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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 243  Al Jazeera  September 1, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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certain policies have imposed upon not just the u.s. economy but the global economy we have to see that his trade policies have been. trucked last month announced a deal to sell more american beef to europe but he's untag and eyes europeans with levies on foreign steel and is threatening tariffs on cars at a recent g 7 meeting floated the possibility of a free trade deal with britain after breck's it but he's offered no specifics i have a very very. very very clear that also with the recent g 7 meeting trump announced a deal with japan on agriculture and e-commerce but until signed even in trump's words it remains just an agreement in principle i'm not saying they're stupid i'd like china. i believe they want to do a deal with the terror of some of them very hard in a fairly short period of time china and the united states of raise tariffs on one
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another in a back and forth trade dispute that continues to escalate and threatens the global economy so why is it so hard for president trump to complete a deal he has shown himself to be not a credible negotiating partner and that's not how you close deals but how that's how you get people to walk away from the table president trump's record on trade has become a political liability with fears of a global recession investors are nervous and u.s. farmers hit hard by chinese tariffs are losing hope that's a problem for trump and unless resolved could hurt his chances for re-election kimberley help at al-jazeera the white house. bolivia's president will morales says he's open to international aid to fix the damage caused by the fires that have doubled in size since thursday it's destroyed one of the half 1000000 hectares of forest and is heading south towards power acquired by latin america edison the c.n.
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newman joins us live from sonic nacional in the live the it sounds like a pretty bleak picture nice. i know you were intending nashville this is the area has been declared a world heritage site by unesco because of it just about missionaries missions which date back to the 6800 but now all of these colonial buildings are being used as a collection and and control center for fighting the fires and. who the water are and venison is being distributed by soldiers and volunteers from local communities that have lost their crops there their wildlife are rather their or their capital also i spoke to the mare who said that about a week ago they had managed to put the enough of the fires out that there were only about 32 left but because of the stream really dry weather conditions the strong winds and the intense heat here they're now within 500 fires again burning in this
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area it's a very very critical situation and it's the same thing further south where as we have seen it's not just the cattle and the crops that are in danger but particularly the animals that live in the tropical forest. or the team is believe in veterinarians travel to the nimby us to reserve forest fires have been raging for weeks. their mission is to try to rescue wild animals which may have been injured. this was the scene the previous night the fire destroyed everything in its path. but a few animals were seized like this 2 day old wild pig whose mother died in the fire. the nature is extraordinary the way the allows these creatures to adapt in the face of danger and stress and find. enormous dildo with burnt eyes a hawk recovering from smoke inhalation along with
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a boa constrictor they're all receiving treatment at the shelter. today the rescue is hope to find more survivors riding in the direction. which indicates sometimes when there's a fire and we can tell because of the large number of butterflies that are flying away. this area has already burned to the ground and there's no sign of life. spokes around a serpent hole if it's deep enough he says the snakes may have survived. if you can see this is apocalyptic there's nothing left these are part of the world's long now it's nature that's disappearing next it will be us this is no sign of firefighters here as you can see the wind here is absolutely fierce and it's fanning the flames again in this direction the plan is to bring a super tanker helicopter here in the next couple of days to leave water for the
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animals that have survived but that helicopter is also needed to put out the fires to save human life. the fire remains out of control a thick layer of smoke and ash fills the air making the sun look red. it's too dangerous to stay in the veterinarian star upset that they couldn't save a single animal i mean. i feel impotent because people aren't seen how the amazon is burning how burning alive and no one is doing anything. while much of the world focuses on the fires raging in the brazilian amazon the devastation here in neighboring bolivia is receiving far less attention. even though assistance is desperately needed not just to put out the fires but to regenerate this fragile and diverse eco system so that what has survived will still be able to live here. truly a short while ago we saw
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a couple of bus loads of soldiers and volunteers going off to fight the fires that are a few kilometers from here but they're not equipped properly they didn't have the proper tools there they will melt when they come into contact with the hard earth or with flames they don't have the proper masks for the small but they're going out there doing all that they can we've also heard that there are 2 helicopters from peru firefighting helicopters that are now coming here to this area to help out and about 240 right helmet with firefighting equipment coming from argentina that's they should be arriving tomorrow but this is all just a drop in the bucket given the extent of the disaster here in bolivia and a proposal that we are seeing a few clouds with the hope is that they will actually turn into running in any time soon to help dowd's at least a little bit the fires to see a human there joining us live from sun navy seal you see it thank you. still ahead
