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or it's in the western europe or in muslim countries with regard to the muslim world i think the messages to it is that it should address the current rivalry and division that increasingly is existing between iran and saudi arabia who are for influence because it also feeds then. and exacerbates a division between sunni and shia muslims and a lot of this is connected to what has been going on politically for example the the war in syria and particularly the the war in yemen the saudi see iran as a great influence there and the other side of it is iran sees the saudis as basically you know engaged in in warfare and and and chilling both military and innocence and indeed much of the international community has questioned that that kind of bombing so there's
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a real kind of rivalry in tension within the region which can have a spillover effect for palestinians have been killed never gaza or israel border this video appears to show flares being fired into the air in the southern area east of that a valid as israeli soldiers shoot at the man the israeli army says the palestinians were armed and attempting to breach the border pollution from calico plots internews is causing devastating damage to land and sea that's according to environmental groups the warning comes as the country plans to increase its exports of phosphates by 50 percent the chemical is mainly used in the fertilizers they've a chase her is in the coastal city of god as seen some of the worst of the pollution. this away says was once considered as a world heritage site by the united nations it borders a bay that was
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a rich spawning ground marine life in the mediterranean but ammonia now hangs in the air above the palm trees as this chemical complex vents the toxic gases produced by using soft europe acid to process phosphates nasy her head see association formed to defend the u.s. says he describes what's happening here as an act of industrial terrorism from up now over we're getting diseases of all kinds like lung cancer cancer of the nose and sort brisk we berating people every day because of these diseases. 13000 tons of chemicals and waste our channelled into the bay through this train every day it's making a desert out of the sea floor the residents here say before the chemical plants began operating the sea was so close the fish used to jump into the fields and their children used to swim amongst its problems i've been standing by this river
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of toxic sludge for just over half an hour now already my eyes are stinging in my throat feels wrong or it's been flowing into the sea behind me for more than 40 years it's killing everything it touches the locals have a name for it it's called the fatal shore you don't see any crabs here nor any bird life above its hauntingly empty only occasional pool with an algal bloom a line of black slime shows the high water mark the tunisian chemical group which runs the complex claim they are taking measures to tackle the pollution. abdel heloc has seen his living as a fisherman destroyed by the chemicals washing into the bay and his own health ruined by this city gas plumes he's now suffering from cancer of the colon is boats is rotting in the harbor which is becoming a graveyard for the trawlers any hope of
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a future as gone the neighboring port transporting phosphate to the world though has never been busier. there the sport has ruined everything it's polluted the ear and the egret culture and is lead to a deserted vacation of the marine life in one of the main parks in the city of gabbers graffiti warns of dangers of air pollution a device which actually monitors the gases has been broken for years now. it's hanging in a road called environment of a new hard way down it a large rubbish dump and old rusting cars. many here say the whole city seems to have lost hope david chaytor al-jazeera gulbis. well still ahead i'll just 0 in spalled the champions of scotland in record breaking. if that's true round up the premier league you know.
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china has one of the world's highest are based you know maybe a take up the farmers against the military star white let's go to radical surgery what i want to investigate is the chinese battle to get in shape on al jazeera latest news as it breaks. with details coverage no one is willing to return home to me on my own without citizenship papers and security guarantees from around the world the challenges facing the new prime minister. negotiate a new bricks that feel in 90 days a deal the e.u. says cannot be renegotiated. on counting the cost a new world currency to challenge the dollar facebook's global dominance faces challenges. currency walls china lets the one to appreciate his trump run up the
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trade war the economic and environmental costs of sand extraction counting the costs on al-jazeera. by spalls feinstein us has got a so-called top of the sports news thank you very much sammi well man city have got the defense of their english premier league title off to winning start after thrashing at west ham 5 nil and sasha day's a kickoff. score they open at the long. in stadium but after that it was him sterling showing as he bagged a hattrick pep guardiola team attempting to win a hat trick of premier league titles. for the game away to 30 hard.
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still hard to read them was not was not but that's normal for the been the 1st the 1st games to go out from the beginning we saw who would be better more come more extra places are there were 6 games in total english premier league on saturday champions league runners up tottenham beat aston villa $31.00 in the late kick off harry kane scored twice in that one burnley in brighton were also comfortable winners. man city going for 3rd consecutive league title england and scotland celtic are going for the 9th championship in a row or they me that 2 wins from 2 this season as they thrashed motherwell 52 away it means they have now scored 12 times in 2 matches having beaten the san johnstone 7 mail last weekend they'll be hoping to carry this form into the home leg of the champions because i guess romanian side kluge typewriting stands at 10.
