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tv   The Snake Charmer  Al Jazeera  August 31, 2019 9:00am-10:01am +03

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leaving the e.u. without a deal inevitable the more the parliamentarians try to block the new deal breaker the more likely it is that we'll end up in that situation so the best thing now is for us to get on and make our points to our european friends with clarity and with vigor and that's what we're doing a string of legal battles underway to challenge johnson's decision to suspend parliament in scotland 74 politicians from different political parties urged scotland's highest court to halt the suspension the judge refused to immediately put the brakes on johnson's plan but he did agree to a full hearing next week to look at the legality of the suspension more closely if we do not ultimately win this case what does it say about the british constitution a prime minister with a majority of one and with nor majority for not he will break say can simply suspend parliament to get what he wants that's what happens in dictatorships in
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london another legal challenge has been launched by the prominent political campaigner an e.u. supporter gina miller and has the backing of leading m.p.'s in the former conservative prime minister john major bello won a landmark victory against the previous government of to resume a forcing her to allow m.p.'s to choose if and when to activate the bracks it process the case begins next thursday a 3rd legal battles underway in northern ireland where the impact of a no deal breaks it on peace in the region is under scrutiny campaigners in belfast argue that a no deal breaks it threatens the good friday agreement secure 20 years ago the deal brought an end to decades of violence or legal challenges either under way or pending across the country m.p.'s opposed to boris johnson say they will return to parliament next week and in the words of the opposition labor leader jeremy corbyn legislate quickly to block the prospects. of
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a no deal breck's it but time of course is running out with the poor a geisha in the suspension expected to start as early as the 9th of september and no later than the 12th m.p.'s are even suggesting that they will work through the weekend something they've only done some full of times since the 2nd world war they will do what it takes they say to block boris johnson eve bachao jazeera london said ahead on al-jazeera brazil's president sends a delegation to washington looking for help to deal with the amazon fight. how has been a vast amount of rain recently in southeast asia the rains of the tropical storm it's hard to recognize it but the white is the talks with thunderstorms to give you
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a vast amount of rain to northern thailand southern myanmar it's induced to cause a resurgence of the rain the seasonal rain the end of the season at least through southern china and this is the for concerts as they use hints in circulation which may produce yet another tropical disturbance of some sort in the south china sea now even it doesn't you got but he heavy rain for the song for the extreme south and southwest of china that include hong kong and shanghai and this was cloudy elsewhere and a fairly humid feel but that's more or less the cuttle view come south of thailand this don't much revealed by satellites is a daily thunderstorms want to maybe in parts of borneo maybe northern sumatra and that's reflected in the forecast an occasional share maybe otherwise we hang on to the dry season particularly for indonesia but for much of malaysia as well now drifting out to the monsoon as it is now supposed to be regressing from india there are showers all over the place and i have to say this couple days for most of india
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at least looks quite wet. weather sponsored by countdown it was. arts.
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you're watching al jazeera live from doha a reminder of our top stories russia has announced that syria's army will observe a cease fire need that should take effect within hours but undertaken a crushing offensive there for months trying to recapture the last major rebel territory in hong kong pro-democracy activists joshua wong and i miss child have been released on bail following their arrest on thursday despite attempts by police to rein in weeks of anti-government protests the activists say they will not surrender. and a string of legal cases have begun in the u.k. in an effort to prevent the month long suspension of parliament opponents a prime minister boris johnson's decision say the is not enough time to prompt needs it great breaks. colombia's president says 9 people have been killed in a military operation against dissidents from the fock rebel group yvonne do kay says the bombing took place in the jungle province of. it sought to be unrelated to
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ferry says announcement by former fox leaders that they're taking up arms again they accuse the government of not sticking to the terms of the $26000.00 peace agreement which ended 50 years of conflict and less on the reports from bogota. i don't take this will be the end of colombia's peace deal mostly because roughly 90 percent of the members of the fight that have demobilized are committed to this peace process despite all the difficulties and the dangers because hundreds of former fired members have been killed since the signing of the peace deal the same has been true for hundreds of human rights defenders that are operating that are living in the areas of the country that were under fights influence and that are now being fought these territories are being fought for by remaining criminal
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groups or this is in cells of fire code that are now trying to reunite under this former senior fire commander in bond markets that on thursday and now staff he was forming a new get 3 you know group but we don't know how many people are actually part of this give the group mike is doing is announcement was surrounded by just 20 people armed people that the government believes there might be roughly somewhere between 1500 to 2000 members of the dissident group so way smaller than the 5 which had more than that at 20000 soldiers at the height of its operations and that that had roughly 13000 members when they signed the peace deal in 2016. a brazilian delegation including the foreign minister and president
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abbas narrow son are in washington to discuss aid for fighting the amazon fires also narrowly initially rejected an offer of $20000000.00 from d. 7 nations after a war of words with the french president the latest said he'd accept that money if he can control how it's spent meanwhile the amazon continues to burn despite boss narrow issuing exists today ban on fires in the region there is a ball has the latest from port of a 0 in on don't your state. joe you will sign out or may have banned fire using amazonia in an attempt to discourage people from setting the forest of place. despite the precedent 60 day decree on friday when i were away from the city of port the wheel in the stadium from the near fire men struggle to contain the flames literally has told us the situation is desperate. if there are for how did that living moment this is our life these days fighting one fire after the other we still don't know whether this is criminal or not but it's happening all the time.
