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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 7, 2019 10:00pm-10:33pm +03

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exactly and the 1st step of course should be a real ceasefire has been ceasefire is actually in the beginning of the month there was a new un again but they have been breached time and time again so basically from both side to dance a lot of accusations that who is behind all these breaches but as also people in ukraine have mentioned that the there are continuous attacks also from russian backed separatist still going on in that region so it's still a very long way to go and that selenski have mentioned it it's a just a very very 1st chapter that they hard have entered now in their relationship step thanks very much indeed when the looks around as a prefer sort of competitive politics of q. of more academy b. says russia is using the illegal detention of ukrainians as a bargaining tool. the future of us it political prisoners who are in russia including crimea us it's very difficult for me it's actually it's very difficult to
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make a forecast because iran is holdings as. how does hostages. xavi would like to bug him ok they're not freeing people because it's necessary because it's the rule of law or because it's a decision or an international court this is a bloody thing from russia a typical position of. of the dictators and if you're talking about z. future or negotiations or worse a solution inza don't but. it's very difficult to focus because as i have mentioned as a precondition for set number one is a stable ceasefire and there was no ceasefire unfortunately again russia is using either as a bargaining position in the goshi sions wiese ukraine but also who is a vest soroush actually is trying to do black male books ukraine. and the
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us would like to expect concessions from your ukrainian president who is frankly speaking quite inexperienced in international relations. and plenty more ahead on the news hour including facing international scrutiny cameroon is accused of political tyranny as the trial of opposition leaders is adjourned a bill blocking a no deal drugs it will become law within days after being approved by the u.k.'s parliament's upper house. and rafael nadal powers into the u.s. open final as it chases are rivals all time grand slam just going to be here with more in the sport. chad's government is hoping the appointment of a new regional sultan will help and a deadly conflict in the east of the country 40 people have been killed since the
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start of august in clashes between cattle herders and farmers and has been made worse because of the large amount of weapons flowing in from libya central african republic and sudan the state of emergency has been declared in the wadi cilla and to best the regions are about money has more. a moment of celebration as tribal elder wherein a new celtic and the da would die reaching a centrist tradition. but shareef mohamadi abdulhadi has been sworn in to solve the crisis in more recent times that led to a state of emergency in 3 regions of chad he. is in. dozens of people have been killed as a conflict between farmers and herdsman escalated in the past few months i had the idea we have been here for more than 400 years and we haven't seen such a problem that started 3 months ago we will cooperate with the authorities and the people of daraa die those 40 people who lost their lives would be the last to be
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killed the sultan says a dispute between herdsman over land resources has been made more dangerous by a large amount of weapons coming in from neighboring countries. the country has made a decision about arms smuggling from there for the central african republic and libya to prevent the introduction of weapons to the road weapons smugglers will be arrested and anyone with weapons will be arrested. when fighting began more than 5000 people fled their villages in white die and there were more displacement listener reach into. a 3 month state of emergency was imposed the army was deployed there would dozens of arrests and weapons we see some borders with sudan libya and the central african republic have since been closed and a night curfew imposed but experts say president it disturb his appointment of a new sultan is only a short term solution to
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a long term crisis if you look at the governors of the different regions in chad they tend to last a very short period of time before president debbie into a matter that's not happy with their performance and replaces them the sultan's no different the dispute over the past so tonight is both a cause and a result of the violence we're seeing at the moment with. a moment of peace in the hollow shell of a 400 year old sultans palace these tribal elders and come together to renovate this storage building but they have a much bigger challenge ahead to fill their historic room of ending tribal conflicts nor about a manly al-jazeera former sudanese president omar al bashir has been denied bail by a court in khartoum on saturday is facing charges of corruption and illegal use of foreign funds but she says the $25000000.00 he received from the saudi crown prince
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mohammed bin son wasn't used for private purposes as lawyer says his client denies all charges against him here but morgan has more. this is the 4th quarter hearing in the corruption charges against dance former president already here where he's being charged with a list of financial gains corruption and bribery now the former president had previously stated that he wished the whole trial was secretive because he did not want to mention the name of saudi arabian crown prince mohammed bin solomon where he previously stated that he did indeed receive $25000000.00 from the crown prince investigators also revealed during the 1st hearing that he received millions of dollars from the united arab emirates ruler as well now the former president has continued to plead not guilty to the charges against him and his defense lawyers which comprise of more than 130 lawyers say that they won the charges against the former president dropped because when the money was given to him it was given to him as a person and not as a president today the judge listened to this to the witnesses from the defense
