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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 11, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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of the so separate treatment of know the not in the maybe terms in the good friday agreement which was the to peace agreement that break could this for spectacularly successful case and all the non that least until now the maybe problems with that agreement make a counter to that also are sensible have in his mind that if he does go for that kind of amended deal what does that mean for scotland you can imagine that the scots immediately going to say well if northern ireland's going to be able to stay in the customs union the wind can't weigh in scotland and that will push the independence of scotland. issue up the agenda hugely so then you start having this whole idea and will the union will be united kingdom kingdom actually managed to survive the whole presence of red states and i think you know in himself as has appointed himself minister for the for being a minister of the united kingdom well that would see that caused huge damaged so again none of these so-called solutions are really easy or all straightforward and
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i still fail to see that that will definitely exactly just come back again and again and again do we go back to 2 reasons may's dale do we perhaps attach to it they sort of idea that it will cost as long as the lungs the population can have another vote. and informed consent if you like this is now become a more fashionable. so so will say alex if boris johnson does go ahead and seek an extension from the e.u. how likely is it that that request would be granted. stanley cappy it's the put up earlier i do think it is i mean lightning created the economy comes and says no you did it would be negative c. will stay the u.k. but when it hits base in germany and france for example as well sod i think it's in anybody's decide to want to stay yet and no doubt come. you know the question may well be in tune so what length of extension would be off the same reports just as
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a french for example toying with it an extension of 2 years been proposed so that the brits could quote still without breaks it and have it fly. so you know i think a lot of an extension being granted that the monument a u was always that any further extension would be conditional on stump some critical cianci can it be it for example the general election or another referendum as it were i think we can just see this this never ending series of extensions don't want all that long and bear in mind in the back then with all this that they come up with rule games on the table and it's not been renegotiated as it stands the transition period in that job agreeing to sign the schedule to last till the end of next year and of course the process on both sides wants to then extend that transitional branch about that to give a 6 month waiting period that will always have bracket creep thing into the length of this but there will need to answer the status quo still upon the u. membership conditions alex so certainly looks like i just want to follow up with
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you it does look like elections are looming but not the time from the boris johnson wants right. no i mean it looks like you know especially now that he's pro the parliament and it might rethink things on the 14th ready of october except in a time for a never quite put in that have an october election given that he hasn't got a majority in parliament to get one through but the fixed and the calls for crossing must do the same to 2 thirds of and they didn't want to as they do not fall into that now but parroting parliament for 5 weeks but until opinion piece written in the 14th study but if and they were to agree if they play to the election at that point you know the minimum period really you're looking at is the best 6 weeks that would take this towards the end of november bobbie i know that we're dealing with a lot of speculation here but from your point of view who has the most to gain and who has the most to lose from an election. well i think both sides have huge
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amounts to gain huge amounts to lose i mean i think there's a genuine prospect of jeremy call been becoming prime minister after an election that's because the conservatives do have a clear policy on direct it but they face a challenge from nigel farage is directly policy which could potentially split the vote and the conservatives would do badly in a lot of marginals in the in the southwest they'll do badly in scotland no they really seats there they will expect to win some seats back from from labor in the midlands and potentially in the north but it comes to it i think jeremy coleman has a real shot and particularly after the election if the conservatives don't have an all out majority then i think the other parties will prop up jeremy kuhlmann boris johnson on the on the other hand i mean this is really the last roll of the dice for him when it comes to an election because ultimately he is asking for one because he can't get anything through parliament to moment he feels that the stacey
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is can't go on and he as i say doesn't need to win an outright majority to stay in power now in my view but not means doing better than to resume a did last time around lobby i'm sorry to interject it's just that we only have about a minute left i want to ask you one last question sonia briggs it has obviously really fractured british politics things are so divided right now how does the country come back from this. oh i think this really can be very difficult and i think that all the ideas about it's just going to make it worse even more long lived if there is a new deal that's just the beginning of it we have years if not decades of mourning casey ations if we even if we go through a day to resume a dail that's only the beginning of that too again we have years and years and years of negotiations i mean i think honestly i think of that was a way of remaining i'm reforming than actually funny enough that would probably be the most healing option but it's a big sell to do now i mean johnson probably being that great salesman could do
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that job if he so wanted i just wonder if there's a very very sly not that he might go for it all right we have run a time so we're going to have to leave it there thanks so much to all our guests bobby friedman alex reuter and sonya. and thank you too for watching you can see the program again any time by visiting our website al-jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page that's facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story you can also join the conversation on twitter our handle is at a.j. inside story for me have a jewel and the whole team here bye for now. a new political sitcom after 27 years of dictatorship and to this problem that we
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have can we overcome it challenges here looks at the new democracy in ethiopia is fast changing political landscape through the stories of 4 divests ethiopians simply this is my studio where a shoot the sitcom. my ethiopia on al-jazeera. to pull screens documentary films carrying strong messages with the power to change the world it is upon us to decide whether the change will take place let us change the way we view the world and the way we treat others let us be an example to future generations 2nd a.j. be dog film festival organized by al jazeera balkans savile twentieths to 24th september.
