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it's when you're up to full of fire for the only. key is to screw the rest of us or not. at 18 going to big or became junior champion of europe at 19 he was the youngest athlete for the french delegation at the london olympics in a sport where you normally reach the peak of your performance in your early thirties his career seemed to begin well. i don't know maybe the. generally. more. sedate me they do want. you know a certain. parties on priscilla's system to the more traditional on the open your they mean all dogs are very good next from the mid-town sides revenues but all called also put up through this. door
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to get us all the dopey. or just some to. civil debate. founded are founded on what you are fitted are fond of. course only explain your ideology to popular. then in 20126 months before the london olympic games quentin injured himself the issue of doping came up for the 1st time markets were meant for him we can ensure that it is a battle with. the nominee of our men only for. our commitment to anything and for some top schwab to normal physical stars here see up our duty or touch us tell them is on trial it is. city they're going to do to.
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bring the from a. distance to one pin when a trailer looks. well go not a trophy and was originally prescribed by doctors to stimulate the secretion of sex hormones athletes use it for its anabolic effects to help increase muscular mass. quentin b. goal was also taking testosterone proponent injections. meth and die alone orally. and stanozolol the steroid taken by ben johnson in 1988 for 2 years quentin was able to avoid testing positive. jumpers posted in europe small dispense it in may for the apollo program it was complete shock well it. had to all the. you know what's in there but don't. sit in on the toilet were in hindsight he incriminates his relationship with his
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trainer. i mean don't phone affair or. sufis. the book. journey tapper fair point this was on ellen on that all kind morning drew we appreciate more of a bear that is rethought of our process at all victories. she considers the real. issue when he would load up his conservative. second 2nd while his former coach denies any involvement quentin admits he made a mistake and wants to move on and says oh yes i mean. we're called in air force or you're calling. from us.
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ritter there are thousands of cricketers if not it's on the visit of a family. every year worldwide $3000.00 athletes are suspended by their federations. on a global level the fight against doping began fairly recently in 1999 the world anti-doping agency wada was created what defines doping in legal terms. you have bad you see a map of drugs also stirs just the fear for amnesty but if requests i would also want to use for what is this part. in 200-5191 states signed unesco's international convention against doping in sport and began to harmonize their legislations but the world anti-doping agency still has no operational role it is the responsibility
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of the sports federations to find cheaters and therein lies the main problem. organise 2015 beijing hosts the 15th world athletics championships organized by the i.w.a. and the international association of athletics federations since the 2008 olympic games china has excelled at all in izing sporting events for 9 days almost 1900 athletes from 208 countries were watched by 6000000000 television viewers. and the i.w.a. organizes the event and sells television rights to broadcasters oddly though they are also responsible for enforcing anti doping regulations it's the system which makes the federations both judge and jury. by any. busy
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but it's true vista political i generally also babble. and of course the question was ill upon orders and was then their playoff in charge of sources that i hope i shall apply to was. behind the finishing line doping inspectors and members of the international federation await the athletes selected for testing i. say stop the posturing so we are secure in knowing that the don't concede a can of mace many of the athletes that have been selected were required to do so in a case of stunts off the bus in the proceedings. in this secure zone 500 samples are taken no camera can enter when an athlete is present. and then c c c.
