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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 2, 2019 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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across this potential strike zone now if the storm follows the current track it would likely brush should florida's outer edge not making landfall but the state would feel the effects really starting late this evening and if it continues and would eventually make landfall in this area that would likely be sometime wednesday night into thursday morning so millions of people right now very tense watching this storm to see where it may turn next and how are people preparing and anticipation off this you've got a lot of people stocking up on what they may need including food water and medicines for a full week even longer expecting to be without power in some areas flooding would be a major issue as well and perhaps couldn't get in and out then you got those who are going to evacuate packing up what they can getting it together and preparing to move to higher ground officials really urging those that are leaving make sure you
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do so in a timely manner get out earlier rather than later they're worried about traffic they're worried about fuel and so they'd like to see that process begin early and really move through before conditions take a turn for the worse all right james ray will speak to you later on thank you for that update still ahead right here on al-jazeera. mexico's president promises to tackle violence and corruption but it's not enough for some angry protesters. hello again welcome back we're here cross southeast asia we are watching 2 areas of potential development for tropical systems one is already tropical depression ling-ling and that is to the east of the philippines and that will continue to make its way towards the northwest and develop even stronger the other one is going to
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be here to the west of the philippines brings a very heavy rain now we did a poor duel just last week that made its way across towards the west and made a landfall in vietnam we're not sure that this system once it does develop will make a landfall but what it will do is pretty varied heavy rain along those coastal areas for china as well as into vietnam here as we go towards the rest of the forecast you'd see the very heavy rain over here towards vietnam on wednesday for men as well as all the way up time noir we're going to be watching that very very carefully where here across parts of australia things are not looking too bad to the north but down towards the south we have multiple fronts that are pushing through the area one is already pushing through parts of adelaide as well as into melbourne we're going to see the other one come through perth with very high winds across that area now the temp just not going to really drop down too much as it pushes through 15 degrees there alice springs though a very hot day for you at 31 and over here toward sydney we are looking quite nice with plenty of sun for you at 20 and up towards brisbane it is going to be a very nice day $26.00 in townsville at $26.00 as well.
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hello again the top stories on al jazeera this hour. is calling for accountability from the saudi led coalition after its era strikes killed at least 65 people in the city of the modern bombs hit a detention center early on sunday though the coalition says it was targeting a weapons store. the category 5 hurricane dorian is pounding the bahamas islands in the caribbean and millions of americans are worried and making last minute preparations in case it heads their way the governors of florida georgia and south carolina have ordered mandatory evacuations of their coastlines. well thousands of students in hong kong have skipped classes to keep up the pressure against the government's students from across the territory have gathered at the chinese university of hong kong to voice their anger protest organizers have called for a 2 day general strike they're continuing to demand the scrapping of an extradition bill greater government reforms and there's been another stern warning from china
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in an editorial published in the state run news agency it says the end is coming for those attempting to disrupt hong kong and antagonize china they said never misjudged the determination ability of these central governments sarah clarke is joining us from hong kong to 1st talk about the protest as well as the the general strike and what you're seeing happening around the city today. with some of the student boycott instructed a huge number of people at this scene the chinese university of hong kong with several 1000 people students may boycott it. yes and attended this rally we also saw students from the secondary schools attend various rallies around central as well as at some of the schools in hong kong and as well is that we had the 1st of a 2 day general strike which is being called here in hong kong today was off to the 1st day we had some hospitals we had you know groups saying at least 21 different
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sectors were represented at the particular rally where we are which is just come to a close it's in time our heart which is intense from hong kong this to 21 second's included ideation finance the medical sector as well as tourism now i can say several 1000 people gathered here as well the numbers built once a business is coming to a close it's about 7 pm local time here and due to to wrench to rain we're going to talk to one which simply means a lot of heavy rain it's come to a close but tomorrow which is to say here in hong kong there's a 2nd day of general strike being called so you can still see there's still a lot of support for what these the protests a calling for which is the formal or the official withdrawal of the situation bill of course we've discussed numerous times that this is morphing into a bigger movement of people calling for greater democracy in hong kong and pushing back on china's involvement in hong kong's affairs all right sarah clarke thank you . they united nations is calling on israel to exercise restraint after they
