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being infected many of them face rejection from their communities due to misconceptions about the disease but now survivors a stepping up efforts to combat the stigma it's been a year since this latest outbreak began and it's the 10th time the region has been hit by the virus has already killed more than 2000 people it started in the eastern province of north kivu within weeks it had spread to at least one neighboring province and by november the outbreak of been declared the worst in the country's history and the 2nd largest worldwide effort to contain its thread have been hindered by widespread violence against health workers dozens have been killed since january the world health organization the w.h.o. confirmed the 1st cross border cases of bird are in uganda earlier this year and shortly afterwards the agency declared the outbreak a global emergency but we've been speaking to helen barclay hollins who's the deal
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sees eastern zone director for world vision and she says it's mainly women and children who are carrying the weight of this crisis women and children who are suffering the devastating impacts. in their communities they really are 1st responders where a child all i remember all sitting in the family women now are the 1st to respond and often they don't realize the risk they are taking and doing the risk. factors we're seeing in the 60 percent cases of women and children in uganda is a prime example of what. it really is having an incredibly challenging. giving incredibly childish things consequences to families to those who are trying to respond and as a mother myself it is really hard to watch the community's go through this and to see how we as the patients can be supporting them in this response so i met with
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providers i am this response and then i add these women have and of course men tell me how how difficult it is to come back to the communities want to say have been healed from it but that they leave it at that but a treatment center has and they come back and often they find they are rejected by that community's at this family's. still to come here at al-jazeera growing ricin the coalition yemen accuses the u.a.e. of bombing its troops and urges saudi arabia to intervene. and one small step for president trump the u.s. joins the race for military expansion in face. but as for cost the rate has moved on from the key issue in the last 24 hours it's
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fallen reason we have in parts of honshu lousy east of us soccer the heaviest downpours $120.00 millimeters here in 12 hours i don't see that cause flash flooding is just a decent amount of rain and he's on his way for the time being so the full cost of such a day is a dry $1.00 for honshu not necessarily for cardiff nor indeed across in your mainland neighbors but otherwise a dry picture until the next ball of rain develops the running up from china through shanghai developing in the south in the yellow sea up towards south korea i once again cue shoe eventually honshu the flood risk will probably return to cuba shoot and if you follow that line dance or china it's a pretty wet picture for the next 2 days from shanghai sas would sue through guangdong to unite on the remains of the tropical storm which is sitting over southeast asia sure just generated more moisture is going to be humid and wet for a good part of southern china for the next 2 days and
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a lot of races like it fall in the philippines as well if you come south so that it's just one or 2 showers in borneo and still indonesia so was completely dry. the ultranationalist marks connected with one of the world's worst human. tarion crisis we dealt as. maigret joining with the military to impose a deadly political agenda we have to flow to our nation what is happening to the engine that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a whole. religion this is a politic me and an unholy alliance on al-jazeera.
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all right let's have a look at the top stories here it out in syria 2 prominent pro-democracy activists have just been released on bail by a hong kong court just ruled wong and agnes child were among a group of campaign is arrested over the past 12 hours they're being accused of inciting and participating in an illegal protest police have also banned a mass rally planned for saturday. millions in pakistan of bats the prime minister's call for a nationwide show of solidarity for the people of indian administered kashmir a man can have found to keep fighting for the disputed territory until its liberated. a scottish judge says a legal challenge against a suspension of britain's parliament by the prime minister will go ahead next week opponents of boris johnson argue there's not enough time to debate bracks it
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raising the likelihood of the u.k. leaving the european union at the end of october without a deal. now listen citizens living in india's northeastern state of is to be released on saturday the national register and so identify those who are foreigners and illegal immigrants but proof of citizenship is needed to get on the list and that's a challenge for hundreds of thousands of people particularly women priyanka gupta reports from. audio gali him there in cheer on the district of assam is anxious families trying to piece together why she was left out of last year's draft list of indian citizens in assam. she was married at 13 and is literate enough to just be able to write her name her husband never went to school now they are forced to father the complex paperwork the may need to prove that
