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tv   Letters To A Serial Killer  Al Jazeera  September 7, 2019 9:00am-10:00am +03

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ration has to be on prices to trainability so be doing this also on the pressure not to be seen to be intending to hong kong if. beijing has warned that it may get tough soon prompting concerns it could deploy soldiers who are based in hong kong since the start of the protests many will leaders have expressed concern about the situation in hong kong and china to respect the rights of the people here those words of course given encouragement to the protesters but those world leaders know that given china's economic power there's only so much pressure they can apply. for now china seems to be willing to be patient in the hope that the momentum of the protests will fade along with the international attention on the streets those fighting for the city's future determined to achieve the opposite wayne hey al jazeera hong kong. the leaders of 6 latin american countries have agreed on a regional action plan to deal with a record number of fires in the amazon they've signed
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a pact that also has measures for the preservation and sustainable development of the rain forests brazil venezuela bolivia and colombia are the worst affected by the fires the brazilian president abbas a narrow didn't attend in person instead joining via video conference critics have denounced his anti environmental policies in the amazon so much. as we are aware that perhaps for many decades many of the regions of our amazon forgotten are quite simply they were not prioritized i believe that this meeting gives priority to the amazon in our country and it also shows to the world that it is a priority for us to leave it is easy to leak us because of ideological differences there are perhaps distances between us but above all this is all the rights of mother earth we respect our differences people have a right to go with her who they want that is not under debate and that is why there is this document we all face this problem. still ahead on al-jazeera blocking
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a no deal bricks that will become law within days after being approved by the u.k. parliament's upper house also ahead facebook under fire as a social media giant goes under investigation in the u.s. . how i welcomes another look at the international forecast this looking glossy dry and fine across a good part of china just around the fringes of the country we have of course got some wet weather in the forecast and that's because we have typhoon ling-ling just still show that just around the east china sea at this stage pushing up towards the yellow sea safe assessed day. 30 celsius in shanghai warm sunshine at 34 with a 4 hong kong perhaps
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a little more shall right just pushing into western parts as we go on into sunday now trading on straw mats high say we have got some rather wet weather just pushing its way down towards northern parts of the philippines so that said here that going to be the case over the next diode say this legacy of plant just rolling its way down sunshine and showers here sunshine shot was to just into a board i think for many it will be fine and dry showers across a good part of malaysia into in the asia still a bit of a wet weather around the bely peninsula pushing up into town of bangkok at 31 celsius maybe 32 as we go on into sunday that's going to the main focus for the west the weather across the region joining up with the heavy rain that we have across myanmar still some really heavy rain pushing in across the eastern side of india and those monsoon downpours continue to the west. sumatra sponsored by town and. finally we're going to get but that's the big. as
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a bonnet i see well it's never thought of that this set says the last david and the other the double of a cousin to punches a bitch on the bottom. in part one of this 2 part series al-jazeera explores the world of performance enhancing drugs. sports doping the endless chase on al-jazeera. well again the top stories on al-jazeera zimbabwe is the clara days of national mourning under until the birth of its former leader robert mugabe has died in singapore aged 95 president. mugabe
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a national hero but others are remembering a brutal dictator who brought economic ruin. the devastation caused by hurricane dorian in the bahamas is being likened to a tsunami with entire neighborhoods flattened at least 30 people are known to have died across the caribbean nation but officials are warning that number could rise dramatically. protests in hong kong continue despite the. dropping the controversial extradition bill that sparked the crisis china's central government in beijing has warned it won't allow the chaos to go on forever. the u.k. prime minister boris johnson has accused his opponents of making an extraordinary political mistake after they agreed not to back his push for elections next month and he suffered another setback parliament's upper house has approved legislation preventing the country from leaving the e.u. without a deal i'm a hayward has more from london. he's been struggling to control parliament and the
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budget hundreds of kilometers from westminster. having an easy time of it britain's prime minister was in scotland to announce extra funding pumice he hasn't got the election he wants yet both photo opportunities like this the campaign certainly feels like it's on the way johnson insists he has no intention of resigning if he doesn't. britain out of the e.u. soon that is not a hypothesis i am willing to go but i want to get this thing done and you know i think the people in this country. and there's no opportunity to be so much more positive about this earlier at a fish market he promised again that britain would leave the european union by the 31st of october we're all going to go together. opposition parties are continuing to pile on the pressure saying they'll vote against his plans to hold an october the 15th general election just days before what could be britain's last e.u.
