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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 8, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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more than 70000 people need help and supplies does difficult to distribute because of destroying pia's runways and bones at least 43 people have died but that number is expected to rise as recovery co's reach status stated areas. reports from free ports. floodwaters have finally receded on the island of grand bahama. presidents of this part of the country this means coming to terms with the devastation left over from hurricane dorian on the eastern end of the island more than 80 percent of homes were destroyed. this high school near free ports tourist district has been transformed into a shelter for the displaced many here have lost everything to the hurricane even their loved ones for me i lost my house. and because he isn't here decided to stay back home. from what i have say and heard everything is like completely gone so. you know as you guys you know.
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calling and i you know know any player they have but. about 80 people are staying at this shelter freeport remains without electricity and the heat is almost unbearable but there is food and water and doctors on site to provide medical attention to anyone who needs it by i really thank god for life right now on i thank god for the u.s. coast guards and participated you guys and you know bringing us food and clothes and water and stuff. search operations continue for hundreds of people still missing but the destruction from the storm is so widespread that even with the assistance of the united states coast guard and border patrol there are still places in the country that rescue teams have yet to reach one of the biggest challenges in delivering disaster relief to survivors of hurricane dora. it has
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been limited access to the areas worst hit by the storm only up until a few days ago this airplane for example along with freeport airport were sitting under at least 2 meters of flood waters. it's been several days since the storm passed many of the people we've met seem to still be in shock but nonetheless grateful to be alive. and was not below i'll just freeport bahamas still ahead on al-jazeera 6 years on from a devastating earthquake out in a peano's are struggling to rebuild their houses pray. how the typhoon season is really picked itself and gets another one is heading for japan doesn't look very big admitted lee this is typhoon farside which in the next
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. 12 to 18 hours ago to make passage somewhere across honshu with tokyo being in the risk area about time we get to monday it will be through but you've got storm surge up to a meter and you've got significant winds and obviously heavy rain in that time the details can be hard to come by so we keep a closer eye on that obama get to choose a it's got the weather left behind is fine as it is mostly for the korean peninsula just a streak of rain and usually what is that active in the philippine sea the western pacific you get rather less action from the point of view of rainfall over china not still largely true but this dark green here over luzon should be watched could be developing potential developing system otherwise the showers are gathering getting you know you know sichuan to some degree going long but the yangtze still looking quite strong to be at young's evolving now dropping south and you come out of the wet zone really yes we've got some showers to thailand to maybe something down towards kuala lumpur but really malaysia and indonesia still largely dry.
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over the decades millions of arabs have moved from the middle east many refugees but others economic migrants taken the skills of. al-jazeera world meets to talk to us to forge new lives in a strange and the u.s. . never forget your roots. but each committed to building a new life. arabs abroad the surgeons.
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welcome back a recap of our top stories on al-jazeera donald trump has canceled secret meetings you on sunday with the taliban in the u.s. because of a suicide bomb attack in kabul which killed 12 people including a u.s. soldier the afghan president appears to welcome the u.s. president's decision protesters have blocked a major road in hongkong central district 10 dandelions a metro station this sunday earlier thousands marched peacefully to the u.s. consulate in hong kong they were calling on congress to u.s. congress to pass human why's that just nation allowing sanctions to be imposed on hong kong leaders and another british government ministers quit in protest over a promise to voice johnson's plex its strategy amber ride was work in pension secretary. talked to paul brennan about this she joins us live from our london news center so paul how significant is a mirage resignation what impact does it have on the promises position. well i
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think there are 2 factors which increase the significance of amber rudd's resignation firstly the timing of it the announcement was made late on saturday nights which meant it made all the sunday newspapers the weekly newspapers and it meant that the rudd and others were able to do a round of television interviews on the sunday morning political shows so on an otherwise quiet domestic news day here in the u.k. the story has received massive prominence and 2nd of all the language that she used both in her letter of resignation and in subsequent interviews in her letter of resignation said she no longer believes that leaving with a deal is the government's main objective she said the culling of the 21 m.p.'s by boris johnson's government was short a short sighted culling of broad minded and dedicated m.p.'s she said that was an assault on decency and democracy i mean these are very very strong words and the
