the economic and environmental costs of sand extract something that costs on al-jazeera. welcome to the stream which you decide not to have children to save the planet that is the tough choice many people are considering as the global climate worsens my family ok how are your family planning decisions influenced by the impact of climate change are they tell us through twitter and you tube. financial health and religious considerations often lie the halt of one's decision
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on raising a family but amid increasing severe weather events many people are deciding not to have children mainly due to climate change supporters of groups such as birth strike and conceivable future are limiting the number of children they have in the absence of immediate and effective global action to tackle the climate emergency un warns we only have until 2030 to keep global warming below a point where entire ecosystems will be lost but that task is complicated by rising carbon emissions from a global population that will hit nearly 10000000000 by 2050 for a deeper look at this ash saunders joins us from new york she is a writer and activist was chosen not to have children juge the impact of climate change also in new york is amy blackstone she is a sociology professor and author of childfree by choice a study of the wider child free movement and completing our line up from new york shall arise if he she is chief of research and data at un with me which advocates for. gender equality and women's empowerment have what it's good to have
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a hey in the stream let us start with our community because of course this is a debate and it's a heated one people have very staunch ideas about where they fall on it so i want to play a video comment from one such person this is carl law she is a student and an activist a climate activist in texas and here's what she told the story according to the new republic we only have 12 years before we can reverse the effects of climate change before we experience severity of the damages that it can truly cause on us earth everything. because of this i truly discourage having kids right now because you don't know the outcome our earth is our home and that's all we have we have one planet and we are not moving to mars we have to stop procrastinating because seriously this is life or death. life or
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death is that how you see it you know those those words are really scary but yes that is how i see it you know as you said the un has told us we have 10 years to basically turn our entire economic and political systems around and what's at stake is really human survival we don't right now we are headed towards a $3.00 degree warming world and the consequences about our honestly unimaginable we have to stay under 1.5 degrees to survive and for me that me that means that we all need to take a hard look at all of our choices and all of our ways that we're involved politically and economically and socially so that we can actually be part of protecting the planet rather than destroying it ash when people ask you when you having children you don't have much time left what else will they say to you where they inquiring about your family and why your family isn't because. well so i was raised very religiously and my whole life i was told that like it was my destiny to
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have a child that i would absolutely be having children and that was my role to be a mother and so i've gotten that question a lot throughout my life and what i try to tell people is that i think that the best thing that i can do for the planet right now is to not have children to try to not contribute to increasing runaway global carbon emissions and to spend the time that i have here doing activism to try to create the kind of change that we need on a national and global level level to make sure that the humans who do exist right now can lead safe and happy lives and have a little future and you are not alone i want to share this commentary from twitter this is melissa who says when i was 10 in the eighty's i decided it was too risky to have children i helped to raise my nieces and nephews but have stood by my decision despite loads of pressure from them and strangers she goes on to say even
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in the ninety's we knew we were headed for a crisis i didn't see people taking it terribly seriously i couldn't in good conscious commit a human to that future to thousands and beyond i just covered how adding humans in the us really puts environmental pressure on other nations amy what would you say to mr can you relate. well i can and her comments resemble those of many of the people that i've interviewed over the course of my 11 years of research on this topic i also think that more and more people are making the choice not to have children for environmental reasons when you look at research from the seventy's and eighty's the environment certainly was an important reason even then but it did it really showed up in the in the top 5 reasons but more and more people today are talking about opting out of it because of their concerns related to over . it i have to bring in sharra haitham un women shar let me show you
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a couple of the organizations that we've been researching over the last couple of days and i'm sure you come across them but for our audience as well population matus conceivable future. strike and also so many more organizations out there who are connecting fertility having children with what is happening in our environment what is happening with that climate you study the data you look which means of family life of around the globe what do you make of this connection that he's being made. well i think it was really good to hear the other panelists and i do want to add a kind of global perspective on this i think we have to be quite careful in the way in which we are connecting issues around population dynamics choices women's choices reproductive justice reproductive choice and then climate change i want to
