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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 9, 2019 1:00am-1:34am +03

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police what we're seeing is regular shoppers and regular people trying to confront the police to ask them why they are using such excessive force when there are people who have nothing to do with the protests this has been a constant refrain and this has been the next step in the protests that we are seeing where people want police accountability for their actions this is in stark contrast to the protests we saw our earlier today when thousands of people marched to the u.s. embassy calling on the u.s. to christopher a bill that would give them greater powers to safeguard on concertina me but as i mentioned earlier the protesters and now sending out an international appeal for help in their efforts made to bring has more on that part of the story was these protesters want global attention their target on sunday the united states. to china's leaders this will fuel their suspicions that foreign powers up behind the 3
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and a half months of unrest in hong kong the protestors message is for the u.s. congress and the act they want passed that would lead to closer scrutiny of human rights in hong kong and u.s. sanctions against hong kong leaders he wants to u.s. congress to pas that hong kong human rights and democracy as as chance was about these people be so important for us because you can selectively punish those off issues who trample on our freedom. riot police blocked the road in front of the consulate and were braced for trouble. as in previous demonstrations these marchers represented a broad cross section of hong kong society on tuesday hong kong will be under the international spotlight once more when the united nations human rights council meets in geneva with china's representatives expected to defend the hong kong police's handling of the current turmoil. sunday's protest comes 5 days after the
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chief executive kerry lamb announced she would officially withdraw the controversial extradition bill that set off the unrest there was further trouble on sunday night when police and protesters clashed in a main subway station parts of which were vandalized adrian brown al jazeera hong kong. still ahead in al-jazeera we're in the so-called wild west of nigeria where government leaders are trying a new approach to end killing and kidnapping. and 6 years on from a devastating earthquake how filipinos a struggling to rebuild their houses of prayer. how although the philippine sea and they saw china sea been active recently and probably also active from the point of view of forming tropical showers that are as
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active as they were which allows once again western china to start to build this sherry regimes and like rain to like seasonal rain and that line stretches down towards vietnam in ma northern thailand running up to the high ground of western china is fairly typical the potential of a shower to further east in hong kong. and it's also active frontally or monsoon really in india now should be retreating but the same line you take your eyes across to western china is a very active one from over especially in maharashtra but across to the east and the north monday pradesh for example and tradition and that's the forecast next today and i'd have to focus on mumbai and surround exist getting yet more $200.00 when the beaches per day this huge amount of flooding here as well exceed this monsoon average total that i actively also suggests be fairly act around the amandi coast around so there was cloud and drizzle but it's been
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a fairly quick increase in the breeze coming down the gulf now from iraq tempest so 40 in daraa slightly less humid. to al-jazeera. what guarantees will you give to the people who will be attending the minimal workshop we listen i'm supposed to explain apologize for someone who is also terrorizing we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter just 0.
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your geologist reminder of our top stories this hour the u.s. secretary of state says talk to the taliban are dead for the time being and this special envoy to afghanistan is being recalled taliban representatives say the cancellation of talks will harm the u.s. more than anyone the british government is insisting it will exit the european union by october the 31st to despite multiple setbacks in parliament and the resignation of a senior cabinet minister meanwhile france says it doesn't want another brags of delay and says the u.k. needs to show the way forward. protesters have blocked a major road in hong kong central district and vandalized a metro station earlier thousands marched peacefully to the u.s. consulate they're calling congress to pass legislation which allows sanctions to be imposed on leaders. saddam's 1st cabinet since the ousting of former president omar
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bashir has been sworn in prime minister abdullah announced his 20 member cabinet. earlier this week it has 4 women including sudan's 1st female foreign minister to stay in office until elections are held within 3 years. the syrian government has condemned joint to us turkish patrols in northwest syria as a flagrant violation of its sovereignty armed vehicles crossed the turkish border on sunday into an area that's used to be controlled by u.s. backed kurdish forces the u.s. and turkey want to establish a safe zone in the area. in hati near the turkey syria border. the sorts of joint patrols between the us on talk of military is are being seen as a positive step this because both the americans on the talks were on able to see eye to eye as to how to operate within syria over the past year or
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even longer than that turkey has always insisted that it needed to establish some sort of safe zone up until up to maybe 30 kilometers inside syria essentially to ensure that there was a safe space for displaced syrians but more importantly flying corps as it's have. often said was in order to ensure that it could target what they describe just terrorist organizations namely groups like isis but also kurdish separatists who had used that area to launch attacks against choice inside it's all on board those now these patrols are still extremely limited they're only in the press few kilometers within the syrian side of the chalky syria border as i mentioned talking wants to go much deeper up to even the euphrates and side of the euphrates river inside syria the americans have resisted that's what made things even more complicated is the fact that washington has it given tactical support and to