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rewind returns with a new scenery and brand new updates on the past about to see this documentary i will compel the onion the onion the sweets the heart and within the confines of the old city remind continues with cambodia is often business. this is actually to trace the scene and just allowed us to pick up full sheets from this infinite con out and we could just drive off with them. on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you were.
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heading back hundreds of nigerians living in south africa being evacuated after a wave of xenophobic attacks. i'm sad to say this is al jazeera live 1 from doha so coming up. at the national condemnation is the israeli prime minister and announces plans to imax jordan valley if he's reelected. u.s. president donald trump far as his whole crew should not feel security advisor saying he disagreed strongly with him. securing election materials from the threats
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of taliban afghans got. ready to choose a new president after the peace talks collapse. nigeria is repaired creating more than 600 of its citizens from south africa after a week of violence led to tensions between the 2 countries least 12 people were killed more than a 1000 shops were vandalized in attacks on far and businesses in pretoria and johannesburg the violence spawns international outcry calls for a boycott now a private loan nigerian airline is offering 3 flights to those who want to return home for me the mirror is that johannesburg airport does it look like people are taking up the offer. well at least today's flights has been filled by people wanting to return to nigeria that's about
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300 people we know that the nigerian consulate has said that at least 640 have decided that it's time to pack up and leave because they don't feel safe in south africa the continent has been concerned around safety issues in the ongoing xenophobe violence but i think what is also of concern is that the south african government has said that they it doesn't think that this is due to attacks or targeted attacks on foreigners specifically and they're putting it down to criminality but many of the people taking today's flight say very differently many say they fear for their lives we've seen families or women and children predominantly boarding this flight to nigeria but a small group has been turned back and one of those people is up past who who had expected he's a wife and 3 children to board this flight to nigeria post over what is been the delay. of course and didn't. do it often.
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there are many people who supposed to join the flights up but $200.00 to do it cannot be aboard their flyer because the documents is not in our raw it's in times of travel and empties so some of the. excess pyaar on some of the hobby of pos part on the children on is not to sort out how to get at it off and document from day one drunk consonant d.t.c. to allow them to travel so does what is costs and did the lives of those who cannot travel i imagine this is especially concerning because some of the people tun back say they don't know where they'll spend the night you've been here for 18 years you have 3 children and you finding us off in a position where you have to leave you can and joining them how does that make you feel or care for me are i don't know about alltop tape or what are our seats from our son asking for our people we got that many people does not nor we are going to go bucks from here because many people lost the opera parties many people have
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already been disposed to want out and for them many of them property we are born so i was there here and i ended up all from now many don't know. what i am going to take my family bucks to be housed and she what i'm going to bring them back to the airport for you know but have been but have going to travel to motor but to many people that i stay yeah right now as you can see that on the we are going back to no bus to go you have said that you've been worried about your family's safety what are your concerns in the time to feed seems in a phobic attacks it's not the 1st time this is happened in south africa i'm so worried about of the off my farm marie lives is so calm sign for me on the life or does your body's in a phobia keep one hopping out of prison in every time of the last 22 years or 2 years into prison service saw if i don't see my family now who knows when he's going to. we are just going to start from saw one in my family to go back on
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because this is not happening in 2008 it happened in 2015. 1019 so nobody knows what he's going to happen again so this is what we are taught to do for in us right crosstalk with thank you very much for your time and explaining your feelings to us we do expect a 2nd flight to depart from johannesburg on thursday many of the people wanting to leave have said that the government here in south africa hasn't done very much to protect them and they say their only choice is to leave and where they feel safer back home for me in a minute from johannesburg for now there's been growing international condemnation of these very prime ministers pledge to annex illegal israeli settlements in the occupied west bank the arab league called the move an aggression it said it would torpedo the foundations of peace in the region jordan's foreign minister and suffer the called the plan a serious escalation he's warning it could push the whole region towards violence