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say a little bit about each of these based on the research on the mark that we have done that you and women in particular in the report that we just launched about a month ago a crocus of the once women families and changing the art 1st of all what we do know is that what you lation dynamics population growth we are in a different world now than we were 20 years ago took over to the teammate's have almost been cut in half and we have a total global her to write. about $2.00 live births per woman which is nearly half of what it was in the 1970 s. and the population is actually population growth is going we're facing her to teammates that are below replacement rate in many parts of the world in western europe north america in many parts of asia in many parts of latin america and the caribbean so that's kind of the picture that we have we have declining or to be everywhere now i think it's important to look at her to tea but also look at
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reproductive choice and that was really an important moment in women's movements when in cairo in international conference in population development the issue of reproductive rights was put ahead of population dynamics and i think we really have to respect the choices that women make that women and men make and the enabling conditions for those choices now in some parts of the ark where fertility rates are still very high even though they're declining in some parts of africa and particular reproductive choice is not there for all women there's very little access to family planning services and there are constraints. social constraints cultural constraints on women being able to have the number of children that they would like to have but i would also like to point out in many parts of the world where every house below replacement for to eat right and i would name some countries in austria germany portugal women are not having the number of children
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they would like to her they're having fewer children because of another direction of gender inequality which is care services are not there and men are not doing their share of carrot or in the home they're not sharing the housework the childcare work so women are also not really able to exercise the kind of choices they would like to have in terms of number of children shower if i might if if i may i can see that amy is listening to you so any you've made a sacrifice you've decided you're not going to have children shara there is telling you that there is there are many places around the well where the fertility rate is fair enough so is a sacrifice that you'll make and is that warranted bearing in mind that the rates have gone down. i would say that for myself i don't consider my choice to be a sacrifice it is a choice that i made and i'm lucky to live in a time in a place where i was able to make that choice for myself but i also totally
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agree that there are there is the issue in some nations in the us included where people may be having fewer children than they would choose to because they're not getting the support they need as parents so that is another side of the coin in. all of these. and i want to add in just another wrench into this because as i mentioned there are kind of fierce opinions on both sides so here is one of those sides a couple of people mentioned this point and i'll share just a few of them as we overproduce by like 60 percent globally saying don't have babies to save the planet is just as silly as getting on a high horse about straws so else rights and we also mostly have more than enough resources than we need per person overpopulation is a baloney argument it's about the massive an even distribution waste unsustainable production methinks methods etc etc so several people saying it's not really about
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overpopulation it's about the resources that are not being shared fairly ash what would you say to people like this. i think it's really important to consider both reproductive justice and also making sure that we use resources available in the world for the world population but the reason that i have decided to not have more kids because of climate change is because we are in a crisis and even if we followed the elements of the paris climate accords twit t. we would still be over $1.00 degrees warming which is what you know the u.n. and other scientific groups has said is the what we have to say under for human survival essentially and so we have to do with a look at every tool in the toolbox and we have to figure other ways that we can cut emissions responsibly and ethically and i think as a woman you know an affluent white woman in the united states one of the ways i think i can do that is by having this conversation about how many humans we bring into the world in the amount of amount of resources that people like myself consume
