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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 250  Al Jazeera  September 8, 2019 3:32am-4:01am +03

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and he made it possible for the kids of zimbabwe to get their free choice. but others point to a history of disputed elections and trends corruption allegations of human rights abuses and political and economic turmoil to destroy a dominant snuffy that truman was there really really. did nothing for our nation what it did do is. disaster everything opposition leaders say some of the black empowerment policies such as land reform and indigenisation cripple the economy and government services the fact that passed on in foreign lands is something that points to the problems that we have in our country we can't save our leaders in africa being treated in foreign lands we must be able to fix our politics fix our governance institutions fix our governance systems so that we have big ideas not just big men big institutions not just. mugabe remains
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a polarizing figure but government officials say who'd be treated with respect and dignity to zimbabwe's founding father robert mugabe will be given a state funeral his body will lie in state for a few days then he will be buried at the national hero symmetry in the capital when many people who fought in a white minority rule are there 8. al-jazeera. judges in cameroon have adjourned the trial of the main opposition leader and dozens of other politicians after one of them collapsed in court the u.s. the european union a human rights groups are all criticizing what's been described as political tyranny in cameroon this report from satisfied it. right right right protesters chants in support of the man they say so rice for president of cameron and maurice come to know. that they gathered outside a military court in the capital yon day where the main opposition leader is one of dozens of politicians standing trial there accused of insurrection and rebellion
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against the government charges that carry the death penalty. this is something. i have traveled more than 600 kilometers to attend this historical trial asking the government to release political prisoners calm tensions. the judgment will unfortunately be done in the absence of the concerned we're used to the presence of police this is what comes with dictator this is what tyrone is a civilian is tried in a military tribunal will continue protesting until there is change. kanto loss to president paul beyond his rule to 35 years in last year's election. but come to his party the cameroon renaissance movement accuses the governments of rigging the vote results. following and see government protests cunto and more than 80 other politicians were arrested in january. their defense teams accuse
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the authorities of denying them basic human and legal rights in courts the lawyers all of them are not sitting. down because almost. just not in a good condition to be able to defend themselves human rights groups are calling for the immediate release of come and say it's part of a violent crackdown by the president against any form of dissent this is also occurring amidst a series of other issues happening in cameroon most pressing of which is the crisis that continues to unfold in the and before regions and we've also seen the courts he used against separatist leaders in these regions as well. the trial has been adjourned to next month after one of the accused a former advisor to president collapse in court. and does either. taliban fighters in eastern afghanistan of kidnapped 6 journalists but a taliban spokesman says their abduction and province is
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a mistake and they'll be released soon the taliban warned the afghan media organizations to stop broadcasting what's described as government propaganda or journalists would be targeted. india's space agency has lost contact with its moon lander as it made its final approach it's not yet known if the unmanned lander called victim with every crack or suffered a technical fault and reports from new delhi. india's attempt to make one giant leap ended at the final step of its unmanned mission to the moon the vicar of lunar lander lost contact with controllers in india just 2 kilometers above the moon surface the disappointment of the mission controllers in bengaluru was obvious scientists working for india's space research organization will have to wait longer in their search for water on the move. than sam was.
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part. of a growing economy. was about millions all over india of a glued to t.v. screens waiting for the indian flag to be unfurled at the south pole of the moon no one has ever exploded there i think it's a stepping stone you can't expect every new experiment in mission to always be perfect trade but we've learned so much from it and we can analyze what went wrong and make sure it doesn't happen again the 20 day chandrayaan 2 mission cost $140000000.00 despite the failure to dash the hopes of the nation further missions are already planned the indian prime minister's words were reassuring good to look i want them i we will look back at this journey and if it with great satisfaction the learning from today will make us stronger and better it will be a new dawn and a brighter tomorrow very soon india's mission to the moon may have fared in the
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final moments but while the lunar lander has been lost over shells expect to receive crucial images from the orbiter and even though there is disappointment just now the government says there will be a next time after the u.s. the soviet union and china india would have been only the 4th nation to successfully land on the moon had its mission ended in success rather than disappointment of war or al-jazeera new delhi. leah is here with your sports in a moment should be telling us why this 85 year old has decided to call stumps after playing the game he loves for 60 years. 3 months of protests on an unprecedented scale have virtually paralyzed hong kong what began as opposition to an extradition law has escalated into
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a broader pro-democracy anti-government movement. so how and why has this crisis developed what the protesters want. in the 1st of 2 special reports people in power traces the dramatic evolution of hong kong summer of defiance on a just 0. the latest news as it breaks the problem is that in many cases those fires get out of control with detailed coverage the protesters don't seem to be flagging and neither does the police's determination to suppress the movement from around the world most of these vehicles have a syrian splaying from the south of the border and the influx causes a hoot traffic jam in the only over you know that city of if there.