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she's indian and i can make they detain me i don't know what i will do my children will not have a mother i won't even be able to see them. a big old a muslim and her 2 sisters were also left out the draft list. the 48 year old says she's tired of being seen as an outsider my father was born here i was born here i was married here my children were born here so why should i be called a foreigner if. i don't make it to the finalist level of law be immediately declared foreigners and subsequently detained they can come to tribunals like these with evidence to prove that they are indian legal experts say that there are several challenges that could lead to some serious errors. a mistake over in a cost 60 year old mother while i'm on dog 3 years of a life at 3 birthdays of a granddaughter she was locked in
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a detention center declared foreigners instead of another woman long dead with a similar name who it's been a difficult time i'm the only breadwinner of this house my daughter is disabled but i was forced to leave the 2 girls behind to fend for themselves we didn't have anyone on our side we have no one no father no brother. retracking is there prepared to use him by this lorry things it's been an uphill battle for women from vulnerable communities to prove their citizenship why don't remember god when her i'm illiterate i'm. so what document i do as a female one document i don't know of any document. the government says more than $200.00 foreign tribunals who soon start operating and all cases will be heard. and language in the city lie at the heart of assad's debate on illegal immigration for women like to me and others it's been
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a challenge trying to weed out doubts over what ties them to the country the land they were born in. al-jazeera assam. the u.n. security council is considering a draft resolution which calls for a truce in northwestern syria government forces backed by russian airpower have been waging an offensive on the province which is the last rebel held territory diplomats knowledge that any resolution is likely to be vetoed by russia the council's adopted 23 resolutions on syria since the war started in 2011 since april more than 550 civilians have been killed in the round it led another 400000 have been displaced. a suicide attack on the yemeni city of aden has killed 3 separatist fighters fighting around the city is exposing a growing rift in the saudi or r.t. coalition yemen's internationally recognized president that would rival mansour
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hadi as accuse the u.s. force of bombing his troops in and around the city the u.s. military says it's been targeting what it calls terrorists let's hear brian has the latest. this is said to be the aftermath of immorality and strikes in aden yemen internationally recognized government is furious the u.s. bombed its positions. allowing separatists to retake territory that lost to saudi backed government forces 24 hours. both sides pulling in reinforcements to battle over a divided southern city and a country fractured by years of war what could be minimal loss if all you didn't governorates are safe now we're dealing with some pockets and terrorist hideouts which are sadly involved with what is called the legal government yemen's government can damage the u.s. bombing of its forces saying it would cost hundreds of deaths and injuries in a statement its defense ministry said it held the emirates responsible for what it
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called a blatant aggression and president. urged saudi arabia to intervene. separate us from the southern transitional council a pass at the saudi iraqi coalition that's fighting who the rebels less than 3 weeks ago they took over the city of aden the state of the saudi backed internationally recognized yemeni government. on wednesday government forces took the nearby coastal town of zinjibar before pushing into aden. they withdrew again president harry said it was to spare the city and its people you know what label would not only our situation is good in the troops morale is high we're heading to . and we will free every. sure the southern territory the violence has exposed an apparent rift in a saudi u.a.e. coalition each country backing opposing sides in southern yemen which was a separate country until $990.00 the saudis and their artists are divided on this
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issues because for this from a saudi perspective what they had always wanted is to ensure that they who are not the threat that can operate across the border and launch attacks whether it's rocket attacks or or drone attacks into saudi arabia what the united arab emirates wants to do instead of course is to establish an independent does southern state and these 2 objectives to do not align with yemeni government asked for the united nations to meet on the iraqi strikes 60000 people have left the city batanes of thousands remain in harm's way as the fighting intensifies alexi o'brian al jazeera . the fires in the brazilian amazon have captured much of the world's attention of late but bolivia has been fighting blazes which are destroying large parts of its tropical rain forest and savanna president ever morales has been criticized for not responding adequately not in america editor lucy and human reports from the eastern