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but i also think that getting under 1.5 degrees we're not doing it fast enough everything that we can do we could do and that would still not be enough and would rely on technology that we don't have yet and also would rely on world governments agreeing which is not going very well so we need that to happen but we also need to figure out more nimble ways to have change on a cultural and an individual level that we can use to then push for more dramatic structural and political change so i think one thing is that you know i someone like me saying i'm not going to have a baby that starts a conversation about how bad the crisis must be for people to be considering not doing some things that is a pretty much fundamental part of being a wife for a lot of people i so i think what you say i hear you saying and it makes an awful lot of sense. i feel so many people want what you say i don't want to say that i just might not have we want to have a family that what you're saying to me sounds like you're standing up and giving
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a speech but there are so many people who just want to have what have a family don't have kids or what have kids like them how do you have that conversation with them because i feel your pain and they just want to have kits. right i think that a really important question and i would say for one thing you don't have to have 0 kids that a lot of studies have shown that if people had just point 5 fewer children we would that would take you know 5000000000 tons of carbon out of the honest but actually if you talk to me like somebody just wants a baby you're talking to me like a politician right. i want to have a couple of can't. i really understand the desire honestly and i think that it desired a lot of people have i think that you can still choose to have a kid and i would just say that i just have one now i just have one and yes how did i end on you know our impact on the planet i think it's easier to make a choice you know how one kid instead of several and making that be your
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contribution to stopping climate change you know argument to me as they have that have a baby don't have many babies right. char i want to bring in another voice to this conversation this is josephine we've got a video coming from her she's an activist with conceivable future and here's her take for anyone considering starting family in the coming decade we do so under the shadow of the fossil fuel industry as carbon emissions rise we've been told to focus on reducing our own individual carbon footprints that includes our reproductive decisions but when we look down at our feet instead of up at the beach or polluters we miss the bigger questions why is it so frightening to plan a family today and why is it so carbon intensive to have an american child in the 1st place whether or not to have a child is a personal decision with lifelong effects but it's not inherently political
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political action is demanding our rights to make reproductive decisions free from massive avoidable government support that harm. so sheriff she seems to be saying this onus is being placed on people's individual choices when really it should be placed in corporations but keeping that in mind before you answer i want to share this from allison on twitter who says it is often those from developing nations suffering the most consequences of climate change and those in wealthy nations who contributed the most to it the population argument often leads to those from wealthy nations then pointing fingers at poor nations so just suppose as well with that video comment from josephine who says it is these corporations but as this tweeter mentions it's corporations and wealthy nations do you see this is an unfair debate. no i think i would totally agree with what alison just said 1st of all are absolutely i mean when we link population and climate change and by mental dynamics that blame is always put on the poor countries because i write so
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high rates of fertility but actually we know that the poor countries have contributed the least to the climate crisis that we currently have and also it's the rich countries and the rich within the rich countries that have contributed most and the corporations and the kind of production and consumption patterns that we have and that's what needs to change and for that to change you know we need to shift from energy systems that are polluting to clean energy systems we need to shift from if it's about individual choice from using cars to use in clean public transport and we need to push our governments to put in place policies and regulations that regulate industries regulate the polluters and that make them pays pay and tax them and change the prices and systems of subsidies that we have and i think the population dynamic question and having children when that's brought into question it can very easily slip in the hands of those who want to blame and shame into becoming a blame game and pointing to oh yes you know it's those people who have too many
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babies and that really gets the story at the wrong end and really misses the point because those countries are not the ones who are polluting and change that needs to happen needs to happen in the richer countries in the very dynamic economies that are having high rates of g.d.p. at the moment and with respect to the corporations that have had a huge role to play in the crisis that now is on our hands so i would totally agree with the comments that you just cited. i want to share this with you it's a graphic from the guardian and they were talking about being childfree thing having fewer children and maybe what the costs like being thames of c o 2 the cost to the environment say some of the things that you can do that will save you. 2 you can have come free you can avoid one transatlantic flight by green energy these are things that actually save a lot of c o 2 doesn't save so much c o 2 is upgrading your light bulbs recycling