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exchange fire along the lebanese border has fired anti-tank missiles towards an israeli military post on sunday afternoon israel responded by sending about 100 artillery shells that what it said was targets across the border there has been no fighting overnight harry false reports from northern israel. on sunday afternoon the tense week long waiting game was over the strike that hezbollah had been promising was underway anti-tank missiles fired at an israeli army base near the community of avivim just south of the lebanese border hezbollah t.v. claimed an israeli tank it being destroyed and soldiers killed but the israeli military said while its base had sustained hits that being no casualties pictures of an apparent emergency evacuation were later reported by israeli media as a diversionary trick apparently to try to convince hezbollah that it had carried out a sufficiently damaging attack israeli artillery and air strikes targeted lebanese
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border areas that reports from there said the shells hit mainly empty areas no casualties were reported on either side less than 2 hours after it began the israeli army said the confrontation appeared to be over and. we were attacked by several anti-tank missiles were tallied with about 100 shells from the area and by other means were holding consultation concerning the future i ordered them to be prepared as you know for any possibility we have no casualties not even a scratch the latest escalation started a week ago hezbollah said an attack on a stronghold in southern beirut last sunday was carried out by israeli drones that followed in israeli as strike that killed 2 fighters in syria israel said it had prevented a drone attack being launched from that. yes and yet as well as leader hassan nasrallah warned then and repeated on saturday that his forces would strike back
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and he denied israel's justification for its recent attacks that hezbollah and iran were assembling precision guided missiles inside lebanon. yeah. it's. a pretext netanyahu is using to attack and i said on many occasions that we have enough guided missiles for what we need but not precision guided missile factories benjamin netanyahu insists iran's growing threat necessitates an expanding israeli response it's just over 2 weeks until the israeli elections forceful action backs up his carefully nurtured image as israel's mr security at ascent into full scale war on the lebanon border less. in the weeks since her son the stroller gave his warning of a return to a tree strike all of the messaging from both sides all the analysis suggested that neither israel nor hezbollah wanted an escalation towards all out war in their
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actions early on sunday they appear to have proved that right limiting and calibrating their military actions to satisfy their domestic audiences without for now at least triggering a broader conflict are a force that al-jazeera just outside in northern israel well the u.s. special envoy on afghanistan has met with the afghan president us or afghani over the draft of a peace agreement with the taliban last month zalmay khalilzad met with taliban representatives in qatar to complete a 9th round of talks to end the ongoing conflict killed ziad said both sides were on the brink of striking a deal president ghani is expected to share his views on the peace deal draft with the u.s. negotiator within the next 2 days. britain's prime minister has met conservative party allies that his country residence before a parliamentary showdown over the brics the crisis members of parliament will reconvene after their summer break on tuesday boris johnson's decision to suspend parliament just before the break that deadline is being described as
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a coup to stop democratic debates johnson says the e.u. needs to make concessions because britain is leaving the october 31st come what may . vietnam is marking 50 years since the death of france revolutionary leader men he is regarded as the father of the nation and the founder of its communist party the anniversary of his death also falls on vietnam's national day. in the capital. means for the country. the mausoleum of. the founding father of modern vietnam these people are here to catch a glimpse of his embalmed body. to all of your uncle who is a great person i have been here twice but my younger siblings here to express our gratitude and love to. he dedicated his career and his life to building this election. to be here to visit the muslim. as he's affectionately
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known let the vietnamese nationalist movement for nearly 3 decades 1st fighting japanese in vegas then french colonialists forces and later u.s. troops in the vietnam war he died on september 2nd 1969 and did not live to see the end of the war nor the reunification of north and south vietnam. in a still very much revered in vietnam seen as the man who brought independence to the country but he is also viewed by some as the source of authoritarianism the communist party which he founded in 1913 still rules vietnam to this day but over the years the vietnamese communist party has slowly implemented reforms mostly economic the country's growth is almost parallel to china's a communist one party state that embraced market reforms and capitalism in the early $9090.00 s. that policy has led to boom times in vietnam its g.d.p.
