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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 21, 2019 6:00am-6:35am +03

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in the world need to be rich this is just the climate crisis is high on the agenda . try to sit on the tension with iran for their attention how much progress might follow the g. 7 summit. opposition and the army announce a joint ruling body formally disbanding the military council. watching al-jazeera live from a headquarters in doha and also ahead the most senior catholic cleric convicted of child sex abuse has his appeal dismissed in australia. i think people that vote for a democrat. i think it shows either
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a total lack of knowledge or great to. donald trump a slam dafter targeting american jewish voters who support the democrats. last qatar's building the world's 1st reusable world cup stadium will have more on the inspiration centered around sustainability. hello sudan has formally disbanded the military council that took power after the posing a long time president obama bashir the military and protest leaders have announced an 11 member sovereign council to run the country for 3 years so elections are held it will be led by lieutenant general. for the 1st 21 months has been heading the military council which has ruled the country since then but she it was ousted in april from khartoum here's what morgan. the decision by sudan's military council to
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appoint a sovereign council comes in line with a power sharing agreement that was signed between the military and the opposition coalition known as the forces of freedom and change on saturday now asper that agreement the rule of the suffering council will be largely ceremonial and it will be overseeing the executive council which will be having members nominated by the opposition coalition and the legislative assembly which 2 thirds of its seats will go to the opposition coalition as well the sovereign council will have 11 members 5 from the military 5 from the opposition coalition and 11th member which has been agreed upon by both sides it will be sworn in on wednesday morning and after that a prime minister who has already been nominated by the opposition will be sworn in in the evening this marks the beginning of sudan's transitional period which will last for 39 months the 1st time $21.00 will be headed by the military and the remaining 18 will be headed by civilians it's taken more than 8 months of protest
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and more than 4 months of negotiations for the sudanese to reach to this point and start the transition period but both sides the opposition and the military say they're now optimistic that soon sudan will start its transitional phase and that the journey to civilian rule has become a court in australia has upheld convictions against cardinal george pell the highest ranking vatican official found guilty of child sex abuse hell was sentenced to 6 years in prison in march on charges of abusing 2 choir boys when he was orange bishop of melbourne 20 years ago his lawyers say the jerseys verdict was unreasonable as they were blocked from showing a crucial video hell will be eligible for parole in october 2022 gloria kalash she was at those court proceedings in melbourne and sent us this report. there was 3 grounds under which george pell was appealing his conviction the main grounds was that the jury could not have come to a reasonable decision beyond reasonable doubt that he was guilty of abusing these 2
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choir boys back in the ninety's ninety's in melbourne when he was the archbishop botch 2 of those judges decided that it was raised whilst one of them rice concerns that he thought it would not have been raised to go for the jury to come to the decision that it kind see now they also had 2 other grounds of appeal one of those was that he wasn't a right in front of the jury it was so many potential juries at the time that there was a spill out of the room and some of those potential jurors were watching a fire video late so what happens next well george pell has been taken back to the melbourne assessment prison way he's been serving out the sentence will be $81.00 before he's eligible for parole bites this isn't necessarily the end of the defense team for george pell could potentially take this to the high court but
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it'll be up to the high court to decide whether or not it's it will take on the case whether or not there are enough grounds for the christ to go before the high court so i won't victims and the complaint is involved 1 in this case and other victims of child sex abuse have welcomes today's decision it may not be either yes politics in italy is facing a leadership crisis after prime minister just up the kong take quit following cracks in the governing coalition choose his deputy a far right leader material being an opportunist at least president will now talk to party leaders to see if a new government can be formed so go has more from broome. as leader of the government had overseen one of the most challenging coalitions in recent times. battling one political crisis after another gone to aimed at being a stabilizing force between 2 vastly different political parties the far right league and the anti establishment 5 star movement it proved to be an impossible
