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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 139  Al Jazeera  August 30, 2019 7:32am-8:01am +03

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there are definitely no bowling alleys here and in public at least many women still wear the bill tucker. thank. you i'm here to me. the catching her isn't easy. going to. the. article hollywood. right now she's juggling 17 cases defending women who have fled abusive families and forced marriages. but what that washer is the one that was. i guess that was measuring measure was
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are they going that are they go there with that would you wash it. works for an ngo called women for afghan women which run secret shelters. because of your clothes on the run cause if only most of the cases we have are connected to domestic violence and family issues women want the relatives who have abused them to be punished that the momentum in that demand that we don't get is that many here fear for their lives for their protection we've changed their names. to us that's not for the regime must not get out of the market that is in there which she called me today in nigeria's meeting with her client fatah maher and her husband. fatima says her husband is violent and that his uncle sexually harassed her accusations he denies quote my younger son missing his honest youngest i would do something serious stuff for sure my family got
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a little of the muscle that america yeah because you are going to make me go that is like you know what i mean when i walk up and. his stride to leave him before i have done for the more that's why i'm up in a mix up and so now you're maybe you're not making my young what i'm about to jump we going to meet in the. good arias ya gotta be home soon we're going to resign if i make. i make money on me. i'm a little maid of which. despite knowledge is best efforts this meeting is going nowhere not if it was a grandma and something does not mean does that has learned about a 1000000 only nice. example of all the nice. you know of the governors on the panel song as our news stories are in the midst of all the dogs that are going on sale in order to us who. but i go to.
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the most husband says he will never agree to a separation she'll have to take him to. the worker for money is the most there was. a mistake of course there was a lot more. but it's her 3 children that fossil is worried about under afghan law she lose custody if she leaves. government. god. knows her client is in a desperate situation. she also knows it could be much worse. with one with these women that we help now as defense attorneys they would never have been able to raise their voice under the taliban. and not just says she'll never
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forget what life was like under the brutal regime she was only 12 when taliban fighters seized his city afghan leader we want allowed to go outside without a male guardian girls aged from 12 or 13 you had to wear the school and college was forbidden for girls. under the taliban we were in conflict darkness we didn't know about women's rights that they could separate from their husbands or punish the people who were violent towards a. mother as. a 2nd. visit. and now has a daughter of her own and another baby on the way she says this is why she and so many women are worried that the taliban may come back into power. i was just
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a child and it was so traumatic i don't want my children to go through this so i'm fighting for my kids for their future and for the future of this country. right now one of her most cases. especially that. she has run away from her father and a forced marriage it's up to now to protect using the law. and put it against my head and said why don't you want to marry him you have to marry him. there were tiles on the kitchen floor he grabbed me by the hair and banged my head against the floor again and again then he locked me in and my older brother came and he hit me in the eye and it became swollen then he punched me in
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my mouth and broke 6 of my teeth they were in pieces. says yasmin is fortunate that she could reach the shelter that's not always possible. in areas controlled by the taliban are you able to help women who. may be suffering from violence that we cannot help them because we don't know about the violence to hear what's going on and it looks like everything is ok there looks like an activist because did the woman doesn't have the right don't have a right to. so we need it if you don't here's something so how can you help. today roughly house of afghanistan is under the taliban's control. we don't know how they treating women in these areas because it's too dangerous for us to go. but a confidential source close to the taliban said he could help us investigate. after
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days of careful planning he was able to film this extraordinary footage and smuggle it to us through government checkpoints. it's from a district in gaston province which fell to the taliban music i. was. told that during which are not even trying to get on an agenda for you. because. here we see finances carrying a k 47 it's an r.p.g. it's parading through the district. office and. we hear from taliban judges running to run courts. what we don't see is any footage of a single. one because it. runs through this it's on the front
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so who will you be i don't know who. the spokesman months through because now he tells us that girls in the area are allowed to go to school. we do. you have female madrassas in our district but they have to wear that he job even in the future when we're in government will allow them to go to school according to sharia law. this might sound like progress until you dig a little deeper. but should out no sharia law only allows women to wear the full her job and to always be accompanied by a male relative because in the koran it says that women should stay at home and if they have to go out they should be with a male relative. our contact chris is him to be more specific us is asking will women have the right to work to study and marry whoever they want to . do this well i can't answer this question.
