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this is al jazeera. hello i'm about to sin and this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes a setback for syrian rebels as they pull out of the strategic town of qana shit coom following government to airstrikes. u.k. government expresses concern after a stop member from its consulate in hong kong fails to return from a trip to mainland china. acquitted of killing her stillborn baby a young salvadoran woman says justice has finally been done. india releases water from 2 downs creating a flood risk and an angry response in neighboring pakistan. i'm joining with the
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sports. to missing a penalty from manchester united and the u.s. wainstein get their data in court as a judge decides their gender discrimination case will go to trial next year. we begin in syria where opposition activists say rebels have withdrawn from the strategically important town of hunch in southern province as follows days of fighting which saw them firing rockets into government territory the syrian government has told its forces which are backed by russia but the battle isn't over yet. the rebels also retreated from the town of malta coaches in hama and is the site of a turkish military observation post. in southern province is the main population center that used to be
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a place where 100000 syrians took shelter before the military escalation began in april towns in nearby and northern hama countryside have fallen to government forces rebel fighters would have risked being besieged if they didn't move further north but for the syrian government the big prize was getting control of that will give it access to the 5 it's an important economic highway that crosses the country zanuck orders a life for us in beirut just bring us up to date with what we know what's happening on the ground at the moment. well aerial images released by program media show empty empty of residents as well as fighters like you mentioned it was a town that was home to 100000 people most of the people have fled in recent days because of the fighting because of the intense airstrikes is now under the control of the syrian government a major blow to the rebels who explained how this town is strategic its location on
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this highway the syrian government's military objective has been for months if not years to reopen the highway in order to connect the cities under its control and to revive a trade now rebels also have to withdraw from towns south of. in the northern how much countryside because if they stay there they risk being besieged and like you also mentioned the turkish observation post was located or is located in that corner of syria we still do not have confirmation on whether or not they will be able to evacuate or what is the fate of this turkish military outpost but what is clear is that the rebels have lost ground significant ground just in the past few hours in the past 2 weeks in fact the regime and its allies they have made a lot of advances on the ground more than they have done in their 3 months campaign which raises a lot of questions what has happened has the rebel morale been weakened has the
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government employed new tactics like concentrate the firepower and the air strikes close to the front lines targeting rebel supply routes but what is clear is this is a victory for the syrian government as in this is all being complicated of course by an attack on a turkish convoy just recently how is that factoring into all of this. well turkey has that ground forces in they set up observation post that's part of an agreement with russia reached last year the sochi deal where a demilitarized zone was supposed to be created and it led to protect it from an all out assault now the russians of course blame the turks saying that you didn't fulfill your part of the agreement that this is why the military campaign began in late april but like you mentioned that convoy came under fire an airstrike was launched and the turkish defense ministry did not blame the syrians or the russians didn't say for example that this was a plane a syrian plane a russian plane but in that statement rare criticism of russia saying that this
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violated their agreements with russia violated cooperation with russia and i say rare because in the past 3 months every time the turkish government used to criticize this military campaign they would avoid rupturing a relationship with russia because these 2 countries cooperate beyond it live but what has been happening in it live is a proxy war between these 2 countries. it has been about going to ground but clearly the russians are unhappy with the turks because the turks are now cooperated with the americans in the northeast of the country so complicated politics tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of syrians caught in this crossfire we keep talking about. northern half of it these were homes tens of thousands of people were living there these people have no chance of returning no so for now thanks very much indeed for joining us on set is more along the line and he is the head of policy analysis of the arab center for research and policy studies and put this into some context for us in terms of strategy how does this
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change things on the ground this withdrawal of course i mean i think this is a very important development in the course of this conflict. this is the 1st step in the 1st stage maybe. in an effort by the government to gain control of the territories along with him. 5 lords between. and. i think their next target will be moderate to norman in my opinion and i believe as soon as she was reporting that and the police decided to withdraw in order to avoid being besieged by forces on one hand and i think they want all sort to prevent any lesion of the town because you know because the russians have been using this strategy of total demolition of towns and villages in the course of the syrian conflict and another factor may be in my opinion is the mysterious turkish position
