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tv   Sudan Al- Turabis Life Politics Fall From Favour  Al Jazeera  August 16, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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soldiers but civilians have also been caught up in the crossfire a number of them have been killed houses have been damaged as well as vehicles and this is happening as pakistan's prime minister visited by the standard minister kashmir just 24 hours ago saying that pakistan has intelligence that india is planning something he did not elaborate what it was but he referred to what happened in february where there was an attack an indian side and india blamed that on pakistan this is happening obviously the backdrop of india's independence day on the 15th of august pakistanis are marking it as a black day across the country there have been protests inside pakistan and outside of pakistan as well where pakistani leaders have gone to high commissions and embassies of india one of one such large protest happened in london where the advisor to the prime minister also went the reason was that he told media that he wants to highlight the human rights violations that are being committed on the
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indian side of the border because it has been 12 days that india has not lifted its blockade on the kashmiri people pakistan insisting that 12000000 kashmiris are being held hostage by indian forces where they're not allowing any movement any congregation or basic telephone and internet services well it's given you know from new delhi with until vora. the indian government is not here to fishing you responded to the news of cease fire violations however one indian news agency has called it an unnamed indian official and said that a cease fire violation occurred box on my limited the ceasefire across the line of control in. ministered me the agency adds that the official has told the agency that 3 of the soldiers were killed as the indian army retaliated but denied the killing of 5 indian soldiers if 5 indian soldiers had been killed there some states the indian officials would have to respond and this could possibly be an escalation to what we are witnessing in the region right now and
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that is tensions between india and pakistan to quite high level busy countries have been on high alert since the indian government decided to abrogate section $370.00 which is a special status that the state of german bushmeat had and gave it a certain autonomy while staying in asia south korea's military says north korea was found to identify projectiles from its eastern coast into the sea earlier this month north korean leader kim jong un oversold similar launches he said that the tests were a warning to the u.s. and south korea over the joint military drills. still ahead here. in the chinese government pollution. play. the u.s. women's football team say they've had enough of wage discrimination.
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i know this in clear skies across central and eastern sections of china but no also along the south coast you can see it in found here the last few as so going dong still some showers in your vocals thunderstorms as well you can see hong kong is likely to be a wet couple of days but not only that we've got more rain across into much of taiwan it is a steadily improving picture into the northern philippines there manila it should be a dry day few there on saturday but as i say no letup in those rains across into hong kong further to the south you have some cloud again to the northern sections of borneo in the last few hours and again we could just see want to showers and thunderstorms last week dry there was much of an uneasy but maybe across the malaysian peninsula and northern sections of sumatra some rain certainly by south it tends to push back up towards the north so $32.00 in singapore with those
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scattered thunderstorms and rain again across much of india but this time it is going to be further to the north and the west roger stone northern that is where the warnings are in place as we go through friday and still those rains very much in evidence along the western ghats as well pushing down still into carried a bit of a break those you can see on saturday of course anyway nice coming down in such a way to ground in such a very wet day saturday in new delhi the high there of 32 celsius. whether sponsored by qatar and. an estimated 100000 lives cruelly ended over a century ago. a distant past not to the descendants of the slaughtered. a tale of colonialism and racial supremacy unravels in the quest for justice and recognition of the sacrifices of tribal people to maybe. skulls of my people i
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witnessed documentaries and to see our. welcome back you're watching others are with me as a whole rather a reminder of our top news stories israel has been to 2 prominent us democratic congresswoman from entering the country because of what it described as the current activities against israel. that the labor had planned to visit israel and the occupied palestinian territories this week and. he was present all trumpets holding his 9th campaign rally of the year in new hampshire it's the 1st state that handed him a 2016th presidential primary victory hundreds of anti truck demonstrators have gathered