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but we tracked down a young woman who cannot so. don't want to go to my avi is totally controlled by the telly but. they forced young girls into marriage they burnt down the school there was a medical clinic but they burnt that down too. at 1st masuda says girls still try to go to school but it didn't last long. the taliban came to my school and took a girl out and shot her because she liked a boy she was bleeding all over her body we all screamed and ran away. there was forced to marry when she was just 12 she says her husband beat her and her father in law demanded sex she's now in hiding but insurgents in her area have ordered her to come back when i drive out the long ago tomorrow about on the
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daily buy and see if they'll control all of afghanistan soon anyway then execute. they are calling me from my mom's phone she's begging me to come back and she says if you love me you should come back if i go back they'll kill me if i don't they'll kill my family. throughout the peace talks with the u.s. the taliban has insisted that it has changed and that it will uphold women's rights . but these videos taken in areas under their control tell a different story. in this 40 taliban fighters shown executing a woman accused of adultery. these women were gunned down in the dead of nice on
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a dirt road because the taliban thought they were prostitutes. and this video from earlier this year shows a woman being publicly lashed for singing and dancing. even if they have changed surely even if you believe them of what they say it's very unlikely that a truly impose what they say. on the 4 soldiers in afghanistan. politician fozia koofi is one of the few afghan women to meet the taliban face to face during the peace negotiations held in russia and qatar speaking in moscow in a 5 star hotel is much more easier actually practicing it in afghanistan in the rural villages through you are full soldiers who are not educated what they have heard 2 years of fighting is hate towards woman hate towards society killing murder
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how do you change perspectives but saves her harshest criticism for the u.s. which she says has failed to follow through on a war that it began about the west came to afghanistan not just because they wanted to save us they came to afghanistan after the 911 attack happened to me york so they actually came to afghanistan partly to save their own sites from terroristic attacks now because the americans want to leave we just ignore the woman. it's a question u.s. government cannot answer and they did not agree to speak to us. what is clear is that after the deaths of tens of thousands of people many view a peace deal with the taliban as a stunning betrayal. baguettes that was i only play on and on all those american
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and nato soldiers who have been killed they weren't fighting me i didn't kill them they were fighting the taliban the same taliban that you're now going to bring back into power. play lists is the face of who country and its women has never been more uncertain. but she also has a warning for the west and yes your side monday on the call yes i want to be if american politicians can play. with the future of afghan women like this then they can make the same deal for their own women it's possible so american women need to stay vigilant because their politicians can trade away their freedom to. on my last day with her name the takes me to a place she often visits on the outskirts of kabul. past.
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enjoy as a cat has phantasy it was out of india. when in kenya had that commission and. she says like most afghans she's desperate for peace. but not at any cost. when i'm home but. i don't want my children to ask me what did you do when the taliban came. i can't tell them that i ran away. this is not peace. not for me or for any woman. her. september on al-jazeera up to gears of war and famine al-jazeera looks of the dramatic transformation emerging to the inspirational stories of 4 diversity p.o.p. israel elections can benjamin netanyahu form
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a majority and some 5 another town listening post to 6 the world media how they operate and the stories they cover do not succeed bin laden is in president to subsea join us for live coverage as to his units a documentary that examines the worst atrocities committed during the war in libya . september on al-jazeera. for the nomadic jacka tribe survival is about reaching their destination a little if we don't hurry will never be able to get the top up in the storm we follow the mongolian herdsmen on a treacherous migration. and trace dangerous the ice and then as they strive to preserve their traditional way of life into the legendary sometimes luser cattle there was a cold war because of the storm risking it all mongolia on al-jazeera. rewind
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returns with a new series. and brand new updates on the past about using these documentaries. rewind continues we have to be an afghan a little citizen i read about and this is there the proudest day of my rope my life that was a real turning point because that gives them a lot of confidence that they can beat any team in a shoe on al-jazeera. al-jazeera . to go this is in use our live my headquarters in doha coming up in the next 60
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minutes fighting around the many city of aden exposes rifts in the saudi an iraqi coalition. at the u.n. at the security council debates a resolution seeking a ceasefire in the last rebel held parts of syria also this hour former rebels in colombia threaten to resume their fight against the government and trying to save their land the battles facing fama is in the amazon. we begin in yemen where battles around the port city of aden are exposing growing rafe's in the saudi iraqi coalition the 2 countries have been fighting who the rebels in yemen since 2015 in the past few hours yemen's internationally recognized president hadi has urged saudi arabia to intervene to stop the military from attacking government forces in and around aided. the u.a.e.