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because i believe personally i believe the russians are trying to implement the agreement because you know that russia and turkey reach an agreement last september on that establishing a demilitarized zone. and this is in fact. some. of this agreement by force by the russians because it shows their claim that the turks actually have not been able to respect that agreement and to implement that by actually establishing a demilitarized zone 15 to 20 kilometers depth. on on one hand and also evacuated this zone. which is a cargo affiliated group and the russians are now in fact implementing that agreement by force. is part of that of that effort the rebels are describing this as a redeployment and this is that there is going to be a counter offensive but in your opinion how effective is that counter offensive
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going to be if it happens that offensive in my opinion will depend on 2 factors number one is the russian air cover for the regime that will in my opinion we can any counteroffensive by either of those and how much support the turks are going to give the opposition on the other. because we have seen the turks actually a few weeks ago providing the opposition factions with their very. effective weapons and armor. what ben's actually saw that caused he was damaged with. forces we don't know of the turks are going to do the same now so that will depend very much on the relationship between turkey and russia. and how they are going to see it in this conflict from that one moment thanks very much indeed said well the british government has raised concerns about the disappearance of a staff member from its hong kong consulate who's been missing since crossing into
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mainland china the u.k. foreign office says simon chang attended a business event in chains and on august the 8 and he was supposed to return to hong kong on the same day the u.k. foreign office has released a statement saying we are extremely concerned by reports that a member of our team has been detained returning to hong kong from sends and we're providing support to his family and seeking further information from authorities in guangdong province and hong kong but china insists it has no information on its whereabouts hong kong police say an inquiry is underway to see for point. of august leading to a missing person case but for the sake of personal data i couldn't just coast to much details here and the case is currently under the inquiry by the regional missing person unit of how. we can and so far the hong kong police force does not
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receive and in notification from. the reciprocal notification comes out ok for more on this and i hear words joining us now live from london do we know any more about why this simon shang was there and what he was doing when he was in. well but when we understand that simon chang traveled to shands then on the 8th of august now that probably wouldn't be unusual for him because he was a trade is a trade an investment officer in the british consulate in the scottish development section of the british consulate so this is perhaps a journey he has made before but what is different here is that he simply didn't come back and what we understand is that he told his girlfriend that it would be coming back on the same day on the express train but he simply didn't return now the hong kong police have said that they are now opening a missing persons inquiry into where he simply got out what are the chinese saying about this and also the u.k.
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government of course well the chinese authorities in beijing say they simply have no information about this case the british though are saying we are extremely concerned by reports that a member of our team has been detained we're turning to hong kong from chen's that we're providing support to his family but of course this is happening at a time of increased tensions in hong kong because of the ongoing protests there and we know we understand that at the border between hong kong and mainland china there are increasing checks of people making that journey that having left phones checked for any photos at the protests so increasing checks at the borders and very concerning times for the family of simon chang at the moment and the thanks very much hong kong's leader carrier says she hopes the reasons nonviolent protests show the territory is on its way to peace sunday's march jew 2000000 people it was the calmest in weeks of demonstrations which i'm often become violent began over
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proposed changes to hong kong's extradition laws but they've grown into a wider movement against beijing's growing influence. but i can give you this a very come meet men at the political level that the bill is steps there is no plan there are no plans to revive the spill especially in light off the public concerns but as hoda abdel-hamid reports from hong kong the protesters are not likely to be satisfied with loans commons. gary lam's words stopped short of the protesters expectations she was asked upfront by a reporter why don't you use the word withdrawn when you talk about the extradition and she. sure everybody the extradition. protesters have been talking about this. to use the word with drones they can't have any legal weight so that is certainly something that's been angered them she's been very stubborn
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about this fact another point that she did not address is an. independent investigation committee to look into the police violence and. unfolded on the streets here well she said that she will cause a civilian body that already exists and his government appointed the independent police complaints council to look into what happened and come up with recommendations for the government that will not make cutted with the protesters and also she didn't address a tool the 5 demands have been asking for so certainly they probably will have an increase and there may be loud voices calling for her to resign immediately reaction on social media everybody was saying.