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so essentially they say that's exactly what we need to do you can see how. kind mary this is now. thank you. to see. so. resounding so i can see. to tell you yes. there were cases where. athletes were not required to. drop completely so the possibility to hide something with. enough lead. an example of this was a trick most famously pulled off by boxer mike tyson who confessed to having deceived testers by using a fake penis filled with clean urine. an independent laboratory
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analyzes the samples there are $35.00 in the world that are accredited by the world anti-doping agency each athlete must provide 2 bottles sample a for analysis and sample b. for a 2nd test if required the anonymous samples are separated into several tubes and tested for 400 different chemicals every year the world anti-doping agency publishes the list of prohibited substances and methods the athletes take great care to avoid the banned substances. for a book all of us are very very pretty do we do was it it was sick of all going on as it. was for could what do you want us to go for it statistically. could. prevent more people doing what. it is to. be able to. do it because if you're going to go to school we put corporal competition always has that . testing during competition is above all about
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protecting the reputation and credibility of the athletics event in question these urine tests are supplemented by other checks elite athletes are subjected to testing several times a year either at home or at a hotel tests that the federations normally do not allow to be filmed. to the downdraft is there she's my college sure how do you sum up this time it's a blood test. images. once you can. come up. blood testing allows levels of other substances undetectable in your in to be assessed. the equipment to protocol
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are the same for all athletes in all countries all blood data is kept on record by the i.w.a. f. for comparison purposes to help identify any suspicious variations this is what is known as a biological passport. i . am the 1st probably seen. by the. director melissa. we do well it says if. of it of a movie or the mask of saga sold in. normal novelettes most double agent of the year law school. girls were pleased to be all over. this is the value of various will actually watch it or not at all sure it will. disappear. in beijing 450000 euros to spend on the drive to unmask don't produce but only 2 kenyan athletes testing positive samples
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can be reanalyzed for a period of up to 10 years. so i started to do the sort of to show. the case that that was fair does attitude. is the closure of me. because for us all these are what i want to say to the poses and to bid them a place where through the desert let polyfill fish other for. these retroactive tests can shatter the podiums years after competitions since the london games russians are a poorer was stripped of her gold medal in the 3000 meter steeplechase. the u.s. relay team lost their 4 silver medals and turkey. returned her gold medal for the 1500 meters via his left us pair of the medina sees me is one boy's them as what
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their sexual needs the pleasure morning in but. that being your me yes or the boys to their the drugs no he will sign do is me leaving safe nozzles the hail me usage going on here but. nowadays any athlete is seen as capable of don't bring. them up on. suddenly the sentence now had to. be content just as might have been when the neck of the with. justice is actually going to dog for sale ice. sheets to stay here this kind of last. time tonight.
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this is not. going to buy me. you. know day oh oh. my bowels and they. form a killing for his team. which i want but. dalton you've. been a. voice you. see the 1st. you same voice. so i spoke at a sit com joy leave my face. in the entire history of the 100 meters i fled 6 blue ribbon sprint event only 10 men and run the distance in this the 9.8 seconds using bones is the only one to have never
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been accused of doping. was it what it was the jamaican is the 1st sprinter to have been proved $100.00 metres world record 3 times some of these records were achieved during a period when no blood testing was carried out on jamaican athletes. yes you do do poem class a point i made evident. you know. it by tab you give it back pocket i'm the best short. of it is that that the time when you and the law. because the day are bad you don't. tend to get the full immersion. if the law says that led to. that lead. on that it isn't.
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hard may be demo not to. sit in and they don't need a bad political better looking for it possible here lighted up is possible. in theory every country needs a national anti-doping agency able to independently organize the testing of its athletes however in many countries due to the interference of national sporting federations of the state the agencies do not carry out anti doping tests thus in 2012 there were no urine tests in jamaica during the 6 month period that preceded the london olympics where using bolt made off with 3 gold medals. they didn't go. because i know that there's more.
