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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 3, 2019 12:00am-1:01am +03

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envoy for yemen says quote accountability needs to prevail after saudi led airstrikes on the detention center killed dozens of people red cross officials who visited the site say more than a 100 people have died that the officials have so far confirmed just 60 said the commanders say they were targeting a weapon store indomitable will be live at scene in just a moment for us mohammad sent us his reports. residents in there now say explosions shock the city on saturday night aid workers have been pulling the dead injured out of the rubble. blame this odium are as you qualify pointing in women who are targeting a previous university that was being used as a detention center for prisoners of war. dozens more be rushed to hospital. i swear to god i don't know what happened we were sleeping at midnight in there was about 3 or 4 airstrikes maybe 6 it was targeting the jail i really
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don't know how many times it got hurt but it was targeting at the tension seemed to end the city of demand we were $100.00 people on the ground level and around $150.00 at the upper level and in the red cross came. see people under lock and key we're trapped as the bombs fell rights activists are calling for an international investigations into the attack on the prison they say innocent people are killed in such operations carried out by the saudi with quality saudi arabia says it plans to air strikes on healthy military targets the quality of the site was storing drones and missiles something deny on a gun was that the are not going to this person the subject international red cross committee inspections every now and the and such accusations by riad a baseless especially as it's called and it's have been shared with the red cross the red cross believes up to 100 people were killed and it's helping to find
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survivors some rights activists accuse the whole cities of war crimes by keeping up on and in such prisons there is a crime committed by the. painting of political activists and journalists. and political dissidents whom they used in places that they constantly have been advised by human rights and you know not to not to put them in areas also most of those people who have died today have basically haven't even seen in court the saudi electrician continuous bombing our residential residential areas even if they . don't know that specific place is they believe may be in may have some. form of the military military target these are residential areas this is why. such accusations has been denied by what these
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are this side of the bombed prison. we have an official list of the prisoners held inside the prison that is being shared with the international committee for really . cross all of the prisoners have been captured by the in several units from battlefields. coalition has been fighting in yemen since 2015 supporting the internationally recognized yemeni government against holdings the war has killed tens of thousands and to do this daily impact on millions of yemenis with many on the brink of famine and without bob. the mark problems well the conflict in yemen is now in its 5th year and it's resulted in tens of thousands of deaths the u.n. high commissioner for human rights says the majority of casualties are due to saudi arabia led coalition airstrikes according to human rights watch at least 6870
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civilians have been killed as of november and what's believed to have been the most deadly strike was at a wedding party in september 25th more than a 130 people were killed but witnesses said because of the scale of the destruction the death toll there was incredibly difficult to confirm when december 27000 more than 60 civilians were killed in 2 strikes on the same day the 1st had struck a crowded market entice province killing $54.00 civilians including 8 children the 2nd killed a family of 14 in the red sea province of hyundai death and then a last year in august at least 40 children were amongst more than 50 civilians killed when a bus was hit inside a $2800.00 report by the united nations found that some of the saudi led coalition strikes may amount to war crimes. well in southern yemen heavy fighting continues right now between government forces supported by saudi arabia and separatists backed by the united arab emirates the separatist say that they've regained control
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of aden the port city which is the temporary capital of the un recognized government and have also been battles further east in shop where province government forces say they've taken the city of asm which was controlled by separatists find this well elizabeth kendall is senior research fellow at oxford university and earlier she spoke with my colleague peter deal the about the impact of the conflicts having the bombing the attack on this detention center all weapons store in the scheme of things post significant is that looking at the conflict between where we are today going back to 2015 the bombing on that detention center shows that all continues to rage in the north and that what's happening now in a south is simply gerry i don't want to distractions from the overall war but it's a stark reminder that very full targeting has been carried out by the saudi let the relation ship saying again and again in fact civilian targets or at least targets
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where they're asked clearly and i think it's important to point out that while it may be true but that is what hiding weapons amongst civilian populations detainees that doesn't mean that there are legitimate targets that can be avoided but we have a good definitive proof of that as to what was actually going on in this i think as a former school or part of a university. it's going to be difficult to get definitive proof whilst the international community still relies on saudi arabia to investigate its own bombings i think what we need is a genuinely independent internationally led investigation explain to me elizabeth if you can we seem to be as well seeing a conflict within a conflict in southern yemen because we've got the saudi led coalition doing what it did what 36 hours ago at this detention center and yet when we blend in the separatists the loyalties seem to shift or mutate into being something else in the
