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tv   The Hunt For The Red Prince  Al Jazeera  September 1, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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as religious tensions between buddhists and muslims minorities started to surface the unity of the saffron revolution shattered. i mean that all over in 2012 thousands of monks once again took to the streets this time they were shouting their support for the military and their call to export the injured. you gumby it up openly oppose this movement it's still determined that democracy was the only way for for me and. repeatedly imprisoned and ostracized for his views he finally fled to thailand in 2060. many in the myanmar believe the military still an important part of the governing structure intentionally fuel divisions amongst buddhist groups they quickly aligned with the most nationalistic buddhist leaders in hansing the army's popularity and influence. you know it's true i own both.
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pro and i'm not at all found i'm not able. to get you thinking about obama you know before that got to. the gun on the end of. the hollow thing of it. oh yes we didn't know yet in. the money domino what a minute i did domino while money. will be on mon do ya do you. mean. the hostility towards minorities the mob attack an ultra nationalist monks organization. the name translates to the protection of race and religion.
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its founder and leader is a highly respected monk rushing to. so long an auto. number when the neediness another see the. son not only the love one is a. dummy variable. they generally you're the one you had to live with it do not let it come on. he doesn't know why you that are not worn down. so live. it. made him now. let's see oh by the done and by then we all. know that it's a lie that. no other than melissa. is almost to the. log i live.
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and i live or die thing they also have it i was your. you know it's headed in the head that all that i have in it. i. have. to know is that did you. take a name that huge in the deal is if she would do a day. go. to good will say by led by.
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miss going into booty cheap to just sit in a book. and then this us on the movie see it i mean it if you build one i love my bill. the money it. your mio your mother deals with it so. you know in the name delete all that and let the warrior. through thought his extremism. especially via anti muslim i think it has a very long roots. muslims have been a man for centuries. things became more problematic with large scale immigration
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from the subcontinent because we see. in the past this is going in your mouth by the way in small numbers but under colonialism the british empire became too burma in large numbers of course that created problems. one of the remarkable things about the hunter period was that. the control by the authorities was very strict and very strong so we had very little religious disturbances of course it was sort of pushed underground. but with the return of democracy and. a greater openness and of course at the same time manipulation it came out reemerge on a much bigger scale. in politics there are 2 emotions which are
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very strong one is greed and the others fear. because we're under the military dictatorship 51 years. and then we have a civil war that's been raging between the central military and the i think on the organization's. saw it's like. an ending. continuous fear even educated people in your mass either or you see that on she has the breed like cockroaches or insects and very soon your hind state will be full of was going religious and there was the buddhist will be swallowed so it's like we are defending our country our society and our religion so it's very important it's a very strong message but only wrong and it's quite frightening. and that is
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the real danger of these extremist monks. mobility. died. down. here michael mann. yeah do their finale here my film there ya do have an idea. lot of are there. is the 1st organization to inform. how to protest our country. our is. a country our ease.
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protozoan is. a peacemaker. we are where come in everyone. to our nation our country. ok. we doe as illegally my grant. discover man don't laugh at me. i'm no happy. the government must be more care i was near my people than. the number because we have family they are different to strangers ok. the. the.
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i the. boy is a fake news and. we are. pushing communities never attacked and never fight in different fee for different countries you can see the. world history. you can see wars history. this is a prank this is a fake fake. this is a fake. how did indeed everybody says are humor rise humor right where is a human judy where is citizen judy. i want to ask them where is what is human judy. then they have us then they never tell about them. they all
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will out the all out human rights human right no human right is not the fast we have to understand human judy and citizen duty. if you are human beings. we're not animal. right all of this. can be brought on free and. really bad we can all have that. they're hanging him. as we believe in islam are discriminated and treated like an animal by the.
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state was home to over a 1000000 rohingya muslims and over 2000000 buddhists before the conflict started in 2012. since then being modest government has banned all media and n.g.o.s from accessing the conflict area. where most ranger muslims now live in internally displaced camps. desperate and afraid. i want to hide my face and my identity but the government. to speak out. when you are bad they come and. and the prosecutor. suddenly there was i remember several hand here. we are rabbi time. in tell me.
