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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 13, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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why is it so do you think that some donors have been prepared to hand over money but others clearly haven't despite the fact that they the intention has been there perhaps the willingness has been there but the money as yet is still not coming through. it is not very clear despite the fact that we have a lot of data showing that donors need to trust there is need for anticipatory action to ensure that we do not lose lives all humanitarian artists need to convince that all of us using the data that is available but this tradition is dire and it is gradually deterred orienting it is time to act now if we don't act we'll be in the far mark was the question that must be experienced asked is the scale of the problem
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one of the significant factors in this because even with the money that you do get from donors it's going to be spread very thinly given the size of the problem that somalia is facing. yes they certainly need to take a multidimensional approach to the drought situation in somalia donors need to provide support for immediate emergency response while also providing support where opportunities are available cordie cavity and long term solutions it is important that while humanitarian dollars are coming in to provide emergency response of allotment actors should also support to address the root course which would make it easier for humanitarian actors to manage this situation in a more sustainable manner than of a sort of we appreciate your time thank you very much indeed for joining us on al-jazeera welcomes. pakistan's prime minister says he wants to
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tell the world that india's crackdown in kashmir cannot go on imran khan is holding a rally and was out of about the capital of pakistan administered kashmir it's been more than a month since new delhi revoked indeed in mr kashmir's autonomy almost 4000 people have been arrested since then. coming up after the weather a row over pension reform has led to a massive transport strike in paris. new zealand tightens gun laws again after a mosque massacre as we look at what the new restrictions will include. hello again some much better conditions across much of japan for the next couple days also the korean peninsula even some clear skies in the house but this next line of it will sing south was safe. today and at last she worked its way further
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south was into seoul but not a bad day into take a 28 degrees celsius warming up as we head over into sunday we have got rain further to the north this apart $23.00 degrees with some fairly persistent rain but generally it's a case of a dry and even warmer picture as well so $28.00 in seoul that we had for the tools the south now we all seeing some dry conditions here as well finally we have got some rain showers will be just long this sort of south coast across into guangdong so 31 celsius in hong kong with the chance of thunderstorms but you'll see it's a much dry a clearer picture certainly into northern sections of vietnam carrying on into thailand as well as shanghai also dry for the next couple of days i mean for the south into indonesia plenty of grain and clouds here it does tend to say just to the north of the borneo faily cloudy conditions and in fact that very widespread for the tools the west so a cloudy hazy couple of days ahead into kuala lumpur and also singapore the still the chance of those scattered thunderstorms and then on sunday some or all the
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heavy rain into southern thailand 32 in bangkok with some thunderstorms. fairly it's improved by their football fans who don't think about doping really had that lead explaining when real madrid it's love worth 500000000 euros expresses a position on something you want the world anti-doping agency has to take notice if you don't get your call in part 2 of this series al-jazeera continues to explore the widespread use of performance enhancing drugs sports to the endless chain on al-jazeera.
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and watching our jazeera reminder of our top stories this hour stark divisions on display as 10 u.s. democratic party presidential hopefuls have faced off in a national debate in houston texas reforming the health care system gun laws and immigration have been major themes. the u.s. will release the name of a saudi official believed to have been involved in coordinating the september the 11th attacks the name will only be revealed to a limited circle of people including lawyers and victims' families. pakistan's prime minister says he wants the world to know that india's crackdown in kashmir cannot go on him and khan's holding a rally and was offered up by the capital of pakistan administered kashmir. and government protesters are gathering in hong kong's victoria park to celebrate the imo mid autumn festival also known as the moon festival the events held throughout
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the chinese speaking population unlike the often provide pro-democracy rallies of the past 15 weeks this one is expected to be peaceful let's cross live now to sara clark who's joining me from the legislative council memorial at the london wall that some a moral to the 9 people who reportedly took their lives in response to the extradition bill it's the mid autumn holiday all the protesters planning to gatecrash the event or the actually just going to join in. on friday evening does mark the beginning of the of the meeting or simple the balloon festival holiday weekend it's very much on a gathering a celebration of families it's a celebration of the harvest and this year those pledges moxy groups are planning to join those rallies there are hundreds of events scattered across hong kong this weekend and tonight in this mood or this made into a festival now where we are as you mentioned where the men and wall of the lips of council building homes affected harlem it's a good number of people here not remembering him or spending on the families and