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it's located in the central west of brazil thousands of hectares of forest have already been destroyed it's an example of how the agricultural frontier continues to grow in spite of regulations in place to protect it. the increase of deforestation under president has generated an international outcry. it's difficult to know how this fire began whether it started naturally because of the time of the year or whether it was setup land in this part of the amazon rain forest is precious for agribusiness and in many cases fires like this one are started in order to take over the land. land is like real state here and once deforested i'm burned it can be sold for thousands of dollars. evil seal weighs a farmer he believes this fire was intentional he says he's worried that the world
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will stop purchasing brazilian beef to punish walter nat'l. people are exaggerating or raise cattle or sell meat and milk and now because of the far as i'm going to stop selling it i want the criminals to suffer we're here to work for a living. the government says they're winning the fight against the fires and that there's been a drop in the past days but in spite of the latest effort the brazilian amazon continues to burn. many say call to develop the region is to blame. the president says he's now willing to talk to leaders of the european union that have condemned his environmental policy or is it is about if one of those a phone call with angela merkel is judged for today she began with a certain tone but then went back to normal i'm ready to talk but some people accept the idea mccraw alessi apologizes about our sovereignty other the amazon then i'll talk to him. international pressure is what has forced the president to
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take some type of action to prevent intentional fires in amazonia fires that until now nobody seems to be able to stop they settle. over the long run danya. the u.s. state of florida and the northwestern bahamas are bracing for hurricane dorian with fears it could strengthen to a category 4 storm the storm is gaining momentum in the atlantic ocean around 700 kilometers east of the bahamas with wind speeds of over 180 kilometers per hour dorian is expected to make landfall on saturday night the prime minister of the bahamas has ordered evacuations on a set of measurements he has been declared for the whole of florida. the one thing that's been pretty certain is that this thing's been getting stronger very consistently and completely in line with all the forecasting and so we anticipate this arriving somewhere in florida as a major hurricane could reach for
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a category 4 plus winds and you know that is a significant significant storm and that will lead to really significant storm surge let's get the latest now and speak to n.b.c.'s jay gray who joins us live from cocoa beach in florida jay so the hurricane is gathering strength as it moves towards florida what sort of preparations are being made there and what are we expecting expecting it to make landfall. yeah probably let's start with that last question 1st it looks like landfall at this point will be sometime late in the morning or early afternoon tuesday this storm has slowed down significantly and that's bad news that means it's gathering strength it's forming and getting more solid and it really could intensify significantly before it does make that turn and head toward the florida coast here we have seen lines around grocery stores lines at gas stations home improvement stores packed with people buying supplies generators were sold out for
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a short time here more have been moved in if you will is going to be an issue across the state according to the governor and right now there is a high tension for millions up and down the coast because we just don't know at this point where the storm is going to strike look at it it has been a storm that's been very difficult to birthday gets wrapped up very quickly in the warm waters of the atlantic and a lot of people now worried about where dorian could go next but no evacuation orders just yet. no you're absolutely right no evacuation orders and the main reason according to 1st responders and officials is they don't know where to evacuate they don't know where the storm is going to make landfall what we do know is they'll likely open some shelters tomorrow so people who don't feel safe at home can at least start to move in there what they've told everyone else is pack what you will need if you're going to have to leave if you feel like you're going to leave regardless of an
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evacuation order do it now go all the roads aren't packed if you're going to wait for us to tell you to leave don't wait to pack once you get that word be ready to go and get out quickly thank you very much for that jake rain and for the sand in florida thank you. saying the u.s. a child of 5 men charged with planning the september 11th attacks has been set for early 2021 the 5 men include khalid shaikh mohammed a senior al qaeda figure and the suppose of mastermind behind the attacks the u.s. has charged him with war crimes that include terrorism hijacking in nearly $3000.00 counts of murder they could get the death penalty if convicted the men have been held at guantanamo bay since 2006 can greenberg is the director of the center national security at the fordham university school of law she says the man on trial were held under cia custody and tortured and that makes it hard for prosecutors to produce clean evidence against them. lantana opened on january 11th