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is forecast to increase around 6 and a half percent this year and next but along side economics. sets come new challenges because we have developmental lot of people will have more voice more and more representation and they may not be happy with one party rule so you know it would be a good numbers and really have a civil society but there will be more dissent there'll be more criticism as we have now managed. there's also geopolitics to contend with china has staked a claim in the south china sea building military installations on artificial islands and occasionally clashing with vietnamese vessels it's a delicate balance for vietnam standing up to a powerful adversary who's also an important trade partner and one time ideological ally. communist teachings may not be as relevant to the nation now but the founding fathers sense of patriotism and resilience are still alive florence louis
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al-jazeera honeoye. we all hope is a research fellow at i.z.'s yousif i shock institute and he said like a city lives on as a national hero who brought independence to vietnam. left controversal a legacy for vietnam on the one hand he's seen as the father of the modern vietnam he led to independence in 945 and he played a role in the ultimate unification of the country 30 years later but some critics also see him as the source of authority darian use them in vietnam because he found it in his commies party in 1930 and the party is the ruling vietnam these days but i think over the past 30 years or so he's colleagues in vietnam congress party have tried to change his legacy in a more positive manner by adopting economic you cannot reforms political reforms
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that helped vietnam thrive as one of the most dynamic economy in the world i'm tired these days initially i think paul wanted to fight for vietnam's independence and he looked at different ways to achieve that goal in the end he found that. in this. model and communism may be the only way for vietnam to achieve that war so he adopted communism and how to spread communism in the country but many people see him more as a nationalist. he's legacy is still. positively perceived by many people in vietnam he still review it as the now a national hero who brought independence to the country mexico's president has vowed to tackle violence and corruption in the 1st state of the union address of his presidency despite an increase in violence and
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a weakening economy and dress money while lopez obrador still enjoys a high approval rating manual raffaello has more from mexico city. during his 1st speech about the state of the nation mexican prison. and it is. so the mexican people are pleased with his accomplishments this far. a majority of people support our efforts and they're happy happy with the work we're doing but as he was speaking hundreds of people were marching in protest down mexico city's main avenue right up there. i demonstrations criticizing the president also took place in several other mexican cities at the same time i want to stop there are many places where insecurity is extreme the president says we're happy but i'm not happy. the president is boasting all he has done but really leaves much to be desired the top complaint among critics of president lopez over
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the other is the country's deteriorating security situation 200-1000 is expected to be a record setting year for violence in the country surpassing the nearly $35000.00 homicides that took place the year before what we're hearing from people on the streets of mexico city apart from concerns over escalating violence nationwide is a general distrust of the president's rhetoric and criticisms over how the government is managing a stagnant national economy mexico central bank forecasts economic growth at 0.2 percent for 2019 barely avoiding recession despite the many challenges president look his or whatever else on an approval rating between 67 and 72 percent according to the latest national polls presidential fact checkers like then you see the president's popularity could be linked to rhetoric that often misrepresents the facts especially when it comes to the economy. i can tell you to all you 40 percent up to president statements are very fireball 60 percent of what he says is either
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all misleading president refers to his administration as mexico's 4th transformation placing his government reforms on par with the 910 mexican revolution was. yeah but a continued failure to rein in nationwide violence and improve the economy could eventually wrote the mexican leader's overwhelming support and dizzy to mexico city . hello again the headlines on al-jazeera this hour the u.n. special envoy to yemen is calling for accountability from the saudi led coalition after its airstrikes killed at least $65.00 people in the city of dhamaka bombs hit a detention center early on sunday though the coalition says it was targeting a weapons store thousands of students in hong kong have skipped class to keep up
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pressure on the government for change and to reduce chinese control protest organizers have called for a 2 day general strike to further those demands. the category 5 hurricanes orient is pounding the bahama islands in the caribbean right now the powerful storm is leaving huge damage in its wake and millions of americans are worried and making last minute preparations in case it heads their way the governors of florida georgia and south carolina have ordered mandatory evacuations off their coast lots based on the latest forecast and storm track which we have been following very carefully and have to extensive consultation with local county emergency management officials and those you see here today i'm issuing a mandatory evacuation starting it starting at noon on monday september 2nd and investigators has a journalist who was abducted in the maldives 5 years ago was killed by
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a local affiliates of al qaeda 100 was reporting on corruption and armed groups when he disappeared in 2014 the commission investigating deaths in disappearances under the previous government says it was forced into a car at knife point before he was killed at sea the u.s. special envoy on afghanistan has met with afghan president over the draft of a peace agreement with the taliban last month zalmay khalilzad met with taliban representatives in qatar to complete a 9th round of talks to end the ongoing conflict said both sides were on the brink of striking a deal president donnie is expected to share his views on the peace deal draft with the u.s. negotiator within the next 2 days britain's prime minister has met conservative party allies that his country residence before a parliamentary showdown over the brics a crisis members of parliament will reconvene after their summer break on tuesday those are the headlines on al-jazeera inside story is coming up next stay with us.