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summit and is hoping that he'll be able to secure the support of 2 thirds of m.p.'s in the commons to push through a general election and middle tobar over 15th is the date he's proposing but the opposition just simply aren't going to budge they don't trust him and they want to make sure that this extension is in place before they agree to anything it's been quite a week the prime minister johnson. on thursday his only brother resigned as an m.p. a minister saying he was torn between family loyalty and the national interest his majority has been obliterated through expelled 21 m.p.'s trying to stop and no deal breaks it and a bill to stop the country crashing out of the e.u. is going through parliament there's been a small bit to put the government know with the high court in london ruling that the decision to suspend parliament put 5 weeks is legal the saying we can politics
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is a long time has never felt more appropriate boris johnson is a man under pressure to deliver the promises he's made and keep some making there may not be able to keep a general election it seems likely but the electorate is wary of rex it and he would al-jazeera in westminster nigerians in south africa are being offered free flights home after violent anti immigrant riots in johannesburg this week. nigeria says it will seek compensation from south africa for attacks on its citizens south africa's government has closed its missions in nigeria after a wave of retaliatory attacks by the dream's has more from the nigerian capital of . the reactions from such an african countries have been swift and angry regarding the events in south africa for example reports from zambia said rioters attacked south african businesses or south african owned businesses in that country in nigeria police have arrested dozens of people in the commercial capital lagos for
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rioting and also targeting south african businesses in that city similarly there been some street protests in lagos and a buddha at a time when the nigerian government is walking behind the scene with the south african authorities to try to resolve the crisis nigeria's despite a high powered delegation to meet the president of south africa and people in his government to try to resolve this crisis only one of the shell of the nigerian government to say that they will seek for redress and compensation for victims have been affected by the xenophobic attacks in south africa now business between south africa and nigeria in particular is estimated at more than $60000000000.00 u.s. dollars so both countries up a lot to lose if there is any breakdown in sort of business activities between the 2 countries and ecowas also stepped in to warn that this could affect regional integration as specially you know that african countries are trying to come together and the africa free trade agreement that is expected to take off probably
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in the next one year or so so basically this situation is come on the streets of nigeria and other parts of africa especially in west africa where they have been some angry reactions from citizens because of the situation in south africa cameron's main opposition leader has gone on trial in a military court along with 90 of his supporters morris county has accused the rebellion against the government and is facing life in prison he was the runner up in last year's presidential election which many allege was rigged his trial sparked outrage including repeated protests from france the united states. it's on the european union movement calling for his release. as you can see there and the right trucks stationed here. to tell enough policemen and the security measures sit up here and not only for the security but to stiffen us we are pushed to question is
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the judgment that will be given to come to be what the people want how can the trial happen in the absence of the people it is representing the judgment will unfortunately be done in the absence of the concerned. the philippine government is accusing the opposition of plotting to oust president rodrigue. dozens of people have been taken before the courts charged with so titian allegations they deny general and organ reports from. their politicians priests actors and human rights workers more than 30 of them are accused by the philippine government of committing acts of sedition inciting people to rebel against the government and other criminal complaints the office of the solicitor general says they plotted with the vice president landed of bread or to destabilize the administration of president did they go to 31 by one they submitted sworn statements denying the claims the following this point didn't have already
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submitted it is almost been denied by specially the marillion or the vice president also submitted her own statement all the accused say the allegations are baseless and are simply attempts to silence dissenting voices going to station those that administration does not realize that the duty of the opposition is to oppose constructively the president got used to brown nosing and polishing the opposite that is not the work of the opposition. the government filed a complaint in july after the united nations voted to investigate to terrorist so-called war on drugs which has led to the deaths of thousands of filipinos. most of those accused of sedition have been vocal critics of his policies you know you don't know but i hope i'm. wrong but the solicitor general and the police say they have strong evidence against them in court jamila. he was the man who appeared in
