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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 245  Al Jazeera  September 3, 2019 3:32am-4:00am +03

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drinking or playing is more important but what really makes me feel 1st touched is in the past 3 months many of them really start caring about the fact. the government criticised the decision to allow schools colleges and universities to be dragged into the crisis schools should not be used as places for raising political team trying to exercise pressure on the government on political. we would like to keep schools calm peaceful and orderly place for students to study. representatives of workers from $26.00 does also called for a 2 day strike while thousands gathered in the city to protest work is it queen mary hospital formed a chain to show their support. but it's in the universities where the power base of the protest movement can be found striking students have placed their education on hold for 2 weeks they say their books can wait because the future they are fighting
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for is more important when hey al jazeera hong kong and became a fossil 2 generals have been jailed for organizing a failed coup 4 years ago public protest war to the overthrow attempts by forces loyal to the i was to president plays come portray he was forced from power by a popular movement opposed to attempts to extend his 27 year he now lives in exile in neighboring ivory coast indonesian police in power or province have been seen shooting at protesters who've appeared to have their hands over their heads the video was filmed last week but it's only now been made public a local activist said protesters wanted to enter an administrative office peacefully but place suddenly began shooting 6 bodies were found in front of that building indonesian officials say one soldier was also killed. well indonesia's security minister is urging calm and pop up but also had this warning for
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protesters. most of the popular police chief bans demonstrations that will lead to any key any individuals or organizations are prohibited from carrying out or spreading separatism or expressing opinions in public and violations that will cause supporters i'm there is no nation in this world that doesn't have an issue of separatism it's inevitable. currency controls have been reimposed on businesses in argentina to try and stop the government's debt crisis from spiraling out of control the stock markets have reacted badly to the u. turn by president murray chilmark cree argentina's bombs fell to work with laws and stock prices tumble so has the peso lost a quarter of its value in the last month. it's the 50th anniversary of the death of vietnam's revolutionary leader in the capital hanoi florence louis has more on his legacy. the mausoleum of hope. the founding father of modern vietnam these people are here to catch a glimpse of his
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a bombed body i don't know. to all vietnamese uncle who is a great person i have been here twice but they are brought my younger sibling here to express our gratitude and love to uncle ho. he did occasion his career and his life to building the solution it's an honor to be here to visit the mostly him. uncle ho as he's affectionately known let the vietnamese nationalist movement for nearly 3 decades 1st fighting japanese in vegas then french colonialists forces and later u.s. troops in the vietnam war he died on september 2nd 1969 and did not live to see the end of the war nor the reunification of north and south vietnam cochairmen a still very much revered in vietnam seen as the man who brought independence to the country but he is also viewed by some as the source of authoritarianism the communist party which he founded in 1913 still rules vietnam to this day but over
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the years the vietnamese communist party has slowly implemented reforms mostly economic the country's growth is almost parallel to china's a communist a one party state that embraced market reforms and capitalism in the early 1990 s. that policy has led to boom times in vietnam its g.d.p. is forecast to increase around 6 and a half percent this year and next but alongside economic success come new challenges because we have developmental lot of people have more voice more and more representation and they might not be happy with one party rule so you know in vietnam vietnam doesn't really have a civil society but there will be more dissent there'll be more criticism as we have now managed. there's also geopolitics to contend with china has staked a claim in the south china sea building military installations on artificial
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islands and occasionally clashing with vietnamese vessels it's a delicate balance for vietnam standing up to a powerful adversary who's also an important trade partner and one time ideological ally. communist teachings may not be as relevant to the nation now but the founding fathers sense of patriotism and. still ahead here on al-jazeera in sport the defending women's champion won't be winning a 2nd u.s. open title this year this year with aster just a sec. it's
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time to get all the day's sports news here sandy thank you so much julie well the defending women's champion won't be winning a 2nd u.s. open title this year nightmare issaka has just been not sound in round 4 the top seed basin here in straight sets by bill in the bench each of switzerland the last names the japanese style world number one ranking with french open champion ashley both of australia set to regain top spot and change while she's through the quarter finals in new york for just the 2nd time in her career. the defending men's champion of a joke of it she's also and his run at flushing meadows was cut short by injury reports. it was the clash of champions on the arthur ashe court flushing meadows on sunday last year's when the novak djokovic faced off against down or inca the man
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that beat him in the 2016 final but despite the billing the match turned out to be pretty anticlimactic joke of it was not at his best from the outset as wawrinka took the 1st set 6 hole. the world number one has been suffering with a left shoulder injury throughout the tournament he battled heart of the 2nd fit but just couldn't match as to his opponent's precision and energy. i warrant cahoon self a struggle to hit top form through the 32 years ago closed out the set 75. i by now djokovic was really struggling he needed treatment before the 3rd set. it didn't help though at. 21 down in the 3rd he decided enough was enough joke which were tied to send wawrinka through to the quarterfinals. you. know the 1st not the last player to get injured and who you know will draw from one of the