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southern half of the country that's right we now have the forces this a loyal to the yemeni government it's the forces that's a loyal to that coalition partners in the south actually at each other's throat so we do have now a war within a war and this is a potentially very explosive situation because it pits the north against the south in an old and very conflict prone fault line but it also has potential to spread inside the south and to invite you inside this up and that's a real worry because that flare up at any time when it comes to that flare up that you're talking about there would or could the separatists take on the host who sees and is that a fight that they would want to pursue. well listen i'm sort of have be changing
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on the who feast in the course of this war what's happened now though is that the deputy of the sun transitional council at least has pulled back some and forces to the south to leave the war against the youth and help defend the south against the north but in all of this lost is the fact that this is not a transitional council it does not necessarily speak for the south it has the loudest voice and it's the best organized and best funded and it does predominate in aden but it's not a tool clear that it represents the interests of other stuff and either of those separatists such as those who have groups together here are the southern movements you are not aligned with the southern transitional council or indeed other groups in the south you don't want secession that will so things could flare up inside the south sparking all inside it all inside a wall the u.s. special envoy for afghanistan has met president ashraf ghani to discuss
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a draft of the deal with the taliban zalmay khalilzad completed a 9th round of talks with taliban representatives in qatar last week the deal senses on u.s. troop withdrawal in return for security guarantees a dialogue with the government. well yesterday and today the president met with the ambassador. and he came and he briefed the president on what he has done. and what was his mission for the boston months in terms of working on a peace process that would eventually take us to 2 and next stage or next phase that will be a direct negotiation between the afghan government and the taliban. so he today when he came. he talked about the details of of that potential agreement of framework of that agreement that is going to be signed any time in the
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future or near future. almost the former afghan ambassador to pakistan he says the next stage of talks between the taliban and government will be crucial. talks. between taliban in the afghan government will be broader after politicians. do not to place because of this trust but because there is mistrust. if they were trusted we would not have. nothing upon them but we do believe that there is well in this within the taleban. intercept with a political settlement and there is the readiness within the broader political leadership in atlanta. meant and then there is the international minds that were such a deal so. important elements. it leaves. the environment. in revolt that we think we must move and i think they're
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laying down arms comes out of the afghan talks as a result of the believe what in the taleban they will be part of the power structure negotiated power structure. but are part of the process of getting that and i think those indications of the fungus there could be done to them have been given to them. to lead our partner. is a significant part of the talks and there will be a significant part of the settlement in the process of who is out of the process a number of people have died in dozens of missing after a fire aboard a commercial scuba diving though in the u.s. u.s. coast to coast guard said it fine crew members on the vessel top deck near santa cruz island that's off the south coast of california the number of said is on no 34 people who were sleeping below that have not yet been accounted for. thousands of
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students in hong kong have stepped classes to keep up pressure on the government for change and to reduce chinese control yes organizers have called for a 2 day general strike to further those demands when he reports now from hong kong . was university students in hong kong are at the center of a protest movement that's lasted 3 months it's been a long summer holiday fighting for democracy and greater rights but their voices are as loud and strong as ever and they want the battle to continue with things that. if we lost our own cause it was our friend john that's the real king king so we think that we would have to use any methods and means to fight for our democracy on day one of the new school year thousands came from around hong kong to the chinese university known for its political activism. on this day for
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the students there were no books in sight no lectures to attend just a rally and call to begin a strike for 2 weeks 2 days in that time they want the government to meet their demands including an independent investigation into the crisis although intensify their campaign their announcement came a state media in china issued a new warnings that the end is coming for hong kong's protest is that there is no sign the threats coming from mainland china are deterring the use of hong kong if anything it appears to be having the opposite effect of becoming emboldens more determined to achieve their goals. organizers say around 10000 secondary school students decided to join the strike or quit some who have joined street protests over the past 3 months say political awareness is growing among school children in the past they don't really care about politico's fame you think eating drinking are saying it's more important but what really makes me feel 1st touched is the. past 3
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months many of them really start caring about. the government criticize the decision to allow schools colleges and universities to be dragged into the crisis schools should not be use as plazes for raising political. trying to exercise pressure on the government on political ease we would like to keep schools as a peaceful and orderly place for students to to study. representatives of workers from 20 sectors also called for a 2 day strike while thousands gathered in the city to protest work is it queen mary hospital formed a chain to show their support. but it's in the universities where the power base of the protest movement can be found striking students have placed their education on hold for 2 weeks they say their books can wait because the future they are fighting