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a series of online videos linking the president's family to the illegal drug street but he denied he was taken into police custody and now says he conspired with members of the opposition to this stabbing lies detectors administration his credibility as a witness has been questioned. now in the hands of the justice department if the case will be through the court the case is still under preliminary investigation and those facing the possibility of charges say they hope that the rule of law will prevail they say the initial court action smacks of political persecution. al-jazeera. an investigation is being launched in several u.s. states into whether facebook is stifling competition and putting its users at risk the new york state attorney general is leading that anti-trust probe it's part of
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a wider check on competitor practices among major digital companies reportedly including google amazon and apple my car has more from washington. most of those investigations are federal investigations that are being carried out in a number of companies particularly google and facebook but this particular move that was announced by the new york attorney general in the course of the day is different to a number of states coming together the attorneys general from at least 8 states who are coming together to jointly probe the activities of facebook at this particular stage now the significance of this is that it is a bipartisan investigation facebook would be unable to say that there are political motivations behind such an investigation now the new york attorney general outlining the probe has said that it's going to be focusing on facebook's dominance
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in the market and the way in which the starman and squid be misused it is going to look at facebook's use of consumer data about whether it is responsible for the increase in the cost of advertising so it's a widely spread very significant investigation the last time a major investigation an antitrust investigation such as this was done on this basis was concerning microsoft 2 decades ago when attorneys general came together to launch a bipartisan investigation so a significant move indeed u.s. national security advisor john bolton has tweeted a picture of what he claims is the iranian tanker sent to syria the adrian dariya one was released in mid august from detention of gibraltar following a 5 week standoff over whether it was carrying iranian oil to syria in violation of european union sanctions so here's a picture bolton tweeted anyone who said the adrian's area one wasn't headed to syria is in denial to her on thinks it's more important to fund the murderous assad
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regime than provide for its own people we can talk about iran's not getting any sanctions relief until it stops lying and spreading terror. the u.s. economy added jobs last month but not as many as expected analysts believe that could be down to doll trans trade war with china oh and fresh reports from washington. it's a growing company one of the fastest in its state one of the fastest in the country but with most of the production centered in china everything has taken a hit because of donald trump's trade war that's put a hold on investment and on hiring we're confident that we can stay in business it will do ok but it's definitely going to affect how we do business how profitably we are how fast we can grow how much we can provide the product that our customers want at the price that they like it donald trump impose another round of tide of some $300000000000.00 worth of chinese goods at the start of this month that adds to the tide of that were brought in last year the president believes the deal with
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china is close but he said that before they had the worst year in over 50 you know they had a a year that was a disaster for them millions of jobs have been lost their supply chain has been destroyed or soon to be destroyed i don't think they can continue onward like that . one california surfboard maker supports the president he's been losing out to cheaper chinese boards i'm a proponent for as high as possible because then it becomes competitive for me. the new jobs figure doesn't fully measure the impact of the trade war but it comes as an official report reveals the u.s. created half a 1000000 fewer jobs in the past 18 months than previously reported don't see short term pain for long term gain believing he's going to kick start american manufacturing unlikely says stephen session we would love to be able to manufacture domestically but it's literally not possible for us to make our shoes domestically
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in the same way that it's literally not possible for to find a domestic version of the devices you and i or is it the speaker peepers in our cell phones the structure just doesn't exist to allow us to act or. donald trump says trade wars are quick and easy to win. through if you wants to take a strong economy into the 2020 presidential election. washington. headlines on al-jazeera zimbabwe has the clare days of national mourning until the borough of its former leader robert mugabe has died in singapore aged 95 presidents a. national hero but others are remembering a brutal dictator who brought economic ruin the opposition leader nelson chamisa says robert mugabe left zimbabwe divided. their condition made by mr
