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tv   When Time Stopped At Sea  Al Jazeera  September 9, 2019 1:32am-2:01am +03

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we're denied an education all. in all. the. gun bans and all your attendant on. that call you don't have one you are in my old rescinded in your turn and. goalies education was over before it began. you can back a little bit but only got more reported all realizable or more they're going to go home nigga. get one though you would have a real good in there. she was then said to live with an aunt after a fortune teller told her father she would bring death to her mother.
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who was a. towel over your lizard what was she would you. feel more hardship was to come gobies husband died leaving her to raise 7 children alone. and illiteracy made life even worse. the. more you get along just do what you can do it you're going to. consume go to my all of this is routine and. help because then when your bubble headed normal has been the case you know. this you know that. it's. as a young girl park young soon was also given little chance to learn to read and write
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nice picture her family sent her away to work as a maid at the age of 10. and yet that emerged from her own children both attended bankrupt school yet she could never help them with their homework their luck again pell make kid they could do and no longer care all. or did you. had a lot yeah good good government. was a. good. and bacon and. through love. can soon says her husband was very controlling and kept her at home to work on the
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family farm. now widowed and suffering from balance and hearing problems the school presents are with new challenges god would dare tell me that. they. across rural south korea many other communities face when dealing populations. j.q. island is famous for its stunning vistas and beautiful beaches. neutral one could to little young just go out on their own could in the autumn though. to put it to put their. critical what. to do is shining
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here in stone min is the chief of the village of sea home on j juiced east coast to go. there 2 hours ago. to sit in the. swimming is. several years ago see holmes primary school nearly closed in the number of students dropped to just 33. at its peak it was 310 students here. in an effort to attract more students the school started special programs like windsurfing and bringing in local artists to teach art classes. as i came out as i. could then yes and that's. the that is what. we will mcleod still you know most of these are you know mostly me. look at us and i would say.
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but attracting children means attracting families so with the help of the city government the village built this $850000.00 apartment complex. today samina showing it to a future resident and now there are 3. going to go they're going to. they don't that's me on the deal you got me from where i sometimes i'm wondering about possible. attracted by the chief brant and the island natural beauty kim so young is moving here with her 2 young children from the capital saw her husband plans to join them later in the year she says it wasn't an easy decision todo that. and then got you think of the shouldn't go to residents how many would you go about. good guys it is what we are going to tell. them
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but she says the benefits stack up. you don't hunger. can come. in humid and on a toy shouldn't. move to make you know water can crunch shelter as you wish it that way the quality was. a little. until. you know you have to be. that and it goes on and. i. did tell it how. come the day goes on and it time by the us of all. they're getting our money when there's a court order and they added a comical could. take it.
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the housing project is working families are moving in giving the school 15 new students. the program success has made it a model for others. yet for many rural schools such new id. it's become much too late we're going to the town of yaks and i'm going to visit a school that was closed a few years ago c . kimmie young was an administrative assistant at primary school before it closed in 2016. and it was the way.
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today it's been transformed into a daycare center for the elderly especially those with diseases like alzheimer's and parkinson's who can't be cared for at home. but i know you want to go to really. go home so you. know. they. were all. right. so you could. be on to them and. you can put about 30 of rules and you're going to cause a. point when. you
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got to. the town the house. where she could only on time jumble one talk for god's you're. the one. going to. make us whole human kind then. you. i was thinking the monk i'm going to. tell you the head that he was the only gay man come auditioned and. because of the shirish kunder. audition they retired ok. it may no longer be a place for children but the school's history means a big title. town and isaac actor i was in the. train i'm tending to the picking. something in me oh oh where did i. get it that's how they are. all. the ones i'm all in there
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we're going and how good or you know how we. take. auditions. and with high demand for this school for the elderly there was little danger of it closing any time soon. i. audition that in mind all. the children if you have to. bring it. on your table.
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it's a lot of what he says they're. going to be. all but you can tell you can tell. people he was. actually trying to have your number tell big. time they are both. back in band graham park young soon is enjoying her new found independence hand tag tag. take down that question what the. heck going to the. indian language company about going to a set pattern. and with all cultural cultural yeah. well. you will. you know. it's just
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terrible. it's been a long day but go we is trying to focus on her homework the star pupil recently scored 100 percent on her math test well in that up until you go to europe or india good your. but it was you know from you know to them with any how do you know can we do to keep you she can buy you a little bit of pressure. and talk talk isn't it and i didn't say you think that by the grannies going back to school will save the school that you went to when you were a boy because it's one of the 100 coming for doctors holding the books over one of the 100. $1000.00 and which again is a little credited to her and over the course of my recidivism. the thought of as a summit will get we'll.