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outside the rally. also an iranian oil tanker sees off the coast of japan alter by british marines has been cleared to sail again it was captured last month after being accused of violating e.u. sanctions by shipping all to syria the us state department was asking for the detention to be extended. not sudan's main opposition alliance has nominated. to be the interim prime minister he's an economist who's worked with the african development bank and the united. ations the nomination is the 1st step towards the creation of a transitional government after long time president omar bashir was overthrown in a military coup in april but been months of protests and political turmoil as negotiations between the military and the opposition alliance dragged on well staying in africa police in zimbabwe fear a planned protest on friday gets rising prices and poverty levels will turn violent the main opposition party says it's had enough of the government's economic
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failures leaders of the ruling party are appealing for more time to fix the problems as her room a tacit reports from the capital harare the 3rd rise in fuel prices within 2 weeks is making it even more difficult for many zimbabweans to survive soaring inflation higher food prices and rising unemployment is making things even worse which is why the opposition movement for democratic change is planning to protest on friday in the capital harare. if well be aware of. that enough is enough we cannot fool you want our hands with no matter that we cannot pull the lever for the ideal we're doing here. we cannot go you know we only a few well you know our. mission in iraq for our health we're not jumping to. the protest organizers say the demonstration will be peaceful but the police are expecting violence a year ago soldiers shot and killed protesters disputed election results more
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suburbans were killed in january for demonstrating against rising fuel prices that have been causal or progress is involved in this from being used by negative forces to disturb their own country is this will only prolong the headcheese which government is tirelessly with. all sustainable. civil society organizations say they are concerned about increasing human rights abuses before friday's protest noted with regret that 6 people so far abducted by suspected state agents in the evening of 13 and 14 august 2019 and they've been severely tortured and left for dead one of the victims at their home full course to get poured on his board during the torture the men accuse the victims of being involved in organizing the august 16th demonstrations officials in
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the rulings on the p.f. deny the allegations opposition parties blame president. and the zanu p.f. government for what they say is the worst economic crisis in a decade president says fixing the economy will take time and that zimbabweans a need to be patient but that's something many have little of these days opposition leaders say friday's protest with the 1st of many they are planning more demonstrations in several cities and towns across the country next week the success of those planned protests would largely depend on what happens on friday in the capital. so to europe now it's lee's prime minister says 6 nations are willing to take in some of the migrants stranded off on a boat off lampedusa another boat has been barred from docking but 9 people brought to the shore by the italian coast guard follows a court ruling that said emergency support must be provided to the 147 like wins on
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board the vessel a song in a reports. for the last 2 weeks more than 140 migrants have been aboard the proactive open arms looking for a place to dock safely they were rescued by the spanish n.g.o.s vessel off the libyan coast. was as weather conditions worsen that sea full on board including 2 infants were allowed off the vessel taken by the italian coast guard urgent medical attention. to conditions picked up. a lot of people were seasick already on suffering. and their friends in both and also on how to be a problem they've heard coming from where they face arbitrary detention they face which are rape and murder is a common thing. in the middle of this a political storm swirling around the interior minister. leader of the far right
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league party and one of its least 2 deputy prime ministers he is also the face of italy's anti immigration policies but as well as supporters for his anti my current stance. he also has his detractors. salvini had issued a decree keeping the vessel out of italian waters but was overruled by an italian judge as well as the country's defense minister who is a member of the populist 5 star movement for the coalition partners with the league at 1st 5 star template it's criticism towards critics policies but that has changed and it is open warfare. between the 2 parties there was always an uncomfortable pairing of the many issues including immigration not that it matters in public to salbi need to double down on his decision to issue the decree. 60000000 italians pay me a salary for this obsession not to be
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a tender soul but to protect our borders for security for dignity and for the honor of my country if i am being a good minister of the interior then so be it if i am not good and some are prefers to go back to the past by choosing someone from the democratic party just say it. and caught up in the middle those still aboard the rescue vessel at sea waiting to head to a new life in europe sonny diagonal al-jazeera the compulsory rubbish recycling program has started in one of the largest cities in the world shanghai and china is finding people and businesses if they don't follow strict rules on saving what they used to throw away when he has more. throwing household waste away in shanghai is a lot more complicated than it used to be rubbish has to be sorted into several categories including wit and dry it's not optional it's an order from the government and it seems to have caught on quickly. this garbage recycle rule is