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2002 so interestingly in the military commissions chose the date the anniversary which will you know be 19 years later to start the trial so in and of itself it tells you how long these men have been in custody and awaiting trial they were originally a raid in 2012 i think the defense attorneys would like very much to be able to make the case that should be there should be special circumstances understood before this trial and they've been making this case all along that these individuals were held in cia custody and tortured and so what lies at the heart of this case is is it possible to bring this case with clean evidence evidence that was not derived from torture we all know from reading the 911 commission report and many histories now of 911 that there are many facts that are out there in public but what how the case can be. delayed as we've seen or
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impeded or or just has got to these men by bringing the fact of their torture up is very important one of the issue is the death penalty this is death penalty case and so there may be some further negotiation there's been a lot already about the death penalty 2 of these men are very ill one of at least one of them 2 of them are alleged at different times to be suffering from some kind of brain damage or psychological illness so that is also going to impede the trial . indonesia's chief security minister has called for calm in the remote province of pop where protests have descended into riots people there say they're fed up with racial and ethnic discrimination and are demanding a referendum on independence victoria gate and the reports. in the capital of indonesia's remote papua province government offices set alight by protesters 24
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hours earlier are still burning. thursday's demonstrations were triggered by videos circulated online showing indonesians security forces calling papuans students monkeys and dogs protest leaders say the government must treat papuans equally. why is law enforcement not conducted properly especially in soraya the legal process started after we demonstrated but racism has happened a long time fuelling papuans anger. in 1963 the un declared indonesia could take control of west papua if its inhabitants agreed in a referendum but when the election took place 6 years later only around a 1000 people took part they voted in favor of indonesia but many papuans say the vote was raked. the grievances over discrimination have been further inflamed by concerns that papuans have benefited from the wealth generated by the
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region's minerals the government says it's investigating the allegations of rights abuses by security forces and it's called for calm. let's ask ourselves why must we kill each other because we're offended by something and we've already dealt with the case through the law. the government cut internet access to the province last week in an attempt to curb the protests if anything that strategy appears to have backfired victoria gates and be al jazeera. the again i'm fully ratable with the headlines on al-jazeera russia has announced that syria's army will observe a cease fire that should take effect within hours they've undertaken a crushing offensive there for months trying to recapture the last major rebel territory i saw it says it's carried out
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a suicide attack in the many port city of aden killing at least 3 separatist fight says recent battles around the city of exposed growing rifts in the saudi emma rotty coalition yemen's internationally recognized president accuses the u.a.e. government ally of supporting the separatists by bombing government forces in iran dayton is urging saudi arabia to intervene the u.a.e. insists it's only targeting terrorists u.s. president donald trump has denied that the united states paid a role in the failure of any raney and rocket launch and wished tehran luck in its future tests iranian officials said a technical fault was behind the myside exploding on its launch pad at the home in a space center 200 kilometers east of tehran on thursday in hong kong pro-democracy activists joshua long and agnes child have been released on bail following the rest on thursday despite attempts by police to rein in weeks of anti-government protests the activists say they will not surrender their. as ring of legal cases have begun
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in the u.k. in an effort to prevent the month long suspension of parliament opponents of prime minister boris johnson's decision say it won't leave enough time to debate breaks it properly increasing the chances of leaving the e.u. without a deal on october 31st the u.s. state of florida and the northwestern bahamas are bracing for hurricane dorian with fears it could strengthen to a category 4 storm the storm is gaining momentum in the atlantic ocean around 700 kilometers east of the bahamas with wind speeds of over 180 kilometers per hour dorian is expected to make landfall on saturday night the prime minister of the bahamas has ordered evacuations the trial of 5 men charged with planning the $911.00 attacks has been set for early 2021 the 5 men include khalid shaikh mohammed a senior al qaeda figure in the supposedly mastermind behind the attacks the u.s. has charged them with war crimes that include terrorism hijacking and nearly
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$3000.00 counts of murder they could get the death penalty if convicted the men have been held at guantanamo bay since 2006 those are the headlines inside stories next. allies become enemies in yemen's war the united arab emirates accused of bombing saudi government troops to help separatists in the south can the coalition between the 2 gulf nations survive such a rift this is inside story. hello