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they say look they're so young for a saturday they can. not only are. you saying balls great american rival justin gatlin has been suspended twice after testing positive for amphetamines and testosterone he returned at the age of 32 even stronger and faster than he was when he tested positive for his performances judy raised eyebrows. am. and. september on al-jazeera with ethiopia taking its 1st steps into democracy al-jazeera meets for diversity europeans who are reshaping the country's political landscape world leaders gather in new york for the united nations general assembly global issues are on the table they listen host dissects the world's media how they
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operate and the stories they cover global warming and possible solutions to climate change are on the agenda of the united nations a special 2 part series exposed how human activity has damaged much of the planet and cause some of the biggest environmental threats to mankind september on al-jazeera. this is a dialogue let you decide not to have children to save the planet but the stake is really human survival everyone has a voice that a start with our community because of course this is a debate and it's a he did want to visit a little b.h. and literally be able to do a page and ideally join the global conversation with people i think if only they knew what is happening to we were muslims they will be with us and they will be outraged on al-jazeera. if you are in beijing looking out the pacific ocean
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you'd see american warships. somehow time is aiming to replace america and go around the world while the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our 1st president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china part one on a just. alarm has. the headlines on al-jazeera the former president of zimbabwe robert mugabe has died aged 95 he had been in poor health in a single poor hospital mugabe led the country for 37 years before being deposed in a military coup 2017 people praised him for trying to roll out health care to poor blacks and barbarians he was
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a teacher and when he came into power in 1008 he really tried to make sure as many black people as possible got a good education which is why some people in africa still say zimbabwe is where the highest literacy rates on the continent and he's also credited for technological white minority and giving it to blacks but then his critics say something went wrong the land that was taken a lot of it is a list of gone to senior ruling official parties some of his friends some of his family and children it's also alleged that he presided over decades of corruption in state's structures and some people also say he was behind a lot of the alleged abductions and alleged human rights abuses and of course the biggest thing is that a lot of your blame him for ruining what was once a prosperous economy and as misreadings about the former leader from people in zimbabwe's capital harare. as a leader the only thing he did wrong was to stay in power for a long time and that's the only thing that wasn't right. move for a month he's
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a former president and he liberated us from the colonialists as well as giving us land form of the. revolutionary i caught. a after she committed to speaking property be careful for. a train station has been closed in hong kong as hundreds of protesters gather there they're demanding the release of security camera footage of a violent confrontation between police and protesters at the prince edward station last weekend police officers were accused of using excessive force. britain's high court has rejected a challenge to prime minister boris johnson's planned suspension of parliament johnson is pushing ahead with his campaign for a snap election before the october 31st brags that deadline he wants the vote because parliament would likely prevent him from legally leaving the european union without a deal those are the headlines now back to sports doping the endless chase. in
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the entire history of the $100.00 metres sprint event only 10 men of run the distance in less than 9.8 seconds using bolt is the only one to have never been accused of doping. the jamaican is the 1st sprinter to have improved the 100 metres world record 3 times some of these records were achieved during a period where no blood testing was carried out on jamaican athletes using balls great american rival justin gatlin has been suspended twice after testing positive for amphetamines and testosterone he returned at the age of 32 even stronger and faster than he was when he tested positive for his performances judy raised eyebrows scientists suspect that doping main deed have long term effects.
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it came or could be oh yeah and they're back to do it only one more seriously it's crystal clear and. then is key as well i saw. the hospital defamation effective law connected to mood if he sued if they put it up oh. yes compliments of the property . considering your nowadays performances present is this to remind you your duties this part is life tragedy i wrote that your job is to go out there and give. give the news to the world but have a biased opinion so i think you don't do a good job of being the reporters can meet later to discuss more about it and all of that. despite 4 years of suspension justin gatlin signed another contract with nike the world's largest sports equipment manufacturer is sending out mixed
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messages. as for not they don't weigh. within that that there was a good one i keep one of them brought in with a nigga gotta get this part up or about there on that matter does he want our boys if they want him better they got. the. second mountain in there was chemistry in there from the 1st. with the order to make it should be run right at the end and this was what let us call modern young just in the in my filming i thought that was going the opposite they were going to show you the truth in all 4 nike is told only they are in there for more than one. and we don't believe we need most is the sheeple who frequent romel and murders hall snort who couldn't be the core of the explorer script that spoke to the office
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for tsunamis this could go on there. but will seek a new self monuments meet up on the critical spot in the form of b. and e. but that your story to the end they almost. end the source of the revolution. to stop cheating many athletes are demanding more severe penalties. the novelist was grasping has been on the side to clear. things held open eyes saying it's about the last thing on socialists in london so i person and so.