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great for both the citizens and the country we're used to it as not trouble for us at all it's like when i'm cooking i automatically separate the kitchen waste and other waste it's a habit now at sit times people take their separate ways to bins that have been placed in communities around the city the contents of then collected and taken for recycling composting or incineration for power generation businesses also have to abide by the new laws if they don't they could be fined up to $70000.00 the motivation behind a program like this would be applauded by most but the result so a sense that the government has missed a step out and that not enough emphasis is being placed on educating people on how to reduce waste in the 1st place in 2014 china declared war on pollution it's made significant gains particularly with air pollution. but with rapid economic expansion came a boom in consumerism
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a growing waste problem which is the government's next target it wants a standardized nationwide rubbish sorting system to be in place in the next 6 years and shanghai is seen as the big test the city's residents produce more than $22000.00 tons of waste per day among the contributors is china's growing love affair with food delivery services which is now a $70000000000.00 industry experts agree that education could be improved but the new initiative is a significant step china is still coming from. a culture where people are still going see littering on the streets going from. on the streets literally putting stuff in the bin but in the right bin that that's a big jump. for people right now the test will be when the novelty wears off and the volunteers keeping an eye on the process and no longer there for now the
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government is serious about tackling china's waste problem and people have no choice but to follow the law when hey al jazeera shanghai. now the world cup winning u.s. women's football team say they are not going to court to fight what they call pay discrimination talks between the team and the country's soccer federation broke down on thursday but the players are demanding to be paid the same as the male team they initially sued u.s. soccer in march but the sides agreed to mediate the matter once the world cup ended last month a lawyer representing the players accused the federation of being determined to prolong discrimination u.s. soccer counsel for the players came with an unproductive approach. russian media is calling it a miracle a passenger plane with more than 200 people on board was forced to make an emergency landing in a cornfield in moscow's airport after striking a flock of birds step vasant has the story from moscow. flight 6178 had just
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taken off from airport in moscow when the emergency happened the overall airline's early morning flight from moscow to sim for opel in crimea hit a flock of seagulls birds were sucked into both engines this able in them as the pilots of the airbus a $321.00 lost power and height they had no choice but to glide towards a crash landing. the airliner came down in a cornfield a kilometer from the runway the pilot gave instructions to passengers how to evacuate. the 233 passengers and crew on board a ski shaken but all a life. that will end it in the field good for beach we had landed somewhere else the flight attendants immediately opened to militancy exits and inflated their locations light and everyone started helping each other many were running away barefoot but everyone is alive tens of passengers needed hospital treatment some
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are badly bruised 121 year old software the had injury although its fuel tanks were full there was no fire during the landing and the pilots didn't deploy the landing gear to ensure a softer landing to minimize the impact. every asian experts say the crash has similarities with the so-called miracle on the hudson in new york 10 years ago we will have another event like this one and i hope that as a says this one was ok the airplane got very badly bent but nobody got hurt and i hope future events will be like that yes it's just a matter of chance there are lots of birds in the sky if a big shock or big birds it's both engines then you are committed to a forced landing. those states crash in russia follows another one in may when 41 people died in an unborn fire at an out of moscow airport in june 2 people died
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when an airline a burst into flames when it overshot a runway in siberia. and not a crash it's raise a concerns about the safety record of russian airlines but these pilots and crew are being hailed as heroes for saving the lives of everybody on board a criminal investigation now is to provide answers to what exactly has happened and if a dumb side that the tracks scavenging birds near this new airport has something to do with it step 5 some else is there a mosque out. there what children there with means the whole rubble a reminder of our top news stories israel has been 2 prominent u.s. democratic congresswoman from entering the country because of what he described as the boycott activities against israel. that taylor had planned to visit israel and the occupied palestinian territories this weekend u.s.