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is here with a look at your sport i am banks come all for ariza charles leclerc has claimed a pole position for the italian grand prix after a final qualifying session that solid just one of the 10 drivers able to set a flying lap with all the drivers at mons out looking to gain benefits from a slipstream nico hole convert went. down the escape route at the 1st corner the other cars slowed as a result as they tried to avoid leading the pack round the fastest of the f one circuits that resulted in only carlos suns setting a flying lap the clerk's time earlier in the session was enough to give him pole over the mercedes pairing of lewis hamilton and l.t. both us happy with the pole but it's a shame that at the end there was a big mess. i hope cost us now but i was annoyed we don't see what happened for the
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. want to see you have to be grateful that we're on the front row we get to have a fight with the ferrari some are which is nice we split them so as a team it's a really good position for us to be in it devaney is a little bit of an anticlimax that we could all go out and do that last final out that's one of the most exciting ones well before that happened all the earlier talk at monza was about an accident in saturday's formula 3 race just a week since f 2 driver and one who died australian alex perrone was launched into the air after running wide and hitting the curb the car flipped several times before landing on the wall cockpit side down. now amazingly peroni was able to get out of the car by himself and was taken to hospital for checkups. meanwhile the other driver involved in last week's fatal crash of one manual korea is in an induced coma after suffering acute respiratory failure the 20 year old
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also has a spinal injury and leg fractures following the 250 kilometer an hour crash. refound adele is just one win away from moving within one grand slam of roger federer he's in the u.s. open final where he'll be up against the enform russian medvedev david stokes reports. rafa nadal was the clear favorite against mattel have parity but it wasn't going to plan in the 1st set tie break. the italian went full of up and then had to set points was however untypical to doubt fashion the spaniard dug in and somehow it was he who managed to emerge victorious i think really was a crucial blood with parity playing in his 1st grand slam 7 final was never recovered the dow took the next set comfortably 6 games to 4 and was even more dominant in the 3rd everything he tried seemed to come off.
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the crowd loving it and there was just nothing better team he could do to stop the dial forcing is why into yet another major final i victory on sunday it would be good to 19 career grand slams have just one short of the time record held by his rival roger federer of course i would love to be the one pool which if morgan's lambs. i still asleep. without being the one. standing in the dells why is russia's fitzy down your bed the day rico dimitrov in his semifinal medvedev has faced a hostile reception in new york after racking up $19000.00 fine for bad behavior including offensive gestures to the crowd but while he might be winning friends he is winning matches he's been the full player on hard courts this season and this his 12th straight victory put it through to his 4th straight final i
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this moment in my game there is something strong that makes me win this crazy sets in crazy matches which made me 2 months ago i would have lost one trophy has already been won in the men's doubles columbia's once a busting couple and robert for a 2nd strike major title after winning wimbledon in july i was the 5th total of 2019 but it was 2 year old son who stole the show crushing the celebrations then even helping to lift the trophy david stokes al-jazeera. well england footballer marcus rash for it believes racism is getting worse against players online he's one of several athletes who've been targeted recently and says he's considered quitting social media altogether there's been examples where people have spoken i wouldn't say they've been ignored but you know no friends no friends
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really changed. so. just to see it to see it's all spike in the last couple of months it's been it's been unbelievable so. you know we want to we want to just nip it in the boat wells losses losses happening australia will go into the final day of the 4th test against england needing 8 wickets to retain the ashes that's after england were set a target of 383 runs after losing early wickets steve smith once again setting things for australia his 82 the lowest he has managed so far in the series. also out in his eighties is sessile right that 85 year old is retiring after cricketing career that spanned 6 decades the former fast bowler played one 1st class game for jamaica against barbados back in 1958 and is said to have taken thousands of wickets wright says his body can no longer take the strain sometimes when i walk in
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back to a few you know it could be you know and i think i think up about enough now and. we're going to finish i feel like a foreigner and a you know not going according to us roundabout and i got it done so that's the reason why i said i think this is enough now. well it doesn't look 85 him back to your mom nonchalant about it all i know but give me a more news from london in a moment. to strengthen the good you have to shore do good all the more we become still fight against corruption. this fire needs heroes heroes like know who are bad who refuse to 15000000 dollar brian the achievement of heroes like him to showcase by the international ace award it shines
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a light on these heroes because the best way to fight a darker use to shine a light let's make the road to a better place nominate your anti corruption miro now. i think stories generate thousands of headlines it seems that much the media is still struggling with how to deal with it with different angles from different perspectives and you hold a lawyer to separate the spin from the facts. the misinformation from the journalism how careful must you choose your words but some tough stuff has
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to be said some critics have to be made of the listening post on al-jazeera. over the decades millions of arabs have moved from the middle east many refugees but others economic migrants taking their skills abroad. al-jazeera world meets to doctors who force. new lives are destroyed and the us. never forgetting their roots . but each committed to building a new life helping millions. arabs abroad the surgeons on al-jazeera. russia and ukraine carry out a long awaited prisoner exchange raising hopes of an end to 5 years of fighting in eastern ukraine and we have to do all this stuff to finish this horrible war.