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region of luck ticket on the. where there's smoke there's fire. policemen in volunteers armed only with shovels and bottles of water trying to save one village is most precious eco systems from fires that have already destroyed more than 1300000 hectares of forest land. and we are huge trying to suffocate the fire as we know equipment or special training its car breaking to see all the dead animals lost flora. these unprecedented forest fires began a month ago before those in neighboring brazil this is the world's largest dried tropical forest what that means is that there is a very very thick and highly inflammable mattress of dry twigs and leaves and for example these seeds from a coconut tree the have oil inside them so when there's a fire this becomes explosive and the fire spreads from underneath the ground which is why you don't see so many flames but these are all burning cinders. these men
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and women have no training uniforms proper masks or other equipment they say they desperately need support from milk to counter the effects of smoke inhalation to shoes. our shoes last 2 hours down there. we need proper boots for fires. after 3 weeks of refusing international help president able what alice has agreed to allow aid and firefighting experts into the country but they're only just beginning to arrive. like his brazilian counterpart the president is under criticism for having promoted the economic expansion of this area last month he issued a decree allowing newcomers to slash and burn parts of the forest for agriculture what alice is also being accused of not heeding warnings. resounded the yellow alarm in july according to international protocols the 1st days of august we
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established the red alarm and appealed to the national government to halt all permits to slash and burn but they did nothing. to the north bolivia's amazon rain forest bordering brazil is also up in flames while local authorities say they don't have the means or expertise to control fires here that have already spread south to neighboring arab network here's a very fierce fire and if the wind intensifies we're going to lose control of it drone images show the fires are continuing to spread. while those struggling to contain them pray for help that can't come fast enough to see an human al-jazeera that the libya. the u.s. states of florida and georgia have declared emergencies as hurrican dorian approaches forecasters are warning the dorian could develop into a category 4 storm before hitting the atlantic coast president trump is canceled a trip to poland saying he'll fare home during shore federal reserve is deployed
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with or is of already distributed sandbags heavy wind and rain is expected to batter florida. but the u.s. is set up a space command to address what it believes are threats to its infrastructure the president says crime space is the next war fighting domain john hendren reports from washington. or. it might be one small step for president trump but creating the u.s. space command marks a giant leap for the pentagon the dangers to our country constantly evolve and so must we now if those who wish to harm the united states to seek to challenge us and the ultimate high ground of space. it's going to be a whole different ball game the u.s. on thursday joined russia china and france in the race for a military expansion into space it's an epic goal is stablish ing 11th u.s.
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combat command one that comes with its own flag and a 5th branch of the u.s. military joining the army navy air force and marines trump and visions a new space force though that would require an act of congress space scum will ensure that america's dominance in space is never questioned and never threatened for the president who likes things big the allure might be in the sheer in bishan of the project what could be bigger or more forward looking than space bringing to life the stuff of science fiction and decades of pop culture. final from. it is perhaps the boldest aspiration by a u.s. president since j.f.k.'s moon shot we choose to go to the mall and just again and do the other things not because they are easy but because they are critics have called the president's plans the space fars but many analysts say the new command isn't just ambitious protecting u.s.
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interest in space they say is necessary chinese could disrupt our g.p.s. system that we rely on space for now because even aside from no it's our problems it would cause problems in all of our lives and in our economy. back and i'm this space command also gives trump the chance to one up some billionaire rivals for the public spotlight as the u.s. has cut nasa as a budget for civilian space exploration jeff bezos richard branson and a lawn musk all have launched private ventures into the solar system john hendren al-jazeera washington. all right let's have a look at the top stories here it is there are 2 prominent for a democracy activists have just been released on bail by hong kong called joshua wong and miss child were among a group of campaign is arrested over the past 12 hours they're being accused of
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inciting him participating in an illegal protest the police have also banned a mass rally planned for saturday i urged international communities to send a clear message to the presidency sending ships or using emergency order is not the way out we will continue our fight no matter how they are arrest and prosecute us huge crowds in pakistan of back the prime minister's call for a nationwide show of solidarity for people in indian administered kashmir cities across the country have observed what in one count called kashmir our prime minister val's pakistan will stand with kashmiris in testing times indian administered kashmir has been locked out for more than 3 weeks the. scottish judge says a legal challenge against the suspension of britain's parliament by the prime minister will go ahead but not until next week opponents of boris johnson argue there's not
