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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 140  Al Jazeera  September 2, 2019 10:32pm-11:00pm +03

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so we ran away then they burnt our homes front of our eyes. we wanted to find some of the people nurses here focusing on this man with a water bucket to find out what happened to him after asking around we were told where he lives in this camp in southeastern bangladesh so we went to find him mohammad is now 20 years old he tells us they secretly went back to their village of haile dawn after the military left to salvage what they could undermine our selema i thought my home is gone but i'll try to see the other 2 houses seemed we could have see they weren't all be burned so we went back. but he says the security forces returned the next day and on september the 16th they fled to bangladesh. i'm always thinking about my home all that happened keep coming back to me who was killed who are shocked i keep seeing it in front of my eyes i have lived in sadness for 2 years now i miss my country
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a lot of the videos were retrieved from mobile phones that have been broken or damaged people fled across the river i think i was able to fix some of the mobile phones about a 3rd that came to me but most of them were damaged by salt water all of the videos that i have seen show that it was the military committing these crimes. now the video we found appears to show terrified running from their burning village. gunshots can be heard. of that gathered evidence on their phone through photographs and video footage there are courageous people they took great personal risk to gather the evidence and some of this evidence is prevalent torrie and exposes laugh occurs and violence that happened in state and should be used in future prosecutions we also have anyone had approached them to hand over the videos is some form of evidence we were told no this camp has hundreds of thousands of witness accounts and of potentially crucial photographic and video evidence of the
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crackdown against the regime the international criminal court is looking into opening a formal investigation it's been 2 years and no one has been brought to justice stephanie decker al-jazeera in the writing or refugee camps of cox is bizarre. vietnam is marking 50 years since the death of its revolutionary leader. he's regarded as the father of the nation and the founder of its communist party and of his death also falls on vietnam's national day florence louis has more now from the capital hanoi on what ho's legacy means for the country. the mausoleum of. the founding father of modern vietnam these people are here to catch a glimpse of his embalmed body. to all of your uncle who is a great person i have been here twice but today i brought my younger siblings here to express our gratitude and love to uncle ho. he dedicated his career and his life
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to building this election it's an honor to be here to visit the mostly him. uncle ho as he's affectionately known let the vietnamese nationalist movement for nearly 3 decades 1st fighting japanese in vegas then french colonialists forces and later u.s. troops in the vietnam war he died on september 2nd 1969 and did not live to see the end of the war nor the reunification of north and south vietnam cochairmen a still very much revered in vietnam seen as the man who brought independence to the country but he is also viewed by some as the source of authoritarianism the communist party which he founded in 1913 still rules vietnam to this day but over the years the vietnamese communist party has slowly implemented reforms mostly economic the country's growth is almost parallel to china's a communist one party state that embraced market reforms and capitalism in the
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early 1990 s. that policy has led to boom times in vietnam its g.d.p. is forecast to increase around 6 and a half percent this year and next but alongside economic success come new challenges because we have developmental lot of people have more voice more so more representation in my not be happy with one party rule so you know in vietnam vietnam doesn't really have a civil society but there will be more dissent there'll be more criticism as we have now managed. there's also geopolitics to contend with china has staked a claim in the south china sea building military installations on artificial islands and occasionally clashing with vietnamese vessels it's a delicate balance for vietnam standing up to a powerful adversary who's also an important trade partner and one time ideological ally. communist teachings may not be as relevant to the nation now but the founding
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fathers sense of patriotism and resilience are still alive florence louis al-jazeera hanoi. generals have been jailed for organizing a failed coup 4 years ago public protests. forces loyal to the president. in exile in the. east still to come here.