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on i'll just. tell you about the manager making notes or sounds of football after a battle with leukemia that's coming up in just a 2nd it's. to strengthen the good you have to show do good all the more with the camp still fight against corruption. dysphoric new chiro church heroes like no who are about to refuse to $15000000.00 brian the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a dark used to shine a light let's make the road to a better place nominate your anti corruption mirror. on counting the cost $15.00 of the most polluted cities in the world are in india we
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look at the cost of people's health also antigovernment protesters a want hong kong could be plunged into recession and a trillion dollar fortune built on oil and gas no way faces up to climate challenge and. counting the cost on al-jazeera a. day let's get all the day's news from peter hi peter tinley hi thank you very much it will be an all for already front row for the belgian grand prix of the charlotte clare secured pole position 7 tenths of a 2nd ahead of sebastian vettel but the big story was lewis hamilton you almost missed qualifying after crashing heavily in the final. practice session is
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mechanics finished completely repairing the front end of his car with the 1st qualifying session already underway will champion then going on to post the food fastest time it's painful because you know how many people work so hard to build those parts and then you know how hard the guys work to put the party together and i knew that may be a tough challenge but you know my my guys at the focus they always work and get 110 percent and i'm so grateful for that and really trying to just pay them back with a good qualifying session so considering i meant to be 3 a lot of the one actually really great. but hamilton's efforts have been overshadowed by a horrific accident during a formula through race that resulted in the death of and one who bear the up and coming 22 year old frenchman hit a tire barrier at almost 260 kilometers per hour is called in spun back into the path of one man. where it was hit side on and subsequently ripped in half the sport's governing body f.i.f.a. said in
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a statement last tuesday to be champ died from his injuries half an hour after the accident. little poor top of the english premier league after a club record 13th league win in a row on saturday they hammered bernie 3 nil but manchester united have continued their lackluster start to the new season they were held to a 11 draw by southampton daniel james scored early in the 1st off but yannick best to go out equalize than even when they went down to 10 men southampton held on to share the points united have just won when they 1st 4 games. we dominate the last 3 games we know that we are on the right track getting used to that way of play in the last 3 games they haven't given us many points in return but we're getting there we're getting better and better. playing this way and we've got to get used to it the only team that will get used to it. for today was a matter of we just got the game we wanted we were winning one nil that's when you
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can get a counter-attack. chelsea thought they were on their way to a regulation victory against sheffield united to tell me abraham goals gave the blues the lead but the premier league new boys fought back and thanks to a late could zuma own goal were able to secure a 22 draw. it's not defense it's not offensive to say united same so the lack of concentration of mistakes or goals a moments but you defended it same as much as you attack as a tame so we concede because we switch off. there were plenty of goals in the premier league's other afternoon games leicester were too strong at home for bournemouth newcastle and what should played out a 11 draw while goals from kevin the braina sergio aguero have manchester united top of the table well they were back was until liverpool played very match there also when the crystal palace and west ham united. italian champions event is
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a just kicked off against napoli and meanwhile bologna a coach cynism high leverage has been making his return to football following a month of chemotherapy for leukemia he was on the sidelines again on friday as his team face. and was given a rousing reception from the fans he seemed also made a special belongings roberto soriano headed in a stoppage time go to seal a $10.00 victory. defending u.s. open champion soccer players american teen sensation corey golf later on saturday in a much anticipated 3rd round clash earlier another team beyond currently airscrew made it through to the round of 16 for the 1st time the canadian being formally world number one caroline wozniacki in straight sets 6464. in the men's draw as they can see the rafa nadal is cruising in the 3rd round match against a young chung he currently leads $52.00 in the opening set of that match medal of
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course the fresher player after winning the 2nd round match without needing to hit a ball the host nation china or off the mark at the basketball world cup after a comfortable $7055.00 win of ivory coast on saturday a learn the general and consider the 3 standout stars for china school 1917 and cheat 12 to help their country to an opening match victory here in group a hole in the venezuela or the other teams in this group the chinese will take on the poles in the next game that one is on monday. argentina is under several may or leads the european masses with just one round to go but the story of the 3rd dates play at the tournament taking place in switzerland was one of its cities are not oprah told a given he is ranked 400 soon in the world is a good chance that most people haven't even heard of him but this shorts on the 13th hole guaranteed him some fame at least for one day you go he's tied for 9th
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and force. what's behind it all matt also you will certainly feel he has a chance on sunday and that's where we'll leave it i'll have more sport again later today what amazing saw things that said from london we'll be back in just a sec with much more of the bank. to strengthen the good you have to shoulder good all the more with the calm still fight against corruption. news hero church heroes like no who are bad or who refuse to $15000000.00 brian the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a dark are used to shine a light let's make the road to better plage nominate your anti corruption mirror now.