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on they can from the olympics and you know i think this off year seen the stakes. plate in the dock up to the shaft i'm certain you will see. this in this theater so few of us here on this book speak to meet welcome to kid him and went on to athletes and i'm so and i'm so who meet him won't see meat on a lot of his meat come his time he says needs to say oh mommy says eat. this is to have colleagues to me just as he felt and those fish have a complaint in the license output with him missed. he's been at them i know those with plate and digital top and but in a baby's looseness of fluid have to be stuff that i missed and. then i know those
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being all those they leaked behind the recent. months even this just. thought they stayed in on their plates and. it's a fiend it's mystifying style to folk to them the stuff that we say look if any skin. this is to a mouse this is going to want to. pios it but it is one of the few journalists specializing in dumping since 2006 he's been conducting a study on cheating in spain china and kenya in 2015 he brought the lies and corruption at the highest level of the i w f to light. does it a comment doesn't as an adult inventors vet her been as if plan i gather and veg
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because i minutes bluett we are to fresh even start or and season for me and trek and spirit but the mass heave doping 5 or 38 writer to dick of a ya'll and beck of eason's and morse these a results of blood tests for 5000 athletes take in between 2001 in 2012 amongst them 800 a suspected of doping for example this value of this blood sample should not exceed a 143 sometimes we find samples valuing 145155 or even 156 by a point at lordan but versions of a here get off to often kind of her sins iron or lout interesting of it r.t. talking other into or viet to have of the often a tradition who was a hans observe your and sente i don't know in annoyance ish bore doping middle of a norman without hoping me toward a never noticed the federation thus knew that many of their athletes with doping notably the long distance and medium distance runners but they allowed this to happen even worse the directors of the i doubly af allowed athletes who tested
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positive to compete in exchange for money according to the newspapers le monde unlink splays mean diac the president of the either way up until 2015 admitted to french prosecutors to having him penciled 1500000 euro's the money would have been used to fund the election of the senegalese president in 2012 his son back form our i double a.f. marketing consultant supposedly targeted athletes such is the russian marathon runner lilian from whom he allegedly demanded 450000 euro's so that she can still compete racketeering money was moved to a company in singapore black tidings when investigated by into paul he denied only involvement gabrial de lay the head doctor of the federation is suspected of having received nearly 200000 euro is for having concealed the doping but see this is has ogilvy isn't dust much stopped at a bow to push people on top of a cult clothes and get it for blunt and i stuck to it as i said comforting talking
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at the forefront in the fight against doping and one internets and argue about it see or touch these after about and i cannot asking type them out at don't go if now to just good story that is all bunch bought up we're talking to americans and which comes i'm. disgusted by these practices athletes decided to take matters into their own hands here i don't we cannot trust you anymore you damage our sport we have to. this is what we have to see. you put money. i want to run against clean athletes not monsters. taggerty parents hash tag. some athletes went even further us to part of russia's 800 metres champion in 2011
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along with her husband vitali unveiled to the world how russia creates its champions for 5 years yulia rub shoulders with the world's best athletes the tally is an advisor to the director of the russian anti-doping agency this is him at the side of the sports minister in 2009. in 2014 the couple decided to reveal the systematic doping of russian athletes doping organized by the country's medical and sporting bodies and covered up by the state there revelations caused a scandal. it's tearing apart and diving in atlantic city sides russia faces janick caribbean also there at the start of the civilities it will take i'm going to play the ball to do but it could be just one from the one i think is below as we'll see it as spewing out a lesson and let's not forget all to do push the ball shook the city gets your. if . forced to react the i.w.a. af suspended 4000 russian athletes it was the biggest collective punishment in the
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history of sport. vladimir putin was forced to reassure the world. your program will produce just what your folks do in their mood when you are stealing your. every species somewhere i agree with your picture and what group of young male you start to change the mission not only me and you do. 2 months later 2 directors of the anti doping agency died under suspicious circumstances. the i just love soon have a new key to come on have their deaths took place just as they were preparing to make public disclosures according to the sunday times considered traitors of their homeland the whistleblower couple exiled themselves to berlin. resist just talking to my god but straight not shell mr.