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people who die so had died of suicide as a result. of the anxiety and their opposition to this extradition bill but this week we've seen a lot of the violence that we've seen over recent weeks and the pay the police have urged these rallies over this weekend to be i mean also in festival pools and so they that's what we expect so we have seen a slight change in the attitude of many of the pro-democracy activists just recently they they were saying for example in order to draw attention to their demonstrations are we seeing an overall change in the the process and strategy of the pro-democracy activists. this week we've certainly seen the protests is diversify their strategies we've seen thousands assemble in shopping centers singing this song glory to hong kong which is almost become an anthem to these protests but this weekend we expect more rallies to go ahead the
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super human rights front which was the the organization that organized the big massive march we saw one and 2000000 people gather on various weekends planned one for sunday another police have denied permission for that to go ahead another big rally tomorrow is planned on saturday here in hong kong in the new territories the police have also denied permission for that to go ahead so we still expect a thousands together at this assemblies despite not being considered imo fall by the police but if the government had hoped that these protesters where out there wrong that it's been called the summer of dissent we're now in all these protests and said they will not pull back and they will not stop protesting until they 5 demands are met and of course the extradition bill has been withdrawn but they've got other demands including universal suffrage they for the various people to be arrested for them to be cleared and for the police to be investigated of the various going to accusations that they've exuded such violence against these protests as of last 1415 weeks of protests here in hong kong sara thanks very much
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indeed. hundreds of people have been protesting through the night to demand more be done about sexual violence in south africa it's estimated that a woman is raped every 36 seconds presidents are on the phone has admitted south africa is facing a crisis and has promised tougher laws. organizers of the protest have handed over a memorandum to the janice book stock exchange they have demanding that critz of africa that businesses listed on the stock exchange contribute at least 2 percent of their profits to a fund dealing with gender based violence they say it's time for businesses in this country along with the government to do its part do their part to fight gender based violence they say not enough has been done in this protest where hundreds of people have come to demonstrate is taking place in the economic hub of south africa
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sandton which is the richest square mile in africa they say this is where the decisions are made and if the government's going to take notice it should be now and it's because they're targeting businesses in this country we've spoken to survivors of the sexual assault of rape who say that they've been raped a number of tyrus and that there's been very little assistance and support only one in 8 south african women report instances of a sexual assault that they say the problem is with in a system that does not support them women here and men as well are pleading for help to deal with what they are calling a national crisis the farmer miller reporting from johannesburg there a massive strike has brought much of paris as public transport to a halt as unions protest against pension reforms 10 of the 16 metro lines are closed for buses and trams have also been affected but have been long traffic jams in and around the city and people have been asked to work from home if possible
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with actual bottles got more from paris. well this is the worst transport workers. i can paris for 12 years most of the metro rail lines the shot the boss and train services are really at a strict minimum so it's making very difficult for people to get around the city and the transport workers that have cooled this day of action many of them are behind me at the transport workers headquarters here in paris they say that they are angry over the president's fund reforms to the french pension system that the french presence amount on my call say is the france's pension system needs to be overhauled he said it's too complicated he said it's also unfair because even though most people can retire at 60 to some people there are some jobs where you can retire at $55.00 including some transport jobs medal marcos says the system needs to be streamlined and needs to be standardized and also it's costing a lot to the french state so you want to try to make it more sustainable in the future but the work has
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a saying that they're very worried that their pension rights in the future are going to be eroded or that they're going to be forced to work longer there's no doubt though for money markets could be very difficult to push through this reform previous presidents have tried to change the system but they have failed because of street protests and for macro it's also something of a personal challenge he's had a difficult year because of the yellow vests protest movement a lot of anger directed against him but opinion polls suggest the recently his popularity has gone up a little bit he's doing better the economy is turning around so be very careful not to be trading very carefully to make sure that he doesn't face a new wave of street demonstrations and egyptian businessmen is causing a storm by posting videos on social media detailing alleged corruption by president c.c. and on me generals. who worked as a military contract for 15 years says they wasted millions of dollars on villas
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hotels and a seaside palace for sisi he's putting his videos online from spain where he lives in self-imposed exile the videos have attracted more than a 1000000 views among the public some people are demanding he be tried for treason . but its prime minister boris johnson is going to hold brags that talks with the european commission president on monday he'll meet in luxembourg johnson is seeking to renegotiate the brains and deal his predecessor reached with the e.u. before britain's planned departure on top of the 31st the new though has repeatedly said it won't reopen the agreement boris johnson is due to speak shortly we're going to take you live to that when it happens new zealand's prime minister just in the other hand has moved to further tighten the country's gun laws it's 6 months since i'm not shooting in christchurch that killed 51 people they've been reports.