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for is more important when hey al jazeera hong kong. and burkina faso 2 generals have been jailed for organizing a failed coup 4 years ago public protest the war to the overthrow attempt by forces loyal to the ousted president plays henri he was forced from power by a popular movement of calls to attempts to extend his 27 year will he now lives in exile in neighboring ivory coast. in the nation please and pop quapaw vns have been seen should sing at protesters who've appeared to have their hands over their heads the video was filmed last week but it's only now been made complex a local activists separate test as wanted to enter an administrative office peacefully but peace suddenly began shooting 6 bodies were found in front of that building indonesian officials say one soldier was also killed indonesia's security minister is urging calm and pop pop but also had this warning for protests this. go up or go for them to most of the popular police chief bands demonstrations that
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will lead to any key any individuals or organizations are prohibited from carrying out or spreading separatism or expressing opinions in public and violations that will cool super tism there is no nation in this world that doesn't have an issue of separatism it's inevitable still ahead here on al-jazeera will assess the impact of the most serious escalation between hezbollah and israel since 2060. remembering the father of a nation vietnam marks 50 years since the death of course. in sport is decision day for many european football clubs and they get one last chance to sign players you seem to know about more when we return. hello again it's good to be back we are seeing some storms up here cross parts of
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turkey those are moving towards the east those are the trends for the day and that's going to continue as we go towards tomorrow as well these thunderstorms will push towards back who as we go towards tuesday before ankara it is going to be quite a nice day for you at 31 degrees maybe dropping down to about 29 by the time we get to wednesday baghdad are dry day for you as well at 43 and quite city at 45 well here across the gulf we are going to see some clouds pushing across we did see them on monday those will continue on tuesday as well 39 is our expected high we are going to see some clouds as well over here towards the scot on tuesday as we go towards wednesday it is going to become a little bit sunnier at $31.00 and i stand at about $27.00 degrees for you and then across parts of southern africa we are going to be seeing dry conditions and sunny conditions across much of the area but as we go towards tuesday the clouds are coming back in across the area durban no $26.00 degrees few as we go towards wednesday though we are going to be seeing more clouds in the forecast a drop in temperature as well clouds also passing across south africa and into
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namibia but here down towards cape town it is going to be a little cool if you add 18 degrees of torture hence a nice day if you're 24 and harare sun in your forecast at 28. the ultranationalist marks connected with one of the world's worst humanitarian crises we doe as to have any migrant joining with the military to impose a deadly political agenda we have to protect our nation what is happening to the relationship that's one of the biggest stains on the country as a whole. this is not religion this is a politic me in my heart an unholy alliance on al-jazeera. well i think one of our biggest strengths is that we talk to normal everyday people we get them to tell was stories and doing that really reveals the truth people are still gathered outside these gates waiting for any information most of them don't know whether their loved
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ones are alive or dead or miami really is a place were 2 worlds meet we can get to washington d.c. 2 hours we can get to on jurists in the rest of central america about the same time we're born these where those 2 cultures north and south america beat us to to do great it's a very important place for all to do it's a big. welcome back you're watching out 0 mind of our top stories this hour hurricane dorian has been downgraded to a category 4 storm but it's still expected to cause widespread damage across the us before heading to the united states the prime minister of the bahamas is warning of on precedented devastation. speculations growing in the u.k.
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about a snap election possibly before breakfast at prime minister boris johnson has called on shadow cabinet meeting a parliamentary showdown is expected when m.p.'s reconvene after their summer break on tuesday. the u.n. special envoy to given his calling for accountability after a side led coalition air strike killed at least 65 people in the city of dhamma bombs hit a detention center early on sunday but the coalition says it was targeting a weapon still. nearly 80 people have been killed and hundreds of thousands displaced by flooding in sudan barely every state in the country has been affected al-jazeera is mohamed of all the story. i stand not far from the and tons of village that lies between here and the riverbed of the nile the riverbed itself is 4 kilometers from here all this land is submerged and for 20 days now people have been trying to extract their belongings from the village that has melted into water
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because most of the buildings there are made of mud bricks people telling us that they have tremendous difficulties in this respect because they don't have help from outside they don't have help from organizations they have food and they have tents and other supplies at the camp but right here in this effort to extract their belongings they are alone. this camp is located some 40 kilometers north of the capital khartoum and it is hosting about $7000.00 people that's supposed to be the total of people who've been living in the area between here and the river bed the wild are only here you see tents that have been provided by the sudanese military but also other tents provided by private n.g.o.s and food supplies and other donations have been coming to this place for the last 3 weeks today and also a few days ago some cargo came from qatar and other countries and here even also