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aside and said that all financial dealings every single money he gave away was documented and that their documents to prove that and receipts to prove that the president did not only spend the money that he received. a witness testified that africa international university which the president admitted giving money to head indeed received money in the sum of 4000000 euros and that that was documented in university records our 2nd witness who was an office manager of the president also confirmed that the president gave him money which he then distributed to other people. now the charges that are not being mentioned in this trial are the charges against him for inciting to kill protesters demonstrations began nationwide in december now the transitional government which has been formed has said that they are going to try to set up an independent judicial system to hold the president to account for crimes committed in the water in the region of darfur but also in the southern regions and south kordofan but people in the streets have been protesting
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and they're saying that the trial is a sham and an attempt to divert their attention from the real crimes that has been committed not just by the former president but by his government as well they're saying that throughout the 30 years they have been so many crimes committed so many lives lost and they want to make sure that not just the president but those who were his allies and we're telling the government are also held to account and they're saying that if that justice is not delivered and they will consider that the revolution that bass started is not yet complete judges in cameroon have adjourned the trial of the main opposition leader and dozens of other politicians after one of them collapsed in court the u.s. the european union and human rights groups are all criticizing what's described as political tony in cameroon ports. right right right protesters chants in support of the man they face the rightful president of cameron maurice come to oh my god they gathered outside a military court in the capital yon day where the main opposition leader is one of dozens of politicians standing trial there accused of insurrection and rebellion
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against the government charges that carry the death penalty. this is something. i have traveled more than 600 kilometers to attend this historical trial asking the government to release political prisoners tensions. the judgment will unfortunately be done in the absence of the concerned we're used to the presence of police this is what comes with dictator this is what tyrone is a civilian is tried in a military tribunal will continue protesting until there is change. come to los to present called the rules for 35 years in last year's election. but come to his party the cameroon renaissance movement accuses the government of rigging the vote results. following unsee government protests cunto and more than 80 other politicians were arrested in january. their defense teams accuse
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the authorities of denying them basic human and legal rights in court their lawyers all of them are not sitting. standing because almost jasmine's peace. and not in a good condition to be able to defend themselves human rights groups are calling for the immediate release of come and say it's part of a violent crackdown by the president against any form of dissent this is also occurring amidst a series of other issues happening in cameroon most pressing of which is the crisis that continues to unfold in the and before regions and we've also seen the courts he used against separatist leaders in these. regions as well. the trial has been adjourned to next month after one of the accused former advisor to president collapsed in court. and disease. police in hong kong were prevented a protest planned at the city's airport on saturday there was an increased police
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presence early in the day with restrictions on trains and buses to the airport a number of minor arguments cropped up near the terminal the planned disruption failed to happen the testers shut down the airport for 2 days last month the get go full on has more from hong kong. this time the police and security were prepared last time they came well into the chaos well after protesters had paralyzed the airports and the transportation linking to police complete train change their strategy this time they were here at the airport hours before protesters were due they were here in large numbers and they also instigated stop and searches at young people that they suspected of being protestors and that's basically because the protesters to change their tactics they called on those who were willing to take part in the movement to come to the airports and try to blend in as travelers to tell them not to wear their customary black shirts masks and helmets and even maybe takes
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a luggage and printout fake boarding passes so that they could be seen as legitimate travelers so in response what the police has been doing is searching anyone that the suspected of not being at the airport with a valid reason to be at the airport and they've also set up checkpoints at various tunnels and highways and train stations that would take people to the airports and conducted searches there anyone they suspect of being a protester they turned away earlier there was a standoff between protesters and police at the transit station it in bronze there . well this is normally a very busy shopping mall it's very close to hong kong international airport which of course has been in the crosshairs of protesters once again on saturday the protesters are angry because they've been trying to get to the airport to try to disrupt operations which of course they managed to do a week ago and also last month leading to the cancellation of almost