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words that she used to talk about boris johnson's pursuit of the deal or lack of pursuit of a deal also flatly contradict the government's position on this the government has been saying for several weeks now that they are keen to have a deal with the european union what amber rudd has said and that with no contradiction is that frankly the government is pushing very much towards a no deal making that the 90 percent priority of its time and frankly it's not really going for a deal at all and it seems that the order is breaking down in other ways too. well order order order busy john bercow the speaker of the house of commons who has received international fame stroke notoriety for his performances shouting order order and keeping the peace belligerence and fractious and peace in order for the past couple of years the convention is the one he sits in that very important job
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basically moderating the debates in the house of commons he will not be challenged he is an m.p. and he is elected just like any other m.p. but the convention is that he won't be challenged in his seat because the conservatives are so unhappy that they believe he has sided against them they have now said that they will feel that a conservative candidate against john bercow at the next election and that's a major up ending of parliamentary convention and it does show that the revenge you could say by the conservative party is being meted out against all opponents but it's also a sense of the fractiousness of the bitterness of the debate that's taking place here in the u.k. thank you very much for that paul brennan live for us in london. russia's president vladimir putin has voted in a contentious regional election in moscow opposition an independent count as a sabbat and from the ballot in the capital and that's provokes months of some of the largest protests seen in years hundreds of demonstrators were arrested many
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with beaten up by by police and some were jailed syria has condemned joint u.s. turkish patrols in northwestern syria as a flagrant violation of its sovereignty on vehicles cross the turkish border sunday into an area that used to be controlled by u.s. backed kurdish forces the u.s. and turkey want to establish a safe zone in the area turkey's boosting its military presence along its border with syria and is pushing displaced syrians to return home to milo shah is in near the turkey syria border with more on. the start of joint patrols between the u.s. and turkish military is are being seen as a positive step this because both the americans on the charts were unable to see eye to eye as to how to operate within syria over the past year or even longer than not turkey has always insisted that it needed to establish some sort of safe zone up until up to maybe 30 kilometers inside syria essentially to
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ensure that there was a safe space for displaced syrians but more importantly flying career as it had. often said was in order to ensure that it could target what it describes as terrorist organizations namely groups like isis but also kurdish separatists who have used that area to launch attacks against turkey inside its own borders now views patrols are still extremely limited there only in the 1st few kilometers within the syrian side of the charkhi syria border as i mentioned turkey wants to go much deeper up through even the you afraid eastern side of the euphrates river inside syria. the americans have resisted what made things even more complicated is the fact that washington has given tactical support and according to some reports even military support to some of these kurdish groups that turkey considers to be terrorist organizations and that was one of the points of contention but as of
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sunday the fact that these joint patrols have started comes after repeated threats by president of taber to run on the turkish government that if turkey is not allowed to establish the safe zone it would have no choice but to open the borders and allow for about you for more syrian refugees to flee the bombardment that continues to target civilian areas inside syria. the head of the united nations nuclear watchdog has met with iranian officials a day after tehran scaled down its commitments to the 2050 nuclear deal tehran announced on saturday that it could not increase uranium enrichment levels beyond 20 percent but that it didn't have plans to do so yet the iranian foreign minister has told the i.a.e.a. that its actions are allowed under the deal sun says urge iran not to downgrade its commitments saying the channels for dialogue are still open. swarms of locusts are
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usually viewed as a threat to farmers' crops but in yemen when millions are threatened with famine because of the civil war locusts are being caught and eaten as a valuable source of nutrition. has a story from the capital sanaa. sol you are planes have been the main threats from the sky during for years or for swarms of locusts are new threats to farmers fields they are also being welcomed by hungry young many. yemenis from all walks of life hunting insects. what a man a mineral the human is have enjoyed eating locusts for centuries locusts eating green leaves of crops so the old. especially in these days of war. children leave their ballgames behind to play catch instead it's more difficult to
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catch lockers it's during the day. farmers wait until night to collect them in large quantities from their fields. where their families and friends do not eat they sell. the prices of locals snacks is significantly lower or even donate some for needy people. this warm came to the capital with her sack of flour costs to help pay for her family's basic needs are made the quarter and times of war it's difficult to earn a living i collected these insects to sell them and buy some wheat to feed my children. are considered a major threat to crops in many countries. the united nations 13000000 yemenis are become on the verge of famine 7000000 of them don't know when the next meal or so free food is considered by many here as heaven's.
