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tv   The Coming War On China 2017 Ep 1  Al Jazeera  September 8, 2019 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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who were thrown out of the party by boris johnson for voting against him she described that as an assault on decency and democracy very strong words and she also flatly contradicted the government's stated position as far as negotiations with the european union boris johnson has said that he is strongly pursuing a deal with the european union but amber rudd says that's simply not the case from her insiders you know she said that she saw no negotiations only conversations as she said that she no longer believes that leaving with a deal with a deal is the government's main objective 90 percent of the government's time she said was being put into preparing for no deal she said that that seemed to be the main strategy of the government and for those 2 reasons her resignation is deeply significant all right when we come back on edge here u.s. and turkish troops begin joint patrols in northeastern syria as they prepare to set up a so-called safe zone. aid workers warn conditions are deteriorating far for
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harken survivors in the bahamas even as emergency supplies are rushed in. although the philippine sea and the south china sea have been active recently and probably also active from the point of view of forming tropical showers that are as active as they were which allows once again western china to start to build this sherry regime some late rain to like seasonal rain and that line stretches down towards vietnam being mar northern thailand running up to the high ground of western china's fairly typical potential of a shower to further recent hong kong. and it's also active frontally or monsoon really in india now should be retreating but the same lara new take your eyes across to western charter is a. the active one from or especially in maharashtra but across to the east and the
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north london pradesh for example and tradition and thus the full cost next today and i'd have to focus on mumbai and surround exist getting yet more $200.00 beaches per day this is a huge amount of flooding here as well exceed this monsoon average total the activity also suggests be fairly accurate on the amati coast around salon there was cloud and drizzle but it's been a fairly quick increase in the breeze coming down the gulf and have from iraq temps are still 40 in daraa slightly less humid. is a dialogue which you decide not to have to say that it's steak is really human survive all everyone has a voice that must start with our community because of course this is a debate and it's a he did once this is a little be patient literally be able to do
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a ph and i fully join the global conversation with people i think if only they knew what is happening to we were muslims they will be with us and they will be outraged on mt is iraq. again you're watching as 0 reminder of our top story the u.s. secretary of state says talks with the taliban are dead for now donald trump the president on top revealed on saturday he had canceled secret meetings with the taliban leaders because of a suicide bomb attack in kabul which killed 12 people including a u.s. soldier. and other british cabinet minister has quit in protest of the prime
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minister boris johnson's or breaks in a strategy to leave the e.u. without a deal. was the work and pensions secretary. day of protests that started peacefully in central hong kong has ended in more chaos demonstrate to set barricades on fire block major roads and vandalized the metro station earlier thousands marched peacefully to the u.s. consulate they calling on congress to pass human rights legislation allowing sanctions to be imposed on hong kong leaders divvied up on has this update now from hong kong. this is one of hong kong's mean shopping districts usually a very busy place on a sunday night and as you can see it's been brought to a standstill with white police over you're blocking the roads they chased the protesters here from the financial district and try to disperse them using tear gas among the shoppers and the crowds on a sunday night not long ago we saw people running with small children without any protection away from the tear gas so instead now just protesters here confronting
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the police what we're seeing is regular shoppers and regular people trying to confront the police to ask them why they're using such excessive force when there are people who have nothing to do with the protests now this has been a constant or a fein and this has been the next step in the protests that we are seeing where people want police accountability for their actions this is in stark contrast to the protests we saw earlier today when thousands of people marched to the u.s. embassy calling on the u.s. to push through a bill that would give them greater powers to safeguard hong kong's autonomy. but thousands of islanders in the bombers are abandoning their homes destroyed by aurukun dorrian one of the strongest storms ever recorded there is known to have killed 43 people that total is likely to climb significantly as recovery crews reach more devastated islands manwell and upload reports from freeport the main
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city on grand bahama island. floodwaters have finally receded on the island of grand bahama. for residents of this part of the country this means coming to terms with the devastation left over from hurricane dorian. on the eastern end of the island more than 80 percent of homes were destroyed. this high school near free ports tourist district has been transformed into a shelter for the displaced many here have lost everything to the hurricane even their loved ones so i lost my home as well and. decided to stay back home. from what i have say and heard everything is like completely gone so. you know as soon as you know. going and i you know know any player they have but. about 80 people are
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staying at this shelter freeport remains without electricity and the heat is almost unbearable but there is food and water and doctors on site to provide medical attention to anyone who needs it i really thank god for life right now on i thank god for the u.s. coast gods and participated you guys and i you know bringing us food and clothes on water and stuff yeah. search operations continue for hundreds of people still missing but the destruction from the storm is so widespread that even with the assistance of the united states coast guard and border patrol there are still places in the country that rescue teams have yet to reach one of the biggest challenges in delivering disaster relief to survivors of hurricane dorian has been limited access to the areas worst hit by the storm only up until a few days ago this airplane for example along with freeport airport were sitting under at least 2 meters of flood waters. it's been several days since the storm
