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more of an offer that was probably simply doesn't trust the word of this prime minister yeah that's been i think boris johnson's fundamental problem in all of this we have a prime ministerial system in britain not a presidential system and when the prime minister loses the confidence of the majority of m.p.'s in the house of commons let's not forget m.p.'s in his own policy in some cases because of the 21 m.p.'s who lost the whip that position begins to weaken and as things stand boris johnson has fewer than $300.00 m.p.'s who support team and the whip does not attend the belong to them position so he is really running seriously out of options it's not clear where he goes from here boris johnson started a busy day by meeting israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu held talks inside 10 downing street both agreed on stopping iran from acquiring nuclear weapons that same that odds on how to do that johnson stressed the need for dialogue and diplomacy but netanyahu wants to up the pressure on tehran before there are any negotiations and iran has confirmed its further scaling back its commitments to the 2 $1015.00 nuclear deal which has been unraveling since the u.s.
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pulled out and re imposed sanctions on friday iran will began developing centrifuges to speed up the enrichment of uranium which can produce fuel for power plants or be used at atomic bombs president hassan rouhani has warned that his country's energy program will soon operate without limits sudan has its 1st female foreign minister us on dollah is among 4 women included in the cabinet which is separate from the sovereign council that will lead the country into elections within 3 years him or going to pour some khartoum after days of deliberation by the country's prime minister the names of members for sudan's 1st cabinet of ministers appointed since the ousting of longtime president already bashir were announced the the year that is going to do nice in the that year. 2 summers and we start today a new face for a country just a few manage well it will pave the way for us to build a sedan that we are all proud of the 1st priority of the transitional government
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will be ending conflict and this decree confirms the appointment of ministers for the transitional period sort of through the cabinet made up of 20 members include sudan's 1st female foreign minister along with 3 other female ministers is. the prime minister said it was a recognition for the role of women in the revolution which started in december with anti-government protests and led to the overthrow of bashir by the military april he also said that 2 seats in the cabinets will be filled in the coming days with further consultations needed to ensure representation of every region in the country the cabinet and bill by sudan's prime minister will ask for the transitional agreement to implement the vision of the protesters those include justice and accountability for the alleged crimes committed by for sure the government since it came to power in 1989 they're also calling for peace in the conflict zones in the country but implementing these changes may come with some challenges. sudan's revolutionary front a coalition of armed groups and
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a part of the forces of freedom and change coalition that signed the power sharing agreement in august had previously expressed reservations over the agreement it says the deal signed it needs to address the core issues of the conflicts and the impact of war but i didn't realize he knew what he knew to do we need refugees to be able to return home and we need them to be compensated we want to rebuild sudan and restructure its economy and the issue of bringing pace is a long one and will take effect from all the countries including the international community. and hours before the announcement protesters took to the streets once again. hundreds demonstrated in front of the country's high judiciary court urging on an independent judiciary during the transitional period to ensure their demands during the 8 month protests are not forgotten for a little but are not unified about about your part of the problem. but it was you know today we came out demanding an independent judiciary to represent us and we're anyone who turns to that can get their rights not like the former regime where your rights were oppressed and the judicial system was bribed and politicized they had
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given me here. today we're demanding justice fairness for those who've been killed we've got in the civilian government who some people gave their lives for it to happen that shouldn't have been the cause so those who are responsible for crimes must be trite that's what i want from the transitional government. the government says it's working to build a new future after 30 years of rule under the former regime and present sudan in a new light protesters are not about to forget what it took to bring about that change people morgan on to 0 but it's. still ahead on al-jazeera south africa promises to address the projects behind attacks on my currents which have fractured relations with fellow african states. and as the amazon rain forest burns protests are held across the world to condemn an environmental catastrophe.
