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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 128  Al Jazeera  August 13, 2019 7:32am-8:01am +03

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the immunity of 3 opposition politicians accused of treason there among 18 accused of instigating of rebellion against president government the court has sent its request to the national constituent assembly. u.s. attorney general william barr has criticized what he says the serious irregularities in the prison would describe just american finance jeffrey epstein died in an apparent suicide on saturday godswill meant to check on him every 30 minutes because of a previous suicide attempt epstein was awaiting trial charged with sex trafficking underage girls. well those are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us the stream as coming up next thank you for watching. whether it's someone doing something that's very. true i think it's how you approach a vigil that is a certain way just. a story. and
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you're in the story today china is facing growing international pressure to stop oppressing its population but some surprising voices are speaking up to defend the government's policies and their muslim one to her thoughts or leave them in our lives. there are some 11000000 weekers in china they are an ethnic mostly muslim minority who have lived in the northwestern province person juries and recent years china has stepped up its repression of the group survivors recount torture and forced indoctrination internment camps we girls also experience constant government surveillance and restrictions on religious practice rights groups say in july 22 countries sent a letter to the united nations condemning the camps 37 other nations quickly
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responded with a counter letter defending china's human rights record including more than a dozen the muslim majority countries so what's going on here have muslim countries abandoned the weaker joining us to discuss from toronto is free the deve canada director of human rights watch breed a specializes in matters concerning countries who are part of the organization of islamic cooperation or oh i see russian abbas's here in studio with me she is the director of the campaign for weekers and next to her as the mit brahim director for global policy in washington d.c. welcome all of you to the stream i want to start with a clip because it seems american officials have been some of the loudest voices when it comes to condemning china's abuse of weekers over the past few months secretary of state might pump ale recently called their treatment the stain of the century take a look at in china in china the chinese communist party demands control over the lives of the chinese people and their souls china so to one of the worst human
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rights crises of our time it is truly the staying of the century since april 2017 the chinese government has detained more than 1000000 chinese muslims and other minorities in camps and should john. so it seem why haven't muslim majority countries spend more outspoken when it comes to this issue but it's a very interesting question to you the reality is that change is rising power rising superpower it's a values is happening a lot faster than anybody anticipated and i think this is just a test of things to come is not willing to a low countries to be bystanders they have to be fully on board with this oppression and many of these muslim countries are indebted to chain a chain or through it's been good initiative. but organize a mechanism which do code diplomacy and these countries are in huge date to show you know and they're looking to show you know for investment for creed and so on
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and if it wants these countries to participate what's to be on them on fully on board with this program including those against the leaders. what was so interesting about what azeem just said there had to write it down not allowing them to be bystanders and i think that's exactly sums it up very well tell us what we know about who these countries are specifically these muslim majority countries. yes so i mean the the organization of islamic cooperation is really meant to be the collective voice of muslim governments around the world it has as part of its mandate you know the core objective is to safeguard the rights of muslim minorities everywhere and so one would think that the organization islamic cooperation and its members $57.00 members around the world would be outraged by the scale and severity of abuses against muslims in. china but what we've seen again and again both
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you know at a meeting of its foreign ministers in abu dhabi in march as well as more recently at the un human rights council in geneva in june is not only. you know silence you know on the part of the organization of islamic cooperation and its members but in fact you've seen countries go out of their way to applaud china's treatment of its weekers they did this in a resolution council foreign ministers meeting in abu dhabi they said they praise china's treatment of its muslim minority and they called for greater cooperation between the oh i see and china and then most recently in june at the human rights council in geneva they again applauded china's treatment and said that its actions and shin jang were leading to a greater sense of happiness fulfillment and security for the people of that region and i want to share what that looked like that you mentioned there that letter this from kevin painter who says on twitter here's the letter supporting china's policies in sending highlights me appreciate china's commitment to openness and
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transparency since approximately when the camps began people instancing enjoy a stronger sense of happiness fundamental and security in quote we can see a bear in there and we will read tweet that out our community is not surprised person we got this from someone who says a muslim majority country should be at the forefront of condemning china. cultural genocide against a muslim community their silence is a scar on the conscience of muslims and all those who believe in fundamental human rights so people online not so surprised are you i'm not surprised she's there i'm just disappointed because china is using economy i've learned over those countries most of those countries are in debt to china because of china's heavy infrastructure investments those countries and the diplomacy with initiative power. on the surprise but the muslim countries we expect them