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country's most news yourself thank you very much a piece that will list how the u.s. open there were last year when i know that joke of a task crushed out a shoulder injury a saw the wall the number one retire in his last 16 match against 2016 champion status last of rink it happened on a day that serena williams also had an injury scare sal matic reports. it was the clash of champions on the off the ash court flushing meadows on sunday last year when a novak djokovic faced off against the man that beat him in the 2016 final but despite the billing the match turned out to be pretty anticlimactic joke of it was not at his best from the outset as we're into took the 1st set 64 with. the world
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number one has been suffering with a left shoulder injury throughout the tournament he battled hard in the 2nd set but just couldn't match his to his opponent's precision and energy just. one of whom selfless struggled hit top form since need surgery 2 years ago closed out the set 75. with with by now djokovic who was really struggling he needed treatment before the 3rd set. it didn't help though at 21 down in the 3rd he decided enough was enough djokovic who are tied to send wawrinka through to the quarterfinals. you. know the 1st not the last player to get injured and to you know we draw from one of the biggest events in sport but obviously it just came off the course of course it hurts. up next to wawrinka is down even medvedev the russians had an eventful
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tournament so far in flushing meadows and took on german qualified dominic cook in the round of 16. medvedev had been fined $9000.00 for an obscene hand gesture in the last round and he received plenty of boos in this match. it didn't seem to faze him though medvedev winning it in 4 sets serena williams to look good so far new york a year on from her infamous defeat to naomi osaka in the 2018 final however on sunday against petra monte she had a bit of a scare the 23 time grand slam winner rode her ankle. the injury caused to simply distress and she even needed treatment but it was never going to stop or williams winning this one in straight sets and with its one chain in the last 8 her really ready barrington's brain injury.
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finally how the lean especially in a broke the hearts of the home crowd by knocking out american madison keys in $0.02 the number 5 feet would be up against you on a continent the next round she tries to finally win a grand slam title to helmet al-jazeera. and i will champion sprinter wade van niekerk and has confirmed he won't be defending his 400 meter world title in doha later this month in south africa has still not recovered from a knee injury which he picked up in a charity rugby game in the cobra 2017 he had damaged his leg a moment and even underwent surgery then it is also the 400 metre olympic champion the world championships begin in doha on september 27th and his transfer deadline across many top leagues in europe including syria and league one deal that's been wrapped up is her fear and this is move to severe mexican striker is
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joining the spanish top flight clubs from e.p.l. side at west ham for an undisclosed fee ananas has signed a 3 year deal with severe is best known for his time at manchester united where he scored 37 goals in 103 games. and as you know missed an early season chance to move a top of it illy syria after the wrong dhabi finished in a draw and aromas alexander color of open disappointed with the 1st half penalties the 2 teams hit the woodwork total 6 times and even the contested matches luis alberto eventually grabbed the equalizers allowed off with the break asked again finished $10.00 it's only the 2nd league match for the teams and both are on beaten so far. no belgian striker who was targeted with grace is shown to go after scoring the winning goal of 4 into the night against calorie.
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the former manchester united forward it was subjected to abuse as into recorded its one of the 3. real madrid forward gareth bale rescued his team from the brink of defeat on sunday and it is a downside when behind twice away to very ahl and on both occasions a bale got lost blanco's a level his 2nd equalizer come in in the last 5 minutes bela finished on a sour note though getting a set off an injury time. this is a cruel story we were playing very well we had those 30 minutes in the 1st half from the 2nd half controlling the games but the opposition had 2 chances and they scored twice as these things can happen and we have to work on correcting them we need to work on some defensive things and attacking wise we know that we're always going to have chances but it's a positive point for us that we reacted because in the end it's important not to lose. over in the us it was a match up between 2 teens vying for 2nd place in major league soccer western
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conference the seattle sounders to cause last time frame of this galaxy in what was a high scoring affair the sound is comfortable leading to nil just past the hour mark but there's lots and scored in the 66 a minute his goal however couldn't inspire a victory despite getting to 3 all seattle stone late final score for 3. 100 smith is ready to return to international action fall straight after his concussion injury it seems leaving batsman missed the 3rd ashes test against england after being struck on the head by delivery from. the series if they have a one off to unlikely when the last time out of the 4th test gets under way in manchester on thursday. and that's always full for me and you will have more for you later on but for now back to peter turner thanks very much less returning
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street whitehall middle of london because the u.k. prime minister post johnson we understand in discussing the possibility of a snap general election inferi it could happen as early as october the 11th details when we come back. when the news breaks. when you need to be heard and the story to be told. 3 month old girl to valerie it died last week and crossing from mexico to the united states with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports they commit according to their tradition that life is exceptionally al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring in more award winning documentaries and live news. this is a dialogue let you decide not to have children to say that it's steak is really human survive all everyone has