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mugabe liberation of our country and also is going to be really days when the true education and housing but also acknowledge the reality that there were all so negatives in terms of. that that people had to go through on a common goal is all missions and commissions in government someone got there was a human being it is now it is now. you could not have been duck picked because it was not an angel the devastation caused by hurricane dorian in the bahamas is being likened to a tsunami with entire neighborhoods flattened at least 30 people are known to have died across the caribbean nation but officials are warning that number could rise dramatically dorian was the most powerful hurricane to hit the bahamas. protests in hong kong continue despite the city's leader kerry dropping the controversial extradition bill that sparked the crisis china's central government in beijing has
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warned it won't allow the chaos to go on forever. the leaders of 6 line american countries have agreed on a regional action plan to deal with a record number of fires in the amazon they've signed a pact that also has measures for the preservation and sustainable development of the rain forests brazil venezuela bolivia and colombia are the worst affected by the fires brazilian president durable so narrow didn't attend in person instead joining via video conference critics have denounced his anti environmental policies in the. nigerians in south africa are being offered free flights home after violent anti immigrant ryan this week nigeria says it will seek compensation from south africa for attacks on its citizens south africa's government has closed its missions in nigeria after a wave of retaliatory attacks those are the headlines on
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al-jazeera we'll have more news coming up that's right after inside story. robert mugabe zimbabwe's founding leader some saw him as a little. a tyrant so what legacy does he leave and how was involved from his shadow this is inside story. welcome to the program. robert mugabe was
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a divisive figure white until he died on friday at the age of 95 he was hailed a hero of zimbabwe's independence from britain but turbulent 37 years as president of the mitra depose him into a $1017.00 african leaders are paying tribute to as an icon of liberation but his critics say he's. left zimbabwe rowan's hoda abdel-hamid takes a look back at mugabe's life. 965 and ian smith his white settlers declare independence from britain an event that defined robert mugabe's life and still holds his country the black majority resisted races through in the cities and out in the countryside where a vicious bush war raged for years. robert mugabe a teacher turned activist emerged from prison as an articulate leader of the independence struggle we started the war in order to give our country and we
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haven't got our country they did get their country at lancaster house in london in 1979. and when zimbabwe celebrated independence mugabe the overwhelming winner of elections was in power. and soon showing revival liberation fighters what he'd do to keep it might the belly land in the early eighty's the opposition crushed thousands killed in ethnic massacres atrocities that were barely noticed abroad but there was also much to admire racial reconciliation education and health for millions of zimbabweans although later the economy declined and the invasions of white farms in the year 2000 were turning point this time the world did notice. it was accounted destructive process but mugabe said he was correcting an old injustice and in many ways still fighting the
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old colonial power the land is ours we give it to whom we please it's not the business of britain you see to tell us who to give land they do not. buy now opposition was growing despite murder and many many zimbabwe seemed ready to throw mugabe out they had a new hero morgan chang right who said robert mugabe's early achievements will always be overshadowed by the years of oppression. do we put the great liberator or do we put somebody who has betrayed the liberation that the photo. i think the little old prevail the 2 rivals ended up in government together although mugabe made sure he kept the real power and shank you violate to return to a position where he would eventually die he isn't as part he's a dictator he's a tyrant he's anywhere you want to threaten but it's something more than that he says he's the wrong messenger with the right message. by now his wife grace 41
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years his junior had emerged as a political player who got be well into his ninety's seem determined to go on and on. in the city's anger boiled over a new generation demanded mugabe go it's time for you to resign it's time for you to step down. in the end it was the army that pushed him where he did point grace as his successor a former colleague and then live rival of grace's emmerson women took over it was more palace coup than revolution although the joy mirrored that of zimbabwe's original revolution 37 years earlier mugabe retreated to his mansion bitter to the last probably. the real tragedy robert mugabe could never bear da da of his country enjoying a 2nd freedom from his room. let's
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bring in. in harare patrick chinamasa a ruling zano party member robert mugabe's finance minister in london. the former chief adviser to the former zimbabwean prime minister opposition leader morgan tsvangirai and in johannesburg david moore professor of development studies of the university of georgia spoke welcome to all patrick the mixed reactions following the death of mr mugabe from a liberator tyrant. does that in a way or another sum up his legacy well. in the group or zimbabweans are going to be in deep mourning over the past. or marriage. with our leader.