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biggest events in sport but obviously it just came off the course of course it hurts. up next the wawrinka is down even medvedev the russians had an eventful tournament so far in flushing meadows and took on german qualified dominic cook in the round of 16. medvedev had been fined $9000.00 for an obscene hand gesture in the last round and he received plenty of boos in this match. it didn't seem to faze him though medvedev winning it in 4 sets serena williams has looked good so far new york a year on from the infamous defeat to naomi or soccer in the 2018 final however on sunday against petra markets she had a bit of a scare the 23 time grand slam winner rode her ankle. injury course to some clear distress and she even needed treatment but it was never going to stop or williams winning this one in straight sets and would face one chin
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in the last 8 i had a really bad ankle sprain in january. it was instant. but i'm finally healthy alina spittal enough broke the hearts of the home crowd by knocking out american madison keys in 2 sets the number 5 seed would be up against you on a continent the next round but she tries to finally win a grand slam title so helmet al-jazeera now in science strike a romelu lukaku says football is going backwards in its efforts to combat racism cargoes started carpeted with racist chancing from model fans of the strongest winning goal against county i know. black players in european leagues have been abused on social media this season as well. because can make this statement on his own instagram accounts football is a going to be enjoyed by everyone and we shouldn't accept any form of discrimination that will put our game in shame instead of going forwards we're
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going backwards and i think as players we need to unify and make a statement on this matter it is transfer deadline day for many top leagues in europe including its silly germany and spain one there has been ramps up is have a hand now this is move to severe the mexican striker joining the spanish software club from english premier league team west ham and on this side a 3 year contract he's best known for some of much the nights where he made more than 100 appearances. brownwood your comparisons amount of agree to swap goalkeepers with 3 time champions league win a calendar of us going to the french club in exchange madrid will take alfonse aureole or online from paris chief this season to serve as a backup to starter so of course while. 400 meter world champion white van niekerk won't be defending his title in doha lights from this month the south african has still not fully recovered from knee injury which he suffered in a charity rugby going to years ago van niekerk is also the 400 meter
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a limp dick champion. better news for american sprints a christian coleman the u.s. anti-doping agency has cleared him to compete in those championships usada had charged the 23 year old with 3 follows whereabouts during this year the potential anti doping violation carried out with syria common won silver in the 100 meters of the world's 2 years ago. in cricket steve smith is ready to return to international action for australia after his concussion injury that seems leading batsman missed the 3rd ashes test against england after being struck on the head by a delivery from fastball a job for archer the series is a level 11 after england's unlikely way last time out of the 4th test gets under way in manchester on wednesday. when you get hit it's always like a little little voice on your shoulder but i also know i stay smith in the really good players that could have strategies to score runs and to not get out as the scientists do not get is going to have a good strategy and
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a worse the guy in it better than anyone i've ever met in my last he would have thought long and hard about it all spent this pointed out that while it's him he's yet to dismiss him in the series just say mates and fellow fast bowler stuart broad says the 24 year old is looking forward to renewing his concepts for the form australian caps and test left in the series as holders australia need just one winter it's i mean ashes i think there's been a little bit of. to and fro between him and job for us and. jeff ruby excited to continue that battle. but yeah it's great to have him back it's no one wants to see anyone mates cricket through head injuries and he would have been very disappointed not to headingley and very hungry to to come back into 2 crucial test matches ok more reaction after that defeat phenomenas saka at the us open but for now that is it from you and thank you well before we go let's remind you of
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a story we are following closely here at al-jazeera a large explosion has rocked afghanistan's capital kabul shaking windows and doors in an area close to foreign embassies and government buildings security sources say a guest house for foreigners was attacked the truck laden with explosives and sporadic gunfire has been reported since then that's it for me and the team here in doha we hand over to london with much more of the day's news this. this is a dialogue let you decide not to have children to say that it's what the stake is
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really human survive all everyone has a voice that a start with our community because of course this is a debate and it's a he did want to visit a little beach and literally be able to do a page and ideally join the global conversation with people i think if only they knew what is happening to we were muslims they will be with us and they will be outraged on al-jazeera around the world palatal and to use a word to manipulate and influence us trolls thoughts taking interest algorithms that a clean developed and designed to push content that says click me every click we make is a value of software but what and in the further of a 5 part series 3 years in mexico examining how propaganda and proper shape. all through the algorithm on a jersey of. a
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modern and open minded woman who feels ethiopia is poised to develop rapidly al-jazeera goes on a journey with the 1st woman appointed to the position of chief justice in ethiopia i knew that this was going to be a difficult assignment which could be expect to have to be corrected and be wants to instruct to morrow they want to be. in my ethiopia on al-jazeera. more than 13000 homes are damaged or destroyed as hurrican dorian and gulfs the northern bahamas.