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a 1000 flights well on saturday they were largely school today in that exercise because the police were out in very heavy numbers in here in tone show me a very busy shopping mall on a saturday afternoon we've had standoff between protesters and the police all off. the nude you had 2 brief dispersal operations by the police a number of people have been detained in a how many but it's remind as i say that even normally the 3 for the most right this has become very volatile on the more protests are planned on sunday looting one outside the u.s. consulate that's a 1st look at the moment the focus could differ tester's remains the area around hong kong's international airport. how it can do and has not been known to have killed at least $43.00 people in the bahamas the total is expected to rise because hundreds of violence has remain unaccounted for the devastation is cause of being caused by light being likened to a tsunami with entire neighborhoods flattened the focus is on getting food safe
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drinking water and shelter for victims my old apollo has the latest from 5 point. we're standing in woods left of a family home in freeport grand bahama and i want to give you a sense of the destruction here that line that you can see on that wall back there that's how high the water got several meters and if you walk around this house you really get a sense of the power of this storm hurricane dorian remember a category 5 when gusts upwards of 350 kilometers per hour a storm surge that came in several kilometers inland i mean the level of destruction here is just about as bad as hurricane damage gets everything that we're seeing here in this debris is washing machines furniture everything and it want to show you how bad it is outside it gets even worse we have to be very careful where we walk in here there's still a lot of mud a lot of debris the structure of this home is actually not very good so we want to be very careful here but look at the scent look at look at the destruction out here
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just debris everywhere there's power lines there's telephone poles there's people's entire livelihoods just lying out here in the street and the big concern right now apart from loss of life apart from the efforts of search and rescue crews looking for the people that are still missing are the shortages food water medicine all of this this crisis continues to unfold and it could still get worse without immediate action from the international community and weather warnings are in place in canada as having condoning makes its way up the u.s. coast to nova scotia it's expected to make landfall there on saturday as a category 100 can at least 4 people were killed in the u.s. and more than 200000 with electricity many are still dealing with the impacts of flooding in north and south carolina and the guy who is in charleston south carolina. well hurricane dorian has finally moved off the u.s. east coast after briefly making landfall in north carolina and the outer banks
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there is taking a north east course that takes it away from all the states that were in danger for so many days remember the storms lots of for almost 2 weeks since it 1st formed about 200000 homes in north and south carolina have lost power they're expected to get it back fairly quickly because there was no damage to the infrastructure of a basically a hurricane during after spending days crawling out the u.s. east coast to spend almost everybody there was no damage in florida not in georgia very minor damage here in south carolina or north carolina pretty much dodged a bullet as well so the emergency services working on restoring power there are still warnings in place in places like virginia but ultimately the storm is now headed to canada or nova scotia where it's expected to hit landfall as a category one storm in about 2 days. ok let's go to the weather and here's kevin kevin it looks as though from from what we've been seeing that this is this storm isn't just going in and heading everything and then going out again it's bouncing its way up the east coast and that's great like we just were just talking we're
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talking about almost 7 landfalls coming up 6 landfalls was a no it was an excuse me and cape hatteras that was a 6 landfall the 7th landfall is going to be in new nova scotia there could possibly be an 8th landfall after that newfoundland canada so yeah it's not it's because the storm has made landfall in stayed in land where it would die out it's come back into the open waters into the warm waters so that's been the big problem with this of course we've been talking about the storm for 14 days now and we're going to be talking about it for another few days as it does go up towards canada but i want to show you some video that has come out of here from parts of cape hatteras they had some pretty good storm surge across that low lying area of the cape now these are the outer islands of north carolina they're fairly low and the water does go over it very easily and you can see here not only that but they were dealing with some very gusty winds. hurricane force winds as well widespread proud power outages across much of that area the storm is now making its way very quickly just off the eastern seaboard now the carolinas much better the big problem now is
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we're talking a lot of problems for parts of cape cod massachusetts that is that little arm this swings out from parts of massachusetts they're nantucket martha's vineyard as well winds right now 140 kilometers gusting higher as well as moving quite quickly towards the northeast at 41 kilometers per hour now the big problem for nova scotia over the next day is going to be this we're going to be seeing a one meter storm surge as it makes its way it's going to make landfall just to the east of how effects but still cause a lot of problems across much of that area gusting up to about $150.00 and they do expect to see 200 millimeters of rain across that area so we'll keep we'll keep watching this tomorrow as well as into monday back to you still ahead on al-jazeera so near and yet so far in india loses contact with the spacecraft before touchdown . art insult an exhibition of nazi design opens in the netherlands.
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and we'll tell you how this a sri lankan cricket or did what no other player has done before that's coming up in the sport. rewind returns with a new scenery and brand new updates on the past about using documentaries or think that. it's not just. rewind continues with saving some wet eye seeing the light 10 years later a lot of you every person for the community in south africa is a little bit this is a great motivator for us to keep giving back to these communities on al-jazeera the .
