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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 2, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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sides that this potentially very dangerous conflagration has now subsided but the longer term threat of more down the line does remain all right terry foster thank you. thousands of students at hong kong are skipping the 1st day of school to keep the pressure up against the government protest organizers have called for a 2 day general strike and they're continuing to demand the scrapping of an extradition bill and greater government reforms the strike follows mass demonstrations at the airport on sunday which led to multiple flight cancellations and there's been another stern warning from china in an editorial published in the state run news agency it says the end is coming for those attempting to disrupt hong kong antagonize china they should never misjudge the determination and the ability of the central government or the commentary follows one of the most violent weekends in hong kong on saturday police used a water cannon and they fired tear gas as you can see on protesters who threw
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petrol bombs and set fires near the chinese government headquarters in recent weeks chinese troops have been seen gathering in a city bordering hong kong. let's bring in wayne hay he's joining us on the phone from the chinese university of hong kong where the demonstration is growing which we'll talk about in just a moment but 1st tell us how that warning in the official news agency that the end is coming for hong kong is being interpreted in hong kong. well i think it'll be used as motivation quite honestly i mean we've seen warnings happen fairly regularly over the past few months to be coming becoming more serious in tone i think absolutely no sign. students very much at the core that heard this movement of any fear it was those signs of backing down if anything they are becoming involved in some of their actions becoming more tense on the streets violence is
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worsening i think is a sign here that students at the core of this protest movement again becoming more intolerance to anything they believe in a 5 not going to give up until they achieve those goals. this is what the chinese government is saying everyone at home call is keeping a very close watch on what the message is coming from china but again there's no sign that people are backing down because of that or become a afraid of what the government is. run as you speak to us we are looking at live pictures from hong kong where demonstrators have come out in force it appears what sort of impact is this 2 day strike as well as across a boycott by students likely to have. well i have to say for the most all day. waiting. for gasoline here it's been raining heavily throughout the course of the day so i think some of the gatherings around different parts of the
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city of things that have to be smaller than organizers would have hoped for but again it's still early in the day. i purchased movement as a pattern of developing right through the day to the what we're seeing now here in texas at the chinese university. territories of hong kong this huge gathering of students not just students from this university from others universities that have come here to this campus today to be. direction was exposed. your school year and it did as you mentioned to this day was all a strike. aimed at. destroying. the reason for that is the thing that is in your charge. students about. their protest action. with an update from hong kong thank you.
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still ahead on al-jazeera mexico's president promises to tackle violence and corruption but it's not enough for some angry protesters. filming atrocities we meet the real hang who captured footage as they fled for their lives details coming up. hello again we do want to update you on what is happening with hurricane dorian right now as it is making its way across the northern bahamas now well defied eye on the storm system category 5 right now but in terms of the size of the storm from north to south not the biggest storm that we have seen in over the last year what we're going to be seeing though is course we're going to seeing very strong storm surge heavy rain a lot of gusty winds and the big problem now is the storm is beginning to slow down
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on its forward movement winds right now currently are 280 close for our gusting up to $350.00 and this is where the problem is it's moving to the west at 9 and it's going to get even slower as it makes its way towards the west that's going to cause a big problem because when we saw seeing widespread flooding across much of this area some models are saying over 800 millimeters of rain could be falling with the next 3 days in this area as well sustained storm surge not only for the bahamas as well as over here towards florida so on monday still a category 5 on tuesday if the storm slowly turns and make its way towards the north dropping down to a category for most of florida on the east coast is going to be really impacted by storm surge as well as beach erosion and then as we go towards wednesday we see the storm makes way towards the carolinas still as a category 4 storm with very heavy rain as well as winds. the winds are sponsored by countdown and. for the pneumatic john connor trying to survive. it's about
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reaching their destination if we don't hurry and never be able to get to the top of the storm we follow the mongolian herdsmen on a treacherous migration. is dangerous to the eye since then as they strive to preserve their traditional way of life here in the interior sometimes loser. there with cold water because of the storm risking you to mongolia on al-jazeera. television the top stories on al jazeera un special envoy calling for accountability from the saudi led coalition after its paris strikes killed 65 people in the city of bombs had