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says its air force has been targeting terrorists following attacks on coalition forces at ports the saudis any a mirage he's our allies in the yemen war but they have backs rival factions in the battle for aid in the u.a.e. supports separatists who want to make 7 yemen an independent country as it was prior to 990 while the government troops are backed by saudi arabia where in exile and ryan reports. this is said to be the aftermath of immorality strikes in aden yemen internationally recognized government is furious the u.s. bombed its positions. yet allowing separatists to retake territory that lost to saudi backed government forces 24 hours. both sides pulling in reinforcements to battle over a divided southern city in a country fractured by years of war. you didn't governorates us safe now
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we're dealing with some pockets and terrorist hideouts which are sadly involved with what is called the legal government yemen's government can damage the u.s. bombing of its forces saying it had caused hundreds of deaths and injuries in a statement its defense ministry said it held the emirates responsible for what it called a blatant aggression in prison so hard he called for saudi arabia to intervene. not to. separate us from the sovereign transitional council a pass at the saudi iraqi coalition that's fine the rebels less than 3 weeks ago they took over this is the state of the saudi backed internationally recognized yemeni government on wednesday government forces took the nearby coastal town of zinjibar before pushing into aden both sides say they're now in control a lower level of not only the situation is good in the troops morale is high we're heading to a. free. the southern territory the violence has exposed an apparent rift in the
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saudi u.a.e. coalition each country backing opposing sides in southern yemen which was a separate country until $990.00 the saudis and emirates are divided on this issues because for this from a saudi perspective what they had always wanted is to ensure that they who are not the threat that can operate across the border and launch attacks words rocket attacks or or drone attacks into saudi arabia what the united arab emirates wants to do instead of course is to establish an independent southern state and these 2 objectives to do not align the any government asked for the united nations to meet on the iraqi strikes 60000 people have left the city detains of thousands remain in harm's way as the fighting intensifies lexer brian al jazeera. in a statement yemen's president of the rubble months or hadi said u.s.
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warplanes supported the militias of the southern transitional council ordered the government to confront the aggression against our country and its unity the pains of those who target our land will not terrorize us and will reclaim aydin and spread the authority of the states we call on says to intervene to stop the aggression and the airstrikes against our forces well as now bring in sami hamdi in london via skype he's a middle east analyst and editor of the current affairs magazine international interest very good to have you with us so we have here the un recognized president of yemen urging saudi arabia to intervene to stop the supporting southern separatists who are fighting for control of aden but the saudis and supposed to be our allies in this war what is going on within this alliance what's behind this apparent rift. i think it's important to understand that the u.a.e. have been backing the sun and separatist for quite some time and we're talking actually a few years now when you have a busy day initially wanted to back the certain separatists he went to been sent
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men and he told him listen bin cement there are only 2 powers that can fight the who is on the ground realistically the other is slower the muslim brotherhood who do you eat despise with the venom and there are the sudden separatists when the side expressed concern and indeed the internet you recognize government expressed concern that the u.a.e. were backing the some separatist bin zaid would tell been certain men that this is the lesser of 2 evils and that he could handle the independence movement since then the u.a.e. has been going around the ports within southern yemen taking over those ports taking over so essentially expanding its maritime policy once it cemented that it gave it fulfilled its promise to the so the separatists and allow them to take over added now the problem here is that it's very interested to hear the calls of saudi to intervene right implying saudi hasn't done enough to intervene against the u.a.e. because essentially the saudis now are in a very strange situation they don't want to throw away their lives with the u.a.e. they realize is that humiliating situation for them and now been cement is caught
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in this very hesitant situation in the beginning when the southern separatists are being driven back after they took out that initially been cemented rode the wave he sort of the yemeni parties united so he decided to back them right he knew that they would retake i didn't so he wanted to be able to say i supported you in this now the son of separatists are taking the territory again from adnan taking other territory against saudi arabia is not sure whether to support that because we have to ask the question what do you even dare to launch air strikes against groups backed by saudi. they wouldn't unless they knew that saudi was hesitant unless they knew that saudi was contemplating letting go of their support so the international recognized government what do you how exactly then the endgame for each of these sides what is the agenda of the iraqis what is the agenda of the saudis. well the saudis always want to united yemen but not for the sake of a united yemen the saudis simply when they look at the map they see that there is iranian influence in the north iraqi government they see iran to its east they see a cutter with