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task and contest said he would be offering his resignation but there was no question over who he thought was responsible. that interior minister has shown that he is following his own interests and those of his party. in a blistering attack against any country accused him of unleashing further turmoil and in doing so endangering italy's already started to con a me but the league party leader was unrepentant. i would do again everything i did everything with the great strength of being a free man therefore it means i'm not afraid of the judgment of the italians overshadowing this impasse has been my tale own political agenda vocally anti migrant he's also waged war on the engineers that attempted to rescue asylum seekers crossing the mediterranean and it's a tactic that has had success support for his views have increased across the
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country turning his party into a force that cannot be ignored. in the middle of this political drama this spanish rescue vessel hovering off the coast of lampedusa with dozens of vulnerable people on board for more than 2 weeks they have not been given permission to disembark the open arms vessels repeatedly requested permission to dock despite continued rejection or someone board became so frantic they risked their own lives by jumping into the sea attempting to swim to land they were rescued by nearby italian coast guard vessels. on tuesday a local prosecutor visited the vessel and issued an emergency measure allowing it to dock in lump it was a but this is one incident among many others despite tough new laws preventing such landings they still arrive desperate for safety in europe no matter the cost of reaching their. al-jazeera rome. dozens of migrants who were stranded on
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a rescue ship off the italian island of lampedusa for nearly 3 weeks have come ashore that's after prosecutors ordered the boat to be allowed to dock the open arms rescue ship arrived at lampedusa harbor a few hours ago in spain and 5 other european nations have offered to take them in . u.s. the department has approved plans to sell a $1000000000.00 worth of f. 16 fighter jets to taiwan congress is expected to give the green light to finalize the deal beijing strongly opposes any arms deal with taiwan which it sees as a breakaway province. has the latest from washington. we've been hearing rumblings for several days now about this possible arms sale to taiwan but it was on tuesday that the white house gave formal notification to congress on their intention to pursue this arms sale to taiwan and it is a big one worth about $8000000000.00 it calls for the sale of $66.00 f.
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16 fighter jets to the taiwanese if this goes through it would be the biggest arms purchases by taiwan in nearly 20 years now this also is part of the trumpet ministrations bigger plan since trump has been in office last 3 years or so to get closer relations to taiwan the trumpet ministration has sent high level visitations everybody visitors to taiwan it's opened a diplomatic offices in taipei and the trump administration has supported pro taiwan legislation as well over the past couple of years now this arms sale is just sort of the most high profile active really supporting taiwan and it's certainly is going to upset the chinese the china daily newspaper has already said that this sale of these fighter jets to taiwan since a seriously iranian is signals they say and
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a foreign minister official in china also said that nobody should underestimate our will or ability to safeguard our sovereignty and territorial integrity jewish activists and politicians in the us are criticizing donald trump for his comments on jewish voters trump said that any jewish person who votes for the democratic party so is either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty whole so that a majority of americans use identify as democrats trumps remarks come amid his attacks on democratic congresswoman and receive the clave who are barred by israel from entry the dual have spoken out against israel's treatment of palestinians. i think any jewish people that vote for a democrat. i think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty. jacobs is a partner with the truman national security project and president of strategies that's a public affairs consultancy he says donald trump's comments have nothing to do
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with his support for israel and he only wants to survive the next election. the number one anti-semitic trope in any situation throughout european i some and some it is a middle eastern anti-semitism russian anti-semitism is always the 2nd accusation of dual loyalty to the state of israel and to america or whatever the home country may be so for donald trump to double down on that trope is incredibly offensive the vast majority of american jews support the democratic party something to the tune of 76 to 79 percent of american jews voted for democrats and 2018 elections and something like 71 percent voted against donald trump and 2016 election donald trump has one thing on his mind and one thing only it has nothing to do with support for israel it has nothing to do who with a relationship with benjamin netanyahu now is to do with his own elect elective survivability and he has determined that the way to do that is to demonstrate to