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enough time to debate bracks it and that raises the likelihood of the u.k. leaving the european union at the end of october without a deal across party group of m.p.'s says prime minister johnson's decision to suspend parliament for 5 weeks is a constitutional outrage a 9 year old girl who tested positive for a burglar in uganda has died according to ugandan health officials she traveled took a sissy from the democratic republic of congo there's been a growing number of confirmed cases of a burglar in the region humanitarian organization world vision says women and children are at greater risk of being infected. a suicide attack in the yemeni city of aden has killed 3 separatists fighters yemen's internationally recognized president as saudi arabia to intervene to stop the u.s. military from attacking government forces in and around the city the u.a.e. says its air force has been targeting terrorists following attacks on coalition
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forces that aiden's airport alright truck today those are the latest headlines inside story is next. anger over the latest twist of brags that britain's prime minister suspends parliament as a deadline looms for the u.k. to leave the european union what's planned and there's a no deal bragg's it now inevitable this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program. it's being described as a political coup british m.p.'s are crying foul after the prime minister suspended parliament just weeks before brags that it leaves little time to prevent the u.k. leaving the european union without a deal. and even members of boris johnson's own conservative party decry the decision as undemocratic opposition leader jeremy corbin accused johnson of trying to force a new deal brags that a legal challenge is under way and more than a 1000000 people have signed a petition to stop the suspension of the government denies he's trying to limit debate on brags that the prime minister is clear that he wants to use a new parliamentary session in order to ensure that the people's priorities are met but it's also the case that parliamentarians will have plenty of time when we come back next week to debate bracks it they have plenty of time before the european
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council in october to debate british and they'll have plenty of time to vote on and to reflect their views on after that europe. in council which we hope to get a deal on to spend the last 3 years talking about bricks it prime minister boris johnson's decision comes at a critical time for the u.k. the british parliament will be out of action for 5 weeks while it's normal for a new government to take time out for a short period this will be the longest suspension says 1945 m.p.'s will return on october 14th that's just days before the european union summit where johnson is hoping to secure a new bragg's a deal and a mere 2 weeks before the deadline for the u.k.'s departure from the e.u. on october 30th 1st. let's bring in our guest joining us from london acer bennett the braggs of
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commissioning editor of the telegraph newspaper from brussels peter clottey had of the brussels office at open europe a think tank also from london jonathan lis deputy director of british influence welcome all to the program normally when a nation faces an issue that could reshape its future like brigs it that's where you normally need the parliament on board but it's not the case in the u.k. why's that. well simply because the previous prime minister try to put the deal to parliament and it got thrown back rejected 3 times and so now with the clock ticking the new prime minister boris johnson faces a crucial choice either he has to try to get a deal that is good enough to win a majority but it's meant to be a majority of his side and maybe enough of the opponents the trouble is the opponents are not really coming through they want to stop him and say they show no
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interest in backing a deal so then the alternative is much more controversial of going for a no deal bracks s. and this is why then the remainer opponents are determined to do all they can stop him and so this week the move to effectively reboot parliament by bringing this current session to an end and having m.p.'s come back in the middle of october means that m.p.'s now who want to stop bars have a choice they have to either basically come up with the killer blood in the next fortnight or it may well be too late in mid october because no matter what they do then he could just sit in downing street and sit down the clock as no deal drugs that happens by default peter how is this seen the e.u. is it a simple procedure or an extraordinary moment. this is still early days but there are initial reports indicating that the e.u. site is finally. getting the message that boris johnson is serious about
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no deal and that he's actually very transparent in his strategy his fresh g. has been to prepare for no deal in order to increase the chances of a deal so the latest moves by the government in the u.k. mean that. strategies like an extension or or or ending the requests to to leave the e.u. are less and less likely so for the either side the choice is really going to be between no deal which is dreadful none of the sides are well prepared for that or to agree to renegotiate the compromise that syriza may already concluded with the e.u. so far the e.u.