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a thinker 2 antagonizing them they do not want the truth is in the south to add to that they limit that they already have they wanted the united yemen to make sure that the horses could not be a power to threaten the saudis this is why they backed into she recognized government and this is why they went into yemen for the u.a.e. this is part of expanding this foreign policy they've been jealous of the cut that is for quite some time they want this big grand foreign policy vision that mohammed bin zaid feels he's entitled to they're involved in some might in sudan in libya in egypt they believe that yemen is part of this increasing maritime policy that they've been expanding so the u.a.e. very much are ready to throw saudi away let's remember that while saudi has a gripe with iran the u.a.e. don't can reconcile with iran tomorrow the dubai was use of the port to circumvent those sanctions however what's important is this the u.a.e. bombing the groups in yemen today is because the u.a.e. understand something the diff the s.t.c. failed the most powerful group will be the slower the muslim brotherhood muslim brotherhood would lean more towards the cut that is the turks more towards the powers that the u.a.e. despises this is why they are so against the forces of the pushing back the
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southern separatist movements and this is why the u.s. is so concerned and this way to send those air strikes to go in but so the biggest person at fault is mohamed bin cement who has yet to establish who say he is on the u.a.e. or that it's a sure thing as a government that's interesting so who do you think can play the role of broker here the united states seems to want to interjected south right now directly saying they were engaged directly with the who the leadership to negotiate some kind of ceasefire with them and we're not even talking about these in these last few weeks in what's happening in the north of yemen how much influence does the u.s. have on what's happening in yemen right now and do they have a game plan you think. i think that the americans never get involved unless it directly affects their interests and i give you just a very brief example look at the cut of look at the reason why the u.s. did not intervene heavily with the cut the blockade is because it was not affected it was still using the database money was still pouring in from doha for money are from abu dhabi so it so nothing affecting its moves when it looks at yemen today in
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2014 when the host is took in the beginning of the conflict john kerry implied that the hawkish could be a viable partner in terrorism now the us is calculating it let's suppose that yemen splits tomorrow between north and south where the whole thing is going to get money from development they're not going to get to trying to run the whole thing to in the past have allied with other with saudi with iran with the u.a.e. with anybody who's willing to support them the washington believe to do things will go to washington and ask for money and essentially forward in life the southerners will do the same think washington believes it will win either way the only reason it has turned a blind eye to yemen is to say ok saudi and the u.a.e. and these guys want to fight it out let them fight it out i'm not particularly concerned what's going on in yemen the reason why the u.s. is willing to get involved now is because now saudi and u.a.e. are lobbying against each other in washington had it been said man who is how medicine man's younger brother was in washington today or yesterday meeting with mike bumpier to discuss events in yemen essentially trying to put the case forward
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the u.a.e. are doing the same thing but the problem with the u.a.e. is that they're trying to distance themselves from saudi arabia because they believe now it's a toxic relationship so the u.s. seeing that the u.a.e. and saudi are now arguing with each other and they need these 2 to push back against iran the u.s. is getting involved to say look you 2 i need you to be adelaide and you do not be working together and this conflict if you don't resolve it won't come in and we'll solve it for you. very interesting to talk to you as always thank you so much for your insights joining us there from london. and for more on the situation in yemen and the battle for aden who's fighting who and how things got to the point they are today just check out our web site at al-jazeera dot com we've got a special page on the battle for aden al-jazeera dot com in other world news denied nations security council is considering a draft resolution calling for a truce to prevent further escalation of violence in northwest syria the 15 member council wants a deal for the breach and where government forces backed by russia are continuing
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their advance the last remaining rebel territory in syria's war the u.n. says more than 550 civilians have been killed and some 400000 people displaced since the start of hostilities in april my kana has more from the united nations in iraq yet another draft resolution introduced in the council calling for a ceasefire calling 2 for the enforcement of all previous resolutions but the council remains deeply divided russia continues to back the assad government insisting that the ongoing violence is caused by what it calls terrorists. and the sense of frustration summed up by britain's political coordinator who accuse the council of failing the people of syria this conflict has undermined and weakened the united nations and the wider rules based international system assad has used chemical weapons against his own people he has thumbed his nose at this council and
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our resolutions at the general assembly and at the. aided and protected by russia and by iran the council.


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