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a voice but i'll start with our community because of course this is a debate and it's a heated one this is a little be patient literally be able to do a ph and i fully join the global conversation with people i think if only they knew what is happening to we were muslims they will be with us and they will be outraged on mt is iraq. i remember the 1st time i walked into the newsroom and it felt like being in the general assembly of the united nations because it was so many nationalities. just that we all come to from places but it's one that gives us bank gives us the ability to identify with the other side of the world but we can understand what it's like to have a different perspective and i think that is a strength for al-jazeera. as a weapon of war leaves the very deep a scar. scar so wrong that the victims men and women can barely
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talk about it. the only witnesses who can help bring about justice al-jazeera follows human rights campaigners in libya investigation since the 2000. libyan unspeakable crime on al-jazeera. more than $100.00 feared dead in a strike on a yemeni detention center the u.n. special envoy says it's time for accountability. and again peace it will be here in doha. you are watching also coming up speculation grows that the u.k. prime minister boris johnson is about to call a snap general election to resolve the brakes at stalemate. one of the most
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powerful atlantic storms ever lashes the bahamas and evacuations in some american states. and remembering the father of a nation vietnam marks 50 years since the death of. the u.n. special envoy to yemen is calling for accountability from the saudi led coalition after airstrikes killed dozens of people red cross workers have been to the city of daraa say more than 100 may have died who think leaders of confirmed 65 dead at what they describe as a detention center saudi commanders say they were targeting a weapons store. sent this report from the scene. residents say explosions shocked the city on saturday night aid workers have been pulling the dead injured out of the rubble. blame the saudi. women
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were targeting a previous university that was being used as a detention center for prisoners of war. dozens more. to hospital. i swear to god i don't know what happened we were sleeping at midnight in there was about 3 or 4 airstrikes maybe 6 it was targeting the jail i really don't know how many times it got hurt but it was targeting at the teachin seemed to end the city of demand we were $100.00 people on the ground level and around $150.00 at the apple evil and in the red cross came. see people under lock and key we're trapped as the bombs fell rights activists are calling for an international investigations into the act on the prison they say innocent people are killed in such operations carried out by the saudi with quality saudi arabia says it plans to
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air strikes on healthy military targets the quality of the site was storing drones and missiles something deny on a gun was that the are not going to this person the subject international red cross committee inspections every now and then and such accusations by riad a baseless especially as it's called and it's have been shared with the red cross the red cross believes after 100 people were killed and it's helping to find survivors some rights activists accused the whole season of war crimes by keeping up on and in such a presence there is a crime committed by the. painting of political activists and journalists. and political dissidents whom they used in places that they constantly have been advised by human rights and you know not to not to put them in areas also most of
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those people who have died today have basically haven't even seen in court the saudi that coalition continuous bombing of residential residential areas even if they answer that question or that specific place they believe may be and may have some. form of the military a military target these are residential areas this is why. is that. such accusations has been denied by what these are the side of the bombed prison. we have an official list of the prisoners held inside the prison that is being shared with the international committee for really. cross all of the prisoners have been captured by the army units from battlefields. the cooperation has been fighting in yemen since 2015 supporting the internationally recognized yemeni government against how these the war has killed tens of thousands and had a devastating impact on millions of yemenis with many on the brink of famine and
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without bob. them are problems in southern yemen heavy fighting continues between government forces supported by and separatists backed by the united arab emirates separatists a regained control of aden the port city which is the temporary capital of the un recognized government and also in battles further east in the province of shabwah government forces say they've taken the city of which was controlled by the separatist fighters elizabeth kendall is a senior research fellow at oxford she says disputes between the yemeni government forces and the u.a.e. backed separatists have diverted attention away from the overall conflict. the bombing on the detention center shows that this war continues to rage in the north and that what's happening now in the south is simply a very i don't want to distraction from the overall war but it's
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a stark reminder of the very poor targeting that has been carried out by the saudi led coalition shipping again and again in fact civilian targets or at least targets where their ass millions i think it's important to point out that while it may be true that the truth is what hiding weapons a month civilian populations detainees that doesn't mean that that's their legitimate target it should therefore be avoided we now have the forces this is a loyal to the yemeni government and the forces that's a loyal to the coalition partners in the south actually at each other's throats so we do have now a war within a war and this is a potentially very explosive situation because it pits the north against the south in an old and very conflict prone fault line but it also has potential to spread inside the south into infighting inside the south and that's