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the stories generate thousands of headlines. separate the spin from the facts the misinformation from the journalism with the listening post on al-jazeera september on al-jazeera with the field here taking its 1st steps into democracy al-jazeera meets for diversity europeans who are reshaping the country's political landscape world leaders gather in new york for the united nations general assembly global issues are on the table listing host dissects the world's media how
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they operate and the stories they. global possible solutions to climate change only agenda of the united nations it's a special 2 part series exposed her human activity have damaged much of the planet and cool some of the biggest environmental threats to mankind symptoms on al-jazeera. the police and protesters that faceoff on the streets of hong kong as pro-democracy demonstrations once again descend into violence. hello i'm maryam namazie and london you're with al-jazeera also coming up on the
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program sudan's ousted president tomorrow bashir is charged with corruption and the illegal use of foreign funds. $2200000.00 people could be made stateless off to india excludes them from a citizenship register in assam state and we join the volunteers in a race to save wildlife on the threat from the major fires in a livia. welcome to the program our top story riot police in hong kong have stormed a metro station targeting pro-democracy protesters who are accused of vandalizing property the operation disrupted trying services and left several people injured it comes after violent confrontations near the government headquarters where police fired tear gas and water cannons against demonstrators throwing rocks and petrol bombs. at wayne hay now brings us the latest.
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this has become a weekend ritual in parts of hong kong street battles breaking out between anti-government protesters and police. but this was one of the most intense rounds of violence since the protests began almost 3 months ago. the day had started peacefully the police rejected an application from organizers to hold a rally additionally it was just small religious and student groups that defied the ban we need to pray for home sold off and some off time 1st on may be they also have the same idea but the numbers grew throughout the day as people paralyzed some of the city's busiest roads turning them into walkways. by doing so they risked a rest but there was safety in numbers they shouted their familia cries of stand with hong kong and left their mark as they went but it was inevitable that this day
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would develop like so many others have in hong kong recently the violence started when some people stopped at the offices of the government which adjoins hong kong's parliament this is a building that they stormed back on the 1st of july so clearly once they came to this building the police were in no mood to muck around no mood to allow them to stay here and throw things at the building so that to get started fairly quickly. the protist does have developed a relatively new and dangerous tactic of throwing petrol bombs along with bricks and other objects on the other side police fired tear gas and deployed water cannons this time laced with dye to try to mock those who had broken the law eventually those demonstrating moved on but the fight wasn't over. the protesters have retreated from the area around the legislative council conflicts but not very far coming to a place close to the headquarters of the hong kong police have blocked this road this intersection here and sit fire to their barricade taking things to
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a new level directions were designed to send a clear message to the police and the government far from being afraid they are intensifying they campaign and in doing so the city's crisis is worsening wane hey al jazeera hong kong. well joshua long was among a group of high profile activists arrested by hong kong police on friday he says the risk of prosecution and jail will not stop the protests. yesterday i was arrested with 3 try just including organizing inciting and participating on old assembly schumann's ago i was released from prison as soon later on be arrested again but we still continue our fight and the most important thing is even i didn't phrase the trial soon in the next there was. a person is on our course on free election. brutality and the government must completely withdraw the bill and the
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only way out is listening to the wants of people and home callers on the one democracy the short term goal is to withdraw the extradition bill and the long term goal is to have a free election when elected election become true in hong kong which means that hong kong was by a newly elected government and which means that we can be the run rule whole goal which is the old regime be the one man the plate going on hong kong people freedom and our future. a sudanese judges formally charged deposed president tomorrow bashir with corruption in possession of illicit currency a share to help the cause he received $25000000.00 from the saudi crown prince mohammed bin sound money but that he had not used the money for his benefits millions of euros in sudanese pounds were found at the shares residence in april when he was ousted from power and arrested he denies all the charges against him.
