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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 11, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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now nigeria is repatched relating 600 of its citizens from south africa after a week of violence that tensions between the 2 countries at least 12 people were killed and more than 1000 shops vandalized a series of attacks on foreign owned businesses. it's been international condemnation of israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu campaign pledge to annex parts of the illegally occupied west bank. who told voters he would extend israeli sovereignty to all such settlements with the help of the trumpet ministration. us president donald trump is replacing his national security advisor for the 4th time it's one of the most powerful positions in the white house john bolton is known for hardline pro military stances against countries like iran venezuela and north korea . the u.s. has carried out a bombing raid against fighters in iraq. american
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warplanes dropped 36000 kilograms of bombs on the island in the tigris river the iraqi military says the attack was part of a larger campaign to clear areas north of baghdad of any remaining eisel fighters including some who may have crossed from syria. the u.s. led coalition says conner's island had become infested with deisel fighters who are believed to be using the island as a transit hub and safe haven. at least 31 pilgrims have been killed at one of the most sacred sites muslims in iraq officials say about a 100 others were injured when a walkway collapsed and triggered a stampede in karbala the government fears the number of dead could rise charles stratford has more. injured in a rush through the crowd stretches. millions of shia muslims have gathered in the
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iraqi city of karbala to commemorate the deaths of hussein even early the prophet muhammad's grandson who was killed here more than 1300 years ago witnesses said that when some people fell over slow put one of the entrances to the amount of same shrine thousands of others piled forward 15 year old mortada describes his terror or what was supposed to be one of the most important days of his life. on a base there are you jack you are only getting away i tried to push back but i was pushed over because people broke through the barrier there were many people on the ground and many others fell on top of the it was like one dragging the other down while i was trapped in the bodies for 4 minutes i was suffocating there was only a small hole where i could breathe the people on my right and left died another nearly broke his ribs i saw one person taking his last breath i felt my leg crack when it broke after that i said to myself i'm going to die like the tragedy
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happened after midday prayers during the so-called tories run tens of thousands of people running towards the shrine and saying. the incident happened all of a sudden the visitors fell on the ground to stand and there was a fierce stampede there were many people and we fell on them and everything happened suddenly people waving from a distance we could hardly see them because of the huge crowds as security has improved in karbala and other areas of iraq in recent years. the numbers of people coming to participate in a shura have increased now trying to authorities have long said they've struggled to cope with the numbers and they've said that there are plans afoot to expand the shrine areas so that tragedies like this don't happen but for the victims and their families those plans have come too late for al-jazeera carballo colombia is urging calm this venezuela carries out logs jail military drills along
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its border venezuelan president nicolas maduro his government says it's preparing for invasions from its neighbors colombia says it's not planning any such action under schapelle has more. preparing for a foreign invasion venezuela's president has ordered a show of force for the rest of the continent to c. 150000 troops began were games on tuesday that are expected to last for 2 weeks or young today has begun the deployment of the entire army from missile anti aircraft air defense to comprehensive defense of the entire territory of the 220-1000 kilometer border with colombia venezuela and colombia have traded accusations of harboring each other's enemies the u.s. says madeira is openly supporting what it calls narco terrorist groups which could launch cross border attacks on colombian forces i hope that the armed forces there as well. will not allow me to drive them into. some
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additional risks i hope they're not crazy enough. to engage in any kind of attacks on colombia and it is certainly the case that colombia will have full american support if that happens opposition leader one why do says the war games are an attempt to divert attention from the political and economic turmoil within venezuela's borders. what we've been this way the majority have been a swell and demanding is to put an end to the suffering of people to deal with the complex humanitarian emergency venezuela is grappling with acute shortages of food and medicines the u.n. says one in 5 are now suffering from hunger one and a half 1000000 have fled the worsening conditions to colombia. critics say he should spend more money on food than missiles but he insists the drills are needed to defend the homeland and or should help al jazeera. mexico is rejecting a u.s.