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who championed the armed destructo which give us our free dorm our human rights. our dignity you'll be one of the good so fuck you come alongside so much common guma julie as nearly. kenneth kaunda you're so mandela you will be even pollution ari i couldn't not just after you came but also internationally each time you and you because of or praised the people everywhere. you was very principled you are here you strong. why not if you lead us in course coralie africa will take an exam on her own your masters. did i lend to give it
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back to the right who people you want i mean flinching. in that little ok you lived in a huge legacy for empowerment or for people in the early off age you creation zimbabweans are now loaded the ideas in terms of literacy rate into also in terms of development this is why you find you cannot win all over the world because of the asking it seems you also. will fight the good is that you mean worth giving land back we'll talk while he tells about those out there you did been different issues alex. morgan tsvangirai who was the main opposition leader in zimbabwe once said that if we were to make any assessment about the legacy of. the between a freedom fighter or someone who had deserved the why it's given to him by his own
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people the latter would prevail. well i think 1st of all you know condolences of course to the family of former prison mcabee. i have listened to a tear from a minute session i must say sayed there is no doubt that mr mugabe played an important role in the oppression of zimbabwe and had many important words to say about africa and he was indeed an icon in that regard however as i pointed out at the time there are also aspects of mr mugabe's leadership we care were very disagreeable we should have very horrible and i think that it's important to understand that even at this particular point in time while we have to respect the family of mr mugabe it's also important to be honest and truthful about the challenges that zimbabwe has faced as in biographies about his leadership. was part
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of a group of people in his own appear of who led to the ouster of president robert mugabe in 2017 i don't think that it is fair to whitewash that if you sort of our history if anything the demise of former president robert mugabe began that november 27th when they took power from him through unconstitutional means. it i mean when we go back and look at the highlights of the legacy of mugabe many people would tell you that ok he was a freedom fighter for the independence of his own country but those credentials were completely overshadowed by the blunders by the mistakes that he made over many many years in power. i don't i agree with that cheering it proposition what i think people should be more
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a bowed mugabe's that us here early entry that we aid in african coast opposition zimbabwean or opposition highly nils indy kenya hated to by form our colonial masters degree tissue soon with their wealth municipal own dition funded to d.q. luncheon in establishment or him ditty you are very very angle that is him but wins how good him back when to be drilled that were in legacy how good is in bug will be tell you that one country but accepting silvo in order to or paul's they learn to cushion you what very enki over at that each so the usual doug to ease the rest yeah about the in even thought of 2000 into the in team we are not to pick thinks we all if our shortcomings but mugabe's short coming kero into in significant when compared with luke is a chit means not judge them him bugger but internationally it into why i'm should
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to coming that i could or nap do is that if you lived in the sunk fission usu tool it for him to zoom moral because of 5 bunk mint in a edge eeg this gala things we are getting art of control india klute or individuals sat on did use while you know rug that drew advantage that weren't pits a no interests we chit nothing to do we get country's national interests ok that is what to lady to the vent or 2000 intervent him let's go to the i'm not get don't tug getting anti mugabi it whilst this got it that change was now inevitable ok let's go to david moore in johannesburg deva it was quite interesting their reactions we're gulf from africa leaders basically this describing missa more gabi as an eye khan of the pan african pro independence movement but when it comes to the west the main sentiment was basically this was
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a tyrant who abused his power for many decades which led or drove the country to the brink of collapse. right well statesmen and diplomats protect each other generally. and i think that's been the case often times if you speak to diplomats behind closed doors and off the record they say quite different things and they certainly have had in the past but robert mugabe has been able to marshal the ideology of sovereignty and pan african ism. to put them on their back feet usually except of course in 2008 when after the victory of morgan change in the election at the end of march forced a runoff well of course a lot of fake counting as well but that's not unusual and mugabi and his people
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killed at least the very least 177 m.d.c. supporters at that time sadek and the e.u. had had enough and pushed him into a unity government. but he was able to make that work to his benefit as well which he's always been able to do he's been very good at picking out the soft spots in the opponent's armor and also pitching various camps in his own party but also in the international arena especially during the cold war at each other and been able to sneak through those those those cracks and maintain them self and power is very very good at that i think it's very interesting that in some contradiction to your former speaker the people on the streets are actually indicating i would say a 37 the percentage ratio against and for robert mugabe and that's that's fairly unique in these days because people generally is not like they don't