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you know that all of this is that. we did not supply the money to the bank of sudan because we meant to hide the source and we did so because this was the desire of the prince and i had hoped that this would have been a secret court in order not to show the name of the prince he did not want his name to appear anywhere which is why he sent the money on a private plane with a private on a boy this was his wish not to be known. now from heart. today's court hearing was the 3rd court hearing for sudan's former president on what i hear and it was the 1st time where he gave his statements to the judge and to the court where he said that he did indeed receive $25000000.00 from saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin solomonic he said that his office manager got a call from saudi arabia's crown prince's office manager and said that there was a special gift coming on board a special played now he said that when the money landed in sudan he did not want to
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turn it down because he was worried that he would upset the nation which is according to his words special relations with sudan at the time so accepted the gift but did not use it in a personal capacity now his lawyers are arguing that he should be set free on bail until the next hearing and until he's formally until he's formally convicted but the judge today turned down that that appeal and said that if convicted 4 of the charges of illegal opposition of foreign currency and illegal creating a foreign currency then the former president faces up to 10 years in jail so he will not be allowed bail he also today formally indicted the former president who says that he is not guilty he said that most of the money he used was for personal interests to try to get the country out of the crisis that that it was in during the time which was shortage of flour and shortage of fuel and he said that none of the money went to his personal account and that's if investigations continue that is what is going to be revealed so for the moment it looks like we're going to have to wait for the rest of the testimonies from witnesses from the defense aside from the former president's side after already hearing from from witnesses from the
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state prosecutor side and it's going to be a few weeks before we have a final verdict on whether the former president is going to face 10 years in jail or whether he is innocent. turkish president says plans are in place to set up a turkish led operation to secure a safe zone in northeastern syria in the coming weeks meanwhile at least 13 people have been killed and at least 2 dozen injured in an attack in syria's edler province but it's missed brings us more now from hot near the turkey syria border. u.s. led coalition is confirming that it targeted a building to the east of city that it says was connected with a group linked to al qaeda or a training facility in al jazeera sources on the ground we've spoken to sources who confirm that they say that this was a training center for this group connected with al qaida it encourage people from all ages young boys to teenage men to older men to come to training that's why we we have seen video where at least there is clearly one injured child in the video
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but that it was the issue with the scent of the all age groups the good it was believed to be this training center for this al qaeda connected group and it's an indication really of the concern not just that turkey has been of the russians have but also that the americans have that in this last rebel held part of syria the northwestern part of syria there are these hard core groups resisting conducting a last stand the taliban has started a new offensive in kunduz one of afghanistan's biggest cities despite ongoing peace talks with the u.s. military reinforcements have been rushed in to prevent the taliban taking control of the city at least 3 civilians have been killed according to local health officials and the government says at least 30 taliban fighters have also been killed or enters arcadian as a former advisor to the afghan peace council he says the taliban is trying to show
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strength in the hope they can get more out of those negotiations. taliban would like to give 2 important signals to the united state. my analysis shows that the cut the negotiation for the time biggest are going very well for example the taliban like to cancel the strategic partnership between afghanistan and the united states maybe the united states includes are the envoy who will accept that but with maybe with different conditions it's not happening for the time being sickened in the south of afghanistan i think there's some terrorism or very number of die each soldier are just raising their heads. would like to give a signal to the united states and also to other international community that they have to be crippling other tourism that's raising from day to day also internally the the taliban leadership would like to emphasize on the. odds and boy
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that they have to be getting a bigger share in the in the negotiation with the without insight well to india now a nearly 2000000 people have been excluded from a citizens' register in assam on the risk of being declared a state that's now they will have to prove they are not foreigners or face detention and national register citizens was created more than 60 years ago to determine who came to the state from what was then east pakistan now called bangladesh during the partition of india priyanka gupta reports from go hati. an anxious saturday in the south people lined up since early morning to find out if their names are on the state's final list of citizens 47 year old me general ham on a farm and probably village is on the list but his wife and 3 children are. very worried i feel bad in my heart i am very sad. this elderly
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couple that go hearty also try to understand what went wrong 71 year old son was born in assam and has lived here all his life his entire family is on the list except him and his 2 daughters i wanted you to know the 3 who are on the list submitted the same document my daughter and i submitted that as well so how can we be excluded those excluded from assam's final register of citizens will have to appeal and foreigners tribunals like these with 120 days wide scopes including amnesty international are calling for transparency as i have been several reports suggesting that some proceedings have been biased and discriminatory we were the group that spearheaded the protest movement against foreigners the all the sub students' union says the list should belong to business where it is not new to be already declared triggered by the government i mean. we expected more.


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