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to not to pick economy or china us power over the muslim brothers and sisters faith is some we had this brotherhood says all muslims are all as a one body and the if one parts gets sick the whole body is forced to react right now the entire muslims are being amputated from this body so i hope we are not alone i don't blame the the governments because of their influences by the chinese influences over those countries but the people i think if only they knew what is happening to we were muslims they will be it was us and they will be outraged and of course you speak to this from a personal stance because you have family members who are there you've been on the stand before and you've recounted what some of your family members have been
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through and i know that's a difficult one for you to share but our audience finds it important and they find it important because they feel like no one is talking about this not enough people are talking about this when's the last time you heard from your family and changing . my sister 6 days after i was outspoken about the conditions of the camps at the hudson institute one of the think tanks here. it was the last time i heard. my family heard about her from her it's almost a year now i have no idea where she is i don't even know at this point if she is still alive i'm just the one example of millions of others. my husband's entire family is over 30 members of his family last time he spoke to his family was april 27th hearing that this is what they thought were community operad facing these days. i want to share with their audience what some countries are
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doing about this particularly 11 example is malaysia because some are saying that this is a tight rope that they are walking a malaysia is one of the muslim majority countries that stayed silent about china in july so here is prime minister mahathir mohamad explaining why when asked right here to the world around garda. very powerful nation. we treat america. is also do we have to treat because it is powerful he is capable of taking action only that may be detrimental to the relationship of many muslim countries which chain so the muslim countries have to be careful about condemning china we do what we can we do not know his he gives a stone wall simply because. it is there we can condemn me but.
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condemnation alone least not we do it if anything simply because china is big. there is no question of us taking any violent action against china. as he says to do what we can really make about. well at the moment none of the countries are actually doing anything and this is the great irony is that is only the united states has actually spoken out and you can understand why united states is a superpower the chain uk is on to bully the united states in the manner it can bully other countries china is a very vengeful nation you know any country that speaks so do threaten them with putting an investment putting its students pulling out all sorts of goodies that they've given them so countries are completely unwilling to speak one thing we need to understand is that you know president himself is under immense pressure at the moment he is seen in china as having lost america during the trade war he's no also
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seen as having almost lost hong kong and so he's under immense pressure from so i think we can only see the situation with the egos getting much worse simply because he cannot afford to lose any for their control over the situation on the ground i want to share a comment from our audience an audience member name. who explains from his the you from pakistan why some countries including his own are not talking about this have a listen. and i believe that china's investment standout is the china pakistan economic toreador more commonly known as the seat next project is going to use its teeth and it currently represents 20 percent of the economy i think it's a very important project for both the countries especially pakistan considering the fact that it has a big influence on the pakistan's. very there if those figures are accurate 20 percent of the economy one might understand why they're hesitant to speak out. no i
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mean certainly there are a number of countries that are beholden to china and the chinese government does buy silence through its investments whether through the bottom road initiative the large infrastructure project or through other kind of the kinds of investments but what was particularly surprising is there were several members of the organization of islamic cooperation wealthy countries like saudi arabia the united arab emirates behind qatar and others that you know similarly were were silent they don't they don't rely on chinese investments they're not beholden to china in the same way as poor countries but they themselves also lined up to you know to applaud china for its treatment and what we saw was crown prince mohammed bin fellow man of saudi arabia in february go to china and actually applaud the chinese government's de extremism efforts in changing he is you know as you know the custodian of the 2
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holy mosques in mecca and medina and he himself applauded china's treatment and so the another rationale for i think you know if you some of the other countries in remaining silent is they equally have very abusive counterterrorism policies and strategies in their countries the chinese government is you know using counterterrorism as an excuse for its repression and jang the entire campaign that's been put on place is called the strike hard campaign against violent extremism in fact that bears no resemblance to the reality on the ground whatsoever but it's a very useful for oil to use to in a way to be able to justify its repression of 13000000 muslims and changing the detention of over a 1000000 muslims arbitrarily without any legal process to be able to label it falsely as terrorism and unfortunately many governments including wealthy