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like to speak ill of the dead but there's already indications that his real legacy is not as good as it's been made out to be alex with zimbabwe turning the chapter of robots will gobby do you see an opening for what could be fresh political start in the country. well i think that if the events of november 27th team had not happened and if mr mugabe had passed on while he was in power perhaps one would be talking of a new fresh chapter coming up but i think what we have seen so far is that mr mugabe's political death and you know of him by 2017 and contrary to what we're hearing from my countrymen. they have been trying their level best over the past 12 months 18 months to distance themselves from the legacy of mr mugabe it's
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only now that they're calling him congresswoman gabby because it's a title that they often use for their own colleagues and friends in the newspapers they've been calling him mr mugabe and all sorts of things so it's a bit hypocritical you know so to speak that he's being uploaded and given all these are calling now when for the past 1218 months they're treated you like leaper really now in terms of zimbabwe going forward i think that clearly the challenges that were supposed to be solved in november 27000 have not been resolved the last election in august in july 28th in left a lot of hanging questions and that's why zimbabwe continues to suffer serious isolation and serious economic deterioration as has been said by many people the solutions to zimbabwe's challenges lie in the political arena and it is there that zimbabweans have to find
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a solution the passing on of mr mugabe does not have the same impact that it would have had had he passed on during his time in power. liston to defending the legacy of mr mugabe but at a certain point this is all this is if it has just been for a 2nd this is my question to you mr. the 2008 election the constitution provided for. truth here you posted. percent plus one there was to be line they think that you laid in the stage does not make it we know or when you listen i want just a quick note about a clip in ottawa to quickly listen this is a pattern we are giving you pocketable you should you can't just give some credit. because in the 2nd round of the election he said to console you did you graduate me
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ok just going back to what he said about 2008 or should just give some credit a strong guy who said that i cannot afford to see more people killed because of the election and therefore i decided to stay away from the 2nd round of the vote but this is that this is my question to you listen to you you're defending the legacy of robert mugabe but there isn't a universal consensus that the google 100 massacres committed in the matter billy land was one of the gray vests crimes committed during the reign of robert mugabe still you're completely in denial about it. it is you know the liberation of this country was brought up bowed by 2 liberation movements to liberation nationalist movements. independence zanu one you might realty it went in to acquire lucian with his output but disagreements
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like among all evolution is take place misunderstanding takes place in some of these misunderstandings are formed by those who wanted to see vision so that if you rode is regrettable but is in but when you will find a solution amongst ourselves without the involvement of outsiders i just wanted to highlight you about how how not to with never. miss a pastor culkin you moving the need to go persecuted corrected i see your point how can you move forward if you're not willing to acknowledge mistakes that were made crimes that were committed in the past reconciliation is foremost about saying we need to stay or is it president mugabe or president mugabe was the 1st to announce the police or fresh or rational conclusion a month we form our core neo musters that was very
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important decision that he took and he was always. a man or reconsideration into the current president is already given his marked up or what i wanted to the pew thing to do going to listen commission. superintended by vice president who had so we will find our solution without interference locators we nor our problems and it is very important that i will take that live out alone the problem about zimbabwe is in opposition which is a fine. but i believe former colonial masters through all this i mean there was a reference to lucky. we have known and i said exactly what your little girlie has been saying for so 70 years clueless election but someone went on to i know that it
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won the election we are not it before the books were caught let me tell you what it got if you don't mind my sabbatical i need to work on it ok and it includes david moore here david the fashionable divide is something which has been demick in different parts of the african continent and we comes to zimbabwe how the debate is and the shine or is this something which you think would further continue to undermine the chances for any political reconciliation in the future in zimbabwe. i think it's a bit difficult to hear you but i think the way in which the reconciliation attempts are going ahead is creating some more divisions in matter bil'in than one would would would hope and that could be the way in which the current regime is handling some of these issues i think overall one can see quite clearly from patrick chinamasa response a very. rote zanu p.f.