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trusting his name of course it is here's. the story began the day that usually a med surg a reporter got off the head of the athletics federations medical department who prescribed a doping program. to go after getting claridge. but since that the doctor wasn't that's because it's good that i got to have spots near enough that a lot of insubordination. can find out on you for all but matter need a lot of us that. they spot an absence i mean that i just. need to stage a whole new. class that's just what the quote. how do. you know it you know go there bill stuart you know. that the storm new government your own go idealist on saving the word of what it's must see that's ongoing just ones that he will eat up with. 2 of the gold medal winners of the london olympic
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games if you athletes tested positive it was because the anti doping agency in moscow were themselves corrupt. as a. result as a guy is now. bit about us as a slow as some mode of it is just and instead. of punishing you must give them no got to go off on these cars are. just it's about what was more but they still are on your door when you going you boys at the your prostate as they also which. toward just you don't know but them to be over the blanket was of an accord on the piece a moment problem he knew so much good that no matter probably but so was a duchess just popcorn that what the. disallowing number probably we're doing is managed topic i guess most probably no names can hit it on you. didn't do you did
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you did while competing union met retire early a future husband on their 2nd date she broached the issue of joking. it's. just. me and you don't ask are you in my own yard but i'll. know. because because it does bring up in that. the something it almost of traditional political gesture for which to sit still for some. severe measures 3 children. a college level so there's no new offer to the shop or a great deal could always need to take a starter with me stated assuming dr billy. on their way up as what they all if i watched. the man who said nothing was we are just love scene of one of the 2 directors that died under suspicious circumstances.
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but what were the russian athletes doing to escape checks abroad. that we said come on and said no imam. they are it's not genuine design use could need their wisdom with them that would come to. us at the beginning a sentiment is plentiful he said no money you know the detection methods are always changing and the dates how long. some substances can be detected always getting shorter but again usually the directors of the labs and the 1st ones to receive this information so that they in a country like russia or the they have to share this information because the main goal is not to catch their peers the main goal is to help people in gold medals.
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the russian anti doping agency disputes the accusations. vitali he has refused to cooperate with us on this matter. and for us it's a pity if you want to fight against doping in sport you should not only give these bold statements publicly it's not enough just to you know appear in the screen and say everyone is cropped it facts and presumptions that what we need to have in order to establish an underdog. the evidence was collected by high level. as if you have a as a tradition yesterday in your 4 peter. and you just have an off duty guy i mean. and video and audio from the top. why is. he going to not need to have
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one in you know not on titles and sort of. you know. video of yachts as they in is so good to see does he. get up i know don was a times to this economic hot. beleaguer. just dropping and it was his night at a dick up tired. or maybe tina. hadn't was testes and his team imminent is probably him there's always this response to minister to was disinvited to go through these it that's all it was his form of good luck almost a 1000000 pickiness that she took the equivalent. of the vision image from throughout me that i used to but i couldn't conceive in my books if the minimum for the month i was just not that. good he should be more of the fishies that makes you don't. lose it that is a sore spot people who are. going to look past me
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to look want that don't get to me that. following vitaly unions revelations want i began investigating in russia. meanwhile julia hopes to rediscover her best film. because i can see what's going to guess that no also get the most you got though this is me of a child that. i suggest to you on each when you put. these 3 up and you might still. stay there yet you still don't know if that's what sports. do you think that they take yet.