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was. prime minister just. to visit to a primary school in christ church to announce changes that she says will make news even safer including an increase in mental health funding and stricter gun loose we know that the majority of gun crime is committed by people without a license with firearms that have either being stolen or traded illegally. awning a firearm is a privilege not a right that means we need to do all we can to ensure that our in the honest ror abiding citizens can obtain farms licenses and use firearms. are done 1st announced sweeping gun controls in march following an attack on 2 mosques in christ church that killed 51 people all military style semi automatic weapons and assault rifles were banned and an amnesty was put in place for the guns to be handed to police 6 months on and the government says more changes to the law are needed this
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bill includes the creation of a farm's register to enable the monitoring and tracking of every foreign legally owned in new zealand changing the length of time of farms license from teen years to 5 years the creation of a licensing regime for shooting clubs and ranges the requirement to be a license holder in order to purchase and hold foreign parts magazines and ammunition the government hopes parliament will approve the legislation by the end of the year to try to ensure new zealand never experiences another mass killing victoria gayton be there are. thousands of protesters have been outside argentina's parliament to demanding action to fix a hunger crisis the high cost of living means a growing number of the country's poor aren't eating properly reports want to say this. food today's event might have been as has been living on the streets of one
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of sightings he and other family members set up a camp right in front of the argentine congress to demand a food emergency plan to help the poor by the other couple 100 by the situation is dire for all of us i'm a construction worker but there is no work it's difficult to feed my children that's why i come here because the president's policies are slowly killing us. thousands of people took over the center. one aside is on thursday when the noise chambre met to pass a food emergency plan to cope with the ongoing economic crisis in the country. the law was 1st passed in 2002 right after the economic collapse in argentina now it's been extended once again the government said these protesters are manipulated by the opposition to head up october's presidential election but this people say that they come here to request government help to help them cope with the double digit inflation rate that didn t. know that makes it difficult for them to eat every day is. very kind of this is
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a congressman for the ruling coalition he says the government has been trying to help those in recently when there was a leader that we have lifted taxes from basic food items increase to minimum wage increased cash handouts and lots of other things to help those who need it i don't understand why people continue to protest because we are giving them what they need . i didn't tina has been in a recession since last year and has one of the highest inflation rates in the world running at more than 54 percent. this month in an attempt to prevent the loss of foreign reserves the government implemented new restrictions on currency transactions so now that you have covered the controls i think you see that some degree of stability or at least of calm tense calm one could say has come to the to the markets and and things will be stabilize it remains to be
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seen at the end of the day today how many reserves the central bank actually sold to maintain the exchange rates but i think with the with the controls in place the demand for dollars should somewhat. go down or should you should see some calm in that area. at least for the time. i didn't. isn't likely to reactivate anytime soon the crises is having a deep impact among those who need help the most. this is all jazeera these are the top stories a massive strike has brought much of paris is public transport to a halt as unions protest against pension reforms 10 of the 16 metro lines are
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closed while buses and trams have also been affected it's been long traffic jams in and around the city and people are being asked to work from home if possible. pakistan's prime minister says he wants the world to know that india's crackdown in kushner cannot go on imran khan is holding a rally in missouri for the bugs the capital of pakistan administered kashmir it's been more than a month since india revoked indian administered kashmir is autonomy the u.s. will release the name of a saudi official believed to have been involved in coordinating the september the 11th attacks the name will only be revealed to a limited circle of people including lawyers and victim's families start divisions on display is the 10 the us democratic party presidential hopefuls have faced off in a national debate in houston texas reforming the health care system gun laws and immigration are the major themes. hundreds of people have been protesting through the night to demand more be done about sexual violence in south africa it's estimated
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a woman is raped every 36 seconds the demonstrators accuse the government of not properly dealing with the issue president obama has admitted south africa is facing a crisis and has promised tougher laws. on egyptian businessman is causing a storm by posting videos on social media detailing alleged corruption by president of the c.c. and army generals hammad ali who worked as a military contractor for 15 years says they wasted millions of dollars of villas hotels and a seaside palace for sisi is putting his videos online from spain where he lives in self-imposed exile the videos have attracted more than a 1000000 views among the public some people are demanding he be tried for treason friday marks the final day of campaigning in tunisia as presidential election voters will go to the polls on sunday that are $26.00 candidates and their money including the country's prime minister use of chad and those are the headlines lots more on the web site al jazeera dot com the news continues on al-jazeera after