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0 there has been widespread criticism of the decision to hold the heavyweight boxing rematch between and junior and anthony joshua in saudi arabia it's a decision that has drawn criticism following the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi inside the saudi consulate in istanbul the country's ongoing military campaign in yemen the 2 will collide on december the 7th in the riyadh on the outskirts so malik has more. it's one of the most highly anticipated fights of the year but the boxing itself looks set to be overshadowed anthony joshua's attempt to recapture his world titles from andy rooney's is set to happen this december in saudi arabia. the decision has drawn criticism because assad arabia's human rights record in a statement amnesty international said if found to be joshua farts and the ruiz jr in saudi arabia it's likely to be yet another opportunity for the saudi authorities
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to try to sports washed their severely tarnished image. saudi arabia has still managed to secure a number of huge events in the country despite the criticism former unified world champion american was paid millions to fight in jeddah last month. in 2018 world wrestling entertainment staged their 1st event there as part of a 10 year deal worth a reported $450000000.00. saudi arabia has also agreed a 5 year deal to host the dakar rally however criticism and pressure has seen some of its called off. novak djokovic and rafael nadal pulled out of an exhibition last december the match would have seen them net $1000000.00 each. nonetheless for the joshua match it seems business interests have prevailed say that it was a business decision it's based on that money is going to earn it will be as hard
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and cold as that's once it's just stretching your grounds you boundaries for these very big sports it's going to be a lot of complaining and go going to camp and they'll be a lot of complaining just full of sports but loads of friends will still. and the juncture is big news amnesty international has urged joshua to find out more about side your abuse human rights record. but with the country investing $100000000.00 in the fight and with both fighters expected to earn millions themselves it's difficult to see anybody pulling out so hale malik. diana small and this is a con is that kevin iowa and las vegas can not stop with the $1000000.00 question why saudi arabia and i think it's just that some a it's money the fact that they offer so much more money than anywhere else in the world las vegas historically has gotten these mega fight because they can offer
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a lot of money to bring their rich people in to come watch the fight but saudi arabia offered an enormous amount of money the promoter eddie herm felt he couldn't turn down kevin to what extent of fighting in saudi arabia will damage the reputation of these fighters i think really it's going to damage anthony joshua's reputation not so much andy ruiz andy ruiz is at the mercy of eddie hearn the promoter and anthony joshua because he signed a contract that gave them the right in the event he won their 1st fight to put it where they chose and when they chose so he didn't have a lot of say in this i know he's not happy about having to go there and he was hoping it would at least be in new york as opposed to being in saudi arabia but i don't think it's going to hurt any ruiz but i think it's going to take a toll on an otherwise spotless image that anthony joshua yes what about the belt and the rally like they have all these fights that have gone to saudi arabia is it
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also about the money 100 percent i mean these companies look at it a lot of them are public companies that feel like they have a duty to their stockholders and if they can make that kind of money to bring it there they do it but i think with the human rights violations that are going on they have to look at more than just that and what's happening in yemen when happens with gay people what they how they treat women i think all this has to be brought into the argument as well. kevin just one more thing there's a lot of pressure on social media on both sides as do you think anthony will reconsider. i think they're going to go ahead with the fight unfortunately i think it's been negotiated if they were going to reconsider they would have done it last week when the negotiations were going on and said hey i'm not going to fight there i gine know any hurt is getting a lot of blowback on this on social media but i don't think the fighters at this point well really poor taste on they sign contracts come back almost kevin i'll thank you very much for talking to us just over
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a month to go before the start of the rugby world cup and defending champions new zealand to have been heavily beaten by a stray in the rugby championship the wallabies run in 6 tries in a record 47 to 26 victory in perth it was australia's highest ever score against the old blacks and new zealand did have a players sent off just before half time scott barrett dismissed for a dangerous tackle he becomes just the 4th all black ever to be given a red card in a test. so rita williams has beaten now me osaka at the rogers cup in toronto the quarterfinal match was the 1st meeting between the pair since all soccer won last year's u.s. open title but there was to be no repeats of the umpire and controversy from that match as williams eased into the semifinals with a straight sets win despite the loss of sakho will become the new world number one
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next week. and that's always full for mandy back to sammy thanks so much. well back to it for me too and for this news we'll be back with another phobos enough news coming up from london in just a moment so stay with us here not 0. it's very difficult as a chef or restaurant or to buy shrimp with the confidence that what you're serving is going to be good seafood by nature is