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within a few of them they figured out that if. you were. to take part in international competition she 1st needs to find a host country to accept into their team. but go to closing it was dubai is a cocoon fix that and then you just get that from my store in europe and yet to the caucuses that are stepping up to the head you have to get your question. which country would be dead if i russia and adopt yulia. russia however does not have the monopoly on doping every year worldwide $3000.00 athletes test positive for doping among the sports in which cheating has been found to be the most prevalent in recent years our bodybuilding athletics baseball american football weightlifting boxing wrestling cycling ice hockey rugby swimming and basketball power
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and insurance sports are not the only concerns. only on the overall is a specific nick book if you didn't. saw that it. would board put it in his pool and it has all of it is. more all now but the movies were that in order to need me all could do sure that the. natural skittishness of all don't do is thank him said look they stood it to me not in this book it's promoted. as a sport that relies on technique football would seem to be above doping scandals and yet it has been tainted by match rigging and corruption. you. know during the 2014 world cup in brazil 736 players were tested as shown in this free for promotional video. once again the tests are financed and carried out by the
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federation that organizes the event do you think that those of the like in other words or what is your opinion is my beef with in football mark just moved around just moved cool how you got brand in balance and you moved on so little that the score you call it was. no footballer tested positive in rio a satisfactory result of a free for. all. the last. case we had was during the $994.00 world cup in the united states. there is a very clear commitment to make the fifa competitions the big 3. despite this show of toughness to the leaders of world football really provide the necessary means to catch cheats in 1998 fever had all the samples destroyed after the world cup thus avoiding any subsequent unmasking of drug cheats in 2006 no
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blood samples were taken in 2014 the laboratory that tested the samples was in no zone over 12 hours away from rio after 12 hours tiny doses of a no longer detectable in urine samples so is the myth of clean football to be believed retired player right world champion 1904 is skeptical. so. all she would. hope it is. really my article virus or. sports which is your quarterly strain strain is pretty of used to look at as a future boy as he would inject when things are bad and. bad news with my i was there with my shorty there was that i may perceive him as massive amounts of muscle
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spasms of them being. ripped out of some fused and. if we witnessed this that specter. of dementia. would only whatever was a bit of both when was heavy. with me to. have this issue at 1st i want to be no. no i. was only moved to the minimum is more. yeah well we've history got it or or since you're closer to. it watch the video of it you know what in my arm i see my eyes fickling to my eyes my eyes up without the pa oh ha oh. i mean yes it was part of that i think an issue part. i want to get. i pop your finger. ah
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i just finished a book to spike up at night by the twit of all still cannot not rock. these parts and sweet. little budget i stick 8 axes or for bow to call early i let the explaining. that keep a sound so maybe you'll do ok still could nationalise mortality do it but do you plan to do that then bash shot you feel cool because it will be able to teach you ever take banned substances to enhance your cycling performance yes he just wouldn't give as the people seem to defy the beetle with 100 human what's on your ball i don't get it again even when you don't do so without much but to start. with i used. to aid you need to be made accountable at the most sophisticated level is it the official welcome to geneva for the special one the independent commission press conference that we have found to cover up speed for them destruction of
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samples in the fortress payments of money in order to conceal the doping test so it's worse than we thought. charlie it's a food fight for their football fans who don't think about doping really had that lead explaining when rael madrid it's love worth 500000000 euros or expresses a position on something like the world anti-doping agency has to take notice it will be known to you. in part 2 of this series al-jazeera continues to explore the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs sports still being the endless chase on al-jazeera.
