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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 1, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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right into it with them so it undermines u.s. efforts to destroy isis and to destroy hideout in this libertaria hurricane dorian remains a large category 4 storm it is currently east of the bahamas and ash the hurricane center says devastating winds and heavy rain could devastate some of the areas of the island dorian still remains a threat to the u.s. east coast people in florida are boarding up homes and businesses lining up for fuel and filling sandbags as the storm measures closer to the u.s. is south east coast at least 5 people have been killed and 21 injured in the latest mass shooting in the u.s. the suspect was shot dead by police after hijacking a postal vehicle and opening opening fire at random and west texas alexia brian reports. on. the final moments of what began as a routine traffic stop or we have heard the suspected gunman a white man in his there you see shot dead by police outside
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a cinema complex and i day so we stay in texas what's going on here where there are multiple scenes and multiple victims. at some point. the subject stoli truck drove his car and there were other victims and after that. this video posted online showed terrified family gunfire rings out nearby. according to monitors the gun violence on the 279th in the us. it comes just weeks after a white nationalist shot dead 22 people in a shopping center in the takes a. gun violence is a hugely political issue in the united states within minutes of the shooting candidates vying to be the next president weighed in with democrats in texas native
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a rock making a call to action tweet saying we need to end this epidemic take this is traditionally supportive of the right to carry arms and on sunday new laws come into effect allowing people to take guns to school parking lots and houses of prayer for a. very big problem. or for leaders both parties they should. be grossed. out. of the house judiciary committee had planned to discuss gun control legislation this week but that's being pushed off because of the approaching storm dorian. that takes us now on the list of gun violence and. the what some say is that being . a concrete plans for a change. in al-jazeera still had.
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come into effect on both sides of the trade war. and suspension of parliament. back to international weather forecast well we're watching another storm developing here just to the west of the philippines fall. during a storm that made landfall over here towards vietnam bring very heavy rain in that region so the ground was already saturated over here in vietnam the storm though is going to develop in almost the same way as the previous one it tracked very quickly across the south china sea so we could possibly see a developing land fall here across much of vietnam by the time we get to tuesday or wednesday so we're watching this very very carefully over the next few days well down towards the south we're going to be seeing some dry conditions across
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indonesia but we are going to see some more rain developing here across malaysia you know i had been dry but as we go on the forecast that we do expect to see heavy rain across much of that area up towards coaching it's going to be attempt a few and rainy at $32.00 degrees getting cloudy by the time we get towards monday and then very quickly over towards india the rain is back across much of the area welcome too much of a break over the next few days heavy rains going to be leading to flooding a bit of locations especially down here towards much of the south up towards the north though for new delhi it is going to be a mostly cloudy day rain to yourself at $32.00 degrees but over here towards prachi the rain is also in place for you down towards parts of it is going to be attempt if you are $29.00 and plenty of rain in a forecast with regular up about $26.00 degrees. the ultranationalist marks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crises we doe as to have any migrants joining with the military to impose
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a deadly political agenda we have to flow to our nation what has happened to the relationship that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a whole. this is not religion this is a politics me in my heart an unholy alliance on al-jazeera. now watching all the top stories right now protest in hong kong have again become violent as some people threw petrol bombs at police who had back with tear gas and water cannon riot officers also stormed metro stations hitting arresting demonstrators they described as radical. special negotiator on afghanistan
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reconciliation. close to making a deal with the taliban. which has just wrapped up the latest round of talks with the group he will now have to call for consultations with afghanistan's government . and government in the u.s. state of texas has shot and killed 5 people and wounded 21 others the shooters described as a white man in this thirty's he has been shot and killed by police. another round of u.s. tariffs on chinese goods went into effect just over an hour ago china in turn has raised import taxes on $75000000000.00 worth of american goods trying to you has more from beijing. shoppers come to the market to buy all kinds of imported foods including american growing cherries but it's fast becoming a casualty of china's trade war with the u.s. tariffs have already gone off twice pushing the price of a killer to around $25.00 and from to 10 but the 1st tariffs on u.s.