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know that i'm from the city bar and you're watching out his ear a live from london also coming up. are you want an election you do acknowledge an election let's get on with the people's agenda the u.k. prime minister urges lawmakers to back him in securing a brixton deal as speculation grows about a snap election. i was told. was thousands of students boycott classes in hong kong pledging to continue their fight for political change . and remembering the men 50 years old from the death of vietnam's revolution rita. one of the most powerful storms to ever hit the atlantic has engulfed the northern bahamas shutting roofs hurting vehicles and forcing even rescue crews to take
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shelter local media say a 7 year old boy is the 1st person known to have died during hurricane dorian's relentless involves more than $13000.00 homes have been destroyed or damaged in the bahamas power lines have been snapped leading to a total blackout in new providence the country's most populous islands story and hit the caribbean nation as a category 5 storm which is the highest level it's since been downgraded to a category 4 forecast to say it's still dangerous as it heads closer to the u.s. where hundreds of thousands of people have been evacuated particle reports. oh my god as the storm landed sunday evening hurricane dorian became the worst possible of storms huge powerful and stalled creeping ever so slowly over the islands of the bahamas this was the 2nd strongest hurricane ever recorded in the
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atlantic ocean with sustained winds at 300 kilometers per hour inundating the area with severe rain and storm surge and an ending wind this is the direct canal that's right behind us and you can see the waves are just raging as if it were at sea a hurricane so powerful that streets churned with waves usually reserved for the ocean before the storm many expressed a sense of optimism this is not aphrodisiac it is going to 2nd guess us not out there we have lived as a market that we would have today have to god's grace in my city but as dorian rolled in it became clear no one here has lived through anything like this in their lifetime this is probably the. most sad and worst day of my life to address the 1000000000 people. and i just want to say that as a physician i've been trained to midst on many things but never anything like this . as the storm surge of up to 7 metres washes over the islands in the storm slows
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to a crawl rescuers have not been able to get out there to see what's left and what and who has been lost petty calling out to 0. and this update from miami florida. so all eyes on the bomb is that and we're not going to get a clearer picture of water in that island nation for a good 30 hours or more so that will be monitored very closely indeed the next big question though is where does dorian go next is now being downgraded to a category 4 storm but all the models predict once it leaves the bahamas it will take a sharp right northerly turn and run parallel to the east coast of florida big part of the state there was still in that cone of uncertainty so we are far from in the clear not just in florida but also georgia and as far as the carolinas there are mandatory evacuation orders in place in all of those states and any deviation in the course of the storm could have serious consequences for all of the states and
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this is not going to be a quick event the storm has slowed down to almost a stall once it passes the bomber's it's expected to crawl very slowly hopefully parallel to the east coast of florida but this is a long term a vent that could go on for days a large explosion has rocked afghanistan's capital kabul security forces have told out there that a guest house in the city's green zone was targeted the area which contains foreign embassies and government departments is under tight security it's not yet known if there are any casualties well that blast happened hours after the u.s. special envoy for afghanistan met president ashraf ghani to discuss a draft peace agreement with the taliban last month. met taliban representatives in canada to complete a 9th round of talks to end the ongoing conflicts said both sides were on the brink of striking a deal the plan includes a proposal for $5000.00 u.s.