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a hybrid bonding sometimes for it was raised using production drugs like you know about expect are not approved for use in us the f.d.a. simply isn't testing enough on the imported market to really find all of these pilots present the techno at this time on al-jazeera. new leaders place children in this refugee camp the latest victims of the unending sectarian violence in central african republic among them are survivors of unspeakable violence 10 year olds his mother is dead her father is gone killed because they were christian by their own muslim neighbors this is a least you home an overcrowded refugee camp of 23000 people surrounded by armed militia groups celine wants answers she says she wants to be asking the questions and so we traded places inch took the microphone will we find peace how can we make the violence stop when will i be able to return home. from
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mother to daughter an ancient craft kept alive by a bustling matriarch. from start to finish. all traditions intertwined with new designs making this family's place unique in tunisia has a rich tapestry. the threads on al-jazeera. u.a.e. back separatists in southern yemen take control of all government military camps and the presidential palace in aden. ali that i'm focused of already watching al jazeera live from london also coming up
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67 people are killed when a fuel tank overturns and explodes in tanzania. the f.b.i. investigates how disgraced u.s. financier jeffrey epstein apparently killed himself while in federal custody. and 10. as of thousands of russians take to the streets for the 4th consecutive weekends demanding free and fair elections. carlos security officials in yemen say separatists who are backed by the united arab emirates have taken control of all the government's military camps in aden the southern port city is the temporary cease of the internationally recognized government agent has enjoyed an upsurge in fighting over the past 4 days the separatists of also seize the port cities empty presidential palace this video
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shows saudi special forces who were dispatched to guard the building with drawing from the district where the embattled yemeni government is based since wednesday it's been fighting u.a.e. back southern separatists known as the security belt exposing a rift in the saudi led military alliance that has been at war with the hoofing rebels since 2015 the government is accusing them of sedition and escalating the violence at least 5 civilians were among 23 people killed on friday dozens more have been injured all food aid has resumed in aid and the city's water supply has not been functioning for days there is mohammed al a tub has the latest now from santa. there following the 1st confrontations between separatists backed by the united. with the with the 4th brigade of the fighters of the president abdullah gul mansoul had the this has
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resulted on the the separatists to take over the 4th brigade along with the presidential palace in harmonics and also. important military camps like camp they have already taken over port and government institutions this is an indication that the separatists barked by the united. heading away to fulfill their long years dream of taking over the. current in government to kind of the interim capital of the internationally recognized government this is another fairly for the saudi lid quality and in yemen they have already failed to take over the capital sanaa and to reinstate to the form of the president once or had the. well meanwhile huth you rebels say they've launched another 2 drone attacks from yemen on an airport in southern saudi arabia
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a spokesman for the group says the strikes hit a fueling station an air force and targeted a monitoring tower disrupting flights it is the latest in a series of drone attacks by the thesis in recent days or let's take a white a look then at the situation in yemen peter solsbury is the senior yemen analyst at the international crisis group and he joins us live now from new york great to have you with us on the program this civil war in yemen has got even more complicated for people to understand so the separatists have been part of that broad saudi led coalition supporting the government against the rebels why have they decided now is the time to break away from that coalition and pursue their own aims in southern yemen. sure well this is never been just a conflict between 2 sides and pretty much from 2015 on where this one southern forces pushed the movies out of 89 and much of south yemen and we've seen the
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growth of a new group the southern transitional council who really come from a subgroup of secession a sewer supported by the united arab emirates and a very much against a slow humans named sunni islamist party who are the main partner of the how do you count them and in the war in in the north and what we've seen over the last 2 years is this group the s.t.c. and its allied forces who also confusing me full of them the how the ministry of interior really pushing full control over all of yemen southern governor it's either a place in government or to take over completely itself and over the last few days precipitates by the killing by the booth is one of their senior military commanders we've seen this group finally sort of take a turn and there's a real possibility didn't coming days we'll see more violence in other governorates as they take over at
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a loyalist military camps do you think then that this is now heading towards a separate states in southern yemen. i think it's too early to say it's. it's really difficult to know exactly what will happen next obviously the end goal of the s.c.c. the stated end goal of the s.t.c. is a separate southern state south arabia they call it not even south yemen but there's been no declaration of that state yet and i would imagine that keep balancing internal coalition politics and to sustain that of the conflict against the who theories it wouldn't be the best move to do that at this time but that certainly is their ambition at some point and this is a step a step towards that and what does that mean do you think for the wider battle against the who thinks now i think there's a big question now as to how how do you government responds as to how saudi arabia responds and whether or not some sort of dual can be worked out to prevent