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that she did not voided again addressing any of the grievances of the protesters in a more direct way while the protests and hong kong over the weekend were peaceful the chinese central government has continued its. dismissing the government movement has more from beijing. president xi jinping last hong kong visit was 2 years ago to mark 20 years since the handover of what was a british colony to china he minced no words then about who was in control. any attempt to endanger china's sovereignty and security challenge the power of central government and the basic law of hong kong or to use hong kong to conduct. and against the mainland is an act across the red line but the past 11 weeks of mass protests in hong kong seem to cross that red line the government even calling some of it here terrorism however there's been not
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a single word from sheik himself unlike his u.s. counterpart president donald trump who personally involved himself on topics big and small including these protests in hong kong present she rarely engages on specific issues focusing more on the big picture but some say don't confuse the lack of face time as lack of direct involvement on hong kong for anything that china will do involving hong kong will be a decision directly up to president xi jinping and the top leadership very closely at his disposal he has lots of things to take care of and hong kong probably is just one of them. one tactic the top chinese leadership has decided on misinformation. twitter and facebook have taken steps to block hundreds of accounts with ties to the chinese government twitter said the accounts were an orchestrated attempt to undermine the legitimacy and political positions of the protest movement
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and through lower level officials the government has accused western nations of meddling. a strong visual warning from beijing coming several times over the last 2 weeks propaganda video of armed police amassing in training in jenin just across the border from hong kong and not so subtle reminder of mainland might the stakes are high for the central government. if they can't handle the hong kong situation properly it means a failure for its one country 2 systems it will think their rule greatly china wants to unify taiwan with the same one country 2 systems 1000 hong kong it won't work with taiwan is a threat for the future. all this just 6 weeks before the big celebration marking 70 years since the founding of the people's republic of china will be a big military parade here in beijing and a showcase speech by she looking into the future but a simmering situation hong kong could cast a shadow over that future it's got hotter al-jazeera beijing. still ahead and
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there's news out of the u.s. is accused of escalating tensions with russia after testing a new missile. and in sport i mean murray continues his comeback see how he did in his latest match a north carolina. assault the daughter of a woman at the center of a controversial abortion trial has been a q. wanted of all charges evelyn hernandez was charged with murder after giving birth to a stillborn baby the case has drawn international criticism of the country's strict abortion laws. reports. a celebration after being cleared of all charges evelyn hernandez has become the face of a car to decriminalize abortion and el salvador she faced up to 40 years in prison in a retrial after giving birth to
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a stillborn baby prosecutors accuse her of aggravated homicide the 21 year old said she was raped and didn't know she was pregnant. there is always these yeah and today there was just this i want to thank all the countries and international organizations are supportive of me i also want to thank my mother who stood by me i know it was difficult for her to see me being accused of something i didn't do. her case has been fought in court for years evelyn was 1st sentenced to prison in 2017 but was released 2 years later while she awaited a ruling in her retrial with 17 other woman behind bars under similar circumstances her legal team says the work has. far from over and we have there are women who have been in prison for 10 years for something that isn't a crime we will keep fighting for their release. they case brought international attention to the salvador strict abortion laws a full ban was implemented in the central american country in 1998 including in
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cases of rape or incest women who go to public hospitals after a miscarriage are sometimes accused of murder and charged with aggravated homicide . we cannot allow this to continue we have to change the law we have to change the enforcement of the law and we have to free the women who are still in prison. after spending nearly 3 years in prison evelyn says she's ready to move on with her life out of court. consul wrote this of a gun al-jazeera. u.s. president donald trump has spoken by phone with india's prime minister narendra modi and stressed the need to reduce tensions with pakistan it's been 2 weeks since india's parliament revoked the autonomy of indian administered kashmir and modi also discussed increasing trade and preventing what they described as cross border terrorism meanwhile life slowly returning to normal in india administered kashmir
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and some schools have reopened after 2 weeks shut down but most have been empty reports from new delhi it was the 1st day back for primary students in srinagar but many didn't show up some schools had more teachers and students others had virtually no one. less than a quarter of primary schools have reopened in tree hugger but even if more were to open many families say they don't want to send their children. home or the use of his kept his 3 young children home from school because he doesn't believe it's safe to let them outside where you should go. there is no security even the teachers won't be coming the other thing is there's no communication if i send them to school the phones won't work something happens what will i do it was a better situation in other parts of indian administered kashmir some students piling to school were trying to look on the bright side. of us today we're going to school after