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on our rematch is the regional communication officer for the world food program she says the men depends on food imports which is why the war has had a large impact on the ability to get the food they needs. the biggest worry now is the food production which has sort of shrunken. significantly since the war intensified in 2015. imports is specially fuel has increased in 2018 by 200 percent so a lot of people who depended on fishery or agriculture production. agriculture as. for their livelihoods they have lost their jobs because they don't have the money to get the seeds or the money to get a few also a lot of the cultivated land was left barren although yemen does not depend
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entirely on local food production depends in almost entirely on food imports and that is why the war has said impact on people's ability to purchase food and on people's ability to get the food they need and that is why the world food program's assistance is of utmost importance to. the millions that we in the country. a major earthquake in the central philippines almost 6 years ago killed many and caused widespread destruction churches which are centuries old were flattened and as jimmy linda going to explains the rebuilding efforts is slow going. it was a time of great suffering for the people of the whole. nearly 6 years ago a powerful earthquake struck the province in central philippines. more than 200
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people were killed and thousands more lost their homes. at least 10 churches that dated back to spanish colonial times were also destroyed the hall is home to some of the country's historical church landmarks the devastation also signaled a period of longer agony for the feet will more than 80 percent of filipinos are room and catholics catholicism was 1st introduced here by way of the beside this region hundreds of years ago making the philippines the only bastion of catholicism in asia the church in the town of mareeba hawk was established in the 18th century they said that they had dreams the image of st vincent is. asking for 33 remains so the 3 days after the earthquake returned to retrieve the image from there where the national museum says this is one of its biggest
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projects in recent years for centuries the church has served as a moral and spiritual calm pass for communities here this is why people here tell us it felt as though their own identity was also lost in the rubble and they know that the only way for them to fully recover is for all the churches to be restored . the struggle is not just to rebuild the churches back to their former glory given the scars resources and limited to acknowledge but also to ensure that the structures are restored properly we have to understand that nature is not just the thing that destroys the zephyrs but it is also human neglect and we would be people start to look at these and take these structures for granted that much has been said about the role of the roman catholic church in philippine society for its followers catholicism has long been
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a symbol of social justice and dissent but forwards critics it has also been associated with abuse of power and corruption but whatever role it has played for centuries people years say these truckers no longer just serve their feet full or they also represent the soul of the country's history. jim ellenbogen al jazeera behold providence central philippines. again i'm fully back to go with the headlines on al-jazeera donald trump has counseled secret meetings due in the u.s. on sunday with taliban leaders because of a suicide bomb attack in kabul which killed 12 people including a u.s. soldier the afghan president appears to welcome the u.s. leaders decision another british government minister has questioned protests over
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prime minister voice johnson's breck said strategy. was work and pensions secretary she told the b.b.c. she resigned because too much of the government's planning is headed towards a no deal breaks it. i have not seen enough work going into actually trying to get a deal when earlier in the week i asked number 10 for a summary of what the plan was for actually getting a deal i was sent a one page summary so it's the combination of the fact that there's not enough work going into actually getting a deal which is i think is not what the prime minister signed up to try to do and secondly the expulsion of 21 of my colleagues who are more conservatives the latest standoff between protesters and police is underway in hong kong this sunday protesters have set barricades on fire brought to major roads and vandalized a metro station earlier thousands marched peacefully to the u.s. consulate there calling on the u.s. congress to pass them and myself to station allowing sanctions to be imposed on handguns the u.s.