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according to some reports even military support to some of these kurdish groups stuff if you consider to be terrorist organizations and that was one of the points of contention but as of sunday the fact that these drawings patrols have spited comes after repeated threats by president read a paper around and the talk is government that if turkey is not allowed to establish this same zone it's with have no choice but to open the borders and allow for even more syrian refugees to flee the bombardment that continues to target civilian areas inside syria. thousands of islanders in the bahamas that abandoning their homes destroyed by how to can doughty in one of the strongest storms ever recorded there is known to have killed 43 people that total is likely to climb significant thing is or company cruise reach more remote devastated iowans my know it apollo reports from free poured the main city on grand bahama island
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blood waters of finally receded on the island of grand bahama for residence of this part of the country this means coming to terms with the devastation left over from hurricane dorian on the eastern end of the island more than 80 percent of homes were destroyed. this high school near free ports tourist district has been transformed into a shelter for the displaced many here have lost everything to the hurricane even their loved ones so i lost my home as well and. decided to stay back home. from what i have say and heard everything has completely gone well. you know as you guys you know. are going to die you know no any player downs but. about 80 people are
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staying at this shelter freeport remains without electricity and the heat is almost unbearable but there is food and water and doctors on site to provide medical attention to anyone who needs it by i really thank god for life right now on i thank god for the u.s. coast gods and participated you guys and i you know bringing us food and clothes on water and stuff. search operations continue for hundreds of people still missing but the destruction from the storm is so widespread that even with the assistance of the united states coast guard and border patrol there are still places in the country that rescue teams have yet to reach one of the biggest challenges in delivering disaster relief to survivors of hurricane dorian has been limited access to the areas worst hit by the storm only up until a few days ago this airplane for example along with freeport airport were sitting under at least 2 meters of flood waters. it's been several days since the storm
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passed many of the people we've met seem to still be in shock but nonetheless grateful to be alive when it was not below. freeport bahamas. the turkish newspaper who says it's revealed how the suspects behind the murdered of journalist from all her shows a conspired to kill him her show as he died inside saudi arabia's is stumble consulate last year the reports based on the testimonies a 15 suspects in saudi chords and says the group is claiming it was not given direction i say crowns prince mohammed bin solman up to use a military action in northwest nigeria their government is choosing dialogue to end killings and kidnappings mainly by a nomadic cattle herders government leaders say they want to tackle the in justice is that filled the crisis and i did dress reports from some for the for the past 2 months not a single shot was fired in what was term nigeria's wild west no one was kidnapped
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for ransom in nor life struck was stolen me to lay a bull what kind of this constituents our back from each of months of a solve imposed exile hunted down by a band it's and vigilant is he and people in this village and now enjoying what they say are the burst moments of their lives in 2 years a return to normalcy no we were on the run from law enforcement band its end vigilantes for more than a year and a half is smalls this village is at last teen paypal in the rights many have been kidnapped including women and children a 1000 cattle and sheep was stolen from us 2 months ago the returned who and are trying to rebuild their lives for 8 years bend it's mainly from the might be kurtzman terrorized an psyched entire villages in north west nigeria local
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regime lantus to protect communities became the law. the resulting violence killed more than 4000 people and displaced tens of thousands. the state government says it's moving to address what the normal decades of exploitation and oppression by providing water roads and other services. it's also disbanding the militias that have been accused of killing full unease and denying them access to basic services the truce is holding for now a few months ago driving along this highway would have been extremely dangerous even for the security forces but now a decent number of vehicles used the old killings and abductions used to happen here almost every day so for most people the relative peace they now enjoy seems and feel is almost unreal. and it's not only the displaced who are happy with the turn of events in some of. the police who have been targeted in the mayhem say they
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realize that the force of arms cannot end the violence along. a military or security actions in this state. as. well it does not a simple official move from. the coveted to the grandest signed came with an idea of having it will result in this issue that is use in dialogue. and that has started peeling off several assault rifles and rocket launchers up and surrounded by the cannon and soon the police say and i expected. they say there never was a will to resolve the conflict and so for a state until recently let's call it a full court order to then we are not serious i meant that they have another idea so i have to leave bed. quadrants i mean straight they're fairly and if somebody would 1st want their land their conflict resolution through dialogue. but there are