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and particularly iowans have been saying the same thing since november really that they refused to continue negotiating but i suspect that many people are now starting to dogged how wice that is jonathan. morris johnson spin doctors were in the media saying basically this is a simple procedure that people have had enough of this. part of the session which has been described as the longest says the english civil war of 1642 and that it's about time to call for the pro gay ssion is that something that could build trust among the people in the u.k. . no that doesn't excuse what's happening and we are currently 9 weeks from a crash out breck's it which words deliver food and medicine show it is by the government's own admission and the government is responding by trying to shut down
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parliament for 5 weeks at that time so parliament is not able to put forward alternative proposals and crucially may not be able to stop no deal a tool which is in flagrant disregard of parliamentary sovereignty and also of the will of the british people because 2 thirds of parliament is opposed to no deal and 2 thirds the british people are opposed to no deal as well so there is no justification for any kind of prioritization of parliament which especially takes in a week longer than parliament was due to be in recess for conference season anyway the only conceivable explanation is that the gov is the government wants to seize power from the people's representatives and hand it to an unelected prime minister . when you look at the time frame now with this suspension i think it gives the opposition no more than 5 days to be able to get their act together and see what would be their next move whether to a no vote. no vote of confidence or call for early elections is
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this timeframe going to be enough for the opposition to tackle the issue. well let's remember back in march opponents of a no deal bricks that managed to fast track a bill to order the prime minister through the may to delay breck's it in basically a day it was sailing through the legislative stages so smoothly that reason may was basically already putting the request in to delay and extend article 50 before the bill it even becomes law granted we have a different prime minister now who is determined if necessary to ignore any such request of n. peacemakers and as you're saying yes the ponens of a no deal have several days less to play with than if they want to try and stop him but let's keep this thing in proportion slightly because with purgation i think
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some people have been conditioned by the chatter your heard that effectively some backstairs wanted to suspend and shut down poland throughout just for the next few weeks nonstop so the pollen could not do anything at all up till october 31st and so therefore the revelation now that the recess the whole the break in parliamentary sitting will be a week longer than planned has meant people are behaving as if it had been announced the parliament will be shut down norms stop a little talk of a 1st i make that distinction because we must remember that in the days they do have fewer they may be a number they can still do things but of course the key is numbers parliamentary rhetoric they have to have a majority in favor for it to work peter with the prorogue ation is this going to be enough for once johnson to negotiate an agreement with the you. well there's definitely hope so in now i think that even if you consider this to be quite
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desperate and quite risky which is an opinion that is fair enough to holt's i think you have to understand why the u.k. political class is ultimately resorting to this it is because the european union has basically told the united kingdom that they can leave with a deal in an orderly friendly manner under one condition and that condition is that they make a choice and the choice is between either accepting customs checks within the u.k. stare tory or alternatively to outsource their trade policy to brussels until further notice now i think friend and forward mid that this is quite a quite an ambitious the man to make from the u.k. and therefore nobody's of course a price that ultimately the u.k. parliament has not agreed to doubts now there is a way out the so-called backstop which is the commitment of the united kingdom to
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remain under the eaves customs regime to prevent customs differences between northern aren't and aren't. i think most british politicians agreed that this is fair enough and that this is acceptable for a certain period but not indefinitely not in the sense that the e.u. side would be able to unilaterally decide how long the u.k. remains under that backstop i do think that the obvious compromise still is a time limits to that backstop but for that we need aren't to move and so far in art and people don't seem to realise that if they risk a no deal this will cause potentially more economic damage to aren't done to the united kingdom and that it may also not only undermine the peace process because the e.u. would be insisting on a hard border in our hands but it would also perhaps damage relations between
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ireland and its partners in the european union let's go to jennifer who seems to be willing to offer a different argument. well the 1st thing to say about ireland is that they have no osce to practice it and aren't has a very long history of being mistreated by britain in fact over 800 years culminating in the partition of violence and in the troubles which only ended 20 years ago so the memories that are hard are extremely rule in ireland and so naturally they want to see everything they can to ensure that there is an open and invisible border between northern ireland in ireland in perpetuity so you can't simply have a time limited backstop there says if you haven't got through tons of arrangements in place by safe ideas we don't know what's going to happen we'll just have a hard border anyway that's not how an insurance policy works.


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