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a long time it's been 10 to 15 days since we went to school and met our friends i'm feeling good. back and many felt much less optimistic. what environment will be sending our kids it's already a bad situation living under restrictions and curfews is nothing new for people here they know how easily violence can break out and the consequences many people including children have been injured or killed over the years after joining protests were just being nearby when they happened the consequences of the revenues that. the future that young people and children see for themselves i think that is a very grim future. this activist recently returned from a fact finding mission indeed administered kashmir children are easily caught in the middle children as young as 11 years old who had been spend several days in police custody in legal custody illegal police custody in the police station being
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beaten up and being intimidated and. that is partly why many here are worried about the safety of their children with more school due to reopen in the valley. say police will guarantee the safety of schoolchildren as they go back but many parents say that's too much of a risk right now given the continued protests along with security and communication restrictions still in place. pakistan says india is using water as a weapon by releasing dams which could flood villages over the border indian authorities released 2 reservoirs including the major bug saying it's because water levels have got too high pakistan's national disaster agency says it was warned and it's issued flood alerts for villages downstream including the river under a water sharing treaty signed in 1960 any dam release must come with a warning but india says the amount released is low enough that no warning is
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needed. the spokesman for package. national disaster management authority he's joining us live from islamabad thank you very much for joining us on all dizzier given the fact that india says that the water levels are do not pose a risk what kind of preparations can pakistan make and what do you think the risks are. here thank you for inviting doing the current. season and heavy spend in india along the. dam and the indian bunch of. we have kim from north who are experts of musicians there are known to lead and 40000 q 6 of what has been believed in river such roads which is not a river in pakistan because there are most of the dams and structures on this on this river and. less water there is at least from the indian side
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towards pakistan but this huge quantity of water which is coming with pakistan is monitoring if entered into pakistan district us food and water it really could be a problem for the people living in districts and districts or carla and down below because that is very less quantity of water generally the least by india and this now we expect that more than one leg in the water is going to come in this river and it will definitely affect the people those who are designing in the low lying areas along this because there was no. alert issued by india of poverty being the appropriate bed again country and we are the lord of pity and country but now we are monitoring that had both leaders of water and quantity of it is coming closer to pakistan and maybe tonight 2021. and then the floor would be monitored we're going to just want to clarify one thing
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you're referring to q sex of water we're talking about. it's equal to one cubic foot per 2nd of water is that correct i just want to get a sense of how much water we're actually talking about are you able to give us an idea of how high the water levels might rise around the villages in the farmland that you're talking about here and the water region entering into the pakistan is 100000 q 6 more than 100000 is the likely to enter into pakistan the moment of water between has been released from the head works from the indian site and the capacity up to normal. really. much for people 50000. presently and the water flowing as a as if no is around $40000.00 cusick water is flowing into the pakistan and which
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is increasing. and we expect that the maximum water peak would be around midnight tonight let me ask you something given your experience of matters like this in the past isn't it reasonable that india felt that there was the water levels were increasing to a dangerous level that this was the only option that they had to release this water and take the pressure off the dams which could have resulted in significant damage . here. and we have a margaret we have mike he has a vulnerability discuss has been tools and amount of water which is coming into the pot this done. and it is likely to affect $60.00 to $70.00 village only invited district which is just on the entrance. to the pakistan that is the school district same amount of villages are going to be affected and other distance. along
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the river such figure thank you very much indeed for your time we appreciate it thank you. russia has accused the u.s. of escalating military tension after a test of the ground launched missile with a range of more than 500 kilometers of the test would have been banned under the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty washington formally withdrew from the landmark 1987 pact with russia earlier this month the us administration says moscow had already been violating it will step vasa is joining us now with the latest from moscow step give us an update 1st of all of what moscow has been saying about its test well the deputy foreign minister said that the really regret that this test has taken place and also that it shows that the united states has been preparing for this end of the i.n.f. treaty for a long time so as we know of course this treaty and it collapsed earlier this month
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but also says that he doesn't want to be drawn into an arms race with the united states and they won't put any more missiles anywhere as long as the united states is not doing the same thing this is all very interesting to hear because it all comes in the light of this very suspicious and mysterious accident that happened during a test of a particular weapon that has not been disclosed which happened just 8 but of course as you were talking about this follows on from the u.s. testing its own missile is there a suggestion in moscow that they're monitoring closely what the u.s. is doing and that they're going to take for testing regime going on. well i think that is definitely the feeling here of course we all suspected that after the collapse of the i.m.f. treaty that a new new arms race would start but in the meantime of course