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contagion across the south many of the forces who are fighting the who these on the red sea coasts on the front lines and on to have data from the southern yemen many of them allied with the s.t.c. although not all so we could see fighting between the current allied forces who are fighting against the who these which would improve through these hands we could see don't come to some form of accommodation in the coming days and weeks that sustains the current status is quote but everything is in flux for the time being yeah and given the separatists are being trained and they were backed by the u.a.e. how does this now affect the u.a.e. relations with saudi arabia i mean to the to differ in their aims for yemen. when totally different aims for yemen but since the beginning of the war the saudi's main partner on the ground has been forces who are seen as being aligned with islam with some what some people call not entirely accurately yemen's muslim brotherhood
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whereas the u.a.e. has really built its relationship with the southern forces that became the s.t.c. who are rabidly anti it's large so we've had this problem for a long time of a general goal of defeating that who thirty's and eroding iranian influence in yemen using groups who are diametrically opposed in terms of their goals and there's a another issue here which is the u.a.e. some time as thought that the war could only be ended politically that there isn't a military solution they were the architects of this push up the red sea coast much fear an attempt to weaken the movies and push them into a weaker negotiating position when the u.s. and in the wider international community into being and they made it very clear that ok the war's over for them and they really want to see a political solution what's the how do you give them and the saudis have been looking for some form of military solution ongoing so there's
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a real job vergence in their approach to yemen but not in their ultimate goals and i suspect that the alliance between the u.a.e. and saudi arabia will be not too badly damaged in the long term by this really great perspective an explanation of this separate complex situation joining us there from new york thank you. at least 67 people have been killed and dozens injured after a fuel tank exploded in tanzania it happened in the town of a titchy both west of the capital today in that people were trying to recover fuel from their vehicle which had overturned when the blast happened they never have it has mall. a rushville feel that ended in tragedy a fuel tank had been heading from darcy none to tanzania's capital to germany when it overturned to close to a bus stop in the town of moral. people came to take what they could. but then
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disaster. emergency workers tried to help those courts in the flames for some it was too late that dug up get out of there get out of there people are burning they say the fire truck is on the way this is a big fire accident people are burning alive dozens of people were killed according to local media most had come on motorbikes to get it all happened so abruptly i heard an explosion in small motorcycle riders running trying to save themselves i ran away and fell on my knees in the commotion so i ran over to be able to feel i took off people with teaching the oils others in the water they didn't know what is . the tanzanian police say they've launched an investigation like you got to the idea that. unfortunately fire broke out and burned a lot of people more than 57 people lost their lives the bodies that we have recovered have been taken to the hospital as rescue operations continue we'll try to determine the identity of those who perished. dozens of people are in intensive
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care and there are fears they'll be more who don't survive or heal mohammed al jazeera u.s. finance here jeffrey epstein has been found dead in his new york prison cell he was being held awaiting trial on sex trafficking challenges officials say his death was an apparent suicide the f.b.i. is investigating she habitats he has more now from washington. jeffrey epstein faced a maximum of 45 years in prison for the trafficking of girls as young as 14 to his homes for sex he pleaded not guilty after being denied bail last month the 66 year old had been found unconscious in a cell with marks on his neck and reportedly placed on suicide watch however there are conflicting reports as to whether he was on suicide watch when he was found hanged in his new york jail cell early saturday morning epstein worked in finance reportedly managing other people's food chains he presented himself as a billionaire and he lived an extravagant lifestyle but the source and extent of his own money is obscure his social circle was extensive and influential documents
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show former president bill clinton britain's prince andrew and donald trump were all acquaintances and before he became president trump told epstein a quote to reflect guy he likes beautiful women as much as i do trump said and added quote many of them are on the youngest side however since epstein's arrest the president has distanced himself i was not a fan of jeffrey. and you watched people yesterday saying that i threw him out of a club i didn't want anything to do with it now it's many many years ago it shows you one thing that advocates have long with allegations that he supplied young girls to his circle of influential men all denied by the man in question just on friday thousands of documents were unsealed from a legal case against one of his associates that alleged a young girl was forced to have sex with quote many powerful men including numerous problems american politicians business executives foreign presidents a well known prime minister and other world leaders and queda.


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