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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 145  Al Jazeera  September 11, 2019 7:32am-8:01am +03

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israel in recent months of little diplomatic effort in the stretch and in recent days the conditions for this have ripened today i'm announcing my intention to apply with the formation of the next government israeli sovereignty on the jordan valley and nor going to see. the jordan valley represent some 30 percent of the occupied west bank and some of its most fertile agricultural land israeli policy has long been that it needs to retain control there for national security but the prospect of a unilateral israeli annexation as netanyahu is promising would explode any faint remaining hopes of a viable palestinian state alongside israel giving palestinians and there's a small towns and villages as prisoners without any freedom that is a war crime and as about as we are about to enter the 74th session or the general assembly of the united nations that the national community must stand now or. to see a big no and to stop the thing is that as a country about the laws of man at the united nations there was further
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condemnation such a prospect would be devastating to the potential of reviving the goshi asians regional peace and the very essence of a 2 state solution but there is a hugely important caveat to all this to enact his plan now you know 1st has to win the election then create a right wing coalition government that would in dorset and then push it through in the face of international pressure and by then and intensifying battle against his own corruption charges israelis i've heard him talk an expression before without following through that's a point political opponents and political analysts were making even before netanyahu had finished talking this is electioneering at its best there is no connection between what the prime minister said today and what's going to happen after the election whether he's elected or not this is what i like to say is israeli elections are very much like las vegas and hotels in las vegas what happens during israeli elections stays in israeli elections. later at another campaign event in southern israel netanyahu was briefly rushed from the stage sirens
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sounding the israeli military said rockets had been fired out of gaza a dramatic end to a day when whether he makes good on it or not he confirmed his position as one entirely at odds with the 2 state solution the concept that remains the international consensus on how the israeli palestinian conflict should end very false that al-jazeera west jerusalem meanwhile israel has launched a series of mass trying these really army says 15 targets were hit officials say the strivers in response to rockets launched from gaza on tuesday there were no reports of casualties. in iraq at least 31 pilgrims have been killed at one of the most sacred sites. say about 100 others were injured when a walkway collapse and. the government fears the number of dead kurds. has more. the injured are rushed through the crowd stretches. millions of shia muslims have
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gathered in the iraqi city of karbala to commemorate the deaths of hussein even the prophet muhammad's grandson who was killed here more than 1300 years ago witnesses said that when some people fell over slow put one of the entrances to the amman hussein shrine thousands of others piled forward 15 year old describes his terror or what was supposed to be one of the most important days of his life. i tried to push back but i was pushed over because people broke through the barrier there were many people on the ground many of this fell on top of the it was like one dragging the other down i was trapped in the bodies for 4 minutes i was suffocating there was only a small hole where i could breathe the people on my right and left died another nearly broke his ribs i saw one person taking his last breath i felt my leg crack
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when it broke after that i said to myself i'm going to die like the tragedy happened after midday prayers during the so-called tories. tens of thousands of people running towards the shrine and saying. the incident happened all of a sudden the visitors fell on the ground in the sand and there was a fierce stampede there were many people and we fell on them and everything happened suddenly people waving from a distance we could hardly see them because of the huge crowds as security has improved in karbala and other areas of iraq in recent years the numbers of people coming to participate in. assura have increase now sure an old sorties of long say dave struggles to cope with the numbers and they've said that there are a plans of foods to expire and the shrine areas so that tragedies like this don't happen with are the victims and their families those plans of coming too late chyle strafford al-jazeera car below the u.s.
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has carried out a bombing a raid again size so fight as in iraq saladino province american war planes job to 40 tons of bombs on an island in the tigris river iraqi military says the attack was fought our launch a campaign to clear surrounding deserts sent areas north of the capital of any remaining eisel fighters including some of whom may have cross from syria to the head on the program an unprecedented emergency book enough aso the u.n. warns more than a 1000000 people face a food crisis spots. i'm natasha buckley in paris where a new exhibition offers a rare glimpse into the final decades of francis bacon one of the 20th century's most important artists.
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hello there mostly care across much of the middle east we have got some cloud just a spelling really from the eastern end of the black sea on tools the caspian sea maybe a stray shower in line with that but no certainly anything in the way of persistent rain full time which is not too bad 40 celsius in baghdad is the average for this time of year of us and a lot better than it's been for the last few weeks and also a nice day wednesday in beirut with a high of 29 very little change as we head off into thursday further to the south we have got to an increase in the breeze a shawl from the old west is coming down and slightly bringing a bit of relief from the heat such. a wednesday maybe just a shower into the fall southwest of yemen but elsewhere it is a mostly clear picture 32 celsius the next couple of days across into muscat some assumption of the sea with up 32 then down into southern africa at 10 inches around the average into cape town $700.00 selfies on wednesday the really is no rain in
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the full cost for the next couple of days and look at these temperatures 27 degrees in and 28 in johannesburg on wednesday these time which is all about the average rain 5 and 6 degrees above and in fact by thursday it warms up a tad into 29 but by then we could just see some showers and capes on the high the of 16 degrees. with a sponsor down. in the heart of the amazon the libyan family has put the lawyers in peril to harvest brazil months. getting the congo to the capital is an even more dangerous challenge. risky new tool to believe you know. on al jazeera.