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a lot of things are happening already which of course are part of this arms race russia is now being suspected of having tacitus' supersonic missile which is nuclear powered and which accidentally went wrong in our candles in the north of russia early august what we also know from that ties is that radiation levels spiked in that region quite dramatically up to 16 times the level of the normal levels we also know now because of reports in the moscow times that in the body of one of the doctors who were treating the injured who are working at that test that his radiation levels inside his muscle have gone up and now ripped off a deputy foreign minister sat that in response to the fact that 4 of the monitoring stations that were in sorry to. monitor the radiation level in that area are worth of food outlets during or shortly after the accident that he says that that is not
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of anyone's business and that is a voluntarily thing that russia has committed itself to that these radiation levels are being read anyway so all these comments are now raising a lot of suspicion increased worries about what exactly has happened in the north of russia shortly during this and shortly after this accident thanks to. now in a few moments we're going to have the weather with rob but still ahead on al-jazeera . and identified bodies in iraq that activists say are evidence of sectarian killings the government is not talking about. i remember shaking with fear one checkpoint appeared in the small village of. anything guns everywhere the u.s. congresswoman denied entry to israel recalls painful memories of life in the occupied west bank. and in sports the deaf tennis player breaking new ground on the a.t.p. tour. how
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the summer in europe so far has been a little bit old and i was just too with the reliably warm weather to the side of this have a guess looks like a hurricane does it not it's not this is frankfurt and so we're talking about. your city in southern germany was wins sufficient to strip roofs and strip roofing material off and through gerard it was just this here it's along the line of been rippling flow last 2 days or so producing some pretty significant dharm pools use all of them still more recently rain so it's not about 50 millimeters in boston for us but it's not really need summer weather is it and the reason is as is always the case it's a frontal system the air to the northeast colder than the at the south that
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disparity in the temps is produces nothing e.g. for thunderstorms quite often on this depiction we have been at the moment with the warmth from austria southwest and towards turkey or you notice the colors not read there and down towards spain however along that line the funds to would risk exists today and my street for in front itself and then that little area where a large area over turkey significant hail thunderstorms and briefly for starting it's just today things to improve tomorrow. whether sponsored by cattle or anyways.
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inmates learning from other inmates acquiring knowledge that could set them free. through legal education classes and mock tribunals their dedication has to start to bring results. for. empowerment kenya part of the read the legislation series on al-jazeera.
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and your knowledge is it up a reminder of our top stories this hour syrian opposition activists say rebels have withdrawn from the strategically important town of honshu coom in southern province as well as days of fighting which saw them firing rockets into government territory . governments raised concerns about a staff member from its hong kong consulate who's been missing since crossing into mainland china simon chang attended an event and since then on august the 8th it did not return. a salvadoran woman at the center of a controversial abortion trial has been acquitted evelyn hernandez was charged with murder after giving birth to a stillborn baby in a public toilet. italy's prime minister is due to address the senate a couple of hours with speculation growing that he's about to resign the governing coalition collapsed a few days ago after the far right legal r.t. pulled out a new gig of reports from rome. it was never a partnership of equal measures held together by an independent prime minister
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italy's 2 populist parties the far right the the anti establishment 5 star movement comfortably wedded to each other in a coalition of convenience. between the 2 the dominating force had always been the league with its strident anti immigrant policies and heavy reliance on its leader. combative personality and to prove popular eclipsing the 5 stars presence in the coalition. taking advantage of his surge in popularity only 2 weeks ago salvini took a gamble and announced that his party's alliance with 5 star was over the leak put forward a motion of no confidence in the government and salvini called friendly actions that could make him prime minister call it hubris or a nail time intervention the move hadn't quite worked out as salvini had hoped instead the 5 star movement and the opposition democratic party began to talk
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openly of forming a coalition among themselves leaving salvini out in the cold his supporters call him the captain but his latest venture has left him adrift faced with the prospect of losing power back down and said he would be prepared to stick with 5 star with perhaps a cabinet shuffle but his one time allies the damage had already been done. but it won't be an easy right for a 5 star either their decision to go into coalition with the far right party has cost them their supporters a humiliating defeat at this year's european elections and the leak has overtaken the 5 star movement to become the most popular party in italy the country is going to write in just moments to population once economic reform in liberal terms wants market reforms and the fast that movement have always been embracing leftist economic policies so i don't think it will come back in the political approval from
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the masses of italians who are somehow demanding new elections it is a bitter breakup for 2 parties which will always ill suited for each other a fight for italy's identity between the far right and more centrist forces and with a weakening economy close to a recession the country cannot afford any worsening of its political turmoil in the months ahead. al-jazeera rome a spanish activist group says 9 migrants have jumped from its rescue boat into the mediterranean sea the vessel called open arms is i'm good off the coast of the italian island of lampedusa it picked up the migrants and refugees off the coast of libya several weeks ago and it's called on the italian coast guard to transport them to land so far italy's interior minister not yourself any has only allowed in minors and those with medical emergencies. there's been violence in yemen southern region of are beyond between u.s.