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al-jazeera. where ever you are. we want you all to see them reminder of our top stories this hour iran says it's begun using new advanced centrifuges to enrich uranium as it continues to reduce its commitments to the 2050 nuclear deal iran's atomic energy agency says european countries do. don't have much time left to save the deal. $24.00 ukrainian sailors held in russia have arrived in ukraine after they were released in
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a much awaited prisoner swap a total of $35.00 prisoners and each side of being exchanged. police in hong kong have prevented a mass protest planned of the city's airport on saturday there was an increased police presence earlier in the day with strict restrictions on trains and buses to the airport up to protesters shut down the airport for 2 days last month. and is space agency says it has lost contact with its moon landing as it made its final approach back to earth there were scenes of disappointment in the mission control center but it's not known if the unmanned lunar lander named victor crashed or suffered a technical fault. with . it.
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well india's $140000000.00 mission to the moon is called shandor young to the main craft as an orbiter which ms mapping the lunar surface 100 kilometers above the moon lander called they come after an indian scientist separated from the orbiter on monday it was descending towards the unexplored south pole when contact was lost victim was meant to deploy a robotic rover to collect lunar samples india would have been only the 4th nation to land on the moon after the u.s. the soviet union and china if the mission would be a success i don't call her has more from you debbie. there is a palpable sense of disappointment in india as many stayed up late in the night to watch the landing of the moon lined up but in the last few seconds that contact was lost chief of india space research organization adelia said that the last 15 minutes of full of terror and terrifying they indeed were up but why that is
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disappointment that is also sympathy for the scientists who are undertaking such an endeavor and scientists believe that even though it has failed the data has so far been collected would be useful in finding out why it's failed and what can be learnt at the end of it from this exercise sympathies also that because this is a very cost effective mission the indian government spent $150000000.00 that's about half of what was used in producing hollywood movie the average us so how did succeed it would have been a lesson for scientists all over the world to find out how these missions can be conducted in a cost effective manner other than that the stated mission stated goal of the mission was to research lunar soil to take the images of lunar soil and send them to the earth in the last such mission india india had tried to search for water and this time the focus was on lunar soil it has failed bot prime minister modi has said very reassuring what are the scientists implying that there will be
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a next time. monica is the editor in chief of space dot com he says despite the setback india already has plans for further missions. everything seemed to be going really really well until the final moments they got about 2 clinton kilometers above the lunar surface when they lost contact with their probe they don't know if it crashed or maybe redirected itself to a secondary landing site they're hoping to figure that out in the next few hours and days but it was you know definitely really tense in india's mission control and a big disappointment after a mission that's gone really really well over the last month to reach the moon there are folks still listening for signals but not having any signal from the spacecraft nasa deep space network with antennas around the world also lost contact they weren't hearing anything from the spacecraft that's not the best of signs it is possible that the spacecraft might have been able to land itself and just lost contact you know they have their orbiter in orbit around the moon nasa has an
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orbiter as well you can be sure that they'll be looking for that but not hearing from the spacecraft during that critical period isn't a great sign india has resolved to keep at it to to keep listening and in the keep shooting for the moon they do have plans for a 3rd mission later on. britain's prime minister is accusing opponents of making an extraordinary political mistake in the fusing his calls for snap elections next month and in another setback the upper house of parliament has approved new legislation requiring boris johnson to ask the e.u. for a break that extension rather than leave without a deal and i hear what has more from london. he's been struggling to control parliament and even hundreds of kilometers from westminster boris johnson wasn't having an easy time of it britain's prime minister was in scotland to announce extra funding per bomber's he hasn't got the election he wants yet both photo
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opportunities like this the campaign certainly feels like it's on the way johnson insists he has no intention of resigning if he doesn't get britain out of the e.u. soon that is not a hypothesis i am willing to contemplate i want us to get this thing done and you know i think the people of this country do and there's an opportunity to be so much more positive about this earlier at a fish market he promised again that britain would leave the european union by the 31st of october we're going to go. opposition parties are continuing to pile on the pressure saying they'll vote against his plans to hold an october the 15th general election just days before what could be britain's last e.u. summit. is hoping that he'll be able to secure the support of 2 thirds of m.p.'s in the commons to push through a general election and middle tobar over 15th is the date he's proposing but the opposition just simply aren't going to budge they don't trust him and they want to