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request to have america bound asylum seekers make their 1st claim for asylum in mexico foreign minister. is in washington for talks on trade and migration said mexico's deployment of $25000.00 troops to reduce illegal crossings of the us border will be permanent. rescue workers in the bahamas are still recovering bodies of people killed by harken dorrian last week of these 50 people are confirmed dead and now there's an urgent appeal to help the survivors. as more. pictures of utter devastation as hurricane dorian turned this town into a virtual war zone. homes in arbuckle islands have been reduced to piles of rubble cars tossed like toys now lined the streets. the neighborhood has become an eerie reminder of the enormous damage in the search for victims and survivors lifeless
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bodies are removed from the rubble surrounded by death and destruction hope has become a luxury and hope is gone right now but it seems to be trickling back in is seeing the people that care. that's come from outside to show. you know that that they care and love and bring in supplies. and the town of marsh harbor 90 percent of homes and buildings were damaged by hurricane dorian with winds reaching more than 300 kilometers per hour the category 5 hurricane marks the most powerful caribbean storm on record and the capital now authorities have asked people to open their homes to evacuees the united nations estimates more than 70000 people are in need of food and shelter oh it really was over scores of survivors who lost everything now face the challenge of starting
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their lives again the government if you cannot help us when you need to give us and let somebody step in would it could really help but those we seek help we lost everything we lost our life we lost our family as people as are unaccounted for we could try and find out that all of us we got off a lot of documents and everything so it's not if you had to find jobs with no documents. it will take years to repair the damage a daunting process for both rescue teams and survivors. katia llopis of the young al-jazeera. pakistan's foreign minister sharma more correlation is warm the un human rights council there's a risk of genocide in ministers kashmir the region has been under a strict military clampdown for more than a month since india revoked its autonomous status india called cooperation is warning fabricated narrative i should have to mention the word
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genocide here but i must with respect to the genocide convention the kashmiri people in the occupied territory as a national ethnic racial and religious group of people face grave threats to their lives way of living and livelihoods from a murderous resort to mystic forby could be jean distinguished delegates india's effort to hide its atrocities in the indian occupied german push me by falsely labeling it terrorism and cross border to resume our shameless now the new government of italian prime minister decepticon time has won a vote of confidence in the senate it marks the final hurdle for the coalition can take office the government's made up of the anti establishment 5 star movement and the center left democratic party on monday won the 1st of 2 mandatory confidence votes in the lower chamber of deputies. europe's biggest exhibit of military grade
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weapons is on display in london this growing anger over the event with human rights activists condemning the sale of weapons to countries in gauged in active conflicts a major campaign is underway in the u.k. to stop arms sales to saudi arabia which is leading a devastating war in yemen that the bomb reports it happens every 2 years a showcase for the latest military and security equipment from around the world but how much longer will it be held here in the british capital d.s.e. or 29000 has been preceded by a week of protests in london's docklands district by peace groups environmental campaigners and now the mayor of london started his voice to the concerns city can relate to the organizers saying london is a global city which is home to individuals who have fled conflict and suffered as a consequence of arms and weapons like those exhibited at d.s.e. . in order to represent londoners interests i would take any opportunity available to prevent this event from taking place in the world docks in future years. his
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comments have been welcomed by campaigners he points out many of the weapons deals done here involve countries on britain's watch list for human rights abuses according to data by campaign against the arms trade between 20082017 which ended military arms deals worth around $48000000000.00 and almost a 3rd of that was with countries which figure on the government's own human rights priority list. those countries include israel china and saudi arabia al-jazeera put those concerns to the u.k.'s defense procurement minister while she launched an initiative to employ more women in the defense industry so the mission has one of the most robust. arms i see systems in the world and we will continue that anyone that has been said should absolutely bring into government and we would be absolutely vital that we look into them i mean we are absolutely determined to make sure this industry is looking after the defense of citizens across that they've