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thank. you. indians no more almost 2000000 people in the state of assam become stateless that's off though they were excluded from a controversial register of citizens so is it a means of cracking down on illegal migrants just a ploy to target list lives and how much is it just plain politics this is inside school. thanks . thanks. hello everyone i'm hasn't seek a welcome to the program imagine living in
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a country or your life and then being told you're not a citizen there that's what nearly 2000000 people are suddenly facing today in india they've been excluded from a list of citizens in the north eastern state of last am in a process the government says will weed out the illegal immigrants critics say it is an attempt to deport millions of muslims who make up a 3rd of the state's population those excluded now have 4 months to prove they're not foreigners or face detention the national register of citizens was 1st created in 1951 to determine who came to the state before neighboring bangladesh declared independence from pakistan we'll be speaking to our guests in a moment but 1st priyanka gupta reports from assam's largest city guwahati. an anxious saturday and a south people lined up since early morning to find out if their names are on the state's final list of citizens 47 year old me general ham on
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a farm and probably village is on the list but his wife and 3 children are. very worried i feel bad and my heart i am very sad. this elderly couple that go hearty also trying to understand what went wrong 70 people not was born in assam and has lived here all his life his entire family is on the list except him and his 2 daughters i want to get the number 3 who are on the list submitted the same document my daughter and i submitted that as well so how can we be excluded those excluded from assam's final register of citizens will have to appear in foreigners tribunals like these with 120 days wide screwups including amnesty international are calling for transparency as i have been several reports suggesting that some proceedings have been biased and discriminatory as we were the
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group that spearheaded the protest movement against foreigners the all assam students' union says the list should be longer it is number it is not new year to be all of it declared regard by the government are we not going to ask them we expected more. that's our feeling so we are not happy. you feel that there maybe somewhere or just. announced is not complete so for remedial mr willett to be honorable supreme court of india. and the hindu nationalists b.g.p. the ruling party in both new delhi in assam state says it's alarmed it says it will appeal to india's higher scored to revivify the documents of indians living in a muslim dominated border districts the b.g.p. try to pass a law earlier this year to allow citizens. a price to persecuted minority is from neighboring countries muslims were left out the proposal put up to protest her son by coops that was illegal immigrants to the media. as the arguments would now
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because of religion grow a protracted legal battle faeces nearly 2000000 people a defeat as indians cook the 0 quality. or let's bring in our panel now joining us from asked sam via skype. pushout he deputy editor of the wire from new delhi desh nigam a member of the rushed area so i am 70 sang the ideological parent body of the ruling b j p and from london run only visiting scholar at queen mary university of london's international state crime initiative welcome all of you to the program. if i could start with you there and just give us a sense of the challenges the people there are dealing with because i know you've you've spoken to many of them and what sort of recourse do they have to
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address this issue that they're facing of not being on the list. ok i need today i was like in a village earlier not very far from the capital of assam go ahead of us about 50 kilometers have been some villages and i met so many people who are out of this this and there are most of them are poor people and not much educated not you know financially all right and also there is not available information as to what next you know what awaits them so there is certainly a feel there is lot of confusion among peoples in people's mind and. you know many of them see you normally they just one thing is that some members of their family are in the list some are not so this is actually creating a lot of confusion among people and i feel mostly the women you know but equally
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among the muslim community the most of the women are the worst sufferers because the have not been able to establish any link with their parents so that is actually causing a lot of trouble on the ground lot of confusion and they have they were told to give some 13 people as of the local bodies but mean many cases the peoples have not been accepted but in some cases they are so there's so much confusion about you know there's no uniformity to the sea on the ground so what i would see at this point is that the structural problems are actually a lot and that is causing a lot of harassment a lot of confusion among people. the state government for their part are saying that the this whole process is being very meticulously carried out in a transparent manner they say and every opportunity is going to be given to people