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you're watching al-jazeera live from doha a reminder of our top stories u.s. president says he's fired his national security adviser john bolton says he resigned in a tweet said he had numerous policy disagreements with bolton. arab countries have condemned a campaign promise by israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to make sparks of the occupied west bank they say his plan would violate international law and it's now says the u.s. middle east peace plan would provide an opportunity to extend israeli sovereignty and at least $31.00 pilgrims have died in iraq during a stampede at one of shia islam's most sacred sites officials say around $100.00
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others were injured during a parade in the city of karbala. afghanistan now and election material has arrived for the presidential vote which is just over 2 weeks away there was concern the polls would be postponed because of the talks between the u.s. and the taliban but with negotiations dead for now the afghan government is pushing forward shot a bet its reports from kabul. uni arrived on a chartered flight and onto the streets of kabul this. particular cargo is extremely valuable. to move it the afghan government has ordered an armed escort. the trucks carrying items needed to hold the presidential election scheduled for september the 28th the 1st batch of election material is heavily guarded because the convoy is a potential target for the taliban who don't want to see the election go ahead. everyone knows the television is trying to create problems they conduct explosions
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in suicide attacks to stop the vote that's why it's our duty to score these important materials and get them here safely. here is afghanistan's election commission it too was heavily guarded before entering the compound trucks through a checkpoint with sniffer dogs looking for explosives. within the cargo is blue intel of the ink they needed to ensure no one votes twice it's also symbolic invisible declare ration of what side of the war afghans are on these are the 1st crates of blowing that have arrived security is so tight election officials cannot tell us where they came from or when they'll be distributed across afghanistan's 34 provinces in fact to open one of the bottles 3 election officials would have to be present. it's a proud moment and it's
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a good response to all of those who don't want elections like the taliban the public are going out to choose their future leader they're facing a lot of risk they going to the ballot boxes and voting for a better future. indelible ink was 1st used to prevent voter fraud during elections in 2004 it has become a symbol of defiance the taliban have cut off the ink stained index fingers of dozens of versions in the past it's all folklore for sure when i color my finger with the blue pill it's a symbol of peace whereas if you had a part of that i participate in the elections to secure my future in afghanistan is a moment of pride for me and all citizens i encourage to use by showing my stained finger even of my being or will be cut off i will still go to vote. right. now it's just a matter of getting the materials to polling stations securely so voters can choose the next president shell of dallas out jazeera kabul and iraq it has struck the
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u.s. embassy in afghanistan's capital on the anniversary of the september 11th attacks the compound in the northern part of kabul was hit shortly after midnight local time an employee confirms no one was injured it comes just 2 days after president donald trump canceled peace talks with the taliban. hundreds of people have been killed in ongoing fighting in brooklyn a fuss over the violence is causing a major food crisis affecting nearly one and a half 1000000 people and we're a food program is now warning of what it calls an unprecedented humanitarian emergency al-jazeera is katherine so why has this exclusive report from northern working a fossil where farmers are abandoning their crops to escape the violence. on a normal day i said to tells us she'd be at her family in the village of you who have children looking after the livestock. but instead they're not come for
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displaced people more than 100 kilometers from home alongside many other who have fled attacks. villages arrived in january after many were killed in a revenge attack when a rival community blamed them for the matter of a local chief and he signs. they bought into houses and clothes i fled with 6 children their cues does of collaborating with the armed groups from outside the country this is what remains of their village following other attacks more than 200000 people have fled from their homes in parts of the north and east over the last 3 years some blame armed groups in. as well as others from neighboring mali for the increasing violence and tensions between rival communities are making the crisis harder to resolve. the wall food program says it's a humanitarian emergency. more than a 1000000 people need help we are focused were killed just in the area with his
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much most of so we are. worried that is supposed to be security problem it's really hard to imagine the horror some of this displaced people have faced most of them have come here with nothing but the clothes they're wearing they're supposed to stop harvest. crops on both we talked to said the congo back to the villages to do that because it's still too dangerous. and a few others however did manage to return to their village after government forces secured the area he still relies on food aid. and i have 20 family members to feed through wife's brain and grandchildren this last 4 weeks we fled from our home before we could plant because the neighboring be blue village was attacked and we feared attackers would come mixed. after a whole day's wait starts his long journey back home it's 50 kilometers away and
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he'll pass through a dangerous area but he says it's a risk he's willing to take to feed his family catherine sawyer al-jazeera nuffin booking a fossil. a prominent member of sudan's ruling coalition is pushing for a peace agreement in yemen and wants sudanese joesph fighting there brought home calls for a withdrawal have drawn louderback home as number of casualties has increased the saudis are also accused of recruiting mass neris and child soldiers who are burdened manley has more. after 4 and a half years of war you haven't a prominent civilian member of sudan's ruling coalition is calling on the transitional government to bring sudanese troops home. we don't need the war to continue in yemen we want the talks to go on according to the player people of the united nations i think sudan can play a role in this regard through giving momentum to its allies in the arab coalition
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there for the sake of a peaceful solution that will guarantee the regular withdrawal of our forces without harming our relations with other countries. the decision to join the saudi led war against who the rebels yemen was made by former president omar al bashir. bashir is currently on trial in sudan after being ousted by the military in april following almost 30 years in power he's also wanted by the international criminal court facing charges for crimes against humanity war crimes and genocide. the sheers said thousands of sudanese troops to fight in yemen the saudis also recruited thousands more sidney's mercenaries as well as child soldiers.


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