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response to some of these issues that you've raised and i think perhaps robert mugabe's last words that were publicly announced february 21st of this year on his 95th birthday sort of sanctimonious holier than our i've holier than thou i've never done any wrong discourse of actually blaming emerson munna god work for the deaths in january of this year when at least 17 people were killed in in the demonstrations and he said something to the effect that are you only happy when you're killing people why is it that death makes you happy something like that and that's kind of indicated the the sensibility that i think robert mugabe has left. among people in power and even people contesting for power. the kind of religious religiosity about it i think mugabe really did think that he could save
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the senate here from falling apart. he but but by playing off factions against each other but that of course at 11 moment would help him keep in power but at the same moment and sort of put things in balance again but then he would have to put things in in balance again in order to keep that sort of factionalism going by. simultaneously cooled down a bit and that in the end has probably destroyed zonen p.f. i don't think we even now with with more than goggle in have a cohesive security force we don't have a economic issues solved so mugabe is a man in a sense has remained even though it sometimes the new regime has said is trying to reverse the. difficulties this is going to be my question to alex very briefly there were hopes that the post mugabe legacy with him or some of them go or in
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power would see a dramatic change me comes for the forms of political laws and the economy people seem to be weirdly disillusioned now more than ever. well when mr monger came in in 2017 there were a lot of people who were very awful they were naive but they were very hopeful that he would change they did not understand that mr an undergrad and the people there to it and taken over had been an integral part of mr mugabe's regime as you know old habits die and they have continued with the legacy of mr mugabe for sure and that is why you hear mr numbers that we just senior member of the un appear of continuing with the rhetoric that accuses the opposition of being western funded as if they themselves joining the liberation struggle did not get funding from all over the world including western countries that is not to excuse anything but it is
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simply to say that he will all be seen for who they are they support themselves they look after themselves they are free to express themselves and it's a political right this idea of excluding people on the basis of their political affiliation is what has gotten zimbabwe and many other african countries down and so it is important for them to be of to really take a more mature thankyou one essence of our approach to politics governesses everybody else unfortunately general we'll have to leave it there thank you very much indeed. an expert and david moore we really appreciate your contribution to the program looking forward to talking to you in the near future and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website dot com for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com for was last a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter there is a j inside story from a hotshot about the whole team here in the house by one of. police
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suspect a lone gun man is behind 15 unsolved shootings in the city all targeting immigrants an ethnic minority and an attempted murder on a young life friday evening police were out in full force again after another man was shot out there cycling disillusioned with the state prosecution and the victim's sister strikes up an unlikely relationship with the accused iness 2 serial
9:47 am
killer and a witness documentary on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks the problem is that in many cases those fires get out of control with details coverage the protesters don't seem to be fighting and neither does the police's determination to suppress the movement from around the world most of these vehicles have a syrian splaying from the south of the border and that influx causes a good stuff except in the all of the over know that city of ethnic. if you were in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships. somehow time is aiming to replace america and around the world well the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our 1st president george washington said if you want peace
9:48 am
prepare for the coming war on china. just. understand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it. we'll bring you the news and current affairs that. this is al-jazeera i'm dating obligato with a check on your world headlines u.s. national security adviser john bolton has tweeted a picture of what he claims is the iranian tanker that was sent to syria he treated the image of all other words quote anyone who said the adrian daria one wasn't headed to syria is in denial to her and thinks it's more important to fund the murderous assad regime then provide for its own people the vessel was released in
9:49 am
mid august from detention off gibraltar following a 5 week standoff over whether it was carrying iranian oil to syria in violation of european union sanctions the devastation caused by hurricane dorian in the bahamas is being likened to a tsunami with entire neighborhoods flattened at least 30 people are known to have died across the caribbean nation but officials are warning that number could rise dramatically. zimbabwe has the clear days of national mourning until the breal if its former leader robert mugabe has died in singapore age 95 president emerson name a gobby and national hero but others are remembering a brutal dictator who brought economic ruin how much has more from harare president in a cynical close relationship with robert mugabe was not always easy but on friday he praised the man he replaced as a principled comrade made huge sacrifices for his country is we await. the
9:50 am
remains. but didn't. we pray that he would load grandview mrs wood to use. to. rest. we. did. morning our leader and you used very. died in singapore we had he receiving treatment for several years he was 95 years old mugabe leaves a complicated legacy to some he was a hero an african legend that his education policy is the reason why zimbabwe has one of the highest literacy rates in africa because he knew that would make a good. education it emitted possible for the kids of zimbabwe to give their free in free choice of learning but others point to a history of disputed elections and trends corruption allegations of human rights abuses and political and economic turmoil to destroy
9:51 am
a dominant nothing that truman was there really really. did nothing for a nation for it what it did do is. disaster everything opposition leaders say some of the goddess black empowerment policies such as land reform and indigenisation cripple the economy and government services the fact that it has led to pass on in foreign lands is something that points to the problems that we have in our country we can't pay for leaders in africa being treated in foreign lands we must be able to fix our politics fix our governance institutions fix our governance systems so that we have big ideas not just big men big institutions not just big. mugabe remains a polarizing figure but government officials say who be treated with respect and dignity due to zimbabwe's founding father robert mugabe will be given a state funeral his body will lie in state for
9:52 am
a few days then he will be buried at the national hero symmetry in the capital when many people who fought in the white minority rule other 800000 al-jazeera. protests at hong kong continue despite the city's leader carolan dropping the controversial extradition bill that sparked the crisis china's central government in beijing has warned it well allow the chaos to go on forever. into space agency has lost contact with the unmanned probe. they had hoped it would land on the moon but communications went down when the lunar missions robotic lander was just 2 kilometers from touching down the leaders of 6 latin american countries have signed a pact to deal with a record number of fires in the amazon brazil venezuela bolivia and colombia are the worst affected by the fires the brazilian president didn't attend in person instead joined via video conference those are the headlines coming up after
9:53 am
a sports doping the endless chase. yes i want to finally you were there. but that's the balls are born out of. the knowledge to find out the whole point you are not the only. just some as it was to start us up we had the one which never thought of the set says they're not doing it so disappointed or.