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backed separatists and government forces and follows the end of a deadline imposed by the separatist southern transitional council for government army officials to surrender their besieged training camp yemen's internationally recognized government said earlier this week that it lost control of all its military counts in the southern port city of aden. there are calls for an investigation in iraq after more than 30 bodies were buried in karbala province without identification included women children and elderly people human rights groups are accusing the government of covering up evidence of possible sectarian violence that's accounting reports from baghdad. beneath the shrouds are the faces of men women and children their families longed to see again longed to know what happened to them. last week 31 husbands grandmothers and daughters were buried in an unmarked grave in the cemetery in iraq's karbala
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province the morgan neighboring babel province gave the bodies to a local charity saying they were an identified and and claimed it was a coma there is negligence on the part of the government the government should have announced to the public the existence of these bodies deny to use must be conducted to determine their identities so that they can be returned to their rightful relatives. human rights groups are accusing the government of covering up possible sectarian violence about 250 bodies have been given to the same charity for burial since 2016 the governor of baba province says they're from the area and their cause of death range from what he calls terrorism to murder. suspicions have been raised because witnesses say the bodies are likely from a sunni dominated town called jurf hills so hard it was once controlled by eisel during the battle to defeat it she got paramilitary groups are accused of killing
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civilians and forcibly displacing the population the iraqi high commission for human rights is calling on the government to investigate reports of additional bodies scattered beneath the soil in babel province government denies there is anything suspicious going on. there has been a lot of negative media coverage in order to take a sectarian turn these bodies were stored at the morgue to be identified after the investigation was over they were buried because the bodies were not claimed by their families but with so many families in the area still living in displacement camps that might explain why no one came forward to identify the 250 bodies. for also not dared knows her son could be among them the family is from el saffar she hasn't seen her son since 2015 when she says our group accused him of being an
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eyesore member and arrested him her family was later driven out of their home they're afraid if they return they'll be killed this will consume he did nothing wrong if he had i would testify against him but his god is my witness he did nothing wrong who dared like so many iraqis never know what happened to our loved one the answers could be buried deep in the soil of her country natasha going to name. baghdad. for decades people in northern nigeria have enjoyed near constant conflict including the state the fighting pits the majority muslim population against minority christians commodore reports on efforts to reconcile the communities. under the reign of the muscle balance these are the latest victims of the ongoing violence and could do no state hundreds of them helping companies schools since march this year when gunmen from an opposing tribe attacked their
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village killing dozens and destroying homes all i'm in probably the moment is shelter from then where i would go but while there we talk about security. located in northwestern nigeria and with a population of nearly 6000000 consumers teeth has been embroiled in conflict for decades the violence has its roots in ethnic tensions between the state's muslim and christian populations the muslim christian divide has been so exacerbated by the fighting that the government has mandated these 2 men a muslim in mom and a christian cleric to use the potty to try and bridge the gap between the 2 communities and they're brought together traditional leaders to join their course the politicians have taken this important element sensitivity to our religious values as a chess game for women political dissuade becomes all seen as the games we're is him self
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a victim of the ongoing conflict he lost his arm when his village was targeted in the tit for tat attacks and now wears a prosthetic arm and i wish the know the benefits of peace. sometimes i feel incapacitated i wish this superman somewhere in the movie can go drop waters in trouble zones system to scale it will not help you the conflict is mainly concentrated in rural could do but has also spilled into the city. the people of kut do not have also been fiscally divided along religious lines with a river could do not forming a natural boundary many christians have fled the state over the years fleeing almost and less cycle of violence or thought remain behind have sought refuge in the south from part of the city while the muslims dominate the north. this month the governor of could do now is also leading
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a force to bring peace to his conflict riedel state we're making progress. they said it was not built in a day we are very realistic expectations were pragmatic about this but what we are optimistic about is that we are now as a state as community it will move in the right direction in the 1st 6 months of this year ethnic clashes in northern and central nigeria have killed an estimated 1300 people that is 6 times the number of deaths from the war with boko haram according to the international crisis group it's these grim statistics that make the need to bring peace to the affected areas of a more urgent mohamad the world could do nonagenarian. at least a dozen soldiers have been killed and others a missing after unidentified fighters stormed a military unit in northern iraq in a fast so it happened in and soon province in the region the military says it could be the worst attack on its armed forces fassel has enjoyed
1:45 pm