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and they're watching very closely the progress of her can daryn this is a very very large storm and still very powerful you can see it in a this way the cloud just pushing right up into the northeast right now the damage is about 800 kilometers across and it will continue to move up towards the northeast now it's expected to thursday into friday to make landfall in the outer banks north carolina still staying as a strong hurricane and then it will actually begin to move a bit quicker but it is expected to make landfall again throughout the weekend off into nova scotia so we'll follow this very closely over the next couple days meanwhile once it does head on through we have got those clearer skies returning me one across into the caribbean it's a fairly ok picture really we've got one or 2 bits and pieces of cloud more in the way of weather across the central america and of course we have had the remnants of this tropical storm into the north of mexico and that has produced some very heavy
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amounts of rain as you can see his so flooding in the streets there are still some remnants to be dealt with but nothing like we have seen over the last several days so i want to show for cause mexico city is you can see through friday we've got fairly extensive rains across much of central america pushing right there troels into panama wanted to sheilds further to the north but generally a dry down havana on saturday with that she won. was. 3 months of protests on an unprecedented scale have virtually paralyzed hong kong what began as opposition to an extradition law has escalated into a broader pro-democracy anti-government movement. so how and why has this crisis developed and what are the protesters walked. in the 1st of 2 special reports people in power traces the dramatic evolution of hong kong summer of defiance on
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a. these are the top stories the bahamas prime minister says his country has been devastated by a historic tragedy in the wake of hurricane dorian at least 30 people are confirmed dead so far with the help minister says he expects the final toll to be significantly higher. than has stated he'd rather be dead in a ditch that's a quote then as the you for another delay to exit from several defeats in parliament and the resignation of his own brother the cabinet. and sudan has its 1st female foreign minister one of 4 women appointed to the new cabinet the new
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prime minister who was sworn in last month unveiled his picks and card to a sovereign council will lead the country until elections are held within 3 years. south africa's president is promising to deal with the prejudice he admits is fueling riots and attacks on migrants from elsewhere on the continent there have been reprisal incidents in countries including nigeria prompting south africa to close its embassy there mobs began looting and setting fire to 4 new businesses in johannesburg and pretoria on sunday migrants were accused of stealing scarce jobs in south africa right employment is nearly 30 percent no amount of. and frustrating and a grievance can justify such acts. one to destruction and criminality. there can be no excuse for the attacks on the homes and businesses or foreign nationals there are reports in yemen that the u.a.e.
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has sent military reinforcements to their southern separatist allies media say 70 immorality combat vehicles will be delivered to the port city of aden and response people have been rallying in support of the u.a.e. saudi arabia however says it rejects the move and urges all parties to immediately engage in talks with saudis and them roddy's are allies in yemen's war a bit back rival factions in aden a key figure in total trump's long delayed israel palestine peace plan is quitting special envoy jason blatt says he'll step down when the plan's been unveiled it's expected sometime after the israeli election on september 17th he said to be departing on good terms to spend more time with his family a white house correspondent kimberly halkett has more from washington. according to president donald trump's twitter feed jason greenblatt is returning to the private sector it's unclear if he'll be returning to work with the trump organization where he had worked previously prior to joining the white house team we do know that he
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is considered one of the architects of donald trump's middle east plan when the president's called the deal of the century a really given this departure raises questions about the prospects of this plan and any potential success in resolving the israeli palestinian conflict this is work that has been done in secret for months along with the president's son in law jared cushion or we do know one aspect of the plan has a large economic component raising some 50000000000 to help improve the lot of the palestinians but many people speculate the this plan is nothing short of dead on arrival given the fact that this administration from the beginning has taken a very adversarial stance with regard to the palestinian leaders and the palestinian leader for their part say that they will reject this plan as a result of the lack of consultation and the fact that they were not involved now