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hello i'm barbara starr you're watching out 0 life from london also coming up thousands scramble to leave the worst that islands in the bahamas as rescuers try to reach communities still cut off after hurricane doria the 2015 nuclear deal unravels further as around says it can now increase its uranium enrichment to more than 20 percent. and skirmishes in hong kong after police launch a major security blitz to prevent a new protest at the airport. hello thank you for joining us a world leaders are united in their praise for ukraine and russia after the 2 countries successfully carried out a prisoner exchange 70 people were swapped in a deal being hailed as the 1st step towards ending 5 years of conflict 2 planes
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carrying $35.00 prisoners from each side landed simle taney asleep in the 2 capital cities and there were emotional scenes as they were reunited with their families that fastened has the latest now from moscow. it's the 1st positive move in 5 years between ukraine and russia a filmmaker and a group of sailors landed at kiev airport and the long anticipated president's watch. the release of ukrainian filmmaker or like sense of who was jailed for 22 years is seen as a major concession by russia and president followed a meal selenski so filled his election promise to bring home 22 ukrainian sailors and 2 security service agents we have to do all this stuff to finish this horrible war ever really. i think this is if you're here for. your family thank you very much thank you we'll leave you the sailors on board 3
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ukrainian fassel 2 are captured here in the current strait 9 months ago after russian warships opened fire on them the kremlin says they illegally entered russian waters need a crimean peninsula which russian troops east and annexed from ukraine in 2014 since then the kremlin specter protist are at war with ukrainian government forces in eastern ukraine at least 10000 people have been killed since the fighting began 5 years ago ukraine's recently elected president followed me as alinsky says he wants to revive peace negotiations with russia he's been seeking support from european leaders recently and he's spoken to president vladimir putin by phone the president exchanged could be an important step towards further tentative talks this what is seen as a victory for both president putin and the lengthy a potential suspect and witness in the downing of the malaysian airlines jet over ukraine 5 years ago has also been released despite protests by the dutch government
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who had many of its citizens on the flight this not only suggest that selenski had to make concessions but also that russia will be a tough negotiating partner and future talks to end the fighting in eastern ukraine that fastens al-jazeera moscow. well international reaction to the prisoner swap has been overwhelmingly positive u.s. president donald trump tweeted very good news for haps a 1st giant step to peace congratulations to both countries in a statement the german chancellor angela merkel said this exchange of prisoners is a sign of hope it's worth continuing the hard work to implement the minsk accord. and it comes a day before controversial elections in moscow when voters will elect their regional parliament a number of opposition candidates have been banned from running their barring has provoked weeks of protests in which hundreds of arrests have been made and the
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number of people have been jailed opposition leader alexei navalny is urging voters to cast the ballots for the candidates with the best chance of beating the governing party all the candidates in president putin's party are presenting themselves as independent to avoid being damaged by the united russia brand. united russia is trying to hold on to power using the bottoms of the via police for the only pillar of support that are free to allow candidates to vote in the election let alone have a fair competition and we think the only way to make this election meaningful is to turn it into a sort of referendum on the government. let's go to the bahamas now where search and rescue teams are trying to reach communities still cut off by floodwater and they bring the hurrican dory and hit emergency aid is being rushed to the island nation and it fears that the number of deaths there will rise significantly from the 43 that have been announced so far thousands of
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people who lost everything in the storm are scrambling to leave the worst hit islands rescuers expect bodies to be uncovered as flood waters receded following the category 5 storm which is the strongest to ever hit the bahamas. after be really. what you see in the movies like those and the. clips you watch on you tube it's unreal just unreal. wellman weather apollo joins me live now from freeport in the bahamas when will we can see for example a plane in behind you tell us a little bit about where you are and what's happening there. we're outside of the freeport airport in the island of grand bahama this is one of the worst hit areas by hurricane dory and you can see behind me this is the aircraft that was washed here by by hurricane dorian because it wasn't just those strong winds remember it's