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passed many of the people we've met seem to still be in shock but nonetheless grateful to be alive. when it was not below. freeport bahamas. russia's president vladimir putin has voted in a contentious regional election in moscow an opposition an independent candidates were banned from the ballots in the capital that's for months of some of the largest protests seen there for years hundreds of protesters were arrested main many beaten up by riot police and some were jailed iran says it's sold the oil from the tanker released by gibraltar 3 and a half weeks ago iranian state television said the 100 $30000000.00 worth of oil has in their words gone to a standstill nation the united states says this satellite image proves that was syria iran has promised that the andrea daddy a one super tanker formally the grace one would not go to syria at the head of the
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united nations nuclear watchdog has met the iranian officials in tehran a day after it scaled down its commitments to the 2015 nuclear deal iran announced on saturday it could now increase your aim enrichment levels beyond the 20 percent but it doesn't play into yet the iranian foreign minister told the i.a.e.a. its actions are allowed under the deal france has urged iran not to downgrade its commitments saying the channels for dialogue are still open. syria has condemned joint u.s. turkish patrols in northwest syria as a flagrant violation of its sovereignty armed vehicles cross the turkish border sunday into an area used to be controlled by u.s. backed kurdish forces the u.s. and turkey want to establish a safe zone in the area. is in hats i need the turkey syria border. the sorts of joint patrols between the us on talk of military is are being seen as a positive step this because both the americans on the talks where on able to see
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eye to eye as to how to operate within syria over the past year or even longer than that and turkey has always insisted that it needed to establish some sort of safe zone up until up to maybe 30 kilometers inside syria essentially to ensure that there was a safe space for displaced syrians but more importantly flying corps as it's have. often said was in order to ensure that it could target what they described a terrorist organizations namely groups like isis but also kurdish separatists who had used that area to launch attacks against choice inside its own borders now these patrols are still extremely limited they're only in the 1st few kilometers within the syrian side of the charkhi syria border as i mentioned talking wants to go much deeper up to even the euphrates and side of the euphrates
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river inside syria the americans have resisted that's what made things even more complicated is the fact that washington has it given tactical support and to according to some reports even military support to some of these kurdish groups up if you consider to be terrorist organizations and that was one of the points of contention but as of sunday the fact that these drawings patrols have spited comes after repeated threats by president right up tape around and the talk of government that's if turkey is not allowed to establish this same zone it's with have no choice but to open the borders and allow for even more syrian refugees to flee the bombardment that continues to target civilian areas inside syria. fighting in libya has killed at least 14 people. forces battled with soldiers from the un recognized government of national accord southwest of tripoli at least
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a 1000 lives have been killed since halftime launched an offensive to capture the capital 5 months ago. the general command of the armed forces decided to go to tripoli to up root terrorism here at this point we have to learn a lesson from the sudanese experience and the role the people in the army played in reaching peace dear they deserve our congratulations we also aim at moving with the help of friends towards peace at the tripoli there will be a national dialogue which will start to produce a constitutional declaration a turkish newspaper has revealed how the suspects behind the murder of journalist. conspired to kill him he died inside a saudi arabia's consulate last year the reports based on 15 suspects testimonies in saudi courts it says the group is claiming it was not given direction from saudi crown prince mohammed bin some men. who has more from istanbul. for the 1st time
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we learned about the details of those 15 good men's testimony is in solve the course those 15 men who came to istanbul to the cell the consulate building right behind me and to kill sound to journalists. based on what this turkish daily newspaper revealed in their testimonies those 15 members at mit it's how they organized this crime actually they say that they were here to take jamal khashoggi back to saudi arabia but it was an initiative by modern military to kill jamal for shift and he admits that he gave the order at 1st he thought about varying him in the garden of the consulate residence building but then he decided to tell the team to chop the democracy of jews by the into pieces so that they could easily take him out of the building this is the 1st time that we are hearing about their testimonies because the saudi prosecution system was a closed circuit system they shared no evidence nor details no statements by those
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suspects but what we know was that sold ok danny who is the number one man of the crown prince mohammad the man who was named to be the organizer of this crime was neither a witness nor a suspect in this trial he was never been to he has never been into court if we learned that 9 of the suspects are facing death sentence the rest are facing aggravated life sentence or after years of military action in northwestern nigeria the government there is choosing a dialogue to end killings and kidnapping mainly by nomadic cattle herders government leaders say they want to tackle the injustices that fueled the crisis. from his own father. for the past 2 months not a single shot was fired in what was to nigeria's wild west. no one was kidnapped for ransom and no life struck was stolen.
