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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 225  Al Jazeera  August 14, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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for them russia says it's winning a nuclear arms race despite a mysterious rocket testing accident which cause a spike in radiation levels it happened on thursday as an arctic naval base in. northeast of st petersburg at least 5 people were killed radiation levels up to 16 times normal levels but no official explanation has been given for this. but scientists are a step closer to curing the a bowl of virus after a successful clinical trial in the democratic republic of congo the latest outbreak has killed $1800.00 people those were the headlines and back with more news in a half an hour here on our next it's inside story do stay with us.
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there's cass that's one of the wells busiest airports protests bring trouble to a standstill china hands at serious consequences so with a disruption sway public opinion on the demonstrations and would beijing's patience run out this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. the protests a whole kong began 10 weeks ago sparked by a controversial extradition bill but they've evolved into why the concerns about democracy in the summit thomas chinese territory the city's leader is warning the protests up putting hong kong stability in danger it is one of asia's most
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important transport on financial hubs and a mass sitting in a port led to the consolation of flights businesses are feeling the effects tourist numbers are down and the stock market fell to its lowest level in 7 months on tuesday rob mcbride has more from hong kong. many passengers are still turning up tuesday evening at hong kong's international airport to learn that their flights have indeed been cancelled there maybe still here on the departure board but gradually this is all now turning red as it did indeed 24 hours ago when thousands of protesters came to this terminal and brought the departing flights to a standstill once again there was a call went out for protesters to come here but they didn't come in the same numbers but they were enough of them pushing trolleys many which got overturned here blocking the checkin aisles to once again force the airport authority to cancel all of tuesday's remaining flights it has to be said that many of the
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protesters have now cleared out those trolleys are in neat stacks many of those protesters it seems are now leaving the terminal having achieved their objective of bringing one of the world's busiest a.b.a. shin hubs to a standstill for a 2nd day running but it does remain to be seen just what impact this has on public opinion there are a lot of very angry passengers in this terminal this evening the hope for the authorities here is that as we saw 5 years ago when gradually there was a public disenchantment with the whole pro-democracy movement that gradually this movement will the public opinion will be turned against this movement because of the disruption like this that it causes robert bright for inside story hong kong stiff executive is warning protests against jumper dies in the city's safety. more on our hands siple of violence no matter if it's using violence or condoning
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violence will push hong kong down a path of no return we plunge hong kong society into a very worrying and dangerous situation i believe that those who heard my words previously might have only half believed me but the situation in hong kong in the past week has made me very worried that we have reached this dangerous situation. let's bring in our guests from hong kong chris chang is a journalist and editor in chief of hong kong free press an independent publication in nottingham professor steve turned director of the china institute the so us university of london and author of him warden history of hong kong also from hong kong joseph chang political scientist and convener of the project office a group of alliance for true democracy welcome to the program chris what are the protesters trying to achieve here i would put it best of 5 demands which they did
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save the past 2 bombs it was on the floor busy they'll want the protests got the carrot or ice that's right name one or the process is to be released they want to depend it best occasion it or to events in their lives and how to be the 1st soccer coach mr steve one of the take in the protest now to the airport is here to put more pressure on the chinese government or its face to the pro-democracy movement. demonstration movement through the airport i think is aimed at causing maximum disruption and therefore seeking attention and. domestically in hong kong and in china as well boldly now they have achieved that objective and is now moving into a situation that. they. on down and they may well be
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getting a. counterproductive restart you have to push his own destructing gameport joseph disrupting the flights is it a move that could pay off or could potentially backfire with the anger among many people of other disruptions work to carry lemon ministration apparently is waiting for the kind of public opinion to turn against a protestant as example democracy movement counting on the fact that by the nuns and disruptions may end other people or at least make the people tired of the campaign but at the moment people in general are sympathetic aid of the program ocracy movement because of the and legit emergence of triad members on july the 21st in june our new territories and the excessive police by the nuns
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and their violent captivates as seen by the television and so on are in the recent days so at the moment. the pro-democracy movement certainly still has the upper hand one can see the anger and challengers fee center by the journalists during the press conference given by its youth executive it was very morning chris i mean we've seen this before in the umbrella movement in 2014 and then the movement was building momentum southerly the general discontent started to take the steam out of this movement is a something that could be repeated once again here i think the major difference between now 24 to 2014. that obviously it's taking quite quite so pretty cost way that. right now this
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process movement it's about moving every way today it would be to have halt all repeat be another district so it's hard to for local residents to get tired of it although it's already had a 2nd month with them it's coming but i do agree that at the airport it's a very fine line to walk how to ready don't off and the tourists but also to spread the message supports or it's so on process have been trying pretty well on monday to convey the message that they could not so well on tuesday and they will come up with one stone. steve now one of the main demands by the protesters is for chief executive kerry to step aside is this something which the chinese government is willing to negotiate do you think no no not in the foreseeable foreseeable future the chinese government and is is very unhappy with the
