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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 248  Al Jazeera  September 5, 2019 8:32pm-9:01pm +03

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events like this any human being it's a rock it's an african it's what does not represent the principles of all because you would know really a big advance if african affluence to accept everybody in the globe to be within our shores and it has been very normal it was never been something difficult with some even in europe and elsewhere in the world are still struggling today to accommodate other flu things than you do in your what do you think is behind this latest wave of attacks on foreigners in south africa. with believe that this is complicity on the attack of migrants in south africa. in the past few days we have a statement from the officials from the state officials the deputy minister of police the minister of police they need the help of this triple we are giving the people the order to attack migrants and and might have been attacked for quite
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a while and there was plenty after people shot and looted people then and now they're coming to statements which are not assisting anything since 2008 migrate in this country been attacked and the status quo that they don't have any plan to mitigate the issue of the nevada 2015 people actually on the technical t.v. and on radio and nothing is being done to address the underlying cause of the network that we are playing steak is conflicted on this issue because there wasn't any kind of that it is not a full time sitting up in. russia and that what it what do you believe is the underlying cause of this i mean we hear a lot of talk about the economics of the poor economic situation in south africa right now the lack of jobs and so on but is it all about that or is there more to it than. well i think it's a number of things of course it's the socio economic conditions the high unemployment rate the extreme inequality within our country as well as abject
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poverty but it's also the government's lack of service delivery and that's both their municipal level and job where the violence has been mostly and the last few days is the democratic alliance friend municipality as well as a inseam unisa parities than at national level i think it's also important to mention that we are still at if i did say it see the legacy of the parity it still haunts the way we teach there and therefore it's a kind of a right reading groundswell of the ring is from outside of our borders and i think we have to mention your corruption i mean the 9 years of zuma has rule as it has seen billions billions taken from state coffers which adds to their lack of service delivery stolen not by foreign nationals coming across our borders stolen by our only elected politicians and we have to raise that issue up as one of the aspects that causes dissatisfaction immense communities and i think we're living in
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a climate where none of the politicians actually give much credence to the voice of the poorest people and the most vulnerable in society so they have little option and ways in which they can express their discontent and a recent study from their african center for migration and society was doing with that mobile a station is the vital connective tissue between the discontent and xenophobe it violence and i think these acts of violence that we've seen in the last few days have been mobilized it's not just some random sporadic incident in fact the description that the a.n.c. spokes person gave of the incident was not what was initially reported where it was said that the text to drive is what was so angry at the police for colluding with drug dealers i'm a nationality of the drug dealer isn't really imports in. drugs are a problem enough to say it but to equate that with foreign nationals is one of the ways in which politicians whip out an n.c.
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foreign sense and then of course we don't want to see the kind of drug abuse that we have in the states in the problems it causes we could throw every single star in there tomorrow and i'm telling you it still have the same drug problem it's not because of the foreign it's a making those kind of connections then everyone starts to think oh my goodness foreigners drag yes the 2 are connected so i think it's a whole bunch of reasons that causes discontent which then through mobilization at local level through local m.p. political actions but also at national level as has been said by the previous speaker the statements of ministers who should know better of any and see people and like the spokes person there is a continuing so we quote foreigners with other problems problems that are problems that government should be dealing with you know i think that the whole company should have things causes people to move from being just simply discontented so finding your targets and use the target is foreign nationals in community is let's
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let's put some of that back then to. the cartel or what do you say then. to to this to some of that and this you as well that the government itself has contributed to the conditions that have led many people in south africa to to. to conduct attacks like this on foreigners in the country. yes look as the a.n.c. you want blondes more to eat of it the government officials or minister us who speak what does not represent a party does not the present us you would know in all challenges that we have within the human nature part of them. by it recklessly to us and i think we want to condemn as the n.c. those lee does who have been speaking of the lie which has led to the situation
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getting out of control would not want to encourage in the lead that no governmental field to speak something that does not represent our foreign policy and our is aleutians as a party that has governed the country it is wrong in terms of our principles and policies that we have spouse as the n.c. amongst them is that do women need to have your monthly deputy because even though ourselves as the n.c. where the beneficiary of humans are the devotee other countries when we're in exile when during deliberation and operation of the previous that e.g. they gave solace to us to be within their shores and gave us a support it cannot be us as the n.c. who thing that through negative attacks including on their nationalities and all the people from those particular country and want to call for calm is the n.c. to all south africans once of course form from all other foreign nationals way no