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make sure that this extension is in place before they agree to anything it's been quite a week the prime minister johnson so. on thursday his only brother resigned as an m.p. a minister saying he was torn between family loyalty and the national interest his new. has been obliterated to expel $21.00 m.p.'s trying to stop and breaks it and a bill to stop the country crashing out of the e.u. is going through parliament there's been a small bit to put the government now with the high court in london ruling that the decision to suspend parliament put 5 weeks is legal the saying we can politics is a long time has never felt more appropriate boris johnson is a man under pressure to deliver the promises he's made and keep so making they may not be able to keep a general election seems likely but the electorate is wary of rexx it and they would al-jazeera in westminster. wildfires have forced the evacuation of several
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villages in northwestern spain found by strong winds and hot dry weather the fires have destroyed a large area of forest in the galathea region water bombing aircraft have helped firefighters on the ground stabilize 2 fires the 2 others are out of control the leaders of 6 latin american countries have agreed on a regional action plan to deal with a record number of farmers in the amazon if signed a pact that includes measures for the preservation and sustainable development of the rain forest brazil venezuela bolivia and colombia the worst affected by the fires brazilian president had also not a didn't attend in person and said joining via video conference so much. we are aware that perhaps for many decades many of the regions of our amazon were left forgotten quite simply they were not prioritized i believe that this meeting gives priority to the amazon in our country and it also shows to the world that it is a priority for us to leave it is. because of ideological differences there are perhaps
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distances between us but above all this is all the rights of mother earth we respect our differences people have a right to go with her who they want that is not under debate and that is why there is this document we all face this problem. the death of robert mugabe has provoked tributes to his achievements and also criticism of his long rule the 95 year old died on friday in singapore it was one of africa's most divisive leaders and what they only one of many zimbabweans had ever known until his overthrow 2 years ago i want us to reports from college president amos a monogamous relationship with robert mugabe was not always easy but on friday he praised the man he replaced as a principled comments which made huge sacrifices for his country is that we await the arrival of the remains. but did.
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we pray that he would load grandview mrs putting used. to it or not rest. is probably means. morning our leader and you used very. godly died in singapore actually seeking treatment for several years he was 95 years old mugabe leaves a complicated legacy to some he was a hero an african legend and his education policy is the reason why zimbabwe has one of the highest literacy rates in africa gridley and he knew that would make a good grade education it emitted possible for the kids of zimbabwe to give their free in free choice of learning but others point to a history of disputed elections and trends corruption allegations of human rights abuses and political and economic turmoil to destroy a dominant retries nothing that truman was there really really. did nothing for
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a nation for it what it did do is progress as in disaster and everything opposition leaders say some of them got his back to public policies such as land reform and indigenisation cripple the economy and government services the fact that it has led to pass on in foreign lands is something that points to the problems that we have in our country we can't save our leaders in africa being treated in foreign lands we must be able to fix our politics fix our governance institutions fix our governance systems so that we have big ideas not just big men big institutions not just big you know personalities remains a polarizing figure but government officials say who'd be treated with respect and dignity to zimbabwe's founding father robert mugabe will be given a state funeral his body will lie in state for a few days then he will be buried at the national hero symmetry in the capital when many people who fought in a white minority rule are there how do al-jazeera. don thomas economic advisor
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is warning that the u.s. trade war with china could take years to resolve some posed by both sides are hurting the world's 2 biggest economies and it's costing businesses in thailand too although some see potential opportunities to reports from bangkok. with trade negotiations between the world's 2 biggest economies still a work in progress china's close and reliant neighbors are feeling the impact. on the outskirts of bangkok wrote the post runs a house where a company started by his father the medium sized business is heavily dependent on china factories their supply raw materials wrought upon uses to manufacture products for his thai customers the trade war is costing him money but despite that he sees an upside. down i think is a benefit to be made china may have all the material that i need but here we have
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skilled labor who know the art and craft we can export our products without going through china or worry about the trade war in one high profile case thailand has actually won new business as a result of chinese tariffs on u.s. goods u.s. motorcycle giant harley davidson announced that it's moving the manufacturing of its china bound bikes from the u.s. to thailand by the end of the year this to avoid tariffs levied on imports of american vehicles. the company had actually opened a factory in thailand before the trade war to supply the growing east asian market but an economic advisor to one of thailand's largest companies warns of a threat not just to thailand but to the global supply chain if china and the us can't settle their differences soon. clear go going to last longer they're going to have. a long lasting change in our team. that he seemed to me to actually not.


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