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the united nations nuclear watchdog has met with the iranian officials a day after tehran scaled down its commitments to the 2050 nuclear deal iran announced on saturday that it would increase it could increase uranium enrichment levels beyond 20 percent but that it didn't have the plans to do so just yet the iranian foreign minister has told the i.a.e.a. that its actions are allowed under the deal a turkish newspaper has revealed new details about the murder of saudi journalists inside saudi arabia's consulate in istanbul last year the report is based on suspects the monies and statements given to saudi courts the suspects say they were not given direction from saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin salman thousands of people are abandoning their destroyed homes in the bahamas following hurricane dorian the u.s. coast guard is helping with rescue efforts moving people from the worst affected areas including the islands of grand bahama and advocaat to the capital nassau at least 43 people are confirmed to have died those are the headlines on al-jazeera
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inside stories up next. one. home. with me is this by the government scrapping the extradition bill that's false money. why is that not enough and could china's leaders in beijing run out of patience this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. some of discontent shows no sign of ending
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despite chief executive bowing to months of protests prussia and withdrawing the controversial bill to allow extradition to china climb down didn't stop demonstrators fall 14th successive weekend but police were forced to prevent them getting on trains and buses to the airport to shut down one of the world's busiest ports for 2 days last month and disrupted buses is last week's to divvy up. from hong kong. so the plan for the protesters was to arrive at the airport using public transport and these buses they were supposed to do not where the customary protest here black t. shirts helmets and facemasks they were told to blend in with the rest of the passengers look like they have a legitimate reason to be here at the airport even printing fake boarding passes and carrying luggage but instead what we've seen is the heavy police presence here at the airport that been checking anyone they think could be
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a protester or someone who doesn't have a valid reason to be at the airport. and they have turned several people away now these protests have gained momentum this pipe had their government dropping the extradition bill at their now calling for an investigation into police action and police are telling me they say police have been using excessive force against them over the past 3 months while we count rallies are planned despite chief executive kerry allows for withdrawal of the extradition bill but the government hasn't yielded to the protesters other demands they include an independent inquiry into the police use of force against protesters for the $1000.00 people arrested and direct elections for the city's leader a university survey last month found more than 90 percent of people agreed with using violence to pressure the government that's a 20 percent rise from similar survey in june china's premier reiterated his
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support for hong kong's government. is the most senior leader to command since the protests began. the chinese government unswervingly safeguards one country 2 systems and hong kong people govern hong kong people and strongly support and supports the government to in the violence and chaos in accordance with the law to return to order which is to safeguard hong kong's long term prosperity and stability of the world needs to believe that the chinese people have the ability and wisdom to handle their own messes well. let's bring in our guests bonnie learning is vice convene a hong kong civil human rights front victor taylor is an affiliated faculty member with the china studies program at the university of hong kong and he joins us on skype from singapore also on skype from taipei undress for the senior fellow at the
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university of nottingham a research institute welcome to your. but only the simmering dissed can turn that we've seen across the streets of hong kong for quite some time is all above the laws the people deemed repressive or there's more to this story. well 1st of all is about the extradition bail as we are know are we afraid that they're free hong kong citizens or anyone who is in hong kong would be extradited to china that's the basic fear however for all the campaign for the movement now it's more about the extradition bail is also about police brutality is about the police and also the government's not being accountable to the people and also the hong kong people have to resell live free stuff africa thanks to stop just one bail so there is no accountability at all so hong kong people need justice for the victims of police brutality and also need protection inside our political system than will be
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satisfied and then we'll be safe that is why after the announcement of the wished for our thief edition hong kong people feel feeling the need to soldier on to fight for our 5 demands victor the possessors have been putting forward 5 developments which includes a bill to be withdrawn that did happen in people don't seem to be really. trusting the government and then they're saying that they need the chief executive kerry to step aside do you think that the government in beijing is willing at a certain moment to concede there needs to be a major concession well at the moment i do not think there. is a government in the central government b a r 3 major concessions and the reason will be one sessions that are. from the from the chinese perspective.