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some private n.g.o.s and local religious brotherhoods are supplying food and distributing as you can see the stands behind me is owned by one of the religious sects in sudan so everyone is trying to help and the situation is not really bad according to the people here but across sudan a lot of damage has been brought about by the flood the floods that took place some weeks ago and until now people are still assessing the damage. the united nations is calling on israel and hezbollah to exercise restraint have to cross the border exchanges of hezbollah fighters in lebanon 5 anti-tank missiles so was an israeli military vehicle on sunday israeli artillery responded with iran and. its heavy false reports from northern israel. on sunday afternoon the tense week long waiting game was over the strike that hezbollah had been promising was underway antitank missiles fired in israeli army base near the community of avivim
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just south of the lebanese border hezbollah t.v. claimed an israeli tank it being destroyed and soldiers killed but the israeli military said while its base had sustained hits that been no casualties pictures of an apparent emergency evacuation were later reported by israeli media is a diversionary trick apparently to try to convince hezbollah that it carried out a sufficiently damaging attack israeli artillery and strikes targeted lebanese border areas but reports from there said the shells hit mainly empty areas no casualties were reported on either side less than 2 hours after it began the israeli army said the confrontation appeared to be over and. we were attacked by several anti-tank missiles we're tell you did with about 100 shells from the area and by other means were holding consultation concerning the future i ordered them
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to be prepared as you know for any possibility we have no casualties not even a scratch the latest escalation started a week ago hezbollah said an attack on a stronghold in southern beirut last sunday was carried out by israeli drones that followed in israeli as strike that killed 2 hezbollah fighters in syria israel said it had prevented a drone attack being launched from the. yes and yet far as well as leader hassan nasrallah warned then and repeated on saturday that his forces would strike back and he denied israel's justification for its recent attacks but has been in iran were assembling precision guided missiles inside lebanon. supplied well it's. a pretext netanyahu is using to attack and i said on many occasions that we have enough guided missiles for what we need but not precision guided missile factories benjamin netanyahu insists iran's growing threat
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necessitates an expanding israeli response it's just over 2 weeks until the israeli elections forceful action backs up his carefully nurtured image as israel's mr security at ascent into full scale war on the lebanon border less so in the weeks since hassan nasrallah gave his warning of a retaliatory strike all of the messaging from both sides all the analysis suggested that my that israel nor hezbollah wanted an escalation towards all out war and in their actions earlier on sunday they appear to have proved that right limiting and calibrating their military actions to satisfy their domestic audiences without for now at least triggering a broader conflict ari force at al-jazeera just outside of him in northern israel a ducks has been killed in the latest case of mall blanching in india human rights watch said at least 44 indians died in vigilante attacks missing 201520 most women's lives accused of slaughtering cat was which are considered sacred by some
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hindus until the reports. so everyone are has lost all hope she will ever get justice 2 years after her husband battle khan was beaten to death by an angry crowd. a court in the indian state of rogers tom acquitted the 6 accused citing a lack of evidence. belew was a dairy farmer who was transporting cattle on the day he was killed accused of buying cows for slaughter. some hindus consider cows sacred. his son is sharp saw the attack he says despite the fact that the killing had been filmed on a mobile phone by a bystander. and that his father had given the names of his attackers in his dying moments the perpetrators were released. figures and when the investigation began it started on derby doobies government order with the police have done it has done
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under b.g.p. governments pressure. a local non-governmental organization the center for the study of developing societies in india recently conducted a survey on police attitudes they found that nearly half of india's police force feel that muslims are prone to crime and one 3rd said it was natural to punish those engaged in call slaughter earlier this year the u.s. state department released its annual report on religious freedom secretary of state mike bell refer to it as a report card on the performance of different nations india did poorly and from what the people in the villages here tell us it has been consistently getting worse they describe it as a politics of hate instilling fear and sowing division. this analyst says the law enforcement agencies are beholden to the government of the day there is a clear sense that the police leave or think of the as the license of the ruling government was in part and they had really been no prosecution in the governing
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b.g.p. says it is committed to enforcing the law and will punish those responsible for these attacks so it is not good for him to do mostly or for the anybody but is it a crime and the person who has committed a crime should be published without any 2nd thought. back you better look on spillages the family has now decided to take the case to a higher court and cautiously hopes to find justice. but many muslims in constant strict feel abandoned by the police and targeted by the fringe groups they say are supported by the central government. al-jazeera india currency controls have been reimposed on businesses in argentina to stop the government's debt crisis from spiraling further rights of control but stock markets have reached reacted badly to the u. turn by president by the cio machree argentina's bombs fell to record lows and