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who are not currently on the list. to to prove that they are there they belong there and that there will be a due process at every stage how does that square with what you're saying no yes i understand i've seen all of that but that has come quite late because the already these issues are there in the media you know reports and we see that so just come march a towards the end you know but already some nice wee sites of happened still you know this is very much there staring at your face but the other thing is also you know now what so many of them will have to pull through the final strike and all the entire mechanics and that has been put in place and they will have to show the same papers that they have so they're all wondering what what what more will they be able to provide and so that is one page and the other thing is also that the
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supreme court's recent. the odds are that after 3 years they'll be taken out of the detention camps so they're wondering where if you feel the test and the tribunals will you be put in the detention camps then after 3 years you come out is that a mccann is and that has been put in place the government does not spelled it out clearly above that and the other thing is that once you come out are you a citizen or non-citizen or how on what basis will you be kept so do those things are very much there and ice can see that on the ground royally what in your view is is the purpose of this register or since. what purpose this. well are well the purpose it serves is effectively to create statelessness it's important i think to understand the context that this registration process occurs in it occurs in a context where the recent indian general election was fought and won by the
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nationalist prime minister modi on a watchman security based nationalist platform in recent times this been the annexation of kashmir and now in assam we're seeing a group of residents primarily muslims being targeted by by this registration process i mean this this appears on many levels to be designed to create statelessness to change the demographics of assam and to unfairly exclude non hindu religious and ethnic religious minorities and what do you say we run into those in india who argue that this is a perfectly normal process that goes on in many countries throughout the world that you have to be able to prove that your a citizen and people are being given ample opportunity to do that well again
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context is important if if there was a genuine attempt to confirm who is who is a citizen of india and who is not then perhaps the place that you would begin that process wouldn't be a psalm and you'd begin the process by outlining to the people who have been required to participate in it that it's not targeting the muslim population that muslims will be treated fairly and you would reaffirm india's secular founding principles as a country that's multi religious and multi-ethnic that has been the what's occurred associated with. the registration process in assam has been a lot of noise from hindu nationalists have already expressed the view the finance minister understand today of assam is already expressed the view that he is unhappy with the outcome that there are not enough people who have been excluded from the
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muslim population and he expects that those hindus that have been listed on the the list as not not legitimate citizens of india that they will be given some solace through government processes soon i don't think there's anyone that would believe sincerely that this is not a process that is designed to change demographics and to target the muslim population in assam. deseret and again what's what's your take on this what do you you've heard the criticism that's been made of this and how do you tell someone who was born and raised in india lived there their whole life and in many cases their parents their grandparents came from india to suddenly be told that they're not indian at all. see you have to see case by case basis to every country has a right to maintain their record of their own citizens and they also know that there's a huge amount of illegal immigration that was taking place from bangladesh both in those and muslims so as rightly pointed out by the london guess is they're both
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hindus and muslims have been left out so it negates the fact that it was directed against one particular community we also know that from a past experiences that huge amount of illegal immigrants are there and assam is one dejan and this being all is another from where they moved to other areas of the country so just it is absolutely legitimate for india to have its own deckard of citizens and they have started from assam and it will be an all in b. exercise in future the last one was done in $1051.00 so it is high time that the must know who are who are citizens of this country and who are the illegal immigrants yes we have a robust system not the entire exercise is very transparent it is being monitored by the chief justice of india and that is a do.


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