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been helping support it in peace and operations. britain has suspended licenses for arms exports to saudi arabia after campaigners who base their case on atrocities in yemen scored a victory at the court of appeal the u.k. is appealing against that ruling but rights group amnesty says another problem is how individual arms manufacturers check their products are not being used in potential war crimes or human rights violations. they asked $22.00 firms including major manufacturers like the u.s. company raytheon and britain's be a systems what they were doing only 8 responded to amnesties request none could clearly say what they were doing in terms of so-called due diligence but ultimately what they were describing were measures that they take to jump through the hoops to get export licenses and we're very clear that that is not sufficient in terms of human rights international human rights standards even if they open it to transfer
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weapons to countries like saudi arabia they should be independently not transferring those weapons because of the human rights risk in reality the arms fire is unlikely to disappear from the events calendar in the near future but neither is the controversy that surrounds it nadine barber al jazeera london now cameron's friends didn't pull beer has announced a national dialogue to try and combat the country's separatists crisis an english speaking minority is demanding independence into western regions human rights watch says nearly 2000 people have died since conflict began in 2006 the nations says more than half a 1000000 others have fled their homes. i have decided to convene a great national dialogue at the end of this month it will allow us to examine ways and means to answer what the population wants within the framework of our constitution northwest and southwest but also all the other parts of our nation.
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and let's take you through some of the headlines here and al-jazeera now nigeria is repatriating more than 600 of its citizens from south africa after a week of violence that the tensions between the 2 countries at least 12 people were killed more than 1000 shops were vandalized in a series of attacks on foreign owned businesses in pretoria and johannesburg for me the mirror has the latest from johannesburg port of the more than 600 people who are expected to leave at least half of them have arrived at the our town by airport to take that flight back to nigeria and of those he's spoken to here they say that they fear for their lives this isn't the 1st time that they've experienced what they see as in a phobic attacks in in major cities in south africa one man we spoke to is
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a pastor and he who runs a church in johannesburg and he says he's frustrated and angry because he believes that nigerian nationals have contribution positively to south african society his church feed to the needy has been international condemnation of a campaign pledge by israel's prime minister to annex parts of the occupied west bank. is planned would violate international law benyamin netanyahu says the trumpet ministration so-called deal of the century would provide a historic opportunity to extend israeli sovereignty over the west bank and other areas. u.s. president donald trump is replacing his national security adviser for the 4th time it's one of the most powerful positions in the white house john bolton was known for hardline pro-military stances against countries like iran venezuela and north korea bolton says he resigned at least 31 pilgrims have been killed at one of the
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most sacred sites for shia muslims in iraq officials say about 100 others were injured when a walkway collapsed and triggered a stampede in karbala. colombia's urging calm as various way that carries out large scale military drills along its border president nicolas maduro his government says it's preparing for invasions from its neighbors. it's inside story now stay with us . after 25 years of importing the world's waste china through the global recycling industry into chaos. the growing pressure of agreement skies is resulting in change we bring you the stories to the shaping the economic world we live in. counting the cost on al-jazeera. he was defiant but now boris johnson looks caught in a tight corner the u.k. leader was told he can't force brags that without a deal he's got the parliament suspended but his bid for
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a snap election is rejected so what are his options now this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm i'm a general only a few days ago he said he would rather die in a ditch than ask the e.u. for an extension to briggs in negotiations but it seems boris johnson may have to admit defeat and find another way to deal with his deeply divided government his attempt to call an early election has been thrown out and parliament suspended for the next 5 weeks he needed more than 430 votes to get a snap election he only got 293 that's left him in a tight corner if you wants the u.k. to leave the block on october 31st so where does this leave it could there be a 2nd referendum and what will opposition parties do next we have lots to get into with our guests but 1st or is the reports on
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a dramatic night in british politics. mr speaker the lord's will also right by how much is this mission to declare to declare how well it said to ask house $55.00 this is and so also declared the prior great hall opens desire for presence of this honorable have really no. choice what the outside world makes of the purchase parliament shutting down for 5 weeks when the u.k. is going through the biggest political crisis since world war 2 is anyone's guess it's most certainly less than popular among the opposition and peace and the speaker of the house of commons this is not however a normal part of geisha it is not difficult it is not standard it's one of the longest for decades and it represents not just in the minds of many colleagues but