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sorry the finance from the chinese perspective on the regional and that is because the chinese government the only issue national security and sovereign sovereign he says are not as you know a democratic movement and point so. the protectors and the central government are actually badgley of holes in your perspectives so i don't think it's likely that the central government you. can. you know the protest movement under us is if beijing may not be willing to make concessions but its attitude on its own seems to be pretty much ambivalent because apart from the statements made by the premier we haven't really heard any strong statement from the top echelons of the government about what is happening in hong kong i think it's important to
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remind our viewers there was aging that was changing the status quo. for example of the one country 2 systems formula you theory could perhaps work however all of the years they have. done a lot to transition towards what we see now and which is. not a better version of one country one system and since this relates to the rule of law as has been discussed previously. the home comments are not willing to give up their rule of law and replace it with mainland chinese well you know who by law they don't want to live in fear but death is exactly the north direction of travel and therefore i think beijing has really miscalculated they thought they could turn into just another mainland chinese city but i think they are realizing that this is
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not one to have bunny it's not only the government in beijing which is facing tough moments it's also the protesters themselves not to think that the acts of vandalism the attacks targeting the metro stations could create a backlash along the. community home call of police time is the reputation of the protesters were i believe. yes i agree that is filner a bowl because if hong kong need to have the support of the international come in and say such sites may not be good for them but also i urge the international community to or show r c to tire in the. and do not condemn the oprah asked before you can do they are pressing tire any so what's happening here in hong kong vandalism or some vala statue of scene they are not home people are
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not it's not our nature but to where forced to things like that is sometimes it's necessary to use force for example on the 12th of german are supposed to be the beginning of the 2nd reading if people are not physically stop the legislators probation legislators going into a legislative council to pass the bill to fail what have been passed so we're forced to do this kind of fangs the braves protesters are forced to go on to the streets it may not be a valance it could be self-defense so i urge the international community to see through all those found or so-called violent acts but see the true character of of order protesters victor i do believe the international community has. the time to step in and to say to beijing it's about time to change your politics it's about time we see some political reforms quote to be honest so i think there's
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a lot of or less fruition. i really we can all agree that it all becomes that when you've. got the. you know essentially anyone who does and once you allude to is big question how do you. democracy among all the other the betting that they make a national is. probably about a lot of. human rights and i also think so you know what i think than i wouldn't say that the the student protesters represent the mainstream of public opinion because at the maximum there are 2000000 of them on the street 7000000 people in our car so the big question is when to buy i mean in other than now we've got the in el paso i think is a lot more made and one alert people who are living. cannot believe that what's
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happening on barak now and somebody who actually lives in hunger i'm just unthinkable that we can i was pretty shocked myself. just lucky or so then the supposed to be having going on so when i went to class i was expecting what it is but instead i had i had to back to back what i meant when that all meant when he sort of showed up the state would have to recall that all of them to shock us from that. it would seem that a little less. well maintained doing it still to get the serious. exhibit while i was out of mind of my friends i would say we have mixed reactions on one hand it yeah it is right for the studios to wish well democrats you got one right i think there is a lot of disagreement about why political side what are the kind of items that i'm betting that isn't the stimulus. it's the right quickly q.b.
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. a lot of my colleagues are of the buno if anything the sort of the it's actually in. from the moment bishop the from the department because it will encourage the chinese government ok that's that under yes i mean one would argue that beijing they're not they're willing to sack the chief executive of hong kong but why isn't the why isn't beijing willing to consider other demands particular when it comes to the release of the president and a full inquiry into the acts of violence committed by the police i think. this rising in hong kong really is the chinese coming. next one event and really doesn't have any good options left you can basically choose between. any of their kind of scenarios we are talking about. see or entire.


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