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to strengthen the group you have to shoulder good all the more with become still fight against corruption. destroy needs heroes heroes like new who are about to be refused a $15000000.00 brian the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines a light on these heroes because the best way to fly into dark used to shine a light let's make a rule to bid to please nominate your anti corruption mirror. welcome back to your international weather forecast we continue to watch hurricane dorian
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as it makes its way towards the northeast very very close to the eastern coast of united states we can still see the eye with the storm it is weakening and moving faster now but still a lot of problems along the eastern seaboard one of those is tornadoes we have seen about $24.00 tornadoes touched down in the carolinas a so far and we do expect to see more a lot of flooding going on across much of this area of so anywhere from the carolinas all the way up to parts of pennsylvania even into massachusetts and that is going to be a big problem with storm surge as well today and then tomorrow the storm was very quickly up here towards the northeast and we could be even seeing a landfall and parts of nova scotia as a very strong tropical storm or a weak category one storm there will be watching that very very carefully for the rest of the area it is. going to be drying out of course across much of the southeast and that is going to be good news there good news also for the bahamas we're looking at drier conditions for you over the next few days few showers maybe pushing through but it is mostly going to be sunny across much of the area
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temperatures though are going to be into the low thirty's here we're going to be seeing nasa at $31.00 degrees here over here to savannah it is going to be $31.00 as well and kingston at $32.00 degrees. weather sponsored by catalona. this is al-jazeera. alarm has i'm sick of this is the news live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes tributes from across africa for zimbabwe's founding leader robert mugabe who has died at the age of 95 we look back on his legacy. hundreds of protesters
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gather at a hong kong metro station stormed by police last month. but they don't want to have an election they don't want to beat this thing forward we would get the deal britain's prime minister continues his push for an election as the opposition says they will seek to prevent the country leaving the e.u. without a deal i'm gonna get your skill with the sport as caster semenya signs for a football team in south africa and serena williams palace her way into the u.s. open final to set up a battle of the generations against young country ask a play at the top of her age. hello for 37 years robert mugabe was the only leader had ever known african leaders have been lining up to pay tribute to the man who led his country from independence until his removal in a coup nearly 2 years ago gabi had been in poor health and was being treated in
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singapore he's died at the age of 95 zimbabwe's current president emerson man god said on twitter. mugabe was an icon of liberation pan african ist who dedicated his life to the emancipation and empowerment of his people his contribution to the history of our nation and continent will never be forgotten zambian president. wrote he'll be remembered for his fight for africa's liberation and fearlessly defending the continent south africa's ruling party released a statement it says the african national congress mourns the passing of our brother having devoted his life to the service of his country and his people calling him a statesman leader and revolutionary well there's mixed feelings about the former leader in zimbabwe's capital. as
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a leader the only thing he did wrong was to stay in power for a long time and that's the only thing that wasn't right going to. move for a month he's a former president and he liberated us from the colonialists as well as giving us land form of the. revolutionary guard. they are he committed to speaking up but he can't afford for some of this. has more now from johannesburg. a few weeks ago as the barbers government issued a statement and say that robert mugabe was in singapore for longer than usual there was a scientist many zimbabweans that something is wrong when his body returns from singapore likely in a couple of days people get an idea of when the funeral is going to be leaders and the readings on a pay party say mcgarvey was the founder of zimbabwe they're going to give him a respectful sendoff and a state funeral order probably happen is when the body gets back to zimbabwe it
9:52 pm
will lie in state for a couple of days and might even do some tours across the country especially his home village in after that he appeared at the national heroes acre in the capital harare that's where a lot of people who fought in the liberation war who fought in the water and white minority rule have been buried his gravesite is marked number one a sign officials say is a sign of respect we also expecting several african leaders to attend the funeral remember in africa they were seen mainly as a liberator they say he helped end white minority rule he helped many other countries gain independence and he was brave enough to take land from white a white minority and give it to black people he's a hero to some people and he's a villain for frustrated zimbabweans many of them who are now living outside the country many of them economic migrants many of them were undocumented say they
9:53 pm