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huge numbers of people outside and to be executives. as conservatives file doubts they were heckles by opposition m.p.'s who refused to leave they tried to stop to speak up from leaving and then signed protest songs in the chamber. to demonstrate only too clearly the collapse of traditional politics here government ministers of offered no explanation of the deal they are seeking if there is such a deal less aching let alone any work type proposals presented to parliament the scrutiny no wonder they are so keen to baroque so early to avoid any scrutiny of doing the eyes of the right $293.00. the left 46 johnson had lost his 6 votes in 6 days even fewer and these
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casting their ballots for a sober election but had done when. tried it the 1st time and so well the opposition accused him of cowardice for suspending parliament he accused them of the same thing they're right on the bill james remove his cronies together with those other up opposition parties have been trying to disguise their proposed risk cowardice by coming up we have a whole range of excuses to do then you know an election until the end of october or perhaps november when hell freezes over. in media the a and procrastination that has become the amount of the opposition before parliament was put into this into used koma the opposition was able to force boris johnson into a corner he is now going to have to seek some sort of compromise with the european union if the u.k. is to leave the block by the end of october as he insists must happen but that in
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turn will infuriate the most pro breck's it right wing of the party and will inevitably cost them seats whenever the national election happens with his cabinet holding its regular meeting these calculations will all be in play rumors abound of the potential for more resignations from the ruling party as johnson's many critics say his grip over bricks it becomes ever weaker lawrence lee al-jazeera london. alright let's bring in our panel joining me from london bobby freedman political commentator on u.k. politics and the author of berkow mr speaker rowdy living in the tory party from birmingham on skype alex to reuter director of the center for briggs and studies at birmingham city university and also from london sonny upon our journalist and author of just boris a tale of blonde ambition welcome you all to the program sonia let me start with you boris johnson has lost 6 important votes in 6 days just how damaged is he right
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now. this isn't a thing any other time instead has ever gone through us he has i mean he does that quite often like a a man defeated a man who's had the rug pulled out from under his feet and interestingly actually last night he he performs sightly best in the commons and he has done to date but i think he doesn't like a man who knows he's in a corner now we just have to guess or possibly trying guess how he gets out of this corner will he resign a some people say he might will he call a 2nd referendum on bret's it as other people say that he might it's a perfect storm so many avenues are now going to have to do something really radical to get out of this mess otherwise he is going to be a very short lived 5 in 7 days bobby moore's johnson tried to outsmart parliament it seems now that he's the one who's been outmaneuvered by parliament wouldn't you say. well certainly things have not gone quite as boris would have climbed so far
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but there's an orphan a long way to go in this very sort of go to escape route really the 1st is to go and get a deal from the e.u.'s still think that that is possible and what he has successfully done i think is change the mood music in polymer so that if he does bring some kind of deal back to the house of commons he's much more likely to get it voted 3 something that to reason may his predecessor the prime minister was unable to do the house of commons has passed legislation requiring boris not until october 19th but requiring him to send a letter to the e.u. also going for an extension to the brics it dates something he said he'd rather die in a ditch than day but i do think that he's got 5 weeks now in palm and he isn't sitting 5 weeks in which he can twist in all 4 of alms and try and maneuver himself into into a better position saving your certainly right not been an easy few days for boris johnson but i still think he does live to fight another day at least for now alex
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from your perspective did boris johnson really believe that suspending parliament would or could be a winning strategy considering how divided politics are right now in britain. we get a sense it's difficult to say and i don't think they're standing or sitting some happy guy but looking at the nature of his instrument cummings that's they expected it to be religiously dr bio so getting aids you know the parliament to consider this problem in. effect quite a degree so a basement in the beginning clearly for the 21 or 22 rebels including and a rod that is just a much that they just need you to put country before. they're not i don't think orus quite anticipated the great of. an outbreak of option just missed on a test i would say. bobbie you mentioned before that boris johnson had stated publicly that he would rather be dead in a ditch than to ax ask for another extension on bridget from the e.u.