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soon and go we have 4 more years before they graduate from the bank reprice marry school. whether they'll have that chance though it's still unclear children in. there oh how could. they know nance how could our men come up it occurs to me and some of them do they make them and don't have it but among us she got me. all the tears and i again bowed in. to shoot in those in order to see me. that i yeah. i don't like about. now canola. oil cap but. now the little guy. could wander couldn't hide.
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yeah and there were no warning. card penned. for now communities like bank room face the paradox of needing the elderly to be juvenile their towns. a 1st chance at education for grandmothers like these might be the last chats for south korea as world schools. is in the grip of an extinction epidemic with species disappearing at record levels can it be stopped before it's too life 101 a stint best to gates indonesia's crosses on al-jazeera.
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if you were in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships when myth was that somehow time as aiming to replace america and around the world college chinese are not that stupid things guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for war our 1st president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china part one on a jazzy. thing say to really know someone you must walk a mile in their shoes. follow in their footsteps as they forge their way in the water. al-jazeera shares these personal journeys.
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inspiring stories of people persevering on their chosen path. witness documentaries on out you'll see if. you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. a president from made the right decision says that's not going to work the u.s. secretary. state says peace talks with the taliban are dead for now after donald trump canceled a secret meeting at camp david. this
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and this is all just here on live from doha also coming up. good we haven't received anything so we still know we're not going to start over every 3 months france threatens to veto any brags that extension even boris johnson's own cabinet colleagues continue to turn against him. at a train station and key roads blocked busy in central hong kong after a march on the u.s. consulate gives way to chaos. the syrian government says joint patrols by turkish and u.s. troops in the country's northwest a blatant violation of its sovereignty. u.s. president donald trump says he's canceled a secret meeting with the taliban in the united states leaders were supposed to fly
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to camp david on saturday night u.s. secretary of state my from peo says talks with the taliban are now dead for the time being and the special envoy is being recalled meetings between him and the taliban have been going on in qatar for nearly a year. it was the case that when the taliban tried to gain negotiating advantage by conducting terror attacks inside of the country president from made the right decision to say that's not going to work we're going to walk away from a deal if others try to use violence to achieve better and senate negotiators it's not right it's not appropriate it killed an american and it made no sense for the taliban to be rewarded for that kind of bad behavior of the taliban released a statement in response to saying americans will suffer more than anyone else because of tom's decision to cancel the talks well the office of afghan president bush afghani says peace will only be possible if the taliban stop launching attacks and hold direct talks with the government we expected an outcome that could lead us
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to a ceasefire that could lead us to a direct negotiation with the afghan government and the taliban so unfortunately so that's that's we can see. terry we saw and we are observed that there could be risks to any process that the afghan government is not the main stakeholder in that and any process that cannot guarantee a cease fire a halt to the violence could be harmful for all of that humans that we've gained well the moment we're going to speak to rob reynolds in washington d.c. but 1st let's get the latest from tony berkley in couple. ironically these talks that been going on in doha did have a possibility of the talks between between the taliban and the afghan government going ahead in fact the most surprising thing about this whole cancellation was i think the reaction of the taliban they seem the most surprised by the cancellation
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of the talks they released a statement they were very angry about the cancellation of the made several points and they said as far as they were concerned they thought it was a done deal this draft agreement they believe that all the details had been agreed by both parties and they talked about having this interim afghan talks beginning on september the 23rd so it's all a bit news to them and also it's surprising to a lot of us who are watching it because it took 2 days before president trump reacted to that bombing which killed the u.s. service members also additionally killed 11 other people including remaining in nato soldier so it's a little bit surprising why now this is happened so it does beg the question what is going on behind the scenes in washington either way that the taliban will have to rethink its strategy and they've got a stark choice now do they go back and escalate the conflict or do they decide to make inroads and go back to the negotiating table in a different frame of mind as far as the afghan government is concerned they want to
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see a ceasefire they want direct talks and as everybody says this conflict cannot be won militarily both sides know that perhaps that's why the taliban is talking but the also we know that this conflict can only be resolved truly and the permanent peace if all sides of the afghan conflict speak together that's the only way it's going to be resolved ok let's talk to rob runnels who's joining us from washington d.c. rob when he was a saying there that the taliban seemed surprised about this announcement the afghan government seemed slightly perplexed but some ports pleased about what story action been in the u.s. . there has been a certain amount of surprise in the u.s. this of course was completely unexpected a completely unexpected plan for members of the taliban leadership to come to the united states and to meet on u.s. soil in a very symbolically significant place camp david where. peace agreements have been