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governments that aren't beholden to china. are. are very quick to turn a blind eye because they themselves have very visible counterterrorism policies in their countries of europe and i think that's a very important point you know one of the questions we need to ask is why is cheney actually doing this and these multiple reasons you know they have a ideology of scientific issue and so on but a key reason i believe is that you have to look at what the motivation of china is and china is number one feed i believe is not but the trade war with the u.s. and the u.s. may invade the number one fear the regime in china is that they call them we will slow down and they will be a popular uprising against a regime so what they are doing in. a very large kesler border the it's actually creating a highly technological sophisticated surveillance state in which they can muster to control a large population using the latest technology surveillance mind control techniques
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and so on and once they have perfected this they have already started doing this to the rest of the country and they're also starting to export some of this technology a new home to other countries like venezuela and the philippines so this is not just confined to we need to understand that we will see a lot wall of this technology used to control massive populations and you see this sort of in the world and many of these humans that freedom mentioned are interested in this you know this is the reality is that they are interested do you control massive populations with all these kinds of techniques so we will see a lot more of this not just in genes dying but essentially spreading throughout the globe and the russian i wonder how much of greater china know about what is even just just laid out there is happening because we got this comment from someone watching live on you tube a man is as i said in china and a good friend and classmate is a weaker one day he cried in my dorm and told me how they took his father away i didn't know how bad it was in till i left china so do you. i think that there is an
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awareness of greater awareness of the scene if occasion of china or of be oppression of rights of minority groups in china i don't believe so because of the information blockade there was in china people don't know what is happening. just like they are trying to tell the world that this is not the truth they are not the concentration camps they are the reeducation walk ational training centers they are using propaganda to the for the empire at the chinese population as well even people in our region in noida region from township to township from this area. from city to city they don't know what is happening. these family countries also like i mentioned earlier if the people only know what is happening the many the world population also this is information era we are not getting enough media
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coverage is on this. so people really don't know the scale of it this is the atrocity of the century but still not being covered in mainstream media is even in united states i want to share with our audience a comment because of course we reached out to several chinese officials for comment for today show but they have not responded now in july a chinese foreign ministry spokesperson defended the nation's policies and changing and here's what he said. on the issue of the chinese government and the chinese people have the most say and it excepts no interference by any foreign state or external forces in the face of severe threats posed by terrorism and extremism the shin young girl told us region has adopted a series of measures of terrorism including the stablish men's vocational training and education center to reverse the security situation. there had been no violent
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incidents for more than 2 years and. where we can see social stability and national unity and the people living and working in peace the happiness sense of acquisition and sense of security of the people of all ethnic groups have substantially improved and they sincerely support the government's policies. so keeping that in mind that justification i wanted to share this tweet from. who wrote similar to what you said earlier fareed a he's a saudi arabia's crown prince n.b.s. told reporters in february china has the right to take anti terrorism and extremism measures to safeguard national security and saudi arabia and pakistan are unwilling to condemn or even affirm. mistreatment of muslims he writes then who will talk to us about your thoughts upon hearing that comment from the chinese foreign ministry and the context behind what countries feel like they can talk about when
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they have dirty laundry so to speak in their own backyard. yeah i mean i think you know the what we've seen from the chinese government from you know spokesperson after spokesperson really is a complete white washing of its record engine jang the chinese authorities even lead kind of state to manage highly controlled visits titian jang by diplomats in order to really just show them this sort of glowing picture of what's happening in the country which you know any reasonable person could you know would know is a complete sham but i think you know it's it's surprising in a way just the level in which the chinese government is is portraying its its campaign and changing as a model of a de extremism de radicalization and it is so incredibly dangerous because if this model is be is export it elsewhere one could see you know other countries in which