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what kind of his constituents back from 18 months of self imposed exile hunted down by bandits and vigilantes he and people in this village and now enjoying what they say are the best moments of their lives in 2 years a return to normalcy. we were on the run from law enforcement bandits and vigilantes for more than a year and a half as small as this village is at last 10 people in the raids many have been kidnapped including women and children a 1000 cattle and sheep was stolen from us 2 months ago they returned home and are trying to rebuild their lives for 8 years bandits mainly from the mighty kurtzman terrorized inside entire villages in northwest nigeria local regime lantus to protect communities became the law. the resulting violence killed more
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than 4000 people and displaced tens of thousands. the state government says it's moving to address what the norm what's called decades of exploitation and oppression by providing water roads and other services. it's also disbanding the militias that have been accused of killing full unease and denying them access to basic services the truce is holding for now a few months ago driving along this highway would have been extremely dangerous even for the security forces but now a decent number of vehicles used the road killings and abductions used to happen here almost every day so for most people the relative peace they now enjoy seems and feel is almost unreal. and it's not only the displaced who are happy with the turn of events in some of. the police who have been targeted in the mayhem say they realize that the force of arms cannot and the violence along. a military or
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security actions misstates. as fast as most what does not a simple official move from. the coveted to their grandest sign it came with an idea of having it will result in this issue that is using dialogue. that has started peeling off several assault rifles and rocket launchers are surrounded by the gun and soon the police say and writable expected. they say there never was a will to resolve the conflict and some for a state until recently. had a full court order to then we are not serious i might but they have another idea so i have to leave bed. quadrants i'm going straight there fairly and if somebody would 1st want their land their conflict resolution through dialogue. but there are concerns that the troops when told for life and with an amnesty were not involved
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in other groups to take up arms against citizens and the state. for now. and the people in this village i enjoying this newly found peace despite their losses some of the. can't even afford to smile. at the grease. northwest nigeria. this is going around now the top stories the u.s. secretary of state says talks with the taliban are dead for the time being the special envoy to afghanistan is being recalled to the side of the future path u.s. president donald trump revealed on saturday he'd canceled secret meetings with top leaders because of a suicide bomb attack. and it was the case that when the taliban tried
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to gain negotiating advantage by conducting terror attacks inside of the country president from made the right decision to say that's not going to work we're going to walk away from a deal if others try to use violence to achieve better ends in the goetia it's not right it's not appropriate killed american and it made no sense for the taliban to be rewarded for that kind of bad behavior. another british government minister has quit the cabinet of prime minister boris johnson over his briggs's strategy amber rudd who is work and pensions secretary says she no longer believes the government is actually trying to get a deal rudd had voted to stay in the european union. i have not seen another what going into actually trying to get a deal when earlier in the week i asked number 10 for a summary of what the planning was for actually getting a deal i was sent a one page summary so it's the combination of the fact that there's not enough work going into actually getting a deal which is i think is not what the prime minister signed up to try to do and
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secondly the expulsion of 21 of my colleagues who are good moderate conservatives day approaches that started peacefully and central hong kong has ended in more chaos demonstrators said barricades on fire blocked major roads and vandalized a metro station earlier thousands marched peacefully to the u.s. consulate there calling on the u.s. congress to pass a human rights legislation allowing sanctions to be put on hong kong leaders iran says it sold the oil for the tanker released by gibraltar 3 and a half weeks ago iranian state television said the $130000000.00 worth of oil has gone to its destination in their words u.s.'s satellite images prove that was syria place iran promised the supertanker would not go to. our fighting in libya has killed at least 14 people warlord khalifa haftar forces battled with soldiers from the un recognized government of national accord in serbia southwest of tripoli.