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all the time especially. after several days there are people in mosques and the police come to the house on fire in the army. i was in my house. i decide that myself i have to because my belly was wrong to. insist that their community had nothing to do with this attack. many of me and mars activists and journalists believe that the rape and murder of the buddhist woman never happened. that it was a story made up to start the conflict and. hundreds of thousands were forced into i.d.p. camps or to flee the country most of them to refugee camps in neighboring
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bangladesh. some of them going to fight the police all sportswear had by them listening. at the time we're. at the. honduras south thousands of. people. following the attacks myanmar's armed forces led so-called clearance operations in iraq and state. by 2018 thousands of ranger muslims were killed and more than 700000 had fled to bangladesh. the situation for survivors is desperate. now i am 22 years from. the current. horrible if i want to. but i came.
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because i don't have i don't think that. i want to see. peace have an equal right. i want this is slightly. what has happened in iraq what has happened to the roof. has been. really been dropped. the weight of a covenant and the ministry of the security forces handle things. only made things worse. so that's one of the biggest stains on the new government and on the country as a whole. and i really believe that things where either handled very badly
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all there are. i think. unscrupulous you know elements and if you're leaving the situation from behind. countries who are transiting you know from an authoritarian system to a book open democratic system face a lot of problems the politicians have to be prepared for that but you know i was not. them all politics is dominated by just 2 parties one is the military spotty they used to be and one is the national league for democracy. if. we thought that things would change just by having a democratic government you know and the party of sense e.g. going to get power so again he was also disappointed in that regard. during her decades of struggle to house arrest and she was
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a nationally known democracy i kong and a harrowing recipient of any prizes she was repeating the monks rob human rights with every breath almost no democracy human rights no rule of law no she says she doesn't even mention human rights anymore. in the years following the suffering revolution in marcella breaks into its 1st democratic government. but with the military still in power many of the dreams to have true democracy evaporate. and me and mars leaders stand accused of genocide. being i close it. outside that western centric sphere of influence we're able to
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bring a different perspective to global events when you peel away all of the lists a covert military in the financial darkening you see the people in those words and those policies are affecting see the emotion on their faces the situation they're living in that's when all the us can identify with the story. does earaches prose prominent figures of the 20th century and how liable reigns influenced the course of history was the cuban revolution color in this whole way feel castro is a feudal east the not a communist or just you want to do is country che wanted international revolution became a point when the relationship came to an end the icons of revolution who changed the course of latin american politics che guevara and fidel castro face to face on al-jazeera. i'm.
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well you. know some of it i like police suspect a lone gunman is behind 15 shootings in the city all targeting immigrants an ethnic minority an attempted murder on a young life friday evening police were out in full force again after another man was shot out in a cycling disillusioned with the state prosecution or the victim's sister strikes up an unlikely relationship with the accused nexus to syria. and a witness documentary on al-jazeera. i'm richelle carey and these are the top stories on al-jazeera more protests have begun and hong kong this is a live look outside the international airport issued in c. there is a crowd gathering there hong kong says it suspended trains to the airport after
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organizers urged the public to overwhelm the road and rail transport services on sunday and monday we'll keep an eye on that this special negotiator on afghan reconciliation says he's close to making a deal with the taliban special representative. has just wrapped up the latest round of talks with the group in doha he will now head to kabul for consultations with afghanistan's government the positivity and kottaras been overshadowed by an attack by taliban fighters in the northern afghan city of hundreds it took over several buildings early saturday morning before the military deployed reinforcements by evening the government it had repel the fighters killing at least 30 of them 3 civilians also died. the u.s. says it's had an al qaeda linked training camp in syria's rebel held it live province it happened not far from midland city at least 14 people have been killed the syrian army and its ally russia have been waging a crushing offensive to recapture it live the latest mass shooting in the united
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states has killed at least 5 people and wounded 21 others the suspect was shot dead by police and odessa and west texas after hijacking a mail truck and firing at random another round of u.s. tariffs on chinese goods went into effect about an hour ago has targeted $300000000000.00 on imports from china beijing says it won't back down and has raised import taxes on $75000000000.00 worth of american goods the head of the united nations has visited the frontline of the bowl epidemic in the democratic republic of congo intended to terrorise met health care workers and peacekeepers the north kivu province where the latest outbreak began a year ago well a health organization says 2000 people have died from the disease and are can dorian remains a large category 4 storm it's currently east of the bahamas the national hurricane center says winds and heavy rain could devastate some parts of the island dorian still remains a threat to the u.s. east coast people in florida are boarding up homes and businesses are lining up for fuel and filling sandbags as the storm edges closer to the southeast coast of the
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united states. or so the headlines keep it here on al-jazeera the return you now to me and more an unholy alliance. just. normal no hanukkah. no you know what i'm going. to go. home about and i do it even to worry about it. if you knew what. the not all be did. to get in movies you will probably see you do you know why you will be thinking. through all the mojo now dude you are not just given the how to do just i don't want to be little of the old look to the other i get there. and then the body to
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somebody. what do you feel for these going. on in it. don't worry about it. now obama will probably have done my bit for what you will allow there will be few women who know malema how much and it will be i was just with them i just need. to bore you with the burning of. your coverage. in the broader picture. like you know several vision the monks and stage massive protests and bring the population on to this site which the government in power really feared and it is your governor that i'm really clamp down so if them were treated well. very new to.