a months of violence that's killed hundreds of civilians. the united states has delayed its total ban on holloway's access to american suppliers the chinese technology giant will be allowed to continue buying some components from the u.s. in order to fulfill existing contracts the u.s. says the extra 90 days will help american companies wean themselves off hallway products washington's accuse the company of building a backdoor into its 5 g. network for chinese intelligence services to u.s. congresswoman have spoken about about israel's decision to deny them and for you for an official visit russia and. have been openly critical of israel over its treatment of palestinians so that was later offered a visa and humanitarian grounds to see her grandmother in the occupied west bank but she says she turned it down because the conditions what oppressive john hendren
1:46 pm
reports from washington for many rashid story of her palestinian grandmother's humiliation told a familiar tale as a young girl visiting palestine to see my grandparents and extended family i watched as my mother had to go to do human eyes in fact checkpoint i remember shaking with fear when checkpoints appeared in the small village of beverly forecasts chasing guns everywhere to laban ilhan omar the 2 u.s. members of congress were denied entry into israel after president trump urged israel to ban them in a tweet he said it would show great weakness of israel allowed representative omar and representative to play division they hate israel and old jewish people and there is nothing that can be said or done to change their minds on monday they fired back at the president so we are going to hold our head up. and we are going to fight this administration and the oppressive ministration and take our last
1:47 pm
breath the invited others to share their stories of what they call the human cost of the israeli occupation amber harris a jewish u.s. resident said israel sent her home and held her palestinian husband until he could resolve his own visa problems. here in this for 10 hours by the shin bet israeli security agency and marriage occupants were almost turned away and i was here. 3 israeli palestinian issues were always so partisan in u.s. political circles but with the fiery rhetoric coming out of the white house and the makeup of congress changing both republicans and democrats alike have grown more contentious the u.s. administration is giving no ground in a statement white house spokesman hogan gidley said israel has a right to prevent people who want to destroy it from entering the country and democrats pointless congressional inquiries here in america cannot change the laws israel has passed to protect itself that goes the israeli prime minister. we are
1:48 pm
not willing to admit into israel who call for the boycott of the state of israel and to delegitimize the state of the jews. with netanyahu and trump both facing upcoming elections their alliance shows no signs of breaking anytime soon john hendren al-jazeera washington a guatemalan court has acquitted the brother and son of president jimmy morales of corruption charges prosecutors accuse them and several of those of taking part in the falsified cation of invoices for an event and 2013 which never happened president morales welcomed the acquittal saying his family has been the victim of what he called political persecution. but levy is president has delivered humanitarian aid to residents who fled wildfires in the center of the country and a half a 1000000 hectares of bolivia's agricultural heartland has burned no deaths have been reported but the country has declared a state of emergency in. 9000 people have flooded several villages on the spanish
1:49 pm
holiday island of gun canary and the canary islands where wildfires are burning the fire started last week and have been difficult to contain so high that as more. shock and disbelief in gran canaria these villages were forced out of their homes as large wildfires burn out of control across the spanish island they started spreading across mountainous areas on saturday as high temperatures strong winds and low humidity fuel the flames this headline reads the unstoppable catastrophe that they told me i had to move accommodation and to get out immediately because the fire and especially the smoke was descending it was so so hot. i think the risk youth team saved me because i did exactly what they told me on the one hand it's good news because they contain the fire in the town on the other hand it's bad news because of the disaster that is happening. one of the biggest deployments of
1:50 pm
fire fighters in recent spanish history is underway a crew of 1000 is working around the clock to control the fires the flames as high as 50 me says have made their jobs harder. preventing water dropping planes from operating in some areas. the fire is still beyond our extinguishing capabilities when the weather conditions start to change that's when we can start to control it. gran canaria in the canary islands is popular with tourists millions visit every year to enjoy its mountains and beaches more the spanish government has assured them the wildfires are only confined to higher grounds environmentalist concerns that spain could lose some of its most important nature reserves sort of heights. still ahead in the sports the best of the action from the world championships in switzerland.
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time is time for the sport here's joe rob thank you man see knighted has called on social media companies to act after paul pogba was racially abused online following his penalty miss against wolves on monday is the 3rd time in the last week that a player in british football has been racially abused for missing a penalty after chelsea's tommy abraham readings yacoob miter anti-racism charity kick it out says reported racial abuse increased by 43 percent last season where united issues is a statement saying everyone at the club was disgusted by the racial abuse aimed at
1:53 pm
paul pogba last night and we condemn it will work to identify the few involved in those incidents and take the strongest course of action available to us we also encourage social media companies to take action in these cases while the mining shares penalty taking responsibilities at united is marcus rushford and he has responded to the racist piece saying months united is a family is a huge possible family you attack him you attack us all from a football point of view united to the game against wolves 11 and manager going to social was asked if he regretted rotating his penalty take is not at all the 2 of them are confident and good penalty takers. in that situation myself. going off and missed a penalty for not for norway. when when there's 2 names there is the one least the most confident. for score so many before so absolutely no no problem.