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those are the headlines the listening post is next. 0. where every. question of china will prescribe taking place. region is no reason to get. caught or tell you champ the story of this space possibly the story of china's efforts to cover. hello i'm richard gives birth you're watching a special edition of the listening toast it is not clear how many people are currently being held against their will by the state in the chinese province of sindh jack however conservative estimates put the number of ethnic weekers and
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other muslim minorities held under some form of detention since 2017 at between one and 1500000 the apparent goal of the authorities to assimilate aggressively the minority wigger population with the majority han chinese beijing calls this its response to the threat of the quote 3 evils extremism terrorism and separatism the tools at the state's disposal a combination of word of mouth and former based survey alliance and the latest technologies facial recognition voice pattern sequencing d.n.a. profiling along with some good old fashioned propaganda beijing and the media outlets it controls don't call them internment camps or prisons there are centers for re-education or even thought transformation foreign media outlets are mostly locked out of the profits or have seen their sources dry up or disappear getting an accurate informative story out of there is not easy later in this program we'll
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look at the effect that we got journalists in the diaspora and internet sleuths outside of china. it had on the news coverage but 1st the listening posts in an auction ravi with a look at the shifting narratives and the occasionally orwellian language in the chinese news media in defense of the state's policies and practices in sin jack. just travel. international reporting of this story began slowly in 2017 journalists had already heard of surveillance in china's shinji region with body checks facial recognition technology and full monitoring. but there were whispers about other more disturbing developments people are really frightened of speaking elsewhere with rebels who meet through we go show willing to talk to us but were of this not to say were there are rumors of mass detentions of we go to stories of vast camps and of people vanishing for years the u.n.
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said they had received credible reports of some 1000000 weaker speak held in internment camps the silence from the chinese state was deafening initially it had nothing to see then came the denials including at the united nations the argument that i'm in where worse i didn't hate the rage of his'n centers is completely untrue by late 2018 though the journalism had become more detailed 3 years ago the syria was just a patch of dirt today it's a detention center measuring more than half a 1000000 square meters the reporting was much more difficult to refute and it forced a change in beijing's message in strategy. on october 16th 2018 the chinese state broadcaster c.c.t.v. aired a 15 minute documentary about what they called vocational training centers in the new. poor. function. that had.
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well it told the story of what the chinese government wanted to communicate about always happening in which was there was radical extremism there was terrorism there was. the government was fighting this as part of this worldwide battle against terrorism was how they framed it you had a number of pieces in nationalist publications like global times. so all the sudden you see both the chinese language media push not so much acknowledging that that there are weaker is who are in detention but kind of trying to spin it basically into something that's a softer more voluntary form of detention and then there was also a cultural aspect which is the idea that they are not you know stifling
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we are a culture they are preserving it. originally the young. people are allowed to do ethnic dances make their traditional make their traditional markers so their narrative has been changing over time based on how international community has been responding reacting so this public misinformation campaign splits started last august and it's happening to this day. is weaker he advocates and campaigns for legal rights from his base in washington d.c. took aim has been to 16 the chinese official narrative i don't see junkfood yours about that are lists points to a framework of institutional islamophobia and a sense of superiority amongst the country's ethnic majority the one chinese they
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see this underlies the narrative of extremism culturally alienation and the need. for the state to keep a lid on a potentially explosive situation in sin jug victor gao is on the other side of this debate he's a media commentator who frequently takes issue with western media coverage for bombings by separatists through the ninety's and early 2000 as well as the riots. in 2009 when you reported the situation. you need to report about the threat which does exist. i think the chinese government has all along been consistent in expressing that there are concentration camps there are facilities and these facilities are mostly meant for education and training purposes. may or may far shipping jobs. and the western reports are fake
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news and misleading these are places where adults wear uniforms. but where they don't go home at the end of the day. but sleep up to 10 a roof top. of the world the people in the world with fake news they call it the 3 forces of terrorism separatism and extremism. so they use that as kind of the face of what had happened before the security forces moved in in 2014 and made everything much safer there was an hour long documentary that was aired this past march and they go into 2009 a room she writes some of the bus bombings that happened in the ninety's the interview the victims of those bombings the show the burned out buses dead bodies
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you know in the wreckage of a russian. she she did and they keep kind of playing this footage over and over and they're using that to justify this thousands of terrorist attacks number which we don't have any specific reference for the chinese government has been very fast. in its misinformation campaign it is too long going as we speak she didn't because government has shown 0 tolerance for political dissent it would be difficult for anyone to come out and express sympathy for any issue as sensitive as do we show for the past 3 years has been administered by hardline officials who have intensified the campaign of propaganda imprisonments and so-called deed radicalisation this is come in the midst of one of the most stringent phases of national government under the leadership of xi jinping we did question both good