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this end. you can also use mongst for your own purpose you know for very negative and send objectives back to democracy the mounts are a force that can be used. the n.l.e. government doesn't view of the very favorably you have to protect it so the monks and the military be entered into this kind of unholy alliance. claims. there is no denying the reverence for them about our leader during his visit to current state. his devoted followers worship the ultranationalist monks along the way. last place
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a crowd of fervent followers is also waiting to receive his speech. class. class. i. i. i. i i. i i i i i you i. knew. i was yeah i.
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think. to. give you the. good. luck to be human like you did you. keep. the. cuts in the god. love you love bullshit. i love you live good. to see you. now live. i. see you up to the
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world you. live. here into you. live here. the lives in the slums living on i love. you. love. the cold. hard. look. look i was friends and. i was born and maturity but i think that i've been hated because as the majority community.
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i need to i was privileged. and powerful. even mindset is harmful what if i go out i got favor i can do whatever i want if i want to using my father's power. so everything is privilege and everything is just to fine you dissolve this privilege because you are british just because you do something good in your purse life. of course we have clashes even inside the family they don't agree they asked me to stop saying that words against the military because they are that all people if i cause or if i'm playing to the old people i would be in help in the future. so when i
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exposed to the different wars when i exported different stories so they gave me new insights that i need to really stand on using my model as the majority ethnicity and majority religions to define and those were all press. so we got in the range of crisis and i feel a huge. burden because that's not just the room and rakhine crisis is the nation of crisis it's not just a nation a crisis a global crisis right now. but why that to happen me because the fear. that the politicians know that if you make people fear for something like the a religion is begun sensitive it again easier to create a conflict so it's become like us and politic or we are playing games using that religion and nationality and i didn't cut. the
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minister of religion he was actually from military that means he got to have some kind of similar ideologue to dislike mob out that are bad to recruit that by and l.t. you know but. cell that makes the stretcher that he is walking and a set of ministry all religion only for. this town in current state in the south east of me and more is restricted to foreigners and muslims forbidden. game. so money which a family go. to law that. he. he. they go he said.
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by the. same are. detained in a measure you know when a man. named it. but he doesn't know it being in your. life. there was. a lot of. weird name with his on the cell did it i did so when i do know i doubt he will. so i do because only would it. be i didn't know they had this us on the this or that one your. dead beat up. today monks from across the country along with thousands of devoted these have come to pay their last respects at the funeral of $1.00 of the region's most influential
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religious leaders political figures and other public personalities attend the event wear them about cause leader is given a position of prestige and authority. on this trip scores of heavily armed soldiers accompany him. deep down in the misery in the one man. who knew of one album an hour ago one that has it it . will table 1. 1000000 above your. teenage d. day minute. a day got. all those stayed in it and up the tinning going on the name that end of it is in. the me i'm on minister of religion is at great pains to justify his government's
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policies regarding the range of prices to the leader explaining that any concessions were enacted reluctantly. got. off. 5. 000 get a lot. of. our own good. out of the whole go vote.
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they started off to get a lot of signatures on the petition. supporting. public all the. interfaith marriage laws and because of support. huge never and i think this was a way of trying to test the waters. this happens in the offices now. so in the past it was the power of the gun and now it is the power of the vote and the legislature is really dominated by the us to be party a. past those walls. and so of our. in st. you know 2015 elections. really tried to play
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a political role. and to explain that we are to he has visited sri lanka many times and i think it is a game and his role model of the monks and nuns here at the park that i got a lot. and according to the new constitution. political party composed of what is monks is permitted and then they also enter the election and got elected. monks in sri lanka because of the general emergency. the buddhist monks became very active in politics the same thing is repeated in your mind the political role the nationalist role and the colonial role you know.