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a detention center early on sunday but the coalition says it was targeting a site storing weapons. the united nations is calling on israel and hezbollah to exercise restraint after they exchanged fire along the lebanese border on sunday hezbollah says the target an israeli military israel launched about 100 artillery shells of what it said were targets across a border village. thousands of students in hong kong escaping the 1st day of school to keep the pressure up against the government protest organizers have called for a 2 day general strike follows the airport protests which led to multiple flight cancellations. hurricane dorian is pounding the bahama islands in the caribbean wrecking homes and downing power lines islanders are being warned to remain in emergency shelters until the category 5 storm passes weather experts are hoping the hurricane will avoid a direct hit on the u.s. state of florida and to gallagher has more from miami. hurricane dorian packing
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sustained winds close to 300 kilometers per hour is battering the bahamas this is one of the most powerful storms to hit this nation and it's predicted to linger for hours with coastal surges in excess of 6 meters despite pleas some residents have decided to ride the storm out a decision officials say could put their lives at risk that is not a good idea be asking you to reconsider that decision and to seek shelter in the rest of. the weather becomes too severe to come into freeport this is not a time for us to seek to exist forecasters say dorian should turn north hugging the east coast of florida once it passes over the bahamas but risks remain florida georgia and the carolinas are making last minute preparations even if dorian remains on its predicted path strong winds heavy rains and storm surges could have a catastrophic impact even the slightest deviation with
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a storm this large ferocious and slow moving could be deadly this storm at this magnitude could really cause massive destruction and do not put your life in jeopardy by staying behind i when you have a chance to get out and you still do have time to prepare yourself and to make sure that you and your family are safe states of emergency have now been declared in parts of florida georgia and the carolinas and the dangers will remain for some time the eye of hurricane dorian may remain off the coast of florida but much of the state is still inside the code of an. certainty from its formation dorian has surprised forecasters strengthening significantly on sunday morning the 1st outer bands are expected here late on monday and into chews day all millions can do now is watch and wait as this huge storm creeps closer to the u.s. all eyes are on the bahamas with significant damage is already being reported the
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next few days could prove devastating i have everything but my house which i still don't think up water now but we don't know how long we're going to be so you have to take whatever proportions have an award or whatever picks you can have but i think the thing will be together here in the not no one should be alone forecasters are warning that dorian may slow down even as it grows in intensity some of describe the storm as textbook others say it's a lingering monster that will threaten lives for days and gallacher al-jazeera miami florida but the governors of georgia and south carolina have ordered people throughout the coastlines to evacuate based on the latest forecasts and storm track which we have been following very carefully and after extensive consultation with local county emergency management officials and those you see here to day i mean issuing a mandatory evacuation starting at noon starting at noon on monday september
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2nd. mexico's president has promised the talk of violence and corruption in his 1st state of the union address. as a bridge or enjoys a high approval rating despite an increase in violence and the economy weakening money while raffaello has more from mexico city. during his 1st speech about the state of the nation mexican president. said the mexican people are pleased with his accomplishments of the spar. a majority of people support our efforts and they're happy happy with the work we're doing but as he was speaking hundreds of people were marching in protest down mexico city's main avenue right up there. was my demonstrations criticizing the president also took place in several other mexican cities at the same time i was
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there many places where insecurity is extreme the president says we're happy but i'm not happy that. the president is boasting all he has done but really leaves much to be desired the top complaint among critics of president lopez over the other is the country's deteriorating security situation $2900.00 is expected to be a record setting year for violence in the country surpassing the nearly $35000.00 homicides that took place the year before what we're hearing from people on the streets of mexico city apart from concerns over escalating violence nationwide is a general distrust of the president's rhetoric and criticisms over how the government is managing a stagnant national economy mexico central bank forecasts economic growth at 0.2 percent for 2019 barely avoiding recession despite the many challenges president look there's a lot of work on an approval rating between 67 and 72 percent according to the latest national polls presidential fact checkers like they say the president's
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popularity could be linked to rhetoric that often misrepresents the facts especially when it comes to the economy the bullet hit i can tell you the only 40 percent of the president statements are very fireball 60 percent of what he says is either. president refers to his administration. mexico's 4th transformation placing his government reforms on par with the 910 mexican revolution. but a continued failure to rein in nationwide violence and improve the economy could eventually wrote the mexican leaders overwhelming support a disease or mexico city. aid agencies say mobile phone video recorded by fleeing the killing spree in myanmar could be used as evidence in future trials it's 2 years since around 3 quarters of a 1000000 roving scaped over the border to camps in bangladesh stephanie tucker