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and welcome to the show i'm sam is a than now threatening the saudi and morality coalition fighting the war in yemen the 2 gulf allies are supposed to be on the same side but the u.a.e. is accused of attacking the government that the coalition is trying to restore yemen's internationally recognized president says the u.s. warplanes bombed government troops around aden separatist trained by the amorality taken over the southern city we have a new government is urging saudi arabia and the united nations to intervene but the u.a.e. says it only tugs it what it calls terrorists alexei o'brien has more. on. this is said to be the aftermath of strikes in aden yemen internationally recognized government is furious the u.s. bombed its positions. allowing separatists to retake territory that lost to saudi
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backed government forces 24 hours a. sides pulling in reinforcements to battle over a divided south and city and a country fractured by years of war like at minimum loss of all aid and governorates are safe now we're dealing with some pockets and terrorist hideouts which are sadly involved with what he's called the legal government. yemen's government can damage the u.a.e. bombing of its forces saying it had caused hundreds of deaths and injuries in a statement its defense ministry seders held the emirates responsible for what it called a blatant aggression and president so how to saudi arabia to intervene again separate us from the southern transitional council a pass at the saudi iraqi coalition that's fighting hooty rebels less than 3 weeks ago they took over the city of aden sate of the saudi backed internationally
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recognized yemeni government. on wednesday government forces took the nearby coastal town of zinjibar before pushing into aden on thursday though they withdrew again president harry said it was to spare the city and its people you know what label would not only our situation is good in the troops morale is high we're heading to be on the subway and we will free every inch of the southern territory the violence has exposed an apparent rift in a saudi u.a.e. coalition each country backing opposing sides in southern yemen which was a separate country until $990.00 the saudis and their artists are divided on this issues because for this from a saudi perspective what they had always wanted is to ensure that they are not the threat that can operate across the border and launch attacks what its rocket attacks or or drone attacks into saudi arabia what the united arab emirates wants to do instead of course is to establish an independent does southern state and
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these 2 objectives to do not align with the pm any governments asked for the united nations to meet on the strikes 60000 people have left the city batanes of thousands remain in harm's way as the fighting intensifies brian al jazeera. let's bring in our panel into the show now joining us from new york city a whole. absalom man director of the office of foreign affairs for the southern transitional council in new york city from our man has an bharati professor of international relations at the university of jordan and from london also on skype is elizabeth kendal senior research fellow at pembroke college at the university of oxford welcome to all of you in the show let me start with elizabeth in the u.k. is the coalition now falling apart it's difficult how it can be perceived as not falling apart at this point i think the latest airstrikes by the united arab
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emirates are stepped change in the clashes in the south and may now be time to start calling them a war because there are only one of 3 scenarios that could have happened either the u.a.e. did not consult saudi about these strikes and that means the coalition is falling apart or the u.a.e. did consult saudi and saudi gave it the go ahead which means that saudi and the yemen government a falling apart and assert possibility is that the u.a.e. consulted saudi and saudi refused in which case the coalition is falling apart so you know you're a may have acted unilaterally but even if it didn't it means the coalition is falling apart or it were lizabeth is open for us i guess 3 beautifully summed up scenarios there has been which one do you think it's most is most likely were the saudis on board with this or card out of this latest action. all i think you know from the get go the saudis have
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a different agenda and yemen and obviously the saudis are not on board but at the same time i think is blackmailing saudi arabia because they know that riyadh needs them in their coalition for their appearance of having a coalition and i think that think united arab emirates works unilaterally in order to reinforce it's whatever they have in southern yemen they want to affect that kind of a separation in yemen and they find in the. transitional council as a tool to further the interest in yemen and that is obvious so i'm not saying that the area is an board like it agrees on everything but probably doesn't have what it takes to say no to the 2 i would have right now and i made that kind of international crisis you know especially the do strategic development with the if that's the if that's the case let me jump in hunston i would have been more that if if that if that's the case what does that mean ultimately in terms of u.a.e.