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but i would say sri lanka was peds in politics so militant monsters extremist monks in yemen now look at sri lanka as a kind of a role model. so that the new power doesn't exist anymore you know the militia are gone so they have to find something. and. they say that the same thing for the new law ministry they need evidence to justify their big budgets and their existence. is the love evidence that made public that the military was supporting them about them. and the law is flush with cash but lots of money. who were to loot is also because adding funds for the budgets they say that you have to prepare yourself for the next elections. so in tradition there where i think any
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backing this set and candidates for election i think they will do the same thing in 2020 but on a bigger scale. than any i'm not any. kind of the i am. even. though i. call stall result i got was not possible.
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all right good on the 7 because of the software over lucian against the military resistance everybody just one of 3 everybody around my right everybody one democracy just one day the military. should do a lot of people on the street i v so scary we've got i never saw a big kill each other from me. i fee so sad and i feel so angry and same time. after that what can we do we have no power here nor up on
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about the music music can speak out to use power to fight back we can screaming for the human right. person is why. one should do a long job. this is. mostly who hate islam the bed is there now but. no other man told me the 1st 6 months this is not religion this is a politic cover up by religion. i don't understand the policy shall we i only understand involved humanity i cannot change the war i cannot change even my country i'm going to take my stuff around me does this. rule lose in cannot exist without love allusion with the lead this minute violence would also revolution you cannot see changing your suburb region is
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the change must work you in this time. out of the way of the lord jesus a little and what he wanted and they just you know. and it won't be on your list of you know our phone number. to know by 1000000 john and i know you're going to. hit the name that i'll call mother fanned out of anonymity double and i'm a mom that is on a. government loan to. the protection of buddhism and the current government inspired devotion among many of me and most people. but there are voices challenging the status quo there is an
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emerging dissenting youth movement calling for another revolution. for authorities it presents a new challenge. for others who say they want to preserve myanmar's fledgling democracy it offers a voice of hope. dad was always feared the youths in the hope brought new ideas new concepts and who called friend with the cause of it to people always. turn into business is doing the projects like the voice of the youth. we are bringing people together from different communities different religious backgrounds from music. so you know it is clearly that.
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they don't all want to see any more conflicts they want to be together they want to be peaceful they want to be developed you know they want to catch up with the war at they want to. you know they want to celebrate this freedom. so our job is to you know let them be aware of. but how big can influence the future of the future for that. i will not say you have freedom of expression now. now we can say whatever we want but it doesn't mean they will not risk. the not. just the new outfit but the same darkness inside. how are.
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you. going to. do you.
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mean. i'm not. going to. follow that ok they. don't all get. the memo just. some of the difficulties. young how do i know you're not here. to hold your own money while.
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you have to state your position on family at a time like this when the country is divided on this issues that she has are a very unglamorous very strong vocal you must add your voice against its soul by keeping silence i think you also. part of the picture that means you have also i would say. you know one day we all would die for sure mom or congress and the. soul. everyone should other star question months. how many pain. to just try are all my things. if we could do their back no wrong. the whole wrong is done.
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the light so we are we not complain about doctrine and. we want to create our own light to visit our revolution. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast where we're watching another storm developing here just to the west of the philippines following a storm that made landfall over here towards vietnam bringing very heavy rain in that region so the ground is already saturated over here in vietnam the storm though is going to develop in almost the same way as the previous one it tracked very quickly across the south china sea so we could possibly see a developing land fall here across much of vietnam by the time we get to tuesday or
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wednesday so we're watching this very very carefully over the next few days well down towards the south we're going to be seeing some dry conditions across indonesia but we are going to see some more rain developing here across malaysia you know it had been dry but as we go on the forecast that we do expect to see more heavy rain across much of that area up towards coaching it's going to be attempt a few in rainy at $32.00 degrees getting cloudy by the time we get towards monday and then very quickly over towards india the rain is back across much of the area right in too much of a break over the next few days heavy rains going to be leading to flooding a bit of locations especially down here towards much of the south up towards the north though for new delhi it is going to be a mostly cloudy day rain to yourself at $32.00 degrees but over here towards prachi the rain is also in place for you down towards parts of it is going to be attempt if you are $29.00 and plenty of rain in the forecast with diggler up at about $26.00 degrees. september on al-jazeera with ethiopia taking its 1st steps into democracy
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al-jazeera meets for diversity europeans who are reshaping the country's political landscape world leaders gather in new york for the united nations general assembly global issues are on the table a listening post dissects the world's media how they operate and the stories they cover global warming and possible solutions to climate change are on the agenda of the united nations a special 2 part series explores how human activity has damaged much of the planet and cause some of the biggest environmental threats to mankind september on al-jazeera. talk to al-jazeera we're going to give them to the people will be attending them and i'm a workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone it's also terrorizing we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter
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on the soldiers there are the big storms generate thousands of headlines it seems that much the media is still struggling with how to deal with it with different angles from different perspectives and you hold to it can separate the spin from the facts. the misinformation from the journalism how careful must be your words but some tough stuff has to be said so some critics have to be made the listening post on al-jazeera. a new sound off in hong kong airport trains are suspended as protesters target transport after some of the most intense clashes in months.