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cherries will be raised from 50 to 60 percent then it is looking for cheaper alternatives to the chinese very good the price is much cheaper than american products the quality is also very good so more and more people are choosing local foods higher prices the only. reason shoppers are considering buying less from the u.s. . for me being pretty artic is something more important for me to consider than the price we are trainees and we are all affected by the trade the u.s. treats war cherries may be the most popular american product at this market but it's not the only fruit that will receive high it's harrods new jersey's also flooded things like american palms grates and apples $75000000000.00 worth of u.s. goods will see tariffs of between 5 and 10 percent china also reinstate import taxes of 25 percent on u.s. cars in december the hikes are the chinese government's response to the trumpet ministrations vote is trade offs over 10 percent tariffs on 300000000000 dollars
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worth of chinese goods also coming into effect in september and december analysts say the u.s. president has been a confusing and unreliable negotiating partner i don't think the president trumps remarks serious recording his stories change here are some very the stick figure in order to push through let's talk there you must get. much bigger stick china's comus ministry says it doesn't want to escalate tensions and is open to more talks with the u.s. but it's warned against underestimating china's willingness to dig its heels in for the long fight if you fight or will fight back if your talk good let's talk but we have principles we will never yield our principles by weakening its currency and developing new trade partnerships china is taking steps to ensure its economy is less vulnerable to any new moves by truck in the trade. and as demand for things
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like us cherry slower china is finding cheaper alternatives from countries such as pakistan and chile are ripe for the picking katrina you al-jazeera beijing. began his trade war with china promising to fix what he said was discrimination against american firms a white house correspondent kimberly hall could ask more on his record on straight . on the campaign trail donald trump boasted that no one strikes a trade deal better than he does and we need a truly great leader now. we need. a leader that wrote the art of the deal but after more than 2 and a half years in office terms negotiated only one major deal that hasn't been approved 2018 he withdrew the united states from the north american free trade agreement or now after a deal to replace it known as the u.s. m.c.a. has been signed but has still not been passed by the u.s.
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congress i think if we. trade. policy. with the global economy we have. trade policies. truck last month announced a deal to sell more american beef to europe but he's untag and eyes europeans with levies on foreign steel and is threatening tariffs on cars at a recent g 7 meeting floated the possibility of a free trade deal with britain after breck's it but he's offered no specifics having heard. you very very also with the recent g 7 meeting trump announced a deal with japan on agriculture in e-commerce but until signed even in trump's words it remains just an agreement in principle i'm not saying they're stupid i'd like to china. i believe they want to do a deal the care of so hard in
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a fairly short period of time china and the united states of raise tariffs on one another in a back and forth trade dispute that continues to escalate and threatens the global economy so why is it so hard for president trump to complete a deal he has shown himself to be not. not a credible negotiating partner and that's not how you close deals but how that's how you get people to walk away from the table president trumps record on trade has become a political liability with fears of a global recession investors are nervous and u.s. farmers hit hard by chinese tariffs are losing hope that's a problem for trump and unless resolved could hurt his chances for reelection kimberly help at al-jazeera the white house a group of south korean politicians has visited disputed islands in the sea of japan as tension continues to rise between the countries they want to protest
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against japan decision to ban the export of components and materials used in smartphone chips japan's foreign ministry condemned the visit describing it as extremely regrettable known as dr in south korea and japan the islands are controlled by seoul but claimed by tokyo having initially rejected the offer oblivious president evo morales now says he's open to accepting international aid to help fix damage caused by fires in the amazon they've been burning out of control for weeks doubling in size since thursday one and a half 1000000 hectares of forest had been destroyed in the fires heading south towards paraguay. a judge in sudan has formally charged deposed president omar al bashir with corruption and the illegal use of foreign funds we're told the court he received $25000000.00 from saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon but he had not used the money for private purposes shoes lawyer says his client tonight is all charges against him today and it's in the process of transitioning to civilian rule
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following a power sharing deal between protest leaders and the generals who ousted bashir. oh get out of that one of the we did not supply the money to the bank of sudan because we meant to hide the source and we did so because this was the desire of the prince and i had hoped that this would have been a secret court in order not to show the name of the prince he did not want his name to appear anywhere which is why he sent the money on a private plane with a private on avoid this was his wish for it not to be known that a united nations has visited the front line of the ball at the demick and the democratic republic of congo and tenneco terrace met health care workers and peacekeepers in north kivu province where the latest outbreak began a year ago. organization says 2000 people have died from the disease attacks on clinics have killed dozens of health workers and slowed treatment efforts but more options for mexico's pople cuts to tell volcano hurling rock and ash in disguise
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southwest of the capital. has been particularly active in recent months about 25000000 people live within 100 kilometers of the crater. and moscow have again condemned the exclusion dependent office candidates for next month's city elections in defiance of a russian government ban one of the rejected candidates says there is significant support for their demands the latest show a public dissent against the weeks of similar demonstrations when riot police arrested an attack hundreds of protesters from moscow. free to cut off for if that's what they're following it's quite a remarkable ride here we. go from a show probably not going to. go on for our body has. not be worth discussing who would have put this trench mortar container on mines that we. sit in that they use to give permission to our events. need to not to. ask for
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their permission the fact that there were no provocations from the government should be normal people from all walks of life but especially also young people a 20 year old student has been for a couple of weeks already for what the police describe rioting and a lot of people said it was just peacefully protesting and you are calling on people to join the protests on the you tube channel and that's also one of the reasons people are here not only to us to be to release but also for their rights to be able to speak out. even though i work for the state as a teacher i can't stay silent they pressure off they don't let us speak out i can't keep silent when i keep seeing people being arrested for nothing they violate our constitutional rights by fabricating articles off the police stood back for a while and that thousands of people protest during this uncensored rally half an hour ride and have the people to be dislocation and they're about to push everyone