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president doll trump said it would have shown great weakness if israel had allowed the women in. they are very edge a jewish and they're very anti israel i think it's disgraceful the things they've said you have lists of this isn't just a one line mistake what they've said about israel and jewish people is a horrible thing and they've become the face of the democratic party so i did absolutely put out a very strong statement i think if you look at their language if you look at what they've said if i ever said it it would be it would be are horrible it would be honorable of month to put it mildly so the things that they've said omar believe what they've said is disgraceful so i can't imagine why israel would let them in but if they want to let them in they can but i can't imagine why they would do well to making those comments trying to get his 9 campaign rally of the year this time in new hampshire he lost the state to hillary clinton in the 2016 election there
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were hundreds of anti truck demonstrators outside the rally as well on the radio seas off the coast of gibraltar by british marines has been cleared to sail again it was captured last month after being accused of violating new sanctions by shipping oil to syria the u.s. that asked for the detention to be extended. so korea's military says north korea was fined 2 unidentified projectiles from its eastern coast into the sea earlier this month korean leader kim jong il on oversold similar launches he said then that the tests were a warning to the u.s. and south korea over their joint military drills on the world cup winning u.s. women's football team saying they are going to court to fight what they call pay discrimination the players are demanding to be paid the same as the male team you can follow those stories on our website at al-jazeera dot com back with more news in half an hour next on inside story of his there is inside story for.
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could yemen fall apart as a country separatist in the south seas the city of aden and rally for independence how does this affect the frogs a coalition fighting the houthi is for more than 4 years this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. yemen has not always been one country north and
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south yemen came together in 1900 after years of conflict but it's been an easy union and the civil war is deepening the divide separatists from the southern transitional council the s.t.c. are part of the sandy a coalition fighting the hoa fees but it's dramatic twist last week they took over the city of aden the seat of the saudi backed yemeni government thousands of people waved the old south yemen flag during a rally to support the s.t.c. the government is urging the fighters to pull out. as we can see the war in yemen is not a single conflict but a multi-faceted power struggle with the fighters backed by iran control much of the north including the capital sana saudi arabia the united arab emirates launched a campaign against the whole history store the internationally recognized government of the borman so handy by the u.a.e. is also backing armed groups who want southern yemen separated from the rest of the
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country the southern transitional council says it has a mandate to push these forces out also in the south there are al qaeda linked armed groups and the yemeni branch of eisel. let's bring in our panel joining us from new york lot of silly man director of office of foreign affairs of the southern transitional council in new york in geneva is elizabeth kandel senior research fellow of the perm college of the university of oxford who recently visited southern yemen from gothenburg sweden a journalist and editor in chief of the sun our review thank you all for joining us mr long held out of the government of the into the internationally recognized government of president other also had he says that what they asked to see forces did in. was a military coup well 1st of no till thank you for having me and later thank your
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guests and all those who are watching. of course the internationally recognized government is going to say that this is cool where it's unfortunate. is recognized government is not providing any basic services or. at least minimize intake or corruption. it's unfortunate there is only talking about the. recent activities whereas the 44 years after the. liberation from the southern governor there is still instability there is plenty of chaos there as. terrorist attacks. the internationally recognized government is also hijacked by radical or at least strong ties.
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are. just because they are internationally recognized also have a duty to people duty to the to the civilians are experiencing harsh lifestyles while they're enjoying a lavish lifestyle outside the country in riyadh and and elsewhere are trying to actually run this country from abroad through social media prop platforms and why fight i see your point elizabeth you've heard what a lot of those said basically about the reason why their fighters interfered is because the government has failed the yemenis but they could be in the south yes that's right and that's a lot of truth and what's just been set the south has very legitimate scree france is going back decades the country hasn't been run while the south has suffered it's very understandable that they should wish to take matters into their own hands however what wasn't mentioned was that there and go as an independent state it is
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not just the southern transition council wants to clear out terrorists and corrupt elements from the head of government as it has so far framed it ultimately the leaders do want an independent state so it's quite clear that the government of yemen can't countenance that because that would be the end of yemen as a united country awful how do you see what happened. is that is this is that in the general sentiment among people in yemen particularly in the north but this was the beginning of the disintegration of the country. in the north and the. reaction. to the front line. the people on the ground. many of my family members and then you're right they call me actually and actually what's going on in the south there is absolutely media blackout so a lot of people in the north of the don't know what's happening. but the
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northern leadership. with the i think they're a bit in a very they're concerned by what's going on there is no a strong stance from them but. i think a lot of not only with these but a lot of the. religious sense see that what's going on and i've done a way of trying to emphasize the southern. seat and whatever peace talks comic peace talks going to happen so don't forget that during all the peace talks that you actually hashim that's covered in sweden there was a lot of margin and i think going on to the other so i think that what's going on in iran is one desperate waiting trying to see that we share and whatever the political settlement going to happen and where the the general.