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hanging out your clothes to dry in the natural they smell just when you do that who does that anymore and then one in the middle what can you do that space of most amount of c o 2 having fewer children ashta you feel vindicated right here. i think yes having your children is a critical component. pronged attack on climate change i agree with. the viewer who talked about corporate power i've spent a lot of my life biting against you know people in charge who make this economy and this world run on oil i think that's critical and essential i think that having one fewer child though is like i said a choice you can make one time instead of having a kid and then thinking 24 hours of your day has to be focused on oh should i make sure to not use plastic should i make sure to watch your should i make sure to do this and that that can take up all of your time and actually divert from taking meaningful political action so i think it's actually easier to say i'm going to have one fewer kid or maybe just one kid and i'm going to spend that extra time
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actually fighting for bigger changes that we absolutely need to have so yes i think that graphic is a really important way of showing that you can make one powerful decision that has a huge impact especially if you're a wealthy person living in the global north and that you can do that once and then have a huge impact it with the rest of your life as well so i actually just got a comment from guadalupe on you tube she's watching live and she writes in about the paris climate agreement which of course you mentioned at the very top of the show but she says what is the end goal before your gas feel comfortable having kids how would you answer that. for me i would like to see i would like to live in a world where our global leaders do it things that allow us to survive so i would like to live in a world where i thought i would think that i could have a child who could grow happy who could believe in her future and who wouldn't be anything massive extinction rates with and and and food crises and air pollution
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and all of the different things that kids face right now when they're born into the world so when global leaders take accountability and say the survival of our children is worth their time i think that's what i would feel comfortable having children when it is happening from their movements that are saying ok let's look at climate change let's look at our resources that look at where we are and how many people there are in the world with things like doing is raising awareness i have to show you this little clip from population a matter is and this came where they just asked ordinary people how much do you think you use in terms of resources how to look at the response that's a. start with how much of the world's resources do you think you needed to keep the human world going right now. never really thought about it. 40 percent 60 percent i can give you. don't have any idea. ready
11:42 pm
ready just. using. the air so that's crazy ready. really i think my lifetime. i mean would you think the end goal is of these movements the strains in the global north people are saying i think that if you had kids i might have what i might have known because i'm really worried about the well that i'm sending them out into. well i think the end goal for the movement that i study which is who are making the child free choice is that everybody has the right in the opportunity to make the choice for their families that is right for them and in the case of the people that i have studied that is to not become parents so the end goal really would be around every choice. so i want to bring in
11:43 pm
a male voice into this he's a bioethicist actually this is jake from washington d.c. and here's what he told us there's a number of things that can be done to encourage people to have fewer children that don't involve coersion states and n.g.o.s can promote women's rights when women have access to high quality health care jobs and education they tend to choose to have fewer children organizations can also fund media that promote small family values emphasizing that having fewer children is more environmentally responsible and has other benefits as well and finally states can change the incentives that they have in place for having more children such as reducing unnecessary tax incentives for people with higher incomes. shara their thoughts. well i think he was right in that in context when you have had women have more choices they could have more rights they exercise their rights we have seen lower rights opportunities but as i pointed out there are many countries also where women are
11:44 pm
having fewer children than they would like to and they need a changing system not only in terms of policies and governments providing better childcare services but also a change in families men doing more of the care work sharing more not that work and that choice is to be realized in our in terms of number of children they would like to have i think that also has to be respected women who are having fewer children that they would like to and who need a different system by way of family systems men's responsibilities and policies in terms of provision of childcare services changed working hours to enable them to exercise their choice and have a number of children they would like to have and that's a very valid choice which needs to be respected and supported let me just remind you that is the research director the lead research the matter all of this from u.n. women families in a changing world so when we were asking and thinking about what do you women want shara brings that voice from the data from around the globe ash.