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stock prices tumble so is the pace so it's lost a quarter in value in the past month. mobile phone video recorded by will hinder fleeing the killing spree in myanmar could be used as evidence in future trials un human rights investigators say military leaders in me in march should be investigated for genocide and crimes against humanity it's 2 years since around 3 courses of a 1000000 ranger were driven over the border to squalid camps in bangladesh stephanie decker reports now from cox's bazaar on a money market. september 14th 2017 a day that will haunt muhammad yunus forever. he says he watched as me and mara security forces burnt his village to the ground managing to capture this moment on his mobile phone looking back as he ran. i don't know how they came in the early morning and surrounded the whole village they opened fire randomly so we ran away
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then they burnt our homes front of our eyes. we wanted to find some of the people nurses here focusing on this man with a water bucket to find out what happened to him after asking around we were told where he lives in this camp in southeastern bangladesh so we went to find him mohammad is now 20 years old he tells us they secretly went back to their village of haile dawn after the military left to salvage what they could undermine our selema i thought my home is gone but i'll try to save the other 2 houses seemed we could have see they weren't all be burned so we went back. but he says the security forces returned the next day and on september the 16th they fled to bangladesh. i'm always thinking about my home all that happened coming back to me who was killed who are shocked i keep seeing it in front of my eyes i have lived in sadness for 2
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years now i miss my country a lot of the videos were retrieved from mobile phones that have been broken or damaged people fled across the river i think i was able to fix some of the mobile phones about a 3rd that came to me but most of them were damaged by salt water all of the videos that i have seen show that it was the military committing these crimes. another video we found appears to show terrified running from their burning village. gunshots can be heard. that gathered evidence on their phone through photographs and video footage there are courageous people they took great personal risk to gather the evidence and some of this evidence is is prevalent tory and exposes laugh occurs and violence that happened in state and should be used in future prosecutions we also have anyone had approached them to hand over the videos is some form of evidence we were told no this camp has hundreds of thousands of witness accounts and of potentially crucial photographic and video evidence of the
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crackdown against the regime the international criminal court is looking into opening a formal investigation it's been 2 years and no one has been brought to justice stephanie decker al-jazeera in the writing or refugee camps of cox is bizarre. in his 1st state of the union address the president of mexico has been praising his achievements so far about protests as in cities nationwide see things. in mexico city. during his 1st speech about the state of the nation mexican president and. said the mexican people are pleased with his accomplishments of the spar. a majority of people support our efforts and they're happy happy with the work we're doing but as he was speaking hundreds of people were marching in protest down mexico city's main avenue right out. the rapper was demonstrations criticizing the
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president also took place in several other mexican cities at the same time i was there many places where insecurity is extreme the president says we're happy but i'm not happy with the report the president is boasting all he has done but really leaves much to be desired the top complaint among critics of president lopez over others is the country's deteriorating security situation $2900.00 is expected to be a record setting year for violence in the country surpassing the nearly $35000.00 homicides that took place the year before what we're hearing from people on the streets of mexico city apart from concerns over escalating violence nationwide is a general distrust of the president's rhetoric and criticisms over how the government is managing a stagnant national economy mexico central bank forecasts economic growth at 0.2 percent for 2019 barely avoiding recession despite the many challenges president
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look there's a lot of work on an approval rating between 67 and 72 percent according to the latest national polls presidential fact checkers like to see the president's popularity could be linked to rhetoric that often misrepresents the facts especially when it comes to the economy the boys. i can tell you to all you 40 percent of the president's statements are very fire bill 60 percent of what he says is either false or misleading the president refers to his administration as mexico's 4th transformation placing its government reforms on par with the $910.00 mexican revolution. the. yeah but a continued failure to rein in nationwide violence and improve the economy could eventually wrote the mexican leader's overwhelming support for. mexico city. it is marking 50 years since the death of its revolutionary leader. is regarded as the father of the nation of the funds of its communist poncy the anniversary of his
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death also falls on vietnam's national day so as louis has more now from the capital. the mausoleum of. the founding father of modern vietnam these people are here to catch a glimpse of his a bombed body but. to all vietnamese uncle who is a great person i have been here twice but they are brought to my younger siblings here to express our gratitude and love to uncle ho. he dedicated his career and his life to building this nation it's an honor to be here to visit the mostly him. uncle ho as he's affectionately known let the vietnamese nationalist movement for nearly 3 decades 1st fighting japanese in vegas then french colonialists forces and later u.s. troops in the vietnam war he died on september 2nd 1969 and did not live to see the end of the war nor the reunification of north and south vietnam cochairmen