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suggest that the democratic party is so far left that it is that it should be reprehensible to normative americans where where we really know that that's not the true us president all trump an event as well as leader nicolas maduro say talks between officials from both countries are underway confirmation comments after reports of secret contacts with trump officials the white house has been backing then as well as opposition leader. as the country's interim leader and tighten sanctions on federal. completable gave us i mean i confirm that for months they have been exchanges between seen it official to the government the united states and the blue odean government up attempt i know my expressed batek not to my face and if president tom would ever want to speak seriously and make a plan to solve this conflict it already that be for dialogue. and there's been a major power blackout in parts of the venezuelan capital and at least one state that lasted for several hours went out in
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a large area shutting down the metro and forcing thousands to walk long distances the state electricity company said services were restored within hours but opposition leader one of the much longer leaving at least 11 states with electricity. still ahead on al-jazeera the devastation for thousands of people in india as they lose homes and livelihoods 2 months in rains and was watching you online facebook launches a new tool to let you control access to your personal information. hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast well here across united states it has been the heat we've been dealing with across the central
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portions of the united states that is really going to continue and we're talking temperatures into the high thirty's across parts of texas as well as into oklahoma and when you have heat like that it causes instability with a lot of thunderstorms across much of this area and as you can see from wednesday and into thursday this area across the central plains really begins to develop with thunderstorms that is going to continue as we go towards thursday as well from washington down here towards memphis it is going to be quite rainy down towards the south though in florida the rains are easing the flood threat is going down things are getting much better so miami we do expect to see a time to there of $31.00 degrees well the rain is going to be quite heavy here across parts of the turks and caicos as well as the bahamas over the next few days we will be watching that area very carefully for some flooding across the region but down here across parts of central america finally we are getting a break from the weather we are seeing some spots of clouds and some sun across much of the area so the heavy rain is beginning to subside in some locations so for costa rica better conditions for you there but over here towards center to me go
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expect to see a mostly cloudy day at 32 and for bridgetown attempt a few and sunny in your forecast with the temperature of 30. trust is fundamental to all our relationships we trust banks without money talk to us without really small talk what happens to trust you know. as more and more decisions are made for us by these complex pieces of the question what can. we trust on. the 1st of a 5 part series great question when you're trying to get you to. trust me i'm an algorithm on a. fellow
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again the top stories on al-jazeera sudan's transitional motor council has been disbanded and they saw her in council including both the opposition and the military is taking over the reins the body will build power for 3 years until elections can be held. a court in australia has upheld convictions against cardinal george pell the highest ranking vatican official found guilty of child sex abuse was sentenced to 6 years in prison in march on charges of abusing 2 choir boys when he was archbishop of melbourne 20 years ago. jewish activists some politicians in the us are criticizing donald trump for his comments on jewish voters trump said that any jewish person who votes for the democratic party shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty. a large explosion has hidden arms
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there belonging to a paramilitary group north of baghdad it's the latest in a recent series of blasts at military bases on munitions that pose around iraq the explosions have all occurred in sites belonging to the popular mobilization forces no one has claimed responsibility. an israeli newspaper says it has documents which show the u.a.e. made a deal to buy spy planes from an israeli businessman says its investigation uncovered evidence going back 10 years ago the paper says the deal worth 800 $1000000.00 involved a company connected to the leader it's paper says the advanced surveillance aircraft are gathering electronic intelligence and one of the targets is iran opposition activists in syria say rebels have withdrawn from the strategically important town of houla and in southern province the syrian government has been gaining ground in the largely rebel held region zana hood has more from beirut.