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sort of massive human rights abuses take place and you know the irony of it as well is that when you see muslim majority countries completely ignoring this you know situation the hypocrisy is so clear here if 1000000 muslims were arbitrarily detained without any legal process in sri lanka and in in india in the united states there would be a you know a public outcry by muslim majority country as you know in china you have a situation in which $1000000.00 han chinese are being placed in the homes of leaders to document every aspect of their lives to document their religious practice if that happened if $1000000.00 non muslims were placed in the homes of muslims in any other country in the world there would be outrage but you know what we see is that you know time and again countries including influential and wealthy countries you know that are muslim majority countries are willing to completely ignore the abuses by the chinese authority and in fact praise china which really
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threatens the rights of muslim majorities everywhere in the world really at the point well made and it's a point also made the video comment we got from a community members some are heading into the human rights campaign are based in beirut and you know what he told the story. muslim majority countries like turkey indonesia pakistan and the gulf states among others however main completely silent when it comes to the issues of the week is this comes as china increases its investment in these countries and it seems as though these economic deals and trade has bought the silence of the muslim majority countries as the issue of the week is becomes far more well known and the repression of that they've faced is far more publicized we'll see a growing backlash against not only china's treatment of the week is in its
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territory but also the complete silence of its governmental allies in the muslim world. this you mention is a growing backlash is the amount of like that to you because we got this tweet from someone who's not so sure cimatron says the so-called muslim majority countries are either biting amongst themselves or are divided on the weaker muslims oppression giving the impression that they are scared of china maybe the oh i see can do something about it now we reached out here at the stream and al-jazeera reach out to the ofc to join us for this program they didn't respond what do you think the fear is because there is the idea that all of the oh i see countries nations combined should have enough leverage to comfort china no one would think that the reality is all diplomacy is done by a door so i'm not sure where you see me be doing but i endorse so i can't necessarily comment on that but the way i see the situation i think it's just going to get worse and worse china is rising so fast and these countries like one of your previous callers spoke about the did and the friendship between pakistan and show
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you know and so on and i think this is a big point because i don't article on this and the backlash from pakistani muslims was quite severe it was actually quite surprising even to me and this idea that china is a benevolence frame to these countries is investing in infrastructure and so on it's just people. benevolence motivations are told they are getting these countries into massive amounts of debt that they will not be able to service and city lanka was a model of this you know they are engaged in economic colonization contradict pakistan is in debt to china over $62000000000.00 with interest that's going to be over $90000000000.00 contract is done with a completely dysfunctional economy every service that did this certainly cannot change will simply move in as they didn't see the line call with president rajapaksa and start taking over national assets to negotiate that date including the guardia airport and others this is what we are going to see as economic colonization promises and in that situation do you expect these countries then to
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stand up to china absolutely not so this is just a test of things to come and these countries because of their poor mismanagement put themselves into the situation russia. well china is a communist country so those kind of the muslim majority countries and the stomach organizations should realize the atheists come in this ideology they don't tolerate any kind of for leaches believes and that they look at islam as a threat to the coming this region so today the oh i see or any other muslim countries they are not realizing what's happening in our region what's happening to you good people are not going to stay there everything is going to be exploited like what they seem said. it's going to be a you know the chinese communist government is calling islam as a mental disease sin the flying islam they are removing all the how long is science
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in beijing i wonder what they are i see members are going to go and they eat dinner which restaurant in beijing if there's a meeting because. what's happening to all the good people number one it's because of the wealth and growth initiative puts our area our region is at the center of the belt underoath initiative number 2 is our religion right or should i have to posit there i'd take your point i think our community would agree thank you so much to all of you for joining us from really the diva rush on our bands and as even for him and of course to our community for joining us as well the c. one like you. get my at my you.
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margaret. a society's progress is dependent on the quality of its experts we need more in finding professionals a top priority is to why do you wait in your generation to study find new teaching methods are infusing thai students to become the agents of change taking them out of the classroom to solve problems in their local communities level education inspiring science. at this time.
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accusing protesters of damaging the rule of law hong kong leader wants the financial hubs recovery will take a long time. for my headquarters in doha with me and it's a problem also ahead. the. protests prayers and ended in minutes of mean against new delhi's decision to revoke the disputed regions autonomy. the argentine need a vast of balance back after a shocking defeat and presidential primaries leads to a market meltdown plus.


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