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a still very much revered in vietnam seen as the man who brought independence to the country but he is also viewed by some as the source of authoritarianism the communist party which he founded in 1913 still rules vietnam to this day but over the years the vietnamese communist party has slowly implemented reforms mostly economic the country's growth is almost parallel to china's a communist one party state that embraced market reforms and capitalism in the early 1990 s. that policy has led to boom times in vietnam its g.d.p. is forecast to increase around 6 and a half percent this year and next but alongside economic success come new challenges because we have developmental lot of people have more voice more and more representation and they might not be happy with one party rule so you know in vietnam vietnam doesn't really have
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a civil society but there will be more dissent there'll be more criticism as we have now managed. there's also geopolitics to contend with china has staked a claim in the south china sea building military installations on artificial islands and occasionally clashing with vietnamese vessels it's a delicate balance for vietnam standing up to a powerful adversary who's also an important trade partner and one time ideological ally. communist teachings may not be as relevant to the nation now but the founding fathers sense of patriotism and resilience are still alive florence louis al-jazeera hanoi. the home he acts as a research fellow and vietnam he says what he means legacy lives on as a national hero. a hotel being left controversal a legacy for we had on the one hand he is seen as the founder of the moat and
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vietnam he left to independence in 45 and he played a role in the uncommitted of creation of the country 30 years later but some critics also see him as the source of our history in the zone in vietnam because he found it in his communist party in 1930 and the party is still ruling vietnam these days but i think over the past 30 years or so his colleagues in vietnam congress party have tried to change his legacy in a more positive manner by adopting the can you cannot reforms political reforms that helped vietnam thrive one of the most dynamic economy in the world these days initially i think whole wanted to fight for vietnam's independence and he looked at me from ways to achieve that goal in the end he found that style in this. model and communism may be the
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only way for vietnam to achieve that war so he adopted communism and how to spread of communism in the country but many people see him more as a nationalist. he's legacy is still. positively perceived by many people in vietnam he still review it as the national hero who brought independence to the country. still ahead here on out. in sports the defending men's champion makes up the exit at the u.s. . to strengthen do good you have to shore do good all the more with your gum still fight against corruption. new chiro heroes like no who are a bad guy refused a $15000000.00 brian the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the
12:40 am
international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a dark are used to shine a light let's make the road to a better bridge nominate your anti corruption hero now. with a plummeting birthrate and families moving to the cities south korea's rural schools are shutting down one on one east meets the grandmas who is saving these schools while finally getting an education on al-jazeera.
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it's time to get all the day's sports news here is that they had any issues so much surely well known we are suckers getting ready to continue that offensive for us open title the top say to parents it's gone well in the bench each of switzerland for a place in the quarterfinals but the defending men's champion is already else has reports. it was the. clash of champions on the often ash quarter flushing meadows on sunday last year's when a novak djokovic faced off against the man that beat him in the 2016 final but despite the billing the match turned out to be pretty anticlimactic joke of it was not at his best from the outset as wawrinka took the 1st set 6 for. the world number one has been suffering with a left shoulder injury throughout the tournament he battled hard in the 2nd fit but just couldn't match his to his opponent's precision and energy. to whom self
12:42 am
a struggled hit top form since need surgery 2 years ago closed out the set 75. with with by now djokovic who was really struggling he needed treatment before the 3rd set. it didn't help though at 21 down in the 3rd he decided enough was enough djokovic who are tied to send wawrinka through to the quarterfinals. i know the 1st not the last player to get injured and to you know draw from one of the biggest events in sport but obviously i just came off the course of course it hurts. up next to wawrinka is down even medvedev the russians had an eventful tournament so far in flushing meadows and took on german qualified dominic cook in the round of 16. medvedev had been fined $9000.00 for an obscene hand gesture in the last round and he received plenty of boos in this match but. it didn't seem to
12:43 am
faze him though medvedev winning it in 4 sets serena williams to look good so far new york a year on from the infamous defeat to naomi osaka in the 2018 final however on sunday against petra markets she had a bit of a scare the 23 time grand slam winner rode her ankle. the injury caused to simply distress and she even needed treatment but it was never going to stop or williams winning this one in straight sets and what with one change in the last 8 i heard a really bad. finally how she alina's between of broke the hearts of the home crowd by knocking out american madison keven to say the number 5 feed would be up against you on the continent the next round she tries to finally win
12:44 am
a grand slam title through hill mallett al-jazeera. now in somalia and striker romelu lukaku says football is going backwards in its efforts to combat racism because it was targeted with racist chancing from rival fans after scoring this winning goal against. i numerous black plays in european leagues serve also been abused on social media this season and. this statement on his instagram account football is going to be enjoyed by everyone and we shouldn't accept any form of discrimination that will put our game in shame instead of going forwards we're going backwards and i think as players we need to unify and make a statement on this matter. was transferred deadline day for many top leagues in europe including italy germany and spain one day was from his have a hand this is moved to severe the mexican striker joining the spanish team from english premier league side west ham and as a signed a 3 year deal best known of course for his time at manchester united where he made