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troops to leave afghanistan within 5 months. the british prime minister says he will north-south the european union for another delay to frex it even if parliament votes in favor boris johnson has played with politicians to back his attempts to get a new agreement some opposition m.p.'s as well as rebels from party want to off the e.u. for a 3 month delay if you can brussels can't agree a new deal by october 31st deadline it's led to speculation that could be a snap general election reports. parliament has been on holiday for 6 weeks but boris johnson and his aides have been working flat out to make good on that brics it will happen by november with or without any agreed plan with the european union to show our friends in brussels that we are united in our purpose m.p.'s should
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vote with the government against. pointless delay. i would everybody to know there are no circumstances in which i ask brussels to do that. but since he has a majority of just warn in parliament it doesn't take many rebels from his own conservative party to cause him huge problems and they are so concerned about a no deal breck's it's not that they're ignoring threats to kick them out of the parliamentary party and it seems at least some will back a plan to order the government to delay breck's it yet again they have decided that in the interests of my constituents are best represented by outlining the perils of no deal and continuing to do what i've done since 2016 which is urge the government to make a deal so that we leave the e.u. in the best possible way both for the u.k. and the e.u. if they succeed johnson has
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a number of options and they are all incendiary he could either choose to ignore the will of parliament and push on with it anyway and face accusations of being dictatorial or more likely he could call a national election which would in effect become a 2nd referendum on brics it's the big fundamental calculation that someone boris johnson's company making is that currently he has the opportunity to unite. supporters of brecht's it on the one ticket and the boris johnson ticket while they remain parties the liberal democrats the labor party the green party the nationalist parties remain completely divided and that's the big fundamental calculation that someone boris johnson's making whether or not that will pay off remains we see all this means there is enormous pressure to on the main opposition leader jeremy corbin much less personally popular than johnson on monday the former labor prime minister tony blair notably failed to offer corbin his own backing in backing away from the idea of himself as
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a caretaker prime minister gerry corbin is behave responsibly and if he continues to put country 1st he will benefit the country and himself he can now play a decisive role in how briggs it develops. but he should see an election before briggs it is decided that the elephant trap the days everyone here is gearing up for what feels like one of the most important moments in modern british political history which will help determine whether brits it will happen at all and if so under what terms for some time now parliament and in particular the conservative party have been tearing themselves to pieces maybe this eventually will be the defining moment the e.u. is sitting in waiting watching for any piece of movements to clarify what will happen like everyone else want an end to all this lawrence leigh al-jazeera in london. thousands of hong kong students have skipped classes to keep up pressure on
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the government rallies have been mostly peaceful but there were several brief skirmishes after night fell police the fire tear gas to clear protesters in the densely populated manchaca region protest organizers have called for a 2 day general strike the latest act of defiance that has plunged the chinese ruled city into turmoil but there has been another stern warning from china in an editorial published in the state run news agency shin watch it says the end is coming for those attempting to disrupt hong kong and antagonize china they should never misjudge the determination and ability of the central government when he reports from hong kong. university students in hong kong are at the center of a protest movement that's lasted 3 months it's been a long summer holiday fighting for democracy and greater rights but their voices are is loud and strong as ever and they want their battle to continue things that.
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every resource our own cause it was our freedom that's the real and so we think that we would have to use any methods it needs to fight for democracy on day one of the new school year thousands came from around hong kong to the chinese university known for its political activism. on this day for these students there were no books in sight no lectures to attend just a rallying call to begin a strike for 2 weeks to use in that time they want the government to meet their demands including an independent investigation into the crisis or the intensify their campaign. their announcement came as state media in china issued new warnings that the end is coming for hong kong's protest is there is no sign the threats coming from mainland china are deterring the youth of hong kong if anything it appears to be having the opposite effect of becoming emboldened more determined to
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achieve their goals. organizers say around 10000 secondary school students decided to join the strike or quit some who have joined street protests over the past 3 months say political awareness is growing among school children in the past they don't really care about politico's they think eating drinking are saying it's more important but what really makes me feel 1st touched is in the past 3 months many of them really start caring about the political. the government criticize the decision to allow schools colleges and universities to be dragged into the crisis schools should not be use as plazes for raising political or trying to exercise pressure on the government on political yees whose we would like to keep schools as calm peaceful and orderly place for students to study.


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