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and is turkish counterpart. condemn the plan as racist he criticized benyamin netanyahu for issuing what he called illegal and unlawful messages herefore said has more from the west bank. benjamin netanyahu has a habit of promising dramatic announcements in the run up to elections and he did so again on tuesday when it came it was not a unilateral decision about an accession as some had predicted instead the message to right wing settler voters was a vote for netanyahu would in concert with the trumpet ministration mean extending israeli sovereignty to all illegal settlements in the occupied west bank and in the shorter term the annexation of the jordan valley yes. there is one place where it's possible to apply israeli sovereignty immediately after the election if i receive a clear mandate to do so from you the citizens of israel in recent months of late at diplomatic effort in this direction in recent days the conditions for this have ripened today i'm announcing my intention to apply with the formation of the next
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government israeli sovereignty on the jordan valley and know we're going to see. the jordan valley represents some 30 percent of the occupied west bank and some of its most fertile agricultural land israeli policy has long been that it needs to retain control there for national security but the prospect of a unilateral israeli annexation as netanyahu is promising would explode any faint remaining hopes of a viable palestinian state alongside israel keeping palestinians and there's a small towns and villages as prisoners without any freedom that is a war crime and has about as we are about to enter the 74th session of the general assembly of the united nations then to national community must stand now or to see a big and to stop hitting israel as a country above the laws of man at the united nations there was further condemnation such a prospect would be devastating to the potential of reviving the goshi asians
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regional peace and the very essence of a 2 state solution but there is a hugely important caveat to all this to enact his plan netanyahu 1st has to win the election then create a right wing coalition government that would in dorset and then push it through in the face of international pressure and by then and intensifying battle against his own corruption charges israelis i've heard him talk annexation before without following through that's a point political opponents and political analysts were making even before netanyahu had finished talking this is electioneering at its best there is no connection between what the prime minister said today and what's going to happen after the election whether he's elected or not this is what i like to say is israeli elections are very much like las vegas and hotels in las vegas what happens during israeli elections stays in israeli elections. later at another campaign event in southern israel netanyahu was briefly rushed from the stage sirens sounding the israeli military said rockets had been fired out of gaza
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a dramatic end to a day when whether he makes good on it or not he confirmed his position as one entirely at odds with a 2 state solution the concept that remains the international consensus on how the israeli palestinian conflict should end ari force an al-jazeera west jerusalem. brahim has more from ramallah in the occupied west bank the palestinian president mahmoud abbas said that if israel moves forward with its plans to annex parts of the occupied west bank then he will end all agreements signed with israel and if occasions this is not the 1st time for him to wage such threats however the feeling here among palestinian officials is that this is not an elections campaign and they believe that this has been a coordinated step with the u.s. administration p.l.o. executive committee member at hand i should always said that this is a game changer this is a serious threat to peace and security and she said it shows their intention the
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long term intention by the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu for ethnic cleansing other palestinian officials have called in the international community to intervene saying it's up to the world to defend its rules meanwhile israel has launched a series of air strikes on gaza the israeli army says 15 targets were hit officials say the strikes were in response to rockets launched from gaza or on tuesday there were no reports of casualties honest indians in gaza have been under siege for more than 10 years of been protesting weekly for months in hopes of ending the occupation donald trump will be replacing his national security adviser for the 4th time one of the most powerful positions in the white house john bolton was known for hard line pro military stances against countries like iran venezuela.


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