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but of course there is this new law that compels him now to ask for an extension if he does not do that what happens. well he's got 2 choices really he can either resign or he will have to offer that extension if he if he were to refuse to in the face of the law what would happen is that someone would go to court get a court order requiring him to send that letter some people saying that bristol's will go to prison i think frankly that's a bit funny it's a full probably wishful thinking on the part of some people who'd like to see him go to prison and that's because what would happen would be the court could itself sign the letter or nominate someone apart from doris to sign the letter and there's another stage that would have to be gone through before boras could even be threatened with being sent to prison so that isn't a likely outcome but the one thing you have to factor in is that the curiosity of this law is that bars doesn't have to send that request now he can wait until
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october the 19th and so he can within that period of time try to make it deeply unattractive for the e.u. to grant that extension or by have to grant it for quite so long because he could say to the you for example that britain won't nominate a commissioner that it will veto the various laws that the other e.u. countries want to put forward and then the e.u. is then left in a position where it's thinking do we want to allow britain to remain in the e.u. and there are some countries particularly fronts which are rather nervous about giving us a long extension others such as germany more in favor of giving that extension so that is the crucial period of time for boris yeltsin over the next 5 weeks but you are right said that if he gets to october the 19th and he hasn't got a deal that he could put 3 parliaments and the e.u. has indicated that it will offer that extension either he does have to resign or
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ultimately he or someone nominated by the court will end up having to send that way so now what do you think about this point i mean i heard you mention earlier that there is. people there are people asking questions about would boris johnson potentially go to prison if he if he does not ask for this extension you just heard now bobbie talk about the fact that there is speculation on this point as well is there a scenario that exists currently by which boris johnson could perhaps go to court could perhaps face prison time if he actually breaks the law as prime minister. well listen we're in totally uncharted waters here in britain has never had politics as tumultuous as this for the hundreds of years i think it's really difficult impossible even to say how things are going to pan out technically yes he could go to prison if he refused to obey a causal that he would then be in contempt of court which is something of
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a crime in this country that can carry a prison sentence so it is possible that that said i think it is actually unlikely however he is such a long way from finding a deal the issues that face reason may his predecessor face him still now the only deal that has been agreed by all sides is the was draw agreement the problem is that the british parliament doesn't like it but the you won't change it so we just go round and round and round and round in circles and something has got to break this now i mean if some can i don't believe he can really come up with a different deal then maybe he can find a different way out of this i mean there are many people who signed up to support him when he was going to the leadership of the conservative party believing that he might potentially call a 2nd referendum now i know that looks unlikely at the moment but we had all of the let when a very senior tour in our tory rebel oh you this morning saying that he now backed
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one and that many others do too could this potentially be a way out it would be an extraordinary one but it's a possible one alex i saw you nodding so it looked like you wanted to jump in i'm going to let you have the opportunity now but i also wanted to ask you if you could expand on the point that was made there by sonia i mean a lot of people watching what's going on in britain around the world are wondering why a 2nd referendum is not possible do you think it is possible. yeah i do think a 2nd referendum is possible stephanie i think that if it was an alternative government you know say for argument's sake that an election resulted in a labor they've got a moment like this you know come out and said that they would back the referendum and that ben could remain on the ballot box is an option this is still the green for example a set you think that's a possibility of a sitting is the only way to break this precedent insensible prospects they still for because only ready going to be approved you know we've had this suggestion a misstep perhaps forest much to be