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regional and national government for interviews we got no response. the latest numbers compiled by human rights campaigners showed that 58 journalists have been locked up in china. it isn't just we good media professionals though. is a hunch chinese photographer he was picked up in a room chee in november last year there's been no sign of him since numerous chinese journalists editors even academics have been swept up even when their work didn't actually take issue with chinese policies. journalists are faced with dangers everywhere in the world many journalists are killed and if you report about the pressures faced with journalists. trying to be objective i don't think journalists the last day or international are faced with any other or more dangerous pressures compared with any other countries in the world one of the most
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dramatic examples is iran tarty who's a professor from beijing who had a website. i publish in canton every year and in chinese and essentially trying to bridge that gap to try to have actual real harmonious relations between the ethnicities and he was detained and sentenced to life in prison. is a major story that is not exactly breaking news the camps what established 5 years ago in 2014 but over the past 3 years they've grown larger taking in hundreds of thousands more. they've become more secretive fun journalists have finally forced the chinese authorities to acknowledge the existence of the camps which is a start just about everything else about the story the people held there the truth of what's happening to them and the flow of information is under control. while the chinese media continue to take their orders from beijing on this story
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one outlet has been vital to international coverage of sin jack radio free asia as we go service is funded by the u.s. government and it has a track record of breaking news on sin jack it was among the 1st to present facts and figures to back up the rumors of the so-called vocational training camps and it has sense on earth dozens of stories on the crackdown informing foreign reporters and the we ask for a like for our f.a. we're going to stuff the sin jang story hits on comfortably and dangerously close to home many say they have had family members arrested. is the director of radio free asia as weaker service he joins us now from washington mr say tough thanks for joining us the listening post today ever since day one on this story are a week or has led the pack breaking news on sin jang how did your organization 1st learn of this policy and the existence of these huge detention camps. in early
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twenty's 17 we began to realize after interviewing chinese officials we go official as police officers and local residents that large numbers of wigglers began to disappear than through our investigation by speaking to chinese officials we were able to confirm that in cost our prefecture alone more than $120000.00 a week years have been arbitrarily and ag traditionally detained in this camps than we began to pay attention to other areas as well in the what down prefecture for example just in one conti nearly 40 percent of the male adult population were taken to this camps gradually we realize that china's government or detaining large scale numbers of weaker is and other ethnic indigenous population and building this camps throughout the region covering this story from such a distance cannot be easy what can you tell us about the methods you rely upon for
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your journalism where i have an office and china or we don't have stringers there. we did have sources that we used to call and our math that is primarily based upon the calling and targeted areas regions police stations mosques streets etc sometimes it takes a few days and we can verify certain things that have happened certain detentions 13 and bath as in detentions so that's usually the math that we use. for many of your colleagues your reporters this story is personal given that so many of them still have family living in the region what kind of personal blowback have they been facing china radio free asia practically as an enemy station and in particular though we are service because we are service is one and only independent weaker media. in the world so china's government targets were reporters. chinese
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government has detaining. parents loved ones and family members of almost all of our staff members 6 of them when the public about the detentions and the others have been low key chinese government frequently pressure and the threaten their loved ones they're telling them that they should convey the masses to the rebbe our reporters basically to quit their job or and provide information to the chinese government but this pressure and stress is the not distract from our work important work we are doing and actually that is. the reason that we're doing more ever since day one since you launched in 1996 beijing has seen r.f.a. as a threat what do you say to your critics who see your reliance on u.s. tax dollars for funding as having
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a compromising effect on your organization and the journalism it produces yes we do receive u.s. tax dollar u.s. funding but we are an independent and nonprofit radio station and we make our own editorial decisions independent of the u.s. government or other agencies so we're not directly affiliated with the u.s. government or its own agency is where completely independent our operation but that doesn't prevent the chinese government or other authoritarian governments in asia to label laws. as an arm of the u.s. government or even cia but that's not the fact. tof thanks very much for speaking with us today my great pleasure. the chinese news media refused to cover this in jang story until the reporting produced by international news outlets grew too compelling to ignore the aerial shots of specific camps the documents proving their ultimate purpose that material was 1st broadcast on radio and television networks