9:54 am
the double that of a cousin to punches a pitch up the butt out of. a protest at all is that all of. its obscenity but the only thing i. just noticed still particularly to you. as you can and couldn't have said let's. just go in peace kitchen purely on the need to keep. cook with smoke with my new cook needs our. knocking about some of our colleagues want to know about as well as there are certain you said sam stock still leggett's if you want to. pick your shining. your boy gave actually
9:55 am
a shining he wanted. for the better god would not push. him some man would not want to smoke just like you could see he was he see me i have which now when she keyboard. boy if i want it for you in the hour step out of arc not going to get out you might not but your voice you'll use the palm of the is a whistle blower heroine of the fight against doping despite the risks she had the courage to report an organized cheating system in russian athletics. causing one of the world's biggest sports scandals questioning the presence of russia in international competitions. and ask the question about doping in the russian federation. is not on the last world cup never. never in sport has cheating been so prevalent at the highest level. never has the
9:56 am
pharmacological range of performance enhancing drugs been so great to. get something to all these songs and it took this issue to spot the level of cycling football power sports injury and sports technical schools doping is only present no discipline escapes unscathed but where do these products come from how does this underground activity work. to all armitage bottom sort it's also going to aid in a good many cattle actually most of the stick you have to ship. the styles of high performance sports can spend up to $100000.00 euros a year on state of the art treatment there are often still under development. the extreme growth of the sports business is gendered a lucrative black market in doping worth an estimated $30000000000.00 euros a year so in whose interest is it to unmask the cheats and clean up sport to dimethyl it was picked up to measure it given that it was picked at the measure of the virtually succeed. the guess what so the less it guy is on the best of us get
9:57 am
on the christmas book even voters that. sponsors and sports federations are partly responsible. for the video. whereas it always buys up without. some leaders benefit financially from having doped athletes and cover up the cheating to ensure participation in international meetings such as organising does damage stuff that's a bold impression screen on top of a call for 12 years and in a world that values prefer. moments in competition so highly are the proponents of green sports fighting a losing battle. it's rare to find out leads willing to talk about doping.
9:58 am
where starting instigation that things parts could i talk to no i'm sorry i have no comment to make nothing to say about that. and only to say well ok yes it will happen to me for doping phoniness up and. you know and she. hunted him out in football and she had you know nobody will talk about this please stop calling every day we can't say anything but. the subject is to. control and that as you said you know there's new things about in fact i'm always. up. for but. this young man is the 1st to agree to address the subject area but already. a quarter.
9:59 am
22 year old quentin beagle a hammer thrower tested positive for anabolic steroids at the european championships in germany in 2014. time to go to pitt was on the body's own field of battle with a long i don't do you want to have like. video is your fault is that you have a look at you like a little back responses and of course i mean on the. mystery tour or does it really sort of her problem wife more her spouse gets what i thought all emerged. from his coach rafael p.r. lanty was indicted for inciting doping. this is a. room after all just sentiment in the 6th day or misses the point of forgive for she said hobbled us to pawtucket off if you don't see it when you're on the top of korea for the. kids to school the rest of us or not.
10:00 am
at 18 going to big or became junior champion of europe at 19 he was the youngest athlete for the french delegation at the london olympics in a sport where you normally reach the peak of your performance in your early thirties his career seemed to begin well. i don't know maybe the earlier. a year early. or more. severe they do want optional. you know stuff and there are bodies on priscilla system who the more traditional on the web when you're on the moon all.


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