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saudi coordination will will the u.a.e. be ejected from this coalition as the how the government one point was calling for all the saudis have to look the other way and try and keep on board. i think for the time being there's no coalition we talk about coalition but in the coalition that we knew at the very beginning there was the one that fighting the whole thing in the fighting the haughty the is fighting its own war. for the its own interests so if we talk about the coalition the one that we know the saudi led coalition or the other coalition is no longer there now it's only united arab emirates and saudi arabia and we can see now is a kind of a clash between their own interest now when it was going to. united arab emirates i don't know but i think it's an ultimate. scenery that we probably see playing out
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soon or we could bring in a huddle your from of course the southern transitional council what's known as the s.t.c. it's the action by southern forces which you're affiliated with which has brought us to this point in yemen do you agree that you are responsible now for the collapse of this coalition that's been fighting supposedly on the same side against the hoof these. no actually i completely disagree with the introduction i disagree with yes bickers regarding the fall of the call ation this is a collaborated coalition unit that goes through a operation or operates from an operation room. through a rigorous process before approving any specific detailed airstrikes so the u.a.e.
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and the. saudi arabia are. they are working together on every front oh but there it is with the anti who at the front or the anti extremist extremism front ok but let me just as well now that i've explained this to me according to what you're describing them the saudis would have known that the u.a.e. is about to launch an strikes against ok what the u.s. is calling terrorists but in fact what we're hearing from the heavy government is these are strikes on the yemeni government if that's the case at all saying saudi arabia has approved or is in line with an strikes on the very government is hosting in riyadh that doesn't make a lot of sense doesn't it. well it's a little more complicated than that for over the past 4 years or for 4 years plus
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the saudi led coalition has been working. effortless with. working. 2 to. fight the anti to fight the ots to fight extremism and fortunately the legitimate government is actually incorporating some of these extremist factions extremists or the radicals to the a slap already into the legitimate government so the. reactivating what would they have the any government is backpedaling by. after after raid these counter-terrorism in south yemen specifically ok i'm actually not sorry to interrupt you again how they're i really want to distill what you're bringing to the show this plan what it sounds like you're saying right now is the sun s.t.c. the saudis and the immoralities are lining up against the yemeni government is that
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what you're telling viewers of this show be called a mini golf that includes as you say a stream ists. that is incorrect we're not against the government as well you don't have the injected with remus from the islam so so correct it where we're fighting the extremism that has been injected or whether they have hijacked the yemeni government unfortunately while everybody was clued in the saudi led coalition the s.t.c. saddam forces have been fighting extremism the internationally recognized government has really regrouped end corporator them into their units where that is not going to be accepted so fighting extremism whether they are part of the yemeni government is a regional security and that is let me all know how to bring i i or let me bring elizabeth back into this however you slice it and dice it listening to what and how to saying that it does sound like there is conflict as you start out by saying
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within the coalition at this point with everyone pointing to the other one is harvesting the extremists. yes there clearly is conflict and i don't think it holds water to say that everyone's on board with this and that simply fighting extremism is a very serious air strikes many many many people were killed and they were from the government forces i think this highlights a problem of the whole rhetoric on the war on terror that was coined obviously initially by the united states because it provides cover for what is ultimately a political agenda now it's true that there has been an uptick in terrorist violence in yemen in august we've had for example more than double the monthly average of attacks by al-qaeda and in fact if you look at whom they've been targeting then the targeting has been very strongly against the southern forces
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but nonetheless i think one does need to remain skeptical for example and shabwah that the no terrorist attacks at all by either isis or outsider so far this year so to claim that once fighting terrorism and shuffle and not just political opposition i think doesn't hold water or let's bring hasim into the discussion is this really about the u.a.e. plans as the. ledge and many others actually in yemen to separate the south and the north of yemen once again so that if they draw down the troops they still have a proxy who represent their interests the south. i think it boils down to one thing that the united arab emirates one interest and it's to do mean to protect and support the secessionists and to talk about extremism as
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a kind of pretext we know that islam party is muslim brotherhood and is not classified as extremist by anyone other than the united arab emirates and the united arab emirates have actually classified qatar as an extremist a so do you believe that we don't of course when the president had to comes in public and condemn the united arab emirates he is not part of the party he is not part of those extremists as he said he represent the legitimacy he represents the probably the address for the money that the united arab emirates committed itself to bring him back to the sinai and now what happened in the past the united arab emirates even prevented him from visiting god and so with this is a well known story that the united arab emirates have its own ok we're only interested in what i know is to divide us now to break away from hunters for their own economic interests yes of course i think this is the ultimate for the united arab emirates and why would that be doesn't care or even doesn't give attention to