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a category 5 hurricane it took 36 hours for this storm to make it across the island of grand bahama and to make it across the island of abaco along with those strong winds was the storm surge so this area outside the airport where we're at right now was actually under at least 2 meters of water up until just a couple of days ago so the devastation here is pretty widespread now that's one of the main challenges that search and rescue operations are faced with here in the bahamas is the floodwaters that are or have only recently begun to recede runways roadways bridges the infrastructure here very much damaged by by the by the storm itself so there are still places of the the bahamas where people haven't been reached yet another major concern is the shortages of food water medicine we have heard finally now from the world health organization a statement saying somewhere around $8000000.00 tons of food supplies have arrived in nassau they will start to be delivered to to the islands worst affected but there are islands outside of this area that have not been reached yet specially
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places outside of the on the abaco for example just a few days ago we were in the community of marsh harbor arguably the worst hit part of the star of the bahamas by hurricane dorian the community of marsh harbor when you walking when we drove in there were people walking with just dazed looks on their faces just expressions of shock on their faces just it's very hard to describe in words what we saw at one point we were driving through through the community it's very difficult. to even say it but you could you could smell the death in the air so even though the government is saying that the official death toll so far is 43 the expectation is that it will dramatically. increase just about everyone that we've spoken to here in freeport knows someone who is dying or knows several people who are missing so we do expect that the commander magically in just a moment will tell us a little bit more about the people's reactions you were mentioning there as we said
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earlier the bahamas had never been hit by a category 5 storm so just a little bit more about the reaction of people feel hopeful they are that you know that the aid will come and that eventually the bahamas will be able to you know i guess return to normality. absolutely it's there isn't just concern over the people that are missing the the bahamian people are truly are a resilient people everyone here has so much optimism but there is a quite a bit of desperation given the current circumstances there's an understanding that because this is an island nation and because of shortages of food shortages of water and shortages of medicine our could could dramatically make this crisis worse than it already is there are there have been announcements made that supplies of disaster relief from the international community will be forthcoming there's there's already commitments made by cruise liners for example delivering thousands
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of bottles of water this is all desperately needed and there's another concern which is just the livelihoods of people here have been completely destroyed by this hurricane some of the folks that we've spoken to that have already evacuated say they don't plan to return to the island others that depend so much on tourism this is the bahamas this is a part of the country that is almost entirely been. dependent on tourism the impact that this storm is storm has had on the tourism industry is vast and it could be a long while before before they recover there's still no power they're still running water what we have heard is that emergency telecommunications equipment is being taken to islands like abaco which have been completely cut off from the rest of the country and only now as i mentioned yesterday when we flew into freeport did we start seeing search and rescue operations begin to take effect so there are there are still again i hate to say this but there are bodies that have yet to be recovered so the expectation from people despite the optimism over the help that's
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on its way is that since this crisis is still far from over my let up on those joining us live now from freeport in the bahamas i know for now thank you. iran says it now has the ability to enrich uranium to a much higher level in a further blow to the 2015 nuclear deal new equipment means that they can take it to more than 20 percent way beyond the 3.67 percent limit that was actually set in the deal which the united states pulled out of in may last year natural uranium has less than one percent of the isotope used for nuclear power shown here in red it's then concentrated it using centrifuges which strip away the unwanted isotopes in grade a nuclear power plants typically need a 3 to 5 percent concentration so iran could run some of them without breaching the deal beyond 20 percent is called high enriched uranium which can be used for
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medical and research purposes weapons grade uranium is rated at 90 percent or above but as you can see that's a relatively small extra step from 20 percent for such of our reports now from tehran on the latest technical and the political developments. another step back from the 2015 nuclear deal but a step forward for iran's nuclear program the latest phase of iran reducing its commitments further to the agreement with 6 world powers is its most serious and technical one yet. more we started lifting limitations on our research and development imposed by the deal as a link lou developments of rapid and advanced centrifuges we have the capacity to enrich uranium beyond 20 percent but we don't have any plans to do so for the time being this is where the more advanced centrifuges have already been installed as of friday the natanz nuclear facility is now capable of enriching uranium at
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a much faster speed since the united states withdrew from nuclear path in 2013 and imposed a series of harsh sanctions.


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