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we do know that in terms of this plan the white house saying that it will be released sometime after the israeli elections on september 17th we are on clear whether or not jason green will stay for that unveiling or if he will be gone if this plan is delayed yet again as it has been repeatedly already that does raise some questions about the fact that if the architect of the plan is not going to stick around how viable is it moving forward a suspect in the downing of malaysia airlines flight m h 17 has been granted bail by ukrainian court a judge ordered. to be released pending further investigations he's a former commander of russian backed separatist forces in eastern ukraine and one of several people who could be. and are ritter russia n n n pending prisoner swap made 17 was shot down as it flew over rebel controlled eastern ukraine in 2014 killing all 298 people on board she leaves you in the ship you go to we will
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finalize or talks with ukraine on the prisoner exchange and i think it will be a rather large scale swap it will also be a good step forward towards a normalization of relations between the countries please nonprofit organization amazon watch has organized protests around the world for what it's calling a global day of action for the rain forest they're demanding president terrible sonora change policies which they say are killing the amazon a record number of fires are burning in brazil and neighboring countries also has deployed 44000 troops to help but has resisted funding from g 7 leaders saying it would make brazil like a colony a lot america will see a new and has more from the state. i'm in just across the river from one of the largest municipalities in all of brazil the size of england that is also the most of forested and here and on up all of the same thing is beginning to happen we were in the rain forest with a community that lives in a settlement trying to live under
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a sustainable development program in the jungle without knocking down or cutting down all of the trees but they themselves are under attack we saw their community house had been set on fire by illegal loggers these people call them they clear the for the rain forest and then they set it on fire put grass get it to grow and then sell the land illegally to cattle ranchers and so this is the process that is quickly deforested in the whole area of one of the richest parts of the amazon which is the state of where i am right now turkey's president is threatening to in his words open the gates and allow a flood of syrian refugees to enter europe or to type or force to do it unless a so-called safe zone as established inside syria under to go in with the u.s. hopes at least a 3rd of the 3600000 syrian refugees living in turkey could be resettled in that safe zone or one says this country has been left to shoulder the burden of the
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refugee crisis simcoe so has more from istanbul. turkey's present project opar don't threaten the west and united states with opening to doors to the syrian refugees who are in turkey who are fleeing war in syria and trying to find a safe haven't in western countries many european countries he said that turkey wants a 30 kilometer deep safe zone in northwestern syria which is a debate between the united states and turkey for a while they seem they have agreed on some details but the white p.g. is only 5 kilometer deep safe zone he said that the safe so should best just soon as possible and housing facilities should rest our mission in that safe zone so that at least 1000000 syrian refugees who are currently living in turkey can go back don said that the last day for the safe zone is the last week of september actually a couple of days ago he had said that the upcoming united nations meeting in new
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york is the is is the deadline for the united states to decide and turkey believes that united states is trying to gain time and is playing between the white b.g. which troops considers as a terrorist organization and turkey don said that it is not only turkey who should be the one carrying the burden of the syrian refugees but other countries should be in world as well and he said that he will open the doors for the serious who flee the war from syria to western countries nato says the u.s. soldier and another from romania have been killed along with 10 civilians in a taliban suicide bombing in central kabul the blast destroyed cars and shops not far from the headquarters of afghanistan's international military force and the u.s. embassy there's been no letup in violence despite taliban and u.s. negotiators reporting progress in talks hosted by qatar. spanish opera star domingo is facing further accusations of sexual misconduct 11 more women have come