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just want to get some sense of clarity here there's been today still ongoing a pro independence rally in. perspective as s.t.c. moving towards declaring independence of the south. yes the ultimate goal is to. address all the witnesses and the aspirations of the southern people whom this is the entire basis that the s.t.c. has its legitimacy on the ground at least. the southern people today have gathered from all governorates directorates to all state one thing they want to remove. any government that stands in their way and there are you know achievements and goals and they are acting on a nothing to lose basis now as mentioned earlier the you know basic services are
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not even being provided institutions are not active at all. earlier do you have any timeline for the proclamation of independence do do you have a plan where you would say by next november or december we will declare an independent sovereign state no no we don't have a timeline the southern sun the transitional council. holds the regional security as high importance as well so we are consider ourselves as strong active and main partners in this coalition that is are fighting off the iranian backed these on all fronts so we prioritize the regional security as well as our. the aspirations of these are your people have been mostly in demands of regional implications and this is going to be my question to elizabeth this is something which is weird extraordinary happening now in yemen i would like
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you to further. explain this to us you have a coalition which is led by saudi arabia the u.a.e. is part of that coalition of the saudis i think they are in favor of a united seems to be in favor of this to see which wants to break away from the north we're talking about diametrically opposed agendas here. we are i think what keeps them both together is the overarching struggle against iran which is perceived to be backing who sees and indeed is vocally backing the who sees and so that has enabled them to plaster over the cracks in their coalition with regard to their and goals but you make an important point these recent clashes wouldn't have happened had not the united arab emirates funded and helped to form the southern transitional council and alongside that recruited sauza and of soldiers across the south who are now able to back up its agenda so although the leadership of both
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saudi arabia and the united arab emirates will be able publicly to patch over the cracks it's very unlikely that that will translate into their respective forces on the ground the heady forces versus the s.t.c. forces being able to mend their rifts and indeed we're seeing both of those forces now harden their attitudes today after. you must have see what's happening in the social media over the last few days basically this is creating a divide among the yemenis some would tell you these are legitimate grievances of the people in the south you have others lossing the other is to see in particular is being used as a proxy by the about is to further implement their own agenda in yemen. like that but 1st i want to add something and as it does. i think one of the maybe the many threat to yemen's unity is not the s.t.c.
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it's not because of their movements not u.a.e. it's actually the incumbent the incompetence of the internationally recognized the human government we have to understand that this government has failed on so many of the others in trying to address the conflict or the fighting with the movies or even trying to embrace what's going on in the south right after the liberation either so i think it's very very important to address are the weakness and. that any management. they have any government and that's something that you the national community has to be at the instant to because they keep think this government with no you know end game for the government trying to get the country together but speaking about the. basically the human rights violations and the put ideation going on between the that inside the south i think it's very.