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a real worry because that could flare up at any time. top story in europe this crisis entering another critical week it's been reported that the u.k. prime minister johnson has called an unshakeable cabinet meeting on monday there is growing speculation that he may go for a snap general election ahead of the latest deadline that's the end of october how october 31st live now to london and my colleague laurance lead so lawrence so many kind of tight time frame variables here what potential options does boris johnson have. well in a sense to the point is he says his hand is being forced remember he similar has a majority of one he had to moderate the u.k. leave by the end of october but there are sufficient numbers of rebel m.p.'s evil his own side the conservative side in parliament who say that that's can begin acceptable and remember also parliament has blocked no deal much earlier this year
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on 3 separate occasions now in trying to suspend parliament from next week he's basically forced the rebels hands and made their move much more quickly and so what's now going to happen when parliament comes that's back tomorrow is that those m.p.'s are going to try to table a motion and organize a vote refusing boris johnson's ability to have breakfasted by the end of october and forcing him to ask the european union for a delay and on that basis alone it now looks overwhelmingly likely that he'll then move in turn to say ok with that said let's have a snap election then which will help determine whether bracks happens or not one of the questions on that basis as we was talking about an hour ago is when he might actually have that selection would he try to wait until after bracks it's at the end of october would he actually be able to do that or would he even prefer to have it before the end of october to try to if you were to win the election then say ok fine we've won that was effectively
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a 2nd referendum we are now living on that basis but why. where the other it does appear in l. that the whole thing is going to come to a head potentially the next 24 to 48 hours is it politically quite savvy of him lawrence in as much as the main opposition leader jeremy corbyn can now turn around and say actually no don't have an election either before october 31st or after because mr corbin has been publicly calling for an election for several months now despite what the big beast of the labor party tony blair the former labor prime minister has gone on record dozens of times now he's saying do not go for an election because then it becomes an election on corben prime minister not boris johnson delivering bricks it. and i think this is one of the strategies that boris johnson's team has been looking at very carefully if you look at the opinion polls of the moments a boris johnson personally is much more popular than jeremy corbyn who is perceived
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by but equal english people as being much too left wing and the conservative party actually now and boris johnson he is quite a long way ahead of around 3233 percent also in the polls labor party maybe 20 percent slip will democrats just behind that but the main thing that the conservative party has in its favor is that all the opposition parties want different things labor as you say has been calling for a general election and possibly some form of brics it's meanwhile the liberal democrats don't want breakfast at all the scottish nationalists don't want brecht's it's either but they and you know they will sort of independence which liberal democrats and labor don't want either and so while boris johnson and his conservative party at least the government and nigel farage is brecht's it party on that side are dead set about holding back sits all the pro remain parties are slightly at sixes and sevens and arguing with each other about what to do and that lends to the idea that given the way the voting system works in the u.k. if the word election before the end of october and actually the conservatives might
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easily win and that would as you say clear the decks for lawrence thanks very much we'll keep across all the developments i'm sure in the meantime thank you. ok top story in the bahamas region and indeed of course in the states hurrican dorian pounding the bahamas the category 5 storm is leaving huge damage in its wake islanders are being warned not to leave emotions shelters the storm is expected to pummel the region through monday before heading towards the south east coast of the united states where experts are hoping the hurricane will avoid a direct hit on the u.s. but millions of americans are worried and making last minute preparations now the governors of florida georgia and south carolina well they've ordered mandatory evacuations of their coastlines more now from our correspondent and the guy like a who's life for us this hour in miami what's the latest from the bahamas and. well we're just hearing from the prime minister of the commonwealth that abaco island where dorian 1st made landfall on sunday has unprecedented devastation we've got
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reports that the airports there are virtually underwater but the big story at the moment before class is a hurricane dorian has basically stalled over ground but i am of the eye of the storm which is enormous and very well formed is just offering barely moving they think that it will remain that way for the next 36 hours now there were some problems in the last few days of residents ignoring the pleats of officials to get to shelters and places like nassau and grand bahama the biggest island. but some of those people simply ignored those instructions to get to higher ground so you know you dealing with a place here that doesn't have a hurricane proof housing it doesn't have to build but it would so communicate it to the lot.


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