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performance of kerry lamb. i think we are probably going to have already and the stage where kerry lamb may not be fully in charge of the situation you know hong kong but on the other hand it chinese communist party will not show weakness and make the concession or removing kerry lamb that to a party and bring a slap in the face it would not be tolerated when it is all and after a decent interval the chances that they will remove kerry land but they will do so at their own choosing and as their only show and not as a concession to damage cynical see if i mean you've heard what chris has just said that the government is not going to cave in any time soon because it's going to be just a further embarrassment for the government but odd to think that if the government
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insists on putting her still in place that could just show the people in hong kong for the government in china or the communist party does not really care about the demands of the people. the common sponte of china is concerned 1st and foremost about staying in power in china and not allowing any challenge to look for and hear the communist party anywhere in the p.r.c. being successful therefore there is simply no chance that she can bring allow the demonstrators in hong kong to rule clearly wind against it how many is planning i see it whatever the dose if are you of the same fear probably saw at the moment the chinese authorities have clearly indicated a strong backing for kerry land and for her strategy of not polities not more
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concessions are strong crackdown on the protestant as and strong backing for the police. as we've spent waiting for the public opinion tide to turn it course of beijing inspecting the business community has come out and strongly support the kerry land an illustration i do agree with steve their chinese leaders do not want to be seen making concessions are to mass school and they are worried about the demonstration the facts are on other places on the national minorities for example you name and sign up and at the moment are the problem obviously is there are aging and the family and the caravan and mr asian are not prepared to negotiate are not prepared to make any concessions and it has become a test of political will it's chris the protest movement has had an
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impact on the economy which is now facing recession. is this something that could further the rich shape the whole pro-democracy movement and the reaction from the chinese government. site and will make from the accountancy sexist same hong kong economy very. one so it's hard to sell or actually courses done even secretary that has to be that it could be a major fact it could be did us china trade war which caused me to troll it may not be protests may be other factors may be housing so it's very hard to tell whether the economy john terms were effect the perception of public or the protests reminding people of that in a recent poll 80 to say almost 80 percent of the interviewees agreed that the
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government should set up and the commission to look into what's happened see suit at least 5 lives involved in the triads puffier so even if the protest we've been stopped on the street level there's still a lot of people on call that will think that the mon still has to be fulfilled because 80 percent it's hot in the society dr you surely know what is an 870 steve but when you have saves dropping when you have people transferring their money overseas when you have. people pretty much concerned about what would happen in the near future is home whisking to lose its reputation as one of the safest most reliable commercial hubs in the region. well hong kong is clearly taking a not in terms of its international reputation but i think we have to separate 2 things i say my been global financial center hong kong can take
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a good bit of punishment is russia and the airport for one day or 2 a day is something which i think hong kong can stand and we then see something much more dramatic happening which essentially will amount to the chinese government is taking over initiations in hong kong then we are moving into a very different territory and the status of hong kong as a global financial center may well be. not very much more betty we are not there yet now in terms of the economic statistics we need to bear you mind that there is always a elate factor before to figures who come and who and for most people in hong kong demonstrating they are not thinking about economy and not interested in the economy most of the demonstrators are graduates what undergraduates who are not financially
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disadvantaged in hong kong they are not thinking about their economic future or. joseph but business men the. hate it when they don't have a sense of visibility about the future they're waiting to see what would ready be the reaction of the chinese government and they are also waiting to see what would be the next move or the protestors is of this lack of visibility something that could further erode international trust in the hong kong economy. this known business men actually came out against the education bill right at the beginning because the business community was also worried about the prospects of having to go to trial or be extradited to to china to face trial because they certainly do not have confidence in the judicial system of maine and china they are of course
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all the time in support of its capability and prosperity and they do not want to see disruptions in the economy and society so the business community very much from their pari jane are have come out in support of the kerry down and illustration but before the hour prompting a big gain he actually might see our and independent commission of inquiry set up the hong kong general chamber of commerce was a very good example of this but i think the business community is also aware of the deep would to problems as mentioned by stephen other people namely a lot of young people a lot of people at the grassroots level do not thing that prosperity has been beneficial to them in general that is to say they do not share they have not been
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able to share their thoughts of you cannot be wrong of you can be asked purty in the territory chris during the $99.00 to 71st sovereignty of hong kong to china china told the world we have a model to sound which is basically one country to systems will be it will be part of the mainland however we're give them there's a plan that legal status and it's a pendant police except for the fans and for diplomacy is. is this an indication with the protests now in time in hong kong that china has faded in that model i think which expanded view not just for hong kong we can look at how taiwan sees one country 2 systems both the democratic party the ruling party and the k.m.c. party the party running for election both of them say step one country 2 systems over my dead body so taiwan has rejected one country to assess based on the
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situation hong kong and we can probably see that haste and most importantly objection to beijing because one country 2 system itself was to sign as symbolical that if you ship maybe beijing read night but taipei but it's after all the protests in 201426 in atlanta 98 i don't think. we needed to cation taiwan debunk one country 2 systems we have a work so that it's. important lessons from hong kong suit taiwan to other places whoa that has probably already see if the system is forming a part of what country china off to the to appease and lay the fears of the people in hong kong. well there are not very good options that the chinese government can easily take but they are options that the chinese government absolutely refused to