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country let us allow the law to take its course lets on the allow the law enforcement agencies to ensure that those who are responsible perpetrate does they are brought to book because this particular it does now been turned into something criminal because even but innocence belonging to south africans have been looted and it is rock people both as above and for for emotion i was wrong when is to emphasize and this is disrupted the normal life of sort of can cause. in other areas of the most callings there are no business even garages can operate to put up governance so everybody's car stops tropfest or there's no bread to milk and basic amenities but you would need to run your daily life and i don't think it's something that as a governing party would wonder and courage would want to then you should from government also than you do here also our terms is this is this also is this also law in order issue. in terms of these these attacks that seem to go on with with
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impunity i mean does this does more need to be done to to strengthen the system. and to to to go after those who who commit these attacks. yes of forming what i can say is that since the public attack occurred in 2085. where we don't have anyone who'd been who've been perpetrators of the 4 because that was the act by knocking someone of convicted for 10 years in prison that's to send a strong message to the people to stop it but what the police are on to do is they're not people going under and different very very is a challenge and to look at least now to say just at the enforcement will we take responsibility yet that is not in the international community because after 2 days of the release and no one will say as they will still does then of bring them over
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because so the what if the further involved this technical stand and the chance we are of the state is that like now because things are happening the government t.v. that we condemn that this is risky but what land the state have to mitigate the can situation because not the 1st i'm going to have to take their place which they have to say that this will never happen again this is what we will do to stop this issue of that and all the uses africanus. what i'm going to do trust so will feel like the place is not really now the exact reaction now when things happen to reconnect and come with a statement but there's another place at the grassroots level to mitigate on the issue of the haka because the public attack russian that there is there is also an issue of the government not simply not having the resources to tackle this problem . well it pink it's the rich you know it's
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a lack of resources to deliver services and to deal with corruption within services like the police. for sure that's one of the issues that government needs to address because it's easy for political parties to blame to foreigners for problems that they are not suppressing themselves i mean there were billions looted from government coffers government ministers based serve africans that ought to have been used to put into exactly both law enforcement decent housing better health care say it isn't implementing the national health service that it's supposed to be seeing education builds in schools that don't even have infrastructure at all it means that people who went to new needing basic things for people to live a normal life south african citizens to live a normal life and for people who are coming from across the border also because in checked in jo'burg the largest number of make minutes into the city or from at the
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south african province is the number of migrants coming across the border is relatively small so i think if we're talking about make rence an income is and who are there is where all that is then we're all moving around quite rightly now after 1904 we don't have the system we don't have her homelands and bunts it stands and so on and we are able to move around and said go and move where we think we'll find where which is the sensible thing to do which is what people do when they make great for economic reasons so they think the government does have a huge responsibility to all of us to deliver and so use the money that it has not for itself but for the services that it is supposed to deliver but i think you know political parties capitalize on a missed kind of sense of oh it's someone else blame someone else i mean it simply isn't the case that as i said if we got rid of all. the foreign born people which would include the foreign direct investment the president is now in cape town at
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the world economic forum the koto most see it of all of them telling how it to. south africa has in the past been been a kind of inspiration to many other africans in the continent because of its historic struggles with apartheid and and defeating apartheid and so on but are you worried about the image that this now presents of south africa to the rest of the continent we have the african union condemning this in very strong terms the nigerian government. some in the south africa's high commissioner to nigeria over this we have reports that the zambian football association has canceled a match against south africa over this does south africa risk becoming an international pariah in the continent if it doesn't take a real action against this. he is in did we must up meet but this is a resent developments us sending
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a very negative ms sleep abad but i didn't side off the go so currently is that did the are creating and a missile site it dobro much to go bought of sman for us a submission and i think it's a mutt of the gui needs to at dorn is the nation inside africa including us a people of because it is that are unfair for us to one to use violent moods to dissolve social ills that we have as ablation the goes it cannot be justified and it came a b. and cut each but citgo include is that do there's they and see one to put it forward to all of that our foreign affairs in the midst of a diverse populations as well as counterparts in decoded tomorrow news to me does a mother of asians if we're going to have ridden into side it to find an i'll make up a going to have a shit to the spud girl about to the goes it would not be quota it for far the image and reputation is addition to find ourselves in the situation we're going to have to leave it there thank you to all 3 viewed the cult on a white tape daniel doña and russian that do thanks very much for being on inside