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forward with allegations dating back 3 decades last month dozens of musicians dancers and backstage staff claim to have witnessed inappropriate behavior by to me and he denies any wrongdoing researchers are beginning to understand why women in the united states are more likely to develop alzheimer's disease really 2 thirds of sufferers are female as chris and salumi reports from new york market alexander didn't fully realize what she was up against when her mother 1st began to exhibit symptoms of alzheimer's disease even though she had seen similar symptoms in her aunts they had the same kind of symptoms they were for get they would get confused disoriented and repeat just like mom now a member of the family is always with the 96 year old the one time that cause us the greatest concern is when she walked out of the apartment at my in her nightgown
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. it was a rapid decline for a woman who had raised 2 children been active in her church and worked outside the home a factor now known to help stave off memory loss one new study shows the average memory performance for non-working women between 60 and 70 years old declined twice as fast as women who were working outside the home 2 thirds of people living with alzheimer's in the united states are women experts used to attribute that to the fact that women tend to live longer than men do but new evidence suggests that's not the entire story and in fact women's brains are different. the latest research on the subject presented by the alzheimer's association shows that women with the disease have higher levels of brain metabolism compared with man which may account for their superior verbal memory performance what they found was that the tao protein is much more likely to accumulate in these areas in women and this is
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important because this area is really prone to spreading the disease though a protein related to the disease tends to spread more quickly contributing to what appears to be a faster decline in women but there is an impact on detection knowing that the disease can present differently and progressed differently in men and women the medical community doctors need to recognize that in part maybe be more sensitive to the differences between how women present with early disease worse as men it's useful information for families too but it's reassuring to have that information because without that information you don't know what to do as those with a parent or sibling without timers oh say i got a are themselves more likely to develop the disease christian salumi al-jazeera. take a look at the headlines right now on al-jazeera the bahamas prime minister says his
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country has been devastated by a historic tragedy in the wake of hurricane dorian at least 30 people are confirmed dead so far but the health minister says he expects the final toll to be significantly higher. ok leaderboards johnson has stated he'd rather be dead in a ditch than asked the e.u. for another delay to practice it he is reeling from several defeats in parliament and the resignation of his own brother from cabinet i'd rather be dead in a ditch. so you would resign fast prime minister i'd love than going on to that dilemma i just did i really close a 1000000000 pounds a month in achieving absolutely nothing. is the point of. delivery i think it's it's totally davey boy who's are honest confirm that it's for their scaling back its commitments to the 2015 nuclear deal on friday iran will begin developing centrifuges to speed up the enrichment of uranium which can produce fuel for power plants or be used and atomic bombs president hassan rouhani has warned that his
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country's energy program will soon operate without limits sudan has its 1st female foreign minister one of 4 women appointed to the new cabinet the new prime minister who was sworn in last month unveiled his picks in khartoum a sovereign council will lead the country until elections are held within 3 years and yemen there are reports that the u.a.e. has sent military reinforcements to their southern separatist allies media say 70 amorality combat vehicles will be delivered to the port city of aden and a response people have been rallying in support of the e.u. saudi arabia however says it rejects the move and urges all parties to immediately engage in talks with the saudis and the iraqis are allies in yemen's war a bit back rival factions in aden. amazon watch as holding protests around the world for what it's calling a global day of action for the amazon a nonprofit organization is calling on president i are pulse on our road to change
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policies which they say are harmful to the amazon rain forest a record number of fires are burning in brazil and neighboring countries so the headlines keep it on al-jazeera people in power as that next. over the decades millions of arabs have moved from the middle east many refugees but others as economic migrants taking their skills abroad. al-jazeera world meets to dalton's to forge new lives in a strange and the u.s. . never forgetting their roots. but each committed to building a new life helping out these. arabs abroad the suttons on al-jazeera. over 3 months of massive protests like. what began as opposition to an
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exhibition or was it both pro the pro-democracy movement. so why did this crisis develop and way logically in the 1st of 2 special reports this is the story behind it all comes summer of 2 finds. com has been reeling from its worst political crisis in decades. massive protests. radical action.