11:45 pm
if people watching this and they are not quite convinced yet that having fewer children might really help the environment well to last till you want to give them leave them with i would say that more people consuming more equals more missions and i would say that you know having a child can increase your missions by 6 times you saw that guardian graph you can make one wind choice that will have a huge impact and start a bigger conversation about the climate crisis and how we can all get involved to make bigger changes that we need to see. i want to end with this because i think it's a really great way to wrap up this conversation from someone on twitter who says i feel that young people need to be educated on the matter and be given the head space to make a decision that they find conclusive ash amy thank you so much from packing this topic for us i'm sure there will be much more conversation online but for now i'm going to say thank you so much you know and i at algeciras dot com forward slash
11:46 pm
the stream at a stream on twitter by. in
11:47 pm
a country with high youth unemployment one organization helps turn school children into entrepreneurs who can tell us what i mean by their wide fundraising empowering them to reclaim their futures we teach them out of i read this story my ship was how to make it back and build more prosperous communities some of the invest the money into other businesses school from life uganda part of the rebel education seems on al-jazeera. it's very difficult as a chef or restaurant or to buy shrimp with the confidence that what you're serving is going to be good seafood by nature is
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a hybrid model sometimes trip is released using production drugs. that are not approved for use in u.s. the f.d.a. simply isn't testing enough on the imported market to really find all of these violent oppressive to take note at this time on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm sad this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes . a live look at. large scale protests in pakistan against india's ending of all ptolemy in the disputed kashmir region. thousands stay just sit in the hong kong airport as the chief executive accuses
11:49 pm
protesters of recklessness. detecting violence in advance tech company executives meet at the white house to discuss online extremism plus. the big god love. we hear from a bahraini activist who feared he could be tossed from the roof of his country's embassy in london. and the new english premier league season kicks off and just as we build up to the opening match as liverpool take on no it to atlanta take a look at ruby the new signings to watch this season. protests have erupted in indian administrate kashmir 5 days after their under modi's government stripped the region of its special autonomous status earlier restrictions in srinagar were temporarily lifted to allow muslims to attend friday
11:50 pm
prayers in their neighborhoods for the same time pakistan's foreign minister flew to beijing seeking support in the country's opposition to india's unilateral move there also been demonstrations in islamabad as well as in pakistan administered kashmir. we have correspondents on both sides of the story come on high there is in this slum of on but we begin with priyanka gupta standing by for us in new delhi let's begin with the protests in india administered kashmir how they shaping up. well sadly we're getting the 1st conformed reports of a massive protests where thousands of people marched. and were met twits live fire tear gas rubber coated steel bullets several of them are believed to have sustained pellet injuries as well this is the largest protest of its kind since
11:51 pm
monday there have been sporadic demonstrations in the prospect she too was the evening where security restrictions were relaxed but today was the largest demonstration of its kind after friday prayers there were tens of thousands of indian power tree soldiers ad police officers deployed to the protesters were met with life admonition fired we understand that from previous protests there were dozens of people are indian media is reporting there dozens of people who are out admitted in srinagar largest hospital with pellet injuries some of them with pellet injuries to their eyes so in many ways a strictly difficult to report on the story sadly because the information that we're getting out is very very thin very little information is trickling in and out of parts of india i missed it because there is a complete information blackout 4 lines are still not working internet is completely shut down so journalists have to file dispatches like the good old times by hand and fly to different places to different cities where they can unify their
11:52 pm
stories so it's really difficult to find pictures or any information that come in come as and when people in delhi or mumbai can get these dispatches from the journalists on the ground but yes what we can tell you is that in spite of a lot security presence thousands of people today demonstrated in the largest city in the indian understood. now we know there have been some easing of restrictions can you clarify for us. what exactly what restrictions are left and for how long. well some restrictions were eased on friday early on friday to allow muslim worshippers to to pray only in their neighborhood mosque they were not allowed to go to the larger
11:53 pm