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story at thank you as always seth for watching remember you can air see the program again any time by going to a website ages in a doc common for further discussion you can go to a facebook page facebook dot com for one slash a.j. insight store you can also join the conversation on twitter on handle there is at a.j. inside story for me has of seek and whole team here in doha by finale for the common belief is the journey to was the dollar mark that means unimaginable hot
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ship i preferred to light bulb the just ended why got the cup can truth chancing a life and limb on a dangerous journey through the jungle of i fell on to the rails tough for to a nearly died oh this of our children a east go to school and live because of the tranq of risking it all the democratic republic of congo on al-jazeera women news breaks when people need to be hide and the story moods to be told of crew to me month old good to of that are we a died last week a crossing a mexican 8 in you noted to stay with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports they can move according to their through fishing foot wifey was exceptionally hot outages iraqi as a teens on the ground to bring new move or award winning documentaries undenied mean use over the decades millions of arabs have moved from the middle east
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many refugees but others economic migrants taking the skills a broad al-jazeera world to meets to dock to us who have force near lives in astroid i'm the us never forgetting their roots but each committed to building a new life helping out these arabs a broad the surgeons on al-jazeera cause clog up alarm has in dakar the top stories are nigeria british prime minister boris johnson's plans to break the deadlock of a braise it are facing more headwinds his brother joe johnson announced his resignation as education minister becoming the latest casualty in the political crisis and britain's high court is deciding whether to hear a case backed by former prime minister john major he says johnson suspension of
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parliament is unlawful alliance lee has more on what the opposition is planning to do next. then now sitting in private working out when is the best moment to agree to hold an election and the way it's looking very much now is that they're going on the side or waiting until after the u.k. has got the delay from the european union so not to leave at the end of october and to have it in the. not least because that could potentially lead to boris johnson having to resign because he has said that he will never go to the european union in the us for an extension and so if he has to do that he has broken his own solemn promise to the people. iran's president has sent honey says his country will operate its energy program without limits in his words it is preparing to work on advanced centrifuges which would allow it to enrich uranium faster.
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as we didn't reach our desired result the atomic energy organization will now immediately start what he with the technical needs of the country in the field of nuclear research and development we will put aside all commitments made in the field of research and development all kinds of new center fusion and everything we need for enrichment at least 10 people have been killed and dozens wounded in a large explosion in afghanistan's capital kabul the taliban have claimed responsibility for the attack saying they targeted a foreign military convoy the blast was in an area close to foreign embassies and government buildings up question why he has more from. the u.s. and why is that america is that is here in the town to discuss the draft agreement between the u.s. and the taliban officials with the president and also other politicians the afghan president and other politicians raise their concerns about this draft and they want to discuss those those concerns with the u.s. and why is that my feeling is that i'm also told by the sources at the palace that
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because america is at the mid one president multiple time in this regard and he's aware he's also we also met with the. president hamid karzai and other politicians . taliban who want to show their strength and power as they increase their attack not only here in capital kabul but also in the provinces a few days back there also attack a key problems of the afghanistan one of those where there is the flag up which was and later it was they were pushed out of that province where they are going to cure the forces so the taliban is really showing their faith and power to get more out of this draft from the u.s. officials. of the number of people in the bahamas killed by hurricane dorian has risen to 20 united nations is warning $70000.00 people are in need of aid and has pledged $1000000.00 storm is regain strength and is now a cutter category 3 hurricane threatening the eastern u.s. the speed of the winds that hit the a backhoe islands when dorian made landfall were the highest on record by mr hubert mina says rescue operations are in full
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swing and has warned against looting. hong kong chief executive carol lam says she would fully support an international inquiry into police conduct during the protests that comes a day after she announced she would formally withdraw an extradition bill that spot 3 months of demonstrations lamb also pledged to follow up on recommendations from the inquiry. the bill will be withdrawn. that will be no debate and no vote. the 2nd action is we will fully support the work of the independent police complaints council people from all walks of life with different stances and backgrounds are invited to share their views and air their grievances we must find ways to address the discontent in society and look for solutions of those are the headlines so on al-jazeera europe today right now it's
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