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inside story but for now. can a benjamin netanyahu push ahead with this threat to annex the jordan valley these really prime ministers pledge to the world if reelected so is it an election ploy to woo voters and what will the outcome be this is inside story. hello i'm imran khan welcome to the program it's being called an act of aggression
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that could lead to war but that hasn't deterred israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu from promising to annex large parts of the occupied west bank if he wins next week's snap election netanyahu is fighting for his political career after an inconclusive vote in april and he says israel will apply israeli serenity to the jordan valley and the northern dead sea immediately if he secure was a 5th term the jordan valley and the northern dead sea make up 30 percent of the occupied west bank approximately 65000 palestinians and 11000 israelis living in illegal settlements reside in that area the main palestinian city is jericho and that has about $28.00 villages and some bedouin communities under netanyahu plans jericho would largely be cut off from the rest of the west bank and excise would also in circle any future palestinian state there's
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a lot to get into with our guest but 1st i need a brain has more from the jordan valley. we're standing and ross an older village in the jordan valley this really prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he wants to annex this area he doesn't want to annex that area over there jericho and a lot older because he says he wants to complete and carry out his plan without annex in any single palestinian but there are palestinians here bedouin communities we've spoken to some of them and they believe that what netanyahu is saying is part of his elections campaign. every time they have is really elections they do it at the expense of the palestinian people netanyahu says i want to annex a jordan valley so israelis will vote for him not more government is it about the how many times will leave it to the palestinians have been displaced several times already there's no place else for us to go the jordan valley makes up one 3rd of the occupied west bank it's already under israeli military occupation and
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palestinians see it as an integral part of their future palestinian state now this is under threat this is why many palestinian officials have been voicing concerns against netanyahu remark they are saying that netanyahu has this regarding international law only for him to win more votes they're calling it an act of ethnic cleansing is stealing palestinian land and killing any opportunity for 2 state solution. let's bring in our panel joining us from west to roost mitchell brock c.e.o. of kiva on global research and a former adviser to israeli president shimon peres and from ramallah mystified who is he secretary general of the palestinian national initiative and former palestinian information minister and from washington d.c. on skype abani coeditor of generally an online magazine focusing on middle east politics and culture welcome you all to the program let me start with mitchell
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brock in west roussillon 1st the annexation is this electioneering chutzpah or i dead lee serious plan well that's a great word hutzpah i mean i really can't believe that you've taken his declaration so seriously that you're dedicating a whole show to it his campaign strategy so far has been to scare everyone scare the israeli public scare the palestinians scare the world and get people to vote and whatever it is he finds something and if it's not the thunder then the lightning will get you and if it's not the lightning it's the hail storms and it's the earthquakes and it's some catastrophe that's going to take place and that's what he's doing you cannot take anything that he says seriously during this election period especially the last week i was fortunate that we have to take him seriously let's be honest is the there's the issue of the golan heights there's the move of the embassy to from tel aviv to jerusalem there is a number of things that happened it's not without the bounds of imagination that he
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might well be serious about this i think we do have to take him seriously let's bring in midst of a booty in ramallah do you take the israeli leader seriously when he says he my onyx the west bank or the jordan valley i do not agree with what i didn't agree with what was the you think it's very serious it's a bit dangerous bottle for purposes which is led by an opinion but there's actually. reflecting the actual behavior and policy of those aniston movement in israel. let's talk about realities and facts unprecedented level of expansion of israeli illegal settlements in the occupied territories an agreement between netanyahu and his government and trump steam which seems to be working for netanyahu more than working for trump to implement his ideas the coalition of jerusalem as a couple of israel as a condition of the annexation of the golan heights. an attack on
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a new rule and cut of lot of funding from palestinian authority and united nations relief and works agency an actual plan to liquidate the palestinian refugee rights and an actual change in the american policy which stopped supporting the 2 state solution and now is talking about self governing authority under a system of apartheid on the ground what we see is a full fledged system of apartheid and frankly speaking i do not see much difference between gantz and you know they all are against stablish want of a palestinian state they are all for continuation of occupation and they are both. participating in consolidating a system of apartheid so no i take this very seriously. shockey it also is speaking about an exception not only of jordan valley but of the whole area of sea and