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. there have been cities all over the u.k. against prime minister boris johnson's decision to suspend parliament just weeks before breakfast i gather now under the slogan stop the coup accusing johnson of trying to silence parliament in order to leave the e.u. without a deal the government denies this and says the suspension is nothing unusual it was at the protests in london. ways large and noisy demonstration outside downing street is one of dozens across the u.k. on saturday and many more being funded over the next week gives you an idea of the strength of feeling after boris johnson said that he would try to suspend parliament for several weeks now he's all human is that it's a normal procedure to get ready for a queen's speech before laying out 6 his legislative program the people here say it's a clear power grab trying to stop holliman from doing its job in just biting his praxis policies and avoiding a no deal price it now some of the organizers here are affiliated to the opposition
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labor party and senior labor figures has said it's clear what boris johnson 3 ladies what he's ensured by the mechanism that is used and the dates that he's chosen is that it is almost impossible almost impossible to get legislation which would bind the government into asking for an extension but you ask why i don't trust the reason i don't trust this man is because just recently he laid about whether he wanted to probe parliament he said he didn't believe in such procedures and he lied about that the $350000000000.00 pounds that would be coming to the n.h.s. as a result of leaving the e.u. complete nonsense accepted now that it was just a lie and this is a man who is a serial liar and we cannot trust our democracy to know the action is not just on the streets there are a number of legal challenges going on it england and scotland down in northern
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ireland that you to drop out next week and in parliament itself and these who are really worried about a no deal price set by trying to figure out their best tactics in the 1st instance they've agreed to try legislation to force the government perhaps to seek an extension to article 50 beyond the end of october but it still might come to a vote of no confidence in the government. a number of conservative politicians will vote against the road government but it's unclear whether they do at the moment have the numbers or not why so people who earn it story really i'm sorry about what the government is doing right now. take out the headlines on al-jazeera the protests in hong kong have again become violent as some people threw petrol bombs at police who hit back with tear gas and water cannon riot officers also storm metro stations hitting and arresting
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demonstrators they described as radical especially on afghan reconciliations as he's close to making a deal with the taliban special representatives. has just wrapped up the latest round of talks with the group and doha it will now have to call bull for consultations with afghanistan's government but the positivity and qatar has been overshadowed by an attack by taliban fighters in the northern afghan city of orange juice it took over several buildings early saturday morning before the military deployed reinforcements by evening the government said it repelled the fighters killing at least 30 of them 3 civilians also died and the u.s. says it said an al qaeda linked training camp in syria's rebel held live province happen the city at least 14 people have been killed the syrian army and its ally russia have been waging a crushing offensive to recapture it. the latest mass shooting in the united states has killed at least 5 people and wounded 21 others the suspect was shot dead by
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police and odessa and was texas after hijacking a mail truck and firing at random. for civilian casualties we have at least $21.00 victims $21.00 shooting victims and at least 5 deceased at this point our situation started about $317.00 the surf to noon on a d.p.s. trooper attempted to stop a gold honda. when the the foetus troopers got the car stopped he was shot by the occupant of the car another round of us tariffs on chinese goods went into effect just over an hour ago trumpets targeted 300000000000 dollars on imports from china beijing says it won't back down and has raised import taxes on $75000000000.00 worth of american goods that have united nations has visited the front line of the ebola epidemic in the democratic republic of congo a tentative terror has met health care workers and peacekeepers in north kivu province where the latest outbreak began
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a year ago role health organization says 2000 people have died from the disease as of the headlines keep it on al-jazeera people in power is that next. talk to al-jazeera we ask what guarantees will you give to the people who will be attending them and i'm a workshop where we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone who is also terrorizing me we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter although just 0. west africa is battling an opioid abuse trust medicine such as tramadol legally prescribed by doctors for pain relief but taken into life threatening to texas by millions in search of fakes already stripped off the trees and the. people in power
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has been to nigeria to investigate one of the drug smuggling traces and abused widespread corruption that follows a solution for africa and the appalling health consequences for those in its grip. ringback you're going to stay in the midst of the worst drug addiction and family and it's barely a week goes by without spring international reports like these documents in america's opioid crisis. the u.s. is not the only country facing such a predicament really. lagos nigeria is africa's largest city in the country with the biggest population on the continent over
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200000000 people. the city is over crowded polluted and poverty stricken. and adding to its woes it's suffering its own widescale and growing opioid addiction epidemic. i was the reason i didn't listen to this if you 2 need to take time i don't feel like you haven't yet tramadol a life saving opioid painkiller is also being abused on a massive scale by all sectors of society a little too cool for. this regulates of the other hope you would painkillers like. a drug which has been implicated in more than 400000 deaths in the u.s. since 2000 tramadol is less dangerous than oxycodone it's no less addictive according to a new study by the mayo clinic a prestigious us medical center the key findings our study which was looking at the
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effect of tramadol on long term dependence in patients from acute sort of pain was the patients who received tramadol actually to our surprise i did not have lower rates of long term opioid use but actually had slightly higher rates of going on to long term opioid use tramadol is currently a schedule for opioid versus other opioids like oxy caught on or schedule 2 meaning that the government considers those at higher risk of abuse and long term dependence we found is in fact really terminal is not actually any lower interest rate of abuse or long term dependence the epidemic isn't just confined to lagos it's infected the into. country. the united nations. released the results of nigeria. what we found is really of grave concern when we're talking. almost 5000000 users over the past 12 months and the tendency appears to be rising poverty
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unemployment desperation of people and their living situations is one of the drivers a lot of people seem to be using it associated with hard manual labor with sex work . eases her ability to submit to a client's more extreme demands she calls the drug street name. meaning. 50. 50.