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the how with the. why because for economic reasons and because they want to then for dubai ports etc so we know this is a well known story and so by dividing them into 2 yemen it would be easier for them to control it and to control this and this has been part of the all right let me let me bring on how they are into this again a divide the vienna yemen is ultimately where the resurgence of the estee forces s.t.c. forces are taking the country how do you respond to that. well 1st of all let's see how did the s.t.c. come about where these calls have came out how long have these calls been on on the ground yes the sea we got to go back track a little after 94 this was an all out occupation 2007 came out of southern movement after 2 and 2015 there was a sudden resistance to southern resistance gave birth to the southern forces and so
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so the s.t.c. came about these separatists calls or the secessionists calls have been for over 2 decades this is not a recent through all but what you ate my 10 yes sir you did some of the so did the u.a.e. right and so to that events i'd like you to address the concern that ultimately the country be divided and one in which someone forces really are a front for you even interests there is not a negation the hudson pointed out in which the u.a.e. wants to maintain its interest in some of the ports of yemen to clean the toilets that's that is incorrect that is incorrect because the the southern transitional council has been very efficient working directly with the saudi led coalition as far as the. anti extremism fronts and the anti or with the fronts now these are both regional security matters these are not for south yemen alone this is not this is also for north yemen and for the entire
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region there's over $25000.00 southern troops in the northern provinces or governorates that are fighting inside areas and other governor governor it's this is not just because they saudi led coalition couldn't find any genuine resistance on the ground besides the southern the southern forces this is what activated the entire so court trying to kill our transiting in. there are forces or i can see live versus shaking head i think you want to get in on this go ahead i think there's a lot of truth to what the s.t.c. spokesman says in terms of long term grievances that go back decades but these were reactivated by the formation of the southern transition council which was backed by the united arab emirates and we can see where this is heading it's
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not good enough to say that the southerners support the coalition when they are calling back their troops from the very fronts that were just mentioned in the north of yemen to say come and defend us stop fighting that has these come and defend us against the northern us even yesterday there was a tweet by the deputy of the southern transitional council an even break where he mentioned all 7 if you include the culture governorates of the south and said we will not give an inch now that doesn't sound like coalition talk that sounds like us to purchase torn lizabeth if we connect the dots a little bit we have the announcement the u.a.e. you made the announcement was drawing down its troops kind of around the same time we had all those attacks going on u.a.e. and saudi oil interests in the gulf which were blamed on iran. and now we have this battle going on. in aden if you connect the dots do you read through this the
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u.a.e. sending a message that he wants perhaps to be closer or not so much at least in conflict with iranian interests and just wants to carve out some interest for itself in the south of of yemen i think we should see this in the broader context which is that the united arab emirates has now for several years been recruiting troops across the south of yemen that were not directly answerable to the yemeni government of president heady so it's very clear that there was some purpose to these troops that may have extended beyond fighting terrorism after all the number of terrorist attacks in chaper as i mentioned it is very few and in fact when the major counterterrorism operations began. that only been one that year so far so it was less than one percent but the resources of yemen and a shop were are heavily based in oil and gas and so it's very difficult not to see
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an ultimate commercial and political agenda behind this whilst saudi arabia been relatively silent on this so far do you think. is it just down to the fact that while they you know that they want to try and keep up with abi onboard in the coalition. what i think this is the only thing that i can think of right now because we know that handle a break be a dip. of the c.t.c. . actually threaten saudi arabia and he reminded them that the whole of the hotels have been fighting them for 4 years and he and his forces can do the same so by claiming that. this council is working in harmony with saudi arabia i think this is not substantiated with any any hard evidence because the statements coming from the council is actually under country or i don't know about how you know if you
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didn't know exactly any ground here and you and i mention over the events going on in aden and the apparent crumbling of this coalition. well unfortunately the united nations has been doing nothing other than you know expressing its concerns about what is happening but on the ground i think the united arab emirate is just trying to spot and it's going to decide matters in probably in days to come but does it mean that america would would win the war in yemen the american would actually be defeated at the end of the day because the yemeni people would rise up against it and now we we can witness something new that for the 1st time that we see that the yemenis themselves are saying that i would not be is and you could find for so we've never hear such a thing before and i think this is a new development and the level of the conscious of the people and this could materialize to different things or translate into a probably a kind of action that would. united i want to take that point and that in