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take for example it will be very easy for the chinese government ojt indeed it allowed hong kong government to simply withdraw it will be a carrier and said that the use of that there's no reason to not withdrawal them and they can easily appoint a retired senior justice to be in charge of a commission of inquiry into all or to events that lead these to and including the disturbances in the last few months and that's going to take a year maybe truly years when the commission to report and on that basis they can also then say that we are not charging anybody police or demonstrators until we have hurt the result of the commission's report that mood give them a significant period of time to cool things down and charges defuse the situation it can be done without the chinese government accepting that it has some comfort in
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it in mom's demonstrators but they will not do so because b.c. is us we condemn precision and kowtow injured demonstrators it is where we just have to do do you think the other side is government is facing more pressure now to reinvent the. post of a chief executive wishes. to the by their total calos chosen by the chinese government where now the developments on the ground indicate that the people are looking for something different for someone democratically elected in the universe a suffers for example. well up from the hong kong people's pawn up we'll be can easily tell the chinese leaders that hokum people the vast vast majority are on kong people do not want to turn and 170 of the deter
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a tory do not want to endanger state security hong kong people simply book once to be one to be let alone so your tits heave it secondly if understands their lives can keep hong kong people happy and able hong kong to feel their are their rights are. protected it then there will be hope major contribution to the development of china rather then all the time trying to talk ages 9 very crossed at the moment the and in a crisis is already quite. deep so you're part of me have to let our carrier and to step down so go there will be reorganization of the government not the secretary of justice but we see things on step down as well and then to you the shape and independent commission of you get an e.c.v.
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be done but i think as we have already the it's thing the chinese authorities are unwilling to make the kind of concessions there is a descent concern that given the deterioration in domesticity and international environment of china chinese the this cannot be seen to be weak in dealing with the bestie and external crisis i see a point at reception on the view you have all said repeatedly of that you don't think china is genuine about about reforms and which brings the question to chris if the impasse continues is that anika so that china might call in troops. well i think that there is no beat the chinese quite fluids because. we have seen boot when they said gen what they're trying to do to stop the iran the border city soon to walk on but they're only garrison to talk on with the obvious side and that's
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the way that china works is that it if it can do something if we don't warn the public about it they would just do it considering the consequences but they did report the financial times in other places it seemed that the chinese army command that hong kong actually promised to the u.s. side but the same day people said that the chinese on the it would not be deployed on so if china it could be the ability to. ignore all the international consequences of being caught if the da told us that it will do so so i don't make the risk of salamis hi steve the a thing the chinese government will listen to the concerns voiced by the international community britain unveil us and many other countries said it's about time for the china to listen to the people of hong kong the chinese government should pay attention to what will not being sent in the international community but that doesn't mean that they will do want the. international community in damage to
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do. with all due respect to chris i think he is completely wrong the idea that the chinese government will not use force in hong kong is totally unrealistic the chinese government is and has always been very clear that the garrison in hong kong is there to defend and fault china's sovereignty over hong kong when the chinese leadership used the term kind of revolution to describe events in hong kong they are beginning to see hong kong as poss in a basic challenge to the floor of the congress party in china that east a pre-condition ok damage to all i have obtained i have a last question very question to joseph busy less than a minute with you talking about the impact of the process movement on hong kong what kind of long term impact on china if the crisis continues it simply means that
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economic growth and longing will not guarantee political stability he certainly hope that economic growth to bring about genuine political reforms so that people's rights people's dignity will be respected this is exactly what hong kong people want and i think this is exactly the challenge that decide these leaders will have to face in geneva a non-computer thank you thanks to our guest joseph chance to sand and chris chunk . and thank you to philosophy you can see the program again at a time by visiting our website al-jazeera others call for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com author was last a.j. and so i saw you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is a.j. it's a story from the ashes out of the whole team here in doha by finance. it's
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very difficult as a chef or restaurant or to buy shrimp with the confidence that what you're serving is going to be good seafood by nature is a hybrid monody sometimes trump was raised using production drugs. that are not approved for use in the u.s. the f.d.a. simply isn't testing and not on the imported market to really find all of these violent president take note at this time on al-jazeera.
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an estimated 100000 lives cruelly ended over a century ago. a distant past not to the descendants of the sultan. a tale of colonialism and racial supremacy unravels and the quest for justice and recognition of the sacrifices of tribal people to maybe. skulls of my people i witnessed documentaries on al-jazeera.
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you're watching all jazeera with means the whole run a reminder of our top news stories planes are flying in and out of hong kong international airport after protesters flooded terminal buildings for a 2nd consecutive day causing mass cancellations things turned violent when riot police moved in with batons and pepper spray or abdel-hamid reports from the airport. it was late in the evening when chaos broke out at hong kong's international airport hours before protesters had detained and roughed up a man they suspected of being an undercover agent from mainland china paramedics tried to save him in vain so police was sent to help that that's when discussions broke out even though fish tales had clearly said their mission.


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