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alarming that in the name of separation there are a huge crisis of human rights by they should go in what inside the the north of the south so as we speak there are many reports of rest and the sentence of opposition to s.t.c. anyone who is trying to mobilize or speak against the of the southern transitional council is met with violence and the press. and that's you know kind of like a cool piece of the what that president has been a lot of you see here in the name of unity used you need the southern movement would be oppression we seem to have. to see a continuation of not cloture o'brien and send your friends a soft. person. you spoke of the pro independent sentiment in the south
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a one voice one you know that everyone knows that you are also divided within yourselves you have to see a one hand you have a how do i mean for the want to be part of this whole thing they want they would like to have their own independent state people of the other man still loyal to president obama so how do you have a lot of a different agenda it's a disintegrated south within itself so that's actually not very accurate. unfortunately that is what you know all of them all who stand against the independent south would say that we are fact of actions and we are fractured but the. goal for all these so to speak factions of art of the independent state they only differed on the the aft on to get the independence day as far as the. new me and you seem to forget that in 1986 thousands of people were killed in the south because of divisions between people of people of vala. yes there have
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been you know the differences in the past that does not make us in any way subhuman and we still have our aspirations we have our human rights self-determination of course all these matters can be resolved through a referendum and as you have seen today on many of iraq now and the leaders of other other factions have announced their support to what the southern transitional council has spearheaded as of now for the taking away at least radical groups that work under the international and i was the umbrella as i also want to add a comment regarding the u.a.e. involvement u.a.e. is not. only was not only involved in south yemen u.a.e. involvement was in many entirety fronts so no they do not have the southern
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transitional council as a proxy in the area and know the the southern transitional council they've had no promises from u.a.e. for an independent all the southern transitional council only speaks for the people chosen by the people to protect the people and the recent events even the u.a.e. has called for deescalation of the i've been. called for deescalation but you know at the same time they are the ones who are backing financing and on being the security belt which is a group of militia organizations operating in different parts of the south it is a bit i would like to ask you this question about the succession this movement of the pro independence move in the south they have joined the unity in 1900 it would bring about prosperity and justice but then they say off to 99 to what happened was marginalization of the people of the south they were undermined the voices were battered by the political establishment and by the elite predominantly. from the
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north of the country and now they say it's about our right to break away because we don't think this is a good thing my question is do you think the international community is willing to give them in the burners of the choose to morrow to vote for independence i think the international community does sympathize with the kinds of problems that you've outlined that have genuinely occurred in the south they have very legitimate grievances however i do not believe that the international community will favor a split yemen simply because of the problems that you outlined earlier which are that the south is not united amongst itself yes the s.t.c. does have the loudest voice and it's predominantly supported in aden and its surroundings but that does not hold true for the rest of the south yes many people came to very large demonstration to show their solidarity with the s.t.c.
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yesterday but there are millions of people inside the south and they didn't all show up and i think it's important to ask when the f.c.c. spokesperson has just dissociated the u.a.e. from the s.t.c. it's important to ask who is funding the s.t.c. because that will tell you a lot of the answer is the u.a.e. i'd also like to mention that there are groups in the east of yemen and specifically also in had remarked who have their own secessionist ambitions they may not be realistic but they are there nonetheless and they do not wish to be part of a separate south africa have really reached the point where. you can see the future of yemen as being divided into 2 or 34 no one knows. i think the history nuance the funeral back to the story even with not united in
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the sense that we know today. i think but. let me tell you that i think as a human personally i think that. all the amenities have to think of what you want in the future it's that transition in length for the south the north the east to think of what kind of governess and and political system that they want to have maybe it's the minded many it's united yemen but yemenis have to decide for themselves and i'm cringing at me with foreign intervention not just with the u.a.e. is doing is absolutely going to make that you know tragic 3 lot and and. this is not this the city should know that more than anyone and if not have a clue then i couldn't couldn't he and the snob with absolutely have that is the
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impact and for their future so but when yemenis have to decide together what type will you charity and they want. independent of and if influence of the camera so many plates your agenda but let me ask you this you say that one of the biggest problems one of the biggest reason one of the main reasons why you are interfering mentality in the south is against the islam which is a predominantly muslim brotherhood affiliated political party and this law happens to be an existential threat or the muslim brotherhood exists as a threat for the emirate is there isn't this a clear indication of the carrying water here for the emirate is it doing nothing about the unsing the terms a look. at that is incorrect. the u.a.e. is only part of a saudi led coalition and i was all called upon by the legitimate government so on