12:45 am
more than 100 appearances for jimmy to world champion away from nico while defending his title in doha later this month the south african says he still hasn't fully recovered from a knee injury which he suffered in a charity rugby game to new years ago bernie kerik is also the 400 meter olympic champion. steve smith is ready to return to internet. tional action for australia after his concussion injury the team's leading batsman missed the 3rd ashes test against england after being struck on the head by a delivery from a fast bowler just for the series is a level 11 after england's unlikely win last time out led by ben starks his heroics the 4th test when i get some the way in manchester on wednesday when you get hit it's always like a little little voice on your shoulder but i also know i stay smith in the really good players that could have strategies to score runs and to not get it as
12:46 am
a sign as to not get is going to have a good strategy and a worse the guy in it better than anyone i've ever met in my loft he would have thought long and hard about it. ok more sport for me throughout the day but that is it. so much well that's it for me it's all for the things i will be back with much more news in just a moment so don't go away thanks he accompanied by. september on al-jazeera with ethiopia taking its 1st steps into democracy al-jazeera meets
12:47 am
for diversity europeans who are reshaping the country's political landscape world leaders gather in new york for the united nations general assembly global issues are on the table the listening post dissects the world's media how they operate and the stories they cover global warming and possible solutions to climate change all on the agenda of the united nations a special 2 part series explores how human activity has damaged much of the planet and cause some of the biggest environmental threats to mankind september on al-jazeera. comes in the cost $15.00 of the most polluted cities in the world are in india we look at the cost of people's health also anti-government protesters a want hong kong could be plunged into recession an attribute of fortune built on oil and gas know what prices up the climate challenge is. counting the cost on al jazeera. police suspect
12:48 am
a lone gunman is behind 15 unsolved shootings in the city all targeting immigrants an ethnic minority and an attempted murder on a young life friday evening police were out in full force again after another man was shot out in the cycling disillusioned with the state prosecution or the victim's sister strikes up an unlikely relationship with the accused unless his 2 serial killer a witness documentary on al-jazeera. the prime minister of the bahamas says hurricane do it has caused unprecedented devastation across the island nation.
12:49 am
some of them julie what all of this is the real live from doha also coming up you get ministers arrive at 10 downing street for an on shuttle cabinet meeting amid speculation boris johnson could call a snap general election. you had says it's time for accountability is more than 100 are feared dead in a saudi led air strike on a given prison. and remembering the father of a nation vietnam marks 50 years since the death of achievement. welcome to the program good to have your company hurricane dorian has been done created to a category 4 storm but it is still calls it widespread damage across the bahamas before heading to the united states the storm is one of the strongest atlantic weather systems on record the red cross says more than $13000.00 homes have been destroyed and it's expected to affect the bahamas through monday before heading
12:50 am
towards the united states well the prime minister of the bahamas has warned of unprecedented devastation it's damaging homes stunning power lines and flood waltzes are threatening some areas. the latest we've heard is that the hurricane is right now. and we expect heavily damage especially in grand mommas barco our red cross national society on ground has been preparing but obviously this is the heaviest hurricane to part of about and therefore we expect the humanitarian needs to be far beyond what preparations have made for before and will weather experts so hoping the hurricane will avoid a direct hits on the usa but millions of americans are worries and making last minute preparations landy gallagher is live for us in miami andy hi there the eye of the nation of the bahamas i think very few people know it i was side of you know the pictures on postcards but it's very much on prepared for a storm
12:51 am
a hurricane of this strength which looks like it's refusing to budge. yeah that's the big story at the moment from forecasters if you look at those satellite images you see it is perfect i came dorian harboring of a grand bahama hovering over nasa where people have taken to shelters it made landfall in a back a while and sunday and we're already hearing reports and i've seen some pretty disturbing videos on social media of people stuck on roofs as these huge. just come in and these winds obviously were up to 350 kilometers per hour 13000 homes destroyed as you heard the prime minister talking about and hurricane during could hold for over those are winds for the next 36 hours it's barely moving at the moment it has been downgraded to a category 4 but still a very dangerous very powerful storm humanitarian needs will be dire i think once this storm is passed the next big question is where does dorian go next as the edges closer towards where we are here in the southeast of florida now all the
12:52 am
projections are that it will take a shot right turn and run parallel to the coast of the east coast of florida but any deviation there and of course much of the state is still in the cone of uncertainty puts florida in danger not only florida georgia and the carolinas as well let's hear the latest from florida's governor rod to scientists. people need to remain vigilant if you're ordered to evacuate you need to do that from palm beach county all the way up to nassau the florida georgia border all those coastal counties they've issued evacuation orders and it's important that residents heed those calls get out now while you have time or there's fuel available and you'll be safe on the roads. and just how difficult is it right now for authorities to predict exactly what to do with all the vulnerable people in their communities because i'm guessing since still it has slowed dam so much it's probably impossible to tell exactly where it's going to go. well the science of all this is obviously