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back under the control of the syrian government images released by pro regime media show the town in southern italy empty of residents and fighters rebels withdrew early on tuesday after days of fighting and hundreds of air strikes its location gives the syrian government access to parts of a vital commercial highway that connects the northern city of aleppo to the capital damascus and has been a military objective for months this is a very important development in the course of this conflict. this is the 1st step in the 1st stage maybe. in an effort by the government to regain control of the territories along the m 5 road between. aleppo i think the next target would be moderate to normal. the opposition didn't just lose. rebel fighters had little choice but to leave towns further south in the northern hama countryside
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they would have risked being besieged if they didn't move further north the opposition was hoping the presence of a turkish observation post in the area would stop the government advance but then attempts by the turkish military to reinforce that position failed when an airstrike launched by a syrian or russian warplanes on monday prevented it from reaching its destination . the syrian government and its allies have been advancing in the past 2 weeks they have now taken more territory than they did in the 1st 3 months of their military campaign it's not clear if the rebels had been subjected to heavy fire power are exhausted or if the army is using better tactics like concentrating the strikes close to the front lines and on rebel supply routes but the relentless airstrikes and argument continue to force people into displacement in recent days more than 25000 are believed to have moved north closer to the border with turkey war
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monitors and activists say over 700000 syrians are homeless since the military escalation began in late april of. the past few days witnessed unprecedented bombardment that is why the people who didn't leave during the 1st months of the offensive back everything and left most of them believe that houses will either be fully destroyed or taken over by the regime. the book bartlet of opposition held towns across southern and lip continues as the syrian government presses on with its offensive there have been more civilian casualties as rebels promise to defend what is left of their last stronghold the battle is not over senator their beirut facebook has long stood in 2 and some countries that allow users to control access to their personal data from tiny generates much of its income by gathering information on users browsing activities outside its platform
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it uses the generator targeted ads and the new feature allows users to turn off tracking off their online activities feature has been launched in south korea ireland and spain larry my guest is the chief executive of connect safely dot org that's an internet privacy and security organization which advise us companies including facebook on safety issues he thinks that these changes will only partially limit advertisers access to user information. facebook has ways in which you can track your web activity if you various sites you plug into it puts on websites they wouldn't people like things and a lot of people have complained because it's one thing to be tracked on facebook it's another thing to be tracked all over the web and facebook serving you ads based on maybe what you bought or what site you visited so they're going to be giving you that tool that will allow them to control and limit the amount of information that facebook gets about you from outside apps and outside sites it
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won't have anything to do with what they're track you when you're on facebook but let's say you're on amazon or google or something else it will limit the information collected from those external apps and sites and the advertiser will know how many people clicked on those ads but it won't know who clicked on and so if i were to click let's say on an ad for nike sneakers decorous nike would know it got a click but it would know with me that was looking for those. president donald trump says he doesn't see a recession on the horizon and concerns raised by some economic indicators are unwarranted but a new survey so 74 percent of u.s. business economic economists expect a slowdown by the end of 2021 our white house correspondent kelly harkat reports. the united states is experiencing its lowest out of 12 that rate in more than a half century it's a top talking point us president donald trump but a tuesday after initially dismissed it concerns a recession the president addressed it head on i think the word recession is
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a word that's inappropriate because it's just a word that the. the church people are going to be kind to certain people in the media are trying to build up because they'd love to see a recession last week the dow jones suffered its worst plunge of the year it has since stabilized but many economists say it reflects fears of an economic slowdown out there are other signs of households not to be willing to make those large kinds of investments anymore at least not to the extent that they were a couple years ago and that should begin to see will be being more cautious separately confirmed reports the white house is considering payroll tax cut to put more money in workers pocket and courage spending payroll tax is something that we think about and a lot of people would like to see that and that very much affects the worker the
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workers of our country. the president is also fretting america's central bank to cut interest rates to further stimulate spending if the fed would do its job which it's really done very poorly over the last year and a half you would see a burst of growth like you've never seen before. a congress also why the u.s. trade war with china is. it helping either trump has pulled back until december unimposing new tariffs on some chinese goods mainly clothing toys electronics and other items americans typically buy during the december holiday season president trump insists trade negotiations with china will work out in america's favor but as those discussions drag on there's less optimism and more fear the prolonged trade war will trigger a global recession kimberley health at al-jazeera the white house humans who think the controlled media says the rebels have downed a u.s.
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drone in a model province southeast of the capital sanaa a spokesperson for the who he says the missile used was developed locally u.s. central command say they're aware of the reports but don't have any more information. thousands of people in the indian southern state of carola have lost their homes and livelihoods after weeks of heavy rain the monsoon triggered floods and landslides across india killing at least 270 people alexey o'brien reports. the venue philip says his famine carol was once known as the garden of eden because it was so beautiful but his plantation is now a wasteland. and. there was supposed to win the farmer of the year award for a region from farming practice but in just one hour the entire thing was washed away nothing is lived. every year the monsoon brings life giving rains to farms across india but they can also leave devastation and their wake.