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so and then to hear the call them regarding to what. elizabeth mentioned because of the southern people who are in hundreds of thousands to belittle those calls saying that not all of the south yemeni people which does not make much sense that in any rally that the entire population would attend in a rally that does not ever happen nor will it ever happen in any circumstances but because of this sudden people are to reinstate there and there are pretty 90 state. based on the events that happened after the failure of the project that turned into an all out occupation now and in the end the fact that there are factions in south yemen and nobody is saying that they do not exist we're just simply saying that the goals of all factions is an independent state but the only differed on the at to reach that independent state as far as the
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southern transitional council has been trying to fill in deep void for the internationally recognized government as far as even basic services or even security here have security but is actually the international recognized government and they have done a very decent job while the internationally recognized government how to hijack a decent brotherhood it's a massive loss because you remember international human rights organizations have been talking about the massive clampdown the the killing of many many innocent civilians in the south of the country of they've been blaming the security both and if i would like to move beyond the. domestic politics in yemen a move towards the regional implications some say that the reason why the u.s. pretty much. willing to control the south is because they look in the gulf
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of aden a bubble meant. an alternative that the strait of hormuz if it gets blocked one day yes that's a possibility i do not have a direct line into the u.a.e. so i obviously cannot speak for them but it certainly follows a pattern of activity across the region aden could be an important port it's yemen's most important port and we also know that the u.a.e. has taken control of ports and shops and had remarked and also in at one point and across other areas of the horn of africa somalia eritrea so it does make sense that it's part of a broader potentially trade and commercial most commercially motivated exercise and not just about fighting who sees up in the north i should also say that it does play into a security agenda for the s.t.c. americas sorry for the u.a.e. helped by the s.t.c. because it is in the south that al qaida and indeed islamic state in yemen have
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been most active and so that does make sense after a member not to work $21112.00 that the calls for unity in yemen the national the national dialogue all that seems to be over now with the latest developments do you see in the future the possibility of for the key players the source the suspension is in the south. in the central part of the country there who thiis in the north to come together set aside their differences and talk about the future of your many of yemen or is it more of a wishful thinking. you're right and 2011 specially with the national conference there was a sort of realignment of the national debate and actually a lot of southerners so that you can see that you're 7 and. then there is this then with. the southern question but i think
9:45 am
yemenis need and eager are sort of the nerves on monday that could come when you know the people for peace and unity and trying to recreate side all these grievances and trying to put the pieces together somehow. it's absolutely. thinking it's it's we need america i think otherwise the fragmentation will continue and no one i wouldn't be surprised to see maybe 3 young men not not $12.00 young men even that you would want. from elizabeth cohen the other sort of man thank you very much indeed i really appreciate your time with us here on inside story and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website dot com for further
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discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com follow us last a.j. as i saw if you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. incisively for me hashem how about on the how to handle how to live in a. the latest news as it breaks. up. with detailed coverage no one is willing to return home to reanimate without sort of papers and security guarantees from around the world the talent is facing the
9:47 am
new prime minister and negotiate a new grex that day a deal the e.u. says cannot be renegotiated. al-jazeera explores prominent figures of the 20th century and why breweries influence the course of history the salt did not get enough credit for ending a bust and you want to be the big historical figure but he was mandela the biggest con in the world the prisoner and the president who came together to end up apartheid in south africa nelson mandela and f.w. de klerk face to face on all jesse. scholar and lawyer thinker. under politician.
9:48 am
radical and prisoner in a 2 part series al-jazeera world tells the story of one of the most enigmatic figures in sudan's turbulent history. whose influence is still felt on events in the country to their city to robbie's life and politics on al-jazeera. your child is there with me so robin remind of all top news stories israel has brought to us democratic congresswoman who are critics of the israeli government from visiting and see that they live to visit the occupied west bank in east jerusalem next week joel 100 possible from washington d.c. . president donald trump's feud with congressional democrats just crossed international boundaries with 2 democratic house members planning
9:49 am