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reports from cox's bazaar on. september 14th 2017 a day that will haunt mohammed yunus forever he says he watched his 1000000 mars security forces burned his village to the ground managing to capture this moment on his mobile phone looking back as he ran. i don't know how they came in the early morning and surrounded the whole village they opened fire randomly so we ran away then they burnt our homes front of our eyes. we wanted to find some of the people. focusing on this man with the water bucket to find out what happened to him after asking around we were told where he lives in this camp in southeastern bangladesh so we went to find him mohammad is now 20 years old he tells us they secretly went back to their village of haile dawn after the military
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left to salvage what they could. i thought my home is gone but i'll try to save the other 2 houses seemed we could have see they weren't told the burner so we went back. but he says the security forces returned the next day and on september the 16th they fled to bangladesh. i'm always thinking about my home all that happened keep coming back to me who was killed who are shocked i keep seeing it in front of my eyes i have lived in sadness for 2 years now i miss my country a lot of the videos were retrieved from mobile phones that have been broken or damaged or people fled across the river i think i was able to fix some of the mobile phones about a 3rd that came to me but most of them were damaged by salt water all of the videos that i have seen show that it was the military committing these crimes. now the video we found appears to show terrified running from their burning village. gunshots can be heard. that gathered evidence on their phone through photographs
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and video footage there are courageous people they took great personal risk for gather the evidence and some of this evidence is prevalent tory and exposes massacres and violence that happened in state and should be used in future prosecutions we also have anyone had approached them to hand over the videos is some form of evidence we were told no this camp has hundreds of thousands of witness accounts and of potentially crucial photographic and video evidence of the crackdown against the regime the international criminal court is looking into opening a formal investigation it's been 2 years and no one has been brought to justice stephanie decker al-jazeera in the writing or refugee camps of cox is bizarre. vietnam is marking 50 years since the death of its revolutionary leader. considered the father of the nation and its communist party he led the fight for independence
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against several foreign powers university of vietnam's national day florence louis has more from. outside the herdsmen most of them in hanoi long lines have formed of people waiting to get in to get a glimpse of the embalmed body of men and he's still very much revered in vietnam seen as not just the founding father of modern vietnam but also the man who brought independence to this country now his teachings his life story are contained in school curricula in political and military training in patriotic songs and propaganda but increasingly as a concern he may be becoming less relevant especially to the younger generation this is a country where around half the population is under the age of the more concerned about upward mobility and social media very far removed from the world of communist teachings having said that the values that her embodies of patriotism of resilience are still relevant now and there are many challenges for vietnam as it goes forward
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it's done very well building itself up off to decades of colonize ation and war its economy is now robust and dynamic but the new challenge for the for the government really is to maintain political stability even as it sustained economic growth as the country becomes richer more people may want a bigger frame more representation how is the government's going to handle political dissent and criticism the other challenge is geopolitics china has staked a claim in the south china sea and is becoming increasingly aggressive in asserting that plane how will vietnam stand up to china which is not just an adversary but also a very important trade partner these are challenges for vietnam and its leaders may want to draw on the values that is associated with. as it brings the country.
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hello again the headlines on al-jazeera this hour the u.n. special envoy to yemen is calling for accountability after the saudi led coalition air strikes killed 65 people in the city of. early on sunday the coalition says it was targeting a weapons storage site it's the united nations is calling on israel to exercise restraint after a big strange fire along the lebanese border on sunday hezbollah says it targeted an israeli military vehicle israel launched about 100 or 2 of what it said were targets very false that has more from northern israel. lebanon says that israel is routinely going through its airspace would syria using its airspace space to launch attacks into syria unmanned vehicle aerial vehicles inside it says space which hezbollah now says it reserves the right to shoot down on the israeli side israel argues that there is an expanding iranian operation inside lebanon that
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hezbollah and iran are working together to create or modify existing missiles into position guided weaponry which benjamin netanyahu has made it clear is a red line as far as israel is concerned hezbollah through its leader hassan nasrallah has denied any such activity so this particular conflagration does now seemed seem to have died down but there is always the possibility even the likelihood of more down the line thousands of students in hong kong are skipping the 1st day of school to keep up pressure on the government protests organizers have called for a 2 day general strike follows protests on sunday at the airport which led to flight cancellations hurricane dorian is pounding the bahama islands in the caribbean wrecking homes in downing power lines islanders are being warned to stay
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in emergency shelters that's until the category 5 storm passes. those are the latest headlines on al-jazeera we'll have more news coming up after risking it all thing with us. talk to al jazeera. what are you going to give them to the people who will be attending the minima workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone who is also terrorizing me we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter on the soldiers 0.