mosque in their towns or in. east and as soon as the protests began we know that security restrictions were back in place in fact the security restrictions were back in place after the friday prayers were were over in many parts of the indian and mr bush me especially in kashmir valley in the north and south and particularly so as far as we can tell the information that we're getting from the ground is that all the security restrictions the curfew is back in place the shops are are shouted people are back indoors we have been hearing from people in street out there who have talked about how difficult it is to get supplies it's the 5th day sadly that people are living under complete shutdown that information blackout so people are running out of milk for their children that people are running out of medicines for dogs who are sick and ailing in their in their homes it's really difficult for people to get help because they have to travel on foot to hospitals
11:54 pm
to checkpoints and barricades. thanks for the update that priyanka gupta has crossed over the border come on hi bill joins us now live from islamabad let's start with the protests which were taking place there how did they shape up today. whereas here in islamabad we've had thousands of people are turning out for 2 protests one was headed by the government office on people's party. down there you can solve they organize a large rally just behind me idea where this is the. venue for protest progress on their equivalent of fog some people might say. children. all walks of life were represented had despite heavy rain people have braved the elements and stayed came towards their opposition to the brutal oppression they say
11:55 pm
that is being carried out against the b. but it also made also we had another rally by the jamaat islami this is a right wing religious party which is also very closely allied to the muslim brotherhood has very strong contacts. and they also came out and gave an ultimatum to the government saying that if you. respond to india you move then they were take matters into their own hands also important to nor did they progress on the foreign minister concluded today's discussions read his counterpart rang. and also the chinese president according to by the saudi foreign minister told his foreign minister to gauge men's and address the issue. i deadwood i think from india you know laughter and action. that the chinese have now said that david.
11:56 pm
just on vision by moving the security council. on had also heard supportive statements from the united nations secretary general and gods as. an order of encouragement because progress on. all of a new diplomatic and read out their options in order to continue to pressure on india to move against the of article every day so indeed diplomatic pressure mounting people on the street and diplomacy underway to try to take case to the end and call me. come all the same time we know the foreign minister of pakistan went to beijing what exactly are the pakistanis looking from the chinese to do. well just to give you an example before the focus on the foreign minister landed in beijing
11:57 pm
a senior chinese diplomat in islamabad. that this particular meeting was very short no days because there are 2 countries what i had in broad they're very deep strategic relationship china china spending over $60000000000.00 on the china up august on economic order door and china had goes. on with a unilateral move by india because it said that it goes against the sovereign day also china because of what india had done and separating that doc should be forgotten that china had that 3rd party to that question a dispute and also had. china coming out very strongly in favor of august on august and also expect support from the united states at that security council because of the ongoing alvan peace process the foreign ministry saying that dad will continue to go ahead despite reservations by some people that the conflict
11:58 pm
between india and pakistan may cause a shadow and indeed intense diplomatic efforts and also it's strong language coming out from the progress on the military saying that they do not believe in fact have rejected the state's main statement sorry all but senior indian military command and which he blamed pakistan fall for maintaining on race inside india and of goodbye to read so indeed a development of a fox space we are sorry. commodified of that thanks so much. and the afghan karl van has made a rare statement on the unrest in kashmir urging india and pakistan to refrain from taking steps that could lead to violence and complications in the region and usurp the rights of kashmiris says having gained a bitter experience from war and conflict we quote urge peace and the use of
11:59 pm
rational pathways to solve regional issues of nona cyril mahler is a senior lecturer in international relations at the department of war studies at king's college in london joins us from london now good to have you with us if we could talk a little bit about the broader sort of geo political picture here 1st of all we know that the u.s. india position has been evolving over the last recent years how is that impacted the whole kashmir dynamic. well one of the things that i think came 1st was the really remarkable statement by donald trump and when him on hahn and senior military commanders from pakistan visited washington that trump would. offer to mediate the dispute between india and pakistan which of course goes against a very very well settled. position of india is that this is firstly
12:00 am
a domestic and secondly a bilateral issue. so one of the things that we have seen more recently is that. the u.s. strained relationship to pakistan and an increasingly warm relationship to india has reversed during the trumpet ministration especially since donald trump has been moving towards. greater trade tariff and trade barriers with india more recently so i don't expect that that is actually going to change the dynamic of the issue but it does actually complicated.


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