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i believe this is a trend that is going on the fact to really to consolidate apartheid and kill the option of 2 state solution which we are hearing that the palestinians are we not just from a suburb which he but the palestinians are taking this very seriously but there's another side to this is well. now that netanyahu has actually made this announcement he's playing to his right wing supporters those people will come out and vote for him after the election if he wins they going to hold him so this announcement they're going to want to see it done and if you can't give it to them there may well be another political crisis in israel surely. in the because. the only way that it's and now has a real path to government and i think he's in real danger now and he was even on the radio today saying according to his internal polls he's going to lose which is another scare tactic another thing that he's telling people. what's probably going to happen is they're going to be some kind of unity government after the election
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which includes the likud or pieces of the likud without an attorney out and the blue and white party of benny gantz and the lieberman party this will be one of the 1st things that's taken off the table because as mr barghouti said you know the facts on the ground are such that it's not going to really change anything meaning there are there are communities and settlements there it's regular life there nothing's going to really change so why do you need this change in legal status i think the only thing that we have to look for is what does the trump peace plan to say i mean is this in the trump peace plan and the other thing that as i mentioned and maybe mr barghouti or the other guest can mention that is as you know there hasn't really been a partner on the palestinian side during that time and it's and now has been in office now isn't the greatest you know pursuer of peace and looking to settle the palestinian issue at the same time you know we are having a double election in one year it would be nice if the palestinian people could vote to as president abbas is entering his i don't know 12th year of his 4 year term so
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there isn't a partner on the other side so i think a lot of israelis are hopeful that there will be some kind of change here in israel because he's been already a decade now in office and then on the palestinian side of things could be shaken up to there may be a chance to come to some kind of agreement especially with the trumpet ministration trump likes to shake things up he's got a plan he's working on for 2 years and you know i think his patience is also running out with israel and specifically with the turnout and he's going to want to do something to show especially now before the election he's got to show some pride progress in the middle. least in israel what the palace and he's given israel a lot of concessions for free and as we know there's no such thing as a free lunch someone's going to have to pay for it and we're going to have to pay for it after the election and that could be to the benefit of the palestinians let's bring in more in rabbani have from washington d.c. the other to guess that the palestinians clearly taking this latest announcement
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very seriously mitchell barak saying well actually this is just electioneering what are your thoughts do you think that this is the death of the 2 state solution and it's now time to really take a look at alternatives. well it is a deluxe and get it in the sense that netanyahu is saying. this annexation it won't happen unless you both for me and i for the next government if you don't nothing changed but i fully agree with dr but hold to that it also reflects a much deeper it's a sense the logical culmination of half a century israeli occupation and expanding colonization of the west spec and i think the key issue here is that israeli leaders see the period between the conclusion that is really elections next week and the american presidential elections next year as a golden opportunity that may not be repeated to unilaterally seek to resolve core issues of the israeli palestinian conflict in close coordination with
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washington in terms of the final part of your question i mean israel has always wanted the 2 state settlement to be off the table and i bite my responsibility that this makes it that much more difficult doesn't take anything off because israel out of the table the key issue here i think is when it comes to these actions of the occupied territories israel has for all intents and purposes and acting with impunity for the past half century and the key issue now is will the international community continue to give israel at most a slap on the rez look the other way or will it confront israel with serious meaningful consequences for its conduct most of about who would say in ramallah i mean what are the palestinians options right now what can you dave. well let me 1st
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say that tomorrow will be the 26th anniversary of illusion i don't call it an agreement i call it an illusion it was a trap. palestinians in. israel used the time very well to consolidate settlement expansion of the patient and the system for apartheid i do not see a difference i don't see any perspective for the peace process as long as the balance of power between us and israel is source skewed in the interest of this israeli trend which is the right to enter in i don't see a peace camp in israel and there is no peace camp and which can in gauge for the process and let me let me put it clearly what is the difference between gantz an attorney al gore and lieberman on the issue of yours and him none what is the difference between attorney organs and the government on the issue of removing settlements mun what is the difference between the 3 of them and.


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