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the. streets in goldston tear gas. prices. and. the law of not. the movement started in response to the government's plans to amend hong kong's extradition role. it was feared anyone suspected of breaking the law could be sent to mainland china to face trial last. outraged hong kong as took to the streets believing such a move would undermine the educational and the city's autonomy. thing. wallow under public pressure the proposal was put on hold. but the protest stopped and the chinese government appeared to be losing patience
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with. people. here more. quickly. so what was fueling the demonstrations. and where would they lead. and the fust of 2 reports people in power traces the evolution of hong kong some of the finance. a little less of the land was on the june the 9th was when the 1st major protests kicked off. i'm over the proposed extradition bill had been. simmering for weeks. i know there was among other things hong kong was feared beijing would use the law against its opponents living in or even just passing through the city hall my spirits
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renewed that you're free gift unnecessary power to the government the hong kong government with certain appeal is it that i am a government or something of beauty. organizers said a 1000000 people were on the streets that day. police had a far more conservative estimate of 240000. but despite the turn out chief executive kerry lamb announced the same evening that's a 2nd reading of the bill would go ahead anyway. the discussion erupted on social media and in various chat groups. they're all his oscar have question what should we do if peaceful mob is useless they think that maybe we should go radical maybe there is something we still can do and the government may hurt us. the group of protesters decided to head for the entrance of the legislative council building. some attempted to breach police lines. by the time
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jason writes clashes had erupted. hours for dollars only with so i grabbed my friends like that day me. how it's like that. and called us so they tracked me through the battle barrier that they're holding me there and they have given me up at all like feature for. i. jason faces a 5 year sentence for unlawful assembly. he says he has no regrets we need to use whatever we can to let the government hear our voice even though they may not care even though if this turns out nothing but we need to do this. jason's college roommate was also arrested the same night
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a philosophy major tie on has weighed the pros and cons of radical action and all wes you dye your own will by raising table like so far it's a long haul most of our homes hard because i've come looking. for the house on which home oh my god how you all are young dumb old at home how have you lost i guess i'll be so face once it was on. they're not gonna go going to use that. like many of their peers both jason and took part in the umbrella movement in 2014 for 79 days hundreds of thousands of hong kong occupied key roads in the peaceful show of civil disobedience. ah ah. ah but the campaign for universal suffrage ended without any concessions from the government and to many of the movement's leaders jails. today protesters say
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they've learned from the past why your. child. i was on walk on. the water had a high you. don't know how you cut a hole in mines you know it's you know it's a way it was he told them. about. 5 years after the umbrella movement roads surrounding government headquarters were once again filled with protest as. it was the 12th of june 3 days after the 1st major march. a 2nd reading of the extradition bill to take place that morning was protesters were surrounding the government complex to stop the next as a council for meeting. the majority of people
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who showed up with peaceful but some believe more needed to be done to make the government listen it's all it's. lasers it's reliable. listening. they want to hear somebody else's words of mulder. ah late morning opposition no makeup alvan received some news. of the more you things are not how you want all other move was. but it wasn't what the protesters wanted and they refused to back down. i may think we are. hoping to calm things down young approached the police and all the people tell me
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all. police call the law. anything. but i think the month i want it off i would like to know why they told me. not if the hot button assia that was on the but it wasn't on the up i must know. that and what i think by. not know what are you the folly and some of the make up much of it myself on a day such. it was yet another sign of how much things have changed since the umbrella movement. no one person local was in charge no one could tell these protesters what to do. away from the front lines the protest remained peaceful. up on a bridge filmmaker yang and
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a group of academics and artists were on a hunger strike. originally from mainland china he now lives in exile in hong kong off to making a film critical of the mainland justice system if enacted the extradition will could be used on him domino watson's ashoka editing to repair the whole. side of the phone and she was xanga to i.u. the present 1000 shouted things up each year marrying your jesus. by late afternoon some protesters on the front lines getting restless. outside the main entrance of the legislative council building demonstrates is charged police lines police responded. with rubber bullets. and then tear gas driving school protesters in the area including those not
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involved in clashes towards the entrance of a nearby building. puts it shed on social media shows a near stampede as hemmed in on 3 sides by police hundreds of protesters attempted to feed through the one unlocked door of this office building. outside police continue to fight to cast right into the middle of the fleeing crowd . was. in another video riot police were seen grabbing hold of and beating this man lucky. oh are finite full police had pushed protesters away from the area
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surrounding government offices. at around the same time. chief executive kerry lamb released this video if i sail in on the long haul the white. fights he said would the no you young and. old saying say it is high walk softly. outsold think i'm fucking cold. it was a characterization but significant legal implications. anyone charged with writing faces up to 10 years in prison. ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah. ah ah ah it was a sea of black as hong kong was returned to the streets on the 16th of july. laos.
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they marched despite an announcement by lamb that she was suspending debates on the extradition bill indefinitely although there.


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