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struck dating back to the 1970 s. but getting over that surprise now secretary of state mike pump aoe vollard that the united states would continue to put pressure on the taleban but he also noted that president trump has used this negotiating tactic before he walked away from talks with kim jong un in hanoi he walked away or suspended talks with china over trade but in both cases the talks resumed after that initial tactic of walking away so will that happen in this case it seems likely it will because president trump has made a promise to the electorate that he will pull out most of the remaining approximately 14000 u.s. service members from afghanistan if he were to fail in that promise it could have
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negative political repercussions for him in the elections which are now a little over a year away and a lot of democrats also took to the sunday morning talk show political gabfests here in washington to criticize the president saying he refuses to take advice from his intelligence officials from his military officers and advisers and he just goes with his gut which they say is not the best way to approach complex negotiations so whether these. talks are going to come forward again whether. the weather zalmay khalilzad will return to qatar to meet with his taliban counterparts is something that remains to be seen and then of course in the meantime rob the the war drags on and the death toll continues to mount more than 2400 u.s. service members killed since the war began in 2001 and the death toll for afghan
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civilians afghan army and fighters over 100000 to date well thanks very much indeed the british government insists it will stick to prime minister baathist johnson's plan to exit the european union by october 31st despite multiple setbacks in parliament and the resignation of a senior minister on saturday rudd who was work and pensions secretary says she no longer believes the government is actually trying to get a deal she voted to stay in the european union in the referendum 3 years ago meanwhile france's foreign minister is rejecting another delay of bragg's it and says the u.k. needs to show the way forward. with how things are now it's still no to pushing back to break that deadline the u.k. says they want to push forward alternatives to avoid a no deal but we haven't received anything so we still know we're not going to
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start over every 3 months it's up to the u.k. to show us the way forward all britain's got more from london on resignation. this is a significant resignation and one that will bruise boris johnson you would have thought perhaps he couldn't be more bruised after the torrid week that he's had losing votes in parliament and finding himself painted into a corner as far as his breakfast strategy goes on able to call a snap general election for example but the rudd is a senior and respected member of the conservative party and it's significant for 2 reasons 1st of all the timing of it choosing saturday evening to make her announcement and that meant that she was able to do a tour of busy the sunday morning political t.v. shows here in the u.k. and 2nd of all because the language of the chief used in her resignation letter and in those subsequent interviews that she's given i mean she said that the expulsion of the 21 conservative m.p.'s who were thrown out of the party by boris johnson for voting against him she described that as an assault on decency and democracy very
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strong words and she also flatly contradicted the government's stated position as far as negotiations with the european union boris johnson has said that he is strongly pursuing a deal with the european union or rudd says that's simply not the case from her inside as you know she said that she saw no negotiations only conversations and she said that she no longer believes that leaving with a deal with a deal is the government's main objective 90 percent of the government's time she said was being put into preparing for no deal she said that that seemed to be the main strategy of the government and for those 2 reasons her resignation is deep in significant police in south africa have fired stun grenades and rubber bullets to break up crowds in the streets of johannesburg trying to stop anti immigrant riots that have left at least 5 people dead and friday there jury is government offered to fly back its citizens from other miller as the latest. tensions escalated here
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in the johannesburg central business district somebody has been injured people here say they've been shocked there's a high police presence people here are concerned about continuing attacks and this has only further angered people here is great concern and that's. this great concern that the speil and says again to elicit escalate and much of the violence has also been fueled by rumors people are scared there for straighted many say they want an end to the speil and what they are those who say they willing to retaliate. and people with. much in the who wanted to attack the who come to the street know they're from will then be probably come this late we probed i'm told now will hold these people the skillet you know there and go they want to tell you to them for the north scared of them.
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is the police have fired rubber bullets and they say they're trying to quell the tensions are prevent an escape of violence and this has been going on full a number of days in the past week with have been clashes between foreign nationals and south africans shops have been looted many of these stores here remain closed today concerned the business owners are concerned about continued looting and wiped my tappan. still ahead in al-jazeera how conflict is affecting children we have the latest from new york as the united nations sends a message to world leaders plus. john dominic kane at the new german museum that celebrates in 100 years of the us.
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how i once again write has been reported in southern pakistan the cloud confirms it is a little bit late in the season than the monsoon.


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