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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  August 24, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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easterns and how to move forward after the u.s. pulled out of the deal last year like home has previously said he will either try to soften the impact of u.s. sanctions or come up with a way to compensate steyer any and people that embargo has more from paris with the iranian foreign ministers describe his talks with the french president here in paris is constructive but at the same time he's reiterated that it won't be possible to renegotiate what's known as the j c p o a the nuclear deal signed between iran and 5 powers back in 2015 in which of course the u.s. withdrew from unilaterally last year since then they've reimposed sanctions on iran and countries that do business with it now the french have been making it clear that they want to offer iran something possibly. ways to soften the impact of those sanctions credit lines to the government possibly temporarily allowing certain countries to buy iran's crude oil
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a way of getting it talking again at least in the short term they've been criticized for doing so by washington the u.s. has called and said that france is sending mixed messages to tehran which iran has said that they want to see all the other securities bakkies and everybody meet their obligations they say that they're willing to reverse measures taken recently which include breaching the levels of enriched uranium that they're allowed to produce but that means everybody doing their part to meet their obligations we believe they are moving in the right direction will do we are not definitely there year we had a good discussion today we discussed possibilities this more of this morning early this afternoon in my discussions with the president and he now is going to. discuss with his european partners other partners to see where we can go from here
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the french would like to take these talks and go into the g. 7 summit in b.r. hits over the weekend able to sell the idea to the americans that something should be offered to. now the british in the form of an unnamed diplomatic source. saying that the deal is the best way to prevent iran acquiring a nuclear weapon and has to be supported but it's very unclear whether the president his national security advisor john bolton will actually and will actually go for this diplomatic approach to resolving the crisis coming up after the whether the country's one attacks on schools or robbing almost $2000000.00 children of an education. calling it a potential noble on the floating nuclear reactor on its way to the arctic.
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hello again welcome back we're here across the western pacific we're watching tropical storm by lou making its way towards the northwest towards taiwan and we do expect to see a landfall in southern taiwan by saturday and that's giving some very heavy rain gusty winds and storm surge across much of the eastern and southern portions of the island now as we go towards sunday the storm is going to cross over into the taiwan strait and we could be seeing a 2nd landfall this time it is going to be in china very heavy rain across much of the area we could be seeing anywhere between $200.00 to over $250.00 millimeters over the next 24 to 48 hours across much of the region there was no is going to be a nice warm day for you at $37.00 degrees in shanghai well most showers in your forecast at $33.00 degrees there where across india it is going to be very heavy
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rain across much of the northeastern and also into the central part of the country over the next few days new delhi you have been dry tempter here on saturday of 34 degrees the by the time we get to sunday the rain starts to push a little bit more towards the west we do expect to see 32 degrees as your forecast of high over here towards mumbai though it is going to be mostly cloudy very humid for you as well attempt to there of 30 degrees and so bengaluru showers in your forecast with a temperature of 27. building a new life on an entirely beach living off the sea and. a dream she had my send money that says if you make it again it's. a family business by an remarkable woman with a finance for cooking and disaster than if it. is yet island kitchen
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on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour donald trump is telling us companies to get out of china after beijing announced our fights on $75000000000.00 worth of american goods the u.s. president fired off a volley of tweets is the trade war between the world's 2 biggest economies. wall street has taken to head up to china's top of finance mitten response the dow jones industrial average is down more than 400 points. brazil's president says he may send in the army to battle fires that are burning through the amazon forest lawn
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leaders are calling it an international crisis and they're demanding action french president emanuel. talks at this weekend's g. 7 summit. the new york times is reporting that israel has carried out an attack on a weapons depo in iraq 2 senior u.s. officials told the newspaper that have been at least 4 strikes on that post controlled by iranian backed groups and iraqi military official confirmed a base was hit and 3 people were killed including an iranian israel has launched hundreds of air strikes against iranian assets in syria during the 8 year war. the palestinians in gaza are rallying after a tense week at the border with israel it follows at least 3 incidents of rocket fire and airstrikes by israel in response it's the 71st consecutive great march of return ronny. health ministry says israeli forces have killed at least 270