9:43 am
sounds exactly like in the saudis i actually find. the calls from some yemenis to see the u.a.e. is an occupying force what's your take on that as the s.t.c. well that's the international recognized government is trying to push all their blame all their faults all failures onto someone else as usual at a minute or your coalition with them didn't you and your. interests so which is. the southern transitional council is definitely working with the saudi led coalition fighting extremism and fighting but it's something to be supporting to have a government do you ultimately want behind the government to rule over yemen or not . they had a government is being supported by the saudi led coalition but you have to understand also that they had a government is incompetent it is has failed on the economic level on the basic services level and the liberated areas where there is no. all by any services they have not been able to they have not they have failed also militarily they have to
9:44 am
relate it was really a 4000 troops in my favor if you let me just finish this point the taunton 50000 troops in met it to have not moved to. less than an hour drive away or 50 kilometers but have been very more when it came to the southern so ok i understand your concerns my place liberated very briefly you want to see our photos the s.t.c. want to see the heavy government rule over yemen or not well the s.t.c. and the southern people actually stands by the popular will that's where it gains its strength to southern people have rights this is not we're not subhuman or a southern arizona we're going 60 faces and this is a human right for us if we don't have a ready answer i'm going to leave it to the views to draw whatever conclusion from that if i can give the last 6 seconds to elizabeth are we seeing a situation emerge elizabeth where perhaps the who these and how these have
9:45 am
increasingly something in common i think it's very difficult for us to see anyone as having anything in common in yemen because the loyalties are safe lou it what is true there is i think the soften secessionist course has altered it and it's not going to be feasible to have their entire withdrawal before peace talks can take place and jetta so something needs to change in the head a government or i'm afraid we are out of time so let's thank our guests it's been a really good discussion. no man has been but ari and elizabeth kendall. and thank you too for watching this show as always you can see the show again any time if you head over to our website al-jazeera dot com for further discussion head over to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a day inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story from me sam has a band and the whole team here for now it's
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a good buy. violence and discrimination are all too familiar to many women in india a reality too often reinforced by bollywood. but its leading star is throwing his weight behind the cause. of each individual and using his celebrity to advocate for gender equality. the snake charmers on a con witness. on
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a. new road spawning 6 continents across the globe. al-jazeera is correspondents live and bringing the stories that don't have a lot. of good news in the bottom of the letter stamped. we're at the mercy of the raj camp for palestinian refugees al-jazeera fluent in world news. is earaches prose a prominent figures of the 20th century and how liable reigns influenced the course of history was the cuban revolution communist away feel castro is a feudal east the not a communist that custer wanted his country che wanted international revolution became a point when the relationship came to an end the icons of revolution who changed the course of latin american politics. and fidel castro face to face on al-jazeera
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. on counting the cost $15.00 of the most polluted cities in the world are in india we look at the cost of people's health also antigovernment protesters the want hong kong could be plugged in to reset. and a trillion dollar fortune built on oil and gas no way faces up the climate challenge it's. counting the cost on al jazeera. back to her with a look at our main stories here on russia has announced they will observe a cease fire that should take effect within hours they've undertaken a crushing offensive for months trying to recapture the last major rebel territory
9:49 am
but for some on takio. all. this was a desperate dash for the turkish border by syrians hemmed into the shrinking corner of their country still in the control of fighters. but turkey isn't letting any more syrians in. you do not want to create chaos we just want to express the oppression we feel we just want them to look at our situation this is a warning that we are coming to turkey and europe if turkey does nothing an increase in shelling and bombing of it led by the russian backed forces of the syrian regime has according to the u.n. pushed up to a 1000000 syrians towards turkey they have no shelter food or sanitation but from a saturday morning the russians say the offensive will stop for now this is not the 1st ceasefire and i'm afraid not the losses for all the previous as far as fate was the same so the terrorist immediately broke the cease fire i hold that this one
9:50 am
will last but really have doubts given the situation that that is there but let's hope let's keep our fingers crossed. russia has more special forces on the ground now in syria according to western intelligence sources that's helped assets forces make recent territorial gains in it lip it shows the extent regime is regaining control is really exerting so for an hour and ultimately it's the final nail in the coffin of opposition groups who ultimately lost the war they lost. with this russian iranian at this point but. turkey's president says the deteriorating environment in the north of syria is a humanitarian crisis. and also says that the situation in a blip is not at the point we want but it must also know that the assad regime is likely to eventually resume its push to retake the final part of territory still on