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a user regional proposal 20 kate northern ireland under the provisions of the cycle that stop arrangements for the expiry of a transition period at least would allow him to escape a bit of an e.u. customs union independent trade policy the problem again from it was this candidate if you were to try and approach that direction it traveled the day you a bit of state and labor vehicles their preference has been to keep the customs in mini you intact and plus a lot of the single market and then of course you've got the stock put your famous distributor oriente sue who i think will be on like it was for the well so it's deeply problematic to see any good it will ready be going through and therefore you know you've been looking at the scenarios of the general election to climb right the pollen intrigue deadlock on the short necessarily would to be honest mean that the polls put the tories on a bad 3rd of the probably exposing intentions is that enough to secure a majority dave if they died in tandem with the brits i'm not so sure
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a socket certainly going to induce them out sick of a referendum in the referendums that's being and by the right this bob you just heard alex talk about backstop now this plan this has been one of the main if not the main sticking point when it comes to accomplishing bragg's it now on monday we saw boris johnson with his irish counterpart prime minister leo found the car in dublin and they both acknowledge that no new ground had been found how does this problem get resolved can it get resolved. well there are only 2 ways one is if new technology is come up with them and that's what. i was talking about with boris johnson last month there hasn't it seems been any concrete progress on that but that's one way of doing it the other is alec says i think this is a more likely outcome is that instead of having a u.k. wide backstop you just have northern ireland having a backstop and that's obviously more acceptable in many ways because northern
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ireland is part of the island of ireland with with the republic it was a politically there's just a sense that the rest of the u.k. great britain often doesn't so much mind if northern ireland does something a little bit different so as long as the rest of the u.k. had left the customs union that probably would be politically acceptable alex was mentioning before the issue of the do you pay the northern irish policy which is in a supply and confidence arrangement propping up the conservative government at the moment but interestingly on television a couple of nights ago one of the senior members of the of the d.p. said that they would consider that and when you go back to 1st principles on that there's no reason really why it wouldn't be acceptable to have just northern ireland in the customs union they were all sorts of ways in which northern ireland is treated differently to the rest of the u.k. for example when it comes to utilities things like electricity there is a single market for that just for the island divine and it obviously makes sense
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because it is an oil and so i think that might be one way where people are moving towards some some kind of compromise and you have to remember this is where things are very different from when to reason may go back before parliament because her deal i think a lot of people particularly labor side moderate labor m.p.'s who didn't vote for it attention he now regrets and we even saw the other night a group of them asking to have another vote on to reason maze to so that's why i think if there is some kind of compromise with that kind of backs. up yes it is right that boris would not win all of the votes of the right wing of his party but a number of them are part of his government now they're bound by collective cabinet responsibility and would probably vote for it and you then have a whole series of labor m.p.'s who have been worn down by everything that's happened since the reason why you still failed the lack of progress you have the country people are sick of brecht's it they want some kind of resolution and so i
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think m.p.'s are now much more willing to go for a deal so i do think that if boys can come up with something it doesn't have to be everything he doesn't have to shoot for the moon it just has to be a deal with a few tweaks compared to what we had before and i do think that could offer him a way out sunny do you think there's a chance we could see boris johnson in the weeks ahead go to the e.u. with a modified version of to recent days breaks a deal. the raise of a stay a chance that i was in no the nons at the weekend talking to people that it could well be a problem with the side of the so sceptics 8 minutes of no the not in the maybe terms in the good friday agreement which was state to peace agreement that break could this fits back tactically successful case and all the non that least until now the maybe problems with that's agreement make it cancer to that also are sensible have in his mind that if he does go for that kind of amended deal what
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does that mean for scotland you can imagine that the scots are me going to say well if northern ireland's events fail to stay in the customs union the wind has caught way in scotland and that will push the independence of scotland and that issue up the agenda hugely so then you start having this whole idea you know will the union will the united kingdom kingdom actually manage to survive to help.


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