blame him and his rulings on it here party for ruining what was once a prosperous country but his supporters say that they will give mugabe a huge send of in a couple of days and will always be remembered as the founding father of zimbabwe. so there in johannesburg the honeyed has more now on robert mugabe's life. deliberate or who turned into a tyrant the man who destroyed a promising country through his determination to cling on to power. by some but in the end despised by many in zimbabwe of the widely admired across africa as a hero who fought colonialism and stood up to the west. 965. aeons mrs white settlers declare independence from britain an event that they find robert mugabe's life and still holds his country. the black majority resisted races
9:54 pm
in the cities and out in the countryside where a vicious bush war raged for years. robert mugabe a teacher turned activist emerged from prison as an articulate leader of the independence struggle we started the war in order to give our country and we have a country they did get their country at lancaster house in london in 1979. and when zimbabwe celebrated independence mugabe the overwhelming winner of elections was in power. and soon showing the liberation fighters what he'd do to keep it meant to belittle and in the early eighty's the opposition crushed thousands killed in ethnic massacres atrocities that were barely noticed abroad. but there was also much to admire racial reconciliation education and health for
9:55 pm
millions of zimbabweans although later the economy declined and the invasions of white farms in the year 2000 were turning point this time world did notice. people said that this was going to happen it was going to turn into a bloodbath turn into another congress maybe this is a. we're going to have to get out of. it was a coward to destructive process but said he was correcting an old injustice and in many ways still fighting the old colonial power the land is ours we give it to whom we please it's not the business of britain you see to tell us who to give land they do not wear that those who are given members of my by my party is irrelevant to britain. by now opposition was growing despite murder and many many zimbabwe seemed ready to throw mugabe out they had a new hero morgan chang right who said robert mugabe's earlier chief mans will
9:56 pm
always be overshadowed by the years of oppression. do we portray you as the great liberator or do we portray you as somebody who has betrayed the liberation that the photo. i think the latter will prevail the 2 rivals ended up in government together although mugabe made sure he kept the real power and chunky violator returned to a position where he would eventually die without being is constantly sharing how hypocritical the west is and africa loves that and for that reason and i think he will be judged alternately as being a more important figure in africa than simply this party is it is part he's a dictator he's a tyrant he's anywhere you want to threaten but it's something more than that he says he's the wrong messenger with the right message. by now his wife grace 41 years his junior had emerged as a political player mugabe well into his ninety's seem determined to go on and all.
9:57 pm
the. players you know. that the robert mugabe is still here. but not as strong as he thought in the city's anger boiled over a new generation demanded mugabe go it's time for you to resign it's time for you to step down. in the end it was the army that pushed him where he the point grace as his successor a former colleague and then leave rival of grace's emerson winning took over it was more palace cruden revolution although the joy mirrored that of zimbabwe's original revolution 37 years earlier will gladly retreated to his mansion bitter to the last we don't deserve it. we don't deserve. but please tell
9:58 pm
me. the real tragedy robert mugabe could never bear da da or of his country enjoying a 2nd freedom from his ruinous grip. well let's look now at how robert mugabe rose from humble beginnings to become zimbabwe's most powerful man he was born in 1904 in colonial rhodesia the 3rd of 6 children he was educated by catholic missionaries and later went to university in south africa he qualified as a teacher and earned several degrees mugabe returned it to southern rhodesia in 1960 ian smith white supremacist government was firmly in control of their mugabe joined zappo a new political party he rose through the ranks calling for equal rights for all regardless of race but mugabe's refusal to avoid political violence saw him split from the party he helped to form the zimbabwe african national union zine who was
9:59 pm
banned by smith's regime i'm a gobby was arrested and sent to prison in 1984 but after 11 years behind bars he was released and fled to mozambique where get real or fighters elected him to lead their struggle against white minority rule or jealousy moretti day is the spokesman for the national patriotic front and joins us now from harare thanks very much for being with us so what would you say is the legacy of robert mugabe. you know you know who has to look at his legacy we have to look at what used to double what the liberation struggle stood still and the liberation struggle in zimbabwe was about the land and he fought and he was principled up to the end he fought in order for zimbabweans to get their land back no matter what happened thereafter but the. victim of the liberation struggle was achieved under
10:00 pm
his the stewardship and that is the very big achievement that he ducked will forever be part of this legacy e's also renowned for the police of reconciliation when he implored us as the above reasons to turn our guns into plowshares after the liberation struggle in 1980 when we got our political independence he implored december begins to stop right in our use to our colonisers. get to work with them and to move the country forward and for further very long time zimbabwe has been very peaceful until a time when after the turn of the millennium he then insisted that the objective of the liberation struggle that of giving that zimbabwe the blood.


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