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people that since march 28th. syria's army has moved into the area around a turkish observation post and northern hama state t.v. is reporting government forces are meters away from turkish troops in modoc after capturing towns and villages in the countryside and. the regime is active around our observation posts we are discussing this issue with russia and iran we start the process to have a political solution that's why these constitutional committee. the regime has to be loyal to voters it's not about arabs of asian post but the future of syria that's why our negotiations with russia still go stop the attacks and the t's as soon as possible and focus on the main process. the un investigators say the scale of sexual violence by the 1000000 modern military against iraq india was so widespread and severe that it demonstrates what they call an intent to commit
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genocide a fact finding report says meanwhile our soldiers routinely and systematically raped gang raped and sexually abused women children men and transgender people the un says those responsible should be prosecuted on charges of war crimes genocide and crimes against humanity the report also mentions sexual violence and persecution in the states of cashion and shun targeting other ethnic minorities hundreds of thousands of rohingya are living in camps in cox's bazar on the bangladesh mean more border stephanie decker is there. the u.n. report on the cities the sexual violence committed against the right is a reminder to the world that these are stories that people have been telling aid workers and journalists for the past 2 years they are the most horrendous stories stories of mass rape children being raped in front of their parents and why is being raped in front of their husbands now that's coupled with stories of killings
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of people being chopped into pieces of babies being ripped out of their mother's arms and thrown into the fire now this is why hundreds of thousands of people fled across the border here to bangladesh in just the space of a few weeks and this is why this is now the biggest refugee camp in the world these people want justice what does that mean it means they want to go home but they want to go home with full guarantees of citizenship and security and not it seems a long way off. hong kong's airport authority has won an indefinite court injunction against protesters to prevent them storming the terminal again 2 weeks ago a settlement the airport descended into chaos forcing hundreds of flights to be canceled and those when he reports the action came as activists staged yet another protest. with hong kong's iconic skyline shining brightly the city's defiant protesters students solidarity they formed a human chain that stretched the kilometers around the city the chosen day was
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symbolic it came on the 30th anniversary of the baltic way when around 2000000 people in a stoney a lithuania and latvia held hands to call for independence from the soviet union this protest was not about independence but was an attempt to show that the people of hong kong are united and will continue their fight against china's increasing influence even we are tired of their charter maybe some of us but we are still going on we are not giving up right now this was a peaceful protest with no police in size the days ahead may be different though as protesters again target hong kong's airport they say they won't try to go into the terminal as they did 2 weeks ago but will try to disrupt transport routes to and from the airports there is no sign that these protests are slowing down but at the same time there is drawing concern about the impact on the economy tourist arrivals are down hotel room rates are being reduced and the airlines are being affected in
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particular hong kong's main carrier cathay pacific which is coming under increasing pressure from beijing. the chief executive resigned and at least 3 employees of cathay pacific and its subsidiary cathay dragon have been fired after they showed support for the protest movement among them a former union representative who says china is creating a culture of fear in the company i know all the colleagues killed so the. france and sad because of what happened that is not just about the nation myself off the top but it's also the whole issue it's all its attempt to tear all my police out on terror. it's that fear of china's evolving influence and control over the city that continues to motivate the protesters to come out week after week when hey al jazeera hong kong. violence and insecurity are robbing almost 2000000
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children of an education in central and west africa a report by the un children's fund unicef examines increasing threats and attacks in 8 countries it singles out mali but attacks in schools have doubled between 2017 and this year in central african republic that figure rose by more than a 5th and school closures have gone up 6 fold over the past 2 years and brooke in a fossil molly. had seen a cow as head of unicef's africa service unit and she's the lead author of the report she says the large number of students who are not in school as a serious effect on a country's development. 1st of all i'd like to bring to you the words of a priest that i met in northern booking a fassel just a few weeks ago father arcadius so adorable who is saying that without education we have no development and when you have such a large number of children out of school especially girls this has an extremely serious the true mental effect on the country and that's that's another thing that
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perhaps strikes me as well that in a situation where you have education under threats where you have the livelihoods and the lives and futures of children parents are really extremely concerned about this and you understood you see when meeting with them with the families and with the children selves how important they feel that education is so so that is perhaps you know one of the main messages would like to would like to bring forth is the voices of these children there are being prevented from from receiving like the most basic of education we're not asking for much here and also the fact that they're their parents in some cases are you know they're risking their lives the lives of their their children when they do try to send their kids to school russia is launching the world's 1st floating nuclear power plant it will be told thousands of kilometers to provide energy for remote communities greenpeace activists warn it could become another shuttle on ice step vasant reports from moscow.