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and most other abuses legal and highly dangerous version of the drug legally produced. 50 or 100. tap that is being used widely for pain therapy it is really for a large part of the population the only pain medication. when we're talking about abuse great. we're talking about. significantly over a. 100 milligram what we have seen in seizures up to 225 milligrams and what we have heard in the reports of. people mentioned even up 240-2500 taps. spoke to us on condition we had. he's from a stable middle class family and works as
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a sheriff. down. to 55. each pull cost $300.00. a pull that's more than double the strength of legally available. to much of. my friends. that's abuse of. the. drugs so where does this abuse tramadol come from that is being produced both legally as well as that is produced specifically for the non-medical use is being produced in. officially.
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tori's it is reaching nigeria primarily by sea it's entering through 2 major ports of. this begs the question. of nigeria how does it get so widely distributed across the country. to interview to lagos drug dealer he agreed to before we didn't show his face. his business. in a suitcase full of with legal drugs. the tramadol he keeps out of sight i'm not counting terminal in sandy hook and just having to time i don't know but sometimes. to determine the. most of his clients are young men. when he moves because. i don't know just guys when if. he also sells to
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women. bang townland on the phone and then. when the waking staff were told you had to do cool foods to meet him selling time on the left sometimes that's wrong turn to pills a week a significant amount for a street below where we wanted to know does he get them from these people became us and us i mean come on talks to us in secret in did not knowing even though you go to time adultery huntingdon unclear at this point he became wary and wouldn't tell us anything more about a supply as we put this question to you n o d c we need to be very honest we know relatively little about the criminal networks being involved how well they're organized how large they are. there's about 7 or 8 different nationalities that i've been identified the other issue that suggests
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a certain level of sophistication is to mere size of the individual seizures some of these seizures allegedly are reaching several tons dozens of tolls which really suggests like a relatively sophisticated process. to find out more about such seizures we arranged a visit to a pop nigeria's largest and busiest ports. in 2018 customs and other authorities seized 41 containers of illegal tramadol here. its goal to buy an armed convoy of cars. drug law enforcement officials that's what they came to show us today. program for any company. this. is from. $2800.00 seizures were a coup for the authorities the largest single seizure involved $33.00 containers.
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they claimed 198000000000. $550000000.00 u.s. dollars. with such massive sums of money involved we want to know how many perpetrators had been brought to book. many people who have been. in. the. i can do speak for this time. the. investigation is going on on once is concluded the prosecutor. but in the past they have. in. coming here what is wonderful for. the national drug agency or indeed later told us that in the last 2 years only 5 people have been charged in relation to the apapa port seizures the prosecution is
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the still in process and to date no one's been convicted. we asked the commander about allegations of corruption at the port. is not an issue because he walked in for like yes i don't think. any issue. but the events which unfolded soon after seemed to indicate otherwise we phoned the customs official handing off a box of try. to a port worker. then we captured boxes of the drug being thrown over the fanes. finally as we were leaving the paperwork was arrested going to literally for stealing tramadol we tried to film that to. know how the of. part of the words. was but that was why you tell me that the.
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amount. you. know that you know your. body. language is not that the. customs did take it seriously foaming that is we were detained and pressured to delete our footage of the arrest. in the end though they let us go and official later confirmed that the arista poor work ahead stall in the tramadol. at the ports of lagos are just the start of the problem next we travel to my degree in the north east of nigeria the city was once the headquarters of. state franchise terrorizing this part of the country since 2009. the group.


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