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there were huge tree trunk floating down followed by a lot more trees and morning water soon the entire area was covered with tree trunks. the heavy rains triggered landslides nearby and the swollen charlie rose so high it's worked its way through the villages along its banks but. we've been living here for 36 years and never seen any flooding like this. this was home to marion about 12 members of her family she's grateful they're all alive but still feels lost. we are not able to build or buy a new house on our own i don't know what to do or where to go this is our only land . there now living in a relief camp like many others across india the rains have forced more than a 1000000 people from their homes they don't know when they can go back or think
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anything's left one in pay says more preventative measures and made it to help save lives and property. c.d.'s the relief work relief effort. to have been the floor of the how to have a lot of the. face of it is to be put. before us people here say their villages and fams are now recognisable. but they know is hopeful if he can get the money together he says he'll go back to farming and his land will again smell of spices and coffee and be a god and once more. al-jazeera. qatar has broken ground on another stadium for the 2022 football world cup they inspiration for this latest one is centered around sustainability will be the 1st fully reusable stadium here harding went to the building site in doha to find out more.
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rising from the sand and the sea guitars latest world cup stadium is coming to light one shipping container at a time sustainability is the main focus for those building the. stadium in doha all its components are recyclable and the life size building blocks are arriving to port filled with all the materials that will eventually hold them together inside the stadium do you know that it's a container stadium can you tell from the inside on one side they were north of. boxes what's one thing. the containers will be used to make up everything from the stadiums bathrooms offices and restaurants but always with an eye on sustainability what we have considered from the very early stages and the design that a very single component of the stadium without its content of all of this structure that's when the whole the content of what. we consider from then if that isn't the
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design how these can be reused. the project is expected to be finished by the end of next year once completed it will be the 1st fully dismantle fifo world cup stadium and one of 7 being built just for 2022. these are the 1st containers to arrive $92.00 of them just came in from china and a 1000 are expected in total after the world cup this stadium will be disassembled and these containers will be used to build another stadium somewhere else in the world it's truly a case of thinking outside the box. part of the guitar's bid for hosting the 2022 games involved a plan to help another country develop its sporting facilities the 40000 seat stadium can be moved and split into 2 or made into an arena could be a good opportunity for one of those countries to. televise the whole us and i think
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that's we've got a. guitar has already delivered one of its world cup to news this year noob stadium and a walk up those behind the brass a blob would project say it will cost 20 percent less than other traditional c.d.'s and piece by piece along doha's waterfront it's starting to come together leo harding al-jazeera doha. hello again the headlines on al-jazeera sudan has formally disbanded the military council took power off of the post. longtime president bashir the military and protest leaders have announced an 11 member sovereign council to room to run the country for 3 years until elections are held will be led by a lieutenant general. for the 1st 21 months. held convictions against cardinal george pell the highest ranking vatican official
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guilty of child sex abuse how was sentenced to 6 years in prison in march on charges of abusing 2 choir boys when he was already a bishop of melbourne 20 years ago clearly many works for a charity that supports abuse survivors and she told us about the impact this ruling will have this has shown a lot of survivors that justice is a possibility. unfortunately for some survivors who we would. have to try to has now passed away you have to want to take that crisis but we are encouraging people to reach out to support services anyway. and say as much of a recovery pathway as is available to them at least president has accepted the resignation of prime minister just epic but has asked him to stay on as caretaker leader to accused right wing interior minister. of putting his party before the country and bringing down the government to force early elections jewish activists
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politicians in the us are criticizing donald trump for his comments on jewish voters trump said that any jewish person who votes for the democratic party shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty whole so that a majority of american jews identify as democrats. and there's been another major power blackout in parts of the venezuelan capital and at least one state that lasted for several hours power went out in a large area of shutting down the metro and forcing thousands to walk long distances the electricity company said services were restored within hours the opposition leader. said much longer leaving at least 11 states without electricity those are the latest headlines on all hail the algorithm is coming up next.


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