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000-000-0000 extension 0000 name. during the hour. until recently there was an infernal racket all around this lake the clank of
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pickaxes punctuated by explosions. but the noise stopped. it's an unwelcome silence for lug. he and thousands of other golden jade hunters had to lay down their tools when the author of his close down the mines. gets by on odd jobs until he can find a buyer for the gens he hopes will change his destiny. found says he has to work the. dishes i took that at dinner to. check. out his sort of sediment who writes in bags out in panto i did cook.
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as he waits for a buyer for his precious jade he makes extra money renting his small truck to nomadic herdsman who seasonal migration takes place several times a year. who to meet the nomads lug for usually drives across the lake but this year the thought has come several months early. to intervene are these are the must know myself i've thought about doing it all myself and all my. own way are going to be condemned in the future. the early mild spell has affected the thick 80 centimeter layer of ice which could give way at any moment it. seems determined to try his luck. one of
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the ones that are positive that. the descendants of the great mongol conqueror again discount are up. proud people. their courage never fails them. many mongolians and nomads and often live in inhospitable regions as winter ends the families drive their livestock to fresh pastures a 4 day journey at an altitude of 2000 meters in the icy mountains the temperature can reach minus 40 degrees celsius.
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him out of their. blood doesn't like the look of the gray ice a sure sign that it's full of water. slowly the van sinks deeper. if the ice reaches halfway up the doors he'll be trapped his truck will become a metal coffin he needs to find a way out to. initiate . all of the household side of the hoons in.
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a lot to do all those a job that i do going to have to do to. that's all floated to do. but do assess. his worst fears confirmed loud but heads back to shore. after a considerable detail the van arrives at the tribe's camp. in mongolian means craftsmen. that have time i know as i would you. know have made not everybody i didn't
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know that they're going to have us out that. are going to get because. they planned to leave the following morning. the ritual is always the same before each migration everyone gathers in the family. elders recount tales as a warning to the young kids and i thought that that's where 60 year old men still has a good memory that's where. the idea is and they don't. do that don't want told you know so i'm going to monday she told us you know you're going to. want to do about a $100.00 but if i do not only do and i want to withdraw from a month i have to think and i want to. warn you want to be told which you know
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shoulder. and be in the middle of everything. for the team to. early in the morning all menace cracking sounds come from the lake. there i. find i can tell you. think she did such a good job to. push. us and you to. be really one of the toss up that the haitian endeavor that are stopping us has lost something.
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these members of the dog tribe will migrate with almost 250 animals sheep goats horses yaks and all their belongings. apart from the year that all their possessions fit into 2 trunks. are never going out though not that often all they're hoping to. get out of courtesy he said to her talk of the mclean. border to jordan was that crittur turn virgil in here where the degree of him and then going through the fire i don't think it's about. time is not a factor for the nomads they advance at their own pace.
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the van leads the way. the yaks are the fastest. i the sheep and goats followed close behind. by a hopeful home. for old uncle bob of the home life there. was a bump up on both out of the hold and if you do.
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it's a long 4 day ride to the new pasture his. 20 year old brings up the rear. lug a small russian fan is almost 35 years old but he wouldn't swap it for the world he has absolute trust in his vehicle. traffic to. move. from our. car during off peak to. hope that the bad the move could. harm the combat is the.
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part of the old i was up with a lot of you know job was vital that. a few kilometers back by out the clan chief is smiling he just had some good news. i know before we talk about a plan was to. put. the path narrows on some of the animals panic. the long climb up to the 2000 meter high gauge lake pass will be no easy task. but the vans are down below and taking an ice bound route knew all good do when
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they got it was a. guy who have to consider in the past. although much of their judging you know just a. clue to the i at the end of all the school to myself i didn't walk on set it was a little statistical. the whole document was about them to not just. where . my post on the still. puzzled looks doesn't resolve. the problem turns out to be serious as it's the gearbox that's leaking. all the van will start again.


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