a trip to israel in the occupied west bank trump urged israel to ban them from entry they are very anti jewish and they're very anti israel i think it's disgraceful that they say it said that they've become the face of the democratic party i can't imagine why israel would let them in a thursday morning tweet to that effect from trump is apparently all it took for israel to reverse its earlier position barring ill hand omar and rashida to lead from entering the country israel's prime minister cited their support of a boycott of israel we are not willing to admit and israel those who call for the boycott of the state of israel and act to delegitimize the state of the jews trump successful effort to pressure israel is the latest salvo in his battle with the squad for democratic women of color in congress. omar fired back saying it is an affront that israeli prime minister netanyahu under pressure from president trump would deny entry to representatives of the u.s. government trumps muslim ban is what israel is implementing this time against 2
9:50 am
duly elected members of congress there's a long standing tradition in u.s. politics that however contentious things are at home u.s. presidents do not enlist allies abroad to target political opponents but trump has never been bound by conventional politics. the president has said the 4 members of the squad should go back to their countries even though 3 of them were born here in the u.s. that hasn't stopped crowds at his rallies from chanting send her back. i the unprecedented ban on 2 members of the u.s. congress was widely condemned by democrats and republicans in congress alike by the palestinian liberation organization this is really unacceptable and said they're insulting to the american people even the pro israel american israeli political action committee joined in saying in a statement that while the group disagrees with the congresswoman quote every
9:51 am
member of congress should be able to visit an experiencer democratic ally israel 1st hand with both trump and netanyahu facing upcoming elections and the temptation to team up against a common adversary was apparently too great to pass up john hendren al-jazeera washington an iranian oil tanker seized off the coast of gibraltar by british marines has been cleared to sail again it was captured last month after being accused of violating you sanctions by shipping oil to syria the u.s. had asked for the detention to be extended well fighting has broken out across the line of control that divides the disputed region of kashmir with pakistani and indian souls exchanging fire pakistan says 3 of its soldiers and 5 indian troops were killed but india denies any fatalities amongst its forces. south korea's military says north korea's fired 2 and identified projectiles from its eastern coast into the sea earlier this month that north korean leader kim jong un oversold
9:52 am
similar launches he said then that the tests were a warning to the u.s. and south korea over their joint military exercises. the pilots of a russian airliner are being praised as heroes for saving lives by crash landing in a cornfield they. had a flock of seagulls shortly after takeoff from a local airport in moscow all 233 people on board escaped 23 were taken to hospital with minor injuries. and nasa scientists and engineers are flying over greenland tracking melting ice this summer has seen 2 of the biggest melt server scientists say both warmer air and warmer water are eating away at greenland causing it to lose billions of tons of ice on a daily basis. the world cup winning u.s. women's football team say they're going to court to fight what they pay for paid discrimination the players are demanding to be paid the same as the melting those are the headlines about with more in half an hour next it's with this do stay with
9:53 am
us. you know there is
9:54 am
a church. wedding jan menses said we should come to the church and we will pray and magnet to close their eyes to 3. but they never said that last image was the moment they close their eyes they were shouting that change. even if i pray had them close my eyes. they brought the christan he did they brought all this just. but today they also have the lent.
9:55 am
they made that and they keep mad people and they only listen why they met that mad people was the cause of lent. who won this because of what people think belong in the maybe they don't belong there in jim and. there are people who are very very plot people they be. mostly
9:56 am
cantle. and that this way you can see the rest. ok. my name is. s. that when younger. and i'm always telling people that it's come one that you'll find people having $2.00 to $3.00 names they every can name or traditional name and then the so-called christian name now it is also the christian name is mostly linked to colonialism because that then when the missionaries came to africa. they also introduced christianity and with this janet it was now but distant for the small babies so people who the parents would stadia babies to the policed to baptize them in they will say he's made child my baby the name of my baby is you sure and then the police will say but kili give this the
9:57 am
child in the name that you know that i can pronounce. they hid that then he had meek they wait this mate it symbolizes the haunts of the quetta kaitlin limits either the. money up unless it's to the head of the nation kiss. the. ground. for the. good or the was. was. that. was.
9:58 am
the was that. was that it was a. radio station today is one of the many. commemorations on the calendar of the hetero in-band there. was god was it our religious. elders when they wake up they need to hear fire. and at the holy fire they then connect with this but it's
9:59 am
a fly insistence in a one sister's then texas. and against all kinds of fun in real i'll bet luck. and. even rain really prepared to. do better with all kinds. like when really up the parenting for serious negotiations. with agenda there. was. was the germans must come out and in clear language state that they they accept that what has happened to us is genocide that they apologize for the genocide and that the ad refused to sit down with us and
10:00 am
discuss the question of that about asians and that it is the in principle ready to pay as it punishes yes our government can be there at the conference table as well we don't deny them their place but we are the people to negotiate on our one on behalf of our people in usa they need to express themselves on these before the 2nd of october this year why the 2nd of october that would be the 111th and vist of that infamous order of generals i'm told. and yes a we have we just long enough. 111 years is a long period in our patience on the go. that's going to. have to. get going on the. back of.


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