12:53 am
very cutting edge at the moment and all the models are in agreement that this storm will take a sharp right turn after it passes over the bahamas in the next 36 hours or so but that doesn't mean that we all safe in all these states up the southeast coast yet because this storm from its very inception has been highly unpredictable and sunday morning yesterday we increased in speed dramatically that wasn't really expected but there is an abundance of caution right now in florida at least 72 nursing homes have been evacuated remember 2 years ago during hurricane emma 12 residents died when conditioning units failed the authorities do not want to see that happen again the same thing is happening with hospitals in low lying areas but in mobile homes this is not going to be a fast event this could last for days dot's towards the end of next week. and the gallagher there live from miami and he. the un special rapporteur on extrajudicial
12:54 am
summary are arbitrary executions has just ended a 2 week visit to nigeria agnes comet has been looking at alleged abuses committed by security forces in the north and side where a separatist movement has been gaining ground will call marred is warning the nigerian government to address what she's calling a pressure cooker of violence that is claiming thousands of life a report also highlights excessive use of force by police leading to killings a lack of investigations and prosecutions for those committing human rights abuses says she found an absence of accountability and a lack of justice for victims well agnes calmar joins us live now from boucher agnes thank you very much for joining us on the program that is a pretty long list there tell us more about what you were visit to nigeria has uncovered i noticed the phrase in your press conference either airily or a pressure cooker of violence so what did you find.
12:55 am
well i could not really use any of the world's pressure cooker i have found localized and contrie wide part of value. in. and my. my main concern so. localized and country wide system so violence is that they are now taking place in a context characterized by population explosion by an increased number of people living in extreme poverty by the police farish and of weapons coming from 12 but the region of west africa. and by the environmentalists are the issues so dogs external pressure are a private on top of those ecosystems equal political systems of violence are reduced to conflagrate to explode.
12:56 am
in no way which i don't think we have yet completely understood so my pretty mean airy finding today was really to issue this this warning both to the government and to the international community there is in nigeria a pressure cooker that if it is unchecked could have reported affect. the regions and now is the time to prioritise the rule of law and accountability for the people of nigeria agnus you use the word crisis and said in your press conference that you know you don't want the government to protect this is not a crisis but how did they view the situation that you bring up in your report. well you will have to ask them i think i don't think i have made in the sharp or stark revelations to their government whether or not. authorities are willing
12:57 am
to admit the extent of the problem is a different matter but in all my meetings with the majority of my meetings with offshore there is an acknowledgment of the scale and the extent of the problems that give me some hope that the authorities rees the necessary leadership and political will will be able to begin a road map towards addressing the lack of accountability towards ensuring that killings particularly by the police but not only that all the killings are investigated that the systemic factors such as the lack of resources of the police or lack of training that all those resources all those resources issues are addressed let me remind you that
12:58 am
nigeria is a need only income country so i have parched the questions of arbitrary killings within that context and what i have found is not in keeping with what i would expect form a middle level country in middle income countries so agnes kalimat is is what you're saying that there are resources that can be put to work in solving some of these problems but the right priorities are perhaps not being made. yes i believe that at the moment the rule of law and that can to billy t. i've not been sufficiently prioritized i can't take for paul for the fact that in 20061 of my predecessors and went on a mission and when i compare what you have found with what i have found there are
12:59 am
so little differences between the 2 reports at least shocking they are 15 years apart so now is the time to prioritize the rule of law and that contra billy t. there is a securities issue in strategy to address many problems but security results are called to billet is not a solution for the long term i'm not even sure it's a solution for the shot just a containment policy of containment in 2019 when the contrary is confronting the globe or processes i have identified of population explosion increase poverty and vironment or degrade the issue that contentment policy is not going to work is not going to work so it is time more than time too much time has been wasted it is time to prioritize the rule of law and accountability for the people of nigeria particularly for the 49000000 that are living in extreme poverty
1:00 am
did you find that there was any positive change. yes yes i have found a few positive changes now for instance in the northeast you you were mentioning the conflict against boko haram in 20152016 that region was at the center of many concerns for human rights violations by boko haram of course but also by the security agencies there was a vast number of allegations of arbitrary killing disproportionate indiscriminate bomb being disappearances kill. study massive debts and costarred in fact now those problems have not been investigated and there is still not any accountability for those past violations but the
1:01 am
progress reside in the fact that allegations over the last 2 years 28021000.


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