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a nuclear power plant sailing decease russia says it's one of the safest and cleanest ways to provide energy to remote areas the academic north of combines both the technology of a nuclear powered icebreaker and that of a land based nuclear plant it took 10 years to design and build the power plant will be told by 3 boats for more months to the region of 2 caught 5000 kilometers away on a journey that could take up to 6 weeks depending on the ice the 2 reactor unit is one of the key projects of president putin so-called northern sea route a faster sea connection between europe and asia. which has become accessible due to a melting arctic despite safety concerns russia's nuclear agency sas has very little chance of a nuclear accident the nuclear station is very solid and is not vulnerable in case a tsunami or another disaster happens tests have shown that chances of a gigantic asteroid destroying the earth in the future is twice as high as internal
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damage to this reactor but greenpeace is not convinced in april 2017 the environmental group protested against a project calling a child noble on ice referring to the nuclear disaster in the soviet union in 1986 . of if the fukushima nuclear station was damaged by a tsunami we can only guess what could happen in this case the place can be thrown upside down it can be thrown onto the shore or get damaged in a recent nuclear accident in the north of russia which cost a spike in radiation has also raised concerns with several nuclear accidents happening in the past few months and the government did this by political about what exactly has happened people are growing increasingly suspicious that like in the time of chernobyl your forty's are trying to cover up incidents of leaks radiation even though the academics don't know folks who travel only partially populated areas its journey very closely watched russia's plans to sell floating
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nuclear plants to other countries have also rung alarm bells according to greenpeace offshore reactors will be harder to monitor and it can fall into the wrong hands academically not self will stay in and you've got got for at least 10 years before going back to more months for maintenance and to dispose of its nuclear waste step fastened al-jazeera mosco. scientists in kenya say they have one last chance to save the northern white rhino from extinction they've managed to harvest eggs and hope they can begin rebuilding the species so that explains the. new gene in fact 2 of the only 2 northern white rhinos left in the world they live under 24 hour protection in all projects of conservancy in kenya and that's because both females are the last and only hope of saving the species from disappearing forever. with the help of science sperm was saved from the last little northern
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white rhino male called sudan and a few others he became famous around the world when he featured on a popular dating app to raise money for an in vitro fertilization procedure since his death the team of international scientists has been racing against time to fertilize eggs from the gene and fast to. using pioneering technology and millions of dollars later on thursday they successfully extracted 5 eggs from each female. the eggs can be frozen and were immediately flown to a fertilization lab in italy. it's already in the laboratory i believe so the moderation starts and if everything goes well and he also says it will be more likely it was likely. to go well we have
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some embryos. for health reasons and the gene and fats you can't give birth so once the embryos a fertilized they'll be implanted into a star great southern white rhino instead. demand for rhino horn in traditional chinese medicine as well as things like dagger handles in yemen fueled poaching in the 19 seventies and eighties largely wiping out the northern white rhino population. in africa but if a sari gets 7 mother can produce a baby northern whites rhino then these beautiful creatures that have millions of you may avoid seemed like extinction. and this is all jazeera these are the top stories donald trump is telling us companies to get out of china after beijing announced terra fights on
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$75000000000.00 worth of american goods the u.s. president fired off a volley of tweets as the trade war between the world's 2 biggest economies deepens and wall street 2nd ahead of to china's telephone and splint response as well the dow jones industrial averages down more than 400 points. also making news brazil's president says he may send in the army to battle fires that are burning through the amazon forest while leaders are calling it an international crisis and they're demanding action french president emanuel mccrum wants urgent talks at this weekend's g. 7 summit. iran's foreign minister has hailed what he called positive talks with french president emanuel not call on salvaging the 2050 nuclear deal speaking to reporters after a meeting not call judge zarif says both countries have made suggestions on how to move forward after the u.s. pulled out of the deal last year. we believe. moving in the right direction will do
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we are not definitely there yet we had a good discussion today we discussed possibilities just more of this morning early this afternoon and my discussions with the president mccrone and he now is going to . discuss bid his european partners other partners to see where we can go from here. syria's army has moved into the area around a turkish observation post in northern hama state t.v. is reporting government forces are meters away from turkish troops and more like after capturing towns and villages in the countryside thousands of palestinians in gaza are rallying along the border with israel that follows a tense week during which at least 3 rockets were fired israel responded with air strikes it's the 71st consecutive great march overturn rally the palestinian health ministry says israeli forces have killed at least 270 people since march last year
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hong kong protesters have formed busy a human chain the so-called hong kong way is inspired by the same tactic used in baltic states in 1989. coming up next on al-jazeera my chin is here.
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