1:54 pm
the u.s. women's soccer team will get their date in court after a judge ruled that gender discrimination lawsuit will go to trial in may 2020 members of the world cup winning team sued u.s. soccer in march and they've been backed by their fans with chants of equal pay their victory parade in new york members of congress have also threatened to withhold funding for the u.s. 2026 world cup if the gender pay gap is not addressed u.s. soccer rejects claims of gender discrimination and says the women's team has been paid more than the men's since 2010 for munches city and it will strike a mary about italy has made an emotional return to his hometown club of pressure arrived on a free transfer after his contract law expired he's joined on a 3 year deal and his mom is delighted. and. i think i spent more years abroad then and usually i think we can say i grew up
1:55 pm
more abroad than here football wise my mum cried at 1st i told her listen there is a chance i come to brush up what do you think she kept on crying and i told her give me an answer i need to make a decision she was very happy my father was from brusha and he always lived in brusha it would have been a dream for him to see me play here so my mum was very happy. and another transfer line for you these are pictures of the former liverpool an england striker daniel sturridge arriving in istanbul he's on the verge of completing a move to turkish league side transoms for storage has been a free agent since leaving liverpool last year. now to a big blow for straightness cricket team the star batsman steve smith has been ruled out of the 3rd ashes test with concussion smith been outstanding with 2 centuries so far but he's failed to recover sufficiently after being hit on the head by in a bowler just for archer in the 2nd test at lord's monosyllabic shane hit 59 runs
1:56 pm
after coming on as a concussion sub for smith and is most likely to replace him in the 3rd test which starts in leeds on thursday to north carolina now where former tennis world number one andy murray has lost the latest match in his singles comeback after a 1st round exit in cincinnati this time he was up against tennis sunburn in the winston salem open and he looked well moving on ports considering he's recovering from major hip surgery but sunder and was moving well to the american world number 73 took a very tight 1st set on a tie break before wrapping up the much 75 in the 2nd turn down a wild card for next week's u.s. open but may play in a challenger event in new york or. south korea's leader he has become the 1st deaf player to win a main draw match on the a.t.p. tour he's into the 2nd round of the winston salem open he was diagnosed as deaf and 2 years old and relies on signals and gestures because he can take calls from the
1:57 pm
umpire or line judges. the world badminton championships is taking place in basel in switzerland japan's world number one and defending champion canned tomato admitted to feeling the pressure heading into his 1st match but it completely made it into the 2nd round with a straight straight games victory of vietnam's pam. the arrear olympic champion chan long well he is also through the chinese cruised into the 2nd round by defeating the russian 33 year old veteran again in straight games and one of the biggest. ever the man in yellow lynn dan was also in actually basel china's 5 time world champion 4 from a game down to beat the opponents. for now. it
1:58 pm
looks ugly it sounds ugly and scares people from america's high streets to mexico's on the wild requests for just the side and who controls the other side people in power follows the smuggling route and test the ease of acquiring untraceable weapons on american soil the weapon that was designed for war and it took you about 5 minutes to buy it unless you try america's guns arming mexico's cartels on al-jazeera congressman are you interested in stopping crime. driven by outrage and spanning generations the rohinton demonstrators gathered on the very day
1:59 pm
a widely criticized repatriation agreement between the governments of bangladesh and me and more was to begin the anger was all too apparent and the fear was probably if you don't like we're so afraid that if they send one of us back to myanmar today tomorrow they'll send back 10 and the day after tomorrow they'll send back 20 idea if we were given citizenship in myanmar then there would be no need to take us back there we would go back on our own we must remember the rancho among the most persecuted minority youth in the world. is resistance. in akra people are grabbing social and political issues by the horns. and time to sing creativity parity and protest to challenge and change i.d.'s. a gun a controversial
2:00 pm
a witness documentary on al-jazeera. syrian rebels are renda the strategic town of khalid shaikh hoon following heavy as strikes by government forces. hello again i'm on c.n.n. issue with al-jazeera live from doha also coming up. the u.k. government expresses concern after a staff member from its consulate in hong kong fails to return from a trip to mainland china.


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