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outside of china but much of it was handed to those journalists on a plate by a handful of independent researchers practicing open source journalists relying on online tools ranging from search engines to satellite imagery those researchers have played a critical part in the reporting process and beijing is on to them it's now doing a better job of covering its tracks online burying the evidence of its operations in sin jack the listening posts daniel tory now on to open source investigators and the role they have played in helping foreign journalists and the rest of the world understand the reality of sin jang care. the most heavily surveilled probably of one of the most surveilled countries on earth. most every movement is monitored whether you are a local or a journalist on assignment. the 1st thing you notice is the extreme level of police
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presence on every intersection on every block there is often a multi-story police building there are security checks everywhere and if you know that there are also surveillance cameras on every street corner kitted out with facial recognition technology and then you very quickly get a feel the sense of being watched wherever you are. according to a report by the foreign correspondents club of china 9 in every 10 foreign journalists who travel to last year spoke of interference from the or forty's some with detained by police others forced to delete data on their phones and other devices. most reporters 96 percent. say they were visibly followed. but then there were the far graver dangers that face local sources. last year journalist james palmer formerly based in china spoke about his personal experience
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trying to cover. all of my weaker sources of. cash i don't talk to people because. i cannot reach them when we look at the lists of reasons they've been given for people to be sent to concentration camps having had contact with foreigners is the single most dominant reason. i have certainty of one of my sources being sent to a comp with the others i don't know whether they just cut off contact for their own safety or whether they're actually imprisoned i stopped trying to reach weaker sources in the middle of last year because the risk to them was much greater than any possible benefit of talking to them. china says there is
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no such thing as reeducation camps. a growing body of evidence suggests otherwise despite the straight jacket imposed on reporters inside. coverage of the camps has surged over the past year. now i can't find it really 100. or so many across. much of that recent reporting is the result of investigations done from a distance by researches using a method known as open source. open source is shorthand for the tools and dates are available to virtually anyone with an internet connection a nose for forensic research and in the case of this story the ability to read mandarin open source journalism is not limited by geography and respects no borders which is why i've come here to stuttgart in southwest germany to speak to a researcher who's been investigating the camps almost 6000 kilometers away in sion
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john. so you are one of the 1st researchers to use open source methods to investigate these counts in changing what made you think that you would succeed using these tools where conventional journalists had failed the big advantage of this open source research is that you can uncover documents that speak of systematic policy where the government itself says we're doing this and every local government under us is also supposed to be doing to us and often times i was able to find this kind of document. was this particular dog so this was the main suppose it earlier foundation for reeducation so when the chinese say we have established the extremist cation centers based on the law this is the document to refer to. another document that i found talks about the goals of transformation through education and even very blatantly says transformation through education and chinese
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joey trying to cleanse us to brain from evil thoughts from the thoughts of religion that's a piece of evidence that speaks as much or more than $100.00 newspaper articles because it basically proves that this is a systematic policy. the document that sends uncovered evidence of state policy but proving the camps had actually been built enough of them to hold hundreds of thousands of people required another open source tools satellite imagery. that's where sean john a chinese student based in vancouver came into the picture. was. young. i started my research last year when i heard reports that around 10 percent of the way given xing jiang had been detained or disappeared i used a few keywords to search online and found lots of information such as government
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tendinitis for camps to be built these documents contain the addresses of nearly $100.00 camps so i searched on google earth and found the satellite images they looked very different from civilian facilities for example there were barbed wire fences there watchtowers structures that you'd expect in prisons i found more and more information and so published it on my blog. collected by a researcher and. construction documents found by mr. psychological. trying to take into the camps a lot of mainstream media's coverage has built upon adrian or from work you see in the paper is using government documents and hiring information. show the extent to which the security state has grown and changed. and sean has used satellite imagery to show the compass being built almost in real time the financial times we've also
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used satellite imagery to look at the location and size of the canvas we've also used research by indians and on the contracts that governments are using to buy new materials for the camps and i think the really important thing about these kinds of research collaboration's is that because the data is open the journalist can also check what the research is looking at and if needed you know challenge whether the data they're seeing is representative of the region or how the data is chosen. communist party officials not usually known for their transparency gave open source research is a helping hand by leaving the evidence in plain sight now beijing is in damage limitation mode trying to delete documents before investigators in stuttgart bank and elsewhere in repose. and online game of cat and mouse over one of the world's biggest stories. this year going to join us i post my findings on my blog and i
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include the links to the original documents but those links started showing up as invalid within a couple of weeks or even within a few days of me posting them i could see the chinese government was reading my blog and deleting the original sources the set of documents that disappeared basically described the details of the camps the security features barbed wire watchtowers how big they are and what they cost a lot of that disappeared and so on we were a few versions starting to archive websites and spent almost entire days archiving hundreds of links but i think in some sense they put it too late we already had the information. by staying one step ahead of beijing open. source research is on earth the evidence about the camps that journalists on the ground and she could not. but going up against a superpower magnifying scrutiny of an already notorious human rights record comes
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with consequences. all the more so in this case if you are chinese citizen. really and since i started my research i felt a lot of pressure from the chinese government for example they've contacted my family in china so in the near future i think i will avoid going back home that this might all this i think doing this work is worth it because there are so many we could people detained they've lost contact with their family at least my research can raise awareness of this problem and help pressure the chinese government into finding a peaceful solution. without the reporting that's taken place outside of the country chinese officials would have very little to answer for on the send jang story as we heard from. our f a whig or beijing is now saying that the vast majority of the wiggers interned have since been freed their thoughts
11:47 pm
transformed however no evidence has been offered to back up those numbers so you can expect the journalists working out of washington and researchers combing the net for the truth in vancouver and strict guard we'll be fact checking that claim as they have so many others in the coverage of this story you've been watching a special edition of our program on sin jang and the media we'll see you next time here at the listening post. with the plummeting birthrate and families moving to the cities south korea's rule schools are shutting down one on one east meets the grandmas who is saving these schools finally getting an education on al-jazeera. for the last 2 years the students have been collecting rubbish every day it's helped clean up the campus and helped build some of its facilities for every 2 kilo's of plastic waste they collect this school
11:48 pm
receives a brick made of plastic and cement. for some activists this may not be the most ecological way to eliminate the problems of plastic but this is seen as an immediate solution to the growing problems of landfills across the country waste can now be used to manufacture building materials. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm rob matheson and this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes present from made the right decision to say that's not going to war the us secretary of state says peace talks with the taliban are dead for now after
11:49 pm
donald trump counseled a secret meeting in camp david lee wouldn't that we haven't received anything so we still know we're not going to start over every 3 months france threatens to veto any brags that extension even as a 2nd cabinet minister plans another blow to boris johnson by resigning. the syrian government says joint patrols by turkish and us troops in the country's northwest is a blatant violation of its sovereignty and i'm we're hard in with sports as for our . their home grand prix for the 1st time in almost a decade and canada celebrates its 1st tennis grand slam champion as bianca and. arena williams in the final of the u.s. so. u.s. president donald trump says he's canceled a secret meeting with the taliban in the united states leaders were supposed to fly to camp david on saturday night u.s.
11:50 pm
secretary of state mike compare says talks with the taliban and now dead for the time being and the special envoy is being recalled meetings between him and the taliban had been going on in qatar for nearly a year and it was the case that when the taliban tried to gain negotiating advantage by conducting terror attacks inside of the country president from made the right decision to say that's not going to work we're going to walk away from a deal if others try to use violence to achieve better and senate negotiators it's not right it's not appropriate it killed an american and it made no sense for the taliban to be rewarded for that kind of bad behavior well the taliban has released a statement in response saying americans will suffer more than anyone else because of trump's decision to cancel the talks while the office of afghan president bashar ghani says peace will only be possible if the taliban stop launching attacks and hold direct talks with the government we expected an outcome that could lead to
11:51 pm
a cease fire that could lead to a negotiation with the afghan government and the taliban. so unfortunately so that's that we didn't see. our current terry we saw and we are observed that there could be rests to any process that the afghan government is not the main stakeholder and that and any process that cannot guarantee a cease fire a halt to the violence could be arm for for all of that humans that we have gained well tony blair is standing by in kabul but 1st let's go to rob reynolds in washington d.c. rob how is the news of this cancellation playing out there. well certainly there was a lot of shock when president trump tweeted on saturday that there had been this meeting planned for camp david camp david of course is a very historically significant place and many wondered whether the idea of having
11:52 pm
the taliban leadership go to meet with the president there was appropriate but now that the meeting is off people are saying that the president made the right call of least those within his own inner circle as you just heard from secretary of state mike pump a oh he said that the talks are dead for the time being he gave no indication as to whether or when they might restart secretary pump aoe also warned that things are about to get worse in his words for the taliban after the killing of a u.s. soldier in a car bomb attack in kabul on thursday now members of the president's own party as well as members of his inner circle including the national security adviser john bolton had been dubious about the talks with the taliban they had been counseling the president that the taliban's word could not be taken at face value and that the
11:53 pm
organization could not be trusted to keep its promises but the president president has made promises of his own namely that he would withdraw the remaining $14000.00 u.s. troops from afghanistan not to do so or to not be able to fulfill that pledge could have political repercussions for trump and trump has used this tactic before rob both as a businessman and as president of walking away from a deal in the final stages if he felt that he could get a better position or a strength. the negotiating position by doing so you will recall that in the run up to his 1st meeting with kim jong un the north korean leader he abruptly canceled the talks and then the talks were back on after a fairly short time so it would not be surprising i think for many in washington to
11:54 pm
find out that after a certain period of time the talks were to resume but that is completely up to the president dropped rob thanks very much indeed i want to go to anybody who's with us from kabul obviously the afghan government has essentially been sidelined from many of the talks that rob's been talking about there what's the reaction been there. well in public they're very supportive of the american peace process in private they have been very critical but today they're welcoming this move by the u.s. president they've always said that they should be party to these talks the taliban refuse to talk directly to the afghan government they consider them puppets of the americans and illegitimate and corrupt ironically the way this is or all played out that the taliban said that they were close to an agreement whereby they were going to start talking with the afghan government on september the 23rd they perhaps have been the most surprised by this tweet from donald trump because they were expecting
11:55 pm
this draft agreement to be a done deal they said they were talking on saturday with mystic the chief u.s. negotiator and according to a statement released today that they said that both sides were in total agreement the agreement was finalized international regional countries had been in agreement with this and they they were very surprised that this is being stopped at this stage they positive they tweeted positive statements on saturday so this is come as a shock to them but they also said in their statement that america as you said before would suffer more than they would now that's anyone's guess what that's going to mean there's 2 choices facing the taliban now do they go away escalate the conflict or do they come back to the negotiating table at some point in a different frame of mind we're trying to wait and see which frame of mind that will be tony thanks very much indeed let's talk to david said the he's a senior associate at the center for strategic and international studies is also
11:56 pm
a former u.s. deputy assistant secretary of defense for afghanistan pakistan and central asia he's joining us on skype from kabul thank you very much indeed sir for giving us your time one watching from the outside we'll get the sense that there was we were reaching a significant moment in these talks if these talks the secret meeting was supposed to be held at camp david to do you think given your diplomatic background sir the president's reaction and response has been proportionate. i would say that certainly from my perspective here in kabul talking afghans i think there are in the vast majority of people that i speak to welcome this decision the fact that this agreement was reached earlier in the week and then followed by a wave of attacks on f.k.n. cities in the north in the west of the country and then by a brutal bombing here in kabul then a message to afghans at the combine we're not interested in peace their focus was
11:57 pm
on military victory and the us agreement was it withdraw agreement not a peace agreement so from that perspective i think there is clearly a lot of work to be done that combine are claiming that the u.s. will suffer but in fact it's afghan civilians who are suffering they're the ones who are being killed every day by the top on and in the crossfire between the colophon and government forces but by and large i think most afghans think this is the right thing many would like to see peace but they didn't think the agreement with us brought was going to be a peace agreement we had on our own u.s. secretary of state might pompeo saying that the deal was essentially dead for no what does it take do you think to try to get this process back on the road again. i think that what kate really a fine change of mindset change on the part of the columbine they have to show that they want peace they are really good they are willing to stop using violence if
11:58 pm
they do that the talks can resume but right now again this very correct signals the actions they're talat over the last week have been exactly the opposite that they're interested in military victory not in peace and how that's going to play out inside of our bonn is a difficult question give us some context on that so if you would how much of a disconnect is there between the taliban members who are going through the negotiation process and the i and the leadership and the taliban groups on the ground and perhaps outside influences as well who perhaps do not want this peace process to work well i'm not inside the taleban so i can't say that was certainty but it does appear that there's a fairly large disconnect between the combine those shaders what the taliban commanders were doing this coordinated assault across the border in western
11:59 pm
afghanistan for provincial capitals. was not something that they did on the spur of the moment and it had to have been carefully planned carefully thought out a lot of logistics but in place before these attacks took place and it doesn't appear that the existence of this agreement in doha made any difference to the military commanders here so i think it's very much an open question as to whether the colophon speak with one voice thank you very much indeed for giving us your analysis david 70 we appreciate it thank you. thank you the british government insists it will stick to prime minister bottas johnson's plan to exit the european union by a top of the 31st despite multiple set backs in parliament and the resignation of a senior minister on saturday or rudd who was work and pensions secretary says she no longer believes the government is actually trying to get a deal she voted to stay in the european union in the referendum 3 years ago.
12:00 am
meanwhile france's foreign minister is rejecting another delay of bragg's it and says the u.k. needs to show the way forward. with how things are now it's still no to pushing back to break that deadline the u.k. says they want to push forward alternatives to avoid a no deal but we haven't received anything so we still know we're not going to start over every 3 months it's up to the u.k. to show us the way forward paul brennan has more from london this is a significant resignation and one that will bruise boris johnson you would have thought perhaps he couldn't be more bruised after the torrid week that he's had losing votes in parliament and finding himself painted into a corner as far as his strategy goes on able to call a snap general election for example but the rudd is a senior and respected member of the conservative party and it's significant for 2 reasons 1st of all the timing of it choosing saturday evening to make her announcement and that meant that she was able to do a tour of the sunday morn.


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