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we want to know does iran lie from headquarters in doha i'm dead you know we're going to also a heads china hits back at the u.s. with billions of dollars in tariffs and a sharp escalation of the trade war. but libyan troops joined the operations to delos the devastating amazon wildfire. a sense of betrayal and anger that we meet some of the nearly 2000000 indians declared foreigners in a land they call their own. fellow protesters are surrounding entrances to hong kong airport and train services have been suspended a day after some of the most chaotic scenes of months transport services across the city are being targeted for disruption only hong kong government ordered trains to the airport to be stopped a little over an hour ago that's as crowds began gathering outside the main
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terminal as you can see protest organizers are keeping up pressure on the territory's government to scrap an extradition bill and respond to other demands for reform on saturday a mass march through the central city ended with violent clashes outside government headquarters let's get an update and bring in wayne he's joining us from that airport in hongkong and the airport as we know wayne was targeted before just give us a sense of what's happening right now. certainly it is chaotic what's happened in a fairly short space of time the call for the protesters to it was about 2 hours ago initially we saw very small numbers here but they have grown very quickly there are now thousands of people. all where they are on the ground level and this is the arrivals area so most people coming to the. after that landed clear immigration etc will leave the airport through this route now they're not blocking
3:51 pm
the doors out of the airport as far as we can see but certainly they have blocked one of the roads so they are causing a lot of disruption getting to the airport is proving to be very difficult is well the highway leading here is vallely congestion congested there is a police roadblock on that highway now they are checking every vehicle coming through there trying to stop more protest is coming to the year 4 but it seems that our that action was a little bit too late really to prevent the majority of them coming and there are reports though that hundreds if not more of our protest is on foot now walking along that highway because they cannot get through that police checkpoint this is something that they signaled they wanted to do they said on sunday they wanted to conduct what they call a stress test on the transport services to and from the airport and it certainly seems that's what they're doing and when this happening in hong kong and people
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over there are trying to come to terms with some of the scenes that we witnessed on saturday nights where police used tear gas and water cannon to drive back protesters from particular places. yes certainly i think it's fair to say that saturday night into the early hours of sunday morning were one of if not the most violent scenes that we had witnessed since the start of this protest movement almost 3 months ago not only in terms of the violence that we saw outside the government compound with protesters and police exchanging rocks and other items petrol bombs with the police firing back with water cannons and tear gas but it was after that as well the protest is moving on to an area near the police headquarters of hong kong assessing one of their barricades a blaze blocking a street and then after that a familiar passing where they fanned out to other parts of the city but i think even that process on saturday night again early sunday morning i was perhaps more
3:53 pm
intense than we've seen before i can't imagine the police are going to put up with the situation of hong kong airport for too long having said that at the beginning of august the protesters as you mentioned targeted this terminal as well in fact they were inside the buildings for the best part of 5 days it was largely peaceful but it did descend into chaos towards the end of that city and as the police moved in and used up the spray to try and play them away at the moment it's not clear that the protesters want to go inside the buildings themselves i'd seems at the moment they want to disrupt the transport and the happy to stay outside the building for now so as the protesters really try and put as much pressure as possible on all for any is are we hearing from the author or news either those in hong kong or in beijing. well we heard government statements saturday night really while the violence was
3:54 pm
still unfolding and it's been a seemingly own really not only from the rock from the communist party raging mainland china and. we see these protests as rioters that's a very sensitive to the people who are coming on the streets they say they want to be classified is not riots is by those protesters. it's german ology but it's very important when it comes to prosecuting these people so they want that change and the time has also been the accusation has been from both of the governments in hong kong and beijing is that this protest movement is being supported from the outside that it is being stood along by western governments the united states great britain for example and that is denied strenuously of course by the protesters themselves also by the people within the pro-democracy movement in was saying that that is simply not true there was no influence all support coming from outside the system missed this a fight between the people of hong kong the hong kong government and the government