9:51 am
the control of a hardcore of the regime fighters burnitz with al jazeera and takio i saw says it's carried out a suicide attack in the in many port city of aden killing at least 3 separatist fight is recent models around the city have exposed growing grapes in the saudi in the law to coalition yemen's internationally recognized president accuses us government ally of supporting the separatists by bombing government forces in iran dayton he's urging saudi arabia to intervene the u.a.e. insists it's only targeting terrorists president donald trump has denied the united states played a role in the failure of anyone in rocket launch and wished tehran luck in its future tests iranian officials said a technical fault was behind the myside exploding on its launch pad at the home in a space center 200 kilometers east of tehran on stage in hong kong pro-democracy activists joshua wang and agnes child have been released on bail following their
9:52 am
arrest on thursday despite attempts by police to rein in weeks of anti-government protests the activists say they won't surrender. as string of legal cases have begun in the u.k. in an effort to prevent the month long suspension of parliament opponents of prime minister boris johnson's decision say it won't leave enough time to debate breaks it properly increasing the chances of leaving the e.u. without a deal on october 31st the trial of 5 men charged with planning the $911.00 attacks has been set for early 2021 the 5 men into it khalid shaikh mohammad a senior al qaeda figure and the suppose of mastermind behind the attacks the u.s. charge the men with war crimes that include terrorism hijacking and nearly $3000.00 counts of murder they could get the death penalty if convicted and the u.s. national hurricane center says dorian has strengthen to a category 4 hurricane the storm is gaining momentum in the atlantic ocean around
9:53 am
700 kilometers east of the bahamas with wind speeds of 180 kilometers per hour dorian is expected to make landfall on saturday night those are the headlines coming up next it's myanmar unholy alliance. now that. morning prayers at one of the most influential monasteries and for me and. this is a country where the majority are devoted buddhists. for centuries the religion has been at the heart of the nation's very identity. while the pillars of buddhist teachings are loved compassion and peace is
9:54 am
a very different variation to the philosophy being told at the mob out tom on the street in insane township. these monks are connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crisis. the systematic persecution and genocide diverting the muslims in iraq and states. our unprecedented access to them about how monastery and city there's office a glimpse into how their ultra nationalist agenda is becoming the blueprint for the political structure of the country. is the joining the forces between monks and generals threatening man was young and fragile democracy. but the love of some of the films when. we did it up.
9:55 am
listening. to be able to move thought the old school we got to looking this way. and the other thing the. 2 2 2 good of those it's only job is to marry somebody. but the cough of the skull that it. doesn't want is about yes they will miss it. they want you. roy and yes it is the pick me of the fake name. there is no in our history. roy and yes is
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really are being going to we don't like any of the mice in. my house my rules everybody has to understand this. situation. the alliance. their life the line. 2 our accounts take. 2 the persecution of range of muslims in myanmar can be traced back decades to the military takeover in 1962. many minorities suffered at the hands of the new dictatorship. the military ruled with an iron fist any form of dissent brutally stomped out. box monks believed to be the conscience of the governments and of the large
9:57 am
majority of the people pressured leaders to adhere to buddhist principles. in bold and by widespread public support the monks led the saffron revolution against the military in 2007 all united for democracy. i'm not obama you know that they are living off the list noble. goals are. and large are all of you go to yahoo dot your own these you know much of the new motherboard the mobs i'm in december 1st are. the most noble model don't have my own model.
9:58 am
in your head by a mere. form of the like they thought it started out as of this year me. first year so i don't mind the time from a. new will be my. time on the ball but i don't want to call it now almost another. deal or done something i've just doubled over and over. and i'm going to do not only make it. a. fantasy that. there is a typo but all i'm going to need no bonus of women are fabio no more to die yet i.
9:59 am
just know what i. come up costs. marginal tong not home guard it might have gone a. 100 on the most work in order to roll on my feet it all or your only will be. toddy and i'm a thing about maury and all yes i gather. gum piro was released in 2012 together with other political prisoners including me and mosque current leader aung san suu kyi it marked the beginning of its transition to democracy. but as a religious tensions between buddhists and muslims minorities started to surface
10:00 am
the unity of the saffron revolution shattered. i mean that all over in 2012 thousands of monks once again took to the streets this time they were shouting their support for them in the tree and their call to export their own engine. you gumby it up openly oppose this movement it's still determined that democracy was the only way forward for me and mark. repeatedly imprisoned and ostracized for his views he finally fled to thailand in 2060. many in the myanmar believe the military still an important part of the governing structure intentionally fuel divisions amongst buddhist groups they quickly aligned with the most nationalistic buddhist leaders in hansing the army's popularity and influence.


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