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concerns that the troops when told for life and with an amnesty were not involved in other groups to take up arms against citizens and the state. for now. and the people in this village i enjoying this newly found peace despite their losses some of the. can even afford to smile. al-jazeera. northwest nigeria classrooms in jordan are empty on the 1st day of school because teachers across the country have gone on strike thousands of stuff and taken part in a certain in the capital amman they're demanding a 50 percent pay rise the increase was agreed in 2014 but the teachers say the government as yet a 100 over a major earthquake in the central philippines almost 6 years ago killed many and caused widespread destruction churches which are centuries old were flattened as
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well and organ explains the rebuilding effort was slow going. in was a time of great suffering for the people of the whole. nearly 6 years ago a powerful earthquake struck the province in central philippines. more than 200 people were killed and thousands more lost their homes. at least 10 churches that dated back to spanish colonial times were also destroyed hall is home to some of the country's historical church landmarks the devastation also signals a period of longer agony for the feet will more than 80 percent of filipinos are roman catholics catholicism was 1st introduced here by way of the visavis region hundreds of years ago making the philippines the only bastion of catholicism in asia the church in the town of madiba hawk was established in the 18th century they
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said that they had dreams that the image of same is inside asking for $33.00 remains so 3 days after the earthquake it's trying to retrieve but you made from there there. the national museum says this is one of its biggest projects in recent years for centuries the church has served as a moral and spiritual calm pass for communities here this is why people here tell us it felt as though their own identity was also lost in the rubble and they know that the only way for them to fully recover is for all the churches to be restored the struggle is not just to rebuild the churches back to their former glory given the scars resources and limited to knology but also to ensure that the structures are restored properly we have to understand that nature is not just the thing that
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destroys this but it is also human neglect and we would be will start to look at these and take these structures for granted much has been said about the role of the roman catholic church in philippine society for its followers catholicism has long been a symbol of social justice and dissent but forwards critics it has also been associated with abuse of power and corruption. but whatever role it has played for centuries people years say these chuck schumer's no longer just serve the faithful they also represent the soul of the country's history. jim duggan. providence central philippines. this is all just the way things are the top stories the u.s.
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secretary of state says talks with the taliban are dead for the time being the u.s. special envoy to afghanistan has been recalled to decide what happens next donald trump revealed on saturday he'd counseled secret meetings with taliban leaders because of a suicide bomb attack. and it was the case that when the taliban tried to gain negotiating advantage by conducting terror attacks inside of the country president from made the right decision to say that's not going to work we're going to walk away from a deal if others try to use violence to achieve better ends in the goetia it's not right it's not appropriate killed american and it made no sense for the taliban to be rewarded for that kind of bad behavior another british government ministers quit the cabinet of prime minister boris johnson over his bribes strategy somebody who was work and pensions secretary says she no longer believes the government is actually trying to get a deal rudd had voted to stay in the european union a day of protests that started peacefully in central hong kong has ended in more
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chaos demonstrators set about a cade's on fire blocked major roads and vandalized a metro station earlier thousands marched peacefully to the u.s. consulate calling on congress to pass human rights legislation allowing sanctions to be imposed on hong kong leaders. this indian government is condemned to join 2 u.s. turkish patrols in northwest syria as a flagrant violation of its sovereignty vehicles cross the turkish border on sunday into an area that used to be controlled by u.s. backed kurdish forces the u.s. and turkey want to establish a safe zone in the area turkey's boosting its military presence along its border with syria and it's pushing displaced syrians to return home iran says the oil from the tanker released by gibraltar 3 and a half weeks ago has been sold iranian state television said the $130000000.00 worth of oil has gone to its destination the u.s. says its satellite images prove that destination was syria but iran had promised
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the supertanker would not go the u.s. sanctions will continue for anyone who buys oil from iran those are the headlines the news continues here to knowledge is it a after one or one easts buy for now. across south korea the birth rate is plummeting. as families move to the cities rural towns are losing their residence and their schools. politics and all of you out in. changing it in those you know do you see me tightening.
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but some communities are trying new ways to keep their classrooms open so you want it taught at all at all y'all but all the all it takes me one o one east meets the grandmother is finally fulfilling their dreams for an education while helping save korea schools. it's the start of a new school day but 65 year old park killing soon is not your typical 2nd grader. were this time. that out had their own end. and there. was. yes one
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big battle going on daniel. she's one of 3 grandmothers enrolled in the 2nd grade at bank room primary school nestled in the picture rest farmlands near the city of pyong chang. but this is a school in crisis at its peak there were close to 700 students here today there are only 22. the grandmas share a classroom with just 28 year olds there simply aren't enough children here to teach why they tell you don't plan to. walk.