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in china all right tyrone who wanted from hong kong thank you. another round of u.s. tariffs on chinese goods went into effect just a few hours ago so china in term has raised the import taxes on $75000000000.00 worth of american goods katrina you has more from beijing. shoppers come to beijing send you any market to buy all kinds of imported foods including american greg cherries but it's fast becoming a casualty of china's trade with the u.s. tariffs have already gone off twice pushing the price of a killer to around $25.00 and from to 10 for the 1st tariffs on u.s. cherries will be erased from 50 to 60 percent then it is cheaper alternatives to the high chinese through some very good. the price is much cheaper than american products the quality is also very good so more and more people are choosing local
3:56 pm
foods higher prices are the only reason shoppers are considering buying less from the u.s. . for me being pretty arctic is something more important for me to consider than the price we are trainees and we are all affected that by the training us treat war cherries may be the most popular american product at this market but it's not the only for it that will receive high it's harrods new jerseys will also apply to things like american palms grades and apples $75000000000.00 worth of u.s. goods will see tariffs of between 5 and 10 percent china also reinstate import taxes of 25 percent and u.s. cars in december the hikes are the chinese government's response to the trumpet ministrations latest trade was over 10 percent tariffs on 300 $1000000000.00 worth of chinese goods also coming into effect in september and december analysts say the u.s. president has been a confusing and unreliable negotiating partner i don't think the president trumps remarks serious recording his forest ranger here are some very the stick figure in
3:57 pm
order to push through let's talk there you must get. much bigger stick china's comus ministry says it doesn't want to escalate tensions and is open to more talks with the u.s. but it's world against underestimating china's willingness to dig its heels in for the long fight if you fight or will fight back if you're talk good there's talk but we have principles will never yield our principles by weakening its currency and developing new trade partnerships china is taking steps to ensure its economy is less vulnerable to any new moves by truck in the trade. and as demand for things like us cherry slow research china is finding cheaper alternatives from countries such as pakistan and chile are ripe for the picking between e.u. al-jazeera beaching. israeli tanks and troops have been sent to the border with lebanon on as tensions increase with hezbollah leader hassan nasrallah told
3:58 pm
supporters that israel must pay a price for its aggression following an israeli drone strike on beirut last week. here. the issue now is in the field it is in the hands of the field commanders they know what they have to do and how close the leader is in yemen say 50 people have been killed and dozens wounded in an air strike targeting prisoners of war the who these say warplanes from the saudi erotic coalition attacked a detention center in the march on saturday the whole thing say it how's that least 170 people so yemen's government there has been no comment from the coalition. and in the southern yemeni city of say they've arrested dozens of people oil to the internationally recognized governments government forces withdrew from aid in following airstrikes by the united arab emirates the reports. separatist fighters
3:59 pm
in the port city of aden after they pushed back government forces they were helped by u.a.e. airstrikes. by fighting the terrorist groups that destroyed aden our southern forces are in control of the city and we're now on the outskirts of shock. and will advance towards the province of abyan in the coming days. recent battles around the city have exposed growing rifts in the saudi amorality coalition yemen's president i would grab him and so hard he has accused the u.a.e. of supporting the separatists by bombing saudi backed government forces in and around aden he's urging saudi arabia to intervene residents of age and say they desperately want the fighting to stop. we hope the future will be better and safer nothing is better than security and safety we want to be able to leave our homes and return safely this war is a big problem in. 4 years since the saudi amorality coalition began its military
4:00 pm
offensive supporting the yemeni government against who the rebels but since then yemen's war has evolved into something even more complicated the fighting has had a devastating impact on millions of yemenis. and diseases everywhere because of the war peace and security must be brought back our leaders need to arrest all the saboteurs and deport them from. the saudi backed government and the u.a.e. backed separatists both want to control aid in ahead of possible negotiations to end the war yemenis fear that means more fighting and most suffering victoria gate and be al jazeera hurricane dorian asserting that they bahama islands and millions of americans are worried to make category. 4 storm is on track to cross the northwestern bahamas later on sunday the national hurricane center says when heavy rain could devastate some areas of the island the storm continues to be a threat to florida and the southeast coast of the u.s.
4:01 pm
though it remains unclear where or if it will make landfall troops have joined thousands of volunteers from across south america. fire is a lie.


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