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try. to go back i just. wanted to. could get up payment with my. own love and today there are only 2 grannies and class the other is rico parading in hospital from recent stroke i didn't look at. you it's always here is a general hug bill 72 year old park go we has been a student here for 2 years and has a strong connection to the school. revolted a little with a took him up with an. appealing in. the not going they needed. to. and go east
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10 year old granddaughter jake still he is 2 grades above in a class down the hall. the grannies important role here by boosting enrollment numbers they're saving bank room primary from being shut down good critical of the case will go to the hook it was i will tell you with a thought when that isn't all money wisely as they are in the ways they. send in soak is the school's director of education and a science teacher she goes into her again in colleges again. what is a high saying then you didn't don't says in the region day you'll get conjugal not then come to her going house in question time and time is how i'm doing it. south korea has one of the lowest birth rates in the world. and as young families
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move to the city for work schools in small towns are closing. bank room primary has been teetering on the edge of closure for several years. tongue on and cut it turns pale tongue no name thing you told me a 1000000 a 1000000. or so to me then goto this him know me i'm doing a. similar tell me in the how it done shanae all. bauer auditioned the token but washed out one and when did you turn your. place autonomously. initially 6 elderly students were recruited but after the 1st year one dropped out due to bad health and 2 workers stopped coming to their new home when this whole thing because of all the new and there was a parallel with. all along the movie ticket they read
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a little that would only go pure alone in with all the funerals you go more even with a little girl. who we get up at 430 every morning tending to her vegetables before going to school. because that's a lot of work for just you one person is doing a little something that railcar they live out their 100. as a farmer she couldn't read the daily crop prices for her chili's or even her own bank statements put in recall modren will google will fill hasn't it because as i go. on telling other your money in the world because on the arctic it will. go. well so the more money the more. vulnerable as it was a ton of them are numbered where the money. having the grannies in class presents
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unique challenges for the school told me. how come 1 in the morning or you get a head shot at them when they're home when in the den. i . couldna how do tunes hosing the moon. out of their little here. is a new. only. there's also why our park june me never expected to be teaching grandmothers when she came to bankroll. tommy mottola told me us all told me i want to meet us all. all. i did it on him from running. in there or. did. you have a lot. of money in this little is then to me not
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a little bit because it was a year cutie. it takes patience she says because the grannies learn more slowly than their younger classmates. they. tick and while doing it in order for morning their daughter into a year ahead. they want to know what i'm gone where. take i wonder what i die in an audi what that means and i are your into. the mine you know it all i did i know there's a new model story of. getting up to get them one way or total to. 20. to mark but. i didn't want to think of what you thought of the are you going to. be using boy.
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for junk a local right down the. middle my little moment today that we would all only someone who probably pretty soon so you don't who does isn't it the completing the open where you live to give a result. tempo's middle and i was 7 saying it's a word like we don't live in one of. oh no your teacher is really patient with you she's she wants you to stay she would be disappointed if you left was it because as you go over the us for her we saw her there was a go because a. and their classmates young woo. do their part to make sure the grannies are not left behind are you helping them. i'm only. god could you come. down and preach you don't judge me
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to chick prove to all of the vehicle. or. the. there. are are calls that tire that. if. you don't i'll give. pyaar to them how would or what i'll call years old or god or call him or him on an i was it i'm going on you go to the ark kind of one the meat on the table thing and we're going to. get our tickets went to taught our boys. on their car in front of a 1000000 is our home on your tongue but of. the amount the paper. paid. for generations many south korean women were denied an education all.
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in all. be. god damned and dr paul your turn and. that's all you don't see how you are in the audition didn't your german unborn is. if goalies education was over before it began. a little bit. more we will put the wrong realizable or more they're going to go home nigger he's a good one though you would have a real good in there. she was then said to live with an aunt after a fortune teller told her father she would bring death to her mother.
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who was a. towel over your liz or was she would rather. let her. feel more hardship was to come gobies husband died leaving her to raise 7 children alone. and illiteracy made life even worse. the. more you guess all along just do what you go and you go. to she will go to my all of this is your authentic. they are pure as and when your bubble headed on your way indicated. the sudan that. now it's. as a young girl park young soon was also given little chance to learn to